Logan Paul's Pokemon Man Is Mad At Me

Jarvis Johnson
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collectibles guru saw my video and had some things to say

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Nov 16, 2020




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Comments 5 641
aviendhar idek
In journalism it's good to remember 90% of the time if someone big tries to sue you or threatens to sue you... you're on to something.
MightyFigment 22 days ago
@meh, why a username1? he should talk to Danny Gonzalez to help review his legal options
meh, why a username1?
if people ever try to sue him, he should anti-SLAAP them
Arie Rittberg
Arie Rittberg Month ago
This is the truest statement I’ve read today
Cameron Salazar
Cameron Salazar 10 months ago
That's a smart way too think about that never really thought of it that way!!!
Triforcefilms Year ago
What does he mean "I'm out 50k of my own money"... What happened to the narrative that he was promised a refund from the seller if it proved fake? just another lie?
Lia 25 days ago
@Yorick Lambers you're assuming this "seller" existed and isn't just someone on his team who's in on the scam lmao
Alex Dracoulis
Alex Dracoulis 8 months ago
Whether he lost out on 55K or 220k is irrelevant. That he's in such a financially privileged position that he can even consider these deals in the first place is obscene. Even if he isn't a scammer, he's still a very shitty person.
hm 9 months ago
"i'm out 50k bc the scam that i was planning on running failed so you should feel bad for me bc i almost got away wt it !"
NewRetroGaming 10 months ago
@RingToss ahh yes, good call. Wording was bad!
RingToss 10 months ago
@NewRetroGaming He meant he was out 50k of his own money and lost out on 225k of potential profit. The wording was just bad.
DirtCheap Year ago
Only card this guy is collecting is the victim card...
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 10 months ago
I am on the floor
Abnormal Year ago
Dude you’re making points and you have drip
Brendan Reamer
I think that the most telling thing with this is the fact that he repeatedly says "You should have reached out to me personally." It is such a common manipulation tactic, implying that things we have literally seen with our eyes aren't happening right in front of us and instead that he is the only true source of information. I didn't believe this guy was a charlatan before then. But liars and grifters always get upset when someone calls them out without giving them the opportunity to lie and grift some more.
Rex The Legend
Rex The Legend 10 months ago
I never thought of it that way, but it makes total sense.
Leth Fuil
Leth Fuil Year ago
@Wildwood Hoppe You're absolutely right. With all these points, it really looks like it was likely him. But still, pleeease use some punctuation!
Wildwood Hoppe
If you watch the video you can hear them say there are modern day cards in there so either he scammed or the person he bought them off of scammed the big question is either way why isn't he trying to throw the person that sold him the cards under the bus because I thought they were locked in a gun safe for how many years if all this is true there's only two people that could have Ben the scammer and with all the red flags he put out like you say my money's on him being the scammer why else would he not be able to get a refund and were the police even involved on top of the comments it's a pretty damning don't you think
Kayla Jones
Kayla Jones Year ago
He also screams narcissist. That’s why he continues to say the same thing over and over to Jarvis and not respond to his comments but expects Jarvis to respond to his wants even though Jarvis is continuously asking for proof of the things he is accusing him of. This is also a tactic used for manipulation. Jarvis realized early on he was talking to a wall and he was. Narcissist’s hate being called out for who they really are, so that’s why he is in major defense mode. He is also an abuser from how he speaks to that other RU-vidr and I can tell that this is why he has a relationship with Logan in the first place. Logan is the same way.
Leth Fuil
Leth Fuil Year ago
@BroudbrunMusicMerge If you saw what happened, you don't need to let those involved twist it around and "explain" it. That's done so much nowadays. People do things, which is documented, and then say they weren't doing it, or that they didn't mean it that way, and stuff like that, and gullible people believe that bs. So, suddenly the person who did what was said and proofen is the poor victim and the good guy. That's how Donny does it, and that's how a loooot people do it. Conspiracy Idiots too. They say, one should listen to both sides and respect different opinions, but in reality, the earth isn't fing flat, no matter any opinion.
PaymoneyWubby Year ago
This video is so well put together dude. I can't tell you how great it feels to watch Guru take L after L.
Salteey Year ago
@Clay3613 this is so funny lmao
Ixacey Year ago
@patrilineal globalist couldn't agree more. the bit of the "politically uninvolved white man who thinks everybody needs to calm down because none of it matters" is just so trite.
