Miss Monique - Siona Records: 3rd Anniversary @ Ibiza [Melodic Techno/Progressive House DJ Mix] 4K 

Miss Monique
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I'm glad to share with you a special mix for our @SionaRecords 3nd Anniversary
I was happy to record new Dj Mix on Ibiza Island this year
Cheers, your Miss Monique ˆ_ˆ
Support Ukraine: helpua.bank.gov.ua
Location: Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza is a 4-star Adults Only hotel located on the beachfront of the beautiful Cala de Bou, Ibiza. It offers a daily DJ set in the afternoon at the pool and in the evening at the rooftop. Enjoy now a 25% discount using the code MISSMO25.
Find out more about Amàre here: bit.ly/3n1vo2a
Tracklist: 1001.tl/x7cng1k
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Jun 23, 2022




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ChillYourMind Year ago
Love it! Great set Monique!
Miss Monique
Miss Monique Year ago
Thank you 💚
Mohamed851KD Year ago
@Miss Monique thanks of amazing music of RU-vid big love Ukraine
Mohamed851KD Year ago
@Miss Monique amazing music
ChillYourMind Year ago
@Miss Monique 💙
pavlos lazarou
pavlos lazarou 6 months ago
Hi Michael Jackson
DJ DALGOBBO 5 days ago
Que som eletrônico gostoso e sonoro! Faz tempo que não ouço um som assim 🔊🎛🎧🎚✌
Relaxing Beach
Relaxing Beach 2 days ago
Very nice and amazing great mix, super fantastic, thank you for sharing your incredible talent 🎉🎉❤❤❤❤
Corné Sterk
Corné Sterk 8 hours ago
Fantastic to start a Sunday morning with coffee and this fantastic work…another pleasure to meet a mix this way ☕️💋
salah bouaza
salah bouaza Month ago
amo esse estilo de música ❤💗💗
RizzBod Month ago
Insane set! Thank you Miss Monique love the places, music and style of mixing and overall its amazing experience!
robdiesel0 Year ago
TRACKLIST: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> - Anima & Martin Magal - Planet <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">05:45</a> - Frannz - Lost In The Space <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> - Weekend Heroes - Elevate <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="855">14:15</a> - Cherry - Euphoria <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a> - Miss Monique - All I Got <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1500">25:00</a> - GUGGA [BR] - Space Castle <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1890">31:30</a> - Perpetual Universe - No Future <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2250">37:30</a> - Silver Panda & Skapi - Breakout <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2520">42:00</a> - Miss Monique - Four Hills <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2865">47:45</a> - Austin Pettit - Labyrinth <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3180">53:00</a> - Andrewboy - Forever <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3540">59:00</a> - Alex Sol - My Side Fantastic set, as always!
Stephen Bolton
Send this to the top, peeps.
oko Year ago
Thank you! This should top & pinned comment
André De Marchi
André De Marchi 11 months ago
Valeuuu, obrigado pela tracklist
Vincenzo Barilà
Vincenzo Barilà 6 months ago
Sarai B C
Sarai B C 5 months ago
❤ thanks 😂
Great set Miss Monique. The music producers also get my respect for creating such amazing music.
дмитрий яковлев
techouse techouse deep house
Perfect pieces, nice transitions and right choice of sounds, really good work.
Randolph J Propst Méndez
Tu arte de hacer música nos conecta en una vibración celestial, desde luego AmaréDJ y a todos que estén conectados en la misma sintonía de vibrar con una energía que nos hacen felices, Gracias Miss Monique, por tu música, eres un ángel del cielo.
Jason Riera
Jason Riera Year ago
Love your soul, melodic sounds and energy Miss Monique! I’ve been listening to you for a few years now, you are brilliant and beautiful in so many ways!! I just can’t keep my body from moving or a foot from tapping!!! ❤️
Pebri Wibowo
Pebri Wibowo 3 months ago
Masa emang good
steph 2 days ago
Love her vibrant energy keep being the great dj you are Monica❤️
Elen Positif
Elen Positif 2 months ago
Олеся, восхищаюсь Вашим творчеством: к таланту ещё и внешняя красота 😍👍🔥
Сергей Костенко
Так что она олеся?
