I Survived 4,500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft... 

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4,600 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: • I Survived 4,600 Days ...
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In this Minecraft video I survive 4400 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.
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Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea!
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Aug 12, 2022




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SB737 Year ago
Hey guys come see me on my Minecraft server! JAVA IP: play.penguin.gg BEDROCK IP: bedrock.penguin.gg Port: 19132
bwfork Year ago
souris_62 Year ago
First but no likes 😢
Gigachad Year ago
oml thank god
Blooh Year ago
Oh man that title got me worried for a second.. thought the series may have been over. Massive congrats on the netherite beacon!
Steve Song
Steve Song Year ago
CoolColab Year ago
Same haha
SpongyCat Year ago
Me tooooooo
Elwin K Jaince
Same was worried
krokal13 Year ago
I thought it was over
Pradyumn pawar
When I saw that he survived 4489 days I was so so scared that he might have died, but after watching the whole video it was a huge sense of relief 😅 Congratulations SB on completing the netherite beacon 🎊 👏
MoMoOfficial Year ago
yes bro
Japp Year ago
ye me too
Ryan dang
Ryan dang Year ago
Same beo
Cheese Nugget
Cheese Nugget Year ago
Reed Year ago
FudgeyGames Year ago
Been watching since the start of this series and it’s amazing to see how far SB has come.
RΛZΞR Year ago
Mee too
FBI goose
FBI goose Year ago
been watching years before he started the series
E Year ago
FudgeyGames Year ago
@FBI goose same
Harley Dishman
Me too
Babadiba Year ago
The amount of effort this guy put into this series is insane. Congrats on the netherite beacon!
Congratulations on finishing your netherite beacon, not a lot of people have done that in HARDCORE mode and you believed in yourself and finished it.
Rayyan Ahmed
Rayyan Ahmed Year ago
For the problem with your pickaxe breaking at the ice farm, there's 2 solutions I can think of off the top of my head. The first one would be to figure out how many rotations you can do of the ice farm before your pickaxe breaks, then counting those rotations with a hopper clock and dropping yourself into a hole once the rotations are reached. The other option is to set up a few dispensers that drop XP bottles scattered about the farm to automatically repair your pickaxe.
RSI Tache
RSI Tache Year ago
My heart was as heavy as SB’s data files when I saw the title, but I watched it and im glad he’s still powering through. Thanks for the episode this Saturday.
Bulvius Year ago
Bro. My heart starter rising so fast
Mister-Q-2 Year ago
I was searching for this comment
Ash Ketchum // Valorant
@Mister-Q-2 same bro
Awesomearod1 the map explorer
@Mister-Q-2 YES FAx
SingleEcho Year ago
Hey SB watching your hardcore world develop has been a major delight to my life and I hope it will continue to into the future.
Captain Jack Sparrow
You must never stop sb737 I am so proud of you for all of your hard work and thousands of hours spent in getting to this point, to do what you have just achieved is no small project and takes a master player like yourself to actually do it, once again gg on getting this far and I hope you can get so much further as Mojang releases the next updates to Minecraft (1.20-1.30) in the next 7 years
Blake Larson
Blake Larson Year ago
Wow! Congratulations sb! Been watching the series since it started and it's crazy how far you've came! Just wanted to say great job SB!👍
StormBeast94 Year ago
I've been watching since episode one and seeing SB come this far makes me happy. I'm so excited to see what happens in the next video. I'm also probably pick up the poster because I am now regretting not getting the other ones.
Ryan dang
Ryan dang Year ago
Same bro
Kay Turner
Kay Turner Year ago
i'm not sure if there's going to be any ancient debris left in the nether at this rate! well done sb your a legend for completing the netherite beacon
Ninja Gamer
Ninja Gamer Year ago
Loved the video. Keep up the great work. Don't call things Holy that aren't Holy its blasphemy which is sin. Don't swear or sudo swear its sinful. Don't say or laugh at inappropriate things its sinful. Luck doesn't exist its blessings from the Good Lord Jesus Christ. Don't say the Good Lord Jesus Christs Holy name in vein its blasphemy which is a sin. Only the Good Lord Jesus Christ is the one true God no one else can compare to Him. The Good Lord Jesus Christ is the only good person. The Good Lord Jesus Christ is Lord or Lords and King of Kings. He is the only true Lord and the only True King. Trust in the Good Lord Jesus Christ not yourself. Amen. God Send. God Bless You All. Amen. God Send. Please if you haven't already repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ As Lord And Savior. Praise The Good Lord. Please Get Saved. Please repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ As Lord And Savior. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Love you guys. God Bless You All. Amen. God Send. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. God Bless You All. Amen. God Send. Hi
Perry Year ago
@Ninja Gamer what
Agenda Year ago
Hey SB, for the Blue Ice Track at the Nether Roof, you can add buttons on the ice and it will prevent mobs from spawning on top of it. It also won’t effect the momentum of the boat so it’ll be fine.
