I Went To The CHEAPEST Country In The World ! 

Zaid ZIZ
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Flying from Mumbai, India to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to see if Vietnam really is cheaper than India.
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May 9, 2023




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Comments : 1.8K   
Airbnb should sponsor zaid's whole channel
And also cafes.
And all wives
And all water suppliers
I watched this vedio while eating squid
So true bro😂😂😂
the day zaid gets an airbnb sponsorship is the day we can die peacefully
@mrmm6582 Year ago
Zaid and Vedant are secret billionaire 💀
The cheapest country is more cleaner than us , infrastructure not too god but city planning is systamatic
@Borntough100 3 months ago
Infrastructure in Ho Chi minh city is too good...
@erenyeager6210 2 months ago
Everything is more cleaner than india idk how our country can't get better than this state
@adsad6542 Month ago
The gdp per capita of Vietnam is almost double that of India, so Vietnamese twice as wealthy, maybe that's why cleaner.
Because in India millions of people are illiterate
@Pratham_2711 19 days ago
Most of east asian countries are poor or developing countries but i like one thing about them is they're really clean.
ZAIDs consistency is like periods once a month
@ibrar6364 Year ago
but for few days lmao
He takes a break when he has them 😂
@lufu10 Year ago
@waltersike Year ago
Koi sense hai iss baat ka?
@edkemp7852 Year ago
0:57 "Mera toh bachpan mei hi cut chuka hai" lol, samaj rahe ho??
@Prolificpo 2 months ago
F bro he spitted truth
@adsad6542 Month ago
Vietnam gdp per capita $4,163 compared to $2,410 for India. So Vietnam twice as wealthy yet cheaper. Life must be tough in India :(
@airmaxgamer4767 23 days ago
this is not that simple..... a lot of factors are there......like the population difference. Obviously the average income in India will be less
@Decantskingdkm 17 days ago
Bro that's not how gdp per capita works
@OkokayokOk 14 days ago
This is how GDP work life is so tough in India , many Indian jobless or unemployed , mostly whole family depends on one . ​@@Decantskingdkm
This was my first time watching your vlog, it just came in my recommended section, and I really liked it. The editing, the shots, the vibe, I liked every single aspect. Straight up subscribed man!
@AnujBillore Year ago
0:57 💀 It came and went . Those who know , they know .
@sharvil-sss Year ago
Circumcision because he is Muslim 😀🍆🔪
I am surprised no one talked about it
@wizard_XD 11 months ago
@Warriorkahasekahatak 11 months ago
​@@dakshjoshi3026yeah dark thodi hai har 4ta muslim creator yahi joke maar deta hai ghuma phirake like munawar
@Hagrits_hat 3 months ago
K 2 @
@randomtubeer Year ago
Everything is temporary but Zaid's Wild Craft bag is permanent😂
@Swapetite Year ago
in all seriousness, zaid is one of the few youtubers right now who provide good content and not just hype content
@satan911 Year ago
Every time Zaid sips coffee he be like - its a banger better than what we had last time
@dhiman1021 Year ago
Middleclass log: 3 saal mei ek foreign trip Ameer bandey jaise Zaid : 6 mahine ke andar 2 foreign Trip
Middle class foreign trip nhi karte
aur 25000 ke air bnb's wo bhi 3x (2 mumbai 1 delhi)... paise milte hai ksi ka 14 hai na (kidding)
@vatsal512 Year ago
Bruh middleclass log mushkil se koi ek foreign trip kar paate hai ya woh bhi nahi
@piyush8920 Year ago
Upper middle class wale hote honge bhai ajj kal sab khudko middle class hii batate firte hai
Aur wo dono London trips 💀 (if visa didn't expire)
@Aayush_dab Year ago
15:57 I especially want to thank whoever took this beautiful shot 😂
So trueee😂😂
@badguy2270 Year ago
Pervert spotted 😂😂
@Niqqachad Year ago
@mdsaad8848 Year ago
GTA San Andreas hot chick
@its__me- Year ago
Cooker cake fr 💀💀
@Midnight8869 Year ago
This GUY is booming man keep up the good work 👍
@maih9688 10 months ago
I'm Vietnamese. When he compared our national dish Pho to "trash", I wondered why how he acted so arrogant and ignorant. I went to India and some food I didn't like, but I wouldn't call it "trash." I had seen many poor Indians, starving kids on the street had a hard time finding food, even searching through trash dumps.
@joicy3308 10 months ago
I agree he could've expressed his disliking in politely manner but please don't take his wordings to heart, he was being overly expressive about his liking and disliking
@aaradhyarawat7589 10 months ago
I'm an Indian, and I've tasted many Pho times, and it tasted delicious. This guy is still in the stage of transitioning to adult from a edgy teenager, forgive him for his ignorance & hurtful choice of words. I hope you're having wonderful day in Viëtnam!