Swagger Jammed
Lmao not me coming to the comments about to be mad he stole your content 💀
Brian Dailey (THIS ONE M!)
It was so obvious that this was a total scam from the start. Dude was sooo "RED FLAG!" right away. In a legit deal, the seller would be like "I'm excited to see you RIP this!" Or "this is a big moment man. So exciting!" NOT "does this look fake?" And "does it look resealed?". Bro YOU KNEW
Erika Sakura
Erika Sakura Year ago
And not "I wasn't sure if you were gonna open the box today." This really was the only quote we needed to hear to know he was aware of the whole thing. A guy who says Pokemon is the only thing he's nostalgic about would've urged them to open the box on stream while he was around if he didn't know it was resealed
He likely even resealed it himself
Devan Sobo
Devan Sobo Year ago
He knew.
Katie Year ago
I was obsessed with Beanie Babies around age 8 and there was a (probably nonsense) rumor that they were closing BB factories to produce more Pokémon cards because they were becoming more popular. My friends and I, devastated, gathered together in a circle to chant and send our prayers up (via balloon) to end the Pokémon menace. So sadly, had we met in 1st/2nd grade, you would have been my sworn enemy in the brutal war of the childhood collectibles.
drisKill420 17 days ago
Your comment is absolutely hilarious!
LimeLoaf 10 months ago
beeg jf
beeg jf Year ago
i feel like this was part of my childhood even if i know it wasnt
Chanya Nya
Chanya Nya Year ago
Jarvis is so responsible with his word choice. I can’t see him ever getting into any genuine drama on YT
Kevin Morrice
Kevin Morrice Year ago
“You’re ruining my reputation” , does the "expert" know you have to have a reputation before someone can ruin it
Justice Fall
Justice Fall 11 months ago
The fact he's implying he had "good reputation" is astounding to me.
exoploring Year ago
Stop hes already dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joyce Summer
Joyce Summer Year ago
I love this comment 😂😂
nettemarie2 Year ago
Elliot QueerMenace
@TheWoolyWolf the guy of the bulbasaur card
Zooka Year ago
Guru guy is likely a scammer, but at the very least he's just a total jerk. Props for bringing attention to snakes like this so others can more easily avoid them.
On Top!
On Top! Year ago
@Icannotthinkofaname paid comments
Sadly there are still many people who like him and believe him in his insta comments
Spong Bub
Spong Bub Year ago
It’s funny how Jarvis was parenting us about the harassment but it didn’t even happen thank dad
Erika Sakura
Erika Sakura Year ago
I mean I absolutely agree with doing that, whether harassment was happening or not, Jarvis probably prevented quite a bit of it after the facts by saying it's not okay here.
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan Year ago
if only his nose was but inches longer, then he would transcend "Guru" and become "Gru".
Johncraze30 :0
No, his name should be Jeff bozos
Darwyn Berry
Darwyn Berry Year ago
G & A
G & A Year ago
@DinkleSlayer 69 That’s unfair to the lovable minions
Corey Wynne
Corey Wynne Year ago
Haaa nice but he is only trying to be a villain he can’t hold a candle to anyone real XD
Neekits Art
Neekits Art Year ago
He weirdly seems to think you're a drama channel, who analyzes confrontational situations and gets statements from both sides to present to their viewers and is under a responsibility to do research because they tend to take one side or another, or act as a facilitator or a clarifier of information. He does not seem to realize you are not a drama channel
Annika Ruelo
Annika Ruelo Year ago
Just the words “Pokémon Dealer” makes me feel a certain way.
Borgor 2 days ago
it sounds like pokemon traficking lmaooo
TimTomTimothy the 2nd
Hey kid, wanna buy a Magikarp for $500?
John Mobley
John Mobley Month ago
What team rocket did with the Pokémon sun they stole.
Pan Month ago
Pokemon Dealer: I got the good stuff, *Pulls out a actual wailord*
Justa_MothsPrivacy 3 months ago
reverse Team Rocket
Guru: Told an outrageous story about the cards being locked in a gun safe for decades. Also Guru: Why is everybody thinking I'm a scammer?
@Landon Horn um ok
RNM Year ago
@WingedBunny oh ok 👌
WingedBunny Year ago
@RNM he copied and pasted guru's comment
WingedBunny Year ago
@RNM its a joke lol
RNM Year ago
@Landon Horn dude who are you
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Year ago
“Clout chaser” is the new “my haters” for people with egos so sensitive and needy they can’t handle a bit of critique, criticism, or accountability.
