Inside Guys React To Luka Doncic Leading Mavs BLOWOUT Win Against Suns In Game 7 | NBA on TNT

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Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie react to Luka Doncic leading the Dallas Mavericks' BLOWOUT win in Game 7 against the Phoenix Suns.

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May 14, 2022




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Comments 5 624
Timothy Thomas
That's priceless. The score was tied at Halftime. Sun's 27, Luka 27. 🤣
Dick Mountain
Let's not forget that almost EVERYONE thought the Suns were a lock to walk into the finals. You gotta respect Luka and this entire squad.
・your non favorite person 👍・
"Jump hook ain't falling, drop step ain't falling we all know the free throws ain't falling" what a treasure you are Shaq
JustInTime Beats
“We all know the free throws ain’t falling” shaq is hilarious without even trying
23-0 on 2nd chance points? That’s just lack of effort. Crazy to see a lack of effort from the home team in a game 7.
Adélékè Afọlayàn
Big point by Chuck about Luka getting hurt being a blessing in disguise for the Mavs. A confident roster with a solid star is hard to stop. Warriors be weary, it won't nearly be straightforward.
People don't seem to understand how special Luka Doncic really is.He had Kawhi Leonard and Paul Goerge guarding him and he was cooking both those boys at the age of like 21. This man will be the face of league very soon.
Pew Pew Pew Pew
“We all know the free throws ain’t falling” got me crying! 😂😂😂
Dustin Barlow
Almost died laughing when Shaq and Kenny sang deep in the heart of Texas to mess with Chuck.
jason S
The last home beat down I can remember of this magnitude in the playoffs was the Hornets & Nuggets series, where the Nuggets absolutely spanked the Hornets by like 50 points in game 4...the Hornets who had...Chris Paul...what a coincidence.
Coach Monty a class act, win or lose. Even though his guys lost, he always try’s to build up his men even in defeat.
E. G.
Agree with Barkley. Doncic injured when they played the Jazz was a blessing in disguise. It made the other players come out of their typical roles and bloom. Now they're all on fire.
Stephanie sA
"Going Down in Flames" is how this game will be remembered in Suns history. My goodness what a beatdown.
Lisa M. Willson
Jason Kidd was criticized at the start of the season but 4th seed and going all the way to conference finals is already a very good performance and him and his staff deserve credit for it. The mavs defense improvement completely transformed this team.
Diego Acevedo
This was "one of those games" that only happen once in a lifetime. When a team gets beaten so bad that the series should've been a sweep instead of going to the limit.
It was not "one of those nights" by any means. That doesn't just happen to a team lie the Suns. I bet what their coach was trying to say was that they let all the praises during their regular season get to their head, underestimated their opponents and got way to brash and instead of changing their game plan and staying strong, they deformed into franticness once they realized what was happening. The same thing happened the previous game, this one was just worse.
Faheem Abdul-Karim
I like how Monty takes responsibility, while Doc brushes it off.
Ernesto Durand
Reminds me when the rockets beat Orlando with shaq. Once it was Kenny smith who stepped up, once Sam Cassel, once Robert horry. Any nba team is unstoppable in the playoff when you always have an extra guy who steps up
Dallas Mavs fan here I'm so proud of my team, we are the dark horse 🐎 in the playoffs and got the best player in the playoffs right now!!
Jerrett Yaccarino
I’m a suns fan but give credit to Jason Kidd and I think we are witnessing Luka become the best player in the nba and great game by dineiddie and Brunson showed up and honestly I’ll be rooting for Luka and mavs to beat warriors, congratulations mavs fans go for it all!😊