In 1894, this German apple pie was the best in the world. Now nobody bakes such cakes

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Try this amazing apple pie that will delight your whole family.
This recipe was enticing to me because it only needed 8 eggs, which is probably not even seen today. The recipe is based on a book from 1894. I hope you like it and try to make it at home.

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100 grams of butter
200 grams of powdered sugar
5 eggs
Lemon peel
250 g flour

4 apples
3 eggs
250 g 30% sour cream
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Bake: 180°C / 356°F 35 mins.

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Jun 7, 2022




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John Williamson
John Williamson 6 days ago
My family made this and somehow I forgot it existed for 20 years since I moved away. I could taste it at the end of the video. Weird how we forget things and then food memory kicks in and you remember exactly how something tasted. I'm gonna make this for my coworkers this week I think.
catwoman Month ago
I grew up in Germany, and my mom made this cake all the time, minus the topping. She used a Streusel topping instead. It is also very good with plums or cherries, and every other fairly firm fruit. Oh, the memories!
Tsubasa Ozora
Tsubasa Ozora 18 hours ago
Streusel, der Hammer
Da I
Da I 4 days ago
Don't forget to take the skin off the apple
William Jackson
William Jackson 11 days ago
This is odd. Made this post on a recipe vid. How did it get here?
Joe Perez
Joe Perez 11 days ago
Grocery store was out of apples so improvised with nectarines, strawberries and blueberries...surprisingly delicious, not overwhelmingly sweet!
Bob G
Bob G 12 days ago
@tawpgk Indeed it does. Vielen dank!
Crimson Star
Crimson Star Month ago
I had never seen this before. Was intrigued because the recipe is so old and looked like it would be delicious. Made it today with my daughter. It is indeed delicious. Thank you for sharing this cultural gem.
ILL Eagle
ILL Eagle 13 days ago
1894 is young in the world of recipes tho
ENF뷔 22 days ago
Hi! :D can you tell me what the texture was like?
Alice D
Alice D Month ago
My mother used to make this cake all of the time. She never gave me a proper recipe because it was all in her hands. Thank you so much for posting this. I will now be sharing a part of my german heritage to my kids.
martincy2009 13 days ago
@Nimitz My Grandmother (Father's Mother) was from Sicily, she measured into her hand as well, and it passed down to me. Once I wanted to be sure, and checked with a measuring spoon, it was exactly as intended! Very rarely I will use measuring spoons now. ;o)
James Nash
James Nash 14 days ago
Come-on, Mr. Ronald Mcdonald. You are such a funny little 🤡 clown. Yeah those of us who have common sense know exactly what she meant.
James Nash
James Nash 14 days ago
I think that before we pass. We should all post our lives on a compact disk.
ron cantrell
ron cantrell 17 days ago
@Nimitz regardless it looks good
Nimitz 20 days ago
@ron cantrell no, it was measured by hand, my mother measures this way
Nikki D
Nikki D Month ago
My German grandmother (born 1903) handed this down and I make it still to this day. Edit: Mine is made in a pie dish. This rectangular one looks amazing! Thank you
Ambil Aevus
Ambil Aevus 15 days ago
Could you share the recipe for your pie dish version? That sounds like a better size for my family. I can convert to American measures and post that for the others.
Тatjana Wagenleitner
@Татьяна Валиева weil dieser Mann blöd ist. Meine Oma hat auch solche Kuchen gebacken, als Kind habe ich gegessen, aber Rezept nicht übernommen. Jetzt ich schon selber Oma, und kann für meinen Enkeln backen.
Татьяна Валиева
@Angry Combat Wombat ich als Deutsche wunder mich über diesen Hitler Kommentar und wie man von Apfelkuchen, 1903 auf Hitler kommt! Mein Humor 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
DrummerJacob 19 days ago
its so funny to see the dozens of comments of people saying they make this all the time and yet the creator is trying to make this into some old forgotten secret gem that nobody but them know about. So silly.
gioarias75 20 days ago
Hello Nikki can share your grandma’s recipe?
Rachel Month ago
My father is German and he used to get my mother to make this a lot growing up. It’s not exactly the same, we never had a topping, just with apples or plums on top and that’s it. I make kuchen all the time based on my family’s recipe and my husband (who isn’t German) absolutely loves it. I’m excited to try this version, thank you!
Alise Lubāne
Alise Lubāne 15 days ago
Latvian here. I didn`t know this was originaly a German recipe. This is often made in many households over here in Latvia. It`s simple, delicious and every ingridient easily accessible which makes it so great. :)
keeponrockin 7 days ago
I think there's sort of a recipe continuum across Europe where the same food pops up again and again - lots of overlap
Natalie Feelme?
