I Ran a Mile Underwater...

Jake Carlini
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Aug 15, 2021




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Comments 242
Drew Cochran
Drew Cochran Year ago
Just a random YOUTUBER
@Lil' Moldy he did
Redballplayz 3 months ago
XXX _ crystal _ XXX Shine louder
So true so so SO true
Zooning Color
Zooning Color 6 months ago
Antider 7 months ago
today opposite day
Beau Rondeau
Beau Rondeau 6 months ago
Seems like a good way to train your lungs to strengthen them to bring in more air when underwater
This is brilliant! I'm definitely going to try it on a unicycle!
DoItOnAUnicycle 7 months ago
@Jake Carlini Just waiting for the lakes to unfreeze..
dan pyjama
dan pyjama 7 months ago
Never heard from again…
Dane Spicer
Dane Spicer 7 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Omg I would love to see that! Please do
Aryaveer Sharma
Aryaveer Sharma 7 months ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate that he just risked his life to entertain us and I’m not just saying that now even before
SantiTheGod Month ago
Salad cat
Salad cat Month ago
@David Farrell that’s not a bot
David Farrell
David Farrell Month ago
Ray jon
Ray jon 4 months ago
Somebody hire this man he's good
The Mad People
The Mad People 10 months ago
i just want to say you are one of the best youtubers ive ever seen risking youre life just for us thats CRAZY im subscibeing for sure.
Nonito Labayo
Nonito Labayo 6 months ago
@Lydia Lee ran amayl in A layk wint Kur Kur dayl
Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee 6 months ago
@Keno Roblox ★ but it is stupid to just risk your live for money
Keno Roblox ★
Keno Roblox ★ 6 months ago
@Lydia Lee no these "clicks" make him money
Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee 6 months ago
Isn't it also stupid to risk his live for clicks😂
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Yoooo thank you!
AdamBrownAdventures 6 months ago
Mann you should have hit me up, I could have helped you out with this challenge! 🤣
Doge 6 months ago
He never gives up. He is a legend. Get this guy 1M subs!
Doge 6 months ago
@Steve Says the one named Steve he is trash like you you can’t ever spell right im not A Jellybean stan
CORPS 6 months ago
I love you, brother, but they make an oxygen tank for diving like this and its heavy. Hope your lungs recovered! Love your content!
divided 6 months ago
Can we agree that he makes some of the best videos
tube Year ago
bro you are so underrated your better than most channels i watch and not recognized enough for your work i really hope you go big bro keep up the good work 👍
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yo thank you so much! That means a lot
Hashir Ahamed
Hashir Ahamed 6 months ago
This guy has some massive calve muscles
Merla Mae Llavore
Merla Mae Llavore 6 months ago
I'm subscribing you bro. You uploaded great contents keep it up!
MrDoge :T
MrDoge :T 6 months ago
this man never gives up. he deserves all respect
MrDoge :T
MrDoge :T 6 months ago
@Bouldering Highlights not other times 😅
Bouldering Highlights
he gave up in the end lmao
Matthew 6 months ago
i wait for all of these awesome vids it is still worth it
Drew Cochran
Drew Cochran Year ago
The hero we need, but not the one we deserve
Krishnil Gomez
Krishnil Gomez Month ago
I love your videos you are the best 👍👍👍
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Y’all deserve it!
DS0T 6 months ago
if this guy couldn't do it... then MrBeast is a LEGEND!
narek eskandarian
narek eskandarian 6 months ago
Is that 🦵 or a rock??? I'm really confused
Financial Wolf
I can’t wait to watch this
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez 6 months ago
He work so hard on everything get him to 10m subs!
Kyle B
Kyle B 10 months ago
Absolutely insane
Suchitra Tuladhar
Suchitra Tuladhar 6 months ago
Bro how are u sooo creative 🤣🤣🤣
Craig Dean
Craig Dean Year ago
Absolutely insane
♡ Kiwii ♡
♡ Kiwii ♡ 7 months ago
This is so underrated how, this video is amazing
Hippo PvP
Hippo PvP 11 months ago
This is how to do it: put a water bottle above you and run a mile😝
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 11 months ago
It did cross my mind lol. Definitely cheating tho 😂
NBoss 7 months ago
“Don’t try this at home’’, yes yes I’ll not try this at my ocean in my house
Reaver 6 months ago
Jake You Are so Underrated!!
