Mind-blowing Minecraft Illusions! 

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These illusions are great for fooling your friends
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▪Character drawn by @MagnaGallina
Script by Jaeger Lefler
Edited by Jeenneette Wolfe
Footage collected by Jordan Cross, Abelardo Robles, and Frankie Mundo
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @GeminiTayMC let's play series.
Some of the maps used in this video are modified versions of the world downloads from BlueNerd Minecraft's channel, which you can watch here: @BlueNerdMC
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @Antlerboy
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at @Mewmore
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms. All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2022, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
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Feb 19, 2022




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Kevin Duliesco
The guy who used maps to stitch a whole big map out is respect,that takes a lot of work just travelling the whole Minecraft map,and eventually coming back to that area,and even,placing the map one by one,at the right order...
Chillax Year ago
I’ve done that in my survival world before
It's not as hard as it seems, could be done within 1-2 hours with an elytra
Kevin Duliesco
@TheMightySpurdo well yes,but it's still long
up is down
up is down Year ago
@Kevin Duliesco literally half the things in this video takes a longer time
Gunslinger Year ago
Elytra: ahem, lemme introduce myself
Leafyyay Year ago
1:14 i actually made something very similar to that on a server im in. me and my friends love the band animal collective so me and another friend of mine built a map art of the album merriweather post pavillion which is pretty much the same pattern shown but in a different scale. it had the visual effect! it was super cool and reminds me how worth it doing all that in survival is.
I’m probably gonna make the giant house
Sophia Barnett
Sophia Barnett 9 months ago
I made my own minecraft smp which is cool right?
Snowcap Mt.
Snowcap Mt. Year ago
#10 is actually the same method used in follow me fursuit eyes, and unsurprisingly a lot of people find it creepy too, even within the fandom
protojaxx Year ago
Question. How much does a fursuit cost, and where can i purchase one?
Jackson 8 months ago
Answer: don't, and instead find your father.
virture 8 months ago
@Jackson😐wow so original
Jackson 8 months ago
@virture well forgive me for voicing my opinion
Diane Shaw
Diane Shaw 8 months ago
@Jackson sorry but, your opinion was totally unnecessary
Petar Kovačević
6:05 this is the oldest trick in the book, I remember watching stampy using it for one of his builds in his lovely world!
The Tall One
The Tall One Year ago
Its kind of funny how even the minecraft building handbook recognizes this as a good way to make something look mirrored
Arshia Cheema
Arshia Cheema Year ago
Bluey Year ago
Mayank Kashyap
i first saw grian doing that
SupaTed10 Year ago
How do people get the glass to look so good? On a console the glass just becomes separate blocks and doesn’t merge at all like in this :(
Da Shadow Girl
Moss is also really good in deserts, meaning you can have “green grass”
Jenny Pachuau
Jenny Pachuau Year ago
Wow grate nice😀😁
Knight_Edits Year ago
@Jenny Pachuau great*
Claypool Year ago
Just somebody
Just somebody Year ago
No ship sherlock
Spencer The Garfield Fanboy
@Just somebody 😐
ricardo banes
ricardo banes Year ago
Idea: Using the void illusion (The one with the black blocks) and a redstone timer you can make the illusion of a monster blinking and staring at you
CamIsCute Year ago
I like how he says "barely cut it" with the beacon despite still keeping 80% of the netherite blocks
Miniature Jayhawk
The "illusion" with the three block never fooled me. I always wondered why someone would just randomly place blocks like that.
Nemo Clavon
Nemo Clavon Year ago
I just know figured out, floating item
OvalDestiny Year ago
Nemo Clavon
Nemo Clavon Year ago
@OvalDestiny 2:00
Nemo Clavon
Nemo Clavon Year ago
@OvalDestiny I see you make videos
Firas Wijaya
Firas Wijaya 2 months ago
Skip really took 'You've been living under a rock' to the next level
InsertCoolUserHere 3 months ago
Knowing how almost all of these work, it was weird just watching him run around it in amazement
MainAwesome11_YT 8 months ago
After watching this I finally figured out what the three sea lanterns in the corner of the ceiling illusion made the actual illusion part. Neat.
buttertoast_ Year ago
I don’t know if this works on Java but you can just do a 3x3 square of something for a beacon and it still works
DJ LD Year ago
That biome Color map would be a good feature to have to be able to manual place wherever you want. Just imagine the options it opens up.
Hello Year ago
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us.Great job.
