Is an Alien Spacecraft Hiding in the Kuiper Belt? | NASA's Unexplained Files

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Jun 8, 2021




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Daemon Thorn
Daemon Thorn 7 months ago
5:05 A spinning spacecraft would most likely be spinning on a vertical axis, and the spacecraft would be HUGE. With the craft being very large, these effects that she speaks of would be greatly diminished. Just as they are diminished here on Earth. You don't feel the planet spinning because of it's size. If the planet was much, much, smaller, though, you would feel it.
eNOughPlaY 11 days ago
why every one feel aliens are like ghost??? keep simple mind set and thoughts...
Zachyy 23 days ago
true i also thought the same when she showed us her model its purely useless as its spinning in an already gravity zone aka earth and as earth is spinning it is making our gravity and earth is big too so well we wont feel it...arwan is in the same place if it spins it will make a comfortable gravity on its surface (prolly)
Daniel Greensides
Lamaas El
Lamaas El Month ago
also on earth we are already under gravity in the spinning machine that is a force that is working perpendicular to gravity I bet the human body is confused dealing with that. in space we wouldn't have that problem as the felt gravity would be almost non-existent.
Steve Wise
Steve Wise Month ago
Kingbrit45 3 months ago
It could be possible the object may have some form of electro magnetic field around it, maybe it is made up of naturally magnetic materials that can fritz out the probes sensors when it gets to close, kinda like how radiation causes cameras to glitch out once it reaches a certain threshold. The spin could be caused from collisions with other objects way back when. Speed and movement is relative in space, unless an outside force acts on the object, it will keep it's momentum, so if you threw a football into space, it would keep going forever, at least until it hits something. Considering this is the kuiper belt, it is very likely that asteroid collision are the reason for the spin. I'm not against the thought of alien life, i personally believe aliens life forms exist. But there is always a mundane answer to any question.
Adam Mcculley
Adam Mcculley 2 days ago
Arawan was discovered almost 30 years ago. It not a mystery. It's been observed by multiple telescopes. You can look up pics of it online. New horizons didn't " get close" to arawa, it was literally 69 million miles away from it, which was as close as we've ever been, but not close enough to be jammed by alien technology. It was first spotted by a Spanish observatory. It's just a big, cool, spinning rock.
eNOughPlaY 11 days ago
why every one feel aliens are like ghost??? keep simple mind set and thoughts...
Captain Hakob
Captain Hakob 23 days ago
@Jimmy Heymann your family sees you the same as you see the flat earth people. They think your a hardcore conspiracy theorist. My father in law called me one, I was kinda shocked because I only show him evidence. But if the TV doesn't say it... Then it must not be true.
Linda J54
Linda J54 Month ago
@Lamont Robertson Listen again: the commentary explains that they realised it was spinning because of the apparent changes of observed illumination.
Mia Month ago
@Jimmy Heymann Yeah, that would provide more info hopefully. I wonder if they still think about it
Gist Erme
Gist Erme 2 months ago
After extensive mental calculations, it seems that the probability of an extraterrestrial spacecraft hiding in the Kuiper Belt turns out to be indistinguishable from the probability that such a spacecraft is orbiting Uranus.
Stephen Borghese
Stephen Borghese 6 days ago
the probable place for this craft is Jupiter. on the 9th moon.
Max Mazi
Max Mazi 17 days ago
mark taylor
mark taylor Month ago
AetherWizard Month ago
I think I'd know if I had spaceships that close to my anus.
RC-SHADOW 2 months ago
@Chris Moll same
Carlos Par
Carlos Par 3 months ago
But...the "Coriolis effect" demonstrated by the tennis ball was actually Earth's gravity. After all, the spinning demonstration room IS on Earth. In space, all those maladies they discussed would almost disappear. The only force to deal with aside from the artificial spinning gravity would be inertia
Dylan Metz
Dylan Metz 25 days ago
Thats exactly what I was thinking I didn’t understand that at all and why would they speculate if there is life that it’d be blob or something with tentacles why not multiple legs that help with this so called artificial gravity
Fuzzlewit 2 months ago
@Baerchenization Indeed, you're correct. There is at all times on Earth a slight coriolis effect, but not enough - by a long way - to swerve a ball mid-air like that. That's caused by the stronger coriolis effect of the spinning room. The same effect can be seen when throwing a ball off a playground roundabout. Because the room is smaller, and has to spin faster to create a "false" gravity, the coriolis effect is stronger. Earth's rotation had no real effect on that experiment at all.
Fuzzlewit 2 months ago
@repunklican Nope. There is a slight coriolis effect at all times due to the Earth's spin, yes, but on that scale of bending a ball in air that much, it's the coriolis effect of the rotation of the tighter arc of the rotating room (which is trying to create gravity) - do the same deep in space, well away from Earth's gravity - and the same effect would exist as we saw in this video.
repunklican 3 months ago
Lol the coriolis effect is literally earth's spin
Baerchenization 3 months ago
25 people liked this nonsense. If it were Earth's gravity, you would not need the spinning thing, duh. And either way, it is not gravity, it is the Coriolis effect. Earth has it's own on the large scale, while this is obviously a very dramatic one, given the small radius and fast spin. This thing spins once every few seconds, while Earth spins once every 24 hours.