Natalie Feelme? 8 days ago
lol it is normal in Germany , France ... all over Europe.
Meme Merchant
Meme Merchant 8 days ago
Karin Dickinson
Karin Dickinson 12 days ago
Alise Lubane Let us go back many, many, many years, were part of your country and my country were either together or always very close . Recipes went from family to family, neighbour to neighbour . People moved from one country to another, took recipes with them etc.etc.etc It's a wonderful recipes and doesn't matter , where it comes from. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
LordGertz 23 days ago
Very similar to my family's kuchen recipe that has been passed down since at least the 1860s. While it was occasional made as Apfel Kuchen or Apricot Kuchen it was mainly made as a Plum/Zwetschgen Kuchen. I ember as a small child we all wanted to be the one to pour the sour cream/heavy cream mixture over the top off the fruit. We never had so many family friends drop by each time my Grandma or Mother would make this (at made me truly believe in kuchen ESP).
LordGertz 11 days ago
@Tori Beveridge Originally I think it was Heavy Cream, but by the time my Grandma had kids it had both sour cream & heavy cream, and that was my Mother's version as well, she described it richer and tangier then her own Grandmother's version. It also became the family's defacto favorite version, my Grandma was all about little "secret" tricks in her cooking & baking, multiple types of dairy, the temperature of ingredients when added, sometimes adding the same ingredients at multiple points in the recipe instead of all at the same time, and to never be afraid of adding butter & dairy ("Do you want it to taste good or do you want it to taste good for you?") She also had her own measurements (walnuts of butter).
Tori Beveridge
Tori Beveridge 11 days ago
Did you use sour cream or heavy cream
Sam Helfrich
Sam Helfrich Month ago
During the 1980's, I went to Germany and stayed with my Oma for 6 months. She didn't speak English and I didn't speak German, but somehow, we got along. She made this cake, several times, while I was there and I carefully wrote down the recipe, as I watched her. I tried making it several times, and while it was "okay", it wasn't nearly as good as hers. But, I'm going to try it again!
Jo Fipps
Jo Fipps 12 days ago
@Наталья Вахтина Grandma
Jo Fipps
Jo Fipps 12 days ago
@Wander Fontenele Yes
Jo Fipps
Jo Fipps 12 days ago
@Pat Star German
Tavish 13 days ago
you will never reach omas level that seems like a physics law here in germany in every family oma made the best stuff and on family gatherings we germans like to cherrish the memory of that wonderfull apple cake
Ивушка 13 days ago
@bina nocht 🤣
Lillithowl Month ago
Thank you for posting this, this looks almost exactly like my grandmother's kuchen. I used to help her make it and it make me feel very grown up. She put less custard and brushed over the fruit to make a glaze. Apple was my favorite but she also made it with plums or peaches.
Maggie Sue
Maggie Sue Month ago
My mother's side of the family had ancestors who were German, and some of the old recipes have been handed down through over 7 generations, but this one I've never seen before! I do have a peach cobbler recipe that resembles the way this pie was put together! Looks delicious!!
R D 16 days ago
I stumbled onto this video by accident. The pie looks phenomenal. I just wanted to say I am extremely impressed by the camera use, music and impeccable attention to detail. It’s as if I was transported right into your kitchen with a heavenly tune. Kudos.
Retired Army
Retired Army 20 days ago
Wow, did this bring back memories! My Oma and her mother were raised in Alsace-Loraine and were pastry chefs. She made this and many similar dishes like this. Many of my best memories as a child were with Oma in the kitchen.
Neon Lights
Neon Lights Month ago
I am German, we live very rurally. My grandma still makes apple pie this way, I don't know any other way. I love it and almost always eat three pieces, even though I'm full after the first one
Kort Hosen
Kort Hosen 10 days ago
Yep same, my Grandma still bakes it too!
Jo Fipps
Jo Fipps 12 days ago
@D. I lived in Germany and I know that the German pastries are the BEST, awesome!!
Uncommonsensesc Month ago
@D. Now see, I take it that everything is wonderful, even the pastry but the pastry is the least good reason to go there. I doubt it was meant like that, but that's how I'm going to take it.
C. D.
C. D. Month ago
@D. I guess your behaviour was the reason you never got invited to someone's house eating delicious cake but had to buy the gross ones at cheap bakeries .
