Never a dull moment in Wisconsin!  

Isla Secret
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Feb 27, 2024




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In a universe full of stars, you shine the brightest, not just with your beauty, but with your humility.
@BobPocai 2 days ago
Praise by Hillsong
People who thought he was going to throw the pop corn at her
@Cakeeee-bh5zv Month ago
@Jmgames908 Month ago
i thought this video was funny till it wasn’t
@alex-ff3us Month ago
I was like "he gonna throw popcorn at her?" 😂
@Bruhxx321 Month ago
I did think that at first
@Jackginni33 Month ago
Yall are getting wayyy to comfortable on ghe internet 😂😂😅😅
@ronwhite3121 Month ago
But up close, my neighbor looks just like my wife.
"Did you did it again?" "Maaaaaaybe"
@tinasgrrrl1842 Month ago
/< y s
This song is getting on my nerves after 5 min of reals
@alinmoni5677 Month ago
At least its not (yeah and )
@thekorekoi Month ago
Dude not even kidding , such a great song ruined by everyone using it for stupid reasons
Fr I can't escape it
No fr the last 50 videos I’ve watched have either been this song or “yes, and?” I’m gonna kms
RU-vid shorts really getting infected with just 5 songs. This one and the beautiful things song are the top contenders.
@Lets_Go_Canes Month ago
@Teambadecision Month ago
Can’t fucking STAND the beautiful song.
For me a good 50% are the Beyoncé “country” song!! The others are split between this one, Beautiful Things and the Ariana Grande song. I have yet to hear the whole song of ANY of them and at this point I don’t want to!!! Talk about being over-played!!! This one is the least irritating. I might actually be able to listen to the whole song without my ears bleeding…..at some point in the future!!
@lanibl4596 Month ago
BEAUTIFUL THINGS WAS THE SONG FOR THE VIDEO ABOVE THIS!! It's so annoying when RU-vid gets infected with the same song, it's like cmon, get some variety
@Lil_TSC_here Month ago
If i hear this song again, the roads wont be the only ones being on fire 🤨🤨☠️☠️☠️
Tbh I've caught hotter wild animals in our hot tub.
@SteveB-nx2uo Month ago
every single racoon in the world is cuter
She is hot af.
@89kylestyle Month ago
LOL top comment holy shit
@chrysology Month ago
No you haven't.
She is hot af. You’re just insecure.
@Flowing_Editz Month ago
my braincells are going “ahhh ah ahhhh” from how many times I’ve heard this song
Yeah, I mean it's not bad, but shorts just make me tired of this
Internet has the gift to ruin every song
This song, the ice spice one, the beyonce Texas one and the "nobody knows me like you do" I swear to god those are the only 5 song youtube shorts are using atm and it's killing my braincells
Same girl/boy
@V3nt_Accunt Month ago
Use me as a wtf did I just watch button 👇 edit 1 : omg the likes?!
I’m one hundredth like
@emoboy_remzi Month ago
@naylinoo5885 Month ago
@mingliu4215 Month ago
Why did i pause on the right exact moment💀🙏
@SlidityBoi Month ago
I can’t escape this song 😭😭
This is why fathers are important
True we’re doomed
@Chaz-yu1os Month ago
What father
@missbrittni21 Month ago
Is that why you are gay?
​@@Chaz-yu1osyour father
@madeline6951 Month ago
Me thinking she just took ice baths
that's what I thought at first too 💀
@markreece9604 Month ago
𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕥 𝕤𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕒𝕤𝕟'𝕥
@@markreece9604 nope... 💀
​@@markreece9604 Not taking ice bath? ... What was she doing?
@Nd33n Month ago
When she discovered he wasn't on premium plan
@BerareViser Month ago
Its been 300+ shorts and this is the only song that i keep hearing😭
@CarEditzzz524 Month ago
@Morothepro Month ago
yeah and the shorts that I've been getting are very different for my usual fyp
@CarEditzzz524 Month ago
@@Morothepro yeah same i dont get it lmao
RU-vid Algorithm Is having sex
Its 2 songs, yes and, and streets on fire
@MrEthos Month ago
That's enough RU-vid Shorts for today
definitely 😅
I need my packages.