Stephen C-S
Stephen C-S 4 months ago
The spinning spaceship concept starting about 03:09 reminded me very strongly of Larry Niven's Ringworld novels. The science is sound but to make it liveable he had a radius of 93 million miles - the same distance as the Earth is from the sun. That certainly solves the rotational issues discussed later in the video, but who could build it and why? Definitely not us! In any case Arawn could not be a ringworld - it is much too small. Interesting speculation though - I'll definitely be looking at more of these videos.
aswb 24 days ago
its a sleeper ship you stil need gravity when asleep just not as mutch as when your awake
PURGE 24 days ago
When you say us i hope you're referring to the white race because there's still much you need to learn people today have no clue what's going on in space
aswb 2 months ago
maby is the last of a species a ark of sorts or a colony ship. or a sleeper ship (that last one maby explains the low gravity)
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago
How did the craft react to the magnetic force if it takes 4 hours one way for JPL to get the alarm and 4 hours to tell the craft to reverse thrust and back away? Kuiper Belt is between Mars and Jupiter. That's 8 hour response time. It should have fried circuits unless JPL has an A.I. system to automatically back away from high flux fields.😵
Jaime Colombani
Jaime Colombani 4 months ago
Radiation interferes with computer functions so a body emitting large amounts of radiation would effectively jam any electronics on the spacecraft depending on the tolerances it was designed with. Since our sun is the largest body emitting radiation and the spacecraft is heading away from the sun, then I think they didn't design it to resist any significant amount of radiation. If this theory is true, then the big question would be is why is this meteoric body so radioactive and why is it's composition so different from other Kuiper Belt objects?
GT-R Nights
GT-R Nights 3 months ago
@IGotUFOInformation I wasn't replying to you.
IGotUFOInformation 3 months ago
@GT-R Nights im making a logical assumption
GT-R Nights
GT-R Nights 3 months ago
Correlation is not necessarily causation. You're making some huge assumptions, including the assumption that it wasn't just bad timing that the sensors experienced issues. You're also making the assumption that it was radiation that caused the issue. Of course, you're relying on conspiracy theorist narratives who are leading you down this path by narrowly guiding your thought process to "it's aliens!" If you read the NASA press release, the on-board computer detected a problem and switched over to the backup computer and put the craft in safe mode so that it could re-establish communication and flight engineers could diagnose the problem. Communications were only down for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. That's hardly a window in which they would lose any possibility of getting data on this asteroid and honestly, they are playing it up.
IGotUFOInformation 3 months ago
I doubt it, how some are described they would generate an electric field around the craft.
IndepDH 2 months ago
The spinning motion sickness when testing the artificial gravity models that spin, is due to, there being two gravitational pulls on the human body of the test subject, the earths gravity and the centrifugal gravity from the model is what causes the effects. it's the same reason it happens in other various scenarios of moving objects a person is in/on such as a boat or car.
Yanzoh 5 months ago
The triple ring theory is the best I see, the outer ring and the inside ring spin together slightly off pace, and the middle ring of the three spins the opposite way at near or slightly faster then the other 2, it is assumed it can create Artificial gravity and give the feeling that you in the very center of the craft would feel as if you are on earth and all is normal. Maybe.
CodingMoose Year ago
This cuts out the parts about how the Coriolis effect is drastically reduced when your spinning body is large. The sickness is caused by the % difference of rotate between your head and feet, if you're standing inside a 30ft rotating body, and your 6 feet tall, the velocity difference between your head & feet is a lot more than if you're in something the size of delaware...
Charles Pockert
Charles Pockert 2 months ago
The Coriolis effect doesn't even apply here.... it only exists for objects moving towards/away from the axis of rotation and applies ONLY to the surface of the object in relation to you and ONLY for objects where your distance to the axis of rotation changes as you travel.... and NONE of those things will happen on these donut/shell type spacecraft. You don't "feel" it because there's nothing to feel. This video is incredibly stupid. Even in this 30ft rotating body, assuming it's rotating at the right speed you'd have no idea you were rotating, it would just feel like Earth gravity since the forces acting upon you would be almost identical to the force of gravity on Earth.
Wilhelm Sarasalo
Wilhelm Sarasalo 4 months ago
@CodingMoose Try a quarter balanced on the tip of a wire coat hanger. You can spin it and it won't fall off.
Yvette Kosta
Yvette Kosta 4 months ago
@Nicolas .Furlani well.. They also think shooting all our garbage into space is cool, just let it float out there or even use the moon as a garbage dump. Instead of figuring out no polluting furnaces using safe type of nuclear energy, or having a huge barge orbit the earth which takes on compressed plastic untill full and then is taken out to be crashed into our own furnace, Sol. I don't know...these ideas seem primitive, yet more advanced than what we are doing now!
Josh Bronson
Josh Bronson 7 months ago
@Nicolas .Furlani that’s how it goes lol not too late to get our shit together tho humans are just too dumb to work together. Whoever created us definitely hates us 😂
Sina Chum
Sina Chum 9 months ago
@mrseanpride I know i'm a bit late in the comment section but I think what people are trying to say is that everything is based scale, so for our size and height, you need to build a massive rotating wheel so you don't get sick and lose your balance.
Mysioreu 3 months ago
I like how it went from "it's spinning too fast for an ice-made object" to "it is certainly the aliens" so quick.
Jeff Heermans
Jeff Heermans Month ago
Sensationalism again steps on scientific method.
