Metal Vocalist First Time Reaction - Worlds 2023 Finals Opening Ceremony NEW JEANS EXO HEARTSTEEL 

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League of Legends Just CRUSHED any opening Ceremony I've EVER SEEN!!! This was Freaking!
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Nov 19, 2023




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Comments : 100   
Baekhyun❤EXO ❤
@EXOsNoona 4 months ago
I will never get over this Baekhyun 🔥🫠💕
@yaneluizchelsea 5 months ago
i'm here because of EXO Baekhyun my rockkkkkssssssssssstarrrrrrrrr
@halima-L-1485 5 months ago
Same ❤
Me too
@beamiras7690 4 months ago
Here for Baekhyun!🥰☺️❤️
@emmasong3704 4 months ago
Baekhyun and Heartsteel members are very good!!!
@ummuabdillah5965 4 months ago
Baekhyun EXO is the best
@Baekkie_bae 4 months ago
I saw Heartsteel so I'm here, and I have to say that THEY NAILED IT !!! ❤ bro, like it was so amazing it was fire, so proud of them! ØZI, BAE, CAL AND TOBI! 🔥🔥
@user-uc1tn1dw3d 4 months ago
Baekhyun doesn't just sing the words, he sings from the heart with all the perfection
@ivanantonio9072 4 months ago
Rise is sung by Mako the main producer of Riot's Music and Tyler " Telle " Smith of The Word Alive with The Glitch Mob on the Music Video, the original song is so hyped, that it pumped my mind into reaching Diamonds while i was stuck in silver for years in playing league
@NJM-DZ 4 months ago
You should watch EXO's live performances they are the best ever as *EXO "Mama + Monster + Wolf"* live Japan *EXO "Transformer + Lightsaber +Overdose"* live *EXO "Eldorado"* live *EXO "Diamond + Coming over + Run this + Drop that + Power"* live *EXO "Gravity"* live *EXO "Intro + The eve + Forever"* live
@side0ut944 5 months ago
Yesssssss I've been waiting for this reaction Edit re: if you were there live -- they have 1-3 screens (on either side of the stage as well as one farther back in the audience) that show the light effects and CGI that the streaming viewers are seeing, so even though the live audience can't see the effects on the stage itself, they have multiple screens that show them what's supposed to be happening.
@DoctorNerf 4 months ago
The middle song was RISE which is the 2018 Worlds song, and is considered the best Worlds song by most of the community. Reac to the 2019 Worlds opening ceremony for peak opening ceremony performances/visuals/everything.
@luciano-lima 4 months ago
He should react to Warriors, Rise and Legends never die
@SirensLament 4 months ago
Mako really stepped up here. He got a lot of criticism in the original version of Rise on stage, and he was so good this year.
@dianamandarina 3 months ago
Agreed! He and Telle delivered this time! tho if i remember there was a rumor that they were not sober when they performed last time lol
@keitayoon3971 4 months ago
@Mikurei-2007 4 months ago
NewJeans 🔥🔥🔥
@bkmajesty04 2 months ago
The transition from the video to the real worlds stage. Literal chills
@AlaL-uh6sm 4 months ago
hey one of the vocalist(the white hair)of the song “rise” is the vocalist of The Word Alive which is a metalcore band and his name is Taylor Smith:)
@blazinblakebz 4 months ago
Was just about to say has no one else noticed Telle from The World Alive was performing too? 😂
@user-cm5go1fb6c 4 months ago
They "PAYING" for the death of a rockstar...but legend never dies , Baekhyun, knows how to sing with every note with flair
Heartsteel slayyeed n Baekzreal is 🔥
@JSAYP10 4 months ago
It's baekhyun
@@JSAYP10 Baekhyun the Ezreal, Baekzreal
@JSAYP10 4 months ago
@@bhanutoysreview6459 yeah I know Beakhyun I'm exo-L and I know Ezreal but what do mean Baekzreal???!??!?
@@JSAYP10 Eri/exol gave him that nickname🙂, Baekhyun the Ezreal= Baekzreal. if you noticed the trending ht in X during the world 2023 (LOL final) was "Baekzreal is here". in SK the trending ht was Kyoongzreal (in hangul tho). you must know kyoong refer to Baekhyun rite?
@JSAYP10 4 months ago
@@bhanutoysreview6459 yesss thank you 😊 yes it is right
@Lunar_Leit 4 months ago
one of the guys who sings Rise is Mako. he works at Riot as a composer and has made a lot of the greatest stuff they've put out. i didn't realize he also has a great voice until i saw this.
