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Jul 22, 2024




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Comments : 13K   
@jackbrown1369 2 years ago
"You think he would come?..... over?" I love watching Jimmy get more and more R-Rated over time lmao
@rmg63 2 years ago
@figgyfunfor5488 2 years ago
@@rmg63 what?
@cap1130 2 years ago
@steezyboiiii808 2 years ago
That was so funny
@lexcenslife5757 2 years ago
@@rmg63 uu
@Melt 2 years ago
The editing on these videos stay amazing, love these
@john-davidoko2462 2 years ago
I agree good job
@vanessaguzman7497 2 years ago
Ok I'm just here to be commenting on something without every one who watches this sees
@rmg63 2 years ago
@briannguyen6858 2 years ago
Didn't expect to see melt here
@paolaalvarado946 7 months ago
I love Jimmy gets less family friendly in every new SIDE Chanel he makes
@kian3059 11 months ago
growing up and rewatching these videos really makes me understand the humor
@Captain-Bricks 2 years ago
4:17 lol
@golexgames5094 2 years ago
Hold up..
@FootballCity20 2 years ago
@@golexgames5094 yea yea yea
@KittyNoirr 2 years ago
4:16. Lol
Ayo Jimmy being sus
@kristylisak.3310 7 months ago
I love how Jimmy chooses to give back to the less fortunate since he has abundance instead of spending on these type of items. He’s a humble person.
@user-uj3yf2vn6v 10 days ago
6:01 bro called me dirty minded in every language 😂
@TimeBucks 2 years ago
Love watching Chris and Jimmy
@darkking3442 2 years ago
Love watching Chris deez nuts
@sirbear4948 2 years ago
@caiftftfctt71 2 years ago
@DTB_SPIDA 2 years ago
@thepetpom4079 2 years ago
I love how Jimmy is seeing the worlds most expensive chocolate and all he cares about is the box.
@rmg63 2 years ago
@tre-engines 2 years ago
@gabrielnoahisaiah 2 years ago
LOL I love MR BEAST and his boys
You eat the chocolate it's gone. It will become poop but the box stays for a long time
@gabrielnoahisaiah 2 years ago
ThePetPom Love
@tuch1214 Month ago
2024 summers anyone???
@jpulsifer Month ago
@The_pencil_project 10 months ago
I love how he went from reacting to this to actually doing this
@SasukeUchiha-mg6ui 4 months ago
I love how Jimmy gets less and less family friendly in every new side chanel he makes
@coolgy 2 years ago
you should se the 2017-2018 videos than
@Mr.Djagent6060 2 years ago
Read my name
@@Volshebnik1 GOT IT
@@coolgy ye your right
@nyyankees4217 2 years ago
You know Jimmy is thinking of future investments while watching this.
@lipikadutta6729 2 years ago
This isn't gonna blow up
@N_I_G_H_T--343 2 years ago
@Ankita86237 2 years ago
He is gonna be even richer=bigger giveaways
@ChaoticStride 2 years ago
Sussy sauce
@m4ppl 2 years ago
why hello there its someone I’ve never seen before
@4shadow894 11 months ago
25,000,000 dollar car is basically a diamond mine. 😂
Thank you for reviewing things that I couldn't have had the opportunity to see or experience.❤❤
@Deloreanfan227 4 months ago
Feliz navidad
6:38 greatest juta churai in Indian wedding !!!!🤣🤣🤣
@relaxxx13 2 years ago
@@relaxxx13 🤣🤣🤣
Jute lelo paise dedo Bhabhi rakhlo par jute dedo!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@_myshorts_. 2 years ago
Imagine going to temple with it 😜
@@_myshorts_. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i would neverrr!!!!