Shoother 3 months ago
My guess is that it's either transformers or alf
StevenWayneNewell 4 months ago
And not having years of engineering experience in space, you understandably assume the rate of spin of the outer surface defines what the structure spin rate would be inside. You do not assume necessity of multi-layer structuring, with a belt of ionic gases then inside that a muddy-ice cake layer and in the warmed liquid inner side of that setting somewhat like under the ice sheets at Antarctica the protective cold ocean water barrier and finally in building structures on rails all like a tube within a tube spinning fast enough to provide actual 9.8 meters per second gravity force is the living space of the people living there. But you would be right, that their inner ears are altered so they don't have vertigo, adapted for space piloting making this modification necessary to space adapted people. Read my science fiction series and consider the possibilities? LOL
Charlie 2 months ago
I see two things wrong with their artificial gravity concept. First the outer hull should be the only thing spinning and the living compartment should remain stationary and second you need to have an electromagnet field to stabilize the process cause spinning isn't enough!🤔 Just like the earth, the core is molten iron which gives the magnetic effect necessary to stabilize the planet in it's orbital path. I suspect this is something less than what they make it out to be. Probably a magnetized iron space rock caught in Pluto's magnetic field!🤔👍
Rpg 39
Rpg 39 2 months ago
Wouldn’t that machine they’re using to simulate gravity be impossible to achieve on earth because our planet is already spinning? It would be the equivalent of a eye glass prescription, in how you have to have bad vision in order for eye glasses to correct your vision. If you already have good vision, eye glasses would just over correct them and it would be blurry. Artificial gravity can only exist in a place where there is no gravity, yes? I’m not a scientist so I don’t understand this, but automatically that’s what I assume.
Celestina Robey
Celestina Robey 2 months ago
She could have just gone to any fair or carnival and messed around with the Gravitron ride, for a fraction of the price. 😌
MrBashem 2 months ago
I said something similar. Wondering if they did any tests like this in space.
M Dharmaraj
M Dharmaraj 2 months ago
yes i thought it was stupid they did not take into account earths own gravity ..the experiment must have been done in space
Andrew Z
Andrew Z Year ago
I like how we found one, out of millions, asteroid that was spinning in a different way than most of the other ateroids in the kyper belt, and people were immediatly like "artificial gravity which means aliens!"
Hobo Sapiens
Hobo Sapiens Day ago
@Daniel Mcfarland Maybe dig the subject instead of trying to be superior ... There is many and many cases, videos etc but if you stay on your daily news. Enjoy your pill my dude.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Month ago
Yeah, it's stupid. Everyone knows aliens have artificial gravity plating. Only unsophisticated humans would come up with spinning to create gravity. 🙄
Mrs.Debbie whatever usay
@throttle yeah agree but I think they use their imagination too much on how they look.
Jamie 2 months ago
People are thinking that because it defies science and when they went and tried to have a look at it up close when they got there it turned the probes power of and when the probe got too far away to film. The power came back yes things can causet
Paweł Dunal
Paweł Dunal 2 months ago
@throttle I agree. It is foolish not to consider this possibility, even if it is unlikely.
StarvingDad4Change 4 months ago
I thought about this problem fifty years ago and my conclusion is, the center of the room is where no gravity exists, by building an outer room with magnets on the walls, spinning around the inner room. People with special non magnetic suits and foot ware, plus protective headgear, would be needed, for people located in the center room, to have gravity in space!... Someone should try that idea, I would but ran out of money!!! The ROOT, of all EVIL, MONEY!!! Men work their lives trying to make it, for women to come along and spend it!!! Just another useless, thought of WISDOM,,,
Brandon Wells
Brandon Wells 4 months ago
Robert VanBuskirk
Robert VanBuskirk 2 months ago
The spin may be producing some sort of electromagnetic field that knocked out the probe's sensors temporarily Also, no advanced civilization would use centrifugal force instead of artificial gravity because of the detrimental effect on the maneuverability of the craft
JTM99 2 months ago
Exactly what I thought especially the fact that it could easily contain metal like asteroids do and a electric motor operates in the same manner. They are stretching hard on this.
Robert Mickelberg
Robert Mickelberg 2 months ago
By now you would think these intelligent people would realize that the ball appearing to curve when thrown is actually clear evidence that their idea of a big spinney thing in space won't actually create the desired artificial gravity. Sure the structure will spin but everything floating inside will remain floating.
Sou Jalil
Sou Jalil 2 months ago
My 4 years old toddler is addicted to astronomy and space content, and I got used to watch all these videos with him🪐🧑‍🚀
Kristy Barker
Kristy Barker 2 months ago
I love space documentaries. It's hard to believe we're really alone up there.
Wadaya Meane
Wadaya Meane 2 days ago
Charles West
Charles West 2 months ago
NASA knows about it but as usual won't say
Pandamotium 5 months ago
Could also be a giant metallic asteroid that caused the signal to drop, the odd reflection, and the odd rotation due to a mass difference between "typical" asteroids and this one.
le furry hunter nordic
@Pagong27Gaming "They" dont exist
Pagong27Gaming 5 months ago
It could be, whoever is controlling it, utilizing electronic jamming, and they know how to do electronic warfare.
oplix 6 months ago
The fact that "Science" Channel produced this means we are entering into the era of science as pure entertainment.
Halo Punk
Halo Punk 4 months ago
Imagine a science channel producing science content.. Yall stupid?
Jesse Pollard
Jesse Pollard 6 months ago
@Gail S. Newberg That is what the HISTORY channel was supposed to do. But it has become nothing but BS.
Gail S. Newberg
Gail S. Newberg 6 months ago
Ben Coss
Ben Coss 5 months ago
Question , I would want to ask since she's having trouble with a small room, bigger the object, would it be easier to do things?that we take for granted so what I'm asking, the bigger the spherical object, would the spin have lesser of effect of motion sickness, and disorientation?
Fjux Year ago
Seeing those scientists using our technology to explain the impossibility to be on that alien spaceship is kinda hilarious. That's like us watching scientists from the 14th century explaining the impossibility to fit humans inside a TV after seeing one, and therefore they must be made of some kind if goo
eNOughPlaY 11 days ago
why every one feel aliens are like ghost??? keep simple mind set and thoughts...
Mia Month ago
@Anthony Puccetti I also don't think it's an alien spacecraft, but still trying to use our technologies to explain things in space that we haven't even mastered yet especially when theorising other beings is still hilarious to observe. Like, come on! It's like trying to bring our creative imaginations to life about something we think is different from us but somehow think it'd be living how we are
Anthony Puccetti
Anthony Puccetti 2 months ago
Its not an alien spaceship.
