It's About Damn Time Lizzo Blessed Our BET Awards Stage Again! | BET Awards '22

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Watch Lizzo's 2022 BET Awards performance of her hit song, "It's About Damn Time!"

@Lizzo Music

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Jun 25, 2022




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Comments 1 976
Lilly Month ago
Lizzo is such a ray of sunshine, her personality is a breath of fresh air, she makes positive, uplifting music that makes you believe in yourself plus she's very talented, she can play the flute and dance at the same time, like who else can do that
Cee Cee
Cee Cee 27 days ago
A marching band
Miracle Wisdom
Miracle Wisdom 27 days ago
True ,but will they marry a plus size
Babe Month ago
People need to learn to appreciate people for their unique talents. If they are bringing it where it matters and doing their jobs that IS ALL that MATTERS! Your fans love you Lizzo!
Cece Giles
Cece Giles 17 days ago
@Angel Loves Drawing DJ Khaled has Talent? I thought he was a hype man.
Babe Month ago
@Deon 313 and it is sense not since.
Babe Month ago
@Deon 313 after you.
Deon 313
Deon 313 Month ago
@Babe Lmao what. It’s makes no since what u said. U need to learn how to write a full sentence 😂😂😂😂😂
Monique Kwachou
Monique Kwachou Month ago
When they say "body positivity" Lizzo embodies that. EVERY DAMN ONE, the spectrum is loved.
Dergie25 Month ago
She really set the tone for an amazing show. So glad she opened the show
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris Month ago
Yes, me, too!!
Deserae Ward
Deserae Ward Month ago
This is my first time seeing plus size men be dancers on a stage and I absolutely love it. Lizzo really is all inclusive 💖🥰💕💞💕🥰💖
HSD 7 days ago
The caterer had to bring out the emergency supplies for this gig
Jane Do-Re-Mi
Jane Do-Re-Mi 14 days ago
I noticed that too. I've seen plus size girls as background dancers, but never plus size guys. It was thoughtful of Lizzo to include them.
Tison N
Tison N 18 days ago
@steboss M dang that's savage.
steboss M
steboss M 20 days ago
For the same reason there aren't many paraplegic dancers..limited mobility 🤷🏾‍♂️
@Mula Stacks always got to be a hater she's dancing and singing and playing instruments and she doing a great job she might be a little out of breath but he'll she's live and not using auto tune
Kevvvy Kevv Entertainment
I’m so inspired… Me as A big guy watching big people dance and have fun has touch my soul. I can see myself dancing next to Lizzo..
Neisha Guy
Neisha Guy 25 days ago
I subscribed, so the day that you decide to dance with Lizzo, I wanna see and cheer you on! you will be awesome, if that's what you gonna do... yesssss!!!!1
Mula Stacks
Mula Stacks 27 days ago
@theloveofsue💋💋 your comment is irrelevant I never said I didn't like her I said she can't sing next
@polar seltzer ok but she is fit and she moving around her body shape might not be to your standards but you probably want someone were u can almost see their ribs
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose Month ago
She took all that bullying that she used to get and turned it into this and I bet you everybody that bullied her in school is buying her music today wishing they can be her friend 💗
Jae Jae
Jae Jae 23 days ago
Aja Kennedy
Aja Kennedy Month ago
I appreciate her vocals are actually live. Man, that gets more and more rare these days!
Chinwe Jon-Nwakalo
I love seeing the dancers from Lizzo’s watch out for the big grrrls!! The show was great and they were all so amazing. I love that Lizzo continues to spotlight their talent/work and though it was a reality show, they really got dancing careers with a hugely talented artist!
Vee Latay
Vee Latay Month ago
Yessss, I was surprised to see so many from the show!!
RavensDryad Month ago
Yesss!! I remember she said even if you’re not coming on tour with me I will call you for music videos etc so it’s so cool to see Sydney etc dancing with her again!!