MrCreeper 6 months ago
You're going to be a Good RU-vidr🔥🔥🤗
Nexo 7 months ago
This looks so fun
Kingbenii 6 months ago
Kudos to the cameraman underwater
Vijay Nandakumar
Vijay Nandakumar 7 months ago
You deserve more subs
Drew Cochran
Drew Cochran Year ago
His calves only get stronger and more toned with every video
Drew Cochran
Drew Cochran Year ago
@Jake Carlini 🤣🤣🤣
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Full grown bulls
YoungFurGamin :D
YoungFurGamin :D 2 months ago
*this isnt what I meant by swimming. But atleast you got the spirit*
DarkDragonYt 6 months ago
I remember you had 50k subs like a month ago or something but now u have 100k+ subs congrats!
Mochi kitty Anya
Mochi kitty Anya 6 months ago
You won't believe what happened I run a 2 mile I know it's not that 'long'....
AAAAAAAA 6 months ago
jake carlini is like mr beast but smart and not as rich i like this channel more then mr beast ngl
kevinswats gaming
kevinswats gaming 6 months ago
Lolmonke Is cool
Lolmonke Is cool 4 months ago
I’m speechless
Hezva Year ago
i’m subbing bc this is great
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Donald Poon
Donald Poon 2 months ago
Bro thas so creative, making a bigger snorkel than the normals.
SquigglyDoesStuff YT
Ege ÖZKAN 6 months ago
i wonder What would life be like this
altbyte Year ago
0:15 you don't skip leg day do you
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
🤣 never
MrDanChandler Year ago
Gotta get these challenges done before that Chicago winter hits
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
I’m in NY so my time is limited lol. Then I gotta prepare for some winter videos
he didnt even end up running a mile in the lake
Cdhshshh 6 months ago
You could have just added pbc to the regular snorkel
Bobdel dingle
Bobdel dingle 6 months ago
I did a mile in 6min in fourth grade I beat the school record Maby because I’m built for it
enthusiasm enthusiast
This channel is more underrated then cracker milk
JustJulyo Year ago
This was really just an excuse to showcase those gnarly cut calves
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Lol you got me! It’s all about the calves
Promise Langston
Promise Langston 7 months ago
Mrbeast has other special equipment to help him you should have bought that just because he's a billionaire doesn't mean he uses a lot of money on purpose
Neil Schneider
Impressive, but can you do 1000 Pogo Stick pogos(?) underwater 🤔🤔
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Dan Trenchard Harry
Dan Trenchard Harry 6 months ago
how on earth was that possible
AriV 6 months ago
With a a scuba tank next time hahah
Zac Goodman
Zac Goodman Year ago
The Mark Rober of small RU-vidrs
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yoooo thank you
Kauli 2 months ago
i see. so you didnt run a mile underwater?
Jennifer Kosich
Jennifer Kosich 3 months ago
I ran a mile in seven minutes and 26 seconds and I’m only eight years old
Munal Abid
Munal Abid 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, the easiest way to defeat your issue is to rent scuba gear. Not the fins , but the tank and the mask. That way you can run in the lake without the worries of running out of oxygen and if the lake is never too deep you wouldn’t face any issues with narcosis either(highly unlikely)
Marcus Nauman
Marcus Nauman 6 months ago
I would have gotten a scuba tank
GG 6 months ago
you are a beast
LawenRahand 6 months ago
Bro you are AMAZING
That so cool it take a lot of confidence
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Or a lot of stupidity 😂
Brianna Maillet
Brianna Maillet 6 months ago
I’m going to try right now
Amazing video man! Loved how you made your own snorkel to, also not to be *that* guy.... but do you mind giving me a shoutout some time? Would mean a lot, thanks.
@Jake Carlini Always happy to help!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Hey thanks! I appreciate it!