RogerioGamer 6 months ago
Is like we are made by earth and you probably believe in Adan and Eve;
Handsome sag
Handsome sag 8 months ago
jim vanswearingen
jim vanswearingen 5 months ago
Has anyone calculated the gravitational equivalent to Arawn's current spin and the size of the planet a species would come in order to have that naturally?
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 3 months ago
Roughly 6.3
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg 3 months ago
What the hell makes you think an alien wants to spin indefinitely?? No alien spaceship is going to have a "spin indefinitely" button on their "spaceship". If this thing suddenly STOPS spinning, then that would be a good reason to investigate it. Other than that, it's just a bloody rock in the kuiper belt.
°•Nova•° 2 months ago
This is very unique and I am really curious of what it is made out of and the thought of a alien life form nothing even near human or maybe not even the same size puts a chill down my spine i think maybe high radioactive waves that scrambled the communication system but it is pretty scary like a sentient space creature i think it's better left untouched humans are stupid and if this could be dare I say an alien we should not interact we might cause something much greater than we could control I do believe in other life forms in the galaxy other than humans and this one might be one but a very and I mean very low chance of it being one but there is a chance because as they said artificial gravity and it has not been recorded in any other asteroid that we know of as I said previously I think we should not interact and let it roam around but this is only my opinion but still I think it would be better to leave it.
ETHRON1 Month ago
On spinning gravity, until it is really tested in zero gravity it's hard to determine the true effects.
Satan 8 months ago
The signals going out exactly as it was approaching could be someone or something jamming the signals intentionally and then the fact that it conveniently came back online once it was away from the craft/rock makes this discovery that much more interesting I wouldn’t be shocked tho if the signal wasn’t lost and they actually saw something but are just saying that the signal jammed to keep the masses from knowing what they actually saw You’re telling me that they ACTUALLY may have discovered a alien craft and we can’t schedule a follow up mission? Notice the guy at the end of the vid just quickly dismissing this and ending with “ah, well we won’t know about this any time soon” That’s either the elites covering this up or if this is their genuine attitude and this story happened exactly as it is reported, then this is EXACTLY why humans (supposedly) haven’t discovered alien life yet. The second we would find something we immediately turn away and make up excuses not to investigate. We are “looking” without actually looking for extra terrestrials
jorge gonzalez-larramendi
it took that probe like forty years to get to that neck of the woods..
ANYmations 2 months ago
@Tanuki that's what the government wants us to think. Why are ppl still in area 51 and they are not preparing for war. I would say it was an error so I tried to hide the aliens. This is just the government smart excuses, they can lie too
rodica popescu
rodica popescu 3 months ago
of course the signal was jammed intentionally, there is no other alternative in this time and age..
Willowy13 3 months ago
Aaaah... they will schedule some sort of mission there. We won't know it.
Garry Henderson
Garry Henderson 3 months ago
​@Tanukix . . c x " v c is .?c
Team Vortex
Team Vortex 6 months ago
Anyone else thinking that the reason the “artificial gravity” isn’t working properly because they’re due the experiment on earth. That already has gravity. If they did in it 0G would they still have the same results?
Linda J54
Linda J54 Month ago
Just for fun: what if the Kuiper Belt is the remaining debris from a super-massive Ringworld structure? (like Larry Niven imagined).
Gecko o
Gecko o 2 days ago
Nee, most of the material is rock and ice, maybe is the remaining of a huge fridge.
Brown Noise
Brown Noise 28 days ago
Hi there. An important incident confirmed by NASA Years ago now, seems to have been ignored and forgotten. What was described as a "Fast Mover" came in from the Kuiper Belt to Earth, dipped deeply into Earth's Atmosphere then left, in such a way, that it Could only Have powered its way back out. Anyone Else Remember That Report ? Bob. 🤔
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward 3 months ago
If it was a ship, maybe there is some technology inside it that can harness spinning gravity to create a completely seperarte gravity field from it, that human like organisms can use?
KenshinPhoenix 8 months ago
They need to send two probes ahead of the main satellite, the second one to report the distance that the first probe lost connection, and then stay well outside that. If all three are disabled at different distances, they are definitely being actively jammed.
Christoffer Fällman
@boom osby that wouldn't help at all... When was the last time you hubble managed to take quality photographs of the kuiper belt? Never and neither has or will James web either.. New horizon took photos but that's it
boom osby
boom osby 2 months ago
Why not point hubble or James web at it??
B JAD 2 months ago
@Chazzerayen sad
SirShottyScotty 5 months ago
I’ll pay for it.
Chazzerayen 6 months ago
That will take many years. We don't even know where they are now
Fredrick Hinojosa
Fredrick Hinojosa 6 months ago
To all those future miners, a satellite called the main control satellite, which orbits the asteroid the bottom half, a rocket thruster that can be slammed into a spinning asteroid, with four cordite propelled harpoons to secure the thruster's base securely to the surface and the top section, a swivel that can spin the main engine around 360 degrees and adjust the thruster for navigation, Ignite it to stop the spin, then place one more thruster on the other side and steer the asteroid toward the moon, and pick up psyche 16 with a tow chain on the way to the moon to pay for all future space programs thru the next four generations and make all people on the earth billionaires, feed all of the children of the earth. ending all starvation, and all needs on planet Earth. , We would become so technically advanced that we could colonize three or four worlds guaranteeing the future of human beings forever and a star trek future of universal exploration. and those who want to stay on the earth are welcome to.
Mark Linehan
Mark Linehan 3 months ago
Okay, so if it is a spinning ship creating artificial gravity then that would mean that the outside of the thing would be a floor. Why did you draw windows on the floor of the supposed ship?
