Indian man surprised me how he beat at darbuka😱  

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Mar 13, 2024




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@zubairalnoor6716 24 days ago
Bro used to play on school benches🗿
Yes bro 🎉🎉🎉 we are 90 s kids
@VavaMeenu 20 days ago
Kerala people can relate 😂
@ashishkamble59 20 days ago
Yes bro
@DesiDoggies 20 days ago
You nailed It man 😊
When bro asked "can i take another beat?" It was game over 😂
@redchicken2384 16 days ago
He asked if he can take arabic i think
@user-pc8gp9ix5v 16 days ago
@PurplexEdits 16 days ago
he said "can I try a Kerala beat"
@shikha.g.mishra 16 days ago
Kuch kerala or arabic beat nhi bola...'another beat' bola hai.
@A-blah-ca-da-blah 16 days ago
​@@shikha.g.mishra Right.... Those two dumbos hears only what they want to hear.
@FedRogers 8 days ago
Indians are multi talented amd hard working family oriented people.
@mafiaa9668 7 days ago
Use burnal it's a ass burning reliever@@memeniamemes8191
@user-tf9it6zk3i 6 days ago
@surbhisingh8211 4 days ago
​@@memeniamemes8191 atleast we know our gender unlike ur country 😂, ur pfp explains a lot, how dumb u are and pollution and population problem is everywhere, look inside ur country before telling us asshole😂
Maybe polluted and populated correct....but not poverty. In total of 125 countries India placed as 111 place. Maybe becoz of population, you think it has more poverty.
@@memeniamemes8191india is 3rd in pollution yes its the most populated country but it doesnt even come in top 100 countries in poverty
അല്ല പിന്നെ 🫣ഇവിടെ വേലക്കും പൂരത്തിനും തുള്ളുന്ന നമ്മളോടാ 😜🏃‍♀️
@domeshmandavi927 12 days ago
Every Indian school backbenchers are the master in this art😅🎉
Yaa it's true
@zrworld3005 11 days ago
@allinonetech6860 11 days ago
😂😂 sach bola main tabla drum sab bench pe baja baja k sikha abb real main tabla baja ta hoon. 😂
@Jaddudhoop 11 days ago
Yup ! Bhai ham sab aise hi hai...10th last day pe bench or fan sab tod diya window bhi maja aaya . All time AC chalu rakhi thi😂😂
@vinodvarma6820 11 days ago
Absolutely true 🙌🏻
@saharnouri8110 15 days ago
People from Africa and India are gifted with talent for music and dance ❤️
@foreignbeatz837 15 days ago
And your comment literally doesn’t make no sense 😂
@AKAGAMI_SHANKX 15 days ago
Is it because you're from india. Its natural for you to think highly about your country . But to be honest your opinion doesn't change the fact that there are lots of country with natural talent. If its only talents youre talking abt rather than promoting your own country or comparing . There's more than 2 countries with talents.
@pizzaforever69 15 days ago
No hate to Indians but l just don't like how they think that they are the only one gifted with everything. l agree that their food, spices, history and other cultural aspects can't be comparable but that doesn't mean that they are the only one greatest in every field. Like, cr7 is not the greatest cricket player.
Literallly no, talent is all around the world
@MegaDimon1991 15 days ago
Its the bare minimum haven't you seen any bollywood movie the need to dance and sing for every interaction.
Bro was a professional backbencher 😂😂☠️
@sanju-432 7 days ago
We are indians bro in every house we have dancer, singer and dancer even musicians ❤️😎🔥
@brostom77 16 days ago
I like how humble the indian guy is. His beat takes it to the next level
That's how you define 'humble'?