@valciraci Month ago
New Jeans so early in their career and making a beautiful performance with their beautiful voices! I'm so proud and I can't wait to hear their next songs
@herusmd1965 5 months ago
@vivichen513 5 months ago
Thanks for commenting on this~ 👍This opening ceremony is pretty Awesome~~🙌
Baekhyun is amazing ❤❤
@RemiixDiGiTaL 4 months ago
Telle being in a worlds song still makes me so happy. The Word Alive was one of my favorite metal bands in high school
@jwckjj 5 months ago
I'm here for my girlies🧚🏻‍♀️ I'm so proud of them🤎
@aztraeai6pg908 4 months ago
Kinda mehhh ngl.. not even singing live 🤣🤣🤣
@nolol5445 4 months ago
@@aztraeai6pg908their choreo is hard so they cant sing live without being breathless. they're not gonna take chances
@aztraeai6pg908 4 months ago
@@nolol5445 you call that hard? There are no hard or eratic and fast movements in their choreo. Mostly slow and arms just flailing around, some of their moves are even freestyle 🤣🤣🤣 Compared to other GG that can really sing live or even a portion of the song while dancing hard & fast choreo. One example of this is Dreamcatcher, you can really tell that they're singing Live while dancing and not over relying on their backtracks or pre-recorded tunes even if it's not perfect, atleast they're singing. NEWJHINS are overrated 👍
@tyrickmanu675 4 months ago
those two fire singers collaborated for a Worlds anthem "Rise", it's Mako and The World Alive
@JennysainHainna 4 months ago
@FanOfYOURS_ 4 months ago
Love Exo Baekhyun ❤❤❤
@xMoonas 5 months ago
The middle song was Rise - Worlds 2018 Song
@JohnReavesLive 5 months ago
Thank you! lol I've been looking for it!
​@@JohnReavesLiveThe other one is Tyler from the metalcore band The Word Alive.
@zerodawn09 5 months ago
wait you havent heard/watched RISE yet? it is just the best worlds song yet. some do argue but if its not their fav its in their top 3 so you might want to go and watch it. also this was a slower version of it and i so hope they make it a single like they did with WARRIORS.
@stacy5576 5 months ago
Rise is such a hype song!
@beyonddivinity7076 5 months ago
For me Legends Never Die will always be the best/most iconic Song but when it comes to pure hype nothing beats Rise for Sure
@Adonna2424 5 months ago
Rise wasn't my fav when it came out but I really love this rendition so much more than the original!
@theskywalker8416 4 months ago
Legend never die Rise Warrior GODS Phoenix ... That my list
@MrEQuecky 4 months ago
2 weeks ago I saw Against the Current with Legends Never Die live in Cologne, really good 😊
@MrEQuecky 4 months ago
since it hasn’t been mentioned, I think, the Imagine Dragons song Warriors has been my favourite Worlds song so far, the MV for it is also great
@AnaCaroline-ln5yl 4 months ago
@ckexpresso 5 months ago
I’m here for NewJeans. They slay the performance.
@selar6496 3 months ago
They were boring & no stage presence at all
@tiarlyn Month ago
8:25 this is Rise, by The Word Alive. Super solid band in the metalcore scene.
@Chelsbells012 4 months ago
Check out the full middle song called Rise, mako is a dj and the blonde guy is Telle from the band, the word alive, plus the original song includes the glitch mob
@natki6425 4 months ago
baekhyunnn omggg king vocal
you should check out the 2019 Opening Ceremony ;) from League
@ClubmanJCW 5 months ago
@youinverse 4 months ago
@Kleinduddi 4 months ago
you gotta react to the 2019 opening ceremony, its still tops this one imo
@user-cv4gc2jb8c 4 months ago
Baekhyun deabak😮😮❤❤❤Soo good 🎉🎉
@yellowladder5001 2 months ago
Heartsteel did so good!!!!
@wilsonst6044 5 months ago
15:07 the Rock trance till the Once you play!
@Adonna2424 5 months ago
RIOT Games never disappoints 💜
@tharayanjaquet6873 4 months ago
the duo is called Ryse by glitch mob League of legends
Isn't that incredible? I haven't been able to get out. I'm still stuck and crazy with Baekhyun's incredible performance. Is there a word that can describe how spectacular he is? I really love her more and more.
@sprinngam2536 4 months ago
What amazes me is that Riot doesnt make any directprofit from words. But its one of the best marketing they can do
@Nikop0l 4 months ago
enjoyed it a ton. s tier and super unique. Heard ttheir song a couple days ago and I fell in love 😵Do yourself a favor and listen to October Ends ' new song. React to it, please 🤘
@drusilla913 4 months ago
The main guy that you kept commenting on his voice goes by the professional name of Mako, his real name is Alex Seaver. He is the main writer of most of the OTS that comes from League of Legends in the last few years. He was the main composer as well for the music from Arcane that wasn't orchestral. (Which I must say please go watch if you have not seen). Please also fall down the League of Legends rabbit hole of content if you haven't already, (based off of a quick view of your videos I only see reactions to the two newest songs from New Jeans and Heartsteel).
