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If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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Jan 1, 2021




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@MrBeastGaming 3 years ago
Huge shoutout to Tubbo and Sipover for being in our video! Go check out their channels and subscribe! Tubbo: ru-vid.com/show-UCAz5JW1_oryewk0eR-eP7Bw Sipover: ru-vid.com/show-UCIDQSqdVuNwtfRMKqfX-o7g
@proskills991 3 years ago
Look at the person under me, He thinks I'm Mr Beast
@bmoney3107 3 years ago
Look at the fake mr beast above me
@anisamalikk 3 years ago
Hi 4th
@cistic 3 years ago
@AmigaX 3 years ago
@FreshPanda5 3 years ago
“SERVERS START THE GAME” mrbeasts favorite saying
@Baller4Life1 3 years ago
No, “I will be giving...” is his favorite saying
@Baller4Life1 3 years ago
@inkandme7071 3 years ago
@DracoChris 3 years ago
@InfinityGaming420 3 years ago
This man has 5 channels, uploading on all 5 constantly, making billions off of millions and than giving it all away to his fans, has a team that he pays really well, very sweet guy who was just 12-13 when he started uploading for fun, now he’s a millionaire, and almost at 100m subscribers on his first channel, give a round of applause to the man himself, Jimmy, or well known by… Mr Beast!
Jimmy McGill may be Slippin Jimmy, but MrBeast is Givin Jimmy!
very true
@hooassa9602 Year ago
18 channels*
*more than 5
Chris: says he’s gonna judge the next house Chris: doesn’t even judge a single house slap
@Aussierule1 Year ago
He's son had to go to the washroom
@@dingdong_googie?? What?
@Vayna_bro 2 days ago
When the beast started talking about the subscribe button, the button at the bottom began to light up with a rainbow and also such nostalgia from spongebob 😢
@bluezard2590 Year ago
I can't believe Jimmy tanked the score of the epic Doofenshmirtz build. The one that won the other challenge wasn't even close to as good as this one.
I understand why Jimmy did it. That build can't win twice.
It’s on a RU-vid tutorial though… it shouldn’t have even been judged 😂
It’s not a house
@KaityKat117 8 months ago
​@___KING___ do you know if Dan Povenmire has seen it?
@demhadis7928 6 months ago
Saludos Mr Beast 😊 yo Quiero cumplas mi Sueño, una casa de Verdad para mi Madre éxitos, bendiciones por todo lo que venis haciendo eres increíble te conocí por mis hijos me muestran tus videos x más Mr Beast ❤
@WrzzerTV 3 years ago
Lmao the house at 6:39 is from a tutorial o-o
@Baller4Life1 3 years ago
@Baller4Life1 3 years ago
Thankfully he didn’t win
@RawrxD23 3 years ago
@eazyaccount 3 years ago
@hycraut 3 years ago
Cheater alert
@sugarslam179 5 months ago
I’ve learned a lesson: Never let Chandler and Karl judge.
@LoganGillett-kh7yb 3 months ago
Ye axactly
@eusouagaby4376 Month ago
Yes true
They're a better judger than jimmy lol
@Read_the_bible638 8 months ago
Чел просто был на уроке и построил купол и выиграл....
@user-xx1ou9ty5w 8 months ago
согл тут мало русских
MrBeast you got the best gaming content ever
Chan Chan was like, how do we never catch them. Am I the only one who thought it sounded suspicious. I love Chandler so it would be so funny if it was him.
@Kumsal-vk9vo 20 days ago
Mr beast the. Only one to give out a house in a❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Marshall.mccraw 2 years ago
Truly great content
How you get 1m in 6 months
@somepotato8702 2 years ago
whats up checkmwrk
you mean how does beluga get 5 mil in 2 months - Answer is, GREAT CONTENT
@supremedog1173 2 years ago
@mr_winds_stuff 2 years ago
u have 666 likes lol
@daichek3976 6 months ago
4 years later and im still waiting for my chance to appear on any of mrbeats videos
@user-hs9ch2ge4t 7 months ago
Truly great content. Me gustaría conocer más acerca del proyecto.
@ladydevilog 4 days ago
6:14 karl's face lool cutee...im agree btw 🥲
@tannustv1000 7 months ago
Just going to say the MrBeast gaming videos are so cool and I hope Jimmy can make some more
I am obsessed I've watched it sooooooo many times
@JongMadaliday 3 years ago
Always Has been
@jqmml4004 3 years ago
@cloutdoggo9843 3 years ago
stop abusing that verified tick mate
@miranda1821 3 years ago
Always has been always will be!