raptorsnation Year ago
I was gonna say this but you said this I got this thought from the lifesteal smp
edit ?¿¿?
edit ?¿¿? Year ago
but he have a mob swiedt
MrChess Year ago
Yeah true that works- I use it in my world. But just like Im_HGamer2 said if he uses the mob switch then no mobs can spawn making the buttons useless for the time being
Gamerkid18 Year ago
I was gonna say that
E Year ago
The sky  is pretty
The title got me so worried 😅😅 I love the dedication that you’ve given this hardcore series! But I miss SO much the Awesome World Series I hope that one day you hopefully continue it :)
Gam3r 10 months ago
yes im late but person above me replied to the wrong comment
andria zakalashvili
I have been watching you since forever and this hardcore series has been so awesome, entertaining and fun. I am glad that you achieved your goal in this world. I will continue to watch you in your journey in this amazing hardcore world.
skyblock monkes
congrats on the netherite beacon! also the ice farm is really really inefficient, its about 50 times faster to just find blue ice bergs and it takes much less time.
Cody Series - Official Channel
I remember when he had an ancient debris beacon and he said he would do a netherite one soon. It's so happy to see that how far you have come.
Thug gaming bro
Cody Series - Official Channel
@Thug gaming bro oh yeah
Gaming Shark
Gaming Shark Year ago
I’ve been watching since episode one, and I’m glad I did! Congratulations on the netherite beacon and keep making these unbelievable videos! I love all of them
Owen Gonzalez
Owen Gonzalez Year ago
My man actually did it. The praised Netherite Beacon has been completed. I’ll admit, I was scared when SB didn’t mention the amount of days on the video so I was scared he would die, but he is still kicking. Keep up the massive hard work and dedication, SB!
Awesomearod1 the map explorer
GBY13 Year ago
He could have done this way early than this by not wasting all his netherite on his pickaxes. But what's fun in that? This is such an amazing series and I hope it will keep going
jupiter universe
No one asked you to admit anything
Bananamonkie Year ago
Lol did you watch his last vid on hardcote
Mancake pancake
Place wool in front för the warden
Silver Year ago
a full netherite beacons requires 5094 pieces of ancient debris and together it will fill three and a half shulkerboxes. from that you can see how long it took SB to collect them all and how hard he's been working on it. Thanks to the gold farm and the Eol or gunpowder farm
Penny Silver Shoe
CONGRATS SB!! Honestly after a year of the making of that beacon, you earned to finish it today and in this video.
Cheeky Geezah
Cheeky Geezah Year ago
Idea for the ice farm to stop your pick axe breaking: put a pressure plate down or an observer or something to make a red stone signal connected to a dispenser full of xp bottles that you can trade with villagers for that will splash to mend your pickaxe while you go around every so often.
Fabianinio_YT Year ago
Congratulations! It’s so impressive what you’ve done! And I was on a sleepover when I saw the title but I couldn’t watch it and for a whole day I was freaking out wondering if I died or not. So glad u didn’t I’ve been watching since day one. Keep up the good work and hope you reach 4 mil subs soon
Barry Year ago
SB! Congrats on the beacon! Keep up the good work! In the new update (if it ever comes out) you'll need to make space for a ruby beacon!
NightMare Year ago
To avoid the warden continuously blasting you, you could just cover its cage in wool, it works for players too, not just mobs
Igor Luzak
Igor Luzak Year ago
he knows that
Cormac McFarlane
or you can place a piston with a loop it causing it to be stuck focusing on the piston
Younes Layachi
Yes and a noise machine inside the warden cage that can be turned on/off from outside, to distract the warden when needed
JayMan146 Year ago
Nice idea. Everyone like and reply until SB sees this
JayMan146 Year ago
@Younes Layachi Even better idea!
damn i am not even on day 1000.the progress of sb737's hardcore is INSANE.keep it up!.
Gabe Velarde
Gabe Velarde Year ago
This was an amazing journey to flow with you!!! Onto the next one, great job SB
Gamerling Year ago
To fix the problem of your pickaxe breaking at the ice farm, what if you did the same thing to that as you did to your cobblestone farm; build a giant portal system that sends zombified pigmen to your ice farm. Except instead of just being in one place, have them killed around the entire ice farm, so that you're getting xp in more places than one
Merlion_DE Year ago
I remember watching this on day one and I'm impressed on what you accomplished!
