I Joined Minecraft's Most Insane SMPs

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Joining the craziest Minecraft SMP's, these fellas are seriously the best in the BUSINESS


Credits to all the amazing SMPs and people who let me tour and see what they've done :)

Hypnos: discord.gg/2gpsaf2Ve8
Prototech: discord.prototech.ws/
Wavetech: discord.gg/gZSVhBeCrW
Mechanists: discord.gg/c2DUWG8
Chronos: discord.gg/fPRGMBgHMb

My Twitter: twitter.com/Sipover

My Instagram: instagram.com/sipovers/

My Twitch: SipoverS

My Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb

My Reddit: r/Sipover

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Jun 24, 2022




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Comments 2 565
Sipover Month ago
Once again big credit to the amazing server members who let me on to make this video :) subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe
Janesh Day ago
subscribed subscribed subscribed subscribed subscribed subscribed subscribed subscribed
AG_AGAr4aNGam1nG 14 days ago
Green Mushroom
Green Mushroom 14 days ago
Sadly there wasn't any gf farm
MyManeis 16 days ago
How did you not notice the amounguses at 8:17
RÉBÈL JOKÊR 18 days ago
Join 2b2t and see what they done
McMakistein Month ago
How in the world are people this good at minecraft!? Completely lost it when Prototech started pulling out commandblocks! Absolute legends! O_o
I Draig I
I Draig I 4 days ago
They got the infinity stones
GigaFoxWaFFles 7 days ago
Matthew Salyer
Matthew Salyer 9 days ago
Kaelan McIntyre
Kaelan McIntyre 20 days ago
you see they don't sleeep
f 21 day ago
the pearl teleport is on another level tho
Rainy Month ago
I think my favorite contraption was Hypnos' ender pearl cannon. I can't imagine how much trial and error went into making that. Not only did they have to get it to be able to hit a block that they choose, but also, they went and did that 18 more times, and made a way for you to choose which one to go to. And they did it in survival.
lolliii 16 days ago
bruh the canadian skeppy (A1306) is insane
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
Dude same, that build is actually insane
TillWownsend 27 days ago
We all wish our friends would commit to 1 minecraft world this much.
ShinsuiOkatami 28 days ago
the amount of joy he gets while experiencing the view of a ghast elevator is amazing
Roberto Baraldi
Roberto Baraldi 7 days ago
I would too, everything in this video was BEYOND impressive.
JediGamerJoe Month ago
God would be proud of all the creativity they put into the servers
Yetr Month ago
*Minecraft being called the ultimate sandbox game has never stood truer. I wonder if these people will find effective ways to farm, say, Wardens now.*
Concept 7 days ago
@ordinateur h Deadass?
Bando 13 days ago
@Curtis Evans I've gotten so many replies about this now, I should have edited the comment
Curtis Evans
Curtis Evans 13 days ago
@Bando What're you talking about? Sculk catalysts give more xp than xp bottles
ThePhoenixKing Month ago
@Bando tok bad you can't put those in your ender chest. It is the best
sz2016 20 days ago
I just watched groups of people do what I dreamt of doing my entire Minecraft career and although I'm still playing, I don't think I'll ever do what they did. Huge props though, this is an insane amount of dedication and hard work and skill.
Slapith 22 days ago
The Mann Co building easily my favorite (100% Not Biased at all) considering all that went on inside, the scale of it, the fact that it's a TF2 refe- wait no i mean In all seriousness, the insanity of the size of the shulker farm is just impressive.
Belle 🍆 2 y.0 -check My V!deo
I can’t even begin to understand just how much time and effort must’ve gone into these servers. I mean honestly, this is insane. Amazing video as always :D
Da_Riceboy Month ago
When Sipover said, “I’m burying 2 million dollars of cartel money.” I nearly spit my water out cuz I was not expecting that.
eyl Month ago
Hypnos: has the most perimeters Prototech: real hacker Wavetech: world record breaker Mechanists: real painter Chronos: real redstone engineer/farmer