@thewatcher9480 3 years ago
Always :)
@JulioDavid-qu6xf 8 months ago
I would go crazy in real life with the "concrete block" and my dream house would fill up before your eyes lol
@malik_dugiev 2 months ago
Ваши навыки боя неимоверны! Будем вам болеть всегда!
Its been 3 years and i still cant believe that doof didn't win
where ?
@@saleemabubaker4007 on yo mama
My 9 years old daughter build the minecraft house for you, and as her mom I am so proud of her progress, and you are such an inspiration !
The moms reaction is priceless
@M4NNY 3 years ago
Mr beast the only one to give out a house in a minecraft challenge
@Baller4Life1 3 years ago
@yoitsme5663 3 years ago
verified person
@mataus1318 3 years ago
@StandardCashflow 3 years ago
My uncle done that
@senhangmangmu8685 3 years ago
@estamosai...8047 2 months ago
Olhando essas casas era bom se eu conseguisse fazer a minha..de verdade.❤
I love how Mister Bacon is obviously Canadian.
@nonuts403 Year ago
@kron0s78 Year ago
I feel bad for him
@johanavillani5314 3 months ago
Este chiko tiene el cielo ganado por todo lo que a echo por las personas Dios te bendiga siempre
@oscarandom7400 2 months ago
sabes que todo es actuado nunca regala algo mas de lo que su canal factura
Al primer comentario chico se escribe ha si. Se nota que no eres español
@Tatisjuega-17 Month ago
@user-zq5kk8jm7i 16 days ago
Brist, I want to give you a great idea, instead of such stupid gifts, make sure what the most beautiful house will be built, you will build it in real life
@harnygoodle3987 3 years ago
“Cuz I don’t have anything on” I can’t be the only one thinking that’s sus
@frizz7499 3 years ago
Bro she more sus than jame s Charles
@fraser9647 3 years ago
@YadielPlay 3 years ago
Bruh i dont mind that earlier lol
@stryker9250 3 years ago
"I don't have anything on" and is standing next to her son. Different stripes for different types I guess?
@squishy2564 3 years ago
she was talking about makeup/nice clothes lmaoooo
Guys are amazing I love how you guys help people in need
@HARRAZ7342 Year ago
@matveiei 4 days ago
Привет 🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊з
@AYANOS-WIFE-69 11 months ago
Legend has it that the Breme house maker still is anonymous till this day
@jaysonpynn5961 10 months ago
@gabrieletedesco210 8 months ago
Actually I was the creator
@AYANOS-WIFE-69 8 months ago
@@gabrieletedesco210 WAHT!!????
@gabrieletedesco210 8 months ago
@@AYANOS-WIFE-69 yessir
Probably lying lol
0:57, he building Russian Baba-Yaga's home. Home on chicken legs
@bigstuff551 Year ago
These were all really good and I loved Tubbo's build!
damn i wish mrbacon won that
@goldenk2k299 3 years ago
His mom's reaction was so relatable: "All these Hours have paid off?"
@goldenk2k299 3 years ago
@sacred8543 3 years ago
@seryozhailyas4 3 years ago
@user-yq9vf2gx2s 3 years ago
"I don't have clothes on"
@kadei7117 3 years ago
@@seryozhailyas4 bruh meme gang
MrBeast так хорош! Я обожаю его ❤
@txdia-ilker 8 months ago
Meanwhile the server thinking it's just a teams building house but in reality someone gonna be able to have a house if they win 😂
@neonbest5494 Month ago
Mr beast LEGEND
@Porpolhot Year ago
Karl be like: Any building Karl: is this rate 10?
Quiero una casa Mrbeast❤
@coltyywoltyy8271 3 years ago
“Mr. BEES Gaming”- SaveMrSquishy’s Mom
@darkinators 3 years ago
How did u guys not get it ._.
@danielgrooms117 3 years ago
Tubbo moment ^^^
@sheamcfadden2764 3 years ago
What's there to get🤨
@railfanluke4204 3 years ago
Bees!!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝 LOL
She said she didn’t have anything on 😳
@litlbol1 Year ago
That was so funny when Chris came in and said I’m back from appointment a doctors
@justinw.7407 Year ago
That dude that did the club penguin dojo brought back some childhood memories. Damn man.
Tubbo is such a kid
@lilitwailght7525 2 months ago
O chandler é muito fofo😊❤
Eu sunt un Moldovean și de aia scriu în română și aș vrea să faci cândva un vlog în care să vorbești în română Respect pentru tot efortul pe care îl depuneți!!!!! ❤$$
@jj1529 3 years ago
“Oh no video, cuz I don’t have anything on” Her son: MOM, WHY DID YOU EVEN-!!?!
