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Aug 1, 2016




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Ma1q 21 hour ago
Why is this even a question 😂
Rexy490 5 days ago
bron is literally just magic but stronger faster more athletic and also a much better defender in his prime.. if magic could do it then y couldnt this freak of nature??
TheModer8ter 5 days ago
Jesus says in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe this applies to you and trust Jesus to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.
argello catamora
argello catamora 9 days ago
yeah lbj can but what if he gets hit. would he still be effective?
Mr. Yuso
Mr. Yuso 12 days ago
Lebron the king of flop hahaha
Pius222 13 days ago
Steve cut kenny off like "next".
Cory Rimpson
Cory Rimpson 14 days ago
His natural size and athleticism allows him to dominate any sport in any era…. We have not even calculated in his IQ
dnbr vinsmoke
dnbr vinsmoke 10 days ago
Kid go wash the dishes, your not suppose to debate man if your just a kid and your idol is just a dude.
QMonney Mann
QMonney Mann 14 days ago
5 yrs later n LeBron is mostly in the post
LK 14 days ago
Of course he'd still be good in other eras, but the way the game was played in the 90s means that every one of his numbers would have dropped because the game wasn't as open. He would have likely already retired because the physical nature of the game would have been more demanding. Players played 82 games a year back then, and they played defense. They weren't allowed to coast, not get back or load manage. He still would have been a good player, but his career line of 27/7/7 would have likely dropped to about 22/5/4. Still a good player, but not in the goat conversation. Lebron has averaged 4.5 three point attempts a game. In the last three seasons he has taken even more, averaging 6.3, 6.3, and 8.2 three point attempts a game. That wasn't how the game was played in the 90s, so that would have been more like 1 or 2 3s a game. Numbers drop quickly if suddenly you don't have the opportunity for 24 points a game on threes alone. He's also not a good foul shooter. Hack a Lebron would have been a thing, particularly in playoff situations. All the easy layups and dunks where no one contests him now would not have been like that, and there were also rim protectors in the 90s. Lebron plays in a era with zero rim protectors. In the 90s, everyone had one and the era was arguably the golden era of centers with a lot of all-time greats. So Lebron would have been good, but his numbers would have dipped, which is the exact opposite thing they say about Jordan. If he played in Lebron's era, his numbers would sky rocket.
truth Spiller
truth Spiller 14 days ago
Great player but not a great winner 😕
YUNG 20 days ago
LeBron like 50 times better than Charles Barkley 😂 FACT
Sano james
Sano james 22 days ago
i agree also that lebron will dominate the 90's era but he wont have a very long career, i give him 10 years because of hospital facilities are not sophisticated, no good treatment for serious injury unlike today. imagine bill laimbeer tries to injure him, the stronger and heavier the player the harder the fall.
Dayao Rogelio
Dayao Rogelio 22 days ago
Its you chuck ....he is version of u 2.2...in 6-8 frame...
Boss 22 days ago
I always say look at how great Karl Malone was when he played.... he was a beast and easily an all time great. Also if it wasn't for Jordan he'd probably have a couple rings which would add to his legacy. My point is LeBron James is basically Karl Malone but more athletic and literally better at everything... hahahaha. Yeah he would've done just fine.
Pius222 13 days ago
Scary a more athletic karl malone.
darrell dovenbarger
Lbj is Scottie pippen just bigger and doesnt play d as good
Basketball Player
@LK Yupp. They shouldn't even be compared on defense.
LK 14 days ago
you mean doesn't play d at all. That suns series last year was shameful. Not getting back, walking up the court, feigning interest in guarding anyone. LBJ and Pippen are not in the same universe defensively.
Kaukase 24 days ago
Best video so far……“Jordan vs Lebron - The best GOAT Comparison“
M P 24 days ago
I didn't know Lyndon Baines Johnson played hoops 🤷
Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony 25 days ago
That boi said athalethic 😂
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 26 days ago
Imagine what we would be saying about these players that are talking if Jordan didn't exist!
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 26 days ago
I would say an athletic Anthony Mason! But then again Mason possessed killer mentality.
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 26 days ago
No way
Lonnie Baines
Lonnie Baines 26 days ago
If I look at it the way these guys explained it....then I have to agree....
natisaver 28 days ago
lebron #2 all time periodddddddddd, once he gets the #1 spot on scoring all-time, he has a resume to contend for #1 for his sustained success
LK 14 days ago
Once longevity playing in a softer era allows him to pass Kareem on the scoring list, that means his 6 finals losses gets erased too right? Cause as long as that black mark is on his resume, he rides closer to the back of the bus on the top 10 list. 5-7 is where he will likely end up once the media no longer needs to force the jordan vs lebron debate. Just like they forced the kobe vs jordan debate and recently ESPN ranked kobe 9th alltime on their list. Meaning the kobe vs jordan debate was never a real thing, just like Jordan vs Lebron was never a real debate, just fills airtime. When Lebron is gone, they will bring someone else up to debate that about, that's how 24hr a day sports media works.
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd 28 days ago
Steve Kerr translation: Stay hating wtf 😒
don ice
don ice 29 days ago
In the 90s? No. Just ask shaq, penny, reggie, ewing, starks, barkley, malone, stockton... everyone in dream team 2. If lbj needed wade and bosh to get over the hump, imagine what he would be in the 90s.
Ben W
Ben W 29 days ago
Kerr: 5 to 10 best players. Lebron: and I took that personally.
LK 14 days ago
And when Lebron takes something personally...that usually means he is leaving the game with 5 minutes to go after getting throttled by the Phoenix Suns. "These shoulders were built for a reason and if it takes for me to put more on top of it then so be it." Apparently playing any defense at all wasn't one of the things that fit on top those shoulders.
sigma life
sigma life Month ago
cry baby bron quit if he faces the pistons,get hit like jordan did,or just let dennis guard him.
sigma life
sigma life 12 days ago
@LK lebron's defense? lol.
LK 14 days ago
They would have also asked him to play 82 games a year, something he has only done 1 single time in 19 seasons. He would have retired awhile ago if he played in a more physical era and actually had to play all the games and get back on defense.
Omar Scott
Omar Scott Month ago
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John Wick
John Wick Month ago
And Lebron is a better shooter, passer, can read defense better, can defend all 5 position add that to his body.
LK 14 days ago
He can guard all 5 positions...except the ones JJ Berea and Jason Terry play apparently.
Mastermind Martial Arts
He thrives in any era
270 always on the floor flopping.
Orzono Robinson
Orzono Robinson Month ago
Then saying he may have been better says a lot.
Me Month ago
Steve: I'm ready to be a coach
Roman Hill
Roman Hill Month ago
Tim P
Tim P Month ago
He would've had to been tougher, which would've made him even better
G HENDRIX23 Month ago
Why is Steve Kerr so pressed😂😂😂
Juan Villalobos
Juan Villalobos Month ago
You are right Charles he is unique .... Because no other players will flop or cry like a little school girl......
strelicijum Month ago
It's not about body, it's about character. He is too soft for the '90, that's why he wouldn't be a superstar.
daniel abraham
daniel abraham Month ago
Bro, MJ was soft too, in the 80s. Then, he got better. Don't play that game.
hui bui
hui bui Month ago
in the 90´s lebron maybe would have been more like a typical power forward....nowadays 6´9´´ guys playing point guard and are playmaking......in the 90´s lebrons role would have been different on a team....imagine karl malone playing point guard
LK 14 days ago
you're right. You can't just time machine him to the 90s as is. He would have grown up not doing guard drills but down in the paint doing big man drills. Coaches wouldn't have had him out shooting 3s or dribbling drills from a young age, so he would have grown up becoming more of a standard power forward.
John Maldonado
John Maldonado Month ago
People forget that if LeBron grew up and played in other era he would not be the same athlete he is now with todays better supplements medical advantages and exercise and nutrition knowledge plus he would not the same stats in other eras with more physicality harder defenses and slower pace
Drake Brunette
Drake Brunette Month ago
Any player in the top 100 would do just fine in any era. Some more than others, sure. But otherwise it’s really dumb to question whether Lebron would fit in or not….he’d probably average 50 points in the 50s…..
mr powerline
mr powerline Month ago
Maui Wowie
Maui Wowie Month ago
Steve Kerr is right but why is he trying to dodge the question so fast? Isnt the point of a show like this is to sit down and have these discussions? And not say 'yeah hes one of the best but next question!' If you think he's a top 5-10 player all time Kerr, why not give your reasons as to why you think so???
Clifton Miller
Clifton Miller Month ago
I miss the days when we couldn’t agree on lebron’s height and weight.
