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Rich Eisen reacts to the breaking news that Kevin Durant has asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade and discusses which teams are best situated to land the former NBA MVP

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Jun 29, 2022




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Comments 632
John Hricik
John Hricik 2 months ago
The chance to watch Ben Simmons fade into complete obscurity is awesome
Howdidhenotseeme 2 months ago
Hes happy, now nobody will bother him
Rw Ds
Rw Ds 2 months ago
Another 76ers clown. They are everywhere going through the pain of wasting their time with the most injured guy in the league and a useless over the cliff old and fat guy.
Todd Donaldson
Todd Donaldson 2 months ago
Back off Simmons, he will be ready by 2035!
Diamondstar James
Diamondstar James 2 months ago
Like your father
MarxB_33 2 months ago
Kazzy Official
Kazzy Official 2 months ago
Shams bomb, not Woj. He broke it first
Isvvx 2 months ago
Dinwiddie, Allen, LaVert, great chemistry, tons of draft picks all gone... for nothing. Just when the Nets dug themselves out of the abysmal Deron Williams, KG, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson debt that flatlined the franchise for years.. now this. Incredible.
Talha Rahim
Talha Rahim 2 months ago
well you guys did get within one toe size of winning the championship but welp yea you guys got screwed 😅
Johnson97 2 months ago
@Brandon Thomas if they make that trade that means the Nets, who don’t own their own 1st round pick until *2028*, are left with Ben Simmons and DeAndre Ayton and whatever picks Kyrie fetches as their best players/assets moving forward. That looks like screwed to me unless being stuck in the play-in for a decade is fine
Jason Levesque
Jason Levesque 2 months ago
@THE BEAR JEW More than that. They could have had Tatum for the next decade.
Jason Levesque
Jason Levesque 2 months ago
That's why some teams are just bad. They're so desperate for a quick fix that they shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly.
mongoose mcmongoose
mongoose mcmongoose 2 months ago
dinwiddie wanted out
a secret one
a secret one 2 months ago
Can't believe the Nets thought signing the two biggest headcases in the league would end well 😆
MGTOW-Balance 2 months ago
the brooklyn nopes
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 2 months ago
3 head cases if you include Harden. And then traded him for the biggest head case in Simmons 😂
D S 2 months ago
Could have been a well thought out rebuild plan. Between Harden, Durant, and Kyrie they could get a lot of players.
Alex Siegfried
Alex Siegfried 2 months ago
*Three. You forgot Harden
Benedict Chan
Benedict Chan 2 months ago
Well, the thing is KD by himself isn't a headache. Just look at how well the warriors functioned with KD. Kyrie I think just makes the toxicity level in a franchise skyrocket through the roof. Look at his time in boston before, during and after he left. KD seems more like a person who gets caught up in the ebbs and flows of the people around him. KD is just a chill dude who taught he could be the leader of a team when he clearly can't off the floor.
Seetj 2 months ago
This is the third time kyrie has sabotaged a team.
Kat M
Kat M 2 months ago
Second team for KD.🐍🐍🐍
James 2 months ago
Nets with two of the worst superteam moves of all time.. this and the time they traded for those old celtics players.. LOL
Barringer 2 months ago
@Kaizen Konversations Stacked ! Sounds like your stacking pancakes. Join the Real World. Kyrie is a certified Nut Job. K.D. is a Temperamental child. The Beard is an "Alleged" Alcoholic.
Sam 2 months ago
And they still managed to get a fun, young team to the playoffs inbetween that they completely blew up.
Kaizen Konversations
@Make It Happen Lmaoo what?! That lakers team went to the finals championship series lol Brooklyn had the most stacked team in the entire NBA for 3 years and only was ONE playoff series… couldn’t even make playoff pushed and couldn’t advance once they got in.. huge difference, but stay mad!
Zach 2 months ago
@Make It Happen At least that team made the Finals. Did either nets teams win any playoff series?
Make It Happen
Make It Happen 2 months ago
Nah lakers when they had Malone,Payton & slew of other stars.
Oilcan Boyd
Oilcan Boyd 2 months ago
Lol, Durant conceding he can't lead a team. You can't build around him. He needs to go to a ready-made situation in order to win.
Chris Schrock
Chris Schrock 2 months ago
And when Bron did it years ago?
Brandon Saunders
Brandon Saunders 2 months ago
KD to Miami would be insane!
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
I remember when people said the same thing about KD teaming up with Kyrie
Jeff Miguel
Jeff Miguel 2 months ago
D’Angelo russel too. First time all star when he was with Brooklyn. What KD and Kyrie did is criminal lmao
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 2 months ago
Yeah, this is crazy. You rarely see players of Kd's caliber asking for trades. Typically, if you're as great as Kd, you stick around and use your greatness to make things right. I think part of this is because he feels as if the nets haven't been treating kyrie well
Stephen Patoine
Stephen Patoine 2 months ago
If I was KD I’d be so over Kyrie lmfao he didn’t play almost the whole season and you’re saying the nets aren’t treating him right?
Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes 2 months ago
I think it's the other way around. I think KD is tired of Kyrie's crap and doesn't want the distraction.
F F 2 months ago
KD is joke if that is his logic. Kyrie is poisonous to any team, and KD chose to back Kyrie up? How stupid.
chris rocco
chris rocco 2 months ago
his 4th team,,,hes a joke
Tim Trieu
Tim Trieu 2 months ago
What a betrayal! Nets gave up so many players for Durant.
Klass Schelling
Klass Schelling 2 months ago
Also all those draft picks to bring in Harden fr Houston
Novell Price
Novell Price 2 months ago
The NBA has always been strictly business. That's the truth. Kevin Durant has to do what is best for him. As long as it is for a good cause for oneself. Simple as it is. Peace.
Ty Hamell
Ty Hamell 2 months ago
@Ooey Gooey Dewey it was the media that push him out to keep lebron relevant.
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 2 months ago
@Ty Hamell I think you may have read my comment too fast. My 2nd sentence begins with "I don't believe that to be true"..........
Ty Hamell
Ty Hamell 2 months ago
@Brandon Brown you sound like espn… he’s a two time finals mvp thats thats… espn push the narrative to make him leave golden state because they (gsw/kd) ruined lebron’s goat convo. KD lead a young okc team to the finals and was an inch away from beating milwaukee so he’s a proven superstar. Just like they tried to diminish stephen curry last year they’retrying to diminish kd.
Keandre Sutton
Keandre Sutton 2 months ago
Watch him get traded to OKC 😂😂😂
cory Johnson
cory Johnson 2 months ago
@Carado1984 l po Pollo o
cory Johnson
cory Johnson 2 months ago
@Carado1984 l
Carado1984 2 months ago
Join the Slim towers
 Astronaut Kid
Astronaut Kid 2 months ago
Okc or Portland
Boomer Butler
Boomer Butler 2 months ago
As an Oklahoman, we would just use Durant as a trade piece for the 2039 future first round picks from Utah 🤣🤣🤣🤣
streetsense01 2 months ago
I think it makes sense for KD to go to Miami. I think Pat Riley can pull it off! I believe he wants to stay in the East! He really needs a championship win against the Warriors right now. The Warriors have proven that they can win with or without Durant! (TWO) with….(TWO) without!!!!
dp233332 2 months ago
Durant is a competitive coward
The Keep It Real Podcast
@Backup Goalie Duncan Robinson this past season was Joe Harris in the 2021 playoffs.
Bigwaidave 2 months ago
No state income tax👍👍
Kirk Meyer
Kirk Meyer 2 months ago
Would have to give up Bam, Herro and something else. Or trade Butler and Herro
Veganpotter Thevegan
The Nets will want a superstar and they aren't getting Butler. They'd maybe take Bam, Hero and a pick but the Heat may not be willing to give them up
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 2 months ago
KD is an insanely talented player, but he shredded his legacy forever (if he does care about it). Sticking to Kyrie is not the wisest decision.
