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All hope is not lost! Gather courage in the face of the Phyrexian invasion in March of the Machine! Meet the Multiverse legends who teamed up to take on the Phyrexian scourge and make One Last Stand with a brand new card type, mechanics, new card previews, and the finale of the Phyrexian Arc!
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Mar 28, 2023




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Comments : 614   
Leonardo De Jesus
Leonardo De Jesus 2 months ago
Coolest bit of mechanical flavor is that as the Phyrexian forces "Proliferate" they can make the "Battle" last longer.
Eddy E.
Eddy E. 2 months ago
Wow true 🤭🤭 That's cool
Myojin of Night's Reach
The Battle's hit points being counters is dumb
Leonardo De Jesus
Leonardo De Jesus 2 months ago
@Myojin of Night's Reach I mean it's the only practical way of keeping track. Only other way is for that number to be how much damage you have to deal to it in one turn like a creature. Other than that, the only way to keep track of a changing total (That's not life) over more than one turn is with counters.
Alec Hauer
Alec Hauer 2 months ago
​@Myojin of Night's Reach iipp😊i 🎉❤😊😂😂
N'Zeezoo Stupid III
N'Zeezoo Stupid III 2 months ago
You're not wrong, just don't know how they would do it another way as fluently though.
Triceratopping 2 months ago
If Innistrad is being featured, I really want an Unruly Mob reprint with flavour text along the lines of "here we go again."
1080kelly 2 months ago
Kokonut Binks
Kokonut Binks 2 months ago
drakoes 2 months ago
phyrexian human horror- one-ruly mob 1 colorless and 2 phyrexian white for a 1/3 whenever a phyrexian enters the battlefield or a non-phyrexian creature enters the graveyard incubate 1
Michael Louis
Michael Louis 2 months ago
Did Tamiyo and Anissa not tell Norn about Emrakul?
Ernesto Salinas
Ernesto Salinas 2 months ago
So cool that the ability in Realmbreaker mimics the original World Tree
Lucia Jonas
Lucia Jonas 2 months ago
"Everyone and their mums packing Praetor tribal 'round here." "Like who?" "Commander players." "Who else?" "Commander players Mums."
Tera GX
Tera GX 2 months ago
The team that worked on Elesh Norn's walk at 12:42 did the most amazing job! If this were a full movie and we had a little breathing room to take it in, that would be one of the most memorable poses ever!
Gonçalo Ferreira
Gonçalo Ferreira 2 months ago
breathing room is what mtg´s storytelling needs.
xnosmokex 2 months ago
@Gonçalo Ferreira and product line
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
No credits? This is some great work y'all. That mirroring avenged got me all choked up
Silvan Mills
Silvan Mills 2 months ago
what makes me a little sad is that it is the same thing as "You are already dead"
Michael J. Hilliard
Michael J. Hilliard 2 months ago
As a casual M:TG observer that looked cool. The presentation was well done.
Laya Monarez
Laya Monarez 2 months ago
I wish this battle had been spread over one more set but i have to say flavor wise this is def one of the coolest sets ever! That video was amazing!
? 2 months ago
i cannot express how much i love Borborygmos and Fbltph's showcase art
michael from MIRA
michael from MIRA 2 months ago
Damn I’m so sad urabrask is gone, really liked his character, would have been a great plot twist for him or one of the praetors to get a spark( if that’s even possible)
Trevor Jamieson
Trevor Jamieson 2 months ago
While the actual story depicts him chopped into fours, the card has him just left limbless, but alive. If anything, that could mean he's the last living praetor, albeit trapped within a phased out new phyrexia.
Rafa Allegretti
Rafa Allegretti 2 months ago
I believe they're closing Phyrexia's arc for good. That's why all praetors will die.
LethaL 2 months ago
@Trevor Jamieson Well he wouldn’t be the last left unless Elesh kills Shelly too
Michael Maniloff
Michael Maniloff 2 months ago
@LethaL Norn Killed Shelly.
Trevor Jamieson
Trevor Jamieson 2 months ago
Specifically, The Ajaninator
Slasher Stumbles
Slasher Stumbles 2 months ago
Im actually a bit upset about how safe this set seems to be ending 🤣 it feels like this whole ordeal is going to end up being a good thing because now the planes are connected, all we lost were a few throw away characters because all of the main characters were somehow uncompleated. I'd hoped for more than a War of the Spark 2 level event.