@diveshkumar3823 10 months ago
Chill bro he himself a trash men. He is immature noob
@gabixoxo888 7 months ago
It's just an opinion chill out man
@maih9688 7 months ago
@@gabixoxo888 What if I travelled to India, making a video there and saying Pani Puri tastes like " trash" 🙃
He always fails to disappoint us but his content never
Let me correct what you meant... he always disappoints us but his content never disappoints
@mysub6969 Year ago
His content disappoints you ? I think you worded that wrong
​@@mysub6969 Just a joke bro his doing great job❤️💯
@@mysub6969 bro he always shows his hate towards maharashtra but lives in mumbai.. so he disappoints us
Bro turned into a KSI fan who says "I'm a KSI fan but....."
great video again man, you always make me laugh. You are truly one of a kind
@jisooyah8440 Year ago
Vedant is a W bro we need more of him
@thuthao9402 2 months ago
Asking for price before buying any thing, southern and central Vietnam service providers are more friendly than those in northern vietnam. Just some recommendations. Im a vietnamese, wish you a great trip!
Zaid going international
@Deadmatter1 Year ago
He can go anywhere with his wildcraft bag
@blur_negi619 Year ago
Broo really i can't believe
Glad that Vedant was in this video, he pairs up with Zaid perfectly
@Outbound.18 Year ago
@@Outbound.18 yeah
@@Outbound.18 whaa?
@Thatmemegeek Year ago
Congratulations on for hitting 1million views🎉
@sym5651 3 months ago
Bro doesn't hesitate even for a sec while saying mera to bachpan se hi kata hai😂
@ompawar_22 Year ago
zaid can literally sell some of his cinematics in this video to a movie/web series ngl. Looks sick
@dau69 Year ago
17:53 lil bro doesn't know that RU-vid removed this feature😢
Great editing, didn't feel too long or too short
@dankman996 Year ago
Ngl vedant roasting zaid is one of the funniest things
@Adii__rizz Year ago
15:58 I know where your eyes are 🫂
@rajaryan1_1 Year ago
15:59 man let his inner travel junkie win🤲🏼
0:22 He played it well knew that sar tan se jooda guys would be coming after him.
Bro is casually travelling countries like people crossing a traffic road❤❤
@_RANDOM_GUY_ Year ago
Zaid may not be pregnant but he never fails to deliver
@zene6912 Year ago
May 😂😂😂
@hailraghoo Year ago
@@zene6912 june
@kalplokah Year ago
​@@PrayasRahangdale August
@siddddD21 Year ago
@@PrayasRahangdale L+Ratio+August better
@aarataki7738 Year ago
15:59 Vietnam literally so good💀 More vlogs needed
its literally soo good
@aarataki7738 Year ago
​@@mayanknegi5008what colour was her purse? Got you
@c63w204W Year ago
@@aarataki7738 Silver (matching with the dress colour)
@@c63w204W purse? Edit: meine notice hi nhi kiya usske paas purse tha phack
@kool_sigma Year ago
Zaid is like cold always upload video surprisingly
petition for zaid to go on another date lol. That delhi video was really fun.
Zaid's editing🔥 day bye day 📈🚀
@vatsal512 Year ago
Bhai vo edit hi nahi karta
​@@jshehhdheh3154 karta hai kuch videos dusro se krata hai
Mid editing tbh
vedant actually looks like a really cool guy to spend time...i mean he has curiosity to try different things thats the kind of friend u want when going on trip
@9icked Year ago
Roasted kutta 😭
@trippp322 Year ago
Abey Jaa na vlog bana tu ritu rathee ke saath
@@trippp322 vo gaurav chaudhary h mr BLIND..
@vedantm Year ago
thankyou brother 🙌
@9icked Year ago
@@vedantm arey bhau big fenn🙏🏻
Airbnb should actually sponsor this guy
@udhavpatil22 Year ago
bhai mera mom dad gaye tha 3 months ago to a Vietnam and to be honest, this place food is only good if you can eat any boil animal in fish oil then its best for those aur mera mom dad na toh last main koe Indian restaurant dhunda and wahi khana khata tha 😂and second one the natural beauty was awesome means its damm cool
@uttu420 Year ago
16:00 lord have mercy zaid , god damn
@aryanjain_ Year ago
Zaid is a type of guy who would go to a cheapest country and make a vlog
*just to make a vlog
He's a type of guy who breathes
Indian se bhi mahnga sahar hai, ye bus chutiya bna rha hai.
@reco8253 Year ago
4:08 stark tower 🤨
@user-pi2ue8ue8u 10 months ago
@IrtizaHaider-gi1sb 10 months ago
11:32 me getting ready to comment "How did these guys missed the black rolls royce?!?"
@0blivious971 Year ago
Yooo i'm a vietnamese, i feel so happy smh Cảm ơn đã đến thăm đất nước chúng tôi!!!
@hxrshrxwxt Year ago
अबे तो माधरछोड़ हम क्या करें (Love from india 🥰❤️)
You watched whole video by subtitles??