@MsNemesis 15 days ago
Acho quê ele está de sarcasmo amigo 😅
@MS-ov9sv 15 days ago
Yes...I loved the Indian guy too❤
@user-gi2is1yn9f 14 days ago
Hey u are form which country bro
@Jay-sy8ic 12 days ago
​@user-gi2is1yn9f LOL you are definitely Indian cause every Indian people that I met when they wanted to ask me where I am from they all say it the same way "hey you are from which country brotha?" Lol
🇮🇳Indians are always MULTI TALENTED 🇮🇳
@knight2464 18 days ago
Common for all 😂over here
@ghth5635 18 days ago
Yeah so much MULTI TALANTED that they P00P On Roads😂
@knight2464 18 days ago
@@ghth5635 mulle spotted
​@@ghth5635every country has some pro's and cons.... Tell me your country i will also show shitt in your country
Bro, remember,Indians are class in Music.
@user-xd6xg4mg7w 7 days ago
Indian: rocked Foreigner: shocked😲
@adhiln5550 11 days ago
All Indians have the kind of talants❤️‍🩹😎
@imamangoo8632 10 days ago
Yes daa d Talund in meee
@naqshnaz3811 10 days ago
@fuyoutube854 10 days ago
​@@imamangoo8632are you a Muslim ❓❓❓❓😅😅😊
@rarish5554 10 days ago
Not just kind of.. All Indian are well talented
@dasilvadanilo 10 days ago
They have a scammer talent too
Indians are always multi talented Proud to be Indian
@kiteknight23 12 days ago
And lives in slumdia
And they are very talented with scaming people 😅😅😅😅
@jaskaransingh3894 12 days ago
​@@alexvictorpandi111teri ki bondd marli Indian ne love India ❤
@Cartman-Official 12 days ago
U guys are call center goats
@s.k9376 2 days ago
മലയാളി ആണേ....! 🔥🔥 From kerala🥰
@jk1sf 7 days ago
We Indians are talented 🔥
@margaritawatts 14 days ago
People from india have an incredible strong connection with music.❤
@SanoopSwaminathan 13 days ago
yes our childhood music instruments are desk and benches in school.
@hasonnet 13 days ago
True. But unfortunately our music directors can’t seem to make anything original somehow 🤷🏻‍♂️
good to see appreciation from a non Indian..thanks bro
@jeethkumarj 13 days ago
@T.Thevar 13 days ago
Part of culture & religion, God's have it too, God Shiva plays Veena & Damru, Maa Saraswati plays Veena, Lord Krishna Plays flute. 🪈
@saumyabehera1179 16 days ago
Indian musicians always blockbuster ❤
Это точно 😂😂😂😂
@vaneIla 16 days ago
And smelly
@subodhdongre7307 16 days ago
​@@vaneIlawhat do you mean by smelly
@SatyamKashyap27 16 days ago
​@@vaneIlayou meant your mom's coochie right?
@lifePaultheball 16 days ago
​@@vaneIla You should smell your mom. I heard she smells like your neighbour's uncle. Drop her only fans too.
Indians always born with extraordinary skills bro !! Don't underestimate them Love from India 🇮🇳
Indian's are multi talented. Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳
Soon as the Indian guy nodded before the beat, I knew he won't disappoint the Indian community. Lots of love from Nigeria..
Indians love Nigerians ❤
@ashes1925 14 days ago
soo true
@666OV 14 days ago
Thanks mate ❤
@favourabiyah596 14 days ago
​@@flowersfromh-evanlakshmi7577 That's an unnecessary lie.
@marana.th4 14 days ago
​@@flowersfromh-evanlakshmi7577😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@prosperyole 14 days ago
This Indian drum beat always stimulate my brain cells in excitement. So good.
@Daigunder71 14 days ago
That is mahadev sound yes
@user-xp1bc2db6c 13 days ago
Is it really Indian or Eastern? 🤣🤣🤣
@prosperyole 13 days ago
@@user-xp1bc2db6c I don't know but I see Indians play it more.
@Pacific-Boiii 13 days ago
Lol dumbass, this beat is middle eastern.. not Indian.
