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Say Yes to the Dress
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Monte and Robin clash over what they think this bride wants. Everything is going so terribly that Robin even thinks about kicking Monte out and taking control of the appointment.

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Dec 10, 2020




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Comments 1 538
Noor Bashir
Noor Bashir Year ago
Monte would literally never do this, first of all. He’s the best at listening to the bride and ALWAYS manages to pull dresses that the bride ends up actually choosing. This has to be scripted
Karen 3 months ago
This is exactly what I was thinking
zxi !!
zxi !! 4 months ago
Like I’ve always found it funny that the thing they tell their staff is literally what happens in the episode before it starts-
D S 4 months ago
I don't believe that any of these are totally real. It's all for the camera.
Sharka Waka Orb 😉
@april silvers They have to be lol
Maxxi Tee
Maxxi Tee 5 months ago
He’s even standing. Whined the family making negative comments
Floral Year ago
I had never seen Monte act like this before. Usually he is focused on the bride. I would say a good percent of it is scripted.
Alexandria Fitts
Alexandria Fitts 29 days ago
Me either...what's wrong with him??
Charlie Month ago
Shareandheal aftertrauma
Or maybe he had a crush on that guy
jo jody
jo jody 2 months ago
I have bn saying this show is scripted for soooo long. Some may be real brides but I feel certain situations are scripted to give the show some excitement. Especially that "jack up" part, I don't see how a veil alone can change a bride and her entourage minds
Alicia Hicks
Alicia Hicks 2 months ago
They do the briefings after they meet the bride
Bookmagic Roe
Bookmagic Roe Year ago
She looks wonderful in the dress she chose. She is a tiny girl, and most of the other dresses overpowered her.
CutieShroom Art
CutieShroom Art 2 months ago
@TwinkletoesKat I hated that first dress… it looked like a maternity dress. Which I think it was.
FRances Fehrman
First dress no.no.no.
Kimberly Arrington
@TwinkletoesKat Yes and the poor girl had no stomach at all lol
exactly her final choice was the best one she tried
William Smith
William Smith Year ago
I didn't like the first one because I loathe dresses where the waist like starts directly below the boobs. Like no woman has a waist like that
Crayon Gudetama
Did he actually have the audacity to say, "But WE get to decide if they're hideous- not you!" S i r
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater 3 months ago
@SHOW OFF!!! Agreed. This Monte behaviour reeks of the producer making him do it.
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater 3 months ago
Yeah, that sentence was a punch-able offence.
Ros Tallar
Ros Tallar 4 months ago
Totally agree with you, this guy needs to buzz off!
Sharka Waka Orb 😉
@mio you mean chip character lol
Marleigh Ellis
Amber Block
Amber Block Year ago
crew: “not a lot of beading” Bride: “LOTS of beading, yes I love a lot of beading”
sgcl10658 Month ago
She didn't know what she wanted either. She chose the 2nd satin dress without any beading.
Sadie Miller
Sadie Miller 3 months ago
@Asya definitely do that’s a demonic number
Lisa Zdvoru
Lisa Zdvoru 6 months ago
She chose one with hardly any beading in the end.
cherrymelon 7 months ago
it was the other way around
Luna Year ago
And thr guy really said " We have an idea on what Kris wants-"
L Jeffcoat
L Jeffcoat Year ago
Producers are getting desperate for bullshit drama trying to pit Monty & Robin against each other. Pretty petty
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater 3 months ago
Maybe the producers ran out of really sh*tty families & bridesmaids so they had to manufacture some scripted drama.
Yes Pls
Yes Pls 9 months ago
Seems that they were just joking around and playing up the "feud" for humor. Don't think it's that serious
LiveYourLifeExtra 11 months ago
Yeah I don't think Robin would ever roll her eyes maliciously at Monte. This can't be real.
Christina Goodson
Monte* sorry
TM From Denmark
Do Americans not understand was is funny and not funny !! This is funny 🤣
Anuska Pakrasi
I think they should do a different show named "its not your damn wedding".
CutieShroom Art
CutieShroom Art 2 months ago
QDols 3 months ago
Felicity Bywater
Felicity Bywater 3 months ago
I kept telling @ the screen "who cares if you hate it? You're not getting married in it!". This wasn't the very worst entourage but they were up there.
Fikayomi Anderson
Fikayomi Anderson 3 months ago
Bee and Puppycat 🐝
Christine Davidson
"This isn't the groom is it?" "I ONLY WISH" ..... Hella Awkward
PinkieJoJo 4 months ago
Haha. I was like what did he just say!!??!!