Melissa0774 Month ago
This seems really similar to the Polish apple cake that my grandmother who immigrated to the U.S from Poland in the 1940's, would make. I have no idea how common it is or if a lot of other people, (from Poland or not,) make it.
txquartz 20 days ago
If you mean szarlotka, it's still made. However, it uses more of a flaky dough than a batter like this
Dora Levitt
Dora Levitt 25 days ago
My adoptive mother was from Poland and she used to make a huge apple pie in a rectangular deep dish pan- it was off the hook!! She also used to make a huge honey cake in the same pan, along with so many other homemade polish dishes, MAN- do I miss her cooking!! 😢
Melissa0774 Month ago
@Carl A. N. Yeah, this recipe is pretty much exactly the same except, I think, without the powdered sugar in the dough and without the sour cream in the topping. You top it with cinnamon sugar instead. I just looked it up and I can't find it online anywhere.
Carl A. N.
Carl A. N. Month ago
I think a lot of recipes have some form of common roots. But over the years the methods have been changed to fit more into each countries culture.
This seems similar to the way my grandfather makes apple tart. He uses a standard pie crust on the bottom and then layers thinly sliced apples and pours a custard on top. I'll have to try this recipe to compare them :)
Big Lapua
Big Lapua Month ago
This is German Kuchen. Grew up on this in the 70's, polished a many of these, wonderful. Next substitute the apples for peaches, you won't sorry. My grandma and grandpa settled in ND and SD and were part of the Germans in Russia groups, and came to the US in 1900 as children. Time to review these wonderful recipes. Kids don't realize what real butter and creams do to things, they just eat the store versions that they don't put it in because they aren't shelf stable. Cookies with no butter? Oh my.
Gaby Distler
Gaby Distler Month ago
Made this Mannheim apple pie today. It is absolutely delicious. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Easy least. Yum. So lieb dass sie das mit uns geteilt haben
Cinna Nolan
Cinna Nolan Month ago
My Mom still makes this type of apple cake to this day... She said that my grandma teached her how to make it this way and I think Ingedients and steps are super similar. The only thing that is not consitant with this video is that she tends to make the apple slices a little thicker (She changed it up because she likes it better that way) But yeah really nice!
Natalia Kornilevsky
Спасибо что поделились рецептом .И сразу воспоминания из детства . Спасибо нашим бабушкам .
HavensFire 8 days ago
The cake looks great and the recipe looks very easy to follow, but I'm in love with that scale! 😊💙
Strakin Month ago
Im from germany, my Father, born 1927, used to make this. He used no sour cream but curd and a bit less topping, and often made this with plums too. It was always delicious. Gladly i have the recipe :) But this one is nice too, a bit thicker and the apples are more "in" the cake. Looks mega delicious :) edit: and he used yeast in the dough
SlavyaninGopnik 11 days ago
You wrote the word Germany with a small letter, and father with a larger one. You seem to respect your old man a lot and hate your native land (no negativity, just an observation)
Lila 27 days ago
I use sour dough.
DeathLetterBlues 24 days ago
I made it and it's delicious 🤤 I highly suggest trying it! ✌️
xenomorph42 15 days ago
My grandma made this all the time, always loved it, never got boring, as a matter of fact, I’m going to make one today.😎
Heath Wilbur
Heath Wilbur Month ago
When I was sent to Germany for an injury when I was in the Army it was during the holiday season. I vividly remember these cakes made with different fruits and some had a baked Suger crust on top of an option for a custard topping. Very delicious. I will be making this one very soon!
SlavyaninGopnik 11 days ago
@M StrikesBack Yes
M StrikesBack
M StrikesBack Month ago
@Angella S. what service? to the Bankers that control the military?
Heath Wilbur
Heath Wilbur Month ago
@Angella S. You're welcome. We all need to do our part in our own way.
Angella S.
Angella S. Month ago
Thank you for your service!
Karin Dickinson
Karin Dickinson Month ago
@Is for me?! you are completly right. The more sugar you put in, the more it gets caramelized . Put ground almonds/hazelnuts in as well, yummy.
Tony Maxwell Hatt
Tony Maxwell Hatt 20 days ago
I made a much smaller version of this apple pie, it came out pretty good. I added chopped peacan nuts, and a little more cinnamon powder.
heimdal8 11 days ago
This is why I love old-timey food. The recipes are usually very simple and to the point, since people back in the day didn’t have access to tons of spices and products. And that’s what makes it great. The simplicity makes every taste pop!
aalatiah 13 days ago
I made this today with some changes and it turned out amazing. I added raisins, cranberries, and white chocolate chips to the top layer and I shredded the apple and mixed it with it. I also added baking powder and soda to the bottom layer.
Bo Knows
Bo Knows 8 days ago
Looks awesome, my grandmother used to make a very fine side dish like coleslaw, but she called it cream(ed)? cabbage? Kinda liquidy, no large chunks like the store bought slaw, i remember using that knuckle scratching machine to finely slice the cabbage if anyone out there has an ‘old’ recipe, would appreciate the help, everything we’ve found/used just isnt the same (so im told, never tried it as a child, but now am brave enough, lol) thanks soooo much 🤞🏼
alanaw27 Month ago
I’m Scottish and I have recipe for this. My mum used to make it every week. We used a sugary streusel topping instead of the cream cheese. I was in Sweden a couple of years ago and came across another variation. Very easy and great for a party.