Chinwe Jon-Nwakalo
@It'sWafy yes! Was excited to see some big boys, too
Cool dude
Cool dude Month ago
@It'sWafy Agree🙌🏽They all did an amazing ,And incredible job 🔥💓💯
Justice Month ago
Stage design was absolutely everything. Especially the intro graphics!
Cool dude
Cool dude Month ago
@MWE Wrestling exactly !
MWE Wrestling
MWE Wrestling Month ago
@Justice Exactly they love picking on people,They just jealous because she has a career and they don’t.
Justice Month ago
Some of y'all are horrible people ☠️
Suyama cole
Suyama cole Month ago
Dani Month ago
I see the two girls she promised to call for a show and… well… this just make me love Lizzo even more as a person!!
Jackie Garcia
Jackie Garcia Month ago
Lizzo is literally energy that brings love into any room. Say what you want about big women but this woman is an incredible entertaining & when she gets on that stage she is active!! You can’t help but love her!!
Ms. Diva 2U
Ms. Diva 2U Month ago
Lizzo, did the damn thing!!! Now, she is dancing with the the big boys. Alright now!! I love it!!! They killed it last night!!!
Crystal Kniss
Crystal Kniss Month ago
You can’t help but love her and everything she represents. She’s a god damn ray of sunshine.
i love how everyone in the crowd is vibing with her and the positive energy, lizzo deserves everything that she has and that is coming to her!
Heder Freire Hair Stylist
eu amoooo mas poderia ser melhor
Khaleesi Del Rey
I love that the ladies from “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” are still dancing with Lizzo, looking amazing and KILLING IT!
Brandy Martinez
Brandy Martinez Month ago
Her performance made me emotional she’s made such a positive impact in the plus size community! We love you sis, thank you for making a difference 🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😍😍
Shaniqua Sewer
Shaniqua Sewer Month ago
@De S. I just smiled the whole time with joy 😊
De S.
De S. Month ago
@Shaniqua Sewer Yes Epic it was. I loved it.
Shaniqua Sewer
Shaniqua Sewer Month ago
@Bal Rex Clearly your miserable! You're giving depressed vibes! It's okay, God loves you🙏I have a whole degree in Accounting, passing algebra was a breeze! Anyway, I hope you find the peace you so desperately are seeking being a troll on a happy post!
Shaniqua Sewer
Shaniqua Sewer Month ago
Love her and that Big Boy breakdown love she showed at the end! It was epic!
De S.
De S. Month ago
I love her too.
Arielle Month ago
It’s the giggles at the top of her set for me! She knew she was about to have fun! ❤️❤️❤️
KamisKisses CSL
KamisKisses CSL Month ago
Lizzo we don't deserve you. You are a blessing and a phenomenal woman. The dancers! The Flute. The stage. Everything is on point!
Rocky Rox
Rocky Rox Month ago
I just love how unique she is. And just don’t give a damn about anyone. She’s human and a superhuman at the same time. Love it so much!
F. J.
F. J. Month ago
She looked beautiful fully dressed!! You don’t always need everything hanging out to showcase your talent.✨
Amanda Quest
Amanda Quest Month ago
I absolutely love and adore her. She's amazing! She has it all--talent, beauty, creativity, unapologetic vibrancy. She took us back to the psychedelic era with this one. One of the best performances of the night hands down!
Rachelle R
Rachelle R Month ago
Her energy feels so good and uplifting powerful it's contagious wow that was amazing
KenK Month ago
The flute, vocals, stage presence, and vibes were givin'. I feel good every time I hear this song 🎵💃🏾
De S.
De S. Month ago
I feel good too. Love this song.
Gillian Ottaway
Gillian Ottaway Month ago
Loved seeing all the Big Grrrls up there with you! And I ADORED the addition of the male dancers. Amazing performance Lizzo!
Jenn Month ago
I’ve got pit tickets for her tour! I cringed at the price but this just tells me it’s worth it!!! I’ve seen her before before she blew up but the production these days is insane!!!! Yessss, big boys!
m. jackson
m. jackson Month ago
It ain't worth it, save your money for something else.
