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Mar 27, 2024




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History of Burj Khalifa
@remusayta9937 20 days ago
Aaahahahaha you say arabs are not good in numbers.. no they are. 😂
Make sense 😂
I’m from Dubai 😂
@user-ek9bj2bt8u 17 days ago
@Alexandria-dl6om 20 days ago
Fr but it is even worse when your dad is helping you do math homework
@littlevia9216 20 days ago
bro facts
@DeaNissa-yq1iw 20 days ago
@isabella32344 20 days ago
En mi caso mi mamá 🤣🤣🤣
@MuratIsotov 19 days ago
Что ревёшь 1 + 1 - это лёгкий пример Конечно будет два все это знают Не надо было ничего не закрашивать
@SheroLXYT 6 days ago
Surely the math teacher won’t notice 💀
@Z.a.a.r.a 3 days ago
@-er2sh 2 days ago
@hahayes20 4 days ago
Pov:when you make you homework with your dad💀
Bro violated the “pole”💀 8.3k?! How Df does this even work.
@AVACORE.11 18 days ago
@abangapis7656 17 days ago
Touching something doesnt mean its violating
@TheActualMC 17 days ago
Hold =/= violate
@dariusbalaceanu 17 days ago
@saiko-nf2ed 20 days ago
The problem is that he tried all the numbers to two 😂
@mustafamaad1887 18 days ago
حتى ال100 جربه 😂😂😂
@K-pop_Rules 18 days ago
200th like
@susanchen7977 18 days ago
@yanti27Susi 18 days ago
@yanti27Susi 18 days ago
"Los errores te hacen mas fuertes" JasonDerulo:💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️
@user-zw6oi8ns5n 5 days ago
Bro won the trend
@odeliaheifitz2750 16 days ago
Legend says he’s still correcting it to this day 💀💀💀
@Avah-mj3ng 15 days ago
Lol 😂
@lawl_4llie 15 days ago
me fr
😂 lolololo lol ❤❤😊😊
@Rosiesposies12334 15 days ago
Homework with my dad be like: 💀💀💀
@user-fe7fh7uj4e 15 days ago
@imeldachu9192 13 days ago
I destroyed the 200th like😅😂
@Tokacat587 13 days ago
Нет у меня с мамой так папа добрый)
@AxolotlMe92023 13 days ago
@Tailsrevenge 5 days ago
Me when I'm doing my final test
@user-gr8xg9ld4b 5 days ago
Bro's studying with his dad. 💀
@Merna_20097 18 days ago
Legend has it that he is still trying to this day 😂😂💔
@futaugyf 17 days ago
@user-px1cd4kw4k 17 days ago
It makes sense why I'm seeing a very thin Mount Everest
@user-xj2lc4py6l 17 days ago
@user-pp1nh5zj8n 17 days ago
Are efforts wasted?
@almaayman5516 21 day ago
That’s me when dad want me to study with him❤😂 Edit: thanks for 161 likes ❤
@FedericaMarcone 19 days ago
@user-yt7kf6sz4x 19 days ago
@user-be7ps8bc1z 19 days ago
Ya but I’m also crying 💀
I+l. E2😊😊🎉😊
@Flyp_pupurka 4 days ago
And then you remember that the pen is erased 😂
@Jjkilla404 4 days ago
Pov of doing math homework with dad 😂😂
@user-qu8ed3zt5g 17 days ago
And then you remember that it was an erasing pen!😂😂😂
@taniatahsin3461 17 days ago
69th like
@@taniatahsin3461not funny
Yea it is
@Kdrama_poppz 16 days ago
this is how villains are made 😂🤣
@jasonsaunders2651 13 days ago
Seen this comment from 3 different ppl come on now
@BobloxplayerNia 17 days ago
Literally people when they're studying with their moms and don't want to think😃🙌
@SillybunbunSilly 16 days ago
So true
@user-jv1wu4hy5m 16 days ago
@omartasmi9795 6 days ago
1+1=2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The girls are you too good 💯
@khodhirkhan5327 5 days ago
@fibolnlles 5 days ago
No 1+1=2
@fibolnlles 5 days ago
@user-tp7tw3ds2t 5 days ago
He knows it's a mistake when he realizes it lol
Bro forget that we also have calculator😂😂
Bros Asian
@celineshalabi9236 17 days ago
@saradaa6413 17 days ago
Omg bro I didn’t think about that lol
@user-cl4su5bg7h 15 days ago
U don't even need one the question is 1 plus 1!!!
@ZappyTheDragon 21 day ago
Im in advanced math at school and this is how everyday is 😭
@manyatripathi1679 19 days ago
And I'm giving jee advance maths 😁
@user-yx4rm8tz2d 19 days ago
1+1=2 Yes
@royalsardarni5718 19 days ago
Same bro 😢😢
@user-kw3fh9om2f 18 days ago
@TonyGGK 16 hours ago
Legend say that he Is still doing his math equation
@mike1029able 4 days ago
Me in my math class😂lol
@user-mc5py6ij3j 17 days ago
Math be like after the summer holidays 😅
@user-qp7vf3li3z 16 days ago
@Cinamoroll3454 17 days ago
Bro forget that we have a calculator for him 😂😂😂
Calculators are for babies
@Cinamoroll3454 5 days ago
@@KoopaTroopaDeezNuts no
@@Cinamoroll3454 calculators cant even solve much questions, it can only solve the basics
@_Gacha_Willow_ 3 days ago
Pov: Your dad is helping you with your math homework.