TheVern 5 months ago
Regarding artificial gravity experiments... Would the existing gravity on earth not interfere with the gravity being simulated to produce such effects? Like distortion due to opposing forces? What would the behavior be in a gravity-less environment like space?
Repa TV
Repa TV 5 months ago
Exactly what im thinking.. they are doing the experiment in a place where gravity already exists and pulling them downwards, unlike in space.
Ziio Shwelone
Ziio Shwelone 17 days ago
I don't think we would ever be able to explain alien tech even when we see it with our own eyes.
Peaches 83
Peaches 83 6 months ago
It’s humans evolved years from now. We probably mastered going back in time. My best friend an I had a craft or something visit us but nobody believed us, we didn’t see it but felt it and our heads felt a vibration kind of noise.
ChaoticRose 4 months ago
The answer is somewhat simple I assume. Two directions spinning at the same time and same speed, one inside the other. Perhaps a third stable in the middle.
Billy 17 days ago
Needs to have an enter room that stays stationary and the outer room needs to rotate for anti gravity
Brandon Wayne
Brandon Wayne 2 months ago
The ship has to have inner spinning core floating like earth inner core spinning in magma or gold and outer spinning spear spinning in opposite direction from inner core. Perfect gravity and can be adjusted by spending inner core faster or slower. Jus like the planet magma. The liquid gold is what’s protecting everything.
Anjo The Weezky
Anjo The Weezky 10 months ago
Scientists only thought about the inner spin... They forgot the thought that a spaceship could have two layers and only the outward layer spins which could be the key to how Aliens control their craft's motion
Jamie 2 months ago
@Andy Wells then why nothing. Fighter jets have ejector seats . Or have bits drop away like a rocket .and maybe have a huge sort of air bag attached to it . Maybe even filled with helium if possible.
Andy Wells
Andy Wells 2 months ago
With respect , its not a thing that they would have not looked into. Government sponsored projects have the very best thinkers working on it.
Jamie 2 months ago
@Snowstorm nice essay . What adout ejector seat . Individual ones . I know plane crashes Are unpredictable but I'd like to at least have a chance . People could have an ejector seat and a giant air bag like IN a car but. Surrounds them like a zorb I believe there called It sounds impractical and a lot of work but I know it could be done. 🙋
Snowstorm 2 months ago
@William Nutile When they start talking about God and Multidimensional realities, you know they have the good shit. Puff Puff Pass bro.
Snowstorm 2 months ago
​@Jamie Because they did consider that and it turned out to be exponentially more expensive to design planes in that way, and the idea itself would literally only be functional when the detached cabin is high enough in the air for the parachutes to fully deploy. There are several problems with just this alone. A plane crash isn't a slow thing, they're very fast, and tend to happen without a lot of warning. Dropping a cabin out of the sky on a moments notice will cause more problems than you might consider. For example: 1: What about the pilots? Are we suppose to just let them die? You can't detach the cabin/pod to save the people, and abandon the employees actually flying the damn thing. You want to guarantee pilots as a nonexistant job, you're on the right track. 2: Forgoe the cabin, let's just attach a giant parachute to the whole plane and activate that instead and save everyone. Well, we actually have this, it's called CAPS, o0r the CIrrus Airframe Parachute system. It's designed for small, single engine, personal planes, and as far as I know, works fine enough. But the key thing here is the *size* of what you're trying to slow the descent of. There's no reasonable way to scale up that kind of size. You're asking for essentially a Reinforced Aircraft grade aluminum shell capable of holding upwards of 100 people, with a parachute system capable of slowing the descent in a rapid enough fashion. That's just not possible with today's technology. The size of the parachute alone would need to be astounding. 3: You're not falling down. Well, you are, but not straight down. See the thing with Humans is, we're pretty light on our own. We're also not super great at propelling ourselves forward without our feet. As such, when we skydive or leap out of a moving plane, the air resistance and lack of propulsion and weight tend to slow our forward momentum down. We can also control our descent with our limbs, stretching out to slow down or tucking them in to speed up. As well as help cope with spinning (to a point). Detaching the aircraft cabin wouldn't immediately caused it to drop. In fact, a giant metal cylindar filled with people would carry a lot more momentum once it seperated from the aircraft. What you'd be left with is a massive metal cylindar, with no ability to control itself or change it's angle of descent, at the mercy of 400 miles an hour worth of momentum, dropping out of the sky like a bomb, with the only hope that a colassal parachute system to save them. First it'd need to slow it's forward momentum enough to deploy the chute and not twist the cables, and second it'd need to acomplish this slowdown with enough time for the parachutes to still fully open. 35,000 feet comes really quick. 4: looping back to the pilots again. Let's say we impliment this, let's say this actually manages to be feasable enough to produce, we manage to work around the other 3 issues, save the pilots, slow descent, haulting forward momentum, and we do wind up moving to this method of aircraft safety. What happens to all the planes abandoned midflight? Because they don't just vanish and despawn, leaving the capsule to safely drop to the ground. No, now you've saved the people in the plane, congrats. What are you going to do about the unmanned, unguided, damaged missile you've now got flying out of control with no crew to deal with. Before, sure people died, but the pilots were still at the controls, fighting for the plane, trying to keep it in the air as best they can. Pilots are trained to keep fighting until the plane is on the ground or they're dead. It's a bleak, depressing reality, but the men and women who died flying civilians to and fro due to the unfortunate accidents in our skyways probably avoided bigger disasters behind the controls of their doomed aircraft, than abandoning them midflight to the whims of gravity and the atmosphere. Who knows where they'll end up or what they'll crash into. It's sad to say, but if a Pilot is behind the controls of a crashing aircraft, at least there's a good chance he can guide the thing somewhere safe to crash. A good example of this is the MacDonald Douglas flight that lost all it's hydraulics control and managed to keep the plane under some semblence of control with measured and timed engine thrusting and powering down. If that plane had no pilot because the entire cabin just bailed out, god knows what it would have hit. 5: This is probably the biggest point here, though it's also probably the really key factor here. Planes don't just drop out of the sky when they crash. In fact, crashes where this would be an effective response to the crash account for like less than 10% of all airplane crashes, I think it's like 3%. Most accidents occour either prior too, during, or shortly after take off, or prior too or during the landing of the plane. (Flight 1549 is a great example. "We'll endup in the hudson") Well below the necessary chute deployment time for something that large (again, assuming one could even support that amount of weight safely) and often times, accidents with engines and such don't result in deadly crashes. The fact that your average passenger airliner can fly on 1 engine, or can opperate with a damaged engine means it's harder to take out of the sky than you'd think. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_accidents_and_incidents_involving_airliners_in_the_United_States And seriously, take a look at when a lot of these accidents occoured and you'll start to get the picture. The amount of times "Attempting Landing/After Takeoff" you'll read is rather astounding. At no point in time would a parachute equiped cabin have saved these people in any fashon. TL;DR: Parachutes don't help when you're 2000 feet from the Ground, On Fire, Your cabin depressurizes and they're all out of peanuts.