Elen Positif
Elen Positif Month ago
@Сергей Костенко Да
Иван Лебедев
А откуда она родом?
temtam yassine
temtam yassine Month ago
There is always this fascinating energy that brings me joy whenever I listen to your sets and watch you dancing
Schwarzer Ritter
Schwarzer Ritter 18 days ago
She is a goddess! ♥
Pablo Vieira
Pablo Vieira 3 months ago
Muito bom 🎉
Frank 2 months ago
Hey Monique, you radiate so much happiness and satisfaction. It's nice that you're doing what you enjoy. Your music is great and it's a pleasure to listen and watch your sets. :) Frank
shadow dancer
shadow dancer 2 months ago
I would be happy to know your opinion about my new song
Brandown William
Brandown William 10 months ago
Estou viciado em todas as músicas!! Muito bom! Parabéns Monique.
Gary Aldo Garay Varela
I know you yesterday! But I love your music, your movements and the Diferents looks. But your green hair is like your creative and Beautyfool look. I'm GARY GARAY From Honduras Centrl America!!!! I ❤ you!!!!
Hugo Carrasco
Hugo Carrasco 11 days ago
Impecável... do melhor que já ouvi!
Wacław Diakowicz
Wacław Diakowicz 2 months ago
Super muza najlepsza kocham ją bardzo 😊
Cesar Ponce
Cesar Ponce 3 months ago
Muy buen mix Monique, genial y un muy buen sonido tambien
Dora Garcia 😘
Simplesmente maravilhosa 🎉
Lore Cantini
Lore Cantini 5 months ago
This session sounds great. It never loses intensity even when the rhythm slows down.
Luis Santibanez
Luis Santibanez 3 months ago
Роман Селин
brooklyn yañez
brooklyn yañez 2 months ago
Te felicito Monique y a tu equipo también. La música electrónica que pones me Fascina . Ahora tienes un fiel seguidor. Sigue en ese estilo Inmensas Felicitaciones 🎉❤
EDUAR 3 months ago
Hola Miss Monique hace unos días te descubrí y me encanta tu música y carisma, he visto algunos de tus vídeos y este es mi favorito hasta ahora. Sigues así, muchos éxitos y que tu musa te siga iluminado.
Core Coder
Core Coder 4 months ago
Incredible choice of music and seamless integration. I love the style, it just flows. One of the best DJ's on this planet today!
Jorge Ivanoff
Jorge Ivanoff 4 months ago
Es la número 1 no hay duda de eso Man
fxfou foufx
fxfou foufx 4 months ago
magnifique, et cette musique finale en fin de journée avec ce couché de soleil, je m'y croyais...MAGNIFIQUE!!!
DJ'ing, the easiest job in the world, playing a prerecorded list, turning knobs profusely while nothing in the track changes LOL - the real honor goes to the ACTUAL producers/composers.
Tomasz Raczkowski
Tomasz Raczkowski 2 months ago
Jest super pozdrawiam ❤❤❤
Pascal Lahousse
Pascal Lahousse 3 months ago
Great sound and very well mixed - the sound of the bass is excellent! ❤ my regards
Ömer Faruk OKUR
Ömer Faruk OKUR 2 months ago
This set is truly legendary💥 💚💚💚
Martin_369 9 days ago
Always smiling, always dancing and having fun. And most important of cause is Miss Monique will always make you dance along. Great stuff MISS MONIQUE. I love your style 🤩🧚‍♂🪄🎶✨💫💥
Sam's Buzz
Sam's Buzz 3 days ago
Great mix!! thank you @Miss Monique
Евгений Рыбка
Олеся, Вы и Ваше исполнение, ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНЫ!!!🎉🎉🎉🤩👉😀🤠🖐💪💞💞💞
gyls 2 months ago
merci miss monique,c'est toujours un bonheur de t'écouter!