Sean McCann
Sean McCann Month ago
Bring Chicken wings and throw some at her
Bill Clay
Bill Clay Month ago
@starboyky She said $180
Seddycakes Month ago
@Spencer Harper you can tell she's singing by the way she's dancing
teammm Month ago
This show was incredible! Lizzo set the tone with her amazing performance. She is truly a light, I love watching her. And then y’all had Mariah Carey appear like a butterfly I was stomping for joy
Jainumb Month ago
I'll never stop talking about my experience at a lizzo show She's a performer and a ray of ☀️
Yesitsmedaphne Month ago
This was such a good performance! The audience was not giving though
Miss Ruth
Miss Ruth Month ago
I know i'm not the only one that watched this video more than once, i swear Lizzo is the whole vibeeeeee i mean damn this is the type of artist i'll pay my money to go see perform live.
De S.
De S. Month ago
I watched it several times. Loved the performance and love the song.
Cher0kee Month ago
She is beautiful. Her energy, personality, and vibe are a force to be reckoned with!
Shirley Butler
Shirley Butler Month ago
OMG Cherokee You just hit the ball out the ballpark with those comments 🎯
De S.
De S. Month ago
@Amberleigh Rachael If you don't have nothing nice to say. Don't say nothing at all. Why did you even dignify that response with an answer. Who cares what anyone thinks is or isn't beautiful. Who gives a D*** what anyone thinks. If myself or you Ms. Amberleigh had a dollar for everytime we cared what someone thought. We would be Billionaires. I Love Lizzo and I loved that performance. I watched it several times. Stay safe.
Amberleigh Rachael
@Kobe B so we need men validation to acknowledge a woman’s beauty? If the men don’t see it, then it’s their problem. And it’s true that Lizzo is beautiful
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa Month ago
@kobe b Facts
Starlet Hearlet
Starlet Hearlet Month ago
@Kobe B how hateful. She has a boyfriend. She’s a beautiful and talented soul
Suprem3 Savages
Suprem3 Savages Month ago
I love how she incorporates her instrument like Alicia keys and piano lol I love it
lickemlow rock
lickemlow rock Month ago
(((((LIZZO))))) Yaaassssss mommas now this how you brighten up a room with your beautiful Talent. I loves me some Lizzo cause she's one of those artist that doesn't care what any one thinks, she does what makes her happy and people rag on her cause they wish they had just an ounce of the CONFIDENCE SHE POSSESSES!! So THANK YOU MY QUEEN👑 for always giving a flawless performance, vocally amazing, energy on a bean💯 and putting a huge smile on my face☺ YOU UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT SALUTE QUEEN SALUTE😍💅🏽😘
Tracy Poole
Tracy Poole Month ago
She sang The Whole Damn time live unlike others singing over their music 🎵 🥰😍😘
Chanelle Hawkins
She is just everything while embodying for all the big girls .Just love it the vibe is there the outfits is there and Lizzo is a goddess.
Animefan350 Month ago
Lizzo is one of prince's protege's and I would expect nothing less. Sis always gonna slay the stage. An Artist.
M Murph
M Murph Month ago
Hold on. Let me check my google to see if thats true because I don't like fake news.
Roscoe Month ago
@Inglewoodhoney Honey he date every type of woman
James Dubey
James Dubey Month ago
Your right!! NOTHING LESS!! A True ARTIST 🎤
Jay Cam
Jay Cam Month ago
Hell nahhhhh! Don’t even put Prince in the same sentence as Precious
Endia Rapier
Endia Rapier Month ago
Very entertaining; that “feel good” music!! Lizzie has the perfect energy, nice performance!!😊
Evil R.
Evil R. Month ago
I love everything she stands for, and of course ..her Talent.
Q.T. Gaming Family
I am SO MAD AT ME!!! How I let work come between this and me😱. That's OK, you'd better believe I'm watching it all now❤️
asos zan
asos zan Month ago
Her energy feels so good and uplifting powerful it's contagious wow that was amazing
Peaceful Journey
That is a strong stage, they did their thing!