A_Greedy_Dragon 7 days ago
@KB Quiño They did yesterday :D Updated to 1.19
KB Quiño
KB Quiño 10 days ago
@KarocMan • they have not post a single video for a while
Nevzeed Jawani
Nevzeed Jawani Month ago
Robux_Man Month ago
@dhruva malik you can join prototech i think by joining the owners Patreon but I might be wrong
luc tan
luc tan Month ago
NJG Month ago
It would be insane if all of these people came together and made something that I can only describe as peak Minecraft.
Taeyoung Kim
Taeyoung Kim 19 days ago
:O this is another insane video Sipover always keeping me entertained
rued siuu
rued siuu Month ago
It was awesome having you on the server! Hope to see you on Wavetech again some day :D
Viridian Aubergine
I love when perimeters have intricate designs instead of being purely functional
TimeBucks Month ago
Those servers are another level of insane
Aspirwlee 11 days ago
Never expected to see TimeBucks in a Minecraft video comment section
It is called almighty!
LS_Wartaal 29 days ago
And above insane
Kishun gamer
Kishun gamer Month ago
Nice video
Amir Hamza
Amir Hamza Month ago
lord lem
lord lem Month ago
Thanks for touring Hypnos! We enjoyed having you on. Now just have to finish EPS decoration ofc
OllieGames15 Month ago
Man I really wish I owned or was a part of an smp! It seems so fun and cool! The video is amazingly put together though so great job!
CreaTivE Month ago
3:03 208,000 minecraft days is about 7.9 years real time
MikeSchuchhard Month ago
This is mindblowing! they should release the design on youtube!
CommandGeek Month ago
I can’t even begin to understand just how much time and effort must’ve gone into these servers. I mean honestly, this is insane. Amazing video as always :D
You need Big Brain To do stuff And a lot of time On your hands
thi kim
thi kim Month ago
Adamidk1227 Month ago
@Tuwekane Awjor LYSM I GOT A GF I AM A BOY
darius ferenti
darius ferenti Month ago
Momths or years putted into those builds
_silverspoon_ 21 day ago
this just gave me the inspiration to start a server thats dedicated to grinding in survival
Actorium YT
Actorium YT 6 days ago
Hypnos's mega teleporter exploded my brains, well done A1306!!!
PopCookie 21 day ago
Everyone’s talking about the builds, but can we appreciate the awesome names?! Like Prototech?! Damn
Minecraft Addicted
Minecraft Addicted 10 days ago
😯 It's crazy, how people grind that much without getting bored. 🤩 Love your video Sipover 🥰❤️
RJMBricks Month ago
This man... is epic... that's all
Desmond Wu
Desmond Wu Month ago
@Tadhg’s GAA OK
tam nguyen
tam nguyen Month ago
Galaktikk Month ago
@V HYPLEX! dream on
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Month ago
Mybuttcheeks 11
Mybuttcheeks 11 16 days ago
It’s ironic that he says “this video took a lot of time and effort to make” after showing us what he just showed us 😂 for real tho I love videos like this keep up the amazing work!:)
Timothy Reynolds
Really surprised not to see Scicraft on this list, but each of these servers are also insane! Very impressive.
Trysten Christiansen
Imagine breaking one piece of red stone off of one of those farms and having no clue what happened.
airplanes Month ago
"The way leonardo dicaprio approached art" - Sipover 2022
Void 15 days ago
If I joined one of these severs I would've had a adrenaline rush
Copper GolEM
Copper GolEM Month ago
I like how minecraft came from melon farms to iron farms to instant killing dragon farms to tricking the game to give loot. And teleporters
Pipe cleaner Master
I’m surprised that they even managed to sort the mobs like how do you do that
Zyloft Month ago
love how the biggest shulker farm from all the servers ended up being mann co from tf2, just as extra and unnecessary as saxton would have built it
InventorPWB Month ago
It was great having you here on Mechanists! It was great seeing our builds showcased like this - great video :D
Pasovex 18 days ago
Mechanists smp was the best to be real
InventorPWB 24 days ago
