I Searched 100 Dumpsters, Here's What I Found

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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 52 498
MrBeast 2 years ago
subscribe or I kick you
Jkree 4 months ago
Yes sir
Jaylinne Dickens
Jaylinne Dickens 5 months ago
FireEyeZOfficial Plays
plz no
captain1963r 10 months ago
thestupiddinoshow 11 months ago
MealzOnWealz 2 years ago
As soon as that appraiser guy said that rotten, moldy, ant ridden tomatoes, were worth 10 dollars I was convinced he was a true professional.
Beep beep!
Beep beep! 2 years ago
Yeah... he true proffesh
GNk Jaan
GNk Jaan 2 years ago
Miles Colborn sixe
Troll 3 months ago
chandlers appraising was more accurate than the ''professional''
TheForce2010 Month ago
Jimmy: “There’s an ant in it” Professional: “That actually increases the value”
kappu kaushik
kappu kaushik 4 months ago
can we all just appreciate how wholesome chris is
Romans 3:23
Romans 3:23 Month ago
Jareproki CZ
Jareproki CZ Month ago
@Jason Lazuli It was a mistake man
Jason Lazuli
Jason Lazuli 2 months ago
JGaming 22
JGaming 22 3 months ago
legend says that chris still has the sword to this day
undead6666 2 months ago
Dun dun dunnnn
Luke Day
Luke Day 3 months ago
He better
Dont Read My Logo
Dont Read My Logo 2 years ago
Chris: I found a dollar guy: i would give you 10 for that
Tonic 4 months ago
@OBE! Okay
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hotdogman 8 months ago
@Plushie Boy r/woooosh
Demonooze 10 months ago
@OBE! true cuz if they did they would get way more money probably
AZ's Highlights
AZ's Highlights 2 months ago
At 7:04 its sooo funny how Chandler just is making faces, it really shows his great personality! 🤣
SliceIceNDice 14 days ago
Chandler is lazy and a quitter.
BLOCK CANT PLAY 18 days ago
you're a great teacher, love the simplicity, with details! subbed!
Frank Richardson
I have a really hard time believing that they actually found a guitar in that good of condition just laying around in a dumpster.
Free Minded Ent
Free Minded Ent 3 months ago
His friends are still there living good and being happy because they were more loyal to him than most people will ever know.
John Biever
John Biever 2 years ago
Only Chris would be lucky enough as to find an actual sword in a dumpster.
King 8 months ago
@GloomIsn'tHere Lmao If I didn't have a argument I would probably say I summon you
GloomIsn'tHere 8 months ago
@King bro i commented that 2 years ago you brought me back in mfin time
King 8 months ago
@GloomIsn'tHere nah It might be throwing away murder evidence
Glxwing_Strs 8 months ago
Elijah m
Elijah m 8 months ago
can i have it plz lol
kampanita1215 3 months ago
Keep making this amazing content!
Santiago Anrrango
Que humilde mr Beast revisando contenedores de basura
I need to go to this man’s pawn shop lol! 😆
Your dad
Your dad 2 months ago
A salad found in a bin is more than a couch💀
Racool 2 years ago
Finds a quarter Professional: That’s about ten dollars if you wash it
Bunnybunny Bunbun
Bunnybunny Bunbun 23 days ago
Haha 😹🎖👌💪
shan nafiu
shan nafiu Month ago
sus if its 10 dollars lol
The Shadow King
The Shadow King 5 months ago
their are different versions
therealstefann13 7 months ago
@Mohammad Zafar shut up
Phoenix Of Air
Phoenix Of Air 7 months ago
Adam A Pokémon Fan
Keep doing amazing things MrBeast!
Happyxbunny Month ago
I can’t believe how many good things you can find in a dumpster
Ryan Massey
Ryan Massey 2 months ago
can we all admire that chris is losing and then winning in the end
NephilimTheGiant 3 months ago
Is it just me or did jimmy seem genuinely upset that the appraiser left early?
Hybrid Trap
Hybrid Trap 4 months ago
$35 for an umbrella? 🤣
Calvin McMillen
Calvin McMillen Month ago
@Liyah Messiah plz no judge :(
DangerousDrc Month ago
@Liyah Messiah ayo what?
Ashvath R De
Ashvath R De 2 months ago
@Trogdor the burninator xd alr
Trogdor the burninator
@Ashvath R De no worries just tellin ya
Ashvath R De
Ashvath R De 2 months ago
@Trogdor the burninator oh ;-;
If this guy was my local appraiser my house would be empty
christokee 16 hours ago
Dang, I want to sell my stuff at his pawn shop.