Yheti 2 months ago
So if it helps, Vorinclex, a praetor of New Phyrexia, invaded Kaldheim and in the process infected Tibalt, wounded Esika, and compleated numerous people and animals. The wiki says “the outcome of this interaction has yet to be revealed”. So maybe there’s a possibility they’ll be back? Source: trust me bro (Kidding, MtG Wiki fandom page: “New Phyrexia”, under “Forays to Other Planes”, first and second paragraphs)
Sgt Isbjørn
Sgt Isbjørn 2 months ago
What a great way to present the set! Please! More like this!
TheStudentVlogg 2 months ago
The art in this set is the coolest I have ever seen. Wasn’t hyped for this set. Am now hyped x1000
Ry7hym 2 months ago
SniperDave 2 months ago
Nothing so perfectly encapsulates how rushed MtG's story is than saying 'the battle for the multiverse has begun' at 9:52 and then showing Elesh Norn's death less than 4 minutes later.
DocTristan 2 months ago
honestly 😭, they could have had a few more sets to fully depict the story… They’re running out of source material 💀
ArgentumEmperio 2 months ago
It is a game after all, and frankly ... we knew these things would happen the immediate moment we get to see the card reveals One can call it rushed sure ... but then one has never actually looked at magic cards during reveal season before "Oh, who is this mysterious entity on Innistrad?" "Emrakul, I mean we knew this was likely what the fate of Innistrad was gonna be when Innistrad revealed itself as a plane the first time around but its nice that all of these 'clues' weren't so much clues as much as a game mechanic since you know, we knew from the other cards immediately what happened with Emrakul" You can extrapolate this to literally 'all' of MTG's storylines - the only difference is that we have had years worth of buildup ever since the defeat of Nicol Bolas, and we got confirmation about this once we saw Vorinclex on Kaldheim ... its hardly been rushed if you go back and actually look at the stuff that built up towards it
SniperDave 2 months ago
@ArgentumEmperio Yes yes, your essay in refute of my single line quip is duly noted.
Rumanian 94
Rumanian 94 2 months ago
@SniperDave dude are u only here to stir some kind of commotion x) relax and stop that very passive aggressive attitude, it really does not help anybody, not even yourself xD be more appreciative of how much work goes into all of these cards and this product that we are able to enjoy. some people these days really cannot be satisfied with anything.
Philip Journeay
Philip Journeay 2 months ago
GAme of Thrones level bulidup to 2 pump chump resolution
MTG Box Analysis
MTG Box Analysis 2 months ago
Very nice production. Can't wait for the new set.
Javelin 2 months ago
Zilortha's flavor text deserves a nod.
autobotjazz1972 2 months ago
Yup it is bad ass.
Mars 2 months ago
Callme Dio
Callme Dio 2 months ago
New Phyrexia and Ikoria casually comparing sizes of their monsters
Madkaris 2 months ago
The text is nice, but Zolortha isn't... 8/8 without trample for this size.🥲
Thijs "Tintis" Koole
Dang seems like the good guys win again, I really wanted phyrexia VS The Eldrazi! The biggest game to hunt!
SHINGIKAMI 2 months ago
Love the use of the soul parry phrase to add more flavour to an allready impressive set.They pulled out all the stops on this one, including the kitchen sink.😃😃😃😃 ❤❤
Max Mendelsohn
Max Mendelsohn 2 months ago
Can we appreciate how awesome the Voice Over people were on this! Becca & Riley kill it.
Brian Sterling
Brian Sterling 2 months ago
Pretty sure I heard Lady Danger and Joe Johnson as well
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones 2 months ago
@Brian Sterling I was gona say, it sounds like Joe Johnson
Leandro Rosa
Leandro Rosa 2 months ago
The art in this set is a chef’s kiss. Just perfection 👏🏻
MultiDAXDAX 2 months ago
I love this set! the ideas of mix two legends, although I reeeeally dislike cards make with 3d characters and backgrouds, they are suuuuuper akward
N'Zeezoo Stupid III
N'Zeezoo Stupid III 2 months ago
If you look at the teferi planeswalker background, its just the flip side, well flipped and pasted teferi on top with a shader for the background. Don't know how to feel of this, just thought it was worth a mention.
MultiDAXDAX 2 months ago
@N'Zeezoo Stupid III wow i did not see that, it look wierd. The one I really dislike it is rankle and torbran, looks like videogame picture. What I enjoy the most about magic it is the art, so I hope they dont continue along this path
Friedensp4nzer 2 months ago
I am actually excited about this set. Here's to hope it's limited is fun. (:
Super Animation
Super Animation 2 months ago
How can you make such a good video? I really enjoyed it
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 months ago
Phyrexians: Invade the Multiverse Teferi: *Flips uno reverse
Federico 2 months ago
Se ve increíble el SET
Eddy E.