@Selu we don’t run them all at once xD and they are optimized to produce as little server lag as possible
Selu 25 days ago
how does the server even survive all these farms. AT THE SAME TIME
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong Month ago
InventorPWB Month ago
@Cewla that’s not an actual clip of the farm. The farm has 4 withers separated from each other, but even so - where are you gonna get that much wood to constantly feed the wither chamber?
7:28 BRO that’s literally 13 stacks of netherite blocks
Drew Little
Drew Little Month ago
Imagine they all worked together on ONE smp... Crazy man!
Xman !
Xman ! 29 days ago
I like how in Hypnos they don’t just only make them they make them look good
Aaron Pressler
Aaron Pressler Month ago
When you are more genius than the game itself
thelegendguy Month ago
From grand megastructures spanning thousands of blocks, embellished with intricate details, to incomprehensible contraptions utilizing game-breaking bugs, it's always safe to say that this is still not the peak of the Minecraft community. Only god knows what we can do just 5 years later...
Laurence Dominguez
Controlling the economy by using 2 blocks of sand and a grass
DaniShadow Month ago
in 5 years we will not be able to say the word Night in minecraft
a dean
a dean Month ago
Sounds like a video intro
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Month ago
xTrulyy Month ago
@fiona McFadden thanks I really appreciate it. I just started sixth form so at least I'm getting somewhere
Shuvi Beta
Shuvi Beta Month ago
i cant lie the dudes that just made a command block will always be on my hearth, its too good
WitherRage Month ago
AMOGUS! all these were so sick lol I can't even imagine myself doing something a quarter as good
Nibrasa Month ago
Dude, I can’t imagine how long each took. I am digging a 128 by 128 hole by hand that goes to bedrock and I finally finished 1/4 after 2-3 months
Hazel Neil
Hazel Neil 14 days ago
Good luck good luck
WInter The estallionn
it would take me a whole year just to find 1 singular diamond
Demian Zala
Demian Zala Month ago
Yo imagine all these servers get together in one server and imagine how much buildings they will do
NotCreative Month ago
Thanks for touring Hypnos! We enjoyed having you on. Now just have to finish EPS decoration ofc
NotCreative 13 days ago
@Ryo Yamada nope, we are whitelisted/application based
Ryo Yamada
Ryo Yamada 13 days ago
Is the hypnos server public?
NotCreative Month ago
@Gunter I self host since a VPS is expensive monthly and I know enough about Linux, most people in TMC(redstone focused servers) community use Hetzner though.
Gunter Month ago
what servers do y’all use? Or where do you guys buy your servers??
Dagreetpapirus music
val gorup
val gorup Month ago
Prototech was just on another level of genius, like, using a wither and pig spawners for exp? I couldnt think of that within several lifetimes!
Hoops on FIRE
Hoops on FIRE 10 days ago
The HUGE Restaurant built makes the raid farm look TINY!!! 😂😂😂
Nicholas Verrell Tjipta
"Exploiting the working class, automating every asset possible, and abusing animals are all hussles I can respect." *dies laughing
Re-Maska Month ago
You know it's a good smp when they have a giant hole at spawn.
Ender Cubing
Ender Cubing Month ago
I love how in all these SMP's early days there was probably a time where someone was like "LETS BURN HIS HOUSE DOWN HE STOLE ONE OF MY IRON INGOTS"
YouCuber Month ago
@Rubiks Master ur subbed to mogswamp yooo
YouCuber Month ago
Nice gan cube pfp
YouCuber Month ago
@Rubiks Master woah another fellow cuber
Rubiks Master
Rubiks Master Month ago
@YouCuber woah
YouCuber Month ago
A fellow cuber whoa
saketh guruprasad
saketh guruprasad 26 days ago
I sincerely hope that they never fix any of the bugs used in the servers
Freya Lutonto
Freya Lutonto 27 days ago
Make Part Two please. I really enjoyed the video :)
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley 22 days ago
Idk why an endless stream of ravagers going into the void is so funny to me
OnyxKieran 29 days ago
