I made the worst Instagram recipes so you don't have to

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From stuffing a turkey to inverting a meat sock,
all these recipes are awful. Enjoy!

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Apr 26, 2020




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Comments 3 282
Rose E
Rose E 3 days ago
Hahaha wtf. I feel like with the steak sock thing are you not just making the inside dry like he could have cutt it open and stuffed normally instead of inverting it
zeranzeran 7 days ago
Wubby lookin thin!
chicken salad
chicken salad 11 days ago
the cheese being shoved into the turkey could literally be considered eye violation
Aiden Ives-Day
Aiden Ives-Day 19 days ago
I have to admit even though most of them look horrendous I still want to try them
Envision-Craft network
Ide smash tf out of the hot cheetos turkey.
Kate Bungus
Kate Bungus Month ago
It's been a year since this came out and I've yet to see wubby do another one of these
Soggy Biscotti
Soggy Biscotti Month ago
I already wanted to die, thanks for confirmation I should. Catch you on the evening news bois
baby factory
baby factory Month ago
You’re so handsome the way you are no need to change!
Randi killmaier
Randi killmaier Month ago
Where are you? I just discovered you and you’re very funny & entertaining but you haven’t made a video for 8 months!
Randi killmaier
Randi killmaier 28 days ago
@Kate Bungus thank you, Kate!
Kate Bungus
Kate Bungus 29 days ago
@Randi killmaier ru-vid.com/u-PaymoneyWubbyHighlights
Randi killmaier
Randi killmaier 29 days ago
@Kate Bungus what’s a highlight channel?
Kate Bungus
Kate Bungus Month ago
@Randi killmaier he also was a highlights channel that has more regular uploads
Randi killmaier
Randi killmaier Month ago
@Bean ahhhh thank you! I’m getting old so I have no idea what this Twitch is that everyone talks about. RU-vid is kinda new to me still, I’m just not ready to broaden my horizons lol
Koerth Ragsdale
Koerth Ragsdale Month ago
Low key pizza looks good
Gary Williams
Gary Williams Month ago
Bro, that’s not food rape… that’s food necrophelia 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Chris Hill
Chris Hill Month ago
First 20 seconds and I was already lmfao!! "Kid diddler discoverer" 😆😆
S_P_O_B Month ago
you know if you think about it food vore is just us eating
Adorable Cockroach
Only the intro was kinda bad, everything else looks like pretty good food. What do you have a list of five things that you make for dinner every week and not try anything new ever?
sdivine13 Month ago
I'm waiting for Caroline konstnar to become straight
Adam Cohill
Adam Cohill Month ago
What happened to wubby
NJ D Month ago
Are you the type of person that orders chicken fingers at a steak restaurant?
W.P Month ago
This man is so funny, seriously hilarious
Hey Month ago
As a wise man once said, so not halal mode.
James Lydon
James Lydon Month ago
I know that meat stick was dripping in the oven and smoking the hell out of the house.
halomerc5423 Month ago
These are just how to basic wannabes
Samuel Helfer
Samuel Helfer Month ago
You look like a ginger version of General Sam
suzz 2 months ago
87mc12 2 months ago
I wish Wubby would do more of these
Josh McCoy
Josh McCoy 2 months ago
lol your jokes crack me up bro! the funniest one was when you said you lost weight while simultaneously jigglin them giant man tatas around, lmao love the sarcasm buuuuudy!
Minx jii
Minx jii 2 months ago
it's basically 5 mins craft but food
Roel Lassauw
Roel Lassauw 2 months ago
Have you seen HowtoBasic and Epic Meal time? Gross but enjoyable. Also every ending you say watch me live on Twitch because you are online but you aren't online xD
ATTIL,TFSA 2 months ago
Wubby is seriously the best youtuber, he’s honest, funny, and truely cares about his fan base as well as just people around the world. It sucks that he doesn’t post as much but I’ll always be here when he does 👍🏻 keep up the good work
thx134 2 months ago
Who are these fuckers and why are they baking spaghet!
tmash Gamer
tmash Gamer 2 months ago
Idk why but the first 2 min of the vid gives heavy filthy frank vibes
Christian Savage
Christian Savage 2 months ago
Ngl, I don’t think the pasta bowl looks that bad
Thunderking 7507
Thunderking 7507 2 months ago
Yo the beginning caught me off guard
Quake Jake
Quake Jake 3 months ago
I have trouble believing 190bucks was spent on that recipe. Did u have to buy all new pots, pans, and utensils for the recipe?
Circle_Cut_Sandwich 3 months ago
Holy shit did Cody Ko steal Wubby’s idea or vice-versa?
Officer Vlad The Culture Vulture
Ey you from san diego too?! Subscribed. Gotta support my fellow san diegans
Russel Hebert
Russel Hebert 3 months ago
Not gonna lie I would eat all of those things in a heart beat, but damn that was a broken man in that last segment. #savewubby
Pine Three
Pine Three 3 months ago
People are doing way too much. Incredible how extra society has become. Please, I’m begging you. Delete all social media and RU-vid type sites. Permanently.
XGC EliteGod
XGC EliteGod 3 months ago
That Cheese Turkey Recipe Is Absolute Garbage 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Piktc Velns
Piktc Velns 3 months ago
Welp good thing I'm to drunk to do actual cooking, but not drunk enough tryout any of these xD
big chubb
big chubb 3 months ago
The human race
Sethaost 4:21
Sethaost 4:21 4 months ago
You loss me at 11:59
Ghostly_Soup 4 months ago
What if their was a speedrun of that ungodly recipe you made
TheRandomRaven 4 months ago
Honestly though that thing at the end doesn’t look that bad Think that’s just from the fact that I’ll eat anything tho
Pepe Baiter
Pepe Baiter 4 months ago
This was awesome to eat to
jamie maguire
jamie maguire 4 months ago
Everyone just gonna ignore the fact he said "goatsie" spread. If you know you know
XeGa 4 months ago
I still think these don't sound too bad
Michael Riccio
Michael Riccio 4 months ago
Today is Carolines 18th birthday
Onyx Adventure
Onyx Adventure 4 months ago
"I made"... what a lie. Reaction clickbait garbage.
Nigel Kilgus
Nigel Kilgus 4 months ago
The quesadilla pizza didnt look THAT bad actually
Mash Z
Mash Z 4 months ago
Ironically the algorithm recommended this video to me even tho I dont watch you
Eyeofthemourning 4 months ago
The meat sock looks like someone trying not to waste a removed Colon.
Eyeofthemourning 4 months ago
These are the kind of recepies us latch key kids would've come up with when Mom hadn't been able to get to the grocery store in a while.
Psilovecybin 4 months ago
Bruh ngl.. that watermelon chicken looks delicious af
Pcmast3r 4 months ago
Did this man make a goatse reference edit kids if you don't know what this is do a Google image search just Turn off safe search
UnLo CkeD
UnLo CkeD 4 months ago
The recipe had so many combatting flavors
Janski 147
Janski 147 5 months ago
Why the fuck did i decide to watch this while eating breakfast
fearless bros
fearless bros 5 months ago
I think I became obese just watching that first one
EssentailOilsByjane 5 months ago
wtf.... lmaooo great as always
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 6 months ago
i found the most entertaining youtube video ever
Nick Pelletier
Nick Pelletier 6 months ago
so on what days does this fucking legend stream?
peps 6 months ago
This legitimately triggers my flight or flight
Diede de Vries
Diede de Vries 6 months ago
you look gorgeous my man
"There's something both intimate and abusive about the way he lifts open that meat to shove in the potatoes"
"Is it just me, or does it not look right somehow?" "Mohana, you and this meatloaf got a lot in common."
Colin Fousek
Colin Fousek 6 months ago
Imagine being raised, living the life as a turkey, and then being slaughtered, just to turn into that abomination.
Vape Nation.2
Vape Nation.2 6 months ago
8:16 this is just sick lol.
DJaydoubleA 6 months ago
This has some How To Basics energy to it.
iraq lobster
iraq lobster 5 months ago
Its like if a team of old discontented executives saw how to basic and thought yeah yeah this is the next big thing
GamelKamle 6 months ago
3:18 ; flyttar mic till exakt samma fucking ställe
Catherine Grace
Catherine Grace 6 months ago
i was vaguely expecting a hello fresh sponsorship
Tj Sparky
Tj Sparky 7 months ago
the first one was Turkey bdsm
Eli Trindade
Eli Trindade 7 months ago
Honestly, using a block of cheese seems a bit extreme, but I don’t care how a food looks or how it was made, if tastes good, thats ok.
Ellie-O-metres 7 months ago
these recipes are one of the reasons why I'm vegetarian
theo vitacco
theo vitacco 7 months ago
Is it weird that all the food look not thay bad to me (some of them even look kind of good) 🥴
bUd D Dove
bUd D Dove 7 months ago
Whats for dinner mom? My pushed in beef dish.
Moonlight Alekxsandra
I'd totally eat that meatloaf thaang
connor allstot
connor allstot 7 months ago
I feel like if you take onions out if half of these it would make them much better
Franc Dollar
Franc Dollar 7 months ago
I had a stroke watching the chicken suicide pizza.
malevolence 7 months ago
And this is why people say that white people can't cook
Droob 7 months ago
bru i made a frikin presentation on the bbq pizzadilla as a sophmore
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 7 months ago
That turkey actually looks like it wood taste weirdly good
Exiled 1
Exiled 1 7 months ago
Didnt cody ko and joshua weisman make the same thing
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 7 months ago
thats the grossest shit ive ever seen
Jurrdn _
Jurrdn _ 7 months ago
1 Year since posting and still giggling like a little bitych to this
Latios Tech
Latios Tech 7 months ago
I made a small version of the first third of The quesadilla and it was very good
Noah Dunn
Noah Dunn 7 months ago
the recipe that wubby made was a disgrace to italy
Bryce Koeppen
Bryce Koeppen 7 months ago
Sad that wubby didnt call out edp445 in the intro to this video smh
MissBuyNLarge 7 months ago
that pizza-dilla...oh god, I can feel my arteries clogging just watching that footage
Vund The Crusader
Vund The Crusader 7 months ago
throughout the entire cooking experience it was just a broken man
Nelly 601
Nelly 601 7 months ago
Scrumdiddlyumptious is the troom troom of cooking videos
Pablo Escobarez
Pablo Escobarez 7 months ago
alex use to be so nice
Candice Peterson
Candice Peterson 7 months ago
I’m ashamed of myself.... I’d eat that turkey
Calum Sanderson
Calum Sanderson 7 months ago
"the entire process took five and a half hours" okay but maybe you're just terrible at cooking
CarKart 7 months ago
Ok and? Do you expect some fucking 5 star restaurant shit or what?
Calum Sanderson
Calum Sanderson 7 months ago
does that intro count as clickbait
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf 7 months ago
You always lookin hot
get collied
get collied 7 months ago
Idk how but that chef club channel had me and my friends dying at some of the recipes
Obscene Blood Fart
Obscene Blood Fart 7 months ago
His reaction to the cheese going into the turkey reminds me of people's reaction to this video : ru-vid.com/video/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
Celeste Utz
Celeste Utz 7 months ago
Now just stick an entire block of government cheese into ur chicken.
Varthix 7 months ago
God dammit, I'm gonna say it. The most damning and sacrilegious thing you can in times like this. I'd eat every one of these, even if it's just out of curiosity.
The Bikini Bottom Press
I haven't liked this video? Huh I could've sworn I did.
Idkjordash 7 months ago
Flamin hot Cheetos are always used in the worst recipes
What kids really do on Tik Tok