Tian Tony
Tian Tony Month ago
Shawn Kemp = Lebron James bodybuild
Maximus Decimus Meridius
Bring this show back!!
MrSPIDEY21 Month ago
Wasn’t Charles barkley almost 300lbs
LK 14 days ago
He was about 285 as a rookie. He had gained 20lbs before the draft in an attempt to prevent the Sixers from drafting him, but they still did. Mose Malone got on him and made him get in shape. He played around 240-250 for most of his career.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Month ago
Mj and Rodman would eat lechoke for breakfast. Lbj would have 0 rings in the 90s because of mj so stop with these questions smh
gameplayer1980 Month ago
And he would have an even better career. 3pts are one of his few weaknesses. Put him back in an era where bully ball reigns supreme and LBJ will dominate even more than he does now.
johnny the kid
johnny the kid 2 months ago
Yes but how long does he last in the league after getting an elbow to the face or head from the likes of a Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason or Karl Malone? Unless people want to tell me hes so strong in his upper body that he would be able to absorb contact like that like there's a fly on him?
Lamarr Hood
Lamarr Hood 2 months ago
LeBron plays like Shawn Kemp
B G Month ago
Rex Terranovaa
Rex Terranovaa Month ago
Aldrin Hey
Aldrin Hey 2 months ago
Shit happened coz people only talk about leflop or "he doesnt have killer instinct or whatever SKIP BAYLESS is spouting
Dr. Ikjyot Singh Kohli
Freak of nature got beat in the first round by Phoenix.
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 26 days ago
Say it again!
Frank Maphoto
Frank Maphoto 2 months ago
I’ve heard people say “LeBron is like a combination of Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson” and it’s crazy that LeBron is going to retire with more points than Michael and more assists than Magic.
Tyrone Campbell
Tyrone Campbell 3 days ago
And less championship that's sad
Rexy490 5 days ago
@dnbr vinsmoke thank u!! some1 with a fkn brain these dumbass always be like he did more in less time like why does that matter?? if anything u would have won as much as the other guy and had more total stats on top of him, since when did longevity start to become a bad thing lmaooo
Chris Cureton
Chris Cureton 10 days ago
dnbr vinsmoke
dnbr vinsmoke 10 days ago
Its called longevity moron, its like earning 40 a day for 10 years vs 25 a day for 20 years, who earn more?
Ferdy 19 days ago
@Ivan Abramovhic Magic had KAJ at the start of his career then Worthy shortly after, Jordan had Pippen early. LeBron came to the league at 18 and spend 7 years in Cleveland where the second best player was Ilgauskas. Cleveland always been a bad franchise with a trash owner and couldn't get good players around LeBron early in his career.
arlichar11 2 months ago
you know who who would give lebron trouble in the 80s 90s? people like malone and barkley rodman bird pippen and any one who played defense ...yes lebron is great in this era , but mostly cause of his strength and size at his position, most guys arent that big, and noone wants play defense today .. he would be an nba player , but wouldnt get such easy time as he has now
johnny the kid
johnny the kid Month ago
The point is guys like Karl Malone and Charles Oakley would beat the shit out of him if he came into the paint
brillopad6911 2 months ago
Magic is the comparison to LBJ.
