Most BROKEN HYPERCHARGE coming in Brawl Stars!?🤯  

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Feb 24, 2024




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Comments : 369   
omg is fr infinity stun..
Also buzz have gadget
@N4th4nZ Month ago
They changed it so the super only recharges when attached to a wall
@Iceystormss Month ago
Bro did u see him use his gadget💀​@davitchekurishvili5691
@GamerYouTubik Month ago
But for like 5 seconds, and you haver to charge for half of a match
@f2pkx463 Month ago
​@@GamerYouTubikuse first gadget to suicide Wait 3-5 secs = 1super Cycle supers by killing enemy Hypercharge in less than a minute
@Km2k2 Month ago
Buzz gonna be broken in brawl stars meta
@bs_sirius Month ago
да, но разработчики вскоре собираются полностью искоренить тимминг
@qvalification Month ago
@xdvitto1469 Month ago
​@@bs_siriusyeah, but only in competitive mode, they said the report button will not be in the casuals mode, so teaming still isn't resolved
Broken✅ A new no skill brawler✅
@@junichiandrade6658legit the new fang
@DaHypnotik Month ago
I like how they nerfed an assasin to oblivion because of HC (Fang) just to release another one that's just equally as broken.
@davizxx6089 Month ago
fang is still op
@DaHypnotik Month ago
@@davizxx6089 we'll see after the update drops
I call it the supercell technique, releasing something broken to generate hype and then nerfing it, repeating the process and making millions
@DaHypnotik Month ago
@@mestredoniteni17 still better than the clash royale team
He would still be deadly asf but he would be a lot harder to get his hypercharge ​@@DaHypnotik
@Mr.Puwiko Month ago
Its actually balanced without jokes bcs you cant recharge hypercharge of buzz when its activated so it had time limit
@IV.EaglePaw Month ago
I agree
@EL67031 Month ago
Its def not balanced lmao
​@@EL67031no they nerfed it you only get super back when you super a wall so its balanced
@EL67031 Month ago
@@elegalrupzz2881 now its more balanced but he commented before the nerfs
@Aleeeeeek Month ago
Nerf Poco and Hank💀 Надеюсь выйграть скин на эдгара❤
Если выиграешь я тебе ещё задоначу через ID на говно спайка
@ndteam8547 Month ago
To be honest poco underrated after lots of buffs he a tough lil boi
@clashfun2323 Month ago
Поко имба чел
@YippeeGuyPey Month ago
nerf miner anyway
@lundbahadur22 Month ago
Buzz deserved this buff ❤ He was off meta because of so many brawlers having high damage and super avoiding abilities
@IHavs_LagIsu Month ago
Buzz With Super charge Modification : Finally A Worthy Enemy
@QuasoCats Month ago
For information , they nerfed it Buzz's hypercharge will only work on walls and not brawlers otherwise it would be broken
It will not be NERFED Why? Cause it isnt realeased YET STOP spreading miss info
@shanks4868 Month ago
​@@lightknight5857 Bro....they said it on twitter
@shanks4868 Month ago
​@@lightknight5857the official account of brawl stars
@aChannel889 Month ago
they didnt
@shanks4868 Month ago
@@aChannel889 are u blind? Or do u troll?
Buzz turning into scorpion with that 💀
@DANSAYN Month ago
seems balanced, nerf miner
@alonedark1234 Month ago
@darkfademc876 Month ago
​@@alonedark1234 sarcasm? 😑😭
@PuraXabi Month ago
cordelius shouldve send people to backrooms 💀
@l3_war_thunder Month ago
Teamwipe material right there
@Robocat-r-cat Month ago
Now in the new power league, if you meet Buzz with a hypercharge, you can assume that the skating rink will be drained
@Peter-dq9ug Month ago
This is gonna make buzz be the next teamwipe machine
@DEN492 Month ago
Fang will be nerfed, now everyone will play on Buzz.
@xMorki12 Month ago
🗣: 2022 buzz is op Supercell in 2024: ☠️
@BuzzPlayz35890 Month ago
@GideonYap Month ago
3 is enough to solo a whole team
@sleerpyy7023 Month ago
As a buzz main, i will buy the collectors pack for this hypercharge
@Daniel33450 Month ago
Vou até deixar meu Buzz no nível 11
Meu brawler favorito tá fortr
Ive been waiting so long for my maim to buffed and it finally happened
Imagine buzz hypercharged in bounty or knockout☠️
@SONIC.921 Month ago
Agree, Buzz's hypercharge before the nerf is the best
Cordelius: 🤫🧏🏻‍♂️
he got nerfed just now the super only comes back if he hits the wall
Fang: Worthy opponent 🗿
@RedHawksBSYT Month ago
Biggest Fan hope i win the Thief Edgar Giveaway
@Kirill_Skala Month ago
how to participate in it?
@Dr.Forest673 Month ago
U not winning it bro
Buzz boutta turn into scorpion from mortal kombat.
