Magnet powered car 

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May 9, 2024




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@miloyall 19 days ago
For those of you wondering why this actually wouldn’t work, the magnet would basically be pulling its own mass here. Think of it this way; if you removed the connecting rod, the car wouldn’t go toward the magnet, the magnet would go toward the car.
@brandonellis8111 19 days ago
Thank you, it makes so much sense now.
@user-je7nq6rz2ja 19 days ago
Today is my birthday and I have no subscribers
@Vladimir-bb5tn 19 days ago
@nickmanson8687 18 days ago
​@@user-je7nq6rz2ja good
@amanmakrani1493 18 days ago
Ohh 😊
@KikonSketches 17 days ago
“The hardest part of building a perpetual motion machine, is figuring out where to hide the batteries”
@user-my1eu2cm9y 17 days ago
@Akash-iw7jc 16 days ago
Very common comment
@DarthDeathwing 15 days ago
This is different. Force is always external, an interaction between two objects.
@amitisraeli1841 15 days ago
This is what happens when you don't listen in physics class
@zenus4270 13 days ago
As someone who studies hard and physics class, I cry every time I see this…
@midnight_lol 10 days ago
the only difference is, he showed that it's fake.
@mohamedamnh9531 6 days ago
@vera2892 2 days ago
​@@midnight_lolno shit
@midnight_lol 2 days ago
@@vera2892 yeah no shit everyone thinks his videos are real because they shoot to the comments too fast
@The_child-catcher 16 days ago
It's basically the same principle behind why you can't stand in a bucket and then pick up the bucket with you in it.
@j12325 12 days ago
I can jump with bucket😢, am i too powerful??
@SamTheTriangle 11 days ago
And the same principle behind why you can’t blow your own sail.
@MARVEL_KING1114 9 days ago
@@j12325 😰
@richlaue 9 days ago
You can't?
@Danihamadeh 16 days ago
For anyone who doesn't understand, it's basically like trying to push yourself, you're using your own Force to move your own mass, which is impossible because the force is part of the mass.
@user-kz2cv1py3g 13 days ago
@vinodjoshi2287 12 days ago
@vinodjoshi2287 12 days ago
@Soupcup8993 4 days ago
No its impossible because the magnets push and pull in oppisite directions causing a net zero forward force
@gamezona1068 4 days ago
Магнит не вечный поэтому это не работает
@Kyouno 19 days ago
Hmm… I think at this point forward, I really do see Gru as Vector’s occasional part time minion
@user-je7nq6rz2ja 19 days ago
Today is my birthday and I have no subscribers 😢
@lol-rv6uc 18 days ago
@@user-je7nq6rz2jahappy birthday bro and you will get no sub in next bday don’t thank me bro
@DavePilkey-fc6dq 18 days ago
@exahedron 18 days ago
@tastyfood2020 16 days ago
Bro I saw you in every comment 💀 is kyouno is a bot
@manojs7196 3 days ago
1947 missed calls from Sir Isaac Newton
@RajKumar-eo9ho 4 days ago
Basic physics law, internal forces can never cause any change, when u stick magent to the car they become part of system , but when one of the. Magnet is not stuck to the car they are not part of system
@CorundumDevil 16 days ago
My favorite part of this channel is the playful transparency. Even when it doesn't work, the presentation doesn't go to waste. Perfect for a smooth operator supervillain.
@luisssss43 17 days ago
10 missed calls from Sir Isaac Newton 💀
"do you think my car runs on water?" No, it runs on magnet though 😂
@carljohnson1556 15 days ago
I love Vector videos. He shows you the hack at the end. The hack is we got a controller 😂😅
magician never reveal their secrets
1980s: "We'll have flying cars in the 2000s!" The cars in 2024:
@simonabbott725 7 days ago
We've still got 976 years to go
What’s at question here is perpetual motion, which basically is a phenomenon in which something can occur indefinitely. Perpetual motion is impossible because it breaks both laws of Thermodynamics. Thus, even if this magnet trick did work, it would not power the car indefinitely, it would stop at some point
@WILLIAMAFTON787 18 days ago
Nah Albert got reincarnated 💀💀
@erikrogers8214 17 days ago
What would make it stop? Friction?