Lori Terrill
Lori Terrill 18 days ago
Please Share your Recipe 💝
M K Month ago
I think Scotland has some wonderful bakery goods
Raewyn Cormack
Raewyn Cormack Month ago
@Smiding sounds delicious but what are your measurements tho please
Smiding Month ago
@Angella S. Melt butter, add some sugar, syrup, oats and then a pinch or two of flaked salt, cook on medium heat until it bubbles up a bit. Then you just add it on top of the apples then oven for 20-30 min depending on the temperature you bake at.
Angella S.
Angella S. Month ago
@Smiding Could you give a recipe for your topping?
E Mack
E Mack 19 days ago
This is so soothing to watch! I had just made an amazing cup of tea, and then this appeared on RU-vid for me...My Mom's Dad was German, and she is such a grand pie maker...this cake looks so tasty...and I would try the other fruits suggested by @catwoman as well...Thank you for that and for this video.
Dorilene Alves da Cunha
Gosto muito desse tipo de torta de maçã é leve não enjoa e, é também muito saudável! Muito bom conhecer pessoas de várias partes do mundo , nem que seja virtual! BRASILEIRA DE UBERLÂNDIA- MG.
jihane Month ago
I live in Germany and my mom sometimes makes a very similar pie. We still eat Apfelkuchen over here🤗
Людмила Новоселова
Спасибо. Приготовлю. Мама готовила, а мы, дети, пробовали сырое тесто-сладкое, с запахом ванили🙂
soniakiwi 17 days ago
Though I am not German, I love this traditional recipe because you don't add that filling syrup that is found in the American version of apple pie. These days they use high fructose corn syrup among other ingredients like cornstarch in order to create an emulsion out of the apples. Some people in turn use less apples 🍎 in order to save money and use more sugar/sweetener.
bastek. Month ago
Już czuję zapach tej szarlotki🤤🤤🤤👍
ReceitArt_Pt Month ago
Uaaaauuu 😮 Agora faz sim porque eu vou fazer 😂 Tô olhando e querendo morder a tela de tão deliciosa que parece ser. Aqui em casa todos irão gostar! É muito bom compartilhar essas receitas deliciosas e por isso também compartilho, isso tras tanta alegria na mesa da família, tanta satisfação... Parabéns pela excelente dica!
Stephanie Thompson
My family has a very similar recipe but with box cake mix and apple pie filling. But the same sour cream and egg on top. We love it! It's been a staple for years.
bourbongeek 17 days ago
This looked interesting so I made one. It's not as sweet as most cakes or pies that I'm used to, but still very tasty! Thank you for sharing this recipe!
k H
k H 9 days ago
I can't wait to make this!! Plums are coming in season. I had a plum tart with a glaze very much like this in Switzerland. I can't wait to make the apple version of this for a family member that was born in Bavaria. Thank you so very much. Cheers!
Rokzane Month ago
This looks incredibly similar to my grandmother's recipe for "German apple cake." Our family immigrated from Bavaria in the late 1870s to America. This has been part of every family gathering I can remember.
Rachel T.
Rachel T. Month ago
My mom makes a similar looking omenapiirakka, from Finland
Rokzane Month ago
@PowerControl Yes, I am aware....but there are many different types of apple cake in Germany, most are regional variations.
PowerControl Month ago
Because it is from Germany, from the city of Mannheim.
JazzzMonsterr 22 days ago
Youre baking is truly an art form and I envy anyone who gets to experience it with you.
Einfache Rezepte
Einfache Rezepte 21 day ago
Thanks a lot, comments like this always make me really glad to do this!
Mara Month ago
My family has kept up the tradition of this sort of dessert for over a century! We use a sweet yeast dough, and layer different types of fruit on top, but it's essentially the same. Stories made this out to be a traditional dessert of the "Germans from Russia" who emigrated from Russian territories to North America. Mainly North and South Dakota in the USA, and northward to Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada. Asking for "kuchen" will usually get you the same dish in any of these locations - despite its' broad meaning in German.