Sic narf
Sic narf 2 months ago
Wilkins speakin the truth. Old school ball you couldn't rely fully on a perimeter game and you had to have a solid post game. Hand checking and hard fouls would've forced Lebron to change his game and that's the real question, if he could adapt. In this era, he's proven that he flops more than any other superstar from the old school. He literally has a nickname "Leflop"
Red Bean
Red Bean Month ago
Imagine lebron at 6'8 260 handchecking
Ez Hertzberg
Ez Hertzberg 2 months ago
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Benjamin Hicks
Benjamin Hicks 2 months ago
Legendofsoulz 2 months ago
I think the real question is, If his predecessors like Magic, Pippen, Jordan etc did not come before him would he have been as developed and an All round machine as he is today? his physical Attributes would have made him a beast no matter but you put him in an Era with an MJ Pippen or Larry without thoes skills to have watched and learnt from growing up......... thats why its always crazy to compare you dont get 1 now days great without the ones before them
Red Bean
Red Bean Month ago
I believe all he wouldve had to see was magic to become current lebron. And imagine ldbron handchecking. Outside of mike he would lock up majority of the league and with illegal defenses. It would be one on one most of the time. And he would be too fast and vertical for most bigs. Dude averages would be right up there with mike. Rings are another story tho. Depends on where he is drafted
satui2807 2 months ago
29 seconds in barkleysalready talking shit
Angel Alaniz
Angel Alaniz 2 months ago
Seriously d Wilkins was the worst dunker oat
Robert Champion
Robert Champion 2 months ago
He's no where big as karl malone not even close just looked at karls younger photos and lebrons karl is much bigger and stronger thts facts
Jorgen Rex Olson
Jorgen Rex Olson 2 months ago
I like LBJ, and I think he would do well in any era, but I think there’s certain aspects of his game that wouldn’t translate well to other eras. In the 80s, he would probably have issues against tough defenses, and we don’t know how he would adapt to that. Part of being a truly great player is the ability to adapt and make adjustments. We all know that LBJ is treated with kid gloves by refs, and his game seems to be very well suited for a soft league. IMO, he wouldn’t win any MVPs in the 80s, but he would obviously still have been a perennial all-star caliber player…
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 2 months ago
@Jorgen Rex Olson yeah than you gave like 5+ reasons why you think he would do worse, so let me rephrase what I said. Cut that out he would be just as good if not better in the 80s
Jorgen Rex Olson
Jorgen Rex Olson 2 months ago
Right. That’s why I said he would do well in any era. Read carefully…
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 2 months ago
@Jorgen Rex Olson that man would be just fine in the 80s, cut that out
Jorgen Rex Olson
Jorgen Rex Olson 2 months ago
They’re very different players. Magic wasn’t just a better passer, he was more focused on being a facilitator. Most of Lebron’s points come in the paint, driving to the basket and getting high percentage shots. His total free throw attempts back this up. He simply wouldn’t be able to do that as well against 80s defenses. It’s just like Jordan at that time. Jordan was certainly just as athletic as Lebron, but Jordan had to gain size and strength in order to compete more effectively in the 80s, and he also had to develop his outside shot. Jordan always paid a price when he got high percentage shots
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 2 months ago
Magic Johnson killed the 80s, lebron not as good at passing but he’s a better scorer/shooter and he’s more athletic. They’re similar players, he would have no issues
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head 2 months ago
Lyndon B. Johnson's jumpshot was unguardable. Better than LeBron. Seriously MJ is the Goat but James is the durrabity goat for being amazing for almost 2 decades.
Rogelio Vitug
Rogelio Vitug 2 months ago
If he plays in 80's and 90's era he always walkout going to their dugout before the 4th quarter ends....
Sonny dee Quinio
Sonny dee Quinio 2 months ago
Lebron is a best reqruiter not a best player . No he's not
Koufal Koufax
Koufal Koufax 2 months ago
too many bronsexuals in the comment section crying like wtf i was reading every comment no one is bashing lebron yet you bronsexuals are yapping like old ladies, cringe AF
Jayswangin Fit
Jayswangin Fit 4 months ago
Top 5? Top 10? Are you kidding me he’s top 1 or 2. No ones better than Lebron other then maybe Jordan.
Patrick Healy
Patrick Healy 4 months ago
More from Dom please.
D B 8 months ago
And all the dumbass fanboys swear he couldn’t survive the 90’s 🤣 yet we hear hall of famers say without a doubt he’d transcend.
ponypower8 9 months ago
Magic + Malone + MJ = Lebron James.
WillJM81280 9 months ago
Lebron would be a star in any era. Yes this era has soft defense and no real rivalries. His physique and athleticism would definitely enable him to succeed even against the most physical defenses, e.g. the Bad Boys. The mentality would be learned, it’s not innate as it was in Jordan and Kobe, but that would still just be a temporary obstacle for Lebron.
Chris Cureton
Chris Cureton 9 days ago
@Timothy Ahn And if it wasn't steroids...wat bulked up Dwight Howard then ? Your mom's cold slaw 💥
Chris Cureton
Chris Cureton 9 days ago
Timothy Ahn
Timothy Ahn 9 days ago
@Chris Cureton I mean you gonna blame Dwight Howard bulking up on steroids too?