@stevencord292 13 days ago
This is a “Debka” beat, which is from the Middle East. It is also played on a Middle Eastern “Derbuka”. Indian beats which are older and more complex are played on the tabla.
@AlkaSingh-bm1me 6 days ago
Indians have every talent 😊
@Samsung-zp8io 7 days ago
1st beat was originally introduced to Bollywood was none other than the legendary AR Rahman! ❤
@satishmulaye3184 14 days ago
he politely asked for another beat.. that's respect... 🤜🤛respect for art and artist by India guy... so nice
@azzubabbu 14 days ago
Arabic beat kha may be
@@azzubabbu he said "can i take another beat"
Indians always appear with special talent 🎉❤
@Hshdzsskidi 5 days ago
@Priyanka-er2mb 3 days ago
except that idiotic Riddhi Patel protestor
@TheKiranlntecc 8 days ago
That’s Indians got talents ❤
@yashodarani7986 7 days ago
Bro... rocked.... Indians are full of talent. ❤
@guiguijol 16 days ago
The craziest part to me is, he actually askes if he can do another one. Humility lesson to everyone.
@nirjhoramahoti54 15 days ago
I thought he is asking if he can hold it for him😑
Indian / Sanatan culture for you.
@aadtie5633 15 days ago
​@@crewrangergaming9582Indian* Just INDIAN*.
@JayeshKumar-fc1rr 14 days ago
@@aadtie5633 all indian classical dance & music are inspired by lord shiva so why not Sanatan culture.
@Sitar88 14 days ago
@@JayeshKumar-fc1rrbecause half of your culture today wouldn’t be possible without Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists. Don’t bring religion into indian classical music, it has nothing to do with it.
Indians can make music anytime and anywhere 😂❤
@willt718 16 days ago
Bollywood agrees😂
@ApAjmalC 16 days ago
Even in traffic
@ramboffx326 16 days ago
Guys check out my music channel , I am an Indian 🇮🇳 and I play guitar in the vibrant audile channel
@popochino8154 7 days ago
4get the drums the indian guy's appearance explain the beauty of creation with talent 🎉
@ameenabi5075 9 days ago
Talented Indians 🇮🇳
@ateeb999 9 days ago
@@ateeb999 OLA HU UBER. bhaijaan
@Fit_inspire7 7 days ago
​Jjelouusyy 😂😂😂you cant beat indian never 😂​@@ateeb999f. U httr
​@@ateeb999 Go to hell No need to take your advice
How are things in
@johnshortfilms 13 days ago
Indian drum beats have a unique rhythm and energy that can captivate anyone's attention! They're truly mesmerizing to listen to.
true , but the beat he dropped isnt indian
@@abdelmoumenchergui2621 the rhythm is clearly based off of a tabla
@user-cy8ey4wf3q 13 days ago
​@@shivaanrambally9611 no bro it's kinda egyptian beat. Not an Indian one
@skeletonX17 13 days ago
​@@user-cy8ey4wf3q This is an Arabic rhythm, specifically from the Levant
@khansahb8 13 days ago
​@@shivaanrambally9611 literally not even a tiny bit.
@babas1266 3 days ago
Indians are always multi talented in the world ❤
@magdaleneswish 3 days ago
There is something so magical and hypnotic about this type of music and drumming and rhythms. I wish to be able to drum like this! For now I like to dance with it. 🎉💃💃💃
@Buggaeman 16 days ago
Need a 1 hour version of that 😂👏
@Salm86549 15 days ago
@eaom4038 15 days ago
Me too… 😂
Denk yu kam agen
@sachinjagtap4528 14 days ago
@Divyaanka 10 days ago
We Indians practiced it all on our school benches ❤❤❤
@ryleenick952 7 days ago
@jainarain1121 3 days ago
Indians always rock
Indians are talented in many ways 🎉🥳
@i1woo 9 days ago
Indian music and musicians don't often get the recognition but they don't mess with their craft. Indians always serve their 100% ❤
Absolutely 💯 🇮🇳
@suggestionbox01 5 days ago
@suryathakur5765 5 days ago
@yellowsport3 13 days ago
This is one of the reasons why I am always humble as a musician!