Life with Loki
Life with Loki 4 months ago
Rosie Payne
Rosie Payne 4 months ago
It was a joke get a grip
ok 7 months ago
@Sophia Beavers Same lmfao
Daisy Giraffes.99
Daisy Giraffes.99 9 months ago
I was like: 0-0 pardon me?!
yellowheart Year ago
Chip: "We get to decide if they're hideous, not you" Krishtian (Bride) : "No! I'm wearing it" Tell 'em gurl
Ellie Month ago
ik, like Chip put words in his mouth and told the bride what *not* to do, like its HER big day!!
Bree Nichole
Bree Nichole 2 months ago
I was so proud of her when she put him in his place!! He needed to shut up and let her have her moment.
Joyi's Canvas
Joyi's Canvas 5 months ago
And he is not even the part of her family!!! Her mom and other people Isn't even giving any opinion.. And Here's her "assistant"... Saying this kind of bullshit!!! Like How dare he!!!!
Neyda Morales
Neyda Morales 6 months ago
Her personal assistant needs to go. So annoying.
Ira 7 months ago
Lol he actually had the audacity to say that to the _bride_
RitnyGaming Year ago
Robin: "is that the groom?" Chip: "oh, no. I WISH!" Bride: " No, THANK GOD NO!!!" Me: ...awkward.... 0.0
Andromeda Rose
Andromeda Rose 3 months ago
Nicole McCauley
Nicole McCauley 6 months ago
@Tropical Lina I don’t remember. It was whatever the conversation was ritny gaming posted above
Tropical Lina
Tropical Lina 6 months ago
@Nicole McCauley time stamp?
Nicole McCauley
Nicole McCauley 7 months ago
I loved that moment. Hahaha. I laughed hard
🐚 I hear things 🌚
Sara Tavington
That damn thirsty PERSONAL ASSISTANT is awkward as hell.
Lucinka58 3 months ago
@NotSoCuteOtaku Monte is fucking annoying to be honest in most parts ...
Joanna DeChenne
Joanna DeChenne 4 months ago
Right. He is NO Monte
Daisy Giraffes.99
Daisy Giraffes.99 9 months ago
Frl I was like: 0-0
Aislynn DraconisART
Omg I hated him
Happy Ash
Happy Ash Year ago
Ok, I like Monte, but he's not an actor. This was so obviously scripted and acted out, I felt embarrassed for the people involved.
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva 8 months ago
@Relentless the real, adult world is going to be shocking and a horribly painful transition for you someday.
@Relentless Fine, fine, You beat my point I believe you now.
Relentless Year ago
@COMING FOR UR KNEES I know that half of it is scripted to increase the drama but the actual situation is real and some things that are said and felt and done are real out from that person.
@Relentless Your going to find out that IT'S scripted when you grow up.
Relentless Year ago
@Mallory G I highly doubt it. I mean maybe not everything he was doing was real but I feel like most of that was. At least the emotion.
Freddy Cooks International Soul Food
When she came out in that first dress I was thinking, "bless her heart, she's got on a night gown." It was horrible. I'm glad she ended up in the best dress.
Noella Monyuy
Noella Monyuy Month ago
my thoughts EXACTLY
Trinity H
Trinity H 2 months ago
yeah the dress was pretty but it didn’t fit her right especially since she wanted a fitted dress
Ros Tallar
Ros Tallar 4 months ago
Agree with you here!
T Kemp
T Kemp 11 months ago
Chip: “WE get to decide if the dresses are hideous, not YOU…” Me: “The hell you just say, Boy?!”
Joyee Bose
Joyee Bose Year ago
I seriously don't like the first dress..even it's not fitting her body well..but the best part is Monte's expression
Laila Phan
Laila Phan 4 months ago
Yeah, it definitely was not flattering for her body type. This is coming from someone who thinks babydoll dresses are adorable, it was not the look
nil -
nil - Year ago
It makes her look droopy and sad
Tory Johnston
Tory Johnston Year ago
I despise baby doll dresses.
lipsohlips97 Year ago
It look like an extended babydoll lingerie top lol
Glitzy Glitz
Glitzy Glitz Year ago
He really said “we get to decide if they are ugly or not” like bruh 👁👄👁 are you the one wearing the dress?