Eddy E. 2 months ago
Maybe, the cinematic and the cards will bring the closure that we are wanting 😊 I like how MTG's plot is never finalized through only one media - it's always many: the web stories, the cards, the cinematic, Arena... Counting the hours for the wrap up 🥰
C C 2 months ago
Remember we’re also gonna be getting the Aftermath story after this set
Javelin 2 months ago
great reveal video. keep this format!
Jesse Laplante
Jesse Laplante 2 months ago
This set looks so 🆒 ❤❤❤!!!!!
Renato Botão
Renato Botão 2 months ago
Jesus this cinematic was crazy. And the cards are great too. Awesome job.
Mr.Chuckles 2 months ago
Really hope to see some Amonket cards in this set
Aes 2 months ago
There are some! A simic Naga cleric just got posted
Ry7hym 2 months ago
@Aes ooh
Wild Relic Productions
Can we please get a animated series for MTG I would pay ALOT just to see that!
Luap 2 months ago
By alot you mean monthly Netflix sub
One Way Raildex
One Way Raildex 2 months ago
I wonder how solemnity will interact with battles. Are battles a separate archetype that will count for delirium?
Weegee Linguini
Weegee Linguini 2 months ago
Solemnity doesn't say battles. Delirium will see battle since it's a card type
Case 2_0
Case 2_0 2 months ago
They also specifically leave out Walkers
R Month ago
i love this kind of presentation
Saltberry 2 months ago
One art card for Quintorious this time around, please!
Matthew Harbour
Matthew Harbour 2 months ago
I only wish that story wise, they stretched out the invasion to 2 parts/sets. Seems kinda silly how they keep saying “the invasion begins” when we already know it ended and who won Either that, or a mini set for all the side stories of the phyrexian invasion released first, then the main set where the invasion’s climax concludes released a few months later
Wolflion_37 2 months ago
Can't wait to watch this, this set seems so fun and interesting!
Shadow Archer
Shadow Archer 2 months ago
I can’t wait to make a new Phyrexia deck
Matt Macor
Matt Macor 2 months ago
MtG sets used to come in blocks of three, giving plenty of time to absorb, appreciate, and digest the story. Now, we are lucky to get two consecutive sets that follow a common story - and this current story, with the AMAZING buildup in ONE, feels like such an anticlimax for an enemy that has dotted magic's history for more than 25 years. I liked the characters that got compleated, but they should have stayed dead or gone. It's tragic, but makes the story more impactful for the heroes to experience the losses proportional to the biggest, baddest villains MTG has ever seen.
Pedro Larez
Pedro Larez 2 months ago
This is one of the best sets yet!
Myojin of Night's Reach
It isn't out yet..
grim triX
grim triX 2 months ago
I like that even if/when the Phyrexians lose, we will still have no way of knowing how many worlds they reached... and how many new new Phyrexias may now be out there. and is everyone just going to glide past the fact that they went to the Homelands!? That is kind of a big deal there!
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 2 months ago
@Joey Joe Joe You're fucking kidding me? They seriously pulled that shit?
grim triX
grim triX 2 months ago
@Joey Joe Joe aww... weak... but that cant be true for all Phyrexians, right? Maybe just the white aligned ones? We could always just throw in something about Gitaxian setting up some contingency plans on other worlds, right?
Varsoon HKS
Varsoon HKS 2 months ago
@grim triX New Phyrexia gets swapped with Zhalifir in the multiverse so it's cut off from everything. That all said, yes, there's still tons of oil now across many many planes so someone could always do something with it. If only there were some kind of evil Esper planeswalker just running around unaccounted for, hm.....
Esoteric Anonism
Esoteric Anonism 2 months ago
@Tony Smith the story is really bad. Makes War of Spark look good by comparison.
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox 2 months ago
Are battles nonland permanents? or is it only affected by things like 'any target'?
Jacob Pamplin
Jacob Pamplin 2 months ago
Well they are permanents, and they are not lands, so yeah.
Tharen Gore
Tharen Gore 2 months ago
I want a clean image of Norn and Elspeth doing the stare down as a background drop.
DeathMarked TV
DeathMarked TV 2 months ago
Seems like War of Spark feels but with Phyrexians as the villains.
autobotjazz1972 2 months ago
I want the art on mirrodin avenged as a playmat.