Tall Cow
Tall Cow Year ago
When I saw the title I got so scared if SB died, but after watching the video my worries were put to an end. Congrats on the netherite beacon! Been watching since before 100 days, and it is amazing to see how far you have come.
KUBOOM YT Year ago
Bro the dedication you put into this is awesome Respect
Mien Year ago
just saw a way to be safe from the wardens beam. you could distract it with two sculk sensors and a trapdoor in between so the warden is distracted by the trapdoor sound
The editors are really stepping it up recently :)
Galactic Ruler
For the problem with your pickaxe breaking at the ice farm, there's 2 solutions I can think of off the top of my head. The first one would be to figure out how many rotations you can do of the ice farm before your pickaxe breaks, then counting those rotations with a hopper clock and dropping yourself into a hole once the rotations are reached. The other option is to set up a few dispensers that drop XP bottles scattered about the farm to automatically repair your pickaxe. Also, the statistics menu can show how many times you've broken a certain type of tool.
Ondelette Edits
Or just use a diamond pickaxe, accepting it will break.
Nguyên Trương
Factualpound 13
@Ondelette Edits Just trade for the dia pickaxe its cheap because of his raid farm
lukaxiik Year ago
but that would be kinda random because he can break it anytime it depends on how fast the water freezes
Supercraft 61
Supercraft 61 Year ago
Supercraft 61
Supercraft 61 Year ago
Dude when I saw the title my heart was beating so hard. But now I see the NETHERITE BEACON is completed! It has been amazing to see your world progress to this point. Can't wait for the next one!!!!
What did the title say?
Supercraft 61
Supercraft 61 11 months ago
@SaturdayIsMyBae I mean the thumbnail
Zplayz63 Year ago
Honestly I’ve been watching this guy since day one and he never fails to deliver thank you sb737🐐🐐💯
Well done I've been here since the beginning and I'm so happy for you that you completed it!
Aarav The Story Teller
Hi SB, I have been watching your videos from the first 100 days episode. I am really happy that you achieved your goal of a full netherite beacon. You (and technoblade) are the only reason I play Minecraft today. Thanks for motivating me to ply minecraft. I really appreciate what you do for your viewers.
max k51 rider
max k51 rider Year ago
Let's w a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his contact to entertain LOVE ❤️❤️
Ultimaterrex Year ago
It is honestly so impressive to see the development of SB's hardcore world. He has achieved many feats we never knew could be possible to further contribute to Minecraft.
Dude I'm stoned
He's using backups.
ProhaxPvP Year ago
Not that impressive If you ask me you get totems that make you invinsible u can farm them so it’s like impossible to die unless u r rlly bad 😂
PsykoticDuck Year ago
@Dude I'm stoned Proof? Btw A Poorly Edited 12 year olds video will not work as proof.
Dude I'm stoned
@PsykoticDuck bro he's doing live??? He can do live he has sb737live channel.. He don't even play like hardcore. He went half a heart 10++ times. It's no coincidence he's still alive Also coming to building, he already got caught using litematica. One of the warning got popup in a hardcore video
KoolPenguin RL
It’s surprisingly a little bit sad seeing SB finish the Netherite beacon. It’s a huge achievement, don’t get me wrong, but like collecting notch apples, mining for Netherite is a tradition in his world. SB has such an amazing series, he’s completed things very few people can even dream of, and lastly, he’s the best hardcore player out there. 5000 days is soooo close, and it will be huge. I doubt anything will stop SB from reaching another milestone almost as impressive as collecting all of the beacons. I said it once and I’ll say it again. SB is the best
Simran Bansil
Simran Bansil Year ago
i totally agree
Simran Bansil
Simran Bansil Year ago
go sb!
Jessica Zhu
Jessica Zhu Year ago
Ant Farm
Ant Farm Year ago
Maybe he can make a netherite tower
Hey, a recommendation for the Warden is to just put a piston in its room thingy as it'll focus on that
ItzPhoenix :3
ItzPhoenix :3 Year ago
I still remember the first days, where he was trying so hard to stay alive, it's been such a long time since and look how far we've come!
RyantheLion Year ago
I love the dedication that he put in this
Elite Lazer X
Elite Lazer X Year ago
Congratulations on a brilliant achievement SB
Hero XGG
Hero XGG Year ago
He spent so much on this world, and managed to finish a netherite beacon, huge respect SB keep it up!
