Monster School : BOTTLE FLIP Challenge - Minecraft Animation

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Monster School : BOTTLE FLIP Challenge - Minecraft Animation

Monsters will play Botlle Flip challenge in Monster school. Who will be the best player - Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, Pigman, Slime, Creeper or Wither Skeleton? Watch the real Bottle flip battle in this funny minecraft animation!

Music in video
by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com

Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars [NCS Release] ru-vid.com/video/video-PTF5xgT-pm8.html

Tha Trickaz - Robbery Song (Trinix Remix)

Albatraoz Elephants (Goblin Mashup)

♩♫ Epic Music ♪♬ - Rapture (Copyright and Royalty Free)

TRPZN - Pull Up

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Mar 8, 2019




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Comments 16 279
Polar 2 months ago
this might seem cringe now, but trust me, and many other when we say that this was peak content in the early days
Firecraft 13
Firecraft 13 42 minutes ago
When I saw this 3 years ago it was already cringe
RÆbomm 4 hours ago
So fuggin true I watched this when it came out now I am watching it 3 years later 😢
Aus177 5 hours ago
Wahsum Day ago
I was there
BENDER 2 days ago
It seems really cringe now but it was amazing back then
Wendy/Ernesto Sosa/carrillo
Ese canal me gustó mucho desde el inicio y aparte a mí me gustó sea recuerda mi infancia 😍
🧋Pearl🤩 Month ago
We all miss the old days of watching this 😭✋
Chaos dev
Chaos dev 24 minutes ago
uh yes
Firecraft 13
Firecraft 13 41 minute ago
It was 3 years ago
RetroBruvver 6 days ago
YES U WAS WATCHING THIS WHEN I WAS 7 LOL. I started watching these vids when i was 5
FlepDog 7 days ago
no we dont
GamingBro 9 days ago
عبدالرحمن مهيوب عبدالرحمن مهيوب
Como no olbidar estos viejos recuerdos😂👌
pan con mermelada
pan con mermelada 10 days ago
@don editシ︎ calla foto anime
don editシ︎
don editシ︎ 3 months ago
Olvidar 😐😐😐😴😴😪😪😪😴😴 Olbidar 🤑🤑👊👊😎😎😱😱
que lindo cuando tenia 7 y volvia de la escuela para ver esto monster school gracias por formar mi infancia 😭 que buenos tiempos
ItsCrazy 3 months ago
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen Keep up the good work, you never let your fans down with great entertainment 😎
Cupcake Month ago
God bless you ❤️
Maria Peralta
Maria Peralta Month ago
Жанар Нургужина
@da cheez gamer ша
Жанар Нургужина
Практически все зависит оегп
da cheez gamer
da cheez gamer 2 months ago
Dude who does this for likes I would rather fall for a free robux scam with my alt account
Y. Victoria L. Fraga
2022 y sigo viendo ata joyita
adham Naser
adham Naser 2 months ago
Man I miss the old days when I would always get my mom's phone and watch monster school😁
bananamonke Month ago
Monica Brandt
Monica Brandt Month ago
I accept bro
Monica Brandt
Monica Brandt Month ago
LittleYT 2 months ago
Sweet シ
Sweet シ 2 months ago
Catch This Ratio Bozo
Admit it. We're all older now watching this video. Good o'l days.
Daci Oana
Daci Oana 7 days ago
bro these are the new ones you're probably like 10 go watch the actual nostalgic ones
black frieza
black frieza 6 days ago
Man this show was so good back then😭
YouTubeKirály♛ 2 months ago
Thank you for being a part of my childhood. :)))
MushTam in the gang
Ah back in my childhood I use to watch this all the time with my friend. Oh memories...
‎Coreforce Month ago
Memories??! This was 3 years ago.
Alonso Andres
Alonso Andres 6 months ago
lindos tiempos ¿en que momento crecimos tanto?
Wendy/Ernesto Sosa/carrillo
Me gusta bobicraft. XD
Wendy/Ernesto Sosa/carrillo
Nena nena me gusta bobicraft
Valen Z
Valen Z Month ago
@Sonia NA ._.
Sonia NA
Sonia NA Month ago
@Valen Z valen tina
Valen Z
Valen Z Month ago
esto es mi infancia
Ezequiel.C 3 months ago
Que buenos tiempos
LP670-4 27 days ago
@Sonia NA 🤓
Sonia NA
Sonia NA Month ago
@Корней Кныш ya callate!
Корней Кныш
Toyota BMW SwiftKey HTC Samsung Apple Windows Windows OS
Bons tempos:)
Fluicide 2 months ago
ah yes the good ol' days of monster school
Sheleeza Khan
Sheleeza Khan 13 days ago
Wow how time flies I've been watching this since I was 8 now i,m 12 lol
JustNoob 2 months ago
This just came up on my mind, I was very bored and then I just remembered monster school for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I used to love this more than anything. Nostalgia with the long eyes and bottle flips and "deal with it" glasses... Now these types of memes and jokes are considered dead in 2022. Hopefully other children are enjoying monster school right now as much I did back then. These times were 300 x better than now like I would give anything to be that innocent and happy again
Maria Peralta
Maria Peralta Month ago
@Stevie in Creative mode BOBESPONJA
Stevie in Creative mode
yep same here to
LittleYT 2 months ago
Getu Mulat
Getu Mulat 2 months ago
Same here
Maycol Alexander Figueroa
Buenos tiempos oh my god
mi infancia :')
Deniz İzmir
Deniz İzmir 2 months ago
My favorite Monsters are enderman and Wither skelaton❤️
RayMan Channel
RayMan Channel 6 months ago
Volviendo a ver mis Recuerdos :') English: seeing my memories again :")
Maura Lima
Maura Lima 2 months ago
X2 :'')
wolfyxstriker🍙 5 months ago
@RayMan Channel what
RayMan Channel
RayMan Channel 5 months ago
@wolfyxstriker🍙 *B R U H*
wolfyxstriker🍙 5 months ago
@RayMan Channel americano
RayMan Channel
RayMan Channel 5 months ago
@wolfyxstriker🍙 no se, Tu dime
Getu Mulat
Getu Mulat 4 months ago
I would always watch this on my dad phone good old days
tooagodhadsans 2 months ago
Beautiful times, when did we grow so much?
Devilish 4 days ago
I remember watching these with my sister, and I honestly don’t understand why we liked it so much. It’s honestly cringe but we could watch it for hours
whoisclown47 29 days ago
this man literally made my childhood
†Henzo Gabriel†
†Henzo Gabriel† 5 months ago
Boas Lembranças de 2019,agora é 2022😃
Maria Peralta
Maria Peralta Month ago
Daniele Choi
Daniele Choi 4 months ago
jigar op
jigar op 5 months ago
Danielle Patrick
Danielle Patrick 5 months ago
Rogerio Silva dos Santos
Liammagkatzen 3 months ago
Thank you For being My childhood
Dion gaming-roblox
Dion gaming-roblox 2 months ago
I loves watching monster School this is my childhood
Dayton Wolf11
Dayton Wolf11 4 months ago
Monster school: lands insane bounce of Wall bottle flip Me: can't even land one normal bottle flip
nous 2 months ago
I remember watching this when I was 5/6 years old, this nostalgically makes me happy to see it again
Combo Month ago
Ahhh good time right
Zeynab Jalilli
Zeynab Jalilli 2 months ago
Me too!
Souko 5 months ago
Me acuerdo cuando los veía... Nostalgia
Wii Hehe
Wii Hehe 3 months ago
Lol I would watch us every single day 😂 Time goes by fast
Wii Hehe
Wii Hehe 3 months ago
@jason Dagata Oh my God same! 😳
jason Dagata
jason Dagata 3 months ago
yeah looking back 3 years ago i was 9. life was cool then
zoo vura
zoo vura Month ago
this is my childhood i love watching it
HFJ 28 days ago
The good old days 😭
da cheez gamer
da cheez gamer 2 months ago
Nostalgia hitting me hard I watched this stuff all the time even ones that where from different channels
SearcyKing Month ago
L 4 months ago
Im never forgetting this good old times
Halimat Salihu
Halimat Salihu Month ago
I still come here when I need a relief and it is nice