Nancy & Terry Whittemore
The way he comes across, maybe he is wearing the dress--lol
𝒮𝒶𝓅𝓅𝒽𝒾𝓇𝑒 ☼☽
exactly 😭 Edit: it’s edited because i accidentally pressed the wrong emoji lmfao
A 20 year old has a “personal assistant” ??? Damn. Where did I go wrong? 🤦‍♀️ 😬
Karla Shmeeda Vlasta
It' s just her gay friend.
Kristina Perry
Kristina Perry 4 months ago
Lol wasn't born from money to get that head start 🤣
love444jihyo Year ago
@Loves Sunshine Ha."bed-wetter".not really.
anna Year ago
@X R but the guy was clearly gay I think he said that jokingly
anna Year ago
I think it was more of a joke and he is just a friend
Mollie Green
Mollie Green Year ago
I love seeing a bride stand up for herself!! It’s her dress, she’s the one that’s meant to love it and she looked beautiful in the one she picked! ❤️
This bride has a VERY good taste. All of her picks were perfect on her. She literally feels what suits her.
Tiny Shawn
Tiny Shawn Year ago
"we get to decide if they're hideous or not" "I'm WEARING THE DAMN THING" FR WTF 🤣🤣🤣 scripted as fuc
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee Year ago
Bro-mance messing up this appointment. Let Robin do her job, she did it!
Floppydusc Year ago
@Cato that’s because it is
Emma Year ago
Wow, the bride handled this so well! She was calm, firm yet polite! Other brides would have been in tears (probably me too) if everyone had taken over her appointment like that and been so rude about dresses she liked.
Alma Lockett
Alma Lockett Year ago
Great example of a grown woman that knows her own mind. Congrats lucky lady.
DoraTheExplorer 8 months ago
This is my favorite bride because she doesn’t just let the others push her around. Everyone is like we decide if it’s good or not and she stood up and said the right think like no I’m wearing if not you me!
Kat S.
Kat S. Year ago
I always think its hysterical when these people say "this is what's on the runways right now!" Sir. I promise you that 99.9% of the rest of the world doesnt give a shit about the goofy looking stuff on the runways, let alone a stressed bride who wants this to be THE most personal day of their lives. Trends gave us 80s and early 90s wedding dresses and as God as my witness, I am never going back there.
Goddess no! Those puffy sleeves! Ugh!
Business rat
Business rat Year ago
Everyone except for the bride and Robin were all being so toxic. And Chip seems like a creep. Bad vibes from all of them.
Xiimary iiX
Xiimary iiX Year ago
Its scripted Monte would actually NEVER do that
Business rat
Business rat Year ago
@{xMelonx} exactly this should be about what the bride wants even if others don’t like the dress
{xMelonx} Year ago
@Business rat yeah same, I don’t want all of this drama. It’s nice to watch but can’t they just shush
Business rat
Business rat Year ago
@{xMelonx} I know but it’s still weird. I just want to watch people find their dress that they want to get married in ya know?
{xMelonx} Year ago
It’s clearly scripted, Monte wouldn’t do this
Carey Robbins
Carey Robbins Year ago
I hate that first dress she is a tiny little min and that dress makes her look pregnant. The last dress looked good on her and she is happy and that is all that matters .
Carey Robbins
Carey Robbins 4 days ago
@Ginger Snaps The Pumpkin Kitty That first dress was not it made her look pregnant or like a wrap you up on to cover a bathing suit sort of thing.
Carey Robbins
Carey Robbins 4 days ago
@Michelle I know i was trying to not be mean but that first dress although it looks super comfortable made her look so pregnant.
Michelle Year ago
I WAS GONNA SAY! I dont wanna be insulting, but she looked like 3 months with 1 baby in the first dress. Wayyy to see through, and way too poofy.
Ginger Snaps The Pumpkin Kitty
It also low-key looked like lingerie with that particular styling.
Yeor Mahma
Yeor Mahma Year ago
First dress was boring. But she’s adorable and will look cute in anything
Jess Year ago
You can tell Lori really cares about the bride and her experience !! Its so wholesome
Zaggora Year ago
What the heck is Monte doing, he should know better!
Kira Zaman
Kira Zaman 3 months ago
Lmaooo it’s scripted, he’s a horrible actor💀
Ginger Snaps The Pumpkin Kitty
He does, this is kinda scripted
Abby Year ago
Yeah he was acting like one of her entourage members instead of the encouraging person he usually is.
ananya Year ago
nah man it’s scripted
Thea the Forest Fae
No, this is scripted. Monte is not like that. You can see all of them are acting. It’s like a children’s show here. The producers want DRAMA.