I want to art of ajani
VIOLETTO 2 months ago
seems like a solid card and really i just want to keep seeing that art of karn holding norn's head over and over
Von 2 months ago
What incentive do other opponents have to attack a battle? If only the casting player reaps the benefit?
Grimmjow Jaggerjack
Grimmjow Jaggerjack 2 months ago
Que buena exp de commander
Herui 2 months ago
The cinematic was absolutely amazing. Please, we need a movie or a series like it.
Володимир Майко
this looks rad! And i know that everyone is tired of Phyrexia - but it would be cool to see some clues left that Yawgmoth is still out there. maybe we can come back to him in 10 years or so, as it was with new Phyrexia
Daniel Vesga Martin
Daniel Vesga Martin 2 months ago
So hyped about this
IzakayaBomber 2 months ago
ixilan is involved i crave Huatli's return!
Tactical Phantom
Tactical Phantom 2 months ago
Battles are confusing but seem cool af
MarineS0n2 2 months ago
It's a planeswalker you give to someone and then "liberate" by beating the shit out of them
Tactical Phantom
Tactical Phantom 2 months ago
@MarineS0n2 seems reasonable enough
raymond letourneau
raymond letourneau 2 months ago
The two cards at the end: "Two point Saber combo"
Khris 2 months ago
The story (at least the main story articles) were kind of a mixed bag for me. I mostly really liked the first eight articles. It was all extremely tense, building up really well to Wrenn summoning Zhalfir - And then, uh. The rest happens? I guess? They kinda just gloss over that part
Myojin of Night's Reach
WotC has been terrible at story since a couple of years back
Henry Zelman
Henry Zelman 2 months ago
@Myojin of Night's Reach I haven't actually read the stories for most sets or anything but the buildup to the payoffs seem alright... its just the execution that's awful. Like slowly introducing all the components of Bolas' plan over the years and having one phyrexian per set (from Kaldheim to Dominaria United (I guess Brother's War technically had Gix)) was done well, but both endings were just garbage. Especially this one imo.
ChubbyDino 2 months ago
​@Myojin of Night's Reach I really wish they did a block for this event. Like 3 sets. 2 of which could have been focused on the beginning of the event amount different planes. The last one could have been the magnum opus of the event
Esoteric Anonism
Esoteric Anonism 2 months ago
Some people had really low expectations to the story. What Wotc did? They turned it reality. Absolutely awful in so many levels.
Dana Bell
Dana Bell 2 months ago
Battles feel a bit too gimmicky to me outside Commander but the rest looks really good :)
Danny Beane
Danny Beane 2 months ago
Considering most of the flip-sides are bombs; it might be worth it in limited. That being said, I think removal, above everything, is a necessity.
MetalHev 2 months ago
They're pretty much sorceries but better in every way. As far as we've seen, they're all on rate for the sorceries they copy.
Danny Beane
Danny Beane 2 months ago
@MetalHev ...I'm call them more a cross between Planeswalkers and enchantment/sorceries.
MetalHev 2 months ago
@Dana Bell the whole point is that they do something when they etb. If the front side is bad by itself, the card is pretty much unplayable.
Jesús Canché
Jesús Canché 2 months ago
We have new art for some Showcase like a Niv Mizzet and Kolaghan maybe... Will we be back soon to their planes?
Lucas 2 months ago
Glad zetalpa has yet to be completed. Not many other creatures can stand up to elesh norn and the other praetors.
GNUzilla 2 months ago
Seeing the multiverse being invaded is so HYPE! UNLEASH BOLAS
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime 2 months ago
Here we go! I'm pumped
MaseMagic 2 months ago
nerding out like crazy on these images of war across the multiverse planes!
Darklaw 2 months ago
Everytime I see onmath.... I am worried but not for the multiverse
Speedysloth 2 months ago
Im so sad that Urubrask is gone! He better get some sort of recognition for his coolness
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson 2 months ago
I'm not sure if he's gone. Just "repurposed". Considering what happens in the rest of the story, I hope he gets to carry the torch of Phyrexia in some shape or form, or maybe even give his power to Atraxa.
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 2 months ago
​@Justin Andersonatraxa got part of a city dropped on her and died
Maruf Awal
Maruf Awal 2 months ago
This set has the best artwork overall gj wizards
Chase Stevenson
Chase Stevenson 2 months ago
Cool looking set
Remember to Breathe
Remember to Breathe 2 months ago
0:53 "...what remained of Urabrask heard Elesh Norn say, 'Leave the traitor be.'" Oooh, that clapback was 12 years in the making.