Pine Cone
Pine Cone 3 days ago
Gorgeous to watch and incredible music ❤❤❤
Jonas Garcia
Jonas Garcia Year ago
The result of uniting Siona Records with Miss Monique is talent, constant work and the ability to always move us. An incredible anniversary set thanks for such a good job and your 3rd anniversary Siona records 💚😻
Miss Monique
Miss Monique Year ago
Thank you 💚
Cosmin Stefan
Cosmin Stefan 3 months ago
Wend Rend
Wend Rend 3 months ago
❤❤❤ ваше исполнение - музыка - Чистый Кайф ❤❤❤
Artur Tavares
Artur Tavares 3 months ago
Parabéns dj, adoro o seu trabalho, 🙏💪💯😘💕🇵🇹.
Groow Month ago
Biorę na cały regulator muzykę yhm zajebista aż sama noga lekko chodzi😊
Dikran Mihranian
Dikran Mihranian 16 days ago
Amazing set! Love it!😊
Maria Sol Lamanna
Ese sol ☀ esa 🎶 esas vibraciones hermosas y sanadoras Gracias hermosa ❤
Kade Racing
Kade Racing 3 months ago
She is amazing ,been following her for time now ,Love her sessions 🔥🔥
shadow dancer
shadow dancer 2 months ago
I would be happy to know your opinion about my new song
Chad 8 months ago
I love your style of art and love to see how happy you are behind the decks! I was in the scene back in the mid 90’s and thought I would never find that particular style of progressive goodie music till I found you. Keep smiling and rocking out! Chad from Orlando Fl
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 6 months ago
Have a listen to carnage x Timmy trumpet a video of them in the wild with elephants zebras etc... I'll see if I can find the name of song but it should be one of the first songs that pop up
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 6 months ago
I'm down in ft. Lauderdale fl
Marco Tasca
Marco Tasca 5 months ago
Very Well
julio angel tapia
julio angel tapia 3 months ago
😮❤ buenisimo mucho talento que sigan los exitos
Геннадий Вражнов
отличная работа, спасибо! приятно слушать!
Bob Hotz
Bob Hotz 2 months ago
I can't stop listening Monique. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks ❤
Rokym Travel
Rokym Travel Month ago
me too
EFFETDRONE 3 months ago
Bien fait ce mix, ça cogne quand il faut sur des rythmes sympatiques, bonne continuation.
Jeffdlua 96438851
Jeffdlua 96438851 2 months ago
muito bom.parabens.
Smash3r Year ago
Спасибо огромное за шикарный микс!😉
Miss Monique
Miss Monique Year ago
Kupiec Gołodupiec
Kupiec Gołodupiec 6 months ago
Zajebisty set
James Patterson
James Patterson 3 months ago
My first time hearing your music.....you just gained a new fan 😊 I'm late but Happy Anniversary from Chicago and may you continue to set the mood for the entire universe and your hair poppin girl lol
Groow Month ago
W ogóle jaka kultura na stole 🎉
BEAUTY MAGAZINE 2 months ago
When I'm short on time, this is my favorite routine to do, it always works me out. Thank you so much for all the different and fun work outs you post.🥰
Rob Palmer
Rob Palmer 5 days ago
DeaD P0LL Day ago
А Борис бреше!!!!!,??????(еслі дівчина то, да)
Jerônimo Barbosa
Jerônimo Barbosa 5 months ago
Miss Monique você e a música são incríveis, muito brilho e sucesso!
Music for relaxation
Susie Gonzales
Susie Gonzales 5 months ago
J Pedro
J Pedro 3 months ago
Muito bom mesmo! Viciante
TEST MUNDO 2 months ago
com certeza brow @J Pedro
Павло Ртіщев
Привіт Олеся ) Дуже приємно бачити співвітчизницю та ще й мого віку, яка досягла такого рівня успіху ) Захоплююсь тобою ) Ти - супер )
Юрий Соров
Юрий Соров 4 months ago
Отличная музыка,Браво!