James Parker
James Parker 3 months ago
I wish to point out the obvious fact that higher intelligent beings traveling through space from one edge of our galaxy to the other, would more than likely be of a hive mindset and would see the life on our planet as a smorgasbord or a farm where they can all tank up on essential nutrients before continuing on. I see them having a hive mindset because a mindset of humans is not disciplined enough to progress that far without humans destroying themselves.
Flips Valdes
Flips Valdes 2 months ago
For any scientists or anybody that might know the answer to this question, can gravity be created by a spinning shell but inside it remains still? think of a washing machine inside out, where the spinning happens outside and inside its still like the shell of a washing machine could it also be that even if the whole thing is spinning simultaneously, if there are beings inside, perhaps they float or have some type of adaptation like birds or fish do to their surroundings, or be nothing like a humanoid creature where the effects are zero on their bodies so to speak..
James Smith
James Smith 5 months ago
Interesting thought experiment . . . my guess is that might be a metallic core of a destroyed planet.
Nancy Gipson
Nancy Gipson 4 months ago
There's amazing things out there we've barely scratched the surface
liberal Rationalist
I've always had one question about using the coriolis "force"; the early video clip showed a person jumping...and slowly coming down. But that was with external gravity. if in a space vehicle or station if one jumped up from the rotating surface, wouldn't you be suddenly weightless? (I hadn't thought about walking and your lifted leg having different forces acting on it than the planted leg. Makes running questionable...although SkyLab DID have astronauts running to a degree.)
Charles Pockert
Charles Pockert 2 months ago
No. If you think about the reason for centripetal motion. The thing keeping you stuck to the floor of the station is the floor itself, it's accelerating you so that you don't fly off in a straight line into space. If you jump, all that happens is that you alter your trajectory slightly "upwards" in relation to the floor... But you are still traveling in a straight line in space but that floor is part of a ring (the part of the floor under your feet has now rotated around the curve and caught you), in half a second or your feet will be touching it again... It wouldn't feel any different to normal gravity and a normal jump. Try drawing your path on some paper and drawing the path of the floor that would be rotating and see what happens when you give yourself a small kick towards the middle of the ring.
English Longbows
English Longbows 8 months ago
Chase Tyson
Chase Tyson 3 months ago
Highly doubtful the new horizons probe transmission was suddenly cut off at that moment. My guess is they got plenty of data but that they deemed it to sensitive for the general population.
AetherWizard Month ago
Could it be that the outer part spins opposite to an inner core using 2 forces or something to spread out the spinning? I mean probably not I haven't put much thought into it but just saying that's not the ONLY answer.
Romz 3 months ago
Doesn't have be a biolgical "alien", Artificial intelligence could survive most extremes in the universe
J-Gnome at Home
J-Gnome at Home 6 months ago
Would think if they want to succeed testing the artificial gravity type thing with the spinning room. They would want to scale down the occupant to the environment. If the "ship" was the size of delaware roughly. A human wouldnt take up a percentage of the space. Whats the gravity effect if the subject that was to represent a person. Was scaled down to proper scale to see the effects when the room spins like it does. Also think our bodies woupd adjust after a bit to the motion. Similar to that of being on a boat or train..
carlanthonywong wong
I think an interesting question to ask if you believe in the big bang theory was where did that first spark begin in the whole universe and how far is earth's solar system and galaxy from it.Basically if you can tell how old each individual segment of the universe that is if it's nearer or further from the start taking into account the rate in which each segment was created.We can use earth's own timeline as a model and try and predict based on how long we took to become multi complex organisms from singular cells whether life could have developed in each segment with the right conditions on its planet
Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface
Obviously it must have a magnetic core, since it's spinning very fast it would have induced wild random electric currents in the probe. Not such a mystery. Why aren't I working for NASA? At one time I could run 10 miles of random terrain in less than an hour. Not today lol.
Denise Boldea
Denise Boldea 3 months ago
I believe there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. I just have a problem believing that they'd travel light years to stick probes up people's butts, or scrawl intergalactic graffiti into wheat field's.
Robert Tucker BSc MSc PhD
How about an outer shell spinning in the opposite direction to that of an inner shell or a tertiary shell to rectify ballance.