Marlo Davis
Marlo Davis 2 months ago
If KD goes to the Clippers, that could be a game changer.
Hard Cold
Hard Cold 2 months ago
Durant saw GS win and wants out. He might as well go to the Knicks, as we know he is NOT going to Philly with Harden.
Hard Cold
Hard Cold 2 months ago
@THE BEAR JEW Scoring is one thing, but Harden does not help a team at all. Iverson, Harden, Anthony and Westbrook are examples of great individual players who made sure to make a name for themselves, get paid and get into the hall - but only used teams to make themselves look great, but could not work with a team to make the teams great. Dwayne Wade was a player of their type, BUT he worked within the TEAM concept to help his teams win - before James joined! His politics are another issues though...
THE BEAR JEW 2 months ago
@Hard Cold he’s still able to average 18 ppg and be a playmaker.
HartHeimer 2 months ago
@JC Cic because it is not his decision where he goes. Believe it or not, he does not have to agree to a trade they can just trade him. Knicks is the crosstown rivals so it's not likely.
HartHeimer 2 months ago
So it doesn't work like just because he thinks they treated Kyrie badly that he must leave. They have the right to keep him there and make him miserable I would do it. Bottom line is he loves basketball so much that he could not sit out or tank for 4 years. He could also be sued for breach of contract.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 2 months ago
I think this has more to do with how he feels the front office has treated kyrie irving
David Romero
David Romero 2 months ago
Durant is permanently unhappy. Great basketball player. But he must be miserable to root for.
Alan-Michael Alston
Alan-Michael Alston 2 months ago
@Coach yvantE Too much sense lol
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
@Coach yvantE Stop accusing me of YOUR actions. You're the one who's initial post is crying and finger pointing. 😅😅 The only way KD wins another chip is rejoining the team that got him 2. Of course you, as I said you would, gave him 100% credit for those 2. Cos his fans are like him. 0 blame, 100% credit. History will vindicate me, and you'll be left making excuses, pointing fingers, and crying about how unfair it is. Let's be clear. I criticized KD, and you continue throwing a tantrum and projecting your hypersensitivity onto me. I'm laughing about an easily predictable outcome, you're big mad. 😅😅😅 Accusing someone else of crying while you wipe tears from your face isnt fooling anyone.
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
@Coach yvantE Nah, that's how biased fanbois see things. And KD himself. Since all success is him, and any failure is everyone else.
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
@Coach yvantE Of course. That's how unaccountable followers view everything.
don't want this
don't want this 2 months ago
He is miserable to root for....Kinda glad he's gone. He Kyrie and Harden and now Simmons are the worst of what the NBA has personality wise...And it matters because look at the wins. There are none of significance
Insert Colorful Metaphor
Times when I miss that Seattle is still sans Supersonics after almost 15 years... WTF, yo?
lance smith
lance smith 2 months ago
I’m losing a lot of respect 4 KD. They signed kyrie and that washed up center 4 him. Gave him the coach he wanted (Nash). Traded away harden 4 him. With the worst playoff performance he’s ever had against Boston, I would think he will be motivated to get busy. He just wants easy rings.He’s not a leader. Just a follower.
omar hasan
omar hasan 2 months ago
@White Whale That was pathetic. At least be original. Regardless, I brought facts. You brought your feelings.
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
@omar hasan You: fangirl excuses for a hypersensitive credit hound who cant take criticism Me: Reality He will never win another chip. He needs a leader, but cant handle sharing the shine. He wants credit, but not accountability, he proved that in okc and GS. He wants power without responsibility. Proved that in NJ. He told you who he is. Believe him.
omar hasan
omar hasan 2 months ago
@White Whale Me: Tells truth You: Posts emotional fangirl bullshit. How can I compete?