Jason Lanemann
I am just a the beginning why is it 4489 days?
I don't know
Hero XGG
Hero XGG Year ago
@Jason Lanemann Its The Amount Of Days It Took Him to finish the netherite beacon thats why he stopped there :)
Jason Lanemann
@Hero XGG ok
Mr_Bacon Year ago
He spends hours and hours to entertain us. This guy deserves 10mil subs
Purpysage Year ago
Hey if you wanna stop the warden from attacking you then you should build a contraption which continuously activated the piston and keeps the warden busy and it will only give you blindness effect not sonic boom attack.I have done that in my world and it works 👍🏻
Pasha Wo0do
Pasha Wo0do Year ago
Truly respect the grind 💪🏽
Kittylover Year ago
SB is like the most patient person ever, like sighning every single poster to send and building this huge world!
Kpop_Shorts Year ago
Everyone keeps talking about SB's work, but imagine the amount of work his editor does. Send him some love
Dez Year ago
Thanks :))
Ant Farm
Ant Farm Year ago
@Dez wait ur the editor?
The Mask Makers
Let’s give a round of applause for SB737. It was amazing to see how far he got. Excited for next episode!
Kryvi Year ago
Bliss ↺
Bliss ↺ Year ago
Clappity clap clap
flappyduck Year ago
good job sb (claps)
Aout_ Year ago
PrestonRules Year ago
he is so cool and he machs good video
DJ Editz
DJ Editz Year ago
SB, just letting you know putting a trapdoor connected to red stone and repeaters completely distracts the warden from you to the trapdoor
BearableScarf Year ago
Congrats SB! I have been making videos myself and I know it's hard to make good ones. Keep it up!
CuberTycho Year ago
I was so scared! I saw this title for 4 days now and I couldn’t watch because I was on vacation and didn’t had WiFi, I’m glad the series still continues and you have finally finished the beacon! Congrats!
Aaron Fabian Buenrostro González
It took me 1 month to watch your entire series, you're definitely amazing :D Greetings from Mexico (I'm using Google Translate, sorry if it's strange)
Caroline Blokken
A good idea may be just make a spare pickaxe when using the things that make it break extremely fast (like the ice farm)
Look how far he has come, if I was playing hardcore I'd just lose interest and start over, but he finds something to do and sets new goals every episode
Jozenne Boyose
I love sb737
Froxmog Year ago
@Jozenne Boyose Who doesnt my friend, who doesnt... If someone doesnt like SB, then thats a war crime.
Kostyantyn Fedus
@Froxmog 1000000% true, aka it facts
17.Nishank_Jhelum_ Daruka
There is difference in SB you MikrOxmal
@Froxmog SB does have haters, back when RU-vid didn't remove the dislike button I used to see that he would average at least 10k dislikes
mattydeboss Year ago
Hey SB, You could avoid getting lasered by the warden by temporarily covering its cage in wool. that way it wont hear you. Congrats on finishing the beacon btw
Wolf AF7
Wolf AF7 Year ago
Congrats on everything your dedication is incredible I’ve been watching your vids since your awesome World Series keep up the amazing work
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Year ago
So that you stop braking your pick axes, you can download a mod so that it tells you when your tools are about to break! You might not like it though as it does make it less vanilla and it may feel like cheating. It is fully your choice sb. Love you videos and well done on the beacon!
Arshad kizhakkayil Aboobacker manayil
Good job SB been here since day 1 love you man the effort you give to this videos are unbelievable
Mike Molloy
Mike Molloy Year ago
well done sb! you totally earned it
Muhammad Year ago
What an amazing accomplishment, I can’t believe you’ve finally finished it. It’s been a journey to the Netherite Beacon, and we’ve rode along with you. With this done, I can’t imagine what else you have in store for us next. Keep being the goat SB
MegaMiley Year ago
Well this episode was tense, the way you were playing around with the Warden and the title really made me think it was game over XD, good to see the series survive!
Aussiebogan Year ago
It's crazy to see how far U have come in this wrld, I really like the carpet mob floor U built in the all mobs room and congrats on finishing the netherite beacon, that was a big project👍
When I first saw that thumbnail, I thought you had died! Glad to see you haven't ended my favorite hardcore series, keep up the fantastic work SB :D
Jackson Rowland
It says 4500 now
Cpt. Russian
Cpt. Russian Year ago
When I saw “ he did this for over an hour now that’s dedication “ I was like he’s grinding just for us he is a legend
Roodi Year ago
Great video as always SB.Ive been watching you since your xbox series and your videos never failed to surprise me.Keep up the good work.
Asher142 Year ago
I can’t believe it’s been a year!! So proud of you sb, glad I’ve been able to see your channel grow. Your awesome
Bread Spidey
Bread Spidey Year ago
sneaky ay non
sneaky ay non Year ago
Someone said bot💀 ur literally a helper in his server
Evan Weber
Evan Weber Year ago
Evan Weber
Evan Weber Year ago
N i g h t _ J u n
@Evan Weber You'r're
Kyle climbs trees
Man the progress on this is just insane
Rocketman Year ago
Dear SB I have been with you since the start and i am wishing you good luck on the rest of these hardcore days and I will be with you till the end. Sincerely Rocketman
Kesh&Beauj Year ago
Hey SB I loved ALL of your 100 day videos
Mirishc Year ago
Watched every single episode from start to finish. Love your series! Got so scared when I read the title…
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell Year ago
SB- for the mob museum, you should carpet the bottom, especially near the warden, bc it'll prevent it from sensing you
This world is absolutely insane! And I must say, the editing on SB’s videos have gotten great!
You can make sure the warden doesn't agro on you with a piston or trapdoor constanly going, all you need is constant noise
Amy Barco
Amy Barco Year ago
I remember when Sb737 said he would finish the netherite beackon (however you spell it) by 4500 days, and he did, and I am very proud of him
Pak Kiu Fung
Pak Kiu Fung Year ago
I was scared when I saw the title but after I watched it it was a huge sense of relief :) Keep up the good work!
Lenöm Year ago
hey sb heres a tip: if you put two observers facing each other and a piston on top into the wardens room, it will focus on it and wont hurt you or anything else
TheMiniMan Year ago
I love that the editing has been aproved a lot since the first 100 days, it's a lot more going on witch makes the video more interesting to watch. Keep up the good work!
Neale Forbes
Neale Forbes Year ago
To fix the darkness issue just put the warden in another room away from the rest
Owen Bennion
Owen Bennion Year ago
To be honest, because of the title, my heart was racing every single time the warden shot a sonic blast. Very exciting episode.
BrushyTeeth Year ago
To stop your pickaxe from breaking every time you get ice, just time how long it takes to get your pickaxe down to its lowest health without breaking, and then you can set a time for that long and afk.
Jessica Lambert
to avoid the warden use a comparator with some redstone and a piston and it will infinitely make noise and distract the warden
Slinky Noop
Slinky Noop Year ago
You could make a looping trapdoor sound or other sound behind the warden enclosure so the warden will be distracted and won’t try to attack you.
Thug life Kermit
SB’s world is insane and absolutely astonishing and I’m glad he has blown up so much more as he deserves it!!
Kiwi Year ago
PHANTOM Year ago
Congratulations on completing the netherite beacon. You did the impossible thing. Wow.
The Blobs!
The Blobs! Year ago
I love how SB looked into his potion shulker box but didn't realise he could have splashed the panda with speed so that it would be faster
H3LDS Year ago
I cant believe it sb, watching you play sonic to making your huge hardcore world is an amazing achievement
Ethan Chew
Ethan Chew Year ago
"89 days" made me think that SB died, but I am relieved to see that he did not. Congrats on the beacon!
Apratim Year ago
suggestion: make a seperate room for holding the warden. it could be connected to the main mob room
TyZo Year ago
The title scared me more than I’d like to admit, but huge congrats on the netherite beacon! The mob room looks insane as well. 🔥
Garvit Surma
Garvit Surma Year ago
Yeah i got scared too bcz it was a bit too specific number and i thought that a warden killed him and i was like "DID HE survived 4489 days an died on 4490 day"
ClassicLoki Year ago
Congrats SB! Though for a real full netherite beacon you have to power it with a netherite ingot :)
roberto AlvArez
I've never seen someone being chill after losing totems
My dude21
My dude21 Year ago
good stuff, sb! i remember when the debris beacon was destroyed and when the netherite one started well done
That Guy Liam
That Guy Liam Year ago
When I saw the title only said 4489 I really thought you had died and was getting sad that it was all over. I'm so glad you're still alive and still so dedicated to this world. I have been watching since the first 100 days and can't wait for another episode. Great video SB!
Amandeep Singh
You should build a piston contraption in Warden's room. The warden would be just focused on the constant moving piston and won't focus on you
Cats Year ago
I feel as though you could do something like replacing most of the wardens glass with black wool and keep a slit in the middle of tinted glass so you can still see the warden, but would greatly reduce the amount of pain it inflicts.