@pastilapils9188 12 days ago
I'm pretty sure Rafael beat him în a contest 😂 but is nice to show other people talents
@saddubgmi 12 days ago
Atla untadi India antee
@artistanubhav 2 days ago
India is always on Fire...❤❤
Indians are really very talented people....
@aju529 14 days ago
He is my friend Athul from India, kerala. Feling so proud about his act that has reached world wide.😍
@rbzfreaky2936 14 days ago
Aha pulliye kandapole tooni malayali avum enn nice ♥️
@Anciya-ns3lf 14 days ago
Aa Enikkum thonni malayali annn
@Abhi35898 14 days ago
Enikkum thonni
@irfanhasan1515 14 days ago
@suneerasaji9506 14 days ago
@MunnaKumar-pw7gh 17 days ago
Indians are always multi talented ❤
@lana_354 16 days ago
Yeah we go to school for studying but learn some skills that annoys teachers
@bumbaaclaaat2866 16 days ago
Yeah scammers and rapist's 😢
@nandan0022 16 days ago
​@@bumbaaclaaat2866not terrorists like you.
@somiyo_3622 16 days ago
​@@bumbaaclaaat2866 Who fcked your mom?😂
@cutie_153 2 days ago
Never underestimate Indians...😎❤️🔥🇮🇳
@NainuThisSide 19 hours ago
Got an Indian bro ..❤nd we are always on another beat with grace nd gratitude ❤l😊
The person who let you show your talent of india also so genius
@shayandas5976 16 days ago
1.3k likes and no comments? Lemme fix that
@limitedgamer9622 16 days ago
I'm not the like or comment fixer 😀
@bhabhidevar21 16 days ago
@iam_clumsyqueen 16 days ago
2 comments are not enough though 😅😅 lets start a Chain
@limitedgamer9622 16 days ago
@@iam_clumsyqueen you're a spammer right 😂
Indians are super talented ❤
Yes we are talented
@Ptolemy336VV 14 days ago
Like the rest of the world. But good skill the guy shows. You see. If you only watch indians who show skill you will say indians are talented. If you do it with any other people you will think exactly the same. Simple as that.
@sponk-long 14 days ago
And very horn horn
@Exploxs 14 days ago
absolutely. that guy only compliments indians@@Ptolemy336VV
Bro showed the power of Indians🇮🇳
All Indian are talented..
@rowdygaming5612 16 days ago
Foreigners always amaze to watch India's talented people ❤❤
@user-zz2yp3ne2s 16 days ago
Нет не всем!
@Jlp457 16 days ago
Nice sound..
@EVIL_G35 16 days ago
Never You mf
@lemonfrog5810 16 days ago
We are. And for a reason
@kirk5649 16 days ago
Yea I'm always amazed at Indian peoples ability to scam people
@rudrapriyadas4072 12 days ago
Most Indians have a good sense of music from an early age.... Culture man
@MANISH_KOTI 10 days ago
Yes from school bench
@TheReaper2004 10 days ago
@rudrapriyadas4072 10 days ago
@@mugenDelta Not to disrespect your views or anything like that, but Indian music has a lot of instruments( more than any other country) which are played with fingers or open handedly. So the culture of music that an Indian has allows him to play anything from a tabla to an octopad. I personally play tabla and felt myself to be well versed in octopad and drums as well. European music is also awesome, European instruments are also practiced a lot in India.
@adi01_ 3 days ago
Don't underestimate the power of An Indian ❤️
@user-xr8oi2gy3t 3 days ago
That's the Indian people 's power bro
Surely a tabla player! Not the same instrument but similar. What a talented guy!