I don't see a lady
Eh escuchado esta canción tantas veces que me dio CANCER ☠
OK as soon as I saw what she was doing at a closer look I was like🤦‍♀️”
@laceyhood1588 Month ago
bro really said “gOnNa nEeD a cLoSeR lOoK”
History:deleted Phone:yeeted Holy water:needed Therapist:greeted
nice comment, it seems you used a copypasta that’s older than you are
@Kitty_cat300 Month ago
@seanbrice9368 Month ago
So original
@specter1691 Month ago
Copypasta: Pasted
@andrewware3613 Month ago
No way I just saw a rat in the hot tub
those streets aren't gon be the only thing catching on firw after i heard this song for the 10th time in a span of 9 shorts
@GuyLikeGuy Month ago
The official wtf button 👇🏼
@mrorange1225 Month ago
theres something wrong with these people
That one little timmy trying to pause at the right moment:
@pumkitdrawz Month ago
u mean urself
He means me LOL
Little Timmy still playing the pause game to this day 🧐
@@pumkitdrawz hell nah
@Nevaeh235 26 days ago
The I live in Wisconsin button 👇🏼
@nuubn3703 Month ago
This audio is gonna start showing up in my dreams 💀
@Thetablepower Month ago
Damn OF people on RU-vid now , 304s can go anywhere they want. Except into a respectable man's heart.
@omfgishBenneh Month ago
No such thing as a “respectable man” 👨 😅dumb right? Just like your comment
Daddy must be proud! So much self respect/control!
@Flamingolif3 Month ago
She's making more than daddy, not to mention Mommy's got an OnlyFans soooo....
what's this girl doing? I'm floating
Bluds mad he can't get laid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bro it's a fake internet video
Wisconsin we got more than just beer and cheese buddy.😂
@GachaLuna2013 Month ago
Bro, like as soon as I saw the popcorn, I was eating popcorn. We both grabbed a handful at the same time.
@THATGUY14235 Month ago
Your parents made a mistake Edit: thank you for so many likes
@R0NALDO.7AEP Month ago
@mrgameryt5544 Month ago
@mrgameryt5544 Month ago
@zachayward9433 Month ago
@TrueScorpio Month ago
They roll playing he know damn well thats wifey. Lol
Ok, I was trying to work out if neighbour hopped into his pool or if it was on neighbours land & he was secretly watching. So his wife was filming her boobs.
@cacampbell3654 Month ago
@0_kyo_0 Month ago
Im literally gonna cry, this song is brain rot
Omfg this beautiful things, yes and. It’s my entire page…
Just like SIA is brain rot. Now you know how the rest of us felt
@mitchell_g Month ago
Seriously... Even on YT Shorts I can't escape from OF 403
I'm dying bc of this song. I heard this song MANY times AlReAdY
@Saintwolvinn Month ago
Why do people act like fathers fix everything? Y'all don't talk about them when we talk about who the main customers of the industry are.
@Ftutvvd67874 Month ago
@__aru Month ago
THANK YOU! and it's always the most 🌽-addicted men and creeps who go around commenting shit like this too, like bffr 🥴
@akilidasavage Month ago
@@__aruno it’s mostly old women
@Mamarreee Month ago
looks like someone doesn't have a dad
Someone is taking a technically correct fact that Is a bit misleading and used as a joke a bit too seriously
The moment he showed the popcorn I was eating popcorn 😂😂❤
@ItsVortex2796 Month ago
I don’t hate the song but I keep hearing the song every god damn time especially with the Texas song
@JohnD-nc6hq Month ago
this song made my brain sing it for no reason at random times 😭😭😭😭
@hanhhuong3355 Month ago
Im really gonna throw my phone if i hear this song again
Have you tried therapy? It’s a lot less expensive than destructive anger issues
@ElijahLewellyn 19 days ago
Are we gonna talk about her face when she got caught?😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Idk_playz2 Month ago
if i hear this song one more time ill put these roads on flames
Ancestors must be proud of you
@missbrittni21 Month ago
I can promise they are very disappointed in you no worries.