Emanuel Robu
Emanuel Robu Month ago
Funny how they glitch they're eyes when somebody does a bottle flip🤣🤣🤣
just a random diamond
Bruh you're too young for RU-vid I'm actually scared for your safety.
Erica Price
Erica Price 2 months ago
O MY GOOOOOD this is so cool into the bottle flip challenge!😧
tooagodhadsans 2 months ago
Beautiful times, when did we grow so much?
tooagodhadsans 2 months ago
Beautiful times, when did we grow so much?
Starcreepz Month ago
Such good times when I used to watch this as a kid
SkY_JohqnPro Month ago
Ik right
Marjanna Raverty
Marjanna Raverty 3 months ago
Damn bro this is 🔥
sledger 4 days ago
Too very nostalgia man, I miss this video that I was using to watching as a 9 in 2017 and 2018 but now this is has becoming evolving to not kid friendly because of inappropriate and any and also about the life streams with inappropriate thumbnails, but this video is not too bad
Boss_Ninja_12_ 4 months ago
I never get tired of watching this
Ayoub Ayoub
Ayoub Ayoub 4 months ago
مرحبا الفيديو جميل تحياتي من المغرب
steffan johnson
steffan johnson 3 months ago
I love how the ayes pop when they land the soda bottle
Erik Perez
Erik Perez 6 months ago
Epico volver a verlo despues de mucho tiempo
fernando moreno
fernando moreno 28 days ago
Xx_Lovley_xX 3 months ago
Go back in timeee❤ When i was youngerrr❤
Sheepboy932 4 months ago
This was my favorite episode of monster school when I was 6 The good old days
noam og tvillingerne
your a legend for making this
DiamondDaniel 4 months ago
Monster school don’t feel the same anymore 😔
NIRVS 3 months ago
Thank you for being a part of my childhood bro
Zoie Ortega
Zoie Ortega 19 days ago
lol i love when the zombie does a dab
3vil_thxir.3vil 5 months ago
I’m just here to remember all the great times I’ve had :)
Ent Face
Ent Face 4 months ago
ImposterDeeler 6 months ago
I love how every time one of the monsters flips a bottle they always fall over with their eyes popped out
Emiliano Briseno
Emiliano Briseno 3 months ago
Sureeeeeeeeeeee...alt account
Ohma God
Ohma God 4 months ago
i argee lol
Floower 2 days ago
So much memories ❤
Wendy/Ernesto Sosa/carrillo
Me acabo de suscribir soy un suscriptor tuyo mi pana pero le quería decirle a la youtuber que si podíamos jugar roblox
Dortero eyort06 Dortero eyort06
Mí infancia volvioooo 😭😭😭😭
Luisa Briceño
Luisa Briceño 5 months ago
Que lindo ? 🤭🤭 Lo veo no lo dejo de ver jijis
mr_beast_grasoso 8 months ago
Monster school era mi infancia lo veía desde 4 años que tiempos
THales Carvalho
THales Carvalho 4 months ago
(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
RaizY 7 months ago
Porque la gente siempre viene a estos videos a decir de cosas “hay que tiempos, yo lo veía de chiquito cuando mis padres me pegaban y vivía con ellos, que buenos tiempos” bro, ser un pinche anciano no es algo para sentirse muy orgulloso que digamos
احمد الكفو
احمد الكفو 8 months ago
•SlayerxX÷× 8 months ago
Si que tiempos 🥺
I have social anxiety 😀
Man I remember the old times when I watched these as a kid man I loved ‘em and I saw a chucky one and my mom said she would have me that for like Christmas or my birthday I was laughing
GT Minecraft Animation
I can't wait, he always makes everything more funny and enjoyable :) po
Matías :D
Matías :D 4 months ago
Que recuerdos 😞😞😞, 🥺🥺😭
HighOutversal Month ago
I miss monster school i watched it like 4 years ago😢
Wack gaming
Wack gaming 6 months ago
Ah yes monster school, The old days when I came from school and decided to watch these types of videos.
TysonPlayZ 3 months ago
I didn’t go to school when I watched these
u are not here
u are not here 2 months ago