I Year ago
Nobody knows better what a bride wants than the bride herself 🙉
I Year ago
KAT MOON Year ago
R B Year ago
Anyone else notice chip said “my only wish” when she asks if he was the groom 👀👀
Lily Stecko
Lily Stecko Year ago
I think he was being sarcastic...
Jemma J
Jemma J Year ago
lovely bride, strong yet polite, glad she put her foot down, lord these ppl wouldnt get it 😐 She has the blackest eye pupil i've seen 😍
BabsBitches Year ago
“we get to decide if they’re hideous, not you” i’m sorry???
Cryptic Charm
Cryptic Charm Year ago
"I'm your replacement" Oh, there's fighting words right there. Also i love the bodice on the first dress, but not the rest, she needs sleek and figure-hugging to show off that amazing form Dress 2, the actual one looked amazing but less train dress 3, stunning but not here dress 4. total perfection Moral of the story, listen to the bride, don't try to change her mind and respect her opinion
The first dress looks like maternity wear.
Sarah Albers
Sarah Albers 9 months ago
Or a little girl's dress up dress. Just awful.
Sydnee Forsgren
Sydnee Forsgren 11 months ago
Elizabeth Quan
Or a nightgown.
Bookmagic Roe
Bookmagic Roe Year ago
First dress reminds me of my prom dress back in 1965. They called it "empire waist" back then.
Aurie Year ago
Who the hell cares what "THEY" think? It's NOT their wedding. No one's...absolutely NO ONE'S... opinion matters but the bride!!!!!!! It's her wedding afterall.
Meme GODDESS Year ago
Well on one hand I think that this episode is scripted.The producers probably wanted more drama to get the views. We really dont know what the brides entourage is like but I know that Monte has never really acted this way before.He usually focuses on what the bride likes and tried to keep peace between the people in the entourage.I have never seen him start Drama like this so. I think its scripted
Aurie Year ago
@Moogie B You are absolutely correct. It just blows my mind that people would purposely create drama 4 any reason 🤯
Moogie B
Moogie B Year ago
I was thinking the same thing. But I also wonder how much of this is put on, fake, scriped, etc. They create drama in all these “reality “ shows. They’re not real at all.
Lucia Arellano
Right on girl!!she looked awesome in the last dress after outing on the veil. You go girl!!
rrr jjj
rrr jjj Year ago
If Monte and Chip feel so strongly about those dresses, they are welcome to wear them.
Anushka Year ago
Omg the entourage needs to know their place! It's the bride's day, bride's choice! Robin should've kicked out Chip instead.
Richa Upadhyay
They showed some of the most awful wedding dresses to her even when her budget was unlimited. Didn't like any of the dresses. Not even one
Lesley Rabbitt
Lesley Rabbitt 9 months ago
Of course you can have an opinion on wether you liked any of the dresses, but at the end of the day your opinions dont count , its up to the bride what she likes and what she will wear !.
nil -
nil - Year ago
@Victoria Cobb she said she hates the huge flower and the next one made her feel like a cake topper and she didn’t like all the poofy stuff, they pulled so many ugly things that she didn’t even appreciate so how’s that her style? They just did a bad job
Ruby Took
Ruby Took Year ago
Love this show. So glad I went dress shopping by myself. 🤣
Lilliana James
Lilliana James 8 months ago
luna07 Year ago
Shadowcat107 Year ago
I really really love the second dress. I love watching this show and seeing all the beautiful wedding dresses.
Rimsha Maryam
Rimsha Maryam Year ago
Okay SYTTD directors and producers, we watch the show to relax if you have any intention to turn it into a chaos then trust me you're going to lose lots of viewers.
Colleen Massey
Colleen Massey 11 months ago
Don.t throw the show away.that last set was so set up.leave it alone.!!!
Luna Year ago
@Jailyn S . lmao
Luna Year ago
Underrated comment
Jailyn S .
Jailyn S . Year ago
@bvnny thanks lol I figured it out after I made this comment 🤣
bvnny Year ago
@Jailyn S . Say yes to the dress?
Charlie Lamphere
When Monte said “Robin pulled a dress! Who knew?” I knew it was scriptwriter beyond understanding. I could tell the whole time but that part hit it home.
Kasey Year ago
I love this bride. She didn't let them get to her👏
Keely H
Keely H Year ago
This episode felt so painfully scripted ...