CHISENGA Month ago
Guys, I love Lizzo... I really do. However, sometimes it worries me that society can sometimes clearly see that someone is struggling with weight but in current society, it's like we are not allowed to say "Look after yourself Lizzo. That weight may manifest some health issues in the future." Instead we say "Oh! You're so beautiful, embrace who you are. As much as that is sweet, we are not being truthful for the recipients good.
CHISENGA 22 days ago
@Jessica Maria You’ve got a great point and your points are totally valid. As that is also my belief, that should have been a clause added to my text. You’re right. I mean well 🙏🏽
Jessica Maria
Jessica Maria 22 days ago
People of all sizes have mental and physical health problems, especially when they are taught to have unhealthy mindsets and poor self-image. Unless you see someone’s lab results, you don’t know their health status. Negative energy, worrying, and criticizing other people are what manifest in the body and worsen one’s health. People who worry less and take care of their mental health live healthy lives. ♥️
CHISENGA Month ago
@Kymberlyn Reed One of my favorite rappers Heavy D died young and he weighed much less than her. You don't have to accept my intention and these words of yours --->> "STILL think her weight equals laziness or that she's scarfing down burgers every day."
Kymberlyn Reed
Kymberlyn Reed Month ago
Unless you're her doctor, any "advice" about her weight, no matter how well-intentioned still comes off as patronizing. Lizzo tours the world and performs full-on, including playing the flute. It's really like you see her dancing, playing an instrument and somehow STILL think her weight equals laziness or that she's scarfing down burgers every day.
Nxbula Month ago
She’s so fun. What a breath of fresh air.
nkr dinla
nkr dinla Month ago
She is just everything while embodying for all the big girls .Just love it the vibe is there the outfits is there and Lizzo is a goddess.
Talia Oliver
Talia Oliver Month ago
I absolutely LOVED her performance. A bright way to open up the show 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dear Yvette
Dear Yvette Month ago
Every time I see lizzo perform tears start falling! Her spirit is so huge she can hardly contain it ❤️🙌🏾
Michi Month ago
I'm just wanna say, Lizzo and musicians and dancers all amazing!! Thank you for special song and beautiful stage!! I feel so so happy!!
amaraj johnson
amaraj johnson Month ago
her heart her confidence is gold she brightens up the world..❤
Naara Ferreira
Naara Ferreira Month ago
OMG Lizzo rocks in every single performance!!! Her outfit! Her voice! The ballet! The band! I’m in love 🔥
Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes
I just love her. She reminds me so much of my daughter...
Tanesha L
Tanesha L Month ago
This is such a feel good song and performance!! Get it, Lizzo!
Aubrey Month ago
She's just pure joy 😍. I love watching her. She's the rainbow after a dark storm that we all need right now.
ciun xitr
ciun xitr Month ago
I'll never stop talking about my experience at a lizzo show She's a performer and a ray of
BooBoo TheFool
BooBoo TheFool Month ago
Lizzo’s performances are always moving. I love her style and her voice sounds very taken care of and clean and crystal clear
Cee Cee
Cee Cee Month ago
I loved this whole performance 🎭 From her face on the clock, the flute, words on the clothes, the gold color scheme, the one time for the big boys dance etc… just electrifying! Kudos to Lizzo! ✨❤️
Lyn Wilson
Lyn Wilson Month ago
This performance felt so fun and happy! This one was my fav!
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore Month ago
OMG ! .. I am happy to see some of the girls that didn’t make it on “Watch out for the Big GIRLSSS” .. you kept your promise LIZZO!!! 💕❤️🏆.. and told them word for word “You will call them to come perform at the award shows”
Bennetta Daniels
@brandon gonzalez and we knew what she was saying 😏
brandon gonzalez
I find it funny that @Hannah Kayee deleted that comment because I’m sure she knew what she was saying 😂
Bennetta Daniels
@KC CAIN right I missed that too .... com'on @Hannah Kayee stop that
Bennetta Daniels
@brandon gonzalez wrong @
Lia Young
Lia Young Month ago
She is an absolute treasure. Her talent, her stage presence- she is life! I loved this performance.