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
@omar hasan Oh look, a parade of excuses for the least accountable player in NBA history. Success is 100% him, failure is always everyone else. ALWAYS.
omar hasan
omar hasan 2 months ago
They signed KD and Kyrie together. Not one for the other. It was Kyrie that said they don't even need a coach. KD didn't request Nash. That's bs. Also, they didn't trade Harden away for KD. That's totally made up. Harden was reported to want a trade because Kyrie wasn't living up to his end. It had nothing to do with what KD wanted. His worst playoff performance was still excellent. And I don't think the first round exit has anything to do with him requesting this trade. Your narratives are lies so it becomes impossible to respect your conclusion. My guess is that he knew if Kyrie stays, he was leaving. It wasn't working with Kyrie. If Kyrie left, he was likely to stay. Once Kyrie opted in with the intention to stay and play, KD is out.
845835ab 2 months ago
And what exactly could Miami give up to get him?
John W
John W 2 months ago
You have to hand it to the NBA, there is no drama like NBA drama.
Lady Marvin
Lady Marvin 2 months ago
@brian: nah.. NFL players have no power
Binh Tran
Binh Tran 2 months ago
NFL is up there.
Bronxjar 2 months ago
No matter where KD and Kyrie go, I wish them optimal health and total, abject professional failure.
Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore 2 months ago
As a nets fan I'm feeling like a knicks fan not winning anything no time soon.
J 2 months ago
​@Change My Mind if the knicks and nets combined their rosters, they still wouldn't make it out of the 2nd round.
Change My Mind
Change My Mind 2 months ago
As a Knicks fan I’ll just say my misery loves company.
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams 2 months ago
I think the reason why KD didn't say anything was that he was always going to ask for a trade.
Sincere D.
Sincere D. 2 months ago
I would love for him to come to Boston
litedawg1968 2 months ago
Is it just me or is KD wasting time and becoming irrelevant?
Franky Ng
Franky Ng 2 months ago
@AbsyntheM1nded plays yea kyrie barely played with KD dont even mention him lol. Yes Lebron destroyed the east. Wade had a ring already when he teamed up with Lebron. dont forget about Ray allen and their bench. NBA is a team sport and the most stacked teams always go to finals.
AbsyntheM1nded plays
@Franky Ng wade was way past his prime when he had a little vacay with the cavs. As for saying bron had kyrie, sure did. Last time i checked so did durant. So bron + kyrie = 4 final appearances. durant + Kyrie = 0 final appearances. Hence, lebron destroyed the east
Franky Ng
Franky Ng 2 months ago
@AbsyntheM1nded plays yes he did also had Dwayne wade and kyrie
AbsyntheM1nded plays
@Franky Ng you mean lebron destroyed the east
Franky Ng
Franky Ng 2 months ago
@AbsyntheM1nded plays what planet do you live in ? How many finals did cavs went ? They destroyed the east.
Yujiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma 2 months ago
KD finally got tired of Kyrie's BS . I feel REALLY bad for Nets fans. They took the Nets out of New Jersey but didn't take the New Jersey out of the Nets. Same ol' Nets.
Orlando Skipper
Orlando Skipper 2 months ago
Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant have similar work focus...both are serious practice guys...they would mesh so well. The rest of the team would be elevated tremendously by their work ethic. I'd become a fan for sure.
Do Du
Do Du 2 months ago
kd said he would love the suns or the heat. kd got a house in miami. Pat Riley can make it happen. they got enough assets. the heat are the front runner already.
Clumsy Smurf
Clumsy Smurf 2 months ago
I would love to be able to sit down with Durant and have him honestly answer why he 100% unsalvageable wants out. Is it really that they didn't sign Kyrie long-term? If so, why? Kyrie isn't all in like Durant is and he was holding him back.
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 2 months ago
You'd have to be a psychologist to understand it
WhoopityScoop 2 months ago
It’s because he’s a baby back beeotch.
