I Paid A Real Assassin To Try To Kill Me 

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Mar 17, 2023




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Comments : 112K   
@MrBeast 11 months ago
For those of you wondering, he was an Assasin in the military haha
@yeoping 11 months ago
love you
@emanuelsover6332 11 months ago
@VandadLite 11 months ago
32 seconds ago?!
@leard69420 11 months ago
truly the mrbeast moment of all time
@yeoping 11 months ago
eric cartman
@Jakerton 11 months ago
Mr Beast is slowly turning into a real life James Bond.
@diamondshark_ 11 months ago
Fr Fr 😂
@thebestnoobyt1270 11 months ago
Who else supports mrbeast? 👇
@idiard9956 11 months ago
@xxsoulxkk6873 11 months ago
@diamondshark_ 11 months ago
Avocado animation predicted this…
@1_AJ 8 months ago
The effort this guy goes to make content is actually insane
@1_AJ 7 months ago
@@jabray worddd
@emanhehe4419 7 months ago
@user-sm9yi4pn2l 7 months ago
@nflame 7 months ago
@nazranzafran3807 6 months ago
@starxz_underm0onx 2 months ago
Most chillest Assassin ever met online
@Cdrawing-kl5zx Month ago
Assassin: 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️💨💨💨 Jimmy: ☺️☺️☺️☺️😁😁😁
@pwdhunting 6 months ago
We laughed, we cried... The production value here, the story telling... just wow. Bravo Mr. Beast.
@soaadsaad65 6 months ago
@Crinkledpaper 6 months ago
Oh yes the saddest/funniest story of a youtuber paying an assassin to chase him
@arbre_mystique 6 months ago
It soitenly was reedickuliss
@joNatzxc 5 months ago
Most people were silent
@BobPuffen 23 days ago
Jimmy is the ultimate super villain in these videos
@AmethystChicken 9 days ago
chicken is the hero...😭
@StevenHe 11 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if MrBeast legit gets BATMAN to hunt him down
@arundhatimohite3123 11 months ago
Steven he is also here🤯
@katierichardson2942 11 months ago
@LexieLin-lv1rc 11 months ago
what the- YOU'RE HERE?
@katierichardson2942 11 months ago
​@@LexieLin-lv1rc yes
@HiHi-ek1dd 11 months ago
@malinasantiago 6 months ago
This was hilarious. The guy seemed way to cool and nonchalant about the whole thing 😂
@Ihavepower2812 2 months ago
@FLiPJGARiLLA 29 days ago
@zalybonilla1721 7 months ago
The amount of effort and permits this guys does is insane
@sarachenna9005 6 months ago
@Ihavepower2812 2 months ago
@siMONSTAR_36 Month ago
It's was so funny 🤣 when tareq said "we gotta go"when he was the driver ❤❤❤❤
@koco_6996 6 months ago
the assassin seemed so chill with all the things that were happening lmao
@PRETI7 6 months ago
Well yeah he's an assassin bro
@user-kd9dd2hl8o 6 months ago
Như trên 🤩
@thvkill 16 days ago
This is definitely one of the best videos on the channel...
Definitely 👍
@ammarsyed 6 days ago
@7232_yoyo 3 months ago
Seeing jimmy smile as the bank vault was being smashed was priceless
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 months ago
Jesus loves you repent and believe in the gospel!
@dragniv7186 7 months ago
Made me cry man .. what a great human being you are
@amovcc 6 months ago
Amo o jimmin
@richy6719 Month ago
You guys should re-create the Harry Potter Tri-Wizard tournament. The 1st task would be re-imagined
Bro... This was insane, the most things that were insane was "The tank/The explotion of the bank" It was all too insane...
@KarBof0S Month ago
4:33 - я сначала был уверен, что они заглянули на съемки "Бората" 🤣
@SHDW_team 22 days ago
@KarBof0S 22 days ago
@Crocodile-fs8uf 6 days ago
Chili chipi
@AminiumMusics 11 months ago
Probably one of the most chaotic MrBeast videos ever. I love it!
@ItsYaboyAJ 11 months ago
Mr beast is devious 🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵
@XTech13Official 11 months ago
@Muscleman8562 11 months ago
I just smoked a Carolina Reaper in a vid 💪🔥🔥
@mohitgurnani8830 11 months ago
अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखिए संत रामपाल जी महाराज जी के मंगल प्रवचन साधना टीवी 7:30pm
@cryingmazercize 11 months ago
What is with these comments in this comment-
@hgui930 8 months ago
Jimmy casually showing that with money you can avoid almost anything
@user-ft7ks2do5w 6 months ago
Imagine all the permits Jimmy would have needed to make all this happen.)))