Richard Hicks
Richard Hicks 2 months ago
His friends are still there living good and being happy because they were more loyal to him than most people will ever know.
TravG gaming
TravG gaming 18 days ago
It rlly doesn’t matter if they loose bc they work with jimmy so everyday is an opportunity
DefenciveSide 9 months ago
If this guy was my local appraiser I’d be a millionaire
If this guy was my local appraiser my house would be empty
Shaks Rashid
Shaks Rashid Month ago
I know right
shan nafiu
shan nafiu Month ago
CasenPlayzGames 2 months ago
Jetzel Coll
Jetzel Coll 2 months ago
JakedoesYT Month ago
Pro: “I’ll do 25 for the sword” Also pro: “30 bucks for the umbrella”
UltraGodlyGamers 3 months ago
I laughed so hard when Chris did The Japanese thing with the sword
SuzieQ 2 months ago
Chris: “ aww man I’m short by 8$” 5min later: finds a freakin sword!
Adam A Pokémon Fan
I'd legit love to get that thick tv that thing is a classic now a days haha
Natan Temesgen
*Finds some air* Professional: 'Unused, I'd say that's a solid $45'
NEAR 2 months ago
Unused air 45$ that’s a steal
AJ 2 months ago
He just got crazier and crazier
Shumatsu Plaran
Shumatsu Plaran 3 months ago
He works for Nestle.
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prachi rathi
prachi rathi 5 months ago
Honestly it's worth more😂
Asapps Month ago
I wonder if they ever actually found out what that sword was worth! Viewers, What would your professional appraisal be? Mine is $140
SH EDITZ 3 months ago
Chris: got a sword that can be sell for hundreds . Professional:$10
snowie skittle 🐾
*finds dust on the floor* Appraiser: "hmm that's a pretty legendary finding i'd say worth about 5 billion dollars"
CoolNerd lll
CoolNerd lll 2 months ago
Weddle: Finds random everyday stuff. Chris: I FOUND A SWORD!
Addison Nothing
This brings a whole new meaning to "One man's trash is another man's treasure"
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Rainbow a playz roblox
Minty 8 months ago
That is from robbery bob
🦋piper🦋 8 months ago
@Shadow Kamui shut up you need to get a life
🦋piper🦋 8 months ago
It’s true
Laura Leahy
Laura Leahy 2 months ago
If this guy was my local appraiser I’d be a millionaire
Devan Thomas
Devan Thomas 2 months ago
ive stayed up for nearly 24 hours straight just watching mr beast and I regret nothing
Santeri Salmela
Santeri Salmela 3 months ago
love your vids keep up the good work
TaylanTKP Month ago
Imagine seeing Mr.beast digging through a dumpster
orang Year ago
the "professional" appraiser: table lamp: $3 pen: $5
SmellyShorts 4 months ago
The lamp was broken
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Squidzo 5 months ago
Ah yes, cherry tomatoes with ants is $10.
Korbin Young
Korbin Young 5 months ago
It matters what type of pen it is what if it's a NFL players pen
Krock and fam
Krock and fam 5 months ago
Shadowbee Month ago
Being Mr Beast's friend is the highest paying job XD
Chillin with Declan!
Jimmy : it is a chair. Chris : and it works.
Sumit rana
Sumit rana 2 months ago
And now we all founded his real source of income.
Bee Trisel
Bee Trisel 2 months ago
You found a lot of cool stuff 😎
Spoons Are Evil
Spoons Are Evil 2 years ago
okay is no one going to talk about how Chris just casually found a freaking sword??
Eiveelean Month ago
Como encontro una puta espada eso no lo se
ZardiDev 2 months ago
Anime in real lige
Sis & Sis
Sis & Sis 2 months ago
@Nursesc0rpse Exactly
ReDeath Gaming
ReDeath Gaming 5 months ago
@ડꫀꪀikꪖ ꫝꫀꪖrtડ akame ga kill
Lollipop Girl
Lollipop Girl 2 months ago
chris: finds literal sword worth: 25$ weddle: finds cardboard box worth: 100$
Izik uhlman
Izik uhlman 2 months ago
Now I wanna go dumpster diving.