TranscendR 18 days ago
Your family's history is the exact same as mine-- German speaking Russians that fled to Saskatchewan around the time of the first world war. My great auntie still makes pies like this during family gatherings at the farm. :)
Corinthian Pleather
Yeah, you can find this dish all day every day if you’re in the German-Russian triangle of ND
D The Wave
D The Wave 21 day ago
@taylordlongcrow hey! Unfortunately there is no desert per sé in Germany. Maybe she meant a very rural area? Possibly the Lüneburger Heide? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%BCneburg_Heath
taylordlongcrow 21 day ago
@Mara my grandfather's mother was a part of these people, and my mom said she would always mention being from the German Desert; though she did not know much English, so I do not know if she meant to use a different word, I cannot find any such place on Google and am wondering if there is a mistranslation somewhere. I know this isn't the place to ask such a thing, but I'm from South Dakota and have always wanted to learn more about the background of my grandfather's mother's family and I don't know how to ask Google this specific question. Thanks for the great comment, and any other info you can share, if any.
This looks amazing! The number of eggs is a little worrisome but I'm definitely going to try this at least once.
Arkan Wolfshade
Arkan Wolfshade 11 hours ago
It was fun to make and my wife absolutely loved it. Thanks for posting!
Otilia Souza
Otilia Souza Month ago
Deu água na boca, mas pra mim faltou o fermento! ...
Laura Mundschau
Laura Mundschau 19 days ago
The crust you made is what my grandma used for banana split torte. I'm totally making this tomorrow 🤯
CP123 Month ago
My friend who wasn’t German and lived in Canada used to make Apfelkuchen just like this. It was so delicious! Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I’ll be making it soon because I loved this dessert 😃
SlavyaninGopnik 11 days ago
@Manikin Skycrawler Yo mama ain't no German girl
Manikin Skycrawler
Manikin Skycrawler 29 days ago
Apfelkuchen? That's the noise German girls make when you hit their tonsils 😊
Pete Mussoni
Pete Mussoni Month ago
I make an apple Kuching very similar to this for covered dish events
Linda Shorafa
Linda Shorafa 13 days ago
This looks like the cake my mom baked it was delicious 😋🤤 I miss her her cooking n baking I love you mom 🙏
kingdavidapple Month ago
There is an apple tree found in 1998 in Wales called Bardsey. It has a lemon character to its flavor - besides the apple characteristics - to make such a concoction slightly lemony without actually using lemon zest. I must try it both ways & see how it goes. Never had the pleasure of this kuchen.
Derli Berbiano
Derli Berbiano 14 days ago
Gostaria de fazer essa torta maravilhosa🙏🏿🙏🏿
Ariel Boyce
Ariel Boyce 20 days ago
I grew up in Germany too and I miss such cakes. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to make it.
A. Cesar Bittencourt
I just made it today. It came out all right… but the thing is I couldn’t find sour cream at the supermarket so I had to make it myself. The cake part came out a little dry and it I noticed that was missing salt to give it a contrast. Acabei de fazer. Saiu razoável. Um dos problemas foi encontrar o sour cream, então comprei creme de leite e fiz eu mesmo usando limão é uma pitada de sal. A nada ficou um pouco seca e sem sal. Na próxima vez acerto! 🍰
Guy 9 days ago
The best part is you dont have to peel the apples ! A modern version would probably swap the amount of sugar and butter and replace four by almond flour. Definitely going to try it. Her hands are perfect by the way.
Lisa Helling
Lisa Helling 21 day ago
My step grandmother who was very German-American made this when I was a child! I may have to try this ☺️
DannyMac 18 days ago
That looks good! I would have thought the apples on top wouldn't tear easily when you would bite down, but since you easily tore the piece of cake in half without a whole apple sliding out, it looks like the apples get nice and tender.
Sylvia Crawford
Sylvia Crawford Month ago
My Oma used to bake these kind of cakes and take them to the local bakery yard with a slip of paper stuck on top having the family name on it. They would bake the cakes and we would return to find our cake among many others and bring it home. Many families did not have large ovens for large baking pans this was a wonderful experiences..it does not exist anymore in most if not all small towns. Thank you this was nice to watch.. I copied the recipe and will try it tonight. Not sure the size of the pan. I will bake mine a little darker crust like Oma’s 🥰
Aussie Opal Girl 29
I remember the same tradition from my childhood in Germany, a small town of 2000 people. Especially during town celebrations the oven in the local bakery was open to homebakers. And many used this opportunity to make a bigger cake, my mom and grandma participated. I wonder how much they needed to pay to get it baked in the big oven. I wonder if my mom remembers. She is 82 now
Karin Dickinson
Karin Dickinson Month ago
@Shepherd Bella Wonderful, I love the old memories !!! What we did, getting the loaf from the bakery : we poked a hole in the end ( the KNUST ) and ate bits of it, delicious ! A hole was a hole, you can't mend it, it stays there. And there are not that many mice on the way home who could have done it.