@karanveer7318 2 years ago
10:00 cause he is Mukesh Ambani😂😂
@rndmusic3524 2 years ago
Lol at the RV. Pulls up to a mcdonalds. Jumps in the minni and drives it through the drive through
Jimmy called his viewers a average bank account of $10
@shibershab 2 years ago
4:17 is kinda susy
@MateoGaming1 Year ago
@@MateoGaming1 yo
@ItsJustLock Year ago
If you know you know
creaming on a APARTMENT
Jimmy and Chris really have that vibe of good friends, it just flows and they bounce off each other very well.
@vector_747 9 months ago
4:32 bro lost the right to say that now💀
@Gmoney0908 9 months ago
@Sacred720 9 months ago
d a n g
@Watermelon12977 9 months ago
someone needs to send this to him
@charlie_b_compton 4 months ago
@bz1_ 3 months ago
LOL 💀💀💀💀😭
09:00 isso parece só um 747 por fora, mas por dentro o assunto muda😅 200.000.000 de Dólares! Da um Bilhão de reais aqui no Brasil!
@Y0momma_Lol 2 years ago
Jimmy - “look how happy he looks “ Chris - “happy!!! , He looks homeless
@Mr.Djagent6060 2 years ago
Read my name!
@rmg63 2 years ago
@Savetion (GREATEST VIDEOS) this you? 👶
@night4664 2 years ago
@Savetion (GREATEST VIDEOS) shut up
@goldbarley44 2 years ago
4:06 jimmy being sus
@황잔디 Year ago
0:14 그 세상에서 가장 좋다는 초콜릿, 대한민국에서도 먹고 싶은데 배송이 되지 않는대요ㅠㅠ.
I love how you can make these videos
@Chromaticzz Year ago
"You think he will come?..... over" I laughed way too hard at this 🤣
@ChaseKho Year ago
Dang me too 😂
@IamKat3 Year ago
Timestamp 4:17
@raadaltaher Year ago
@nikyhd3922 11 months ago
Me too😂😂
@banclava 2 years ago
I love how he's progressively getting less family friendly 🤣🤣🤣
@Muscleman8562 Legend
@Zapp-thorne 2 years ago
@Savetion (GREATEST VIDEOS) this you? ->🤖
@Ilias-mk9gv 9 months ago
Just watching 5 seconds of watching this hurting my bank account.
I thought it was a candy bar LOL
@ishaannagpal7764 2 years ago
Chris reaction on ambani's house 😂 "whoah 3 helipads" $2 BILLIONNNNNN
@rmg63 2 years ago
@_deep_patel08 2 years ago
4:12 that moment...😂😂😂😂
@febeeunice3574 3 months ago
podrían haber probado el audio antes de, está super buena la clase y ese inconveniente del audio es bastante importante
@z00mgaming27 11 months ago
4:25 i think they should watch the price of the "Trek butterfly madone"
4:08 what if Pewdiepie come😳
@gloomgore4627 2 years ago
@Tammyue. Year ago
@Superr72 11 months ago
@MazeColony 2 years ago
Chris is slowly becoming a dad, so far he’s kind of a car guy and we haven’t gotten the dad jokes yet
Repent to Jesus Christ “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭18:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
@MazeColony 2 years ago
@@praisejesusrepentorlikewis6218 nah
@rmg63 2 years ago
@G.O.A.B 2 years ago
@@rmg63 I cannot see a drawing
@@rmg63 nah bot
@hurozgur8610 8 months ago
1:40 Who called this primate? 😂😂😂
Me gustaria algun dia poder tener un carro deportivo como los que muestras
@mrcreweditz8265 2 years ago
0:01 welcome to time beta
@a7d3nmedia 2 years ago
9:14 "palace of ver-saL" its ver-sai lmfao
That’s what I thought
@mrx-cb6pb Year ago
3:54 la cama de juansguarnizo documentada
@zackwindisch1595 3 months ago
7:15 they “stook” there 😄
@Xrayx_gamerYT 2 years ago
8:32 I am stupid.