@0blivious971 Year ago
@@anmol_pandey14 yea what else can i do 😭
@@anmol_pandey14 I mean, many people watch videos with subs, I watch lot's of korean mukbang and I don't even know how I do that.. still can't imagine people watching hindi videos with subs😭
@kartik_2408 Year ago
Angel Priya spotted 💀
@L3AVERB Year ago
Recently found this channel and I'm so happy I did 🥂
@Maskatkro Year ago
as your senior i must ask what state are you from
@L3AVERB Year ago
@@Maskatkro as your junior I must say Rajasthan 💀
@Maskatkro Year ago
@@L3AVERB welcome to this waters homie
@L3AVERB Year ago
@@Maskatkro tbh I'm not from Rajasthan actually 💪💀
@parbatinaorem3268 3 months ago
In my state (Manipur) in india we get cheapest beers in ₹10
@ahlesh01 Year ago
the ice spice line was brilliant🤣
@Norce27 Year ago
Zaid consistency 📈📈📈❤
@bhavishyzzz Year ago
Vedant is the best sidekickkkk........
0:58 9/11 moment fr.
Not lying bro but your vlog just made my day 😀 I laughed a lot after having an anxious morning. Planning to visit Saigon soon and this vlog will definitely help me a lot. ✨
@kumarohann Year ago
Lowkey his content is better than most travel vloggers NGL.
are we just ignoring how he ate his sub
@SudipDas-wx1gk 8 months ago
It’s okay, Cary on bro
Vietnam tourism video. Looking at smth like chicken, "This shit is dawg".. "Yeah it is.."
@techsala2675 8 months ago
No he's not cancelled , but what he's doing is bad .
@freakex1222 Year ago
Ayo Zaid going places
@ziyadansari961 8 months ago
I've been to Vietnam last year and the prices are comparable to what we have here in India.
@darshanmukadam 5 months ago
Is it good? I'm planning to travel there or thailand
@ziyadansari961 5 months ago
@@darshanmukadam Yes it's a beautiful country
@abuzar6281 Year ago
Airbnb should sponsor zaid’s whole channel
13:15 zaid is gay hence proved🌚💀
1:05 alhamdulillah 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
@shreyash4479 9 days ago
Abe tu rajput hai ola de ubla nahi
@suprio6207 Year ago
Sad part is now I have to wait again for his next vlog 😶
15:59 Travel Junkie's Proud Student
@chex.6150 Year ago
3:07 bhai boarding pass aise sabko mat dikhaya kar, info leak ho sakta hai ❤
Bro knows more than an average vietnamese person.
@ScriptyVijay Year ago
Always chill cafes
This guy never changed his t-shirt from india to Vietnam
@Aayush_dab Year ago
17:55 Chill cafe has its own place 😤
@KD-tg9ng Year ago
zaid never fails to dissapoint
Zaid u should try Goa next
@Go0d_boi Year ago
I found this randomly but I enjoy watching ...nice
Me too same here brother
@dashobsessed Year ago
vedent is genuine metalhead
@aashi_gaming Year ago
The blog is as really good 👍❤
Earn in India, Live in Vietnam & you are going to live like a king😎
@FunVerseIn Year ago
Puri video ka best shot 15:59 😍
@akashmeher2797 3 months ago
@rajmishra911- 2 months ago
Zaid ZIZ is not an emotion it's just a channel❤
How on earth these comments are still getting likes. Kuch original comment karde 🅱avde
​​@@RandomRU-vidEnjoyer bro nothing is original even your username is most probably used by more than 1000 people on RU-vid. Even your name is most probably used like mine. Even the type of reply you made is also copy. This world is an illusion, we are in a matrix😢
@Aditya-ze6cf Year ago
@@AnonymousGuy12 shatup
@@AnonymousGuy12 the urge to say "bro even your mom is used more than 1000 people"
@11.9ns Year ago
​@@AnonymousGuy12 🤡
@yeatonyou Year ago
'ice spice if she applied fair and lovely' was personal
@anika7718 Year ago
Me & My friends who r damn gareeb planning to go Vietnam after watching this video 😹💔
8:24 Bro ofcourse mumbai wala vibe nhi hai, balcony hai jisse neeche dekh sakte ho
Zaid fails to never disappoint and deliver
@legend12345 Year ago
Larki hai kaya ?
@bs_horus8056 Year ago
Zaid will be sad seeing this comment 😢 Please edit it 🐱
Everything is temporary, But Wildcraft bag is permanent 💀
Thanks 4 info
Damn bro going places
@maitirth Year ago
From London to the cheapest country, zaid has come a long way
Vedant is the best sidekick
Zaid’s drip never dissapoints us
18:46 Dilli Wale zabardasti ghusedne ke liye hi toh famous h bro
@nevil999 Year ago
Yaa toh woh market ho yaa kutta
Zaid consistency is like my pregancy both are unpredictable
black lounge never said we give you the best food , they said " we give you the best view of the city " 21:27
@naved6095 Year ago
16:30 No way he said that 💀
@suneet77 Year ago
13:05 gaming buildings
That river is much cleaner than yamuna
15:03 criminal offensive side eye 😂
@monkeman7776 Year ago
Zaid's videos hit harder than my dad's belt.
23:19 best part of the video
You got me bro🤣
best part of the video 15:57 - 15:59 nd the worst part zaid didn't even made the joke on the topic
@Mr.Magic.foryou 11 months ago
I don’t even prefer knife and fork but fork is supposed to be on left hand and spoon and knife with only right hand. Try you will feel easy
4:00 thats what she said