Dolan Edwards
Dolan Edwards Year ago
Criticize me! Criticize me! Lol jk
I will regret this
y’all calm down landon’s just doing the copypasta that the guru insisted upon commenting on several videos 😭😭
hi goodbye
hi goodbye Year ago
@Landon Horn the only actual clout chaser is you. If you actually cared about your reputation you'd shut up and wait for this to pass lmao, this is not the hill to die on man
Lòops Year ago
@Landon Horn what?
Landon Horn
Landon Horn Year ago
Your facts couldn't be more wrong. Take the time to discuss with the people involved vs running your mouth and speculating. Regarding Leonhart, 3 EXPERTS THERE SAID IT WAS LIKELY REAL…. We planned to open it to prove if it was or wasn’t. The only way to tell is to OPEN IT! If it wasn’t I was the one who ended up being screwed (and i was and currently am). Leonhart literally looked at it during the l9ive stream and said it was likely real. Your points are wrong. You guys are trolling and chasing clout off an event neither of you could afford to be apart. You realize I have 100% feedback, not 1 person complaining about a single transaction I’ve ever worked with . You hint at “scammer” but provide no facts. I was scammed AND I unwound the error at my own expense, found the scammer, AND made him refund me on cameras (which we have tape evidence of). Anyone can be sold a fake box, it takes a man, not a scammer to unwind the issue at his own expense to make it right. You are wrong and should be ashamed how you framed me in this light.
Shaun Mai
Shaun Mai Year ago
Translation from him - “you made me look like a scammer and now I’m getting roasted.” Real situation - you put a spotlight on my shady ways and I refuse to take responsibility for it.
Matt Gillard
Matt Gillard Year ago
You handled this so well!!! People who have never dealt with confrontation ( on any level) may not understand how stressful this can be, and you handled this well!!
doubllechief Year ago
Let’s stop beating around the bush. Collectibles Guru knowingly tried to sell them a resealed 1st ed base set booster box for $350,000. He didn’t know they were going to open it up right then and there, and when they did, he started sweating and over explaining. Bro got caught with his pants down and is now doing damage control. This dude needs to go back to the used car dealership he came from.
Amanda Kirby
Amanda Kirby 2 months ago
instead of blowing up everyone's dm's he could've just hired a pr rep lol.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 2 months ago
@Asei context being meaningless in our court system isn’t something to be proud of :/
Lee Buckets 🍊
Lee Buckets 🍊 4 months ago
it's insane how it was not only a resealed box but he put NEW EDITION cards in the box. Yeah the dude you bought from totally put 2021 cards in a 1st edition box. And if he did, he should have at least done way more research on a 1st edition box before selling it to someone else who was gonna put it on a live stream.
Kittygirl Heart
Kittygirl Heart 8 months ago
Yeah he gives me matilda’s dad vibes
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie Year ago
When the damage control is worst then his original actions
Gayle Coleman
Gayle Coleman Year ago
“YOU ASSUME A RISK AS AN INVESTOR”. Well-said Jarvis, why is he complaining when like, this is his entire professional life
kebrinab13 Year ago
😂🤣 jarvis gettng progressively more irritated by the scammer as the video goes on is my favorite part 😂
Future Pants
Future Pants Year ago
he's acting like he lost money on this, but didn't he say right before they opened his scam box that he had a "money back guarantee" on the box?
Drinking water
He’s acting like now he doesn’t have enough money for a peanut butter jelly sandwich wtf?
File Code #1459
that's what i was thinking the entire time! you're still a millionaire man, go sit back on top of your pile of money like what do you care what a random youtuber says
Ze_eT Year ago
@G & A Well, changing it to singular would also mean adding an "a". "a chicken nugget" is singular "chicken nuggets" is plural I can understand being annoying (I am being annoying as of right now), but at least be _correct_ in your annoying behaviour.