Levi Morlov
Levi Morlov Month ago
Perfect music to work too so chill and perfect 👌
Agnes Váradi
Agnes Váradi 3 months ago
Szuper ❤❤😊
Mieczyslaw M.
Mieczyslaw M. 8 days ago
Niezwykła Monique- Puls -życia-Świata
D. Loki
D. Loki Year ago
от лица всего покерного сообщества выражаю благодарность за твое творчество, твоя музыка не дает нам скучать за столами)
Гектор с
Bai8883 3 months ago
Зачетные выражения в музыке до безумия) 👍👍👍
Дмитрий Харламов
Талантище так держать.❤
Станислав Иванович
Мимо у тебя приятное лицо и на позитиве всегда!!! И да,пряди зелёные тебе очень идут!!!😊
Coopaname ABR
Coopaname ABR 3 months ago
Great set, thanks ! Peace and love 🙂
lee edmondo
lee edmondo 16 days ago
Lovely chilled sounds 👌 perfect all year round to bring some summer into your home 🏡
Александр 14 days ago
Мужики Year ago
Олеся, ты как всегда на высоте, не смотря ни на что ты находишь в себе силы собирать бесподобные сеты, очень рад за тебя, рад что не смотря на все нынешние невзгоды ты остаешься на позитиве, творишь прекрасную музыку и заряжаешь нас своим позитивом и энергетикой...... МОЛОДЕЦ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! твой на веки)))))))))
Craig Euler
Craig Euler 4 months ago
Brilliant sunset for your set. Love the "CUSTOM" looking deck!!! I often have you playing on a 3rd screen off to the side of my workspace but often spend more time just watching you perform than doing any work!!
Андрей Колесник
Дуже радий, що Україну з кожним роком все частіше представляють на світовій сцені електронної музики. Тільки но світ звик до шикарного дуету ARTBAT, як тут на сцену вривається молода і гарна зіронька - Олеся ❤❤❤
Makaveli_k7 Month ago
You have an amazing taste of music and crazy talent well done unique ❤️
Louis Dupree
Louis Dupree 3 months ago
Happy anniversary love your music keep it up I'll always listen to you awesome DJ
MikhailKutkh Day ago
Уматный саунд! Так держать!!!
Can you feel the Rythm, and this pounding Beat ? Theres no one like her, she is unique ! She's the one and only : 🔥MISS MONIQUE💚
smis84 Year ago
good one
Rocco Sinisi
Rocco Sinisi Year ago
...YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lana Year ago
Yes I can feel it so deep that it speaks to my inner being
Sho Scene
Sho Scene Year ago
I really like it but are we all listening to the same set? I want to be on what you are on 😂😂
Ferry Wattel
Ferry Wattel 3 months ago
Great 'Flow"in this mix,Love It😎
Ali Purviss
Ali Purviss 2 months ago
Your music is off the scale when I'm feeling sad I can listen to your music and it makes me happy❤❤
Димитър 7 days ago
Now I have to tell you this is a damn fine classic
Carlos M Rufete Ruiz
La es muy buena y la señorita se mueve de escándalo 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤🎉
Marek Marko
Marek Marko 2 months ago
Ahoj , v prvom rade ťa pozdravujem z Bratislavy a chcem Ti dať veľký palec 👍 robíš namakanú muzičku,od malička milujem elektro , TRANCE - PROGRESSIVE a Ty dobré setíky dávaš, veľmi Ti fandím v ďalšej skvelej produkcii, ináč super podmaz👍👍nech sa Ti dari a všetkým fanúšikom typu tejto namakanej muzičke ahojte 🤝🤝BYE✋
Сергей Светлов
Благодарю за великолепные композиции Моник ! 🔥👍🙂
Richard 3 months ago
G to be the best in the universe
Wet Irrigação
Wet Irrigação 3 months ago
Sonzeeeeraaaaaaaaa! Parabéns!