Chris Cureton
Chris Cureton 9 days ago
@Timothy Ahn Lebron would have been a great player in the 90's just not great like the goat air jordan..the real #23 💥🏀
Chris Cureton
Chris Cureton 9 days ago
@Timothy Ahn they don't drug test the face of the league or they would lose millions....he was thinner then for about 15 years he put on 25 pounds...he recently got thinner cause he can't risk liver or kidney damage with continued use
Mason Ard
Mason Ard 9 months ago
If Kenny Smith can start games in the 90s then it must not have been too difficult back then. Lol 😂 Lebron is a beast in any era. I’m very tired of all the comparisons of players in different eras. The style of play is way different and so are the teams that the players are playing on. You’ll never be able to tell who is better because 1. The style of play is different 2. It is incredibly subjective. Stop the comparisons and recognize they are great. Enjoy the greatness!!!
hub3rty 10 months ago
Steve Kerr wasn't there for the Lebron slander lol
Wil Robles
Wil Robles 10 months ago
I have a feeling Kerr doesn't like LeBron.
Louis King
Louis King 10 months ago
kenny smith so bitter
Requiem Year ago
LeBron haters be coming here hoping that they talk smack about LeBron. Lmfao
Uno Paz
Uno Paz Year ago
we heard feom Kenny he would play better in the 90s
He is 6'8 270 and moves like he's 6'0. He's a freak of nature
Basketball Player
@Rex Terranovaa Lebrons real height is closer to 6'7 - 6'7.5.
Rex Terranovaa
Rex Terranovaa Month ago
Christ Alone 89
He is the same size as karl malone and you see what he did in the 90s would have been sweet to see him and Jordan go at it
columbusohio72 Month ago
Jordan would kill him psychologically
Choir enthusiast
People really be asking if LeBron could play in other eras. Can ya’ll just imagine a super athletic 6’8 270lbs who can run like a gazelle hard fouling and hand checking? He might end someone’s career with his hand checking alone lmao
Glory TO GOD!
Glory TO GOD! 10 months ago
Lol 😂 ikr
Bax Mrackney
Bax Mrackney Year ago
Lebron in the 90s would’ve won the chip every year
Jorgen Rex Olson
Jorgen Rex Olson 2 months ago
With his original Cavs team? Or the super team he created in order to win ships?
Cel Year ago
If I told you that a player just came in the league who was built like malone, athletic like kemp, played like jordan and magic and has a slice of pippen. What would you say?? Just because you are a fan of another player stop with the games. That man is a once in a lifetime player. And that means any lifetime. You really think Jordan and magic can do what they did, but Lebron couldnt?
Cubb Da Crossface Crippler
Well said.😲
Charleston Brown
@Cel Nah he is a large man and would adapt
Cel Month ago
@Dusk After he hit the first three people with an elbow or run over someone it's over.
Dusk Month ago
@Cel That's the magic of, sure, counting other players and the ambience being dirtier and prone to straight up fight, hurt, cheapshot etc but forgetting the part of James being able to do it too, and exactly like Malone or Shaq could and did. He would also be one to play with that style, not just everyone around him.
Cel Month ago
@Dusk But that player couldn't survive. It's too rough for him.
Andre Jarret
Andre Jarret 2 years ago
These old heads really believe the league was more talented overall than today’s players
ugod234 Month ago
@Jamal Leblanc Nah players nowadays are better because the technology and nutrition has evolved. Kids nowadays have specific programs and diets to help them maximise their natural gifts, back int he 80's I think the kids who were just naturally bigger and more skilled made the nba. Trust me take any HOF from the 90's and have them grow up in the modern era and they'd still make the HOF by the end of their career.
Jamal Leblanc
Jamal Leblanc 2 months ago
Facts. Everything evolves. Including the skill.set in sports.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods 2 years ago
LeBron James is 6’9” 250 pounds he would dominate any ERA
Kristion 23 days ago
@Alexi roblez Bulls won 91, 92, 93, nba titles with Jordan. Did they win 1994 nba title when MJ left? If not that’s a failure, like 2014 Heat failed with Lebron, like 2017 Cavs failed with Lebron, like 2021 lakers failed with Lebron, by not 3 peating and repeating. Jordan only 3 peats, he doesn’t just win a ring. Lmao. Damn Bron ring chasing ass, had to keep changing teams, to reboot the ring chasing. Lmao.