@hangster559 3 years ago
@bloopedud8847 3 years ago
i wanna be he son
@BlazingWarior26 3 years ago
@@bloopedud8847 ur username describes what I want to do rn after reading dis
@havenhardison1849 3 years ago
thats gotta be embarrassing🤣🤣
@laraterry2929 3 years ago
gzgzazhz6☺😉😭🎐🎐😭😭🎐😭🎐😭🎐🎐😭🎐😭🎐😭🎐😭🎐😭🎐🎐😭🎐😭🎐😭🎐🎐😭🎐🎐🎐😭🎐🎐🎐😭🎐🎐😭🎐🐼😒,, 😒😉😉😒☺☺😉
@user-du9nn8qm8x 8 months ago
С первого видео который я увидел подписался ,молодец по больше бы таких людей как ты
@IsabelPerez-zy3wk 8 months ago
Me gustaría conocer más acerca del proyecto
your videos are so good
Man it’d be so cool to do one of these challenges I’d do anything to have fun bro 😩
0:56 Вы не знаете культуру (фольклор) России 😁. Если он из России или из других ближайших стран, то… он молодец! Круто, что Мистер Бист позвал этого человека к себе в видео! Спасибо этому человеку за то, что он вспомнил про культуру своей страны! Он патриот!
@Alexandra-sz7gr 4 days ago
А ты тоже заметил что все англичане смотрят русскую версию
@pbandjgamer9273 3 years ago
"All the hours paid off!" I love this mom.
@michaeltamayo886 3 years ago
And not to mention she said “I don’t have anything on” love her even more 🥴
@@michaeltamayo886 down bad
@weebinator0678 3 years ago
@@michaeltamayo886 FBI
@WolfX44 2 years ago
@@michaeltamayo886 dahek
@donlifts9112 2 years ago
@@michaeltamayo886 that was some Alabama shit right there
@user-rb1tt2wp5k 2 months ago
Mr Beast tan humilde como siempre 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Привет Мистер Бист я твой друг я твой поклонник Женя
@almavalentinaacuna 2 months ago
me encantaría participar debido a lo dificil que esta la situacion en argentina
@Toca_avater Month ago
Love you mrbeast gaming
@keymoneyswift 10 months ago
These videos are so entertaining makes me glued to the screen
@user-tp3np4jh7p 2 days ago
I subscribed MR Beast ❤🎉ur the best RU-vidr
@jasonthesnow 3 years ago
That mom was so wholesome “Am I on the television” what an icon
@goldc4859 3 years ago
uhm yeah until she said she doesn’t have anything on ... around her 16 year old son idk
@lokovideos4949 3 years ago
@@goldc4859 I mean it happens ig idek😭
@@goldc4859 i think she meant the television isnt on
@Abhi-xy2hm 3 years ago
@@musselmanmedia5236 Hopefully
@njay4399 3 years ago
@@goldc4859 Bruh she meant she didn't have any makeup on and she was probably still in her pajamas stop assuming the worst lol 😂😂
@angelblanco730 2 months ago
Como quisiera participar en un juego de esos 😅
@Dr.BenjiBuddy 6 months ago
I want to see a followup where he actually gets the house.
The UP house should have won!!! It was super creative and close to the original and had so much effort put into it!!
@ItsShiroMate Month ago
He Never fails to make us happy
@user-py9ls3ss2k 29 days ago
I love your videos.
@jillmeasel2072 3 years ago
"so all those hours have paid off." Everything that mom says is too funny. 😂
@hk_koala3646 3 years ago
@ellas.1254 3 years ago
The “I don’t have any clothes on” I was dying
@jasonfifth2513 3 years ago
Riketo sokoli is a 3rd eye God with mind reading abilities and speaks to celebrities with talepathy in his brain lives in edmonds washington
@Zebskie 3 years ago
felt like it was a voice changer with decent voice acting but idk
@jasonc3028 3 years ago
I almost choked 😂
How about whoever builds the best house, gets the same house built in real life
Gaming has a benifit. Winning absurd prizes
@miayzoe1118 Month ago
I love Your videos😊
@user-ce2xt7px6w 3 months ago
for spongebob's house honestly 7.5/10...👍
@FanDeFer816 8 days ago
Recuerda realizar comentarios respetuosos y seguir nuestros Lineamientos De La Comunidad
@Shrill. 3 years ago
“I don’t have anything on” -Squishy’s mom.