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
If that’s what he wanted he should have told them that. He made it a point that he was staying out of their offseason plans, now he wants out because he doesn’t like what they did in the offseason. It’s hilarious if you think about it.
Chris Rhinehart
Chris Rhinehart 2 months ago
I think KD would fit great in Oregon 😂
Charlie Martinez
Charlie Martinez 2 months ago
🏆 As a Heat / Golden State Fan If he joins Miami, MY NBA Finals could happen this time around next season Y so serious 😈🃏🥃
Chip Wilhelm
Chip Wilhelm 2 months ago
Patti Mills was the first sign of the dismantling… Deandre Ayton trading to without input from kd… 2 high level players with either a warped selfish character and or drama baggage… Not a full blown kd fan but I agree with this… He’s an elite player that has a solid character foundation and all he wants to do is play and win… He’s a great scorer… Prolly better than k mid and would put Milwaukee in in the finals for sure… Even if they have to give up a couple of elites… Hopefully not jrue or Brook
Chuck Song
Chuck Song 2 months ago
Would like to see KD stay in the East only to see him work his magic in the finals or an epic battle with the greek freak in the Eastern Conference finals.
Daniel M.
Daniel M. 2 months ago
Nets had a great future leading the with DLO, then blew themselves up.
Charlotte Agnes
Charlotte Agnes 2 months ago
Some of these destinations everyone keeps bringing up is so funny. Like everyone is forgetting this is a trade not free agency. The nets are NOT giving KD up for nothing. He’s not going to Portland bc they have nothing. He’s not going to Philly. Who do they have to trade? Harden? Lol Miami is the best bet in my eyes. Nets already said they are not trading him to the suns without getting D book. Issa mess lol
D D 2 months ago
Suns are perfect for this with a package based around a sign-and-trade Ayton.
Femmedenise35 2 months ago
Why would they do that? If I am the front office, I am sending KD out of space.. idc where he wants to go 🥴
D Filipino
D Filipino 2 months ago
He's going back to the bay
FuckYourFeelings33 2 months ago
I wish my Mavs had better talent to trade for him 😭 KD and Luka would light up anyone
TheU2001 MIA
TheU2001 MIA 2 months ago
@The watchmen Well said.
Kat M
Kat M 2 months ago
We would be snake bit. 🐍🐍🐍
White Whale
White Whale 2 months ago
KD would want out within 2 years. Luca would get too much credit. KD wants a situation where he gets all the credit for success, but none of the blame for failure.
The watchmen
The watchmen 2 months ago
DM Don't need another score person they need a D Rodman type of person. Someone who doesn't mind getting nasty
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
And defend no one
kenny lynch
kenny lynch 2 months ago
I told everybody KD was fed up with Irving's BS and everybody said i was wrong now look I saw it in his face during the Bucks series
JSUTrumpet 2 months ago
Durant to the Pelicans. Trade Zion, our first round pick this year. And two first rounders.
kyle slone
kyle slone 2 months ago
@JSUTrumpet Pels were barley in the play in tournament. Also you happen to catch that Boston vs nets series?...think your overestimating KD. but you can dream i guess.
JSUTrumpet 2 months ago
@kyle slone we pushed a 60 win team to 6 games without Zion. With KD it would be a fantastic squad. You have no idea what you are talking about.
itsmeitstrue 2 months ago
Thats actually a good trade for both teams, in my opinion
kyle slone
kyle slone 2 months ago
And that gets you a first round exit .. would have to keep Zion somehow for it to make any since
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie 2 months ago
yeah two is enough .that would work out for both teams KD and KD Jr
Jeff Howard
Jeff Howard 2 months ago
Man, I called this...good for KD for letting Kyrie sign and then pulling the rug out from under him for causing all of those headaches....Charlotte??