@@erikrogers8214 friction or some kind of energy loss, maybe through heat. But given it’s on an imperfect surface, it would most likely be friction
@Nihlux 17 days ago
@@alberteinstein3612 Magnets don't stay magnetized forever, either. They gradually lose it. This happens very slowly, however.
@@Nihlux another way the system can lose energy over time
@ranastatus7937 8 days ago
ছোটবেলায় এই বুদ্ধিটা মাথায় এসেছিল... বহুবার চেষ্টা করেছিলাম... 😅
@Spaceinvader61 12 days ago
Last bit was so obvious 😂
@itjusttomholland 16 days ago
According to physics internal force can't move a body.
@sinwaters909 5 days ago
So what are the magnets doing here?
@@sinwaters909 first magnet, second magnet and third magnet are parts of the body(car).first magnet apply force on 2nd magnet and 2nd magnet applying force on 1st magnet Thus they are cancelling each other forces so that resultant is zero.
@Ghost741SC 17 days ago
*50+ missed calls from Albert Einstein*
@jrodd13 3 days ago
Guys this is literally just troll physics. This shit is making me feel old and I'm not even a millenial 😂
Vector's neighbors: Vector is doing those stuff again to steal the moon.
@Danielramos415 19 days ago
This guy is always experienting that’s why I love his channel
Bro thought that he will break laws of physics
@LaPulga_10 15 days ago
actually that will not work because both the magnets are part of a single system and no external force is applied thus the car remains in the state of rest and doesnt move
@Qodir_17 2 days ago
Thermodynamics: you can't create energy.
@abdallasowar5607 19 days ago
THIS is why I love vector ❤
@-UzR- 18 days ago
Old school guys: Trollscience
@YT-viewer163 17 days ago
Finally, someone who remembers the glory days of troll science and rageface comics.
@core36 17 days ago
@@YT-viewer163those were the days. Back when we actually had some level of anonymity and just joked freely about anything. I remember as a newfag on 4chan, when I would write “dubs get” and actually got them and some other guy responded in a 3 page essay on how much he hates me. Good times 🥲
@obeliscoparlante 16 days ago
Problem Science?
@Zachmxyzptlk 6 days ago
Certified hood classic meme
@lakshitsharma6480 15 days ago
Bro is runnin the business of Jeff Bezos 🚭🗿💀
@akshitsoni6100 12 days ago
Newton's second law is F(external) = Mass times acceleration. When magnet is connected to the car, the force is no longer external but internal.
@ViralWorld.t 18 days ago
This guy is the hope that we stay hopeful in RU-vid.
@manitejads7514 16 days ago
I thought of this when I was in grade 10. But I came to know that magnetic power can be a threat.
@bigbadchevy6707 2 days ago
This could work with multiple magnets inside the wheels. And an electromagnet in the wheel well. Reduce current to slow the speed of the car and increase current to increase speed of the car.
Physics terms- the two forces since connected would equalize at a point between the two magnets, varied due to strength. The magnet cannot pull itself and the other car, as it would be making energy from nothing
@ShowboyChill 17 days ago
Newton says he's very angry about that video in the beginning
😂😂 You are the only RU-vidr that don't fake ❤❤❤❤
Physics left the world like flat earth left the logic 😂
@yanand 15 days ago
I just wanna say he’s a fool. He did not understand the physics.😅
He tried an Indian innovation 😅 I know because I am also an Indian 😅
@highendgamer9878 16 days ago
Or isne video dikhayi thi vo Indian bande ki h ( blue box shorts)
@dhruv6851 14 days ago
@VibhorSen1993 13 days ago
Except there is no innovation , it was fakery !
@bitsofnickel8809 12 days ago
True. The Toyota Innova.
@user-kr2qn8yi9k 16 days ago
For those who don't understand why this wouldn't work, simply imagine yourself sitting on a cardboard and trying to float in air by pulling the cardboard up. As simple as that.