Bobek Year ago
You Made My Day!🥰
Greater America
You RUINED my day! 😡
mcanine Year ago
RandomDucc 2000
5:04 for an even better illusion, use cpmmand blocks to make it seem like you’re falling a long way and structure blocks with zoomed in maps to make it actually seem like your falling if you decide to jump in Edit: I made one typo and i have 61 replies correcting me wtf
Valencia Year ago
*command blocks
Deleted Devil Deleted Angel
@Valencia *cpmmand blocks
Jay's Boat [OFFICIAL]
@Deleted Devil Deleted Angel *cumand bluks
Xubse Year ago
@Arcy bruh blocks*
Chrysambhy Klinefelter
the “walk through the door glitch” has been removed since 1,19,2 update, so if you close the door while you,re at the door what you closed, it will pushes you
LouPlayz Year ago
In Bedrock, You can use structure blocks for the aether portal.
TheGoldenSwitch x_x
Structure void.
Goolus Year ago
9:30 that actually looks cool, like if part of the nether got sucked into the portal and slammed into the overworld
j1trX Year ago
7:24 place a torch near the ore so the lighting is more accurate then it already is
Xboy Dubose
Xboy Dubose Year ago
80% of these illusions can just be done with immersive portals, heck, he even used that mod for one of them.
Toaster Year ago
Was it the small house is big inside one?
Xboy Dubose
Xboy Dubose Year ago
@Toaster no it was the mirror
Toaster Year ago
@Xboy Dubose oh, ok
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf Year ago
Is the mod called immersive portals or is it another name?
Toaster Year ago
@Diamond Wolf it’s immersive portals and it exists for both forge and fabric
*Classic Sonic RP Productions*
Can we all just take a second to admire that the house looks like a goomba when looking from above!
JBL7 Year ago
I came here for that, lol!
Step 1
Step 1 Year ago
*Classic Sonic RP Productions*
@Step 1 I Don't Know Why Now But This Was 3 Months Ago So You Can Just Move On Now.
Step 1
Step 1 Year ago
@*Classic Sonic RP Productions* You are right
*Classic Sonic RP Productions*
HanHanPlayz? In 2022? Nawwww. Wdym?
Odd man 317
Odd man 317 Year ago
Just wanna let you know skip, I watch you videos because I like your content and you voice. Your more than just a RU-vidr to me. Thank you for thaT and keep up the great work!
3:54 Fun Fact: This illusion was officially used for the world in the Minecraft Halloween Mashup Pack while riding one of the extended roller coaster attractions. (The Mashup Pack is Bedrock/Legacy-exclusive so sorry Java Edition players.)
Dinohat Jack
Dinohat Jack Year ago
thanks for the fact
maned wolf with a gmail account
Fun Fact: This exact illusion is also used by furries to create the same eye tracking effect on fursuits
Tethrarxitet 11 months ago
Legacy Edition... nostalgia
Aer Year ago
No mention of the infinity room using map details? Now those are true illusions.
Crep Chief Notify 🤑💰
One of my fav videos, loved how unique and genuine the idea was, was really fun to watch and could tell it was a lot of fun to make! Ik it might not do crazy numbers cuz the idea isn’t insanely viral potential but keep it up I loved the content so much 🔥🔥🔥
luisgiron.¶ Year ago
In bedrock you can still do the portal to the "Eather" with the structure void block
Toke Sand
Toke Sand Year ago
Hey skip. I have a little thing that can spice up a party room in Minecraft. If you build a repeateting machine with redstone and place a dispenser and fill it with fireworks. Then make the floor slabs (the slab must be the upper side and not have the lower side) and then boom activate the redstone reapeating machine and there you have it. A little thing just to build for fun. I don’t care if this doesn’t get in a vidio I’m just glad that I could come up with that and suggest it to you.
geekqueen2010 Year ago
Large scale builds fir details you can't get normally in Minecraft, then use Immersive Portals mod to make the player bigger when they enter so they can't tell it's a giant room
ChiBi Nguyen
ChiBi Nguyen Year ago
For the budget Netherite Beacon trick, you'll still need a TON of Netherite blocks to even do that tho.
great idea for a new video:make a hut out of slaps and trapdoors with trees outside and flowers inside an a bed with some others things with the door as a painting with moss hills and grass and a cave that is pretty and a path
Diamond MC
Diamond MC Year ago
Epic illusions, thanks for that azelea leaves trick, it will be so helpful when building custom trees in deserts, savannas etc.... Edit: I know he said about using azelea leaves in the desert, but he didn't mention that you can use that trick for any hot biome, and even the Nether.
phy14 Year ago
Beast v2🔥 Nope
Nova Master
Nova Master Year ago
Beast v2🔥 Says the child who can't even get a unique pfp
tzi Year ago
walter Year ago
Didn’t he literally say that?
Elijah Zozobrado
Moss is also really good in deserts, meaning you can have ''green grass''
Cash money
Cash money Year ago
For the second example of something really cool you can make in Minecraft even if you pause your screen the oval still moves
StarBeam Year ago
That mirror trick is actually how most games (I think it may be just Nintendo but I'm not sure) actually show reflections.