Karin Dickinson
Karin Dickinson Month ago
Sylvia Crawford Why don't you put sugar on top of the apple slices ? It will caramelize a little and crunchy. Don't forget WHIPPING CREAM ( beaten) on each piece you serve ! IT'S DEVINE !!!!
S G Month ago
@BLU YT It looks like the jelly roll baking sheet I used in an industrial kitchen.
S G Month ago
@Christel Grimmer That sounds like heaven!
Dale Moscrop
Dale Moscrop Month ago
Here in Australia we have something called sour cream and apple slice, my mum and grandma made it all the time. It's a very simple/basic recipe, this almost feels like a more traditional version of the same thing. I'm wondering if this is the origin. I'm also going to absolutely make this. Danke!
Mr. A
Mr. A Month ago
No we don't.
JOi C Month ago
Thanks for sharing this recipe. I really want to try this. It looks so good. My Oma was born in Austria and came to America in the 1920's sometime before WWII. Her family was German Jewish and traveled a lot. She wouldn't talk about her heritage after WWII was over. She was afraid she would get sent back to Germany. Anyways, she handed down a few recipes to my mom, but she died when I was young, and I didn't get to know her very well to ask her for more recipes. The one I loved the most was her chocolate cake. It was a very dense cake and used very little ingredients. I think it was a flourless cake. Do you have a recipe like that in your 1894 recipe book? Blessings!
Godfrey Carmichael
Godfrey Carmichael 19 days ago
My mother (in Arkansas USA) made something very similar to this and called it Sour Cream Apple Pie. I loved it.
Big Zepp
Big Zepp 3 days ago
My mother still makes this exact cake every once in a while ^^
eline 5 days ago
This is fairly similar to my favorite apple pie recipe from when I was younger, except for the topping, where we add a mixture of egg and sugar near he end of baking time
alittlelunatic Month ago
Germans still bake cakes like that a lot, either with a yeast dough or a dough as shown here called Rührteig which translates to stirred dough. The fruit is seasonal, could be rubarb, plums, apples, sour cherries or berries. It depends on the region what kind of topping goes on it though. Around Berlin we tend to put Streusel on top which is a crumble close to simple sugar cookie dough sometimes mixed with nuts and depending on the fruit containing cinnamon or other spices like ground cardamom or ground ginger. But then we still have the tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen mostly on weekends which translates to coffee and cake and is a time to get together with family or friends for an our or two.
Flower Blossom
Flower Blossom 22 days ago
I have not seen or eaten this in over 30 years. Soooo delicious. Thank you!
Michael Weskamp
Michael Weskamp 13 days ago
My mom does similar one. Mostly a quick version with a topping from some almond slices and extra sugar.
Ex Mea Sententia
Ex Mea Sententia 21 day ago
This not a pie, it is kuchen. In the German-American household where I grew up kuchen is an un-iced cake generally eaten at breakfast or with coffee / tea later in the day. Torte is what we called iced layer cakes.
Ann N
Ann N 17 days ago
Just want to let you know that not only is the recipe outstanding but the music fits in perfectly. Thank you for sharing!
Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim Month ago
Whoa! German apple cake! I learned how to make this as a child growing up in Michigan. Not sure where I learned it, but it was my go to baked dish. One of my favorites. Haven't had it in decades.
WF B3 Month ago
OMGod, the end result looks so delicious 😋. I caught myself sniffing as soon as I saw the image of the dessert placed on the table. I wanted a taste so bad. Definitely have to try this recipe. 👍🏻😊😍 I think what surprises me most is that I've never seen nor heard of this kind of apple cake/pie.
Rachel T.
Rachel T. Month ago
I wished to see them take a bite...
Roman Dybala
Roman Dybala Month ago
This was eight beautiful minutes of time travel. 60 years ago I would sit with my mother while she baked like this. I would operate the mixer and add the ingredients. Thankyou so much for posting this.
allisaw 12 days ago
@Natalinka противень
Natalinka Month ago
@Einfache Rezepte Подскажите, пожалуйста, размер Вашей формы, в которой выпекали пирог.
Einfache Rezepte
Thank you very much for your kind comment. You made me very happy. I wish you a beautiful day
draygosiv Month ago
Family in Appalachia here has been making this type of pie for generations, although they came from Scotland in the 1600s as opposed to Germany. As a blacksmith and potter have made and repaired some of the pans my cousins use to make this and a few other dishes since can not really get those sizes anymore that fit the wood stoves. Always get this kinda pie as payment later if I'm not visiting, or a nice pig pickin if I am, since thats often when several family have need of repairs and I can make the trip. Biggest difference I can see is the use of buttermilk thickened with vinegar instead of sour cream, and they tend to use crab apples with honey used instead of sugar. Use whats available, although I tend to prefer sweeter apples and sugar to the former.
