Minecraft, But From Weak to Immortal...

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Minecraft, But From Weak to Immortal...

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Sep 25, 2022




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Lukas Ma
It's funny how bionic is an Olympian god, and yet he still uses his fragile pickaxe
the death and x demon
The mods that you use[or make idk] are amazing and I really wanna try them out, can I get a link to the download for the mod used in this video?
heres an idea, you start off with 5 rows of hearts and you slowly lose your hearts as the game progresses so saying every time you picked up a new block or item or got an achievement you lose half a heart.
Austin Cho
love your videos, i stopped watching for a while but started to watch again, I'm glad that you still arre posting great content, love your work
tristan jhames ilangilang
Giving quiff trust and giving a win is being a real man don't quit keep it up💗
A Bionic video a day keeps the braincells away.
Dude you always make my day better when I'm upset. Keep up the awesome-sauce work, man!
Roblox Animation
Keep up the good work! Waiting for more video like that!
love your videos keep it up :) i now know how hard it is since i started my own youtube channel and its hard so i appreciate what you do
Aiden Zhang
my friend just introduced me to this channel, insane videos man!
Dat One Sheep
Hey bionic do you know about mlg crouch? Just jump of something over 35 blocks hold jump and crouch just as you are about to hit ground if it doesn’t work try sprinting too not sure if they fixed it yet though
Becomes immortal, still has fragile weapons...
Sivaraj S
"We have to go to the jim"
thatguybram40 19 hours ago
the fact that when he was fighting the overseer his hunger was low af
Nigel Onetasty
Weird concept. What if you make entities and mobs weighted. So like at first you got to ability spam a cow into the earth so it can escape. Make it weighted and trapped. Eventually get to a villager house, trapping a villager halfway to the bottom to bedrock. Then eventually the dragon, where he becomes so weighted he destroys the entire end island, drops bonkik to the void realm and has to fight the heaviest boss of them all. Or even have a short adventure in the void realm (extra content) where it's super weighted objects to craft into new items to take a super heavy weight void monster boss
Shauka Hodan
Bionic is making minecraft into a whole different game
Bionic Lore: When he was just 6 he loved his parents until while driving they got into a car accident, not just killing the parents, but also Bionic aka Bonc. He then got robotized, and boom ROBOT! He then he was an orphan, but he bought a house, and was chillin, until one day a strange guy named Doni Bobes came in, and destroyed his house, then. Bonc decided to train, and become stronger to kill this Doni, to avenge his house, AND NOT HIS PARENTS LMAO
Love these vids, thanks bionic!
Sasha Ozore
I love how he still use paper tool
We need to see this in a deathmatch with the boys but they don't know about the immortality part or something