G & A
G & A Year ago
@Ps1 Hagrid *nugget (sorry I know I’m annoying)
Diego Year ago
I have been in a point in my life where I had to eat expired canned beans to survive smh
Dyl A
Dyl A Year ago
@Ps1 Hagrid is thicc
Oooop Savage
Oooop Savage Year ago
Not jarvis getting into beef with a pokemon card dealer. Absolutely iconic
Jarvis out here making pokemon history
doyouknowme ?
doyouknowme ? Year ago
waiting his beef with the bachelor and bachelorette haha jk.... unless
Jack Raymer
Jack Raymer Year ago
Oooop Savage wow. That’s a lot of likes
dildonius Year ago
@Phrogings Pokémon Cords is suurs biznis o-o u-u o-o
Audrey Gibson
Audrey Gibson Year ago
What's iconic is wubby shaving his head 😂
ChronicNewb [Lea]
I feel like in your original video, you only said "all these commenters say he's a scammer. What do they know that we don't?" and that's a totally valid argument to make. I feel like you were pretty fair to him. He just needs to say his piece and make an effort to clean up his act
Zeroes Year ago
He knew it was fake. That's why he's so concerned to say he's not a scammer. He says he knew he was flown out there to open it on stream, but right before the stream was like "shit I'm about to get caught i gotta dip somehow"
Simly Year ago
It’s like this guy thinks he deserves a medal for doing what he was supposed to do when he keeps saying how he fixed it and now he’s at a loss. You didn’t scam a person and corrected the situation where you almost did? Uh, congrats? The internet would probably chill about it if he was, you know, nice. If he made a statement after and just was like “hey everybody, my seller wasn’t honest with me/made a mistake. I corrected the situation as soon as I could, I’m sorry about that. Things happen sometimes, can be tricky to tell. Thanks to all for understanding.” and then just left it alone. Probably woulda been fine. But nah, he had to go yell at everyone and make a big stink, in which he ended up looking like a big ole clown
I love that he frames making good on the deal as something done out of the goodness of his heart, because he's such a great guy, instead of something he HAD to do to save any shred of reputation and be able to keep doing business.
Ollie Wright
Ollie Wright Year ago
This pokemon "expert" is mad at everyone criticizing him. Maybe he shouldn't be involved in such obviously shady deals to begin with.
Piagebot Year ago
Sounds like a “gary” type
I remember when I was 11 and got a certificate at the end of the year from my elementary school for being a Pokemon expert. I wonder what kind of real world requirements people need to be a Pokemon expert as a way of life.
Tracy T.
Tracy T. Year ago
If he wants to be a hype beast and get collabs with big name RU-vidrs, he’s gotta be able to handle the heat of fans who call out a rat when they see one.
Weeb Squit
Weeb Squit Year ago
He's mad at everyone and has to look for the smallest things like his little pinky ring. I wonder how many channels he's lashed out on.
Banana Brehd
Banana Brehd Year ago
How is he gonna say he’s being called a scammer because of your video...when in the livestream the ENTIRE CHAT is already calling him a scammer.
poperaymond Year ago
Collectibles_Guru can’t even play the victim card without trying to flex
Victoria Coleman
we stan a man who bleps the r-word and doesnt say it. Jarvis, you are amazing. Love you
GenerateMadness 4 months ago
Now i kinda know what r-word is because i genuinely don't
Emily Year ago
"When your upset, take a walk, have some tea. Write a letter and DON'T send it" 😂
Asei Year ago
i hate to be that person but *you're. If this helps, you're is a shorting of "you are" and your is for somebody owning something :) I mean no harm and i dont mean to be an asshole it just kinda bothers me lol-
The Memeest Film Buff
*That guy is angry with literally everyone,* including probably his own self because even he deep down knows how he’s not a professional at all.
John M
John M Month ago
@ashtonisvibing _please_ update me when you learn how to cross out the words lol *:)*
ashtonisvibing 6 months ago
@JUNE NAYA *wait now we need a seminar on how to cross our words out*
Landon Horn
Landon Horn Year ago
Your facts couldn't be more wrong. Take the time to discuss with the people involved vs running your mouth and speculating. Regarding Leonhart, 3 EXPERTS THERE SAID IT WAS LIKELY REAL…. We planned to open it to prove if it was or wasn’t. The only way to tell is to OPEN IT! If it wasn’t I was the one who ended up being screwed (and i was and currently am). Leonhart literally looked at it during the live stream and said it was likely real. Your points are wrong. You guys are trolling and chasing clout off an event neither of you could afford to be apart. You realize I have 100% feedback, not 1 person complaining about a single transaction I’ve ever worked with . You hint at “scammer” but provide no facts. I was scammed AND I unwound the error at my own expense, found the scammer, AND made him refund me on cameras (which we have tape evidence of). Anyone can be sold a fake box, it takes a man, not a scammer to unwind the issue at his own expense to make it right. You are wrong and should be ashamed how you framed me in this light.
maple Year ago
_I like this thread of comments_ *:)*
Viral Headquarters
So, there are several contradictions in his nonsensical, incessant ramblings, but I would like to point out this one: earlier in the video he said that he lost out on a years worth of salary in 30 seconds. If he paid what was it, $350,000 for the box, that's six figures is it not? Because later on in the video around the 25:48 mark he mentions that he spends six figures MONTHLY. I'd hate to say he's a scammer, but if it wears a pinky ring, it's probably a scammer.
PeanutQPublic Year ago
this video stayed funny and interesting in spite of the fact that i'm not into Pokemon, Jake Paul, collectibles of any kind, and this video was a read of a conversation with someone who just repeated themselves through an entire conversation. i don't care if you make videos about tech or High School Musical (also i'm not a fan of HSM) i think your best videos are ones that you feel deeply about. in fact if i keep watching your videos i think i might eventually watch HSM on purpose. i hope you have a great day and thank you for your content
William Casey
William Casey Year ago
With how he talked to wubby im surprised he didn't call you a n-word lol
I think his rep would be even more fucked than it is now if he did that lol
Organ Party Host Renn
Honestly half expecting him to dog on his intelligence or go off some stereotype. Seems like that kinda guy
Bro what the actual fu-
I feel like he would call him the wrong slur tbh
Cause he’s trying to be innocent to not further hurt his rep or manipulate Jarvis
Mandalee Milly
I would never argue with this man lol. He calmly roasts you just by speaking logically and using common sense and it’s amazing.
Toby Year ago
“I object!” “On what grounds?” “It’s devastating to my case!”
Hi there
Hi there 7 months ago
Edgeworth response
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 10 months ago
The laugh I made wasn’t a noise I knew humans could make thank you
chelsea k
chelsea k Year ago
God I miss that movie. Liar Liar was my childhood
ZapPack Year ago
Abbie Year ago
It’s like arguing with a 12 year old 🤦‍♀️ Jarvis has actual proof to back up that he wasn’t in the wrong. The other dude was just repeating the same thing over and over again. Congratulations on Jarvis for being the bigger person, the other dude was an idiot, I wouldn’t have enough patience for that.
dumbpigeon Year ago
If I had half the patience Jarvis has to deal with this guy I'd be set
Melaina Davidson
Can I just saw how much I love how you handled this? I think you had no reason to explain yourself to him but you definitely did so in a mature and rational way!
FortyTwo 3 months ago
I can't imagine being that abrasive toward Jarvis. He could get me canceled for something I legitimately didn't do and I wouldn't care because Jarvis is a fucking sweetheart.
Austin Kellogg
Moral of the story: Don’t try to come for Jarvis, you can’t shake a guy who pays attention to his own details and intelligently responds to any comment.
shytende aka Tamanoir
It's kind of like challenging a professional boxer to a fist-fight.
Bonka_TV Year ago
dont come for my boy Wubby too. Mans a savage and just as intelligent with no filter
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake Year ago
That crispy footage tho... 👊🏾👊🏾
C Year ago
@G & A I can never tell the difference. I can tell with 144p though
G & A
G & A Year ago
@LeansFTW I had at 480p this whole time and didn’t realize
LeansFTW Year ago
And I think 144p is good 😂
LadySheeks Year ago
Yeah I need a tutorial
Chris Hohmann
Chris Hohmann Year ago
He got roasted fool!!! 🤣
OceanMyst Year ago
Is “be well” the social media version of “kind regards” because it has the same kinda threatening energy
G Z Year ago
“kind regards“ is how I’ve been signing off all my professional emails…oh no
Panda Kso
Panda Kso Year ago
Jarvis did you ever imagine that your professional experience and accomplishments would lead you to having beef with a Pokemon Dealer over a botched sale? 0.o
Jarvis is such a good person and it makes me so happy
HilaryAnne Year ago
To be honest, reading his messages are making me dislike him more. When I watched the original video I was like Oh, Okay. and now I'm like, Eff that guy
nabby Year ago
Came back to say I loved watching the live stream of you opening the cards! And I hope you get the opportunity to do it again sometime soon 😊
Scooty Puff Sr
As someone who is unbiased to either of you. I think you’re absolutely on point. You were strategic on your verbiage. That dude’s an idiot. I hope you continue to poke at him lol
poopy pants
poopy pants 2 months ago
It’s so crazy to me how resistant to the idea that people are scamming them people are
TheFoxesMind 7 months ago
Guru: "Are you calling me a liar?" Jarvis: "Well I ain't calling you a truther."
anant rawat
anant rawat Year ago
if he was legit he wouldn't be defending himself so hard to everyone
Mertly Year ago
This is the first time I've ever heard the phrase "barking at the sky." I think it is hilarious.
JGood2point0 10 months ago
DUDE! You're 100% on point here (I know you know that, but sometimes it helps hearing that you're not the only one who isn't insane). This guy is a fraud. Only guilty people try to explain something that's wrong before it happens. You can't deny what audio/video evidence provides.....smh some people though...I literally can't even....
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Year ago
that guy seems like the definition of “weird flex” and “fake victim” combined
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Year ago
@fluffeh it is actually! thanks for noticing:D
AnalShitter Year ago
*weird victim*
Mr. Gibbons
Mr. Gibbons Year ago
it makes more sense the other way around but that can't just be me... fake victim, weird flex.
Snowkat Youtube
Weird victim fake flex
Boa-Noah Year ago
He has a crazy insecurity thing going on, Wubby made a single joke about his pinky ring and this guy kept bringing up the stupid ring, he legit mentions his ring more times than he does the allegation that he resealed the box himself.
Jennifer R
Jennifer R Year ago
You're not a journalist, you don't need to investigate. You made it clear what was speculation and what wasn't. You made jokes.
Dylan S
Dylan S Year ago
I like this video. Before pmw doing his magic Monday streams and opening that jungle pack I myself wasn't involved in the card community and I really like that this chain of events brought people like me into the scene and got us interested. I appreciate you covering this and I honestly don't see you putting this guy in a bad light. I feel like that was all done by his own actions. I'm going to sub to you and look at your other videos and hopefully I'll look forward to seeing more from you.
eebeebee_inc Year ago
Super late to this but I really appreciate the way you handled this Jarvis, very impressive and healthy approach :)
Blazar Year ago
really annoying that people are scamming pokemons cards, I know it happens in every aspect of life. but fuck dude, they're pokemon cards. go buy a pack, enjoy your pull.
Bird Keeper Toby
Coming from the Pokemon Community you just seem like a really chill guy and sorry to hear this guy's giving you some grief. Looks like you can handle yourself wonderfully though. Looking forward to more and to seeing the pack openings ^_^
[Insert Witty Username]
yo the one where you steal the gym leader's pokemon seems like it'll be a cool watch, i didn't know you did challenge videos (but i'm here for itttttttt)
[Insert Witty Username]
wow i forgot you existed and now i'm being hit by a wave of nostalgia... ...time to watch your videos and subscribe again-
Aunt bill
Aunt bill Year ago
Love your shit man, love to see you're watching some quality content
Soarimg Year ago
Hey Toby, interesting to find you here
Nathan Green
Nathan Green Year ago
Al Zeis
Al Zeis Year ago
Love your videos and the way you conduct your business. Love the fact when you get criticized you look at it as feedback. You will continue to grow and better yourself as human with that attitude. Have a great day.
Saladglove Year ago
It's astounding how he keeps saying "I LOST OUT ON A LOT OF MONEY" when..... That has nothing to do with you? That's not your problem, like huh? Whether he lost or gained money doesnt really matter, HE made the shady deal.
Michael Neuser
New viewer to the channel. This Pokémon selling thing brought me here. In the first video, you were also wearing an empathy sweatshirt. How many do you own and in how many colors? I enjoy your content, the few videos I have seen. Thank you, I subscribed for the record.
Jake Klusewitz
Jake Klusewitz 3 months ago
Dude, these videos were both sad, hilarious, and thought provoking! 🤣 Very articulated and respectful response!
Elise Jones
Elise Jones Year ago
it's okay. he called paymoneywubby a fat ginger. this guy is insane, but he's kinda exposing himself to be the bad guy here
blook 11 months ago
@Wilihey he literally used the r slur.
BingBingWahoo Year ago
Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain
Hailour Darklord
I mean it's not a lie lol
Ebrahim Chilwan
the bald guy
CamWolf Year ago
Such a well put together video. “Not a Pokémon Guru” seems like a very shady person. I feel like if you stare at his shiny head long enough you may see yourself getting scammed by him.
Moth Man
Moth Man 9 months ago
Weird how much he doesn’t like taking responsibility for the title COLLECTIBLES GURU when it doesn’t benefit him. Like of course you’re out money your only job was to source legit cards
Butternubs Year ago
If he wanted to not look like a scammer, he should stop trying SO hard to convince everyone hes not one. Its so sus.
Floris Nys
Floris Nys Year ago
Hey Jarvis! Bit late on this video, but I love the way you present yourself and the content in your video. Also looked up the sweater you are wearing (cause i liked the look) and found out about the message of the brand. This made me like you even more, you seem like a really great person and you make great video's! Much love and have a great Day 😃
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Year ago
Not jarvis getting into beef with a pokemon card dealer. Absolutely iconic
Bluejay Symphony
Man, how is this guy so cool. Like genuinely awesome and respectful-and hilarious-and the kind of person I want to be more like TwT
Laura Smith
Laura Smith Year ago
"You're citing my sources back to me" is so fkn funny for some reason
Alex Dracoulis
Alex Dracoulis 8 months ago
Dude, you're too nice. Like, I get that you're protecting yourself and you didn't say anything remotely defamatory. This guy's responses to you are very indicative of the sort of person he is. I'm sure you're fully aware of this, just wanted to say that you are very right to call out suspicious behaviour, and this guy's DMs only further confirm your suspicions. Crypto "investors" and their ilk are so commonly motivated by greed and exploitation alone, and don't deserve sympathy. The fact that this guy was in a position to lose a years salary (and holy shit, 300K is a year's salary?!) and not be totally destitute is very indicative of the massive privilege this guy lives. Fuck this "guru".
ETommyZ Year ago
At this point people will call him a scammer... not because they think he is... but because they want to piss the shiny head man off
Raimizan razak
easiest Shiny Hunt ever
Vanlaldiki Hrahsel
@Jordan Flynn I'm dead
Where’s my Graphics card
Lol "guru" thinks he can shut off his IG comments for a bit and people will forget. The elephant never forgets
BigChonkems Year ago
Riko Saikawa level shiny-head man.
choerry Year ago
qazagirl Year ago
I can’t take anyone seriously that spells “you” as “u”
LVBBoi Year ago
@Phil Lawrence I feel very attacked
Mobina Mallick
@Phil Lawrence *You’re
Phil Lawrence
Phil Lawrence Year ago
@JB Bajan Gamer If youre convinced that everybody uses u instead of you, even if just from time to time, then there is something wrong with your brain.
JB Bajan Gamer
I mean let’s be real we all say “you as “u” sometimes and if you don’t then i’m convinced you’re lying
Wheelie Hunter
Bro i love how mature you are about the whole thing, and i loved the big flex on the Pokemon packs near the end xD
Caravaneer Khed
Caravaneer Khed 9 months ago
This is quickly becoming my favorite channel with the sit down and chat about things format
random stuff
random stuff Year ago
I'm not a big Poke'mon fan, but watching others gamble is always kind of fun. Low cost and the excitement is infectious =)
Eden Year ago
It’s funny that “Logan Paul’s Pokémon dealer” is even a sentence that anyone has to say.
Allison Avery
Allison Avery Year ago
That's what I'm thinking
Jackle Year ago
@Casandshail "Don't worry, I'll pay for him. Also, give me some of that good stuff.
Tom Dean
Tom Dean Year ago
@Casandshail Like I said, money isn't a problem, give me that shit!
Bri D
Bri D Year ago
Side note, completely unrelated, Eden is a pretty name
Noeak Crow
Noeak Crow Year ago
I'm refreshing this comment until it hits 1k. And why? Because I have nothing else to do and I got bored of my life I started doing this. Edit: Almost! Another worthless edit about me enjoying the moment of satisfaction of a comment hitting 1k likes: yayyyyy
joseph drollette
So I'm new here. And I have to say you are a joy to watch. Common sense is a blessing. And I appreciate you displaying such as to educate mr guru. New achievement "New fan earned"
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 Year ago
Am loving these Pokemon videos, really nice to listen to while I organize my collection. And hell yeah, you should totally open those card packs on stream, wanna see your collection too!
Toki no Tomare
i love how honest and equal Jarvis is to anyone
Rudy Martin
Rudy Martin 6 months ago
mad respect, i would have never been that careful enough with my words. i would have just gotten the defamation suit.
I once killed A man with my shoe
This dude’s ego is so big that he thinks everybody talking about him and this situation are “clout chasers”.
Dreadjaws Year ago
@summer s I never said nor implied that in the slightest. Learn to read.
summer s
summer s Year ago
@Dreadjaws implying that Jarvis would need to go after this lunatic's 10 fans despite having 10 times more followers. there were way more pressing matters Jarvis could've made a video on that likely would've garnered him a lot more views going on at that time. he made the video on this dude because it interested him and he thought it was funny, not because he needed to lol.
Glycine Airman
@Dreadjaws que
Dreadjaws Year ago
@Glycine Airman Implying that already having clout means he wouldn't chase for more. Don't be dense.
Glycine Airman
@Dreadjaws this scammer dude has 14k followers on IG and Jarvis has 1.45m on RU-vid. Clout chasing lmao
Ray B
Ray B Year ago
so basically "hey u r a bad person for calling me out on a public event, i might sue you" is his argument
Tom Derbyshire
From not knowing anything it sounds like he’s gone to full on defence mode with a law suit claim. Suspicious.
eren m
eren m 24 days ago
I love how you are always so intentional about how you want your audience to conduct themselves, so everyone can promote a positive and conducive environment online.
North Florida Fungi
He's just jealous because you can grow hair and can't. He looks like slenderman with a dash Howie mandel.
Joarthus Year ago
Even if this dude was not intending to perpetrate a scam and genuinely bought a resealed box without his knowledge, the fact that his reputation is *so* bad already should make him think about the way he behaves because you don't get to that kind of standing for no reason.
Pineapplezz Year ago
"That would never happen because shakira is perfect" *This. This is why you are my favourite youtuber.*
he KNEW it was a reseal and he tried to cover it up, he had excuses the second they wanted to open it, he was foreshadowing that it was a reseal, how would he know that if he didn't do it? shit just don't make sense.
Gypsy Danger
Gypsy Danger Year ago
These 2 video i think are the first of yours ive watched and honestly how well you conducted this response made me sub. Keep up the good work man .
The_Catman Year ago
So he's trying to blame you for people calling him a scammer, did he not see that people were already calling him a scammer in the chat on the livestream you were commenting on?
lake effect kid
@MagnaDrake Possibly, but assuming this dude may have actually watched Jarvis' first video on this he would've seen it. We cant really say for sure.
lake effect kid
@scaper8 Yeah i have no clue what that dudes thought process is at all its honestly confusing as hell
Foxy 02016
Foxy 02016 Year ago
No no, clearly they all did that because they knew Jarvis would make a vide Obvious /s
MagnaDrake Year ago
@lake effect kid max didnt make a video highlighting about the topic so he probably stayed relatively low in attention
Zeroes Year ago
It's because he is a scammer
Matthew Aguilar
God I love you Jarvis, doing all the right things and still getting bitches at for not doing the right things. Also please open those packs because let’s be honest, it will also be fun for us and if you have more of your old cards please show them
Ryotbh 10 months ago
A scammer was trying to convince you that he wasn't a scammer - I'd have ignored him and told him to bring on the lawsuit.
alain kov
alain kov Year ago
It's the audacity, the nerves and the unshaken entitlement for me....making demands without providing evidence that you have been asked. But again, not surprised....he is white man; couldn't expect less.I'm not surprised here. And how do you call yourself a professional dealer/connoisseur in reselling these Pokemon cards and have a team around you and be clocked out by the other expert in 2 seconds before the opening of the box?! [make it make sense] All the mumbling-rambling and related inconsistencies were red flags that the chat was catching left and right on the live. So he can only blame himself for his financial loss and reputation crisis;miss me with the bullshit and the tattoo tears.
Xen Renai
Xen Renai Year ago
I swear this man speaks the earnest truth in the most entertaining way possible
The fact that this is an adult person is sending me
Raiden 9 months ago
Ikr it’s sending me two
beetle soup
beetle soup 11 months ago
this conversation reminded me of being in 9th grade and having a “mature conversation” with someone. a lot is said and yet nothing at all.
telepathy90 Year ago
Full sending!!!
Zainsane Year ago
For sure Lmfao
Tide Pods
Tide Pods Year ago
The Bachelorette Speedrun
So I Think I Got Scammed...