@Bombers2000 4 months ago
Please react to Worlds 2019 Opening ceremony... if this was good then 2019 is god tier
@jmcallada7408 4 months ago
middle song titled RISE
@indigorune 4 months ago
The song before GODS is called Rise. It's one of the best (a lot of people would say it IS the best) world's songs from Riot.
@T1Cyruss 5 months ago
This Opening Ceremony was Great but in 2017 Opening Ceremony was way more Epic than this and Riot Games gave an award for this 🔥🔥🔥
@beyonddivinity7076 5 months ago
Tbf the dragon was the first time they did some cgi stuff which was like really unexpected and hype at the time + they had Legends Never Die as THE most iconic Song ever. Not really fair to compete anything with that. In terms of the best opening ceremony i personally think it was the 2019 one
@rgarcia1133 5 months ago
2019 was also off the hook
@majatl8625 4 months ago
Well they have been dancing with cgi champs at every worlds opening ceremony since 2018 … probably also earlier with other types. Coincidentally also the year Rise was first performed at worlds 😊.
@ajmamora6332 4 months ago
wait till you see 2017 worlds Opening ceremony 😅
@nguyenvanban6407 5 months ago
11/28 11/29 mama japan 12/2 mma melon music awards 12/9 music Bank japan new jeans golden disk awards 2024 korea first brand awards 2024 grammy awards 2024 11/30 idol champ aaa awards 11/24 idol champ km chart ditto OMG super shy mtvema awards popgolden breaktudoawards
@2118PWLily 4 months ago
All this for a quick 3-0 T1 highlight reel lol. This opening was really top tier
@EnzoNicolas96 4 months ago
I think you would love PENTAKILL if you haven't listened to them yet.
@lapizlapoppy 5 months ago
To answer the question in the thumbnail, that title would be given to Worlds 2019!!!
@nickelcheung4603 4 months ago
@CitizenDK1 4 months ago
Love your reaction. This is Cool. If you like the song Legends Never Die then try listening to FORESTELLA - Legends Never Die. ❤‍🔥
@prosquad8877 4 months ago
You really need to watch the 2019 ceremony it’s even better than this one
@morphkogan8627 5 months ago
It was good. The creative effort was there. I just feel like it could have been a lot better. And i think the start with the IRL people wielding champion weapons and then the main character guy doing stuff on stage the entire time was a bit odd. It was all epic and full of effort. But i would give it a 6.4/10
@blwhalphaVODS 5 months ago
If you think this is the best, you have not seen rhe 2018 and 2019
@JohnReavesLive 5 months ago
Think I need to go back and watch those! lol its like finding a golden nugget then realizing there's a TON more with it!
@arios9728 4 months ago
2019 held in Paris was imo the best ever done
@Loafyloop 4 months ago
Oh this is one of the weakest openings for Worlds man, theres way better ones . 2018 was especially epic and the most popular i think.
@monersbr1694 4 months ago
A voz so fica boa na musica kkkkk, muito autotune, pouca habilidade vocal
@TheRealVixie1337 4 months ago
I did not like this opening ceremoney as much as the others before since the sound from the stage when they where singing was not great. Felt like a disservice to the artists since the songs are SOOOOOOOOO good. You should check out the Valorant musicvideos and this years opening ceremony if you haven´t. Riot can do no wrongs rly when it comes to music.
@theskywalker8416 4 months ago
They didnt make many MV this year so they have to reuse old world songs. Smart move ngl
@teatimewiththeia 4 months ago
If you think this is amazing, you clearly haven't watched the 2018 and 2019 opening ceremonies. This year's ceremony was (and I say that in the nicest way possible) lacking and anticlimactic. Don't get me wrong. The songs were great and I love the artists. But the sound design? Non existent. You could hear half of the instrumental at best. The backing tracks were way too loud and the mics (if they were even on for NJ is questionable) had some weird filters on for the rappers. Why cut the songs short, so the build-up falls flat? The production crew could have put at least some effort into arranging the performances. During the verses the stage looked so bland. The dancers were used ineffective. Especially Paranoia is supposed to be a hype song. The rap verses have so much impact, they should be highlighted with dancers and effects. Instead they got boring backdrops. SK is always praised as a technological powerhouse. So why were the special effects from literally 4 years ago waaaay better? They even got the champion projects to interact with the artists back then. The whole opening ceremony seems like a project they forgot until a week before the death line and then panicked to complete.