VIDVoyage 3 months ago
Chris: Finds a sword: Price guy: $10 Weedle: Finds box Price guy: $30
Spork Month ago
weedle 💀💀
824 %
824 % 11 days ago
12:30 a homemade sign which only works on one specific day at a specific time was more expensive then a planter
Deff 2 years ago
Weddle: *finds calculator Professional: "I'll give you 20 Bucks." Weddle: *stonks*
Sandi Chandee
Sandi Chandee Year ago
Th3Gu7 2 years ago
Deff -_-
Pu Chanka
Pu Chanka 2 years ago
Deff erm btw good calculators are worth $24
Ben Kuturoff
Ben Kuturoff 2 years ago
U can buy those new at Walmart for $12. It’s a TI 30X IIS and I own the same exact one
TheCoolSwagGaming 2 years ago
it was a ti30 I bought a ti30XS for 18
gigachad Month ago
This is the real definition of a dumpster diver
Sora 3 months ago
You know the “professional” isnt a professional when chandler does a better job
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Patis GT
Patis GT 3 months ago
Chris : "I saw this bike earlier , and i've been waiting" The bike owner : "Where's my bike?"
Godlydestroyer4 2 months ago
Man some of these items must have gas or gold in them with the amount it’s appraised for
woho 2 years ago
Chris: I found 50 cents Professional: I’ll give you 24 dollars for that.
Chels_innit Year ago
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit Year ago
"I found a piece of plastic" "Its worth nothing" "But it spins" "50 bucks"
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit Year ago
Weddle: guys I found lettuce in the dumpster Profesional: 8 bucks
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox Year ago
There was no rules that said you couldn’t bring the whole dumbster as an item
Mafubo 2 months ago
A sword being 25 bucks? What? This guy ain’t know how valuable swords really are
Alguien mas Bruh
Alguien mas Bruh 21 day ago
Imagine Going out to buy Some Doritos And seeing Mr Beast in your Dumpster.
MrCatMeme Month ago
MrBeast makes my day
Rage_Blader Month ago
" So I'm taking over as appraiser " appraiser right next to them shakes his head
Brady Newman
Brady Newman 2 years ago
*Finds a dollar* Professional: “yep, that’s about 20$”
omarV511 2 months ago
@Henry G i buy a calculater for 1.25$
SkY sTuFf
SkY sTuFf 3 months ago
Ikr? $25 for an UMBRELLA?! I could get that for $5!
jemir 3 months ago
he really said " an umbrella for 35 bucks" i can buy a non used umbrella at a store for less then 10 dollars
lejla dervisevic
lejla dervisevic 3 months ago
Γιαννης Uchashvili
Where work this man??!!😂😂
Scout Boi
Scout Boi 3 months ago
Dude, that calculator is $10 at Walmart bro😂
Γιαννης Uchashvili
2:26 this is probably the dumpster of Michonne!!😂
jewsh Month ago
Coming from a ex professional dumpster diver location is everything
P Forehand
P Forehand 3 months ago
This is my 4th or 5th time watching this and I still think that “professional” is still TERRIBLE at his job
Telegram me about to claim your gifts 🎁 🎁🎁🎁 💯💯....
Jaden 2 years ago
“finds a leaf” Professional: I say it’s about $20
gigachad Month ago
It has 2 beetles on it "ehhhh about 200,000 dollars
Evie Evie
Evie Evie Month ago
i love mrbeast
K guy
K guy Month ago
@snowie skittle 🐾 if its got 2 its 80
snowie skittle 🐾
it has a worm on it $40
Jentry's crazy hacks for my friends
''I wanna go home''
Divinest Beats
Divinest Beats 3 months ago
There's no way that's a professional appraisal 😂😂. He trolling
Christopher Ibarra
Christopher Ibarra 2 months ago
Amazing work keep it up!^^
Hailey Martin
Hailey Martin 3 months ago
Chris you make me so happy by being so kind
Dream Surfer
Dream Surfer 3 months ago
I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind may clarity replace confusion. may peace and calmness fill your life.
Mon Calimari Mon Calimari
Chris: *Finds literal sword that could potentially be worth hundreds* Appraiser: $25 Weddle: *Finds cardboard box* Appraiser: $30
Jason Kendziera
Jason Kendziera 2 days ago
Weddle: also find umbrella Appraiser: $35
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 12 days ago
and he professional
XHunter21 26 days ago
hi there im a pro Appraiser that sword is worth $147.50
•itzfluffy• Month ago
Fabrienne KW
Fabrienne KW Month ago
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 9 hours ago
Chris is an incredible guy
LoL Month ago
Congratulations for 100M🎉 Love from INDIA ❤️
gamerboiiii 3 months ago
Km having second thoughts of this guy actually being a professional
Daceluta Milekega
The "head scratcher" is actually a massager. 🤣👍
GeneralReticent 2 years ago
"There's an ant in it" "That actually increases the value" I really want to know where this guy's pawn shop is because I have a lot of stuff to sell him.