I used to watch these with my cousin i really liked them..
JELLY_WolfLover66 Weaver
2:23 Bruh when Herobrine says "Wither Skeleton, your turn" You KNOW it boughta go down
loyalloo 17 days ago
I'm having so many flashbacks about how many times I watched this when I was a kid
Vic 5 months ago
I remember I was like 5 watching these 😂
axzqa Year ago
I remember watching minecraft school vids while coming back from school... damn the nostalgia.
Alexandra Holguin
Alexandra Holguin 9 months ago
Alexandra Holguin
Alexandra Holguin 9 months ago
Alexander 😎❤️
McDinonugget 9 months ago
I know right
Joe momma Joey momma
I remember the old days andn I was obsessed with this
Gillian Tan
Gillian Tan 2 months ago
Is so funny but is nice in single time And wither is asome i always wach this video 😎🤩 Hahaha 🤭🤣😂😂
⚡️owenwan-kenobi ⚡️
When I was 10 I used to watch this every day it brings back memories
Zenitsu Month ago
Redzie Dose ramen
I can see why I watched this so much when I was younger I miss the old days
canal abandonado
canal abandonado 9 months ago
Falo português. Ainda me lembro de uma certa parte da minha vida onde/aonde via esses vídeos, eu não achava bizarro mas agora que cresci é realmente estranho! 😂🤣
Estrango 7 months ago
Eu Tbm Mano Eu Assistia Com 5 E Não Achava Bizarro Agora Eu Tenho 8 Anos E É Realmente Bizarro
Giliane Lima
Giliane Lima 5 months ago
Alguém sabe o nome da música que coloca na hora que o witer esqueletom tá mitando
Thepsychopath 4 months ago
Damn i'm dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
drift 3 months ago
This is really funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
POP IT WORLD 29 days ago
The whither skeleton hacker never gets old ✨
Z A M A Z U 6 months ago
Como no olbidar estos viejos recuerdos😅
Roman 123
Roman 123 4 months ago
el pana doge
el pana doge 5 months ago
Dr. Fred Pescatore
Dr. Fred Pescatore 24 days ago
again this is childhood i always talked about this with my friends in elementary school
Aleksandra Szpak
When I will get a phone I will watch it every single day because it is so good
Your local Lesbian🏳️‍🌈
Ahh yes the god old days when I would watch this litteraly all the time
○Lilith● Month ago
I miss those times honestly
Book 3 months ago
Bruh i used to watch this in 2019 and i loved it i love you thank you for my childhood
Maria Peralta
Maria Peralta Month ago
Gibson De Leon
Slime: Even if I have no arms, I can still bottle flip. ;)
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 11 months ago
Satoshi 14 days ago
I miss old time like this 😭
Aleksandra Szpak
Omg so good when I watch that monster school
•pumpkin• 2 months ago
Oop its 2022 and I'm still watching this
AJGZ 14 days ago
Old memories😭
Brambůrek Solený
Brambůrek Solený 5 months ago
Ah, I remember watching these at my mom's work. Good old times.
Yesung and Nise are love
The teacher said that you guys are going to your drug
Exsterio 4 months ago
Javier Khaerul
Javier Khaerul 4 months ago
keren ya cara ngedit nya gimana
Thatone_idiot_ 2 months ago
I was like five when I last saw these types of videos but it’s nice to see these again
[Asia_UwU] 2 months ago
Que buen video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 4 months ago
I used to be thinking i have to buy game to get monster school on 2017 😂
DON_XD 6 months ago
Asé 3 años que recuerdos gracias a tik tok me acordé de esto 😢
katia alvarez
katia alvarez 6 months ago
yo ya los cónosia poñero cresi y me olbide
hyuu 6 months ago
Yo tambien vine por tiktok jsnsn
BreslenMusix♪ 5 months ago
I have 20 years old I'm 20 and I've been watching it since I was 13
Random 4 months ago
1:30 my favorite part 🤣🤣🤣
Ayman Elbaza
Ayman Elbaza 3 months ago
ka am