​​@@missbrittni21 Eh really? What part are they disappointed in me? Aren't they disappointed on an individual who makes a living out of thirsty 30 year olds? Yet, the "individual" Still thinks I'm more of a disgrace unlike her?, that she is far more superior than me? You got no shit on me bro. You sell pictures online and I don't, rethink your life choices before defending yourself online.
@@missbrittni21Really? They're disappointed in me? Or are they disappointed in an individual who sells pics of her body to thirsty unemployed 30 year olds? Yet the individual still thinks I'M the one who's a disgrace? That she is way superior than me in every way to the point MY ancestors are the ones who's disappointed in me? You got no shit on me bro, You sell pictures of yourself online and make this platform a terrible place. And I don't, so, tell me, who's the one here that their ancestors are clearly disappointed of? I think any regular person with common sense can point out who's the regular individual around here.
@@missbrittni21 removing my replies because you can't stand being roasted virtually? That's crazy.
@victt0r Month ago
Bro, their ancestors probably would've sold her anyway. I mean, they would've made money with her... The only change here is that she's earning her own money
I thought he was going to throw that 🍿 at her😂😂😅
@Flamingolif3 Month ago
.....I was afraid he was going to try to play darts. Except the darts are the popcorn kernels. And the bullseye her uterus. Don't get mad at me- the internet created this.
@raiirai4379 Month ago
1k therapy seats left 👇
Who watched it again and again like below 😊
@Ladytohru321 Month ago
Bruh this song is stuck in my head I keep hearing it everywhere
@Krusherxxx Month ago
So is the scenery. 😊
@Hepoxni Month ago
Am I the only one who’s never heard this song
No la conocía 😅
You should... This is the song made by the legendary Bob Marley's grandson YG!!!
@junstonb2831 Month ago
hearing this song for the 1000 time 💀😭😩
just goes to show guys are willing to pay for ANYTHING
@rebeccapro8733 Month ago
#StopOnlyFans It’sBadForYourHealthThat’sOurSlogan and our slogan is made by Logan
@neamanja Month ago
You know what would stop it? If people stopped paying to see ugly people naked 😂😂😂
@Hellfire10888 Month ago
#stoponlyfans !!
Hi guys
Its Ms Skanky Narcissism again!! She's quite the "Village Bicycle"!! Everyone's had a ride!
@yoshibros325 Month ago
@neamanja Month ago
Spitting facts 😂😂😂
@@neamanja ???????
@harpreetoooo Month ago
@@markhancock6694’spitting facts’ just means you are telling facts, it’s a complement
There are girls who flash their tits and don’t sleep with anyone at all… or flash and are in a committed relationship. Flashing Dianne equate to sleeping with people.
Your wife* your back yard* lmao you can literally see the path to your house 😂
Love Wisconsin it’s my home state I grew up in Marion and we just moved from Appleton to greenville
Delafield Wisconsin checking in.