You should host a civilization video with these smps like you did with the blue, red and green team instead its the most active members from each of these servers in their own civilzation
Chezloc Month ago
Thanks for touring Chronos. We had a lot of fun to have you on here!
chara SPN 221B
chara SPN 221B Month ago
Discord links in the description
Taco Man
Taco Man Month ago
@dhruva malik no? that would be vandalism 24/7
dhruva malik
dhruva malik Month ago
is there anyway we can too join these servers and experience all these incredible things?
Champion123 ty
Champion123 ty Month ago
8:40 The nostalgia though 🥹😭😭
Errol Gonsalves
Errol Gonsalves 12 days ago
i thought i was the only one to recognize the super mario music😭
Timelapses of satisfaction
These builds are INSANE!!!
Robotic CatZ
Robotic CatZ 8 days ago
I kinda felt hurt when he called Mann Co "Maine Co" But all of the servers were amazing
Warren Mischley
Warren Mischley Month ago
I gotta give me favorite to the enderpearl cannon, I cannot even fathom how cool it is!
cubicmetre Month ago
Touring VIPs, especially those from the outside of TMC is perhaps one of the most gratifying experiences a technical server can have. It brings the community together and lets everyone experience their accomplishments through the eyes of others. It was great having you on the wavetech server and hope we can do events like this again in the future.
Chill Dogs
Chill Dogs Month ago
10:46 Nothing compared to the amount of cobblestone in my inventory after a mining trip
Drunkengamer Month ago
Absolutely insane never seen these limits before you just gain+ sub :)
thisisntsergio Month ago
9:49 this scale makes me feel soooo microscopic hahaha
Fade ツ
Fade ツ Month ago
Hypnos and Mechanists SMPs are my favorite imo
TillWownsend 27 days ago
I can’t even fathom how much time is spent gathering resources in the overworld to build these
michael smogeli
michael smogeli Month ago
when sipover is impressed he becomes a caveman
CHEESE 4 days ago
Everyone in these videos making this incredible builds, while I'm over here struggling to build a TNT cannon
imnotrllysureyet 16 days ago
as i pubg and minecraft player, i was extremely impressed when they made the battle grounds.
Redz Month ago
Pretty cool to see tech mc getting some outside appreciation! This exposure you gave us will surely bring new and talented people to the community
CringeCande _
CringeCande _ Month ago
It's so cool what you can accomplish in vanilla alone... like I always loved mc modded (especially tech modpacks) but I had no idea you could get THIS level of automation in the base game. Like genuinely jaw dropping
CringeCande _
CringeCande _ Month ago
I honestly never knew mc could be pushed to these limits like WOW. mad respect to you and your community
Redz Month ago
@24 HourGamerBG Glad I could help!
24 HourGamerBG
24 HourGamerBG Month ago
thanks for making me loose 2 of my braincells from the 3 i have
TolisWorld Month ago
i cant believe i missed you coming on prototech! i hope i can be there next time
King GLK Animations
These people seem like good candidates for another civilization video
Parálisis demon
Parálisis demon 15 days ago
I can’t get over the fact that they literally manipulated the individual code of certain items and managed to spawn “unobtainable” blocks
Elliot Bob
Elliot Bob Month ago
People: “you don’t need a good PC for Minecraft” These smps: 🙄
Sami the catgirl
These servers are stunning, would have loved to see Scicraft alongside them though!
Snowflake14 Month ago
Scicraft is hard to join tho, gotta be best of the best
Miha Novak
Miha Novak Month ago
@dhruva malik if you want to join the actual servers, you can join their discord, showcase your designs and maybe you'll be accepted if you're capable enough.
Sami the catgirl
@dhruva malik a few of these servers have worlds downloads, but usually these are Patreon exclusives for whoever is running the server, and server downloads for service like this are massive. Your PC will struggle unless you have an absolute monster of a machine. Instead, I'd recommend looking at server tours on RU-vid for each of these servers.
