Johnny Depp's lawyers question Amber Heard about donating divorce settlement to charity | FOX 5 DC

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Johnny Depp's lawyers question Amber Heard about how and when she donated the $7 million from her divorce settlement with Depp to charity. READ MORE: bit.ly/3LhNtmm

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May 15, 2022




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Comments 3 683
ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ
The fact she wanted to take all his money away and still she made sure he didn’t get any Tax benefits says how disgustingly evil she is. What a Witch amber is!
Swetha Ganesh
Johnny depp's lawyer nailed it. She asked amber indirectly that she has so many pictures of Johnny sleeping but not a picture of her hurt or medical records of her being hurt. Also she enhanced the fact that johnny wears these rings on his finger and amber claimed to have been repeatedly struck by Johnny on her face but no picture evidence to show the impact of the rings and also next, she showed pictures of amber the very next day after her every accusation of Johnny beating her up and she apparently looks absolute fine .. she also pin pointed the fact that amber didn't pay the charity money and lied several times about it and under oath.
Cooking with AB
Love when she has to face the evidence.
jasmine franc
Amber: “I haven’t been able to fulfill those obligations (to donate all of the 7 million dollars to charities) because I’ve been sued”
Over and over again, Camille proved that she lied under oath both in the US and in the UK. The jury better convict her of perjury and give her prison sentence along with a huge fine. The whole world now knows she did not donate a single dollar of the seven million to charity and kept it for herself. How embarrassing for her. Whatever little was donated was from Elon, her 'latest boyfriend as Camille said. Clever girl...I liked how she slipped that in! YOU ARE OVER, Amber. There is no comeback from this.
Lonely Sandwich
"That is my statement."
Mzz McGuire
So she lied under oath about donating money to sick children. This woman is disgusting.
She said she didn't give the money to charity because she was sued by Johnny, she got the divorce settlement before she wrote the op-ed and before she got sued.
Liane Albert
If she cared so much about her “charities” she would’ve had him pay the entire amount to both of them immediately. This BS excuse about taxes is ridiculous and I hope the jury sees through that.
[EMMA]--C0me 0ver L!ve
Nour NF
Me as a woman myself im so impressed by camille, she’s strong, really good at her job, straight forward and knows exactly what to say and how to say it, but on the other hand amber who’s also a woman, she’s just a liar, abuser.
This is a master class in what coercive control and narcissism looks like from the outside. Everything is a game to her - Manipulating people's perceptions to portray herself as virtuous and kind one moment, and a victim the next...or whatever suits her goal at any given moment. The act always falls apart under scrutiny however.
Armani U
This woman is unbelievable. My mind is blown! How can you? How? She’s being caught in a lie and she just keeps saying the lie is true? How?
Tamás Tóth
After 'remembering' tiny details like how filthy the carpet was, now she is not able to recall real, important events. With this behavior she is practically admitting that she was lying the whole time and now there is evidence of her lying under oath. Brilliant.
Ana Raquel Mendoza
This woman records and photographs everything yet she doesn't have a single recording of him physically abusing her. This woman is poisonous, she's beyond nuts, and above narcissist.
Susan Schenk
If I needed a lawyer with her skills I’d absolutely hire her. She’s young but talented beyond her years
I love how no matter what’s going on with all the turmoil In the world, we can all still come together as a community and agree that amber heard is the worst😂
Amber. You made your own bed. What a disgrace you are for real victims.
C. W.
It's amazing how she cares more about JD's tax deduction than she does about the charities. If the charities get the $7M and AH gets the public credit for the donation, why should she care whether JD gets a bigger or smaller tax deduction for it? She's literally just trying to financially hurt him for no reason other than to hurt him. This is just pure spite as only an ex-spouse can manage.
The easiest way to know she’s lying is she doesn’t look at the person asking her the question, she looks at the people she wants to make sure believe her (the jury).