@Ytochki228 10 months ago
Я тоже😅
@Hexanity 2 years ago
8:42 if you thought it was a candy bar you’re literally stupid, lmfao I’m loving this r rated jimmy more
@user-lh8ih5qd2k 2 years ago
👆👆👆👆 Thanks for the feedback,Message me right away you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's
Oh Jimmy why did you fart, I'm eating
@santiagoleon2864 9 months ago
Me encantan sus videos espero que se acuerden de mi soy de Colombia ❤❤
@itsethan5910 Year ago
4:16 his family friendly vibe went straight out the window 😂💀
@Superr72 11 months ago
@kristofkalman2659 2 years ago
4:12 Excuse me... WHAT?
@adityachate5878 4 months ago
The last house owner is Mukesh Ambani
@HYDRA_FN135 5 months ago
4:31 well that aged well
@rextek5421 2 years ago
Meanwhile me: damn this pizza costs 10$ thats so expensive
@rmg63 2 years ago
@beak2054 2 years ago
8:54 lol jimmy interrupted him for saying supercar blondie
@meepbeep2015 4 months ago
I actually saw a/the diamond lambo driving around I saw it twice
The 2 billion dollar house looks really similar to a Minecraft build I did recently
@LEVPQR 2 years ago
4:55 Is jimmy ok? 😂😂
@PaRamiYT 2 years ago
Jimmy: wouldnt you think he'd come.. Chris: 😳😳 Jimmy: over? Chris: 😂😂
@rmg63 2 years ago
@ogb.recent 2 years ago
Fans gather here Let's show that we love each and every content from this channel
box is more expensive than the "gold" chockolate 💀💀
у Джимми такая низкая самооценка, но он же великолепен!
@johnnycalhoun9294 2 years ago
I’m always happy to see Jimmy and Chris express their personalities with these videos they make my day so much better
@Lefg342 Year ago
Jesus Loves You
@@Lefg342 bot
@Bringmorehoes 2 years ago
Jimmy had me rolling on floor in Jeffery yatch joke 🤣
@user-mt8db1sx7n 4 months ago
That dog is a chowchow
People in 2024
@TenCo-pd1wj Month ago
@ConnorPugs 2 years ago
And I’m out here flying in economy 😂
Lmao this will blow up
@sicktaiz 2 years ago
@SamboWambo 2 years ago
Lol ye
@shulkyboi 2 years ago
Yo wassup Connor? You gonna do a collab with my boi Pancho?
@psychosniper5699 2 years ago
I watch your vids
MUKESH Ambami sir 9:42
@valeriecastillo6146 10 months ago
This is insane I love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Sk_gaming_0728 6 months ago
I am from India last house mukesh Ambani ❤😂😂
@SanskarLovesAnime 3 months ago
@yuvrajpardeshi8684 3 months ago
@yuvrajpardeshi8684 3 months ago
I from IND tooo
@zayz4x 3 months ago
God loves u
@user-yp5ye3ei8i 2 months ago
Yess bro😂 ❤❤ I love India and Mr beast
@Alex._lex 2 years ago
Jimmy and Chris make the reaction so much more funny
@rmg63 2 years ago
@OneTap-qy2pz 2 years ago
9:55 Mukesh Ambani
@Gabo144_YT 7 months ago
3:54 JuanSGuarniso needs that beed
@Nolanthatngl 11 months ago
Rick Rae’s need the house garage in India 😂
@mountainmanthe3rd 2 years ago
for anyone wondering the 1500000 guitar is eric clapton’s “slowhand” and the person playing it is from the channel “music is win”
@rmg63 2 years ago
@ishen3771 2 years ago
Yeah cool cameo from tyler lol
1:26 tell me this man isn't Mr O'Hare incarnate. 🤣
@Goripandit1 3 months ago
Jimy Mukesh Ambani ji hai wo 😂😂😂
@mohammedeshan3613 6 months ago
I love watching your videos😂😂
@crabguy970 2 years ago
love you jimmy and all you do for the community hope you have a lovely day❤
@Lefg342 Year ago
Jesus Loves You
@seb99342 Year ago
And I love how Jimmy wears a Hey Arnold shirt. Childhood cartoon.