Jimmy dean
Jimmy dean Month ago
The fact she bring out the Flute Make her that much more Talented 🔥💯 love her energy
Donna Ross
Donna Ross Month ago
That is one powerful beautiful loving hearted person, love Lizzo, she is a brilliant performer she's a ray of sunshine!!
heyheykaykay1 Month ago
Meditate Maven
Meditate Maven Month ago
I liked sum Lizzo songs before but after watching Watch Out for the Big Grrrls I have become a fan. Her energy and message is infectious and talent undeniable and that show was just soooo everything lol If you are a BW, go watch, it was made for us. Anyway, love you Lizzo and outstanding performance per usual.
Cool dude
Cool dude Month ago
@Seddycakes absolutely!🙌🏽
Seddycakes Month ago
Yessss! I can't say I love her music (except this one), but damn I love HER. She's such a warm hug 🤎
Shasha Vengesayi
I love this woman so much. God bless u Lizzo for keeping us uplifted and entertained
Sergio Oliva
Sergio Oliva Month ago
She’s amazing, I love the vibe
Ms.Magnifasense Month ago
We have fun, we celebrate, we Stand in our Power, it's 'bout damn time! Go Lizzo! Encore Encore!💥💥💥
Isaiah Month ago
She can light up a whole room. Go head Ms Lizzo 👏🏽
Missy Cruz
Missy Cruz Month ago
Get it girl! Love her lyrics, music, and her flute is awesome!
Nikita K. Wilson
I’m literally in tears of joy!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
lotusFlower 28 days ago
I love how she give everyone a chance at the spotlight... I love seeing the dancers so confident and winning just as well !!! Someone has to bring the change in
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Month ago
I love her energy she puts fun and love into it refreshing
Just A Petty Mess
Love the big boy dancers! "Watch out for the big boys!"
lex19xx Month ago
JDOGFTW Month ago
TravisBrown Month ago
She always gives us a Great Performance.
CherenaDP Month ago
I absolutely love Lizzo!! She is so inspirational and that smile and laugh always confirms that a good time is about to happen.
Live In VIOLET Month ago
VOCALS on POINT!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🕺🏾✨ LOVE when LIZZO bring out “Sasha Flute” 🎶✨🤩✨✨🙌🏽
D H Month ago
Lizzo is one of the prettiest women I have ever seen! She came out looking like a golden disco ball lol! I love how she had people of all sizes getting down!
Femdivine Mind
Femdivine Mind Month ago
Yh she’s genuinely gorgeous
C’Yo - Create Your Own
It’s time they start listing Lizza as one of thee best performers of the new school. She’s up there. Especially with delivering a fully entertaining show
Spencer Harper
Spencer Harper Month ago
@Monique look in mirror for joke.
Monique Month ago
@Spencer Harper It should be.
Spencer Harper
Spencer Harper Month ago
@Monique NO
Monique Month ago
Is that a joke…?
Spencer Harper
Spencer Harper Month ago
@starboyky ya they lip-synched everything. And that was before auto tune and computers and they was easily busted. 😂
It’s really about damn time. I just left a job where I was gaslighted for years, I’m finally getting back on my feet, rediscovering who I am, writing, giving myself time to love and understand my self. God, this song came right when I needed it. Lizzo is amazing.
Plainly Put
Plainly Put Month ago
I loved this performance for Lizzo! I can see the energy she really wanted to exude. It's like, she really wanted to do way more to give a much more electrifying performance than she was able. I'm personally rooting for her in her journey. She's far too young for anything to hinder her elevation. That includes her health. She herself said it once and then took it back because people claimed they were disappointed. So, it seems she's holding back on herself just to please everyone else. But I hope she means it when she says "Its about damn time!" Because she's in this world, in part, to inspire and you can't do that if you allow what people say about you run you, give in to fan pressure, or not allow yourself to listen to your own heart and follow your own personal happiness. People will always love a genuine person even if they change themselves to better their personal happiness. I hope that no matter what, she always does what she knows deep in her heart is best for her.❤
mdj2742 Month ago
It’s great to see a great performance by an artist with actual talent. The over-sexualized displays and graphic lyrics are tired. It’s obvious the audience appreciated this performance as well.