Mike 213
Mike 213 Year ago
I guess you could say that that house is about drive, and also about power. I would like to assume that it stays hungry, yet it devours. I like to believe that it also puts in the work AND the hours, along with taking what's ours.
doorknob Year ago
Tip: If you want to make a Aither Portal in Minecraft just use barrier blocks along the front and back of the portal, put water and you have your 2012 childhood dream
• HeyDud3s •
With the immersive portals mod you can use a flint and steel on glass and it becomes a mirror
ItsTOMIK Year ago
you can make the aether portal in java too with the small blue item like a barrier idk the name
Aaron Alkor
Aaron Alkor Year ago
Immersive Portals, working best for fabric edition modding but does work with forge edition. Useful mod that needs more recognition in Fabric modpacks
BaSiC InFo
BaSiC InFo Year ago
the torch one is actually a great decor for a ritual
Cloudyysoph Year ago
I love that having 1764 ancient debris (enough to make the full outside of your beacon out of netherite blocks) is ''barely cutting it'' 😂
DerGecko92 Year ago
Just a Daikon
Just a Daikon Year ago
How have lush caves solved literally all of our decorative needs?
Gamer Xenith
Gamer Xenith Year ago
thank you for the tips and tricks! those azalea leaves in the desert is something i'll keep in mind for my next desert base
hen ko
hen ko Year ago
It's so cool that you use Zelda music in your videos! Keep it up!
Swifter46ter Year ago
The parallax effect is a fun one to mess with in builds.
NinjaVinnie 9
NinjaVinnie 9 Year ago
For number 4 use the immersive portals mod and get a real big house inside than outside
Freddy fazbear
9:14 I like how the fact that it would be a wall there for us to go in if it was a REAL illusion The worst fact: it would take forever to build the nether illusion thing on the back.
Sonic Comedy
Sonic Comedy Year ago
I can't believe how much better the art style has gotten! All of these stories have pretty much the same plots but completely different morals and meanings, I love it
Jams of Jimin
Jams of Jimin 9 months ago
Judah Hudson
Judah Hudson Year ago
Cool video! Awesome content, I watch you frequently.
Mehmet Erdem
Mehmet Erdem Year ago
9:20 there is actually a mod that allows you to go trough the portal without the loading screen and allows you to see the nether etc. Just watch a video about it its awesome. Its called "better portals" Edit: it seems like better portals is only for 1.12 but there is also a mod called immersive portals wich was the one I used but couldnt remember the name of lol. Anyways immersive portals is up to date and works on newer versions of the game as well
Immersive portals
Slime Lime
Slime Lime Year ago
@jakcesleepingrn both actually, pretty sure they work on different Minecraft versions tho it on fabric or forge
@Slime Lime There is forge vesion of Immersive portals iirc
Slime Lime
Slime Lime Year ago
@jakcesleepingrn yeah but better portals is for 1.12, immersive portals is for the recent versions of minecraft
Slime Lime
Slime Lime Year ago
Basically a better portals port to the newer versions
J.-f Year ago
Epic Illusions Skip, thanks for these tricks, they will be really helpful when building stuff...
vynat draco
vynat draco Year ago
Some of these where already done on Minecraft Mashups before. The moving eyes - Halloween 2017 The mirror floor - Egyptian Mythology
Naruto Uzumaki
Now let's make a illusion park in Minecraft with all these ideas.
a day in the life of Levi
its not a mistake ✨its a masterpiece ✨
fox 🦊🦊
fox 🦊🦊 Year ago
Stop saying that I see that everywhere not everywhere sometimes
a day in the life of Levi
@fox 🦊🦊 its not a mistake ✨its a masterpiece ✨
fox 🦊🦊
fox 🦊🦊 Year ago
TheMateo 8 months ago
@a day in the life of Levi shut up or you have no dad
DeadGolett Year ago
Your videos are very impressive, and that pokemon music really makes it nice to see. Thanks for your effort!
I still have no idea what the illusion of the chest, furnace, or sea lantern in the corner is supposed to be. I only just see the three blocks lmao
ask Year ago
Your videos always make my day man. Keep up the awesome content! :D
CatKnife_YT Year ago
2:42 I once had something similar... One time it was kinda laggy on the server and when I clicked the bed, it made me do the crawling animation... I went to get my friends help but he didn't see me until I punched him so I went to get another friend's help but I couldn't go up the stairs, and a few seconds after that I teleported to my bed.
PlessieFox Year ago
We need a tutorial for the working mirror.
Susssy Y
Susssy Y Year ago
The 2nd illusion is easier now thanks to the darkness effect in 1.19
BILLPC2684 Year ago
4:00 and 6:47 these are called Follow-Me eyes, a classic illusion which are used in some/alot of costumes
ViperKatana Year ago
The nether portal illusion would look really Good if you built it into a mountain
STAR • Jaani
One of the best thing about this dude is that he never takes creadat for him self when he achieve something he allows respect us.