Brois trepen
Jimmy you My vavret RU-vidr
love you jimmy and all you do for the community hope you have a lovely day❤
@alexhlavka8838 2 years ago
When Mr.Beast thinks something is expensive, it really is gonna be expensive.
@kabbo._.k 2 years ago
@Muscleman8562 you ok bro?
@nyyankees4217 2 years ago
@user-jf4lt4uk7u 2 years ago
he just needs to upgrade his wallet to netherite
@Tellowvaision 2 years ago
When you get killed, you die. Mind blown 😱😱😱😱
@LokiRaRaEnt 2 years ago
Hey, I am an underrated RU-vidr any support would be greatly appreciated ❤️!
The grape juice 💀
@vivo0017 11 months ago
In reality the 747 cost 400mill for the commercial version, but a freaking private fancy 747 costs half the cost?! What math was applied here?
@dakshrooo3157 2 years ago
At 9:43 it's mukesh ambani's home he is the richest man in Asia/india BTW love from India ❤
@sacredhulk8542 2 years ago
fact check- adani is richest man in asia/india
@@sacredhulk8542 no
@@vanshsrivastava6079 bro recently Adani family is around 30 billion ahead of Mukesh Ambani
@HoneyJoDD 2 years ago
ratan tata is India most richest person but he donated he's more than half money on charity
@mannatgupta5955 2 years ago
my father works in adani corporate office felling so proud🎉
@Soul_RBLX 2 years ago
The $125K Apartment thing has to be the most luxurious thing I have ever seen.
@Maxpro2121 11 months ago
Wait a sec... wasnt the chocolate gordon ramsey ranked againts ur chocolate bar worth 400$?
@Nikicraft-yv7en 2 months ago
The movable house is better than mine lmao
@lavigoel5850 2 years ago
Mukesh Ambani Respect for keeping India up at the most expensive house .
@cjofficial1612 2 years ago
I was looking for someone to mention that in comment box
@@cjofficial1612 me too
@jumanji5238 2 years ago
me to
@Xyz04 2 years ago
Who is Mukesh
@boris_1 2 years ago
@@Xyz04 some idolater who stays in curry land.
@meib6099 2 years ago
Jeff bezos watching this at 9:27
@vsp.shdws. 11 months ago
you guys should do it 1$ to 100000$ RV
@ayaanhussain8305 11 months ago
4:32 how the tables have turned
@eddabegay2662 2 years ago
4:17 had me dying with laughter
@rmg63 2 years ago
@@rmg63 huh
@amrealviper43 2 years ago
imagine just raging and throwing the 90,000$ controller and breaking it 😂
@Ghost-wq3eu 2 years ago
that would suck
@_The_Scouser 2 years ago
That’s a L
@goldenclub657 2 years ago
Oh my god nooo
@severusgaming9648 2 years ago
@tonidavis1098 2 years ago
@BR-BRAWLSTARS 5 months ago
4:17 got me dying
@bluewall_mortal 5 months ago
Who’s guitar is that
9:42 Ambani bro🥶🔥🔥🔥
@memegaming2011 2 years ago
5:20 OMG!!!! You have your own private bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Idiot6983 2 years ago
I have one and I’m poor
@claribelmarrero4584 10 months ago
Gracias por publicar esas casas
@user-zs9ou7dv2r 6 months ago
Эта обувь ну с бриллиантами были у тхама из дорамы цветочки после ягодок
@candicelovings 2 years ago
This was really cool I love you guy’ vibe. This was hilarious and very informing thanks guys! I subscribed to this one!!
jimmy is growing his more mature videos with his viewers and it is great that he does that!
@Zynxitey 2 years ago
@@Zynxitey no
@netryx Year ago
We love Carl's mom
@reynolds264 4 months ago
9:05 imagine if there were turbulents or it crashed 💀
Strong cat !! 😱😱