dhruva malik
dhruva malik Month ago
is there anyway we can too join these servers and experience all these incredible things?
Amos Tee
Amos Tee Month ago
I wonder if the EPS is more efficient than the EOL mob farm
erog hau
erog hau Month ago
Pretty cool to see tech mc getting some outside appreciation! This exposure you gave us will surely bring new and talented people to the community
Emotogi !
Emotogi ! Month ago
imagine all of the smps combined themselves in one new smp lol
Serban Neculai
Serban Neculai 26 days ago
Your videos are probably the best type of content for people like me
Mongo Month ago
every sipover video just gets better.
dhruva malik
dhruva malik Month ago
is there anyway we can too join these servers and experience all these incredible things?
cloudy350 Month ago
especially from the last part
AD2YT Month ago
Opposite Switzerland
ok bot
TheStarViper 10 days ago
Fastest mob farm is actually eol which is end of light and uses light suppression to get 6000000+ drops per hour
Zenitsu -san
Zenitsu -san 14 days ago
its like factories, its insane what these people are capable of doing
Gub Epic
Gub Epic 15 days ago
◇Red Gem◇
◇Red Gem◇ Month ago
Imagine asking a scientist where they got educated and they simply answer with the word "Minecraft".
Jack Month ago
Crazy to see your point of view on this side of mc, Most of this is What Most TMC servers have (ofc Falling Block is new and Servers are still getting the items from it), Nice Video.
mint Month ago
Jesus christ, i cant imagine how long these builds took to make
william woznack
william woznack Month ago
5:56 it's pronounced man co also he didn't get the tf2 reference :/
ChillCat 19 days ago
Ikr i was annoyed
WhiteGreyBlack 21 day ago
It's so sad :(
SpundoDundo Month ago
agreed :/
sagar shetti
sagar shetti Month ago
Witch farm used to be soo cool and huge just magnificent ... But now are replaced by smaller stacking raid farm
Slothdays Month ago
Did you honestly say Leonardo DiCaprios art? Is da Vinci 8:00
Statickk 24 days ago
Bro it took me so long to find a comment acknowledging that🤣🤣
Fern Wyvern
Fern Wyvern Month ago
Da binky
Your average scaler
What if Minecraft added a new redstone item to make an even better redstone builds, like working robots that can change it's direction, an actually functioning train, car that can change directions.
june gamer bd
june gamer bd Month ago
Peoples who made this smp they're such great Builders.
ksun4651 18 days ago
I feel as if the majority of these minecrafters are actual engineers, computer programmers, stem area labor workers
Alexander Jimenez
These people are insane i mean this much dedication.
jesus ramos
jesus ramos Month ago
these SMPs are amazing, I can’t imagine how much time and effort these SMPs spent. it’s truly remarkable. :D
Ravangers (platy)
Ravangers (platy) 29 days ago
There’s only one thing stopping people from having SMPs like these, being able to find responsible people
Spryybo 27 days ago
Exactly! Some servers you literally can't blink because someone will loot your entire base.
TheMaximumTroll 26 days ago
It's all fun n' games until some of these people start building farms like this IRL...
beanboi83 Month ago
these people are so insane with redstone that you could probably do less by cheating than they did
Venis Pão
Venis Pão Month ago
I would love to play in a SMP, but from the start, and with people I know, i just looks so fun, to play in a server if friends building insanes things, and working together, sadly it's expensive to maintain a server like this, and I don't have minecraft friends
mrmaxmondays Month ago
It was awesome having you on the server! Hope to see you on Wavetech again some day :D
Ruthro Month ago
@Gunter hetzner
Gunter Month ago
@Ruthro website?
Ruthro Month ago
@Gunter we rent one
Gunter Month ago
what servers do y’all use? Or where do you guys buy your servers??
Soman King
Soman King Month ago
Sipover sounds like a band kid half of the time.😂