Honestly thought this was the worst episode until the end. Poor girl. The family and friends were terrible. Thought they knew best, did not listen to her, did not value her opinion. I'm glad she found one in the end.
Vina Theanica
Vina Theanica Year ago
I've never seen Monte act like this.. He's always funny and focused on the bride..
Kira Zaman
Kira Zaman 3 months ago
It’s scripted lol
IslandGirl Year ago
"WE get to decide if it's hideous." Umm, no. So glad the bride put him in his place. Also, she's adorable, but what 20-year-old has a personal assistant?!? I need one of those! LOL
IslandGirl Year ago
@Ayanna Josiah True! I just mean, at 20, how is your life so crazy busy that it requires a personal assistant? Don't mind me; I'm just envious. LOL
Ayanna Josiah
Ayanna Josiah Year ago
Well she DOES have an unlimited budget, so....🤷🏽‍♀️
Mare Kirk
Mare Kirk Year ago
Y’all know the producers set up the drama and told Monte to play the part. AND if you’re complaining about how none of the dresses are pretty, keep in mind that this was filmed YEARS ago and these dresses are discontinued and not carried in store now.
MAdemsoiselle Rhapsody
"My budget is unlimited" puts you in any salesperson's sights, no matter how much leopard-camouflage you wear.
vedhika Year ago
The first dress was actually not that good Like she looked like she had a baby bump and even it didn't look that good with a unlimited budget
The ones she tried on in the changing room before Robin’s picked was all ugly
vedhika Year ago
@Lisa Castano woooooooooo🎉🎉 Congrats granny to be😀
Lisa Castano
Lisa Castano Year ago
That one might be perfect for my stepdaughter lol she's getting married in may and just found out she's pregnant.
vedhika Year ago
@passionfruitfruit yeah
Absolutely. But it was her own choice to try in on, so it's good she did and saw that it didn't do anything for her.
Christina Hitchiner
The rosters have taken over the hen house!!! Love it 🤣😂🤣👍
Mary Agube
Mary Agube Year ago
Honestly the moment chip said “I only wish” I knew he was gonna be difficult 😂
garrylover lyons
She said “do you guys want me to look ridiculous on my wedding day?”, like girl you look ridiculous in the first dress 😂😂😂
Ana Cabrera
Ana Cabrera 8 months ago
"She's happy" YEAAH NOT because of you!! Robin is such an angel to this bride
Gonika Year ago
A girl should bring her mom and her best friend thats it definitely not the people who dont care about the bride
Treasure2Behold 10 months ago
The look on their faces when they saw the first dress was like the world had come to an almost end. 😆
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè Year ago
When Robin called Monte "Monte Ray," you knew he was in trouble 😂
Federica Piottoli
0:13 I love Monte (and Lori's little laugh)
Yasmin Qureshi
You know you've gone down a say yes to the dress RU-vid hole when you recognise one of the dresses from a previous episode...
Andrea Rebello
I recognized one too!
Anita Morin
Anita Morin Year ago
"I'm your replacement" 😆 🤣 😂 Monte's face expression 😆 😄 🤣 😂
Kaily Rose
Kaily Rose Year ago
The amount of fake tan in that room...😑
Red Rose
Red Rose Year ago
I am CONVINCED that Chip somehow manipulated Monte into acting like this. I've watched enough episodes of this show to know he would NEVER do this kind of thing.
Alexis Jones
Alexis Jones Year ago
Monti, Lori, and their team are a breath of fresh air😂
jill Year ago
Monty is doing what is called "up-selling" Commission is a strong motivator.
Emma Vaclavik
Emma Vaclavik 4 months ago
The way her smile looked like it was wiped away when they said they didn't live the dresses she loved
She’s so adorable, like a little Polly pocket all grown up! Absolutely beautiful!! And managed to get all the cackling hens in the same coop, oy!
Kathryn Miller
She's going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride in the dress that she loved.
Rosie Payne
Rosie Payne 4 months ago
Love the dress she chose! She looked amazing.
Esmeralda Gems
I know I comment a lot on here but these videos are hard to stop watching 😂 The first dress looks more like a fancy nightgown than a wedding dress.
Cove 11 months ago
I agree with the statement at the beginning, I get bringing family and friends for support when choosing your dress, and they could have good suggestions but I always HATE when the bride clearly loves the dress and her entourage just goes “no it looks like trash” like tf you’re here to support the bride not tear her down
Hello Year ago
I love how the one dress she walks out in frowning ( last dress ) everyone starts to smile
kitkat75 Year ago
This is what happens when you bring a large group of people to the visit. it always amazes me how cruel people can be when expressing their opinion and how hurtful it is to the bride!