Kristion 23 days ago
@Alexi roblez yeah, 1991 and 1992 nba finals, the 17.8 points Reg season player, and 21 points Reg season player Pippen, avg more combined in the finals, than Lebron, the 31 points scorer in 2006, 27 points scorer in 2007, 30 points scoring champ in champ in 2008, the mvp in 2009, the mvp in 2010, Lebron avg in the 2007 and 2011 nba finals combined. Pippen was the damn number 2 option, in years 4 and years 5, Bron was the #1 option in years 4 and years 8. Smh. He doesn’t belong in the conversation with the Jordan, is marketing propaganda.
Kristion 23 days ago
@Alexi roblez if MJ went to join Shaq in 1999, like Lebron had to join AD, he’d have his 7th ring, not his damn 4th. MJ been had that shit his 9th full season in 1996. Lmao. Bron got his 1st ring his 9th full season in 2012. Lmao.
Kristion 23 days ago
@Alexi roblez 4 years Bron won rings accomplishments, vs MJ 4 of 6. Bron was only mvp/FMVP/all nba 1st team/1st team defense for 2 rings, didn’t lead nba in shit, 2012 and 2013. 4 Jordan rings, MJ scoring champ/mvp/FMVP/defensive 1st team/all nba 1st team, at age 35, age 33, age 29 and age 28, in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1998. 2 other Lebron rings, only 1st team all nba/FMVP in 2016. Jordan in 93, was steals champ/scoring champ/1st team defense and 1st team all nba. Bron in 2021 bubble ring, was assists champ/1st team all nba/FMVP. Jordan in 97, was scoring champ/1st team defense/1st team all nba/ and repeat fmvp. Jordan career is way better goofy.
Kristion 23 days ago
@Alexi roblez 4 years Bron won rings accomplishments, vs MJ 4 of 6. Bron was only mvp/FMVP/all nba 1st team/1st team defense for 2. 4 Jordan rings, MJ scoring champ/mvp/FMVP/defensive 1st team/all nba 1st team, at age 35, age 33, age 29 and age 28, in 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1998. 2 other Lebron rings, only 1st team all nba/FMVP in 2016. Jordan in 93, was steals champ/scoring champ/1st team defense and 1st team all nba. Bron in 2021 bubble ring, was assists champ/1st team all nba/FMVP. Jordan in 97, was scoring champ/1st team defense/1st team all nba/ and repeat fmvp. Jordan career is way better goofy.
Jerry Yaaj
Jerry Yaaj 2 years ago
Magic was the goat in his era. Imagine lebron playing in the 90s. Lebron easily wins 6-10 rings.
johnny the kid
johnny the kid Month ago
yes also imagine lebron getting an elbow to the face or head while going full speed up the court from a guy like Charles Oakley or Karl Malone. Its tough to win rings when your sitting out because you have a severe concussion or some other injury
rentonis 2 months ago
In the 90s? He would have been average.
DJ Hasta
DJ Hasta 2 years ago
I'm a big GSW hater, but I give them props. My cousin told me that if prime Bulls team played against GSW with KD in TODAY'S NBA (hence today and not the 90's NBA), they would destroy them. There's plenty vids on RU-vid of how 90's star said that today's player are way more skilled than 90's players and that they would be stars in the 90's such as this video with LeBron. I told him No, no matter what, todays NBA with all the skilled players and rules, Bulls would not. I just looked down and said Man your to locked in the past NBA. No way a Ron Harper or Steve Kerr is holding a prime Curry. Or a prime Pippen could hold a prime KD. Prime Pippen never held a 7 foot pure shooter with guard handles. Prime Kawhi has WAY better defense than prime Pippen and KD would still drop 30 on Kawhi. Imagine if Pippen was holding Giannis, Porzingis, or even a Klay Thompson. Dont get me wrong, I understand that 90's era were more physical because of the rules, but no way in hell can they block someones who's screening for a 30 foot jumper. MJ will get his, but no way they're matching player for player with today's GSW team, LeBron's Cavs team, or the today's Bucks. And if you think I'm too stuck in present, same goes for you. You're too stuck in the past
Jacob Dipietro
Jacob Dipietro 2 years ago
Acource he could if you think he can't your just plain dumb
Adam Fitzgerald
Adam Fitzgerald 2 years ago
Lebron James flops and plays minimal defense, thus he would be an absolute liability in the period between the 80s-90s. A benoit Benjamin if you will.