@edgarl-on.4885 Month ago
Cordelius and buzz will help each other get the hypercharge 😊
Buzz in knockout with the hypercharge gonna break the game
@YTjulian129 Month ago
Buzz in knoukaut ☠️
@Gerdo123 Month ago
Stu: 💀💀💀Hypercharge in 10 hits💀
i really hoper it charges with the blue circle thingy
@cryingfloppa Month ago
nah bro it doesnt work like that. so they made a mistake on brawl talk, u get inf ults when u finally hit the enemy or if ur a psycho like me u can just do some nasty things to the wall at the speed of breaking the sound barrier
@BIKONEKS Month ago
This hypercharger got a nerf Now he can continue doing this, but when he hits a wall, it's good for escaping in the mazes with the stones op
guys i buy it for 79 gems it has big nerf you can't stun again if you hit an enemy or miss, but when you hit a wall you don't waste your ult
@NugaBallz Month ago
time to remember the days when i was maining buzz
@Rr0bbZzz Month ago
Brawl ball gonna be fire 🔥 😤
@rip_becon Month ago
Buzz is in his prime again 🗿
@WhatIsItDude Month ago
Frank hypercharge: Chernobyl disaster
Buzz hypercharge gonna be spiderman
R.I.P FANG 🥱🗿🫣
@yumekakj Month ago
buzz hypercharge in knockout:💀
@wildguy4773 Month ago
As fang(previous brawler with best hypercharge) would say "you're so corny!"
@insertmadness Month ago
The nerf:buzz cannot ever stun players using hypercharge BUT he can get da inf super if u hit a wall
@kez1227 Month ago
Бро жоско разнёс ботов🥶
How believes Buzz + hypercharge = Spider Man ↓👇
I think the next Hypercharge will be for Chester but idk why like i had a feel that it will have an El Primo one and it haves...well not now but it will have...!
Norton IS BACK
@N_Gigachad Month ago
SuperCell add new unbalanced Hypercharge: -They: Very Balanced +1 HP on Hank -NERFFF
@Man_face94 Month ago
They say it will come to El Primo too
@Elvis-yu6hk Month ago
W buzz in knockout
@xgian9934 Month ago
got a nerf before update 😂
The buzz became fang 2.0☠️☠️☠️
The real spam ult☠
@Editor_man12 Month ago
Buzz will be superpower brawler if this add in game😶
@clashfun2323 Month ago
Ульта, така, ульта, атака, ульта, атака... Ни один противник не выживет
R.i.P Brawll Ball ☠️
dont worry the first day buzz will become crazy and people will be complaining and i guarantee they will nerf it the second day
@Maxtx557 Month ago
They nerfed it like if you catch somene while having hyper it wont auto charge ur ult
Now the hypecharge got nerfed
@joaojunior5963 Month ago
Imagine this hypercarge in nocaute
@SaxiShd Month ago
Real sigma!!!
@Reapertww Month ago
Fang v2 has arrived the battlefield
@TheMultiGui Month ago
Buzz casualty killing all the enemies team
@veetiassdi1399 Month ago
Cuz they are bots💀
@TheMultiGui Month ago
@@veetiassdi1399 ik, I'm just joking bruh
@veetiassdi1399 Month ago
@@TheMultiGui then dont comment
@goldenlion202 Month ago
Finally buzz is my most used and it’s getting a hypercharge lets gooooooooooooooooooooo
@boeinga380 Month ago
It got nerfed already
@jayant_boi Month ago
As a buzz main it's best for me
Надеюсь успеть купить скин какишь Богдана на спайка :)
After killing a brawler during hypercharge buzz recharges the super instantly
Como amo meu cordelius q manda a hypercarga de geral pra vala, mas ele merecia algo melhor...
I have this hyper I open it (Megapig)
@TodiKola-ht4lz Month ago
Buzz❌ Spider man✅
@gamez6928 Month ago
Me wanting the update so I can't try to get hyper for shelly
I’m thankful buzz used to be my fav brawler so I got him to max
Larry And Lawrie HyperCharge:💀
Only otis and charlie can stop buzz now
Supercell fix his hypercharge
They nerf it, now he gets it back if he hits a wall
@ensarezenci Month ago
it got nerfed to only instantly charging super when hits walls :(
@jojagejo7993 Month ago
why supercell dont test they brawlers 💀💀💀
@ylojegaming600 Month ago
I said let him cook now I said let home cook
@EUDAVETv8801 Month ago
I'm already saving gold and power points, I'm not going to lose them
The amazing spider-buzz
@Idm190 Month ago
Buff= unskilled 👇
@STORME69 Month ago
Spider arrived in brawl stars 😂😂
@AlldiarBytyqi Month ago
@TacoFofo Month ago
Bro is a fang💀
@mrkillou6883 Month ago
New no teaming brawleur ?
@Spike_king92 Month ago
How do you play with the fact that it's already with the update?
@dgehjj932 Month ago
Buzz domain : infinity stun
@fwf1senna Month ago
She was nerfed before the official release.
@Goku_MUl Month ago
That's why I kept buzz rank 5
@Se-hoon_Oh Month ago
Bro it's basically fang upgrade
Seems balanced nerf doug
@QweRty-fz6ho Month ago
Базз и едгар братья? (У них почти одинаковые гиперзаряди)
@A73778 Month ago
Game name? The one where u have early access to the new update
Yea they alredy nerf the buzz hypercharge and he will have infinite suers only he uses the walls not the enemys
Мне кажется у Базза перезарядка гипера от зоны слишком большая
@ZEUS_Z0GLIN Month ago
Как по мне лучше гипер был бы если б ультра в конце как мини торнадо стягивало вблизи
@Skellyash Month ago
When is the update gonna come out witH the hyper charge event and the brawlers?
@ShanisSunChild Month ago
It had a game breaking bug supposed to come back tomorrow thay better hurry a have a hypercharge Quest beat