@thewhitepanda60 3 years ago
Yea. Poor Kid. Winning a house would make his situation a lot better..
@azulakiroson3324 3 years ago
@RasmeyKyo 3 years ago
Step mom
@kamikaze12 3 years ago
lmao MLG Merkel
@moonlightfitz 3 years ago
What are you doing step mom?
@user-hq4ed8vd8w 8 months ago
MrBeast eres el mejor del mundo no hay otro que sea más como tú
@malik_dugiev 2 months ago
. Вы просто невероятны на ринге! Удачи в следующем поединке!
@Loirakimm Month ago
Ok, quem é que dubla o MrBeast?😂❤
@urtzidiez961 7 months ago
MrBeast, todos tus vídeos, novedades y lo de Minecraft y todos tus fuerzas mucho y te mereces un montón de suscriptores y Reik.
@christinek2572 9 days ago
The chicken leg house reminds me of the movie hell boy the boogy mans house
you are life Mrbeast I watch you whenever I can. Keep up the good work on all your channels.
I love your videos so so much ❤❤❤
@user-ut4hh2qz9m 9 days ago
Спасибо за ролик 🤗😍🤑❤️🤟🤜🤛
i'm just going to address the elephant in the room and say that i was not expecting the winner's mom to outright say "i have nothing on" with her son in the call knowing the video was going on RU-vid, i don't think she meant "naked" tho otherwise Jimmy would not have left it in the video. congrats to the winner tho, big props.
how to find suib game in robloc
@@funnybeastvibeo what????
@idatenflame1551 9 months ago
@@funnybeastvibeo u mean squid game in roblox ??
@beni301 Month ago
Jimmy i love you beats💪👏
@oreo5916 3 years ago
Imagine just calling your mom and being like: yeah mom I won a house
@cd.4595 3 years ago
You need more likes here’s some
@thejackal367 3 years ago
...then have your mom announce to millions of viewers that she doesn't have anything on 😳
@Drmohammadhasan 3 years ago
Mom won't believe, she would think i am high on something
Yea mom I’m only kinda a failure
@eesha8886 3 years ago
Let me complete the sentence : through minecraft
Me gusta mucho su contenido Mr Beast, por su gran humildad y carisma ante las personas :D
@Ian_sanchezz_gg 8 months ago
Siiiii❤aqui los que hablan español!
@lujancarreras3355 8 months ago
@@marialuisasalmonboutellier328 vamooooooos
@user-zl4xi8fn5t 7 months ago
Cuál. es. Tumaicraft
@user-ee8oh1bj7e 8 months ago
I really love watching your videos! Just seeing someone so selfless is amazing! I hope your loving your best life and that someone is also taking care of you whether it’s friends or family! Nothing but good vibes you way!!!
@hildarosales4336 8 months ago
muy bueno 👌 el reto
I love how the winner is not even 18 but has his own house💀
@elifredy9213 Month ago
Cuánto quisiera una de verdad 😢
@JeweledLove 3 years ago
Mom: "So all those hours paid off?" Gamers: _crying tears of joy_
@anactualegg418 3 years ago
J o y o f t e a r
@EchtEenMilan 3 years ago
Man when i heard those words " All those hours have paid off?". I want tht mum i wanna but it
@user-sf3qo1mc8c 3 years ago
And then Parents say ,, GaMeS aRe UselesS"
Hear me out. Next time around, it would be cool if you built the house they built. This was awesome though.
@xiomaracastillo2828 10 months ago
This is the kind of content that you can watch over and over and never get tired of ir.kee up the good work!
@vlog789. 8 months ago
Kamu orang mana
@TSULTRA 6 months ago
zoro or luffy
Sponge bob is the goat but Mr beast and his crew is the true gg
@malik_dugiev 2 months ago
Неотразимые удары! Продолжайте покорять вершины!
@Veterano925 25 days ago
Oye MrBeast podrías hacer un evento así pero para Minecraft de teléfono
@FreshPanda5 3 years ago
Who thinks mrbeast should do events outside of the US?
@cheezy8412 3 years ago
@gabethebabe8187 3 years ago
Why do all verified creators feel the need to comment on a mr beast video please stop
@meaks15 3 years ago
me and pog very pog
@BRYCEC00K 3 years ago
Wow, these guys aren't bad at building
@user-ti9pp1hx9g 4 months ago
Me gustan tus videos😊 siempre eh querido conocerte en persona🎉
@brexitboy Month ago
@1:52 that house is from the guy that does the bruh meme from the past mebeast gaming challenges
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