I swear to God shorts has been overtaken by the same 4 songs. 💀
@Isuf.A Month ago
I swear it's getting turned into the "i guess you wondered where i've been" song
🛐❤💕💌💕💗❤💖❤💡🙏😭Heavenly Father JesusGod, I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserve the consequences of my sin. However, I am trusting in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I believe that His death and resurrection provided for my forgiveness. I trust in Jesus and Jesus alone as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord, for saving me and forgiving me! In JesusMightyGod's holy name, Amen!" 💗❤❤💞This Gospel message if you continue to believe this message, you will be saved: For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time,
- hello madame, what are you doing? - refreshing
@Xx_Hela_xX Month ago
Free therapy button (only 1000 seats left) 👇
@orang3k Month ago
Quit begging for likes bro
@yancieb Month ago
The "only this many seats left" is the dumbest trend ive seen on the internet since literally replaced the word "seriously"
@MrJay-ku4vs Month ago
This is a really great song but social media knows just how to overkill anything.....smh
@NIKNAK1 Month ago
LMFAO 🤣 I live in WI and it’s true there’s never a dull moment…. I absolutely love WI
@ximena53827 Month ago
Mis respetos para ella y n me bañaría así con la nieve me agarraría un gripon y asta neumonía bendiciones
"my neighbor" is literally the chick in the channel pic... 🙄 These self promotion vids are getting way out there.
never knew whales could survive in hot tubs.
@maxkun3319 Month ago
Bro went berserk
We convinced our entire generation that this is a battle that we could win.
@npc_2131 Month ago
I can’t go three seconds without hearing this song 😭
@mddulal2435 Month ago
@steves9744 Month ago
She looks like a Flintstone cartoon but bigger
3 most used yt shorts sounds: this audio, beautiful things, and "when you know, you know:
@emani3259 Month ago
Bro if I hear this song one more time it won’t be the only thing on fire
@Rozifish Month ago
Nice moment
@cosmicbilly Month ago
Dudes really be paying money to see a beached whale.
You’re probably one of them because acting like that we know you don’t get shit in real life
@Rok0_0 Month ago
@R0zieP0zey Month ago
It is crazy up here, but as a former Floridian, Florida is a whole other level of crazy.
@Eggs840 Month ago
People Who's Sick 5 Times With This Song 👇
song 2/10 girl 10/10
other way around
@edinhoapelao Month ago
​@@Theatone_SalamanderNow I don't know if you're gay or just have terrible taste in music
@akosbogar1885 Month ago
​@@edinhoapelao or he likes women who have dignity
@spitfire7482 Month ago
The girl was build like big chungus
@@edinhoapelao they both a 2/10
@txTheProtogen Month ago
Cringe button 👇
@deosire1835 Month ago
Bro how much times did I hear this song today 💀
@sfby6006 Month ago
This is among the two only songs I hear on RU-vid shorts anymore
Ohh.... I also want this type of neighborhood.. So that ,entertainment ka kami na ho🙏🙏🙏
@FinnPlaysThat Month ago
The one thing is that I live in Wisconsin and they may not live in Wisconsin. Either they live on the only mountain in Wisconsin, or they live on the biggest hill in Wisconsin. Or they don’t live in Wisconsin.
Your videos always put me in a good mood.
Работница, гордость родителей😂
@bekinhaaaaaa Month ago
Sensuality sells and is attractive, what can you do? 🤷‍♀️
@Softie_87 Month ago
Bruh tomorrow when she checks her followers/subscribers she’s gonna regret it 😂😂😂
Wisconsin sounds like a real hoot😂
Where in Wisconsin? Can I come over and join you for the show!
@brox2153 Month ago
You can, in fact, pause at the right moment.
@V3wnxy Month ago
Pretty and capable woman but instead chooses to embarrass herself. Do better.
@Bulletpen789 Month ago
I’m surprised this man didn’t get caught in the act
If these critters show up in your pool or hot tub do you have to call an exterminator or can you treat it with chemicals? We're dealing with the same problem.
@TheRizzero Month ago
Apparently, there's only two songs on RU-vid to choose from these days.
@Skeletonthing Month ago
Lil jonny be like after raging while trying to pause it at the right time:🤬🤬
@Omegatherebel Month ago
Never a dull moment in Wisconsin Wisconsin = < dull 😂
I was about to say the popcorn probably isn’t going too far when he throws it at her 😅😂
When you scroll through the comments, the song repeats😂
@peashooter8497 Month ago
Me: That popcorn looks good🍿🤩
Love this song ! I'm happy the family is keeping their grandfather relevant ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Amazing first world country people 😍