XXX _ crystal _ XXX Shine louder
Omg! I didn’t check your sub 4 only a week and u gained so many sub. Well I can’t fight agents it, you are one of the BEST you-tubers I’ve ever SEEN
Hi 6 months ago
I ran a mile faster in gym
Ege ÖZKAN 6 months ago
He just says if i fail i am dead .if i was doing this stuff i would already be dead because i am scared
Colsen Ward
Colsen Ward 2 months ago
Bro went swimming with the opposite of a life jacket
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 2 months ago
Awesome Cat Gaming
Awesome Cat Gaming 7 months ago
Richard King
Richard King 6 months ago
I ran a mile in 7 minutes and I'm a kid
Divy Mittal
Divy Mittal Year ago
Once Again Super Underrated
Fly Dad channel
Fly Dad channel Month ago
Trust me bro 😎 u gon grow 📈
Z02_Setonend Month ago
Have you heard of Jlaser
Jorick Brandsma
Jorick Brandsma 2 months ago
yeah it’s sad
LITUP Brothers
LITUP Brothers 4 months ago
Sebas V W
Sebas V W 6 months ago
He got 50 k subs in a couple of days
Stormy 6 months ago
Aight imma wait until you reach 1M subs bro
El compa Jesus
El compa Jesus 6 months ago
How sad is that me and my sister did it under 6 minutes
MoistRamen 2 months ago
I ran a mile in 9:54 and I’m 10
CircuitWolf Year ago
This channel is soooo underrated
P A I N T Year ago
@Jake Carlini it really is underrated I found you i found you from the crown royale video
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Thank you I try my best
Underrated. Just subbed.
Official_Entity 4 months ago
Just buy scuba diving gear!
15codeh Year ago
Your so underrated
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Thanks dude! 🙏🏽❤️
Triueevudu Srinivasarao
You can run a cycle in water
video game pool farmer
I like your content
Kristina Jones
Kristina Jones Month ago
You know I can thouch the 8feet of the pool and I'm ten years old 🙂
Ahmed Alhammadi
Ahmed Alhammadi 6 months ago
World record man
DYNAMITE Junior 6 months ago
Cool nearly watching someone die for entertainment.
Brayden 6 months ago
My mile time is 7 minutes and I'm just a kid
W2trappy123 6 months ago
Bro I love your videos
Deranged Oven
Deranged Oven 6 months ago
I’m not going to lie I thought you were fat but those calf’s tell me either wise
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
😂😂😂😂 I’m I’m still kinda fat
Mr. Connection404
Mr. Connection404 6 months ago
Bro is it me or choking on water happens a lot in swimming pools. Same with getting water in ur nose, plus how dose getting water in ur nose hurt?????????????
shorts Year ago
i can guarantee u that ur gonna blow up in like 7 months
Finn 2 months ago
7 months later...😂
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Krstev 29
Krstev 29 Year ago
I am here before this channel absolutely blows up
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Can’t stop won’t stop!
Krstev 29
Krstev 29 Year ago
@Jake Carlini You have 6.4k subs and you are doing unreal things
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
💪🏽❤️ let do this!
Speedl3ss 6 months ago
Your calves are insane
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Aydan Noah Saisi
Aydan Noah Saisi 6 months ago
u can use a snorkal mask not the one u use i mean like that goggles
Lil' Moldy
Lil' Moldy Year ago
OH MY GOD ahahhsjsnner i would just die💀🥴
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
I could have lol
Cyvhin Bagang
Cyvhin Bagang 4 months ago
You will underwater before they i'm so scared i dare 😱‼️😖🦈🐟
Totally Thomas the train
How did you do that
Linnea_Ann01 Year ago
I am not either but I can dance 3 miles and still get home safely so... yes we are full of hot air hehehe so... Mr. Beast DOES influence you a lot I thought so oh goodness gracious at least you did something similar Back to the white board ooooooo so cool yep definitely need to team up with Mark Rober oh goodness gracious STOP PUTTING YOUR LIFE IN DANGER!!!!!! Goodness gracious you make me so nervous and I dont even know you
Linnea_Ann01 Year ago
@Jake Carlini I have a feeling you will one day
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
i wish i could team up with mark rober lol
Anthony Guerrero
Anthony Guerrero 6 months ago
I just realized you have a my hero academia shirt. So do you actually like My Hero Academia
Janie Rivera
Janie Rivera Month ago
I watched ALL OF YOUR videos I watched when you made a sowd out of socks 🧦 and I watched that you made a tree house out of wall paper I don’t now and I watched that you made a secret room made out of garbage 🗑 and I subed and liked it
agro_ ghost
agro_ ghost Year ago
You have been blessed you will reach 10k subs by the end of the month
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
DG MAKIKI 10 months ago
@Jake Carlini 3 months later.....
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Jack Fishman
Jack Fishman 6 months ago
Just get artificial gills
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Oh right that’s a good idea
Sharlene Skeete
Sharlene Skeete 5 months ago
Make a mask with it
El compa Jesus
El compa Jesus 6 months ago
But good job 👍
I Built a Carrot Cannon.
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