@Ihavepower2812 2 months ago
@nsc217 2 months ago
Imagine someone stayed and waited in the car to keep a lookout for Jimmy
@jarbas455 4 months ago
Mr Beast sempre tenta ajudar os participantes dos desafios! Que homem incrível !!!!
@Davi-67 4 months ago
@user-sd7dj8qi8r 3 months ago
@nosexdAYUA 2 months ago
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 months ago
Jesus loves you repent and believe in the gospel!
@darkmekaro 2 months ago
I'm late to the greatness of Jimmy but I'm enjoying getting to binge all of his videos lol😂
@TitleMatchWrestling 11 months ago
Easily the most creative use of product placement in the last few decades. Bravo Beast, another instant classic
@ultravegito24 11 months ago
That's why Twitter thought MrBeast died 🤯
@AlexL8R653 11 months ago
@@ultravegito24 wow
@Editz.capcup 11 months ago
@carrotman1 11 months ago
@Muscleman8562 11 months ago
I just smoked a Carolina Reaper in a vid 💪🏻🔥
@danyamoody2466 6 months ago
This guy is insane and he puts so much effort for his videos
@leenachai 5 months ago
Are u Arabic?
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 months ago
Jesus loves you repent and believe in the gospel!
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 months ago
Jesus loves you repent and believe in the gospel!@@leenachai
@Esmeralda-jm4ie 4 months ago
The effort put into these videos is amazing.
love the dedication you put in creating these great content. KEEP IT UP!!!
CHICKEN loves GROWTH HORMONES...help grow chicken pls 😭
The fact that all of this probably isnt even a dent on his balance makes this incredible
@austin5019 Month ago
Jimmy's videos are always entertaining and never disappoint!!!
@dude.dans_ 11 months ago
How do you just find an assassin? They don't seem to have any on Craigslist
@gigachad03361 11 months ago
Sup dude
@Titoe435 11 months ago
@thebestnoobyt1270 11 months ago
Who else supports mrbeast? 👇
@zadedrop_ 11 months ago
@ixhobi 11 months ago
@ItsMe-ve6qk 6 months ago
How does Jimmy have THIS MUCH money! His channel is INSANE!
@phantommdm8853 5 months ago
He invests, post video's, get sposors, spend money to make crazier videos and the circle is going...
@meder5955 5 months ago
А ты знала что мистер бист просто из банка ворует деньги у него другой язык!
@dreamraj6953 5 months ago
because he is a very intelligent😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@IsumusS 6 months ago
Спасибо оператору Сане, что был везде и всегда
@Mustafa-nz9gl 5 months ago
نفققبيغكغ حهعهتمنوةتا نتةىلاالالاى ىعك خهها
@7SleepyJoe Month ago
One side of jimmy, we have an amazing philanthropist, but on the other side of him he gets hunted by an assassin 😂
@londonc. 4 months ago
im just imagining people passing that for assassin car on the road thinking: "Who do you think that car is for?" while pointing at the sign
Jimmy, you're the best! The best of all the best
@UnrealEntGaming 11 months ago
The level of commitment that this man puts into trying to entertain his audience is insanely inspirational. MrBeast and his team are going to continue to break records the more they keep this up. And they all deserve all the props in the world for it, too.
@rakelrakel2462 11 months ago
@bigbosses4686 11 months ago
Yeah, too bad twitter can’t see past themselves and constantly berate this man with petty comments
@IHATEyankess 11 months ago
Hell yea
@user-mt7iy3rt5g 11 months ago
هل مشجع للقرآن الكريم شخص واحد يوجد 😭.
@RealXylon 11 months ago
When will he buy the moon?
@dianachambers7244 6 months ago
"you can Uber to the next location or buy a new, it's up to you" makes me want new friends 😂
@whywrestling771 5 months ago
Jimmy never disappoints
Jimmy’s face when the assassin was trying to break the door of the bank vault 😭😂
@PrismaPog_17 6 days ago
Jimmy is the kinda man to buy an entire carnival to distract a man
@GamerJack 11 months ago
Twitter thought it was Real 💀
@joker8101 11 months ago
.Hahahahaha Twitter never stops lying 😂💔
@kannan07 11 months ago
Nothing shocking
@fem7572 11 months ago
@emperorliz 11 months ago
@CH-AWAIS 11 months ago
@amigoamor7476 3 months ago
Страшно подумать даже сколько денег было потрачено на все это😳
@mariamendez-grabie 3 months ago
Siii hablas español?