Gecko o
Gecko o 2 days ago
Well as far as evidence goes, that thing could be anything, they don't even know if that was the cause of the interference, I think that most likely is an asteroid that was trap by the gravity of the place, but now that they talk about artificial gravity, it seems like is possible to fall from a space ship, kind of a haunting thought,
Heena Year ago
Wondering if the artificial gravity can be obtained by creating a double sphere structure, one sphere in another, whereby the outer one spins and the inner is stationary ( for the space crew)
Corey Neufeld
Corey Neufeld 8 months ago
Share more about the underground base in dulce ? Or links ?
Timothy Watt
Timothy Watt 8 months ago
There are 12 densities, they don't adhere to "gravity". You are closer to the reality than the creators of this video though. They are all guessing except the deep underground base in Dulce NM. That place is the REAL House of Horrors. Out of sight, out of scrutiny.
Cecília Müller
Cecília Müller 4 months ago
the aliens: so our efforts to camouflage into a giant natural rock and hide from the humans have failed miserably
capy 4 months ago
Maybe we're thinking about this way too much. Maybe it could be spinning from a recent impact maybe? Plus i wouldnt expect the city lights to be like yellow probably. They could be green, blue ect.
Aden's YTV
Aden's YTV 5 months ago
So, going through the comments, I can see that everyone is a scientist with their own theories and explanations. 😄😁😁
Victor Emmanuel Soto
how can you simulate artificial gravity if the rotation of the earth is at the frequency of heart beat? the simulation made as shown in the video is horizontally rotating. it should let the person undergoing the experience should feel down ward .
repunklican 3 months ago
Aliens who are capable of interstellar travel wouldnt utilize basic fundamentals like centrifugal forces to create artificial gravity. They would be way past that point.
Scott Zema
Scott Zema 3 months ago
An asteroid as a spaceship. As a space vehicle to protect against radiation and impact, it might be ideal.
Marc Goudreau
Marc Goudreau 5 months ago
A lot of hypotheticals and presupposes for a Kuiper Belt rock that got knocked into a weird rotation two billion years ago. Of course, having NASA's probe go wonky at a bad time raises some suspicions but elevating this thing to a science platform for squid like aliens from Betelgeuse is a bit of a stretch...no?
Japan Talker
Japan Talker 6 months ago
Please excuse my ignorance. But if you try to create a separate gravitational pull while another one still exists. Wouldn't that cause 2 separate pulls which confuses the brain? While in space the pulling force would be different if you had an artificial gravitational force.
MasterXgaming Year ago
The Corealis effect may not work the same way in a non gravity environment. Likely the spinning would just take you back to normal earth gravity.
Fire Alarm Collector
I believe that there's life out there in the universe because life began on earth after our planet formed in 4.5 billion years ago . I believe that there's has to be life in the universe. I can't doubt that NASA captured a alien spacecraft at the edge of our solar system. That has to be a spaceship roaming around the edge of our solar system.
MONEYPRO MUSIC 5 months ago
I remember at one point nasa wouldn't dare talk about intelligent life in the open much less an alien spaceship
david Gardner
david Gardner 2 months ago
I sure hope there is intelligent life in the universe, because there is precious little left on this planet!
theseustoo 4 months ago
What's more likely, that 'Arwan' is a spaceship creating artificial gravity? Or just a big spinning rock? To say that this video is highly speculative would be the understatement of the year! :/
SnowDoozy 5 months ago
Wait, what's this thought process though? So they think it's spinning too fast as if it's trying to create artificial gravity so it might be a spaceship. Then they test it out, and find that it isn't fast enough to create the necessary gravitational force so instead of going "oh we were wrong it's not a spaceship" it's "oh so the beings inside must be different to us" ?????
quickstep 5 months ago
yup, they can always pull the "oh so the beings inside must be different to us" card whenever their calculations are off
Vicente 2 months ago
Artifical gravity is created by a generater that simulates earths gravity and generates a minimum of 20,000 dcvolts. imagen how to create an electrical forcefield like a tornado and the tornado being the center and your craft is in the center generating it. Think of it with a series of 21 windings stacked one on top of another with a seperator pos - neg bolted to a flat seperator and 2 coiles under the the the seperator. charge the two coiles under neath which inturn charges the upper set of coils creating a forcefield, think of it as only one finger in the tornado field. create 12 in center circle and + - ending in sequence and the stacked coils + - ending in sequence + - If you want to know more come see me.
Jim B
Jim B 2 months ago
You don't expect nasa to actually show you they found an outpost from a different species.
This event
This event 4 months ago
Let's assume our forefathers had the knowledge to travel space and this spinning ship could be housing humans
Drew Shourd
Drew Shourd Year ago
Wait, they are testing gravitation pull from a very small room, the effects of gravity are related to the size of the internal AND exterior force, meaning, if there was a very large space spinning, like the ones in the early pics in this video, they would react totally different than what the female doctor experienced in her VERY small space...it's like comparing apples to oranges, as they say.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 18 days ago
Zachyy 23 days ago
the room is useless she gotta admit it
Antonio Anderson
Antonio Anderson 2 months ago
Well the spacecraft and the room is spinning at different speeds. I think that they was just testing the fact that if humans can stand the rotation at a different speed than the earth’s rotation. All in all it’s still dumb in my opinion
John Balogh
John Balogh 4 months ago
@Tu Jay ⁰
Tu Jay
Tu Jay 6 months ago
VANDERS 4 months ago
Or could they be using harmonics inside to help dampen vibration and movement the same way we are now moving objects about with harmonic frequencies,if we can then am pretty sure we ain't alone developing this key technology or the future and most probably our past
D.M.E. 6 months ago
Surely the problems discussed around the 5:50 mark are related to having gravity pulling at you from two directions, Earth and the rotation?
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson 5 months ago
Wait... HOW did they determine the object was hollow ?
Jeremy Childrey
Jeremy Childrey 2 months ago
Better question is the US military already using a backwards engineered spacecraft that has already achieved travel to other solar systems like the TR3B🤔Would be really cool if it is a reality.