It looks like I am writing my final exam and it is a story of Burj Khakifa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason basically posts EVERYTHING he sees
@_i_slay_ 16 days ago
@_i_slay_ 16 days ago
but he gets premission
@alovecolour 16 days ago
With his music in it.
@@alovecolour I know
@user-oq9yy7of7q 16 days ago
@Bree_pugs22 17 days ago
pov:doing homework with your dad be like "NO DO IT AGAIN!!"
That’s me doing my homework with my dad
"its just a tower" "Its just a tower" "Its just a tower." "*Its just a tower.*"
@Death_channel... 17 days ago
Imagine when he closed the book
@irissobrado9703 17 days ago
Simplemente se rompe
@@irissobrado9703a book can break but not rip?
@Altynay326 20 days ago
That’s me after the summer holidays 😭😭
@user-wo9is8ni8s 17 days ago
From the number 3 to the number one hundred, all numbers were written except the number two 🥲
@Altynay326 17 days ago
@@user-wo9is8ni8s ikr 😭😭
@user-nc6vo5fg5z 6 days ago
That's how it has to be, even though it's really easy😂😂😂😂
@ohnyo14 4 days ago
@journeywithlubna 17 days ago
Me screaming whole time it's 2 😅
@Mela-1433 17 days ago
No it is 11 😄
@Hamza-ov8mz 17 days ago
No it is 6 why one and one
@penguinplayer1952 17 days ago
I thought 1287345
@kxnxnxjx 15 days ago
and then you remember that your pen is erasable.
@JinishaDadlani 13 days ago
Cuenta la leyenda que todavía sigue intentando hacerlo
Me on a test tho😂😊😅😮💀
@Pallabipanja100 17 days ago
That's how engeniar made IFEL Tower 🗼😂
@enotopia463 15 days ago
Tour Eifel im french 🤫
@0fficialJet_ 15 days ago
That's how a construction worker made the Eifel tower. Correct words 👍🏾
@user-jg8hx8ev8q 17 days ago
Bro violated the ^pole^💀☠️ 1+1=2
@Pringles.4.LiFeeee 22 hours ago
it’s giving ✨drake✨
When toi do homework with tout dad 😂
@user-gs7dx2fw1e 7 days ago
How does he close the notebook?😂😂😂😂
2 😢
@DebmalyaDebnath 5 days ago
He doesn't 😂😂
@chaosapfel286 5 days ago
​@DebmalyaDebnath correct I think
You deserve a like and comment
*Nobody:* *Me on the math test*
@user-yb7dp1td5f 3 days ago
This is when you do your homework with your father
@user-eo8kb5jd1u 19 days ago
Homework with mom be like😭
@Domin180 18 days ago
Nah dad💀
@Whatisthissuhvs 18 days ago
​@Domin180 fr I would've been crying and then my siblings would be laughing at me 💀
@Domin180 18 days ago
@@Whatisthissuhvs fr💀
It’s giving drake💀💀💀
​@@Domin180for me with my mom 🗿🍷
@hubertb3688 13 days ago
Bro made Mount everest on his exam lol
@oleglupasco2989 12 days ago
More higher than mount Everest
Itu jawaban nya 2 banggg
The notebooke be like: NAUR💀😭😢
@AVACORE.11 4 days ago
@karenmardini7761 14 days ago
This deserves more likes 😭😭😂
@user-nc4ov7my1z 14 days ago
He has 446K is that not enough for you 😅
@Sunnydraws956 14 days ago
But nice
@charwie4849 13 days ago
No it doesn't, it's just Jason Derelo reuploading someone else's video
@user-zm8nr7sp1n 13 days ago
​@@user-nc4ov7my1zno 484k
@londoegames 12 days ago
@@charwie4849 they got permission lol
@Kabira_12 13 days ago
And then you remembered that your pen was erased 💀
@Leafyl0l 12 days ago
is a pen, not a pencil!!
@minc_missingo 12 days ago
@@Leafyl0l Pencils aren't the only ones that can be erased. There's erasable pen that uses thermo-sensitive ink, thermo-sensitive ink disappears when it reach over its temperature limit and the pigment will stop bonding with the agent which would make the ink disappear. Usually to make it disappear you can use the rubber cement tip of the pen to apply friction therefore producing heat, heat that is enough to trigger the reaction, if the rubber tip breaks you can use a hairdryer for the same effect. To make the ink re-appear you can do the opposite process which is cooling it.