@rtindwani6982 14 days ago
Back bencher hoga Meri ek friend thi ladki jo table pe dholak bajati thi school me School me har class me koi na koi mil jaaega
@Savithry0804 14 days ago
Sounded more like Shankar mela.. traditional Kerala style
@aju529 14 days ago
Yes he is and he has a music band. His name is Athul a good friend of mine 😊
@Savithry0804 14 days ago
Must say he is talented
@Is_yer_robeOnFire 14 days ago
No he tapped school bench
@user-fu8gq5xg5u1 13 days ago
Dude. This is India. He can sing, dance and play everything he sees.
@Tolga513 12 days ago
И это все одновременно 😂
@alfellati 12 days ago
@fidaabdullah2573 12 days ago
As an Indian, that's kinda true😂❤
@user-fu8gq5xg5u1 12 days ago
@@Tolga513 именно. Одна из древнейших наций на планете. Посмотри ради прикола Тревор Ноа - Колонизация. Вот так они рассуждают
@user-fu8gq5xg5u1 12 days ago
​@@fidaabdullah2573 My best friend is Indian. My brown bro. Even our birthdays 28 and 29 in same month. I lived with them in Manchester, and after I was on two indians weddings. Trever Noah - Colonization. Thats how I see Indians. Logic, sence and right questions. One of the oldest and wisest nations on the planet.
Indian are naturally artist
He's so good wow 😳🤯
@marginiszero 14 days ago
Indians are very talented in playing musical instruments🔥❤
@capitalist4life 14 days ago
Yes, all one billion of them. 😂
@xlr8_bs514 14 days ago
@@capitalist4life All 1.5 Billion of them. We're multi-talented by birth.
@drewbaker7899 14 days ago
@carlos2854 14 days ago
🫡 India number one
@shadowhunter5358 14 days ago
​@@capitalist4life I know what you are talking about. That taali-thaali during Covid lockdown was a moron act. But Indians are very kind hearted.
@murman9088 15 days ago
he was so humble and polite about it too lol
@SohanAryan0661 5 days ago
India me bahut talent hai bhai...
Never underestimate an Indian bro 🤟
@bhamidiamrit3349 16 days ago
Music is an integral part of India❤
@anntrope491 4 days ago
Talented percussionist !!
@ruhtu6850 17 days ago
I am proud by saying it that EVERY INDIAN IS TALENTED IN THEIR INTEREST 🇮🇳🪷🚀
@user-kf9vo5do5o 16 days ago
Индус правелно говори пиши😂
@farlopas 16 days ago
No se duchan
@AbhishekPatil943 16 days ago
@@farlopasi take bath with your mom
@vikasramola4583 16 days ago
@@farlopashow u know ur sister with him
@farlopas 16 days ago
@@vikasramola4583 fábrica mis Jordan, pobre indio
@sherryfabay6073 6 days ago
Greatly done dude . Rock on!!
@alexjordan1608 4 days ago
@Psych-bg4bl 16 days ago
The “from INDIA” alone means TALENT! Indians are damn good at any kind of music and dance.
@peeledcs2417 16 days ago
and scamming people 😢
@Dynamic818 16 days ago
Hey bro appreciate your comment as an Indian you are correct 💯💯❤❤
@alexaecho4273 16 days ago
Never seen an Indian dance anything but Indian music Lmfaoo they’re good at it but idk about that they can any music cus that’s just not true. Idk any bachata dancers from India or salsa or anything in Spanish lmao
@stynershiner1854 16 days ago
​@@alexaecho4273 In the most populous country in the world, you think there wouldn't be at least a few Salsa dancers? Just because you haven't seen them?
​@@peeledcs2417kinda the same skill. Both are about apeal, finesse and a very fine tuned intuition 😊
@madsoussi9863 14 days ago
Indian people are one of the most friendly people I ever met honestly I made Indian friends in many countries! Such great people
@pranayjaiwant1024 14 days ago
Love from India❤
@Batman-on6gn 14 days ago
Thank you for your kind words
@user-mg7tl2hm9y 14 days ago
Thank u bro from all Indians
come to malaysia then i can confirm that you changed your statement 🤣
@percyvolnar8010 14 days ago
@@undergroundtools9105 BINGO!!!