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly Year ago
First dress looks like a nightgown someone would wear to a shotgun wedding as the only white garment they could find to hide an unexpected baby-bump!
Claire Willow
Claire Willow Year ago
So basically my wedding🤣
scotty mitchell
She said "yes" to a dress that makes her look AMAZING!!!
Hayley Sule
Hayley Sule Year ago
Chip-“ you don’t get to choose if your dress is bad we do” Kris-“ it’s my wedding, I’m wearing it” YES YOU ARE
rebecca burns
rebecca burns Year ago
No way in hell that you could ever replace Monte. Monte is a ONE OF A KIND
Light intheSky
So she ends up with a perfectly ordinary dress. It’s nice that she likes it - that is the point. But as someone watching the video who is completely irrelevant to the decision, I think she looked absolutely amazing in the first dress.
Adriana Reyes
Adriana Reyes 2 months ago
I loved the first dress on her it seemed like it fit the vibe of her and her wedding
abyami BarRoa
abyami BarRoa 6 months ago
When you bring so many opinions, and they all have something to say it’s so overwhelming for the bride. I think only the bride and 2 people should come with the bride. That should be the rule
gn lilu
gn lilu 10 months ago
I laughed so hard with this appointment 😂
Jehonna S
Jehonna S Year ago
I'm amazed how the brides look older but are so young at this show..
totallyguhdude 10 months ago
Omg, I love watching these clips at half speed! Lori & Monte sound drunk, but are still getting things done, lol
Audrey 16 days ago
“We didn’t ask did we” love that from Robin
Linda O'Neill
Linda O'Neill Month ago
I honestly don’t know how the staff continues to work there with such continuous officious and personally insulting intrusions as Monte. Well done, Ladies.
Better Betty
Better Betty Year ago
I love Monte’s sass!! 🤣🤣
damaris lopez
damaris lopez Year ago
So I always wonder when they say “at dress is ugly or it was horribly made” what do they say when a bride comes in and likes that “ugly”dress and says “yes” to it???
BRK A Year ago
My first question when my loved ones try on their gowns is “what do you think?” Then “how do you feel in it?” And I always say both with an upbeat tone. If I express anything negative it’s at the DRESS never the person!
ashikai 10 months ago
GioiaFede Year ago
friend: "we don't love it" me & litterally everyone in the world: "who gives a ****?" friend: "we get to decide if they're hydeous, not you" me: "WTF" bride: "no, i'm wearing it" me: *stands up and applaudes the bride*
Cecília J. Daood
"you want to make me look ridiculous on my wedding day" Well you loved the first one and you looked like you were 7 months pregnant trying a 10 year old girl's dress. And: Friend: she would like just a little bling. Bride: I want a lot of bling! Also the bride: chooses a dress with literally no bling. So... Who was right in the end? 😂
Kuh-NEE-shuh Year ago
In my opinion, all of her dresses screamed middle school homecoming. 🙄 but if she loves it then who am I to question it.
Scarlett McBride
I would have fired or kicked out that "Chip" character faster than you can say wedding dress.
Kathleen Turner
Bride takes control and finds the perfect dress!
Marie Green
Marie Green 4 months ago
They need to focus on the bride and only on the bride! They need to start stressing that it’s HER wedding not theirs and if the tables were turned they would feel the same way!!!! Come on staff
Margaret Year ago
Monte could do no wrong . I love him so much 😍. Even when he’s wrong I’m like “ aww monte your so cute 🥰 “ Question : monte or randy ? Who do you like best ?
BUDGET FRIENDLY™ 11 months ago
Cwayzums Year ago
I’m so surprised at Monti’s pick! He seemed like he was acting it out for the show though, so...
Light intheSky
The first dress, the babydoll dress is lovely, unique, fits her beautifully and she likes it. The comment that it doesn’t show off her figure speaks to the idea that all brides should want to show off their figure in the way that others expect. That may be the expectation, but it’s not particularly interesting, if something like this is available. It’s kind of like the common sleeveless dresses. They all look pretty much the same - the more unusual dresses, many of which are not strapless, are almost always the most interesting and really make the bride look different from others.
Dwight Schrute
It isnt tho, not to be rude but she looked pregnant or what. Just doesnt compliment her body
Tonya Meredith
Robin had every right to be upset with Monty! He was completely out of line!