NAYEON "POP!" M/V Teaser 2

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NAYEON "POP!" M/V Teaser 2

NAYEON The 1st Mini Album "IM NAYEON"
Release on 2022.06.24 FRI 1PM KST/0AM EST

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Jun 21, 2022




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Comments 35 909
𝐀𝐫𝐦𝐲 𝐀𝐫𝐦𝐲 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐡
This hair colour and red dress are looking so good on her!!! She's shining!!!
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 16 hours ago
나는 이것을 라이브로 보고 싶다 그것은 매우 좋은 일임에 틀림없다
Frances Branch
Frances Branch 19 hours ago
Nayeon nasceu para brilhar, essa estreia solo realmente vai fazer muito sucesso, você e talentosa
Ista Ben
Ista Ben 19 hours ago
For the first time, JYPE not spoiling everything !! Go off nayeon, your debut look amazing<3
Raiz Hamzah
Raiz Hamzah 19 hours ago
Guys, I think that she will feel somehow quite nervous this time cause she is alone on stage now without other members so we really should give the fullest support for this comeback and make it charted excelently everywhere. Good luck ONCE, POP will be a BOP INDEED.
andy biersack
andy biersack 16 hours ago
Se ve tan hermosa, la canción muy buena y el mv increible también, estoy muy feliz por ella, hay que apoyarla con todo once <3
InternetsNathan 21 hour ago
Why is this song already stuck in my head even thought it's not out yet!?
soph.08 19 hours ago
The concept is so beautiful, I can't wait to hear the whole album!!
Kim Sili
Kim Sili 19 hours ago
I'm so excited for the song I love you Nayeon and I wish you success and I hope you have a beautiful song like you
LYNN HASAN 19 hours ago
bro im literally so freaking excited for her solo debut. like i have a feeling that it's gonna be very successful!
Safa Mohamed
Safa Mohamed 19 hours ago
Oh my goddd!! I’m already loving this album so muchhh this hair colour and red outfit fit her so perfectly I’m so inluvvvv with it gosh also the collab with Felix omgg and the choreoooo OKAY THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FABULOUSSSS SO EXCITEDDDD!!!
chaerry 19 hours ago
no matter what anyone says, nayeon's debut is so catchy i love her a lot
Visually Not Shy
Visually Not Shy 21 hour ago
Oh yes finally!! New choreography to learn!!
Isadora Yoo
Isadora Yoo 19 hours ago
Linda é pouco, essa mulher tá DIVINA
Angela Mariana
Angela Mariana 16 hours ago
I’ll change my name once they notice me on weverse
I know for a fact she gonna be serving looks and visuals!!!!
Talented woman, we're so proud of you and what you've done
a 19 hours ago
Nayeon , we are very excited to see your album, and we also trust you that you did the best, you deserve everything that is beautiful like your beauty , for example <3
Joel Caccha
Joel Caccha 19 hours ago
Looks like a great first single for Nayeon!
Chib Bii
Chib Bii 16 hours ago
Congrats Im Nayeon for a half million sell of your DEBUT album!!!