slawomir szkudlarek
slawomir szkudlarek 4 months ago
Monig super klimat jest cudowne
Bradock 3 days ago
Eu vivi o suficiente para conseguir escutar, Miss Monique... Menina, tens nação do patamar que elevou o seu estilo progressivo de techno-house??? Continue voando assim, linda e magnífica, Alesia Arkusha... ❤
JakubJan Kowalczyk
KAl- Kasza też dla Was Czińczycy dzięki Japonia za Kej Jod Wall Nuss z Niemiec pozdrawia !7! 11:24
JakubJan Kowalczyk
Higha Soffia w Soffi W Bulgarii na Nawie wschodniej
sori 4 months ago
What a playlist what a DJ 😍
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon Month ago
Miss Monique keep doing what you’re doing. This is my new drug pure ecstasy.
Sirius Kappa
Sirius Kappa 6 months ago
Your mixing is so awesome + the good vibes, I've listened to like 4 of your sets already and they are all immaculate. Keep doing great work, thanks for the hours of content!!
B.Hornet 3 months ago
It's all mixed before.
Halim Maz
Halim Maz 28 days ago
When I see u Dancing with the rythme u bring me in another word of joice.....so amazing ....thanks so much 👍😍
Mircea B
Mircea B 10 days ago
You've perfectly feeled%touched these naturally deep vibes ^ rythm(s). Bravo girl. Beautiful.
Giorgi Nadiradze
Giorgi Nadiradze 13 days ago
Thank you! Had a great midnight drive on this set!
Łukasz 3 months ago
Klasa zajebiście .kocham Ją 😘😘😘
Alexis Parent-Lévesque
I love your music you are the best 💪🏻👏🏻
Robert Meech
Robert Meech Year ago
Amazing set, love how it builds up and leads into melodic bliss with darker progressive undertones, would definitely say this has some trance DNA in it.
Scott Richardson
perfect description. Definitely feels like a "proper" prog-trance sound.
The Big Chill
The Big Chill 10 months ago
Well... Weekend Heroes (Track 3), Gugga (Track 6), are prog-trance artists... not prog-house...
andre santos
andre santos 5 months ago
show, seven toppppppp
Marc Chong-Seng
Marc Chong-Seng 3 months ago
YES YES OH YES! What a jamming set, thank you!
Bertrand HATAY
Bertrand HATAY 3 months ago
You're so awesome. Magnificent set. Thanks Miss.🗼🤩
Куратор 2 months ago
Музыка супер! природа класс!! Miss Monique богиня!!!
Виктор Митюков
Хорошая музыка, великолепный сет. Я кайфанул
AleksZol 22 days ago
Лучшая находка за последнее десятилетие.Браво!
u-edelstein Year ago
Great set with a stunning MiMo in a beautiful sunset. 💚🎧☀️ Happy anniversary!
Miss Monique
Miss Monique Year ago
Thank you 💚
Florin Radu Motoroiu
Beautiful hardcore vibe ! Sounds like old school !
Comfort Line
Comfort Line 3 months ago
Супер!!! Слов нет, одни эмоции!!! Красиво реально!!!
marmario1000 Day ago
Que buen ritmo Miss Monique!!! Un poquito más corto los temas, y mas enganchados, estaría mejor
Ramon Aima
Ramon Aima 2 months ago
La mejor de Todos los Tiempos..👏👏👏👏🫂Gracias x trasmitirnos alegria a traves de la musica
e r
e r 2 months ago
you've got a new fan miss monique i really don't know how i didn't discovered you before 💖
Dylan Knell
Dylan Knell 9 months ago
Awesome job Miss Monique! I'm very impressed with your music! Thanks for making this!
Cristian-Costin Ene
Cristian-Costin Ene 4 months ago
By far one of the best techno set on RU-vid 🎉