Malik Ware
Malik Ware 2 months ago
Maybe I'm missing something but is there a reason to attack someone else's battle card? Do you get anything?
The Real Deal Collin Beal
Same reason you would pump an opponent's creature in Commander. Politics and threat assessment
Malik Ware
Malik Ware 2 months ago
@The Real Deal Collin Beal makes sense, thanks
Alex Lin
Alex Lin 2 months ago
That trailer was gorgeous.
Monochrome 2 months ago
Was really hoping they'd free Emrakul from the moon, guess we'll have to see.
Bee Lor
Bee Lor 2 months ago
Wotc: phyrexia invades and will destroy everything! What we really get: phyrexia invades and are stopped by randos on the streets. No one dies, only phyrxians.
Bee Lor
Bee Lor 2 months ago
Oh compleat means nothing. Hooray uncompleat!
Varsoon HKS
Varsoon HKS 2 months ago
Well, Lukka dies. Wrenn dies. Karn gives up Venser's spark. Atraxa dies. Tibalt died last set. Tamiyo becomes a force-ghost. Meliria dies. Nahiri is buried under a bunch of rocks on Zendikar. All the praetors die. Millions across several planes die. Vraska and Jace are still both MIA and dealing with the fallout of phyresis/compleation. It beats War of the Spark, but, yes, I was hoping that this would be the end of one of the Lorwyn 5 (or even at least Nissa). Not quite the reset button I was hoping for, but let's be honest--the first time that Phyrexia invaded they were beaten because Urza shot Yawgmoth with a big laser beam. Teferi and Wrenn pulling a temporal inversion and Koth, Karn, and Elspeth kill and unmake Norn is absolutely a more satisfying conclusion, though the whole 'all the phyrexians shut off like robots and the oil is now useless!' aspect of it does feel like a cop-out. At least we're getting an aftermath set.
Varsoon HKS
Varsoon HKS 2 months ago
@Laurent Robitaille It's the getting there that's interesting. Besides, maybe she won't and the image is literally just there to deceive you. Folks are quick to deride WotC for presenting plots too much like Marvel and this is a fairly common strategy they employ in their trailers.
Esoteric Anonism
Esoteric Anonism 2 months ago
The MtG story in recent years is just a bad copy of MCU. Awful.
Ted Choss
Ted Choss 2 months ago
Man, this is DOPE
NexusRoy 2 months ago
Etali looks SICK
Legion Commander
im interested in reading the lore/story of MTG. is there a book or link anyone? thanks
Professor Dragonite
Professor Dragonite 2 months ago
New term unlocked. First we had "Bolt the Bird". Now we have "Bolt the Battle".
Sornram Kitpothiyan
Sornram Kitpothiyan 2 months ago
I’m a new player. I have a question, how am I supposed to know which coming set can be used in standard mode ?
Magic: The Gathering
We have a list of Standard-legal sets on our website, along with more information! magic.wizards.com/en/formats/standard
eclipsemeadow 2 months ago
Elesh Norn: i am invincible! My legion will conquers all! Me, holding onto a Desire Driver: you might wanna say that again, otherworldly ceramic lady. I will show you the climax of the highlight to this invasion.
Ry7hym 2 months ago
Chandra meeting Nissa breaks my heart😭
ultramarine52 2 months ago
This is some unreal power creep.
gallant duke
gallant duke 2 months ago
I really hope we get a new Karn legendary creature! 😭
Darksora 2 months ago
But he's a planeswalker...
gallant duke
gallant duke 2 months ago
@Darksora you gotta read the story my dude.
stratavos' stuff
stratavos' stuff 2 months ago
@Darksora not anymore. the story explains it.
DrSheriff 2 months ago
Cant believe they printed a new zilortha before making a paper Version of the first ine
Friedensp4nzer 2 months ago
Ah, that explains it. I thought it was a new character.
Deibi Tarter
Deibi Tarter 2 months ago
Insane art brooooo!
Pazdan Imonyl
Pazdan Imonyl 2 months ago
What if Eldrazi invade Phyrexia?
Myojin of Night's Reach
How does it make sense for Melira to die for Ajani... of all Phyrexianized characters!? It's not like Ajani is useful.. Better to fix Tamiyo that probably has some Eldrazi storytelling to do. Also, Phyrexians just failing for no good reason has got to be one of the WORST stories Wizards could write.. but anything they've made has been terrible anyway.
N'Zeezoo Stupid III
N'Zeezoo Stupid III 2 months ago
Its anticlimactic really. The killer of planes, the completer of planeswalkers, dies to one sword swