I Microwaved 1 MILLION Popcorn Kernels! 

Jake Carlini
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May 16, 2021




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Comments : 428   
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
New video is up guys! EXPLODING THINGS WITH A LAWN MOWER! ru-vid.com/video/video-j_1haWkcxm4.html
meskerem kifle
meskerem kifle 8 months ago
i love.all your youtub
Noah Kahoot
Noah Kahoot Month ago
Ceiling fan?? 4:56
this is a great reanactment of the guy who invented the microwave and is testing it for the first time
Luigi 10 months ago
luigi wants your 10000 IQ
Gir Fan
Gir Fan 9 months ago
Metrocop Unit 3430
Metrocop Unit 3430 2 months ago
Vinton Euler
Vinton Euler Year ago
Yo! Jake your videos are so good, I’ve just binged like 10 of them 😂. Do you edit and create the thumbnails yourself, this is awesome. Btw popcorn kerneals were insane lmaoo
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yooooo I really appreciate that! My fiancé actually helps me with my thumbnails. She’s a photoshop genius.
Jeevan Lamsal
Jeevan Lamsal Year ago
Gone Lucid Films
You gotta be a bot 😂
Reap What You Sow Gardening
I binged 40 so far
POV Adventures
Do more love these types of videos!!! Just love this RU-vidr in general… deserves a sub!
The Kurt's Place Channel
Very entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks for posting this.
David Munoz
David Munoz 2 years ago
Aye homie I wish you the best! I don’t usually watch these type of videos but I saw one of your comments noticed this is top notch quality. I’ll subscribe to help out.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yo I appreciate you man! 🙏🏽❤️ thank you very much
Javier esTeban
Javier esTeban 2 years ago
@Jake Carlini same
Sticker 2 years ago
You have all the skills and all the potential, keep it up! just subscribed too
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Thank you 🙏🏽 💯 that means the world to me
SmartDucc Year ago
"And I know what your thinking! How could I afford a fork?" Im sorry that got me XD This guy is hilarious
Cole Bryan
Cole Bryan 2 years ago
Does anyone remember when it used to be a "lifehack" to put your phone in the microwave to fully charge it?
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
wait what!?!?!?!
Cole Bryan
Cole Bryan 2 years ago
@Jake Carlini yeah i remember seeing it like 6 years ago lol
Cole Bryan
Cole Bryan 2 years ago
@Jake Carlini and also found you from the Airrack community post lol
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
@Cole Bryan thats a crazy “life hack” LOL. And oh sweet! Thanks for coming to check out my channel!
Pmoney dingers
Pmoney dingers 10 months ago
This man is the best literally you’re gonna blow up man
Greg Settle
Greg Settle Month ago
This content is dangerous and irresponsible, lol. Yet very entertaining! Keep up the good work. 👍
the Opinionator
the Opinionator 18 days ago
Great to see Brendan Schaub actually doing something entertaining and funny.
itech 10 months ago
I just love this guy videos 💛
Lulu Pang
Lulu Pang Year ago
Binge watching your videos, u are underrated but ur videos are high quality!
Me ThePeople
Me ThePeople 18 days ago
I put an egg in the microwave at work once; we were lucky we walked away. The door blew open, the power to the whole building went out, and we never found any pieces of egg except for the stain on the wall. We took what was a NEW microwave back to Walmart and exchanged it for a new one :) .
Colen Shakur
Colen Shakur Year ago
I wish i could create millions of accounts so i can subscribe to this channel and keep this going.
Jr and Andy
Jr and Andy Year ago
ah yes I was planning on watching a guy microwave weird stuff for 7 minutes at the middle of the night
Cole Ryan
Cole Ryan Year ago
ngl, your probably one of the most underrated RU-vidrs ive come across in awhile
TheNintendoFanatic 9 months ago
reminds me of "Is it a good idea to microwave this?"
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Year ago
He said he had a contraption set up so he can press the start button from a safe distance but he still ended up just pressing the button with his hand. 😂 I subscribed LOL.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Year ago
@Jake Carlini yo
STANHGD 2 years ago
You earned my sub, amazing content!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yo thank you!
bwc1976 24 days ago
The editing is too fast-paced, I kept having to rewind because I kept missing things, but always much respect to anyone who sacrifices microwaves in the name of science.
Yo I jus found ur Chanel when I was looking up crown royal bottle breaks😂😭 I can te by the way that you produce your content and your personality you're going to have a very thriving RU-vid career eventually you definitely need to get picked up you have the personality for this
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yooooo I appreciate that!!! I’m not giving up so here’s to the future!
Mikey Sanchez
Mikey Sanchez 2 years ago
“How is a microwave not microwave safe?” 💀
Jeremiah Skeese
His mind be like "What should i do with this microwave and 1 million popcorn kernels... Oh I know but all 1 million popcorn kernels in the microwave, i hope i dont die!"
soapings 10 months ago
this guy is soo underrated
Robloxgamer Kvaartar
Jake is like the world champ of making and amazing fire videos
BOT VAI OFFICIAL 2 years ago
This man seriously deserves a million subs
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
You’re too kind ❤️🙏🏽
BOT VAI OFFICIAL 2 years ago
@Jake Carlini you will get a lot one-day keep trying
BOT VAI OFFICIAL 2 years ago
@Jake Carlini feel free for any suggestions or help anytime just knock me bro My FB page Bot Vai
jace888 Month ago
There was a channel in the past that did all microwave experiments. “Is it ok to microwave this?”
James Germain - My Financial Journey Channel
Let’s goo!!! Lol can’t wait to see what happens.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
It’s wild ride
<CheeTOES> Year ago
most youtubers dont entertain me anyore but this was entertaining it deserves a sub and like from me.
Muhguyva 10 months ago
I didn't see this in the comments, but you have to cut the grapes and space them out a tad. It does indeed work.
Rip of Ryan
Rip of Ryan Year ago
Love the gun powder in the microwave it was EPIC!
Phanna Hang
Phanna Hang 11 months ago
This man going to the top and he needs the money and the subs
Jeroen a
Jeroen a Month ago
@1:44 because you need a tiny drop of water for a microwave to work (kernels have a tiny spec of water in them that boils and explodes turning the kernels inside out)
msprincesss115 25 days ago
you gotta have space for the popcorn to pop.. and there has to be space for the micro 'waves' to go through the air to cook/heat the thing(s) in it..or it won't work good. lol
doggofv 2 years ago
Yo this is actually really entertaining. Gives mr.beast vibes
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yoooo thank you so much! I must be on the right track!
BlueHalo Year ago
Mans growing fast keep it up!
That gunpowder in the microwave reminded me of “Michael, don’t leave me here!”
Wendigo 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Now we surely see that Woody was baked.
Paul Murgatroyd
Paul Murgatroyd 21 day ago
If I'd been in a coma since I was 12, this is what I'd be doing now.
You’re growing so fast!
Ăńğèĺ òf ļòvêš⭐
Your mom is my teacher at the high school, we watch your videos sometimes .. I like them so I subscribed, good luck on the 10,000 subs jake!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Hey thanks for subscribing!🙏🏽 tell my mom I said hi!
Alexandre Turcotte
" your prob wondering how I can afford this fork “ 😂😂
Gabriel Hedger
Gabriel Hedger 10 months ago
Wait there’s no way he could buy a spork 😱
Baby Cat
Baby Cat Year ago
I expect the microwave to become a popcorn itself
BPBomber 11 months ago
Lol only woody’s legs burned because there is a metal clasp that attaches the internal elastics of upper and lower body. I believe that metal clasp is located in the crotchel region.
JpBrazzy 2 years ago
Bro you going to be a big youtuber if you keep posting bangers like this trust
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yoooo! I really appreciate that! 💪🏽
aim_Canaan 2 years ago
fr tho!!!!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
@aim_Canaan yoo thanks!!!
Xander Ahern
Xander Ahern 10 months ago
Other people: My phone doesn't work? Guess I better throw it away. Jake carlini: My phone doesn't work? IMMA PUT IT IN A MICROWAVE
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 26 days ago
I have no idea why I clicked on this other than to see the inevitable fire so I'll just fast track through to see that.
SirLanceALot 2 years ago
Man who ever made that ear joke is a really funny guy.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Lol 😂
Bryan Spanjer
Bryan Spanjer Month ago
Nice fail on the popcorn! I think we all want to see a better attempt with about 1/8 of the amount
Duckity Year ago
you deserve +1 mil subs your so good
The 4 boys
The 4 boys 11 months ago
This is really cool good job mate
DIG IT Month ago
As a very old person I learned that if you do stupid things on you tube and record it you can be a successful you tuber with 640K subscribers. This is not a dis to Jake Carlini , it is just a simple observation from a person that did most of this stuff and then some and never recorded it 40 plus tears ago.
Personnnn Month ago
Old mrbeast would put a microwave inside of a microwave filled to the brim with marshmallows probably
Q&A Year ago
Amazing bro 👏 You deserve 10M subscribers
SleepyKirb860 Month ago
This is POPPIN’!
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans 11 months ago
Now we know how they make liquid deodorant
Nathan Bremer
Nathan Bremer Year ago
God I love your videos.
J Walker
J Walker 10 months ago
The amount of TOXIC CHEMICALS this guy inhaled in this video is insane 😂
The fire guy
The fire guy Month ago
This is so underated
Jerry Vickers
Jerry Vickers 26 days ago
We need more!!
CjSpatch 6 months ago
4:08 you should have done a “have you seen my phone?” Joke
Lance Smith
Lance Smith Month ago
Microwave the electronics out of an old microwave! Lol
Terry Capehart
Terry Capehart 14 days ago
Where did you get that big bag of popcorn?
Stars And Bricks
My favorite video you made was this one!
Ronnie Dothety
Omg yyaaaaaa!!!
Harith Year ago
Most underrated channel on RU-vid
D_Dizzie _Druck
D_Dizzie _Druck Month ago
This guy DIDN'T learn anything from Will it Blend! "Don't breath that smoke in."🤣
Acorn Month ago
Microwaves heat liquids so the ping pong ball would only melt if you fill it with water
Entertainment channel
Unlimited popcorn for Jake!
Brunt 2503
Brunt 2503 Month ago
You got to cut the grape 9/10 through to get plasma, but other than that great video
3sa 2 years ago
Keep grinding bro
longbeach562 idk
This is how u be electro in spider man great work man don’t try to use ur power for bad 😂😂
Mikey Sanchez
Mikey Sanchez 2 years ago
You’ve got a friend in me.....poor woody
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Shimmertail 6 months ago
hey its like the movie!!!
U don’t need 1million popcorn u need 1million subs 😃
Lil' Moldy
Lil' Moldy Year ago
your so underrated you WILL gain lots of subs
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yooo I appreciate that so much! 🙏🏽❤️
Justine Cooper
Justine Cooper 20 days ago
Ever try microwaving coffee in a cup with gold trim around the edge. Sparkly!
iWin Rar
iWin Rar Year ago
I'm sure your user base is to young but does anyone remember the series is it s good idea to microwave this? The good.ol days of RU-vid.
ichou uhmad
ichou uhmad Month ago
This guy needs more subs
twintb 11 months ago
This deserves a sub
iWrxcks 2 years ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
I do my best always
Brian Michaels
Brian Michaels Month ago
Bro discovered a food hack on his first test
Dudley 23 days ago
Dude. Safety first. Always wear a lead apron over your groin while microwaving.
SaitanFox Year ago
me after watching Jake Carlini's videos 2:24 love your vids man
RADIS370 370
RADIS370 370 Year ago
Its acctualy safe to put in aluminum,but dont put in aluminum with sharp points
PokeDraco 2 years ago
i’m French, don’t know how i ended there, but i enjoy
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Hello! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it!
𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚛 #BL2 (Mapl5 with a.c.t) 𝕍ℛ
Mary Nguyen
Mary Nguyen 2 months ago
3:23 that would horrify a child that just watched Toy Story 😂
MicrowaveMeShow 7 months ago
I'm glad to see that microwave videos can still do well on this platform. I thought maybe the genre was dead, glad to see it's not
DG MAKIKI 2 years ago
This guy goin to the top!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yooooo hell yea!
Mikey Sanchez
Mikey Sanchez 2 years ago
Distrivi Year ago
Galaxy Year ago
Mr. Monke man
Mr. Monke man Year ago
leoplayzzz Year ago
Your almost at 100k keep the good work
kiv 2 years ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 years ago
Yo thank you so much!❤️🙏🏽
YEET 2099
YEET 2099 Year ago
The CD was like a disco ball. Lol
I love God.
David Munguia
David Munguia 10 months ago
Bruh what I thought the grapes would become the sun of how much plasma was ganna come off them
zalmaflash Month ago
You pulled the door open on that last one.
6:24 for the "pop" corn
kingcurlyfries fan
kingcurlyfries fan 8 months ago
when the egg exploded i was like LAUGH OUT LOUDDDD