De S.
De S. Month ago
I'm with you all the way. Such a feel good song.
DAsia W
DAsia W Month ago
I always look for the backup dancers from her show watch out for the big grrrls and I love seeing them on stage 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Electra Rain
Electra Rain Month ago
The dancers with the words on them were dope the colors and how she was dressed was everything vocals was on point production was phenomenal great performer she always lights up the stage just like the color she had on I love that damn flute lol representing for the BBWs yasss she killed it she always keeps her performance creative every time never disappoints
Cool dude
Cool dude Month ago
It was lit!🔥
Luv Sum Sweets
Luv Sum Sweets Month ago
This brought me to tears. I love Lizzo her energy is everything.
princessdi702 Month ago
This performance is why I absolutely love and adore Lizzo. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
iohu11 Month ago
Lizzo really came and gave that amazing performance! The staging, costumes and dancers were amazing also, no matter where she goes she is divine and makes everything sublime.
Time traveling Jukebox
THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY! I LOVE THE 70s so the stage and the outfits were perfection!! And of course this song always makes my day!!
quiy dio
quiy dio Month ago
She really set the tone for an amazing show. So glad she opened the show
Loved By You
Loved By You Month ago
Lizzi is wonderful!! So talented and captivating!! I always love watching her.
Denise FIAOLA Month ago
Lizzo and your whole team of dancers were bloody awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed watching it and now I can start my day happy, refreshed and uplifted! I'm gonna be ok 👍🏽 Hell yeah!
flower child
flower child Month ago
She better be one of the muses for that reboot Hercules. Love the inclusivity & that flute playing💛💛💛
Esoteric Breed
Esoteric Breed Month ago
Looooooved everything about this performance 👏🏽 🙌🏼 ✨️
Dr. 100 PurrScent
Lizzo is so Fun and So Full of ENERGY!!! How can you not Love Her Vibe 😍
Choasi Month ago
I can just FEEL the love and the peace. Lizzo has taught me a very important lesson. People won’t always like your true self and thats ok. You just have to keep going. 🥰
Braidz4dayzz Month ago
She's an awesome performer!!! I JUST LOVE HER ENERGY!!!
Neeshpeesh1234 Month ago
I appreciate the set decoration! Stage presence, the new arrangement and the fact that my girl sung LIVE. Yess Lizzo do yo thang!
Aries love
Aries love Month ago
she always in concert plays and sings live .
TyreseBLK Month ago
@Spencer Harper pitch correction doesn’t mean it isn’t live… it’s still her singing live…
Ayeeshah M
Ayeeshah M Month ago
@Spencer Harper she was live, you can even hear her breathing some times
Spencer Harper
Spencer Harper Month ago
She wasn’t singing live. That was auto tuned. Even the flute was recorded obviously. Them chics playing guitar was fake.
Josephine Icuka-asumo
Multilayered, multitalented, amazing and just a beautiful person with incredible energy. Love you Lizzo 😍 💗
Pamela Marie
Pamela Marie Month ago
This is the Lizzo I remember!!! Keep us dancing 💃🎶♥
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon Month ago
OMG I thoroughly enjoyed her performance..those big boys can move too!!!!!! 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯
De S.
De S. Month ago
Yes they can. They did the damn thing.
Hey Kreion
Hey Kreion Month ago
I love the costumes and everything 😫🙌🏾 go awf 🪩 🕺🕺🕺
Dan Dan
Dan Dan Month ago
That flute intro went crazy!! 🔥🔥🔥
Damn, Kevin DEADER than a mf
@Ayeeshah M got a problem with big women maybe
Leem Leem
Leem Leem Month ago
Yeah she did great!!
star fire
star fire Month ago
@Spencer Harper She plays the flute, and she was actually singing. Weirdo
Ayeeshah M
Ayeeshah M Month ago
@Spencer Harper what's your issue? Why are you hating and leaving this kinda comment all about?!