@silver_2281 3 months ago
​@@mariamendez-grabieno, this commentary reed Russian language
@user-cy1ep4bm3t 2 months ago
@user-cy1ep4bm3t 2 months ago
@benik1198 Month ago
Ну это же Mr Beast его канал почти на всех языках и он один из самых популярных ютуберов. На монитизации он много зарабатывает , он в Америке живёт
@DivinityTV730 3 months ago
Y’all should make a movie! Everybody would go see it
the explosions on your videos are always AWESOME💥💥💯%
@MrJitsuJu Month ago
@kingjcsansgamer904 6 months ago
props to the cameraman for having infinite stamina
@poyraz9398 2 months ago
Emeklerin ve çabaların karşılığını fazlasıyla hak ediyorsun sana sevgiden hariç saygı gösterilmesi şart bence Türkiye’den selamlar
@toma8742 12 days ago
ياااا اني احبب الاتراكك ♥️😭
Adam beee
Que bien que ames los trucos 😂​@@toma8742
@TrickstersTrickshots 11 months ago
An absolute masterpiece
@lnpragathiesh3600 11 months ago
Well yeah it is
@B747Aviation. 11 months ago
@Ridz2 11 months ago
@Idkwhattoaddhere333 11 months ago
@ahududusu 11 months ago
@intasarbatool5522 5 months ago
At 6:49 a (rubber) knife in his hand, looking around for Jimmy, the way that assassin says "Jimmy~" it gave me the chills 😶 He really was in his role..
@Simply_Aub 5 months ago
@Breikpol 3 months ago
5:39 Que humilde Jimmy haciendo un comercial mientras lo tratan de apuñalar con un cuchillo de goma
@user-dm5qk1xj8y 13 days ago
انت تستحق المكافاه علي عملك الجاد وجهودك المتعبه عملن موفقن تحياتي من اليمن
@user-kz3wq1gq7k 3 months ago
The effort this guy goes to make content is actually insane)))
@Ihavepower2812 2 months ago
@@Ihavepower2812 Hey chain
@richy6719 Month ago
You guys are taking over the entire universe 😊
@SMCreationsofficial 11 months ago
For MrBeast : This Man is Literally Born To Making For The History 🔥
@blobbified688 11 months ago
@bigdave8834 11 months ago
@bronxdoesstuff1876 11 months ago
Did you hear what happened to Candice?
@jorgem.9690 11 months ago
I’m way better than MrBeast
@jaisbjslsba 11 months ago
I agree with you
@smart_gamingyt5676 5 months ago
Legend says the assassin is still in the vault with Nolan
@elchifles6543 7 months ago
solo me gustaria poder jugar sus juegos, dios es que se ve tan divertido y solo el tiene el poder y las ideas para llevarlo a cabo, que grande
Porque tiene dinero
@timc1225 7 months ago
@Batriel24 7 months ago
@Jesus_is_king1234 2 months ago
Jesus loves you repent and believe in the gospel!
This guy is crazy 🔥
@MellowWolf5526 5 months ago
Jimmy wakes up and decides I’m gonna run from an assassin today
@Preet000-ul5fw 5 days ago
Love you bro ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@FutureFrostOps 11 months ago
A MrBeast Mission!👀
@Peter_Henderson 11 months ago
MrBeast 6000 oh, woah oh(!)
@thebestnoobyt1270 11 months ago
Who else support mrbeast? 👇
@misothesoup 11 months ago
@VAXRO3262 11 months ago
I'm better than MrBeast, my content is better!
@mommyslayer87 11 months ago
NPC comment
Jimmy would make an excellent Bond villain.
One thing about him is he is wealthy and the ideas keep flowing. This is boss level. Lifestyle at its best. ❤❤❤❤
@sos349 Month ago
The fact that in the AI generated topics there is "Insane amount of effort"
@MiaMisa. 4 months ago
The thoughtprocess that`s going into these projects is mindblowing!!!
imagine your just driving and you see a tank run over a car
@UnrealEntGaming 11 months ago
MrBeast VS Twitter IRL 😂
@whateveryt0 11 months ago
Im a huge fan
@neerjatomar4737 11 months ago
@cipawho 11 months ago
@InnocentOg1 11 months ago
@mobilkahfichannel 11 months ago
wow amazing
@skag4766 7 months ago
The fact jimmy has those types of connections is a bit concerning
Eres el mejor mr beast ayudas a todo el mundo y eres muy humilde
@dredagolu7596 4 months ago
Dfk 8th birthday was the first t🤑😇ime
@borbzaby 8 days ago
When are more of these types of videos coming out?
@elIs-yl3mr 7 months ago
毎回企画がぶっ飛んでて面白い 手が込んでるし企画も面白いし普通の人じゃ出来ないような凄いことをやってるから好き 非現実的なことを現実でやってる。 Mr.beast大好き。一生見てられるわ
@pablitotp4233 6 months ago
@somnathmisal1690 6 months ago
@FloppaVenezolano 6 months ago
@@somnathmisal1690 c
@Fukuoka_Poteti 6 months ago
@BSRaga 6 months ago
@user-jl3lu8oh7d 15 days ago
You did mission impossible man
@UnrealEntGaming 11 months ago
The amount of effort that Mr. Beast puts into trying to outdo himself time and time again is motivating. Keep doing what you do, man.
@thebestnoobyt1270 11 months ago
Who else supports mrbeast? 👇
@cookiecat6 11 months ago
@WTC_OfficalYT 11 months ago
@xaosuntzu3264 11 months ago
No just no
@DapXEDITZ 11 months ago
Can I get shoutout
@austinbusumbru123 4 months ago
Oh my God, Jimmy had a steak while this assassin was hunting him down bro 😂🥩🥩
@FlightCraft1117 4 months ago
The time and effort he takes is absolutely amazinh
And friends
@FlightCraft1117 4 months ago
@adavillatoro9723 4 months ago
As most challenges
@demonhunter962 Month ago
bank:we will help poor people. jimmy:burn it down.
@LankanCookingBoy 6 months ago
Jimmy never disappoints.
@familleduciel8440 6 months ago
@JullanarSal 5 months ago
@user-vy3xb7ji3y 5 months ago
@chipsboy7360 2 months ago
10:23 what are the people living near the bank thinking😂
@OceanzyOfficial 11 months ago
Oh my god, the commitment of this man to content is insane!!
@WTC_OfficalYT 11 months ago
Mr beast supporter 👇👇👇
FIRST btw mr beast supporter 👇👇👇
@thebestnoobyt1270 11 months ago
Who else support mrbeast? 👇
@RyanSoltani 11 months ago
Insane commitment
@adoonti-Alle-12 11 months ago
@user-wd4qd9qe5k 8 months ago
the effort he puts into these videos are just MWA
@reggied6254 5 months ago
That assassin lowkey had the time of his life 🎉🎉🎉😂😂
@MeliodasYT560 Month ago
He has the voice of Loki in Latin Spanish movies
@ManLovePet 8 months ago
대단하고 영광스럽다 다들 재밌게 즐기는 모습에 흠뻑 취하는구나 참가 하고싶어진다 부럽습니다 응원합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!
@MALIKi-tq3uv 8 months ago
@user-ti3qp7zh7h 7 months ago
@Is-it-TghTate 7 months ago
Man that Assassin is intense
@REXUFO 11 months ago
Mr beast esta a otro nivel 😮
@arturofernando4844 11 months ago
Refuxo que haces aqui
@alansayavedra3259 11 months ago
@paperbonnie1 11 months ago
Rexufo te conozco q ases aqui xd
@paperbonnie1 11 months ago
Viva mr beast y rexufo
@the_mexican 11 months ago
I don't understand XdXdXd Soy mexicano
@xDavi_ganer 3 months ago
This content of his is one of the craziest and most complete, he should make a film!
@goopy_guy118 8 months ago
Imagine what all the people on the road thought when they just saw a bank next to them blow up😂😂😂
@clema92 Month ago
Я не удивлена. Джимми всегда платит деньги за то, чтобы ему навредили
@VortexSolider 5 months ago
Imagine jimmy running from the cops 😂
@Elk-guy Month ago
8:40 was probably the best duplicate Mr beast ever
@YoutubeEdit777 11 months ago
This Legendary McQueen bag is never dies!🔥🔥
@VAXRO3262 11 months ago
I'm better than MrBeast, my content is better!
@Cool34731 11 months ago
Og McQueen bag
@RaniJoffical 11 months ago
yes sir
@dbhxjxichg09.m 11 months ago
هل مشجع للقرآن الكريم شخص واحد يوجد 😭
@annelouth8967 11 months ago
Where he get the bag
@consecutives 8 months ago
bro jimmy literally can just di whatever he wants. there are no boundaries 😭
@Lock_VR 7 months ago
Imagine driving and you see a literal tank on the side of the road 😂😂
@user-gf1ji5cc6n 2 months ago
Мистер Зверь, это очень плохая идея заказывать для себя подобные услуги, даже в шутку)
Parabéns MR BEAST pelo seu trabalho eu sempre esto vendo seus videos sou do Brasil
@accontneeded Month ago
simplismente o melhor youtuber do mundo!
@Uthael_Kileanea 11 months ago
That assassin tried so hard to keep his poker face, but produced that hint of a smile very often. This must've been VERY fun for him.
@user-yb9ul9di9g 11 months ago
@derekjanisch584 11 months ago
@kuokunng3407 11 months ago
Among us
@buckcake5050 11 months ago
yeah it's a real assassin! sure. hahahaa
@ammagon4519 11 months ago
Who wouldn't smile with that Mr. Beast money lol
@AlyssaClark-ke7gn 4 months ago
These videos are absolutely insane😂😂
@ravengaming_1075 7 months ago
Bro committed every law he could think of.
@richy6719 Month ago
You all should go to Wisconsin Dells. It is an amazing waterpark city with hotels and resteraunts. It is awesome...and in Wisconsin
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