Ezestical 5 months ago
Skater dog
Skater dog 5 months ago
My guy would give 15$ for a penny
Juliana Morales
Juliana Morales 5 months ago
hman615 5 months ago
@KrishGup1 incorrect, that is a Texas Instruments graphing calculator that costs 80 dollars new
AllyCat001 11 months ago
YNWSlimin 2 months ago
“Here we’ve got a pair of mix match vans”. So casually 😂
Thunderclaw55 2 months ago
Some of this stuff was worth way more than it should have been-
Shad ✓
Shad ✓ 3 months ago
who knew that a few tomatoes can cost the same as a sword
MrAnders3n 3 months ago
Chris is such a good dude
chuqne 2 years ago
Weddle : "Yo i found a dollar” Professional: "Yea that’s about a solid 20 bucks”
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco Year ago
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco Year ago
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco Year ago
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco Year ago
Professional what are doing
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco Year ago
It’s a dollar
Cory Chen
Cory Chen Month ago
What a good guy Chris is
Brandi Christina
Brandi Christina 3 months ago
$10 for dumpster tomatoes??? Oh no Something ain’t right… 🤣
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BrainAnimations 3 months ago
Chris: I'd pay 25 bucks for this duck Weddle: OMG 2 MORE DUCKS!!!!! Chris: *Frick now it's 75* MrBeast: now he got 75 dollars Chris: I"d only pay 10bucks for this one :)
Unstoppable Raptor
"One mans trash is another's treasure"
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan 2 years ago
I’m having second thoughts of this guy actually being a professional
ItzRAEJ 2 months ago
@Christopher Almaguer jk
ItzRAEJ 2 months ago
@Christopher Almaguer why jibberish?
Henry Su
Henry Su 5 months ago
Chris:finds a penny professional: that’s 30 bucks right there
I am tired
I am tired 9 months ago
SAIF 9 months ago
Voodoox a
Im Canadian pls help
i can imagine that mr beast buys a tv for the bubble wrap
Summer Navarro
Summer Navarro Month ago
Chris: *throughs liquid* enjoy your trash 😈 Jimmy: that was mean :( favorite moment 😂😂😂
Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein Month ago
The octagon: twenty five dollars for the sword The real value with repair is about two thousand dollars Octagonator: thirty five dollars for umbrella
Eat With Kims
Eat With Kims 3 months ago
we ❤️you mr.Beast
Old 2 years ago
*Finds Rock* Professional: That will be about 200 dollars if it’s washed
StellaTheFoxGirl 2 years ago
@l_ _l yes we are rocket science
_ Dolsen _
_ Dolsen _ 2 years ago
ShaneAkin Plays does this mean I’m talking to the origin of rocket science?!?!?!?
Raymond Hewitson
Raymond Hewitson 2 years ago
@Emilia Leppälä me too
The Mad Ant
The Mad Ant 2 years ago
@l_ _l ....
Emilia Leppälä
Emilia Leppälä 2 years ago
That means I am a millionaire
Unknown 2 months ago
He is so kind he gave him money 😊
Kurishika🐈‍⬛ 2 months ago
I love how chris give money to wed:))
DrPancake 3 months ago
Chris: *finds a gold bar* Appraiser: $2 Weddle: *finds toilet paper* Appraiser: $500
It’s awesome how they found a sword in the trash lol.
Travis Mullen
Travis Mullen 2 years ago
We all can make millions selling stuff to that “professional” 😂
LordSlug 9 months ago
he clearly started exaggerating it at the end
Itzfrøggy 9 months ago
I thinks everything except the sword and guitar
Hawaiian_Boys 10 months ago
Yeah lol he overprices the item lmao
Rexy Adillah
Rexy Adillah 2 years ago
a professional dumbass
Clayton Everton
Clayton Everton Month ago
Chris:I found a rat Tail Professional:that's around 700 dollars
terrariano Month ago
Que humilde enseñandonos como viven los bagabundos
Ella Tentindo
Ella Tentindo 26 days ago
Respect for whoever did the math
I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive