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We burned 200,000 Calories in 50 hours by competing in 2 teams, and the team that burned the most calories and lost the most weight, won $100,000!!
Every Subscriber we gain from this video is an extra calorie Alex has to burn so please Subscribe!!
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Jul 25, 2022




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Comments : 44K   
@StokesTwins Year ago
Every Subscriber we earn from this video is an extra calorie Alex has to burn so Subscribe to help him lose weight!! 😩
I think inf susbcribers is enough Edit: i never get so many likes Edit 2: goal is 200 like Edit 3: 300 GOAL MOM IM FAMOUS
@Lol1244g Year ago
We love Alex no matter what kat says ♥️
@5d455 Year ago
@slokalad3195 Year ago
Yeah but we can’t lie, we love kat too
@rlovecatidog 7 days ago
No matter what Kat says, you are perfect Alex, we love you, you are beautiful and by the way, they have a good channelю🎀🎀
@user-hm4no2sp5m 22 hours ago
Ты русский
We love you guys❤ You got like a lot of subscribers Like a lot, good job guys
@farahyounis-cm3lb 11 months ago
We love Alex even if he's fat or not ♥️
@pamshukoski973 10 months ago
i agree
Same ❤ we love Alex Evan tho he is fat we still love him
@DARKBOY-ds1zl 10 months ago
@paolapascuales5448 10 months ago
@@DARKBOY-ds1zlwtf bro
@Julian-dp8mu 10 months ago
Me to ❤
@Kermit7301 Year ago
Let’s goo Alex 🤩❤️
@Appy3483 Year ago
@@lovelydamage4611 DON'T SAY HIS A DUM!!
@GRWM-PAR Year ago
@@lovelydamage4611 you spelled dumb wrong
Let's go Alex
See and see is seen
@ARTIST_BOY_ARNAV_ 29 days ago
Like for kat stop calling alex fat ❤
@KalistaAmendt 23 days ago
Alex is perfect the way he is. I love watching your videos, love ya both😊❤
I like how Brian always beats referee when unexpected 😂
@zaynali5784 Year ago
I always feel so bad for the ref
@muria4922 Year ago
It’s like Peter and the fighting chicken
I agree
I wanna be Brain
Shaun’s moonwalk was absolutely HILARIOUS
do not care
@Kitty_xime13 14 days ago
No matter what Kat says, you are perfect Alex, we love you, you are beautiful and by the way, they have a good channel😊❤
Vamos Alex Tú puedes 🎉🎉🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🎈🎈🎈
@Agostina_roblex 10 days ago
Hola 👋
Alex is not fat he is perfect the way he is 👍🏻
What the fuck @instagram user
@Allysgacha14 Year ago
Shawn always makes me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
Shaun's sisi nono😂
Are u and Shawn together?
Shawn's sussy
@karimbensidhoum 18 days ago
❤❤❤ااحبكم على التحدي
@user-kc1ph9xh5r 16 days ago
I love all of your videos and I love alex the same way no matter what😌
good job alex i'm really proud of you
@noahkut4023 Year ago
Lose weight Alex
Same here
@kylebroflovski4490 7 months ago
We love you, Alex! Know that it’s not your fault if it’s hard for you to lose weight and your wonderful the way you are alex
@TheLostLenny 7 months ago
@MidnightMimi123 4 months ago
@@Cinnamoroll1392 or they, but I agree with you
@@MidnightMimi123same she doesn’t even seem like a bot at all
@user-jn5ef6ze3g 4 months ago
🎉he is a pro at basketball and very strong, maybe that's how he was created, cause he is very fit and strong
@hugocabrales3130 22 days ago
Kat y sus comentarios de obesos 🥺 , Alex no importa lo que diga Kat ❤❤
@juliamarques3391 15 days ago
e verdade
@Agostina_roblex 10 days ago
Es verdad
Por fin uno en español
@user-nr2dz6rx7p 3 days ago
Yes We love Alex no matter wtha kat says❤😊
Go go Alex 🤩 you can do this. Alex believe in your self 🥳
@AmeerWee Year ago
Kat is the worst
@@AmeerWee LOL! Yea true
Я всегда юыла за Шона, и счастье за Шона❤
❤❤❤💯💯💯🎉💯🎉🎉🎉 videos genial póngase sus diferentes para este video de los hermanos
Honestly I'm proud of Alex even thou his perfect the way he is🥰
@kinzuniflies Year ago
@Lucyyyy12 Year ago
Me too 😘
@jaynie7734 Year ago
Yeah 😊
What the hell-
@OsvaldoPrice Month ago
we all love Alex
@aaarrr6852 17 days ago
Ilove❤ stokes Twins❤❤
@Alison2529 Day ago
hi i love canal
Whenever I watch you guys it brightens my day!😄 You got this Alex!
@Doofy cap
@Doofy shut the Frick upp bro there conent is the best
You've got this Alex 👏
Me gusta el video gracias
@user-ig1dg9zu6z 11 days ago
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ equipo rojo equipo rojo equipo rojo equipo rojo❤
@MrJbstone Year ago
They always find a way to put a smile on our faces
Yes they do❤❤❤
I agree
@laxusm0148 Year ago
Yes 👌👌
@Luvmoney_708 Year ago
Shawn always make me laugh
Yeah me too
I don't get shawn
Yh the sus jokes make me laugh and then the si si si si no no no no
Si si no no tonight🤣
@bangtran2698 Month ago
I from vietnam like
We love Alex no matter what kat says
@K.Rohan15 5 months ago
We Love You Alex regardless of your weight!!!!❤❤❤
We love Alex no matter what Kat says ❤
@linhduong-ei8qt 10 months ago
@user-ul3qv2iq7i 9 months ago
@karleeburnett6431 7 months ago
Dude is just a joke on what kat says
@NicoleHimpayan 10 days ago
I love you Alex ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊
@ElliotWalsh-zj8of 13 days ago
Every like this comment gets kat has to gain a pound
Go alex I'm proud of you I hope you reach 20 million subscribers
@alesia7994 Year ago
I feel really bad for Alex, he is really nice and caring plus he has a great personality. People whether their friends or not have to stop calling him fat, I feel as if he gets treated unfairly compared to the rest of the group. I know Alex probably takes it also as a joke but based on experience he's probably going to end up feeling bad about himself. On the other hand imagine meeting them in person, that would be like a dream ♥️
Yeah Kat, STOP CALLING ALEX FAT. #stopcallingalexfat
He probably tells them to
@abc123jr_b4 Year ago
That’s why i dont like Kat she needs to put her feet into his shoes so she can feel how he feels and you can tell me I’m crazy but if kat was nice to Alex i would ship them❤️
@alesia7994 Year ago
@@abc123jr_b4 especially bc Alex and Tanner are about the same weight and she does nothing to Tanner
Yes! I agree with you! It doesn’t matter if Alex is fat or if he is not. Also I don’t think he is overweight.
@t.herr1991 Day ago
Team Alan
@Adele-ob5ho 2 days ago
❤❤❤I love it
Alex is really nice and he’s the best person on the planet no matter what he looks like doesn’t mean he’s not strong on the inside or is good
@mariecoleman8912 6 months ago
your right
@Techno_never_dies. 5 months ago
For Real ( FR)
@Prolikescheese 3 months ago
Mbuzi mbofu
@-sokhauwu- Year ago
Where proud of you
@YoElisaHere Year ago
@SarahLee-bl2ff 3 days ago
We love alex
stawp kat he is not fat
You got this Alex I don’t know why people keep on calling you fat you’re not fat love you Alex ☺️
That's true
That is ♾% true
@user-rs5em2ff2f 7 months ago
we love you alex no matter what kat says when your fat.❤
Yeah. Bruh
@taehyuny5607 Month ago
Aur kuchh aapki sari video bahut acchi lagti hai aise hi majedar video banate❤❤❤❤
@Vivienli-pt8qo 12 days ago
Congrats Alex's team🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊😊😊
@jes.wlf_12 Year ago
I love how Kat is just standing there cheering not doing anything during volleyball 😆
@thisbish660 Year ago
@Chosenone2 Year ago
Stokes twins never fails to entertain
@Jorge-ge7jd Year ago
No no his got a point
@nickg3794 Year ago
hqreg regrg jrhgq er regneriger
for sure 👌
Tú puedes hacerlo Álex ❤❤❤❤❤
@Zacmangamer 21 hour ago
Alex needs to get a six pack like Aline
Alex really approved himself of losing weight, i'm proud
@affamily7379 Year ago
but he's still fat
Yea I agree he made alot of progress
@LeviKiprono-un8ot 8 months ago
We love Alex just the way he is😊😊
@furryloser3 Month ago
obvi bc you love the earth right? same size smh
@slime_central Month ago
that’s just mean blud
Ya that’s just mean
@ramondiazcortes 12 days ago
Love you kat❤
@user-th3ws8ye5q 9 days ago
Shawn Alex and Alan is so cute ❤
Can we just appreciate them they make vids just for us😝
@@l4g BOT IDOT
@@l4g bot bruh-
i cheered for Alex through the whole thing
@Tu69420 Year ago
Fuck Alex we love skinny alan
@Crabby_Pig77 Year ago
@Crabby_Pig77 Year ago
We Love you
Just a reminder , alex you are not fat . You are more worth than what you think and also weight doesn’t matter because the thing is that what matters is ur personality and I see you all working hard and it is impressive that y’all were pulling the car ! Awesome job team Alan. And you guys are doing great the best part is that at the end of the day you guys don’t even have weight because no one is fat and both twins are equal ! Never forget that !!! Love you stokes twins !🥰😁❤️ besides we should all get annoyed that people are calling alex fat 😩 thank guys !
@Clarykinza Year ago
Yeah! There twins and there is no different in them they should all be loved the same ALEX IS NOT FAT also #stopcallingalaxfat I might of speled stuff wrong sorry
True, plus Alex is still super athletic.
@MasterManu1 Year ago
Yeah dude I wish I was there to say too kat to #stopcallingalexfat
@MasterManu1 Year ago
And if he doesn’t care I gonna punch kat
@@MasterManu1 dude- like kat is just playing around, its not like she’s really hurting him
@Chosenone2 Year ago
Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Stokes twins puts into their videos for our entertainment
@Dazai1_0samu Year ago
@@user-vp5cl5jc7e is a bot, Report it
Stop being a sussy bot
@VaelaaAdam 11 days ago
❤❤go Alex 😊🎉
This is motivating, who knew loosing weight could be this much fun
This is clickbait, you don’t burn calories so fast!
@raptor___ Year ago
@@sivertbraastad6891 but still the content is good.
If it is or not,it’s still funny!
.do not do des
Been with you guys since day one, Keep GOING ALEX!!!
@user-wn4rd7be9r 9 days ago
I LOVE Alan❤❤❤
@Karenvalen5728 10 days ago
We love You alex♥️
@denyriswandy3451 7 months ago
Alex doesn’t need to lose weight. he’s perfect the way he is. just because he’s fat on the outside doesn’t mean he’s bad on the inside. he’s a good person no matter what he looks like.=)
Don’t listen to Katt she is horrible she should stop calling you fat
kat needs to stop calling alex fat he is perfect on the inside.
@MareenaBixby 6 months ago
@Fart-pt4jn 6 months ago
Alex don’t listen to Kat u r not fat. U r really,really’ really fat
@VILLAGER-zb3zx 5 months ago
Shawn moon walk move just make my day 😂 shawn never fail to make me smile and laught 👍👍
@gaoeyvang Year ago
@ratava🇭🇲 h
@ratava🇭🇲 Amén provecho en tu casa o en dónde Street fresh meadows
@jimmyjump8794 Month ago
Alex y Alan son NOVIOS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
​@jimmyjump8794 noooooo
@heavenly_.0 Month ago
@@jimmyjump8794they are brothers😅
@nicolas88597 13 days ago
We Love you alex❤❤
Shawn and Caseoh solo the whole dodge ball game
If I am going to be honest Alex is like Alan Alan is just faster by 1 mph but Alex is way stronger that’s why Alex is my favourite twin :)
@ab11prodz. Year ago
@The Movie Basher and, he made it through an infection that almost killed him
@swag8610 Year ago
@The Movie Basher no it’s alex
Claim your “within an hour” ticket here
@alternatal Year ago
@octopus21 Year ago
@sici2500 Year ago
@Tonya-rp4cq 5 days ago
We love you
Best is hear😎🔥
We Love you Alex🏆🎖🏅
@Antonio-rj6sb 21 day ago
😢😢😢😢😢😢 confiaba tanto que el Equipo Rojo ganará pero odio a Álex Cómo equipo ganó
@emmaneale3511 11 days ago
@Oliva-cb2ot 5 months ago
shawn is really funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
@user-lt3zp8yb5l 4 months ago
and weird
@WyattHubert-fo1ie 27 days ago
You are the best
@DwiWartiani 9 days ago
Go go Alex😊
@vietquyn Year ago
Shawn is literally the funniest in the video made me cry with laughter
@autumn1403 Year ago
I agree.... He is awesome
@Superbot9913 Year ago
I agree with you about that
@ariaxx8270 Year ago
He whants kat so bad😅
Any video Shawn always finds a way on how to be SUS
I agree
you do have a point
@user-ro5un8wg9s 25 days ago
We love you alex❣️❣️
Alex you a the best braddah of all braddahs
@Angelica_KH Year ago
22:44 Moment of Truth 💖 Alex and Shawn are the best in the blue team 🤣
@CaydenPlaysS Year ago
@@aguilarjocelyn yes
@Angelica_KH Year ago
@@aguilarjocelyn yes
Whenever Shawn says “my banana” it makes me laugh so hard you make my day better.
@nkyizs4904 Year ago
True. I also like it when mark says this video needs to get 1 million likes.
@amelia7858 Year ago
You mean cucumber
@ꨄ 𝕯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖓 ꨄ hello
@aayaali321 Year ago
Ficar com você cara você merece❤
@gabrielaortiz2873 24 days ago
We love Alex Just the Way he is❤❤
@Idk23017 Year ago
Always make a smile 😃 on my face with these videos
@dasslav3193 Year ago
i yous pc🤪🤑🤫😍😙🤩😇🤭🤔🥲🥵😔
Dang they burnt calories just for us that shows dedication…
@Dyr.321 Year ago
Wtf is wrong with this bots 😂😂😂💀💀
vamos se que tu puedes alex
@BluestormHawk 24 days ago
We all can agree stoke twins never disappoint us with their content
@Monkeypox ok bot it's not like any of us care
@tinkpat588 Year ago
no we can't
@_AnimeEdits_ Year ago
I love how shawn pushes kat when she says " Alex's weight is like half of their team"
@duke5344 Year ago
Me to
Yeah lol
Me gustó todo el video Gracias era muy importante para mí el video
shawn shirt is pretty nice
@Rileighmoore4477 3 months ago
Alex we love you, you are perfect just the way you are don’t let anyone talk to down you are perfect just the way you are.