@jeepexperts7899 7 days ago
Nice play by India brother ❤
Indians is always be King in their professional ❤❤
"INDIAN"as always superstar in music 🎶👏🏼👏🏼
@abgbell8253 15 days ago
@hilihkintil9776 15 days ago
Nope 2
@k313x_pi4n0 15 days ago
Not exactly, though they're good at making music, some countries just make better music. No hate but let's appreciate all the music artists for their hard work, without them, there would be no music for us to bop to.
@weirdbutcool5091 15 days ago
@poornimakr1966 15 days ago
That is the power and talent of INDIANS.
@tedjohansen1634 14 days ago
Yep, this gonna put you on Mars.
@tariqziyad1338 14 days ago
Yea yea, u guys are powerfully pungent
@sivaganesh3434 14 days ago
Why do I see this kind of comment every time …. Just appreciate the man for his talent and stop compare it with anything… even country to country….
@paxtonpinto3545 14 days ago
Won't you give credit to Modi here as well 😂
@97inmyheart30 14 days ago
Mat kr aise maderchod....fuck y'all ruin the name of all indians....that's his talent not the country's
@user-iu7do8td6e 6 days ago
We are Indians bro... always talented ❤❤❤
Talented of poverty pollution population
My son used to play same like this in his university.Being a Tabla artist he can play any beat,any instrurment.that is the greatness of our musicand gurus.
@PAWAN0323 20 days ago
Actually : India is not for beginners This guy : Indians are not beginners 🔥🔥✊🏻
@aaradhyanema8307 16 days ago
Both are true 👍
@karanrajak_19 16 days ago
Both are same
@Tanish_Popalkar 16 days ago
​@@karanrajak_19How are both the same?
@karanrajak_19 16 days ago
@@Tanish_Popalkar Indians beginner nahi hai isliye to indians India me hai kyuki India to beginners ke liye nahi hai aur agar Indians beginner hote to India me indians na hote kyuki India is not for beginners Asan sabdo me "indians are not beginner that's why Indians are in India because India is not for beginners but we aren't beginner that's why we are Indians" Ab samjh gaye to thik nahi to jao apna 2nd class clear karo feer baat karna
@Tanish_Popalkar 16 days ago
@@karanrajak_19 Abe uske bolne ka matlab tha ki Indians kisi baat mei beginners nahi hai bass itna hi, aur dusre line ka matlab Non-Indians ke liye hai tujhe itna deep mei kon sochne bola? Kuch jyada padh liya kya, mera tension mat le Mera 2nd class ho gaya hai apna dekh pehle jyada degrees mil gayi shayad
Absolutely Indians are very brilliant....❤
@memeniamemes8191 12 days ago
Very britilaint in poverty pollution population
@parshuniroula9380 11 days ago
For rap
@poloska9471 11 days ago
Yes indeed but I hope during this century the nation and culture can improve on the economic and cleanliness side of things… need to create a lower class from poverty class, a middle class from lower class, and the upper class already exists… and train them all not to crap where they eat, not to dump chemicals and garbage all over the place. Otherwise, super great culture and nation.
@madhavagrawal756 11 days ago
​@@poloska9471 indeed, we need to focus on these issues and have to face the challenges in order to improve better and also we need to learn to accept the criticisms.. thanking you for your concern. Have a nice day
@yusraqadri3001 11 days ago
Yess ❤🎉
@murugant2553 6 days ago
All indians all place in very nice talented.....
@HeenaM-ve4pc 6 days ago
Anchor shocked😂 Brother rocked 😊
@gautam5233 15 days ago
Indians are rocking every where
@Invinsible20 13 days ago
Indian people's talents hits different in every situation ❤❤❤
@memeniamemes8191 13 days ago
Poverty talent
@afiqben3880 13 days ago
and also the hygiene hits different too🤣🤣🤣.