@lycazamora7182 12 days ago
@zcl_dragon 11 days ago
​@@Leafyl0lmakes sense that you use a roblox character as pfp
@Leafyl0l 10 days ago
@@zcl_dragon make senses that this is a old account
@user-xi7qc8qy9j 6 days ago
I've seen it but this is the first time ever😂😂😂😂😂
@2023straussfan 5 days ago
How long did that take you to do?
@Rukbana786 17 days ago
Studying infront of papa 😂😂😂
@Alfieebutler 12 days ago
Legend has it he's still doing it till this day
@Poland-NA 10 days ago
Legend said an airplane crash in this
Blind people:what is that sound ? Vs def people 💀💀💀
New record is coming
@KaarSui 15 days ago
I can't even notice this is Jason Derulo channel😂
@user-kr9jc2oe2f 17 days ago
@MzCorporativo 16 days ago
I love you 100%
Me during a test
@user-ot6nt9iy9g 19 days ago
Bro could easily build another burjkalifa like that 😃
@Alex_kazem1 11 days ago
When your dad is helping you with the math homework💀
@isaocana8710 10 days ago
@KhNaim-wh5eq 9 days ago
لا إخترت الاسود
@below_dogs 8 days ago
I was about to comment that
@SomeGuy_99 5 days ago
Keep trying bro,you are gonna make it💀
@Paaa227 2 days ago
How many are gone? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
When the guy next to you keeps chainring his answers
@Hazel_0ffx 20 days ago
the smartest guy on planet😂
@zarwaaa 18 days ago
Not funny comment
@IancuDaniel-gv7oo 17 days ago
@user-xb5ok7kv7t 6 days ago
How does he close the notebook😂😂😂😂😂😂
It looks like I'm doing my mate test😂
@user-gp4fw4vl8l 5 days ago
Все же известны 1 + 1 получится конечно же два
@doge-il2ct 10 days ago
Math with your dad: 😂😂
@darmadirian5038 7 days ago
1 1 2😂
@kawwailife8411 5 days ago
When you do homework with dad
@jackwelch4743 5 days ago
In the end to close his notebook, he should rip off all of that
Bro got really a big revenge on math😂.
If the math teacher would see that the teacher would be dead 😂
@salehadiwan4474 7 days ago
Answer is 2
@agusruhiat7810 6 days ago
Legend has it that to this day he tries to get the right answer
@user-ni1lb9kg7n 12 days ago
And this Lead to formation of Burj Khalifa
Dooyoyoyoing 💀
@RonaldoZaGoal 4 days ago
Studying with mom be like
@qw5zt 20 days ago
Let me hit in slowmotion🗣️🔥
@umigame_taiko 6 days ago
@IsaiahTadrous 6 days ago
man bruteforced irl
@agnieszkabeg 14 days ago
and they say it still goes on 😂😂😂
@user-nv6ml6yk6u 12 days ago
@Atsuky225 15 days ago
DRAKE IS CALLING🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥
So smart😂
@user-tu3xn9wc9u 5 days ago
Chiiiiiiill!!! Man!
Jason derulo be posting anything with music
@user-ew1uk3ug2u 10 days ago
@lucindajones1739 19 days ago
The fact that this is Jason Derulo’s channel😭
Me on a math test
@Titan_trio71 5 days ago
Bro made clay Knalifa 💀
From the back of my brain and and the inside of my head I been wanting to say this for a very long time but I didn't know when and where but after watching this I know now is the time. I'm so motivated by this video and glad to announce that I have nothing to say. Thank you
@ildikopuss2361 20 days ago
@@ildikopuss2361 1+1= Zoo
1+1= Zoo
@waleepro350 20 days ago
@kothj2953 10 days ago
Imagine the teacher trying to mark this 💀💀💀
@taj2900 9 days ago
Teather 😂
@user-ci2rf3mu4s 7 days ago
​@@taj2900 𝕌𝕣 𝕗𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕕𝕚𝕖𝕕
Anh này kiên nhẫn thật
@user-ol1qf7jb1z 5 days ago
My dad make me be like😅
@hadilfadhel6939 16 days ago
People who knows that’s clay at the end 👇
@Imalyoup 15 days ago
No one cares
@Lunchlady536 15 days ago
We know it’s clay, it’s just a joke girl
@@Imalyoup please be kind 🙏
@lululemon_GirL3 15 days ago
@@Imalyoup The Significance of Proper Grammar and Period Usage Grammar, particularly the correct usage of periods, is essential for clear and organized writing. Periods help structure sentences, prevent confusion, and enhance readability. Mastering their use demonstrates attention to detail and professionalism, reflecting a writer's competence and credibility. Embracing grammar rules, including period usage, is crucial for effective communication and connecting with an audience.
@0fficialJet_ 15 days ago
​@@PandaPandaPanda939he's probably a kid, he'll never be kind. He is just being salty.
@user-mn7hy3cq7k 7 days ago
Me at math if I don't have a eraser😂😂😂😂
Un corrector infinito ♾️♾️😂
Ok but remember to close ur copy and submit to the teacher 😅 The teacher who taught her math be like : wtf 😂
@sonyalapka 7 days ago
Pov: Me after holidays:
My Love
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