Jeff Howard
Jeff Howard 2 months ago
@Balla ohhh good point
Kaizen Konversations
I mean Kyrie is leaving too so not sure what you think KD did to him lol Kyrie announced today he’s not returning to the knicks… he’s looking at the Knicks, Lakers right now
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 2 months ago
@Vicarious yeah, not even the slightest. MJ sucks as a owner and dont wanna pay no one. ... I'm pretty sure mj bought the Hornets to launder dirty money
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 2 months ago
I dont think that's what happened... it's most likely, the gm told KD they're gonna rebuild and still gonna trade kyrie, so I'd you wanna go well make sure you go to a team you can win with. (Pretty sure that's what happened) ... Brooklyn will most likely go for beal and someone else
Jay Wes
Jay Wes 2 months ago
@Make It Happen I agree and I’m a Kyrie fan.
Robert Kellar
Robert Kellar 2 months ago
If the Nets want to win now, which what they've said, the Heat have absolutely nothing they want.
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd 2 months ago
KD in Miami would be nice and so would him in Dallas
franchica 2 months ago
Kahwi, Paul George, Durant. Make it happen
Audience 72
Audience 72 2 months ago
Everybody thinks they can just get KD for role players. They're gonna have to give their superstars or multiple Allstars to get KD. All this teaming up scenarios are stupid
Patrick Seeley
Patrick Seeley 2 months ago
Always something with KD always asking for trades
Arkangel Arkangel
Arkangel Arkangel 2 months ago
WOJ BOMB!!!!!! I prefer Miami... but its probably Suns.... Clippers would be a great move too. The Portland move is intriguing because that's as close to him ending his career near where it would have started Seattle Supersonics.
John Drummond
John Drummond 2 months ago
A lot of black jerseys are gonna feed a lot of July 4th bonfires this weekend. KD went from "Kyrie's my boy" to "Kyrie is dead to me".
John Drummond
John Drummond 2 months ago
@ysl_443 ysl anybody who thinks one minute knows Kyrie is gone in 2023. He only opted back in because no team would give him the guarantee he wanted.
ysl_443 ysl
ysl_443 ysl 2 months ago
Trust me if you look deep into this…. Kyrie probally told him he’s leaving after this season coming up…. He’s letting Durant get under this ASAP
junior williams
junior williams 2 months ago
If Durant goes 2 Miami the only way it can happen is if they give up their depth. Conclusion. Butler, Adebayo and an old Lowry with no depth can't win anything.
Original J
Original J 2 months ago
KD probably realized how big team culture is . If he really wants to just hoop with hoop junkies Miami is the fit
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez 2 months ago
Miami would have to include Bam and I’m not sure if they want to do that
Elder King
Elder King 2 months ago
As a Tyler hero fan please tell me I'm not about to have to be a nets fan😭😭
gnvTWhp 2 months ago
Love this OLD media. Rich is da man. One of the OG of old media.
J E 2 months ago
NETS always trade away there youth ex Dinwiddie,levert,Allen etc.and this always happens.
KingBasil 2 months ago
I feel like kd became a super team hopper because its the fastest way to catch up in championships
av mail
av mail 2 months ago
This is like when you have that friend who has a great girl who is smart and treats him well and is beautiful but only this is KD and he's blowing up a team he built.
Kevin Le
Kevin Le 2 months ago
AD and Westbrook plus a pick for Durant
Wayne Man
Wayne Man 2 months ago
KD to Miami 🔥
The Baddest
The Baddest 2 months ago
Miami doesn’t have the players without adding Jimmy to a trade
Graydon Tron
Graydon Tron 2 months ago
The Bulls . He actually like that time . Don't be surprised
Billy B
Billy B 2 months ago
KD to Sixers!! If KD takes Tucker from us to Miami……🤬
Will 2 months ago
KD , jimmy bucket's, and Bam 🤯
Hugo Huete
Hugo Huete 2 months ago
Does KD stay if Kyrie walked?
James 2 months ago
rumor is he wants to go to suns... he got so much criticism for joining a 73 win team right after losing the finals that he figures he'll get less criticism by joining a 64 win team two years removed from losing the finals..
Wil Cee
Wil Cee 2 months ago
@Astronaut Kid Cool story lady
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 2 months ago
Yep. Big difference Jimbo. He didn't lose to them before the finals
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
KD will never shake the criticism. The only way he possibly could would be if he led a team to a championship, and he’s already said he doesn’t care about that, he just wants to play, he doesn’t care if they win.
 Astronaut Kid
Astronaut Kid 2 months ago
And guess what he still one the best players to touch the ball nobody criticized bron for wade for building a super team so just Sheddup about Durant it happened and it past no point to keep talking bout it
Meatus Shaft
Meatus Shaft 2 months ago
He and Book would be dope af but, as long as CP0 resides in the desert, ain’t no chips going there! 😂 🏜 🌵
Hey Francis!
Hey Francis! 2 months ago
They’re gonna have to give up probably Bam Adebayo three first rounders in an expiring contract to get Durant
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 2 months ago
@Kolja Wendlandt thank you
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 2 months ago
@Brandon Thomas 🤡 keep kd if your a fan of the nets. Plus its a rule and they got Simmons. They coudnt get bam anyway
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 2 months ago
@Kolja Wendlandt they'll ship simmons
Kolja Wendlandt
Kolja Wendlandt 2 months ago
bam adebayo cant go to the nets because of some rookie contract rule bullshit...idk u gotta look it... i dont fully remember. The Nets already have a player with a contract that activates that rule and that is ben simmons
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
I’m sure they’ll get a huge package, but I don’t know why. Do these teams not see what KD just did to the Nets? He ruined their franchise for the next 6 years at least.
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 2 months ago
I don’t blame him at all lol
Pickles_McGickle 2 months ago
Portland appreciates your support Chris, even if it’s wishful thinking that someone would come to Portland and play with dame
Beretta Mac 11 2 9s and a K
Good chance for Boston... Trade Tatum and Smart.
Timnor 2 months ago
Best idea in this conversation is merge the nets and nicks... bring back the supersonics
Ian Ford
Ian Ford 2 months ago
What would Brooklyn get in return?
X Khan
X Khan 2 months ago
It be nice to see NYK can talk to KD
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy 2 months ago
What I get from this is he wants to get away from Kyrie Irving
Meatus Shaft
Meatus Shaft 2 months ago
As Charlie Sheen would say, “boy can I pick ‘em!” 😆
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 2 months ago
And Ben
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede 2 months ago
Billy B
Billy B 2 months ago
Yeah! Let’s merge and call them the NY “whatever’s, and put their new stadium right in New Jersey!! 🤣😂
JoeDaWg713 2 months ago
He isn't going anywhere. They'd have to trade the whole team just to get him.
Fashion Life
Fashion Life 2 months ago
@AFI SECURITY idc im from Miami let them go we can Win with Durant Jimmy and Bam and even Kyrie thats an unstoppable Team
AFI SECURITY 2 months ago
@Fashion Life Hero Duncan ..issa no..foh
Fashion Life
Fashion Life 2 months ago
Miami will give up Herro Duncan and 5 picks for KD
BlueWave 2 months ago
Agree whatever team he’s going to would have to give up the farm to get him.
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 2 months ago
And the nets are gonna get 3, 4 picks just for KD.... 4 picks for kyrie
OB 2 months ago
Lakers should trade Russ|AD for KD. 😂😂
B Nice
B Nice 2 months ago
He's going to the hawks there the silent killer right now
B'alam K'inich
B'alam K'inich 2 months ago
Dallas. Bet it now before the odds flip. KD and Luka will win 2 before KD hangs them up. Why you think Dallas is making room? The league always knows weeks, even months, before these Insiders and us public fans know... It's the most acceptant option, least flac possible if he goes to Dallas
Eli Woods
Eli Woods 2 months ago
If KD goes to the Heat, the Heat are gonna have to trade many significant pieces. I think the Nets will want a lot of their picks back after the Harden trade.
Jonathan Cohoon
Jonathan Cohoon 2 months ago
It would be Lowry, Herro, Robinson, and 3 firsts for KD and Curry to make the money work.
Adrian Kendrick
Adrian Kendrick 2 months ago
Yes they want a haul for him.
teng029 2 months ago
The NBA off-season just got really interesting..
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee 2 months ago
Ben Simmons is the reason he is leaving imo, I can imagine KD absolutely despising a dude like that
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne 2 months ago
Really? What’s the difference between him and Kyrie? Both want to sit out and get paid anyway. Heck KD’s probably just jealous that he didn’t think of that 😂
glasses 2 months ago
Starting to understand what GSW was dealing with?
jak kal
jak kal 2 months ago
the nets are sitting real pretty right now...if they are smart they can rob teams of their talent and put together a really good team in bk
History Bluff
History Bluff 2 months ago
Just like when the Thunder was beat he ran to the Warriors. He is not a superstar he is a good player but no leader and not dynamic. We’ve seen his peak, thank you Steph for carrying him to 2 titles, and now for the reality, he can’t do it alone, or even with help from the flat earther. He couldn’t lead a time to a 4 a state title in high school.
Constance ELISE
Constance ELISE 2 months ago
he is requesting to go to Phoenix according to ESPN!
Russell Mulligan
Russell Mulligan 2 months ago
next team that breaks the nba season wins record without him... would be perfect for him...
James Dunkins
James Dunkins 2 months ago
Who would the heat have to trade for KD?
William MacDonald
William MacDonald 2 months ago
New contract has not kicked in…oh my this is funny. Nets have Kyrie and Ben…hahaha
Nick Tarter
Nick Tarter 2 months ago
KD just loves to ruin July 4th weekend for all of the teams he plays for.
DeepH2Ov1 2 months ago
P. Riley coached an iconic team. He know's what this is, that's why he's not saying a word
Brandon Moskos
Brandon Moskos 2 months ago
KD to PHX in a deal for Ayton.
Corey Donohoe
Corey Donohoe 2 months ago
KD for Jimmy Butler. Make it happen.
Vikings Anonymous
Vikings Anonymous 2 months ago
I’d love it if Milwaukee could get a package for KD and keep Giannis But Ik it won’t happen :/
jsjsjs swag
jsjsjs swag 2 months ago
KD to the Sonic’s confirmed
jeremy holla
jeremy holla 2 months ago
Cleveland, this is for you!
Justin S.
Justin S. 2 months ago
We’re good. I’d rather Lebron come back as a FA when he can. Imagine Bron with Mobley , Allen and Garland
Meatus Shaft
Meatus Shaft 2 months ago
Nah! They need Bron back in exchange for Lauri, Sexton, Osman and picks to the lakers! 😂
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams 2 months ago
I don't think KD can handle dealing with Jimmy Butler and/or Pat Riley
JRT StrategiCapital
JRT StrategiCapital 2 months ago
What the NETS owners created with their superstar acquisitions and making them entitled to big money power….was an absolute bust and a huge cancer for the rest of the league…. When did players get the right to break their contracts?
Chris Schrock
Chris Schrock 2 months ago
They have been doing it for years....NBA is ran by the players.
US Sports News & Views
Rich Nets are not sending KD to the heat until they get 6 first round picks plus 3 young players same with Suns and 76ers have no chance like the lakers.... It is either going to be Magic, OKC, Memphis or Minnesota or Rockets.... Kd has 4 year contract and he will only be sent to team that can give uo a kings ransom.... Otherwise he is staying put.
GOON 2 months ago
what you mean by "no way" its the best option for him
Billy 2 months ago
Can u blame kd, harden was the smart one he left, kyrie quit n Simmons is to scared to play. Contracts dont mean shyt anymore
Aaron Farley
Aaron Farley 2 months ago
All these players do is leave a trail of destruction and have no loyalty!!!!🏀🏀🏀 Good luck 🍀with that !!!!