@kometag 13 days ago
Especially in scamming people 😂😂😂😂
@babloo363 13 days ago
Well said bro.... 👍 And Indian talent also hits jealous people..... As shown in comments.
@memeniamemes8191 12 days ago
@@babloo363 yeah bro alot people jealous of poverty pollution population
@user-ih6pm4nf7n 6 days ago
Talent of india🇮🇳🇮🇳 I am from Punjab
Music is like a major religion in India. Everyone seems to know how to sing and play instruments....and if course dance.
@Threemore650 10 days ago
I love tabla. The whole system of verbal musical notating in India is fascinating.
@yogi4663 7 days ago
Its darbuka not tabla
@yemvlogs5041 7 days ago
Its not tabla. It was tablet
@munnamunal8555 8 hours ago
@@yemvlogs5041​​⁠Nop he’s a malayali That’s knows how to play our local drum🪘 (chenda) that we wildly plays in Kerala festivals. (he had posted this on instagram)
Now that’s a man who is in touch with his culture. Amazing ❤❤❤
@abewewew 11 days ago
But he’s playing an Arabic tune
@rajasramteke1044 11 days ago
Vhary gud beta❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Y.HAJ. 10 days ago
Now that’s a drunk person’s comment
@batoulbella7284 10 days ago
it's an Arab tool for music.. and a mn arabic tune
@sachirahate8540 3 days ago
East or West India is the best Don't underestimate the power of India
No one can beat indians in playing musical instruments
@ichamu7648 19 days ago
1, 2 kott koodi padipichu kod dayy😅😅😂
@adelajagold5594 19 days ago
Come to Nigeria and find out
@rahulnshetty9944 19 days ago
​@@adelajagold5594 come to India you'll be amazed From how ancient time we have used instruments for Musics... We Even have musical pillars Temples in Hampi Karnataka , Bharat 💙
@fooodking 19 days ago
​@@adelajagold5594 come to India, You don't need to find out bruh💀😂 you can see everywhere..💀👽🇮🇳❤🎉
@komalthecoolk 19 days ago
What can you play?
@SV-rd1do 19 days ago
Indians NEVER Fail 😂🎉 Backbenchers jindabad ❤
@Fhferenity 5 days ago
one of the main instruments in ours classical music❤
Bro,Indians are born with music...
@user-nj2in1hu2l 16 days ago
Indian school culture fun | fire 🔥😈 hats off u men ...❤
@3666san 19 days ago
Indian backbenchers always have something to shock the audiences 😎
@talhaazeem9739 17 days ago
Not only indian every country backbencher especially Asian country backbencher 😂😂
@Gayathri_Gayuz 7 days ago
He is from Kerala 🌴🌾 ,INDIA 🇮🇳 I see he is posted this video on his Instagram account he is a Malayali 😊
@munnamunal8555 8 hours ago
Yetha avnte accnt?
@user-fd1vn7me6f 7 days ago
India and very talented man
@ayusharyan8033 14 days ago
Don't underestimate the talent of Indians ❤❤
@Normalhumman 13 days ago
All 1.3 billion of them? 😂
@Mario_1611 13 days ago
The great unwashed masses​@@Normalhumman
@user-ir5di9cv5n 13 days ago
​@@Mario_1611unwashed toilet paper community
@ninianavarro7746 13 days ago
Yeah, very good heart and genius.why is that??😊
@ydkma 13 days ago
Yea they are great at being thieves
@black_account_ 9 days ago
Bro was backbencher for sure 😂
@harshattri6896 7 days ago
indians are well talented
@SmileTwice. 7 days ago
@eexargaming2845 11 days ago
മലയാളിയോടാ അവൻ കളിച്ചത്. പിന്നെ നടന്നത് പൂരം 🔥🔥🔥🔥