Tamara Jurisic
Tamara Jurisic Month ago
Joseph, my german-scottish colleague made this cake one day but dairy free. It was fantastic. So tasty that I want to remake for my children.
Snorpenbass Day ago
My mother (we're Swedish) makes a variant of this with granulated sugar instead of powdered. It makes the surface crispy and caramelized, and oh so good. She also uses the basic recipe for rhubarb and other variants.
Alex Shadowfax
Alex Shadowfax Month ago
That sour cream topping is what makes me want to try this cake out, I've never seen that before, I'm very curious. Thank you for the recipe.
Sabina Hurst
Sabina Hurst 29 days ago
My Mum was German, and sadly when she passed, I was a Young Mum myself, and miss her lovely food, a lot of what she made passed to! I like your Recipes and will try them.. thank you.
My Worst Enemy
My Worst Enemy 25 days ago
Such a shame that I’ve never had this. I remember being told that most of my Mother’s old family recipes were only written in German. The problem is that her family stopped teaching the language to their kids with my Grandpa’s generation.
Theodor Düsterberg
I can help too :) And maybe I found a few new recipes ^.^
My Worst Enemy
My Worst Enemy 24 days ago
I don’t have them, but I do know who might. I’ll have to check with my uncle.
TheIhplodur 24 days ago
If you still have the recipes, I could translate them to you.
Sergio Aragón Iturri
Looks so delicious, I would definitely try this, although I'd serve it with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top.
FlameG102 Month ago
My mother still makes something like this with plums, though without the topping. I will have to try this
Rainbug 18 days ago
So simple, and yet... so fantastic!😍
KavaKavana 21 day ago
This looks gorgeous and I bet it tastes wonderful
Maria Lucia Carvalho
Parece muito bom!!!!
Ruth King
Ruth King 4 days ago
Oh my I can’t wait to try this! My German roots thank you for sharing this marvellous recipe ☺️
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes Month ago
Me encantó la receta. Yo soy súper fan de la "cocina tradicional/ antigua", empezando por la de mi país, y procuro mantenerlas vivas , pues ésa es la verdadera cocina. y es parte de la herencia de todos. Pues ésas son las recetas que nos alimentaron la panza y el corazón... Un cordial saludo desde el Bajío!!
Rosy Flores
Rosy Flores Month ago
Aprende a hacerlo y comparte la receta, yo lo recuerdo ese pan de rejas, era delicioso y la verdad se han ido perdiendo muchas cosas.
Rosy Flores
Rosy Flores Month ago
Pues si te sabes las recetas empieza por compartirlas, los atoles son deliciosos y en tiempos de calor se pueden tomar bien fríos.
BBgreen Month ago
@M StrikesBack ok KAREN
M StrikesBack
M StrikesBack Month ago
Speak English or German.
BBgreen Month ago
El chiste es enseñarle a los niños estas recetas hantes de que se pierdan. En mi familia apredimos de jovenes recetas Alemanas y Irlandesas, ahora pasamos las mismas recetas a nuestros niños. Saludos desde Texas, y disculpe mi español.
Luiza Belli
Luiza Belli Month ago
Eu adorei a receita e vou fazer essa torta! Parabéns! Acabei de me inscrever em seu canal! Bjs do Brasil. 😊
dominik_drks 5 days ago
in Germany we say "Ja moin!" It looks so simple and tasty, need to try it out. Would be my first Apple Pie without Streusel
Philipp Lyanguzov
Philipp Lyanguzov 13 days ago
This recipe's also quite similar to the Russian Sharlotka cake that my Grandmother used to make.
Pure Luck
Pure Luck 22 days ago
This looks wonderful! I must try it and also will try it with peaches :)
Legal Avocado
Legal Avocado 6 days ago
I love this channel. It's interesting that many old recipes include a large number of eggs---this one is like an apple omelet with sugar added lol.
Angela 22 days ago
I make something like this which my GrandMother taught me the only difference is I added a short crust pastry then the cake mix with the apples and topping, I have been making this for the past 40 plus years, here is Australia you can buy that type of cake here I have bought it a few times but I like my own version because I love the crunch of the pastry with softness of the cake with the sweet and sourness of the apples and sour cream topping.
Maryanne Rapana
Maryanne Rapana Month ago
I’m hooked on different cultural way of baking and cooking food and it definitely looks delicious 🤤....thank you for sharing this 💕
M StrikesBack
M StrikesBack Month ago
Embrace your own culture.
Татьяна  Викторовна
Буду печь из наших натуральных продуктов. Очень любопытно, как получится. Люблю яблочные пироги, Цветаевский пеку осенью❤️ Очень красиво снимаете свою работу и с большим вкусом подбираете утварь. Давно ли живете в Германии? Благодарю Вас, за то , что делитесь своим талантом.
DESERTOLOG:Десерты и Напитки
в яблочке кожурке воск и яблоки обрабатывают спец средствами .
Angel Month ago
My Czech family made dough from wheat flour, beaten egg and a little salt, with unsalted butter cut into it (like with piecrust) until you got a firm dough similar to bread. We pushed the dough into a buttered, rectangular pyrex baking dish. Then we put fruit on toUẞs Pflaumenkuchen (Plum cake) with the oval, dark purple prune plums. Sometimes, we used fresh apricots. We cut the stone fruits in 1/2, removed pits, and placed the fruit halves skin side up on the dough. Mmmmm!
atc2esq 15 days ago
OMG, this looks delicious! I'm going to have to try it. The only thing is, I can't tell what size the pan is. 😥 Is it 10x10? I love how you put this video together. 💜 Absolutely beautiful!
atc2esq 13 days ago
@Einfache Rezepte thank you! Can't wait to try it!
Einfache Rezepte
Einfache Rezepte 13 days ago
45 cm x 35 cm :)
Zaphot Month ago
Thanks for the delicious recipe! However, one detail may be wrong: the recipe states "Saure Sahne" which is not sour cream, sour cream is most compareable to the german "Schmand" and has a higher fat content. Saure Sahne has ~10% fat content whilst sour cream has ~12-20% and Schmand has ~30%. So if you want to replace Saure Sahne with Sour Cream in the states then pick a lower fat content (you state 30% in your recipe, don't use that) or try greek yoghurt, which however may taste a little more sour.
Irina Kharlamova
Псмотрела видео, и захотелось приготовить такой пирог. Главное - найти время и настроение 😀
DESERTOLOG:Десерты и Напитки
приговьте лучше яблочный кисель с заварным кремом , то то вкуснее чем эта шняга из видео.
Michelle Proctor
Michelle Proctor 2 months ago
Looks very similar to my grandmothers Apple Kuchen I know the crust had yeast in it and the top had a strudel crumble with butter flour cinnamon and sugar no one in the family has her recipe and she never ever used a measuring cup ….. this recipe is very close thank you so much I enjoy your channel I brings back very fond memories of my sweet amazing Grandma Anna Steinwachs
Dulce Gonçalves
@Niki P n
Niki P
Niki P Month ago
@J Vis As l said, it's been years since l made this and, from memory, the 13g in the recipe, was the weight of a packet of yeast. Most dry yeast comes in jars now so l googled to find an equivalent spoon measurement. It is possible that it's wrong but l checked quite a few sites. l got the recipe off a German friend 40 years ago and made it when l lived in italy so neither remember nor have access to the brands l used. The recipe is so old that it may have used fresh yeast in which case half the weight in dry yeast would be enough. A slight increase in yeast has to be made to allow for the butter and egg in the recipe though so, feel free to experiment.
Dan Stoye
Dan Stoye Month ago
@Niki P Great. Already sent this recipe to my girlfriend in SPB and I think both of us are going to try it! Subscribed.
Niki P
Niki P Month ago
@Dan Stoye Thanks Dan. Yes, l did correct it in the recipe. I only added the comment so anyone who had already commented would get a notification.
Dan Stoye
Dan Stoye Month ago
@Niki P People might miss your correction. When commenting in RU-vid and then posting that comment you can later edit that comment by hovering your mouse at the end where you see 3 dots, click on edit and voila!
Valdevor Month ago
Im from Spain and my grandma used to do It once a month using olive oil instead of butter. Was so good, I should make some today😳
camelliaruth Month ago
My grandma makes this ❤️❤️❤️ Do you have the recipe for the cookies with the Crushed nut topping
Bean Town Reese
Bean Town Reese 18 days ago
Ich liebe diesen Kuchen. Ich hatte es als Kind oft. Meine Oma hat es geschafft. Ich mache es jetzt nur noch an Feiertagen und gebe Zimt oben drauf. es ist wirklich köstlich. 💖
Wes Murphy
Wes Murphy Month ago
Thanks for posting this. I guess I had apple cake on my mind and this popped up. I make a similar cake that was from an old church cookbook here in CT. A lot of people at church were (and some still are) of Swedish ancestry. My family is- in spite of my name! I actually make the version I know for a church dinner every year- except for the last two years because of the restrictions for the pandemic. We're doing it again this fall. I make about 10 of these cakes. I'm going to try this version at home- if I changed the recipe at the dinner, there would be an uproar!
Einfache Rezepte
45cm x 35cm :)
sue girard
sue girard Month ago
what size would you guess this pan to be? does not look like any American sized pan--maybe a quarter sheet pan?
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