@VergorioVergara 9 days ago
These are called friction cars , you roll them backwards and compress a coiled spring and then you let go and they run for a good distance
@KaiEn5L6 19 days ago
Vector tries everything he sees😂
I have the same RC car at my home I got it for Christmas last year
@BG-it7hb 6 days ago
Bro better have an Amazon sponsorship at this point
@nesto4evr 13 days ago
Road runner and the coyote antics here. 😂😂
@kimgroslouis5587 18 days ago
Imagine going on your Amazon history. Probably because of you Amazon is billionaire 🤣
😂😂😂Yes, it is possible to have a cut that specializes in his requests 🤣🤣
@naveenmurali611 9 days ago
Hey i am naveen can u give ur insta id can we make good conversation ❤❤
@user-fx9wh7rc2s 19 days ago
bros sound affects
@cricketfever7463 15 days ago
This proves the greatest law of of physics that "internal forces can't bring motion in practical life"
@shoresy6927 7 days ago
An object can't attract itself. The magnet would either pull to the other one or nothing at all. It doesn't create a pull force
@HanSoled199 19 days ago
If anyone's wondering: The magnet is pulling the car as much as the car is pulling the magnet, so the forces even each other out!
Exactly. If that were possible, you could fly by pulling your hair up
@scretchy00 18 days ago
Or if you sit in the basket and then lift yourself😂
@UdderlyEvelyn 18 days ago
I dunno a lot of people seem to think we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps these days. 😂
@user-oy3gr7wy7t 18 days ago
Vector, you reached 25 million, will there be a video? Thank you for liking vector
Newton's first law of motion...the car is not acted by an external force hence it won't change its state of rest
@subzero.cuber47 15 days ago
It wouldn't work because there is less force required for the magnet to move towards the car than the car to move towards the magnet because the car weighs more. If you want this to work, you'll need a heavier object with a magnet behind it with it's own energy, that's attached to the car you want to move, which defeats the purpose because you need an energy source for the front car.
@user-kf5wb5kc4p 18 days ago
I almost fell for it
@Diepipole 19 days ago
Stopping people from saying first
@anuragsharma1075 14 days ago
Let me try explain this... correct me if I'm wrong: So , as per Newton's 2nd Law of motion: a = Fnet / m . In order to create acceleration on an object or a system, it must be acted upon by an ext. Force and the net resultant force only will contribute to create acceleration in the object. Now , in case of this" car-ruler-magnet" body , this whole package is the system ( because you need to move all of them together and not only the car) . And to move this system, we need an External force to act upon it ....Fext. Now , even the magnets are part of the system itself, so the magnetic force (push/pull) created by them become internal forces and hence cancel out. ( The magnetic pull created by the magnets is cancelled out by the friction force as the ruler is stuck to the car) . Anyways, just taking the whole unit as a system, internal forces cancel out, hence , F net = 0, ad there is no ext force. So, the acceleration is 0. Hence, this system cannot move.
@jasongoodacre 16 days ago
It's simple a case of force vs mass. The free magnet is attracted to the one on the car not the other way round.
@lucasli0207 19 days ago
i tried doing this on a hot wheels car like many years ago but the popsicle sticks wont stick to the car
@mrhappytommy5865 18 days ago
'Minecraft but im adopted.' Jeez, we rlly did cut straight to the main bit.
@EricShaun321 9 days ago
there must be some genius out there that could make this work
@sethfischer7368 14 days ago
It's actually very old tech. There is a way for a coil to protrude from the front but also would depend heavily on infrastructure being entirely different with it's method and population issues.
@mosesmfinanga713 14 days ago
This would defy the law of conservation of energy!
@NoNotMe0000 4 days ago
I continue to believe that perpetual energy is possible. I also believe in anti-gravity technology. We as humans just haven't perfected it yet! Jus say'n
@priyanshuraj7659 14 days ago
Internal forces can't displace the center of mass of any body. For example pull or push a chair without sitting on it it will move but if you pull or push the chair while sitting on it, COM will remain in rest
I swear his orange jump suite never gets dirty.