Gigachad Year ago
I love how much effort is put into these videos.
Microwaved eg
Microwaved eg 8 months ago
3:37 another way to make floating water is to light a sponge block on fire, then place water on the sponge where the fire is, this might not work anymore though
Nemanja00_XD Year ago
For anyone wondering the mod he used is Immersive portals for fabric
Moth Girl Hina
This is a joke, right?
Xyper Year ago
@Moth Girl Hina how is it a joke?
Qwertty Year ago
I really love your videos skip :-D Keep it up!
Melissa Hull
Melissa Hull Year ago
immersive portals = actual houses that are bigger on the inside
💖Edson Eisler Gualon💖
it's not a mistake ✨it's a masterpiece ✨
Alexander Year ago
I'm sorry you don't have a father.
fox 🦊🦊
fox 🦊🦊 Year ago
Stop saying that I see it everywhere I go
ToughLynx Gaming
For the water item frames, I have a texture pack that literally removes water (plus many more anti prank packs) because my friends prank me so often.
spin Year ago
there is a mod that lets you actually see through nether portals for those of you who don't know
Where can you find this immersive portal mod, my man?
umesh kumar
umesh kumar Year ago
You can also use barriers for the ather portal too
Pineapple Wapple
#20 was the best one, even better than just using lapis blocks or blue wool.
Immfi Year ago
The aether portal can just be done with structure voids
Megan Lappas
Megan Lappas Year ago
the fact that he used animal crossing music for a completely different game is just- *wow.*
For the crafting table I was confused on how it was a illusion at first, I just saw that they put a crafting table a few block up and got rid of the blocks below
M1nt13 Year ago
Oh c'mon, now there's a house that judges me when I pass by the marketplace in my minecraft realm.
lord lem
lord lem Year ago
5:04 for an even better illusion, use cpmmand blocks to make it seem like you’re falling a long way and structure blocks with zoomed in maps to make it actually seem like your falling if you decide to jump in
im not sure man
Did you just copy a comment? Seriously?
Kobe Abogutal
Kobe Abogutal Year ago
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Year ago
@im not sure man nah this man came first. The other is copy
im not sure man
@Naveen Kumar really? I remember the OG being posted 17 hours and this one being posted 11 hours when I said this. Pretty sure this is the copy
Yuinaaaaa Year ago
great vid! im gonna make some of them in my world "random world" lol
Upgraded Cameraman
Its not a mistake its a masterpiece
TIX 8 months ago
3:30 you can also use structure void
Brad Hensil
Brad Hensil Year ago
I love how the art shown at 1:15 looks like the album art to Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
Rockford the Roe
@Rockford the Roe what
@Rockford the Roe what
Quackerz Year ago
the three blocks in a corner hack, is GREAT for ground lighting. 3 glow stones in the corner of a floor, with a piece of glass above makes a beautiful light!
Its_Cowdy_VR 2 months ago
8:32 you can also just light up the glass to make a a mirror with flint and steel
I thought you were using a portal mod for the small on the outside yet but on the inside house. Lol
Maertzi Erast
Maertzi Erast Year ago
Fun fact: In Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, I believe, the ship area is actually modeled like the #15 illusion in the video.
Brastod delainey
for the mirror just fill the area with glass blocks and light the glass on fire
Jennifer Kroft
The furnace cart is kind of like a steam powered train
~ sunny ~
~ sunny ~ Year ago
Tbh, I would like to try doing map art, it seems fun and pretty cool
with the rotated cube thing i never saw the illusion until you told me about it
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
For a permanent aether portal, there's an easier solution: Structure voids!
IksonArt Year ago
3:51 imagine placing a button to teleport you to your home in that portal and then trolling your friends
Jawa Year ago
I know the reason for number 19, we don’t notice the small diorite edges and the only thing we can see is a circle because of the colorful block that distracts us from the stone
Beth Zapanta
Beth Zapanta Year ago
How did you got that weird block? ( Immersive portal)
Rikko Year ago
Would you rather: have any mob that you hit duplicate (potential be overpowered/really regretful. Or skeleton arrows are"guided missiles" (more than 3 and their unstoppable)
Turbo1 Gaming
Turbo1 Gaming Year ago
Wow! Very-very cool ideas😮
Tired Momma
Tired Momma Year ago
2:52 the hidden rails. This'll be good for a spooky hunted house idea.
Jace Bishop
Jace Bishop Year ago
I love immersive portals mod, but I hate that it isn’t for forge
Help Me Reach 300k Before March With NO Videos!
Can we just appreciate how much effort and time they put into their videos
Bobek Year ago
Let’s take a moment to apreciate the content he makes for us ❤
Wow two bot
Jacqueline Shea
on that last one, there is a mod for it called immersive portals!