Kanten Payne
Kanten Payne 2 years ago
Adam Fitzgerald These are NBA legends who wholeheartedly disagree with you
Tovey Chow
Tovey Chow 2 years ago
2:04 Dominic is right. But lbj still cannot post up by now. 16 years. He’s too busy with his biz empire
Ball 2 years ago
Hes had a post-up game since Miami. Tf you talking about
oskaveli662 2 years ago
I believe he would be a great player in previous eras but would NOT have had the success he has today. Why? Because a lot of his success comes from him being such a physical specimen in an era where you can't breathe on another player. This makes him unstoppable. In the 80s and 90s he wouldn't be getting open lanes to the basket (where he gets the majority of his points) without getting close lined.
Marcelo lopez chavez
Lebron is a great player yes , his physical abilities are great ..absolutely, his iq en the cord one of the greatest I see without doubt , all around complete player yes , but I see NBA for 30 years and I tell you his mind is weak when it matters the most , no always but many times , but still top 5 en my least
Kanten Payne
Kanten Payne 2 years ago
Marcelo lopez chavez You don’t come back 3-1 by being mentally weak. I really thought that fictitious narrative would have been put to rest already. Besides, these are NBA legends who disagree with your sentiments.
88smjls 3 years ago
Steve Kerr was heated 😂😂😂 LeBron would be horrible in the 90’s!!!😂😂
88smjls 3 years ago
Prime Barkley has become underrated 26 12 4 shooting 58% from the field.
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 25 days ago
@Braktooth not sure of the context of your post. But if you're saying I'm a little off then you're totally right 😂
Braktooth 25 days ago
@Famous Infamous That's some prime revisionist history.
jdstox1 25 days ago
he would get banned on account of his shoulders are too dangerous
jdstox1 25 days ago
@Famous Infamous yeah.....charles would have to get cancelled today lol
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 26 days ago
@jdstox1 imagine a young Barkley today with the passive defense they play today? He probably would get banned because of his aggression and Manly demeanor
at1212 b
at1212 b 3 years ago
He's on PEDs or roids for you ignorant minimum wage earning fools.
musiciz 3 years ago
Lebron is a nightmare in any era
boricua9071 3 years ago
Idk how any fan can with a straight face deny what these all time greats are saying.They played in that tough era and even said in this video he could have possibly been better back then! Yet you guys say no and bring up 3-5 like basketball isn’t a team sport. Yes Jordan is the GOAT hands down but lbj is the best athlete the league has seen since the great Wilt Chamberlain.
boricua9071 24 days ago
@Famous Infamous don’t swing that way homie, I appreciate it tho happily married.
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 24 days ago
@boricua9071 I would like to meet you in person 😉
boricua9071 24 days ago
@Famous Infamous don’t you forget it boy 😘
Famous Infamous
Famous Infamous 24 days ago
@boricua9071 I guess you got me 😆
boricua9071 24 days ago
@Famous Infamous so all that bullshit you just wrote was simply stating you’re a contrarian to feel smarter than the rest and cause you can? Good for you buddy.
Sassonic Aquariums
Sassonic Aquariums 3 years ago
Lebron is top-10 maybe. But top-2 next to or ahead of MJ is silly talk.
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells 3 years ago
Sassonic No it's not MJ is top 3
Tj's world
Tj's world 4 years ago
Everyone talks about the 90s and 80s in basketball. No offense to the players back then but they were no were near the athletic freaks that we have today and how skilled players are today. Russell Westbrook, healthy Derrick rose LeBron, Giannis Antekoupnmo, Blake Griffin. We now have 7'2 guys that can handle the rock and shoot the ball and can play in the post. Like common stop with the modern league is shit when players are more skilled and athletic then they were ever before. Yeah many greats played in the past but we can't say a great player like LeBron would be trash in the 80s and 90s he is simply too skilled and too athletic. He would a superstar.
Adam Fitzgerald
Adam Fitzgerald 2 years ago
Yes they are more athletic. But they are also mentally weaker. They play in the worst period of defense, they flop and they shoot long range jumpers. That is the status of your NBA today.
tiismuna 3 years ago
onlyrog5 Hahaha ok David Thompson.. Who else?
Alejandro Silfa
Alejandro Silfa 3 years ago
onlyrog5 why you so butthurt? Welcome to today old timer. Stop living in the past
RogeMan 3 years ago
Tj's world david thompson. tons or freaks in history, dont get sucked into the modern prideful era that thinks everything 'Today' is better than ever because nothing is new
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