Bro is obsessed with yellow, even in the toy car😂😂😅
@DemonSlayer-RB26 14 days ago
Not vector absolutely spoiling a rare die cast💀💀💀😭😭😭
@stroft2real 14 days ago
That's very simple, it didn't require such complexity
@meadinosaur7085 3 days ago
I cant be the only one who thought he was gonna try it on a non-toy car.
@Crasian95 15 days ago
I like how he does the whole process but then shows if its BS at the end or not. Love your content
@user-wt6zj6gw3q 14 days ago
Если не знаешь физику..., все вокруг магия!
Those how knows Physics, even started Laughingin the beginning 😂
🗣️ "Internal forces can't accelerate the body"
@realarhamfaisal 14 days ago
Everybody gangsta until you have to press brakes 💀
@user-st6bk1se3w 13 days ago
The physical explanation for why the car does not move: "Each magnet exerts a force on the other magnet, the forces are equal and play against each other, therefore they climb each other, according to Newton's first law: ΣF=0
@YtyFv-sf2xx 13 days ago
10 missed calls From Nicola Tesla 🤣
@user-fk8ce4he3b 16 hours ago
Мюнхгаузен тоже тащил себя за волосы из болота ))
@tauseefuddin1415 11 days ago
It is like pushing your car from your driver seat 😂😂😂 and then car start moving😂😂
@gayatriraja3266 3 days ago
100 calls from isaac newton sir 😂
@user-sx3zl9ny3o 14 days ago
Барон Мюнхгаузен тем же способом вытащил себя из болота. За косичку. Прямо с конём. 😂😂😂
@lu881 13 days ago
So no one has ever heard of magnetic levitation trains before I see
@xzns_19376 14 days ago
Basically, you wont be walking in the sky by stepping one foot on the other
@apokolipsmeow5481 15 days ago
Anybody notice the pull back? Lol. I miss those cars from when I was a kid. 😢
Thats like pulling your left arm with right one hoping to move forward
@River.Aupperlee 14 days ago
Velma doesn't do as good without Scooby Doo on the show
Keep up a good work vector i like your content
@mehdisol7094 15 days ago
This is the equivalent of trying to push a car. While being inside the car.
@theemeraldend4302 13 days ago
When you have the magnet on your hand, the hand pulling the magnet away pulls the car away. If you tape the magnet to a pole then to the car, the magnet will only bend the pole. Not the car. Meaning the magnet doesnt pull the car, the hand does.
@soul69690 3 days ago
**"teenage mutant ninjabturtles" theme intensifies**
@POJESH10 2 days ago
If u think y car companies don't use this , this Is a basic version of how an electric motor works.
@furuyakenji9876 6 days ago
I dont learn physics but my brain can calculate the physics well , this obviously wont work😂
@julianeroles9173 13 days ago
If it works, he would have in his hands unlimited energy, challenging all the forces of physics
@atulyagupta3760 16 days ago
In physics there is law that a body can't apply any force on itself Like pull your hair as hard as you can but it wouldn't be able to hurt let anyone else do it you would feel Pain
@JulyanHayes 8 days ago
The fact that you can’t see if you where driving that 😂
Bro really broke a ruler just to test
@HAriz54321 9 days ago
For someone still wondering why this won’t work, look at below illustration, assume the arrow is the magnet pulling each other. It will be no different than putting both magnet infront. ➡️🚙⬅️
@soumyashinde1927 11 days ago
Bro ordered car of his colour 🧡🧡
I was ready to fly pulling up my own show laces.
Every body will remain at stationary position or keep moving until an external force is applied and here magnet become the part of the system and considered as the internal force, that's why this is not possible
@oscarzapata7192 14 days ago
Its possible but you would need more power magnets. So basically charged electromagnetic fields so increase the push and pull of magnets. Some ufos are said to work like this thats why our technology malfunctions when they are nearby. The magnetic fields they created
@devilplayz1983 14 days ago
The smaller mass would be pulled towards the greater mass For eg - the moon revolves around earth as if gravitational and magnetic pull is kinda same