Notorious ROSCOE
They must have detected Voyager's transmissions long ago and changed course to take a peek at it. A chance encounter would be unlikely.
Steven Switzer
A "chance" encounter becomes exponentially more likely if you consider an advanced species sending out drone swarms. We send crap satellites already. Much easier to travel space when you are not required to have life-support and shielding.
DirtyMike 405
DirtyMike 405 3 months ago
Maybe apply a stationary walking zone inside of 2 soinning rotations to create a artificial gravity rebound
VANDERS 4 months ago
So if a craft is full to the brim with water and what's inside is basically water then wouldn't the movement and gravity be greatly reduced 👽
Morgan Butler
Morgan Butler 4 months ago
Putting aside the spacecraft theory for a moment, wouldn't it be possible for the object to be made up of one or more elements that, when combined, could distort or block radio waves? There are probably elements or compounds out at the edges of space that we haven't discovered yet. While it would be cool to think it's aliens, it doesn't always have to be the answer.
Nic Moreno
Nic Moreno 4 months ago
We are taught to look for facts and not to believe hear say..yet religions are based on hear say with no evidence yet we dont question this...we all hear evolution but yet we don't have actual evidence it's a thing it's hear say..if things were so advanced why do we continue to stay in a space station when it would make more sense to build a actual colony on the moon instead of looking at it ..wouldn't studying and trying to figure gravity be more suitable to being in a stationary place where there is no gravity
Rob Little
Rob Little 4 months ago
Something is wrong with the spinning room experiment .. Shouldnt it have been conducted out in space ... and not on the earth which has its own gravitational laws ?
Scott Colford (Wile E Coyote)
could the Kuiper Belt be the missing planet that was blown up?
GrimJerr 2 months ago
A rotating Mass is not the same as Gravity ! It is not a viable option for replacing the effects of True Gravity. The energy calculations for spinning up a large mass gets ridiculously extreme as you increase the mass to be rotated.
Ang2017 3 months ago
Yes there is a asteroid looking craft in the jumper belt. A female scientist found it, it was rotating nothing like a normal asteroid and she compared it easily to every other one in the belt. She also created an anti gravity machine and imitated what the antigravity would be lie on that actual craft and a human lasted 10 minutes in that environment!! Itsnin you tubeni watched it!
Weshallattack 4 months ago
More than likely this concerns level 4, perhaps level 5 beings. Observing us as if we're some prehistoric museum of the galaxy.
John Wang
John Wang Year ago
Problem is, only the habitat vessel must spin for artificial gravity, what you see from the outside is just the micrometeorite and radiation shield and would not spin or would counter spin very slowly to neutralize the angular momentum of the spinning habitat unit within. An actual spacecraft with an artificial gravity habitat would not show anything spinning from the outside or would be counter spinning very slowly as the radiation shields would be at least 95% of the mass. An example of this is Discovery 1 on Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey has an internal spinning section but nothing on the outside spins. Whatever spins is subjected to the artificial gravity and hence must have more tensile strength than the rest of the spaceship so the spinning section would be kept to a minimum. You would not spin the entire space craft if you can avoid doing so.
John Wang
John Wang 2 months ago
@Jacob's Handyman Tree Service LLC You do realize that no one is building a large space habitat with centrifugal gravity as artificial gravity at the moment, there is no one to "work for" in making posts about the idea as they are just theoretical concepts based on known science. Does people talking about science distress you so much that you must infer ulterior motives and conspiracies? Do you have an inferiority complex? Do you wear a red hat?
Jacob's Handyman Tree Service LLC
You work for “them?”… 🤔
Ethel Honig
Ethel Honig Year ago
Sounds logical👍
Jesse Knott
Jesse Knott 4 months ago
But for centrifugal force to be used for AG, she would be walking on the wall, not the floor. If that room were in space, people would be pushed to the walls.
Allen Lovell
Allen Lovell 5 months ago
As StarTrek's Mr. Spock would say, " fascinating!". Real or not, it bears watching !
Vader 6 months ago
A bigger space craft would lower the effects but anyways they could probably figure out some device to put on your head or something to eliminate that feeling right with the technology we have
Dude Duder
Dude Duder 3 months ago
Well, I think this is a very good example of what I call the 'Lemmino Principle': If at first you don't understand, it's definitely aliens.
Caleb Hayes
Caleb Hayes 3 months ago
i dunno but i say possibly it’s something with and orienting shell with an inside sort of connected but leaving like a holo gap possibly giving this piece in the middle artificial gravity . i dunno i only feel this way bc rather than walking on the spinning piece why not connect another piece to that one to sort of absorb the energy and put it into something different . i dunno really beats me 😅
Cosmic Trance
Cosmic Trance 4 months ago
immense, bizarre, mind boggling., damn i love it.
Candy Blessed
Candy Blessed 2 months ago
NASA is, absolutely amazing ❤
Aiah Zohar
Aiah Zohar 3 months ago
I'd expect an intelligent alien species (and they'd have to be to engineer machines to traverse space) to be very wary of humanity. Sure, WE love ourselves, but the record numbers of species on earth now extinct thanks to us in just a few short years is testimony to how dangerous humans are. It's no wonder we haven't received a greeting from ET's yet.
Robert Foerster
Robert Foerster 8 months ago
Well, with the spining room, isn't that the effects of living in on a planet and bringing in "that effect" that is another factor. Wouldn't our bodies aclimatized quickly to just one force versus two..out in space?
Zachyy 23 days ago
ha yeah the room is farely useless
GJ Dunston
GJ Dunston 4 months ago
Interesting how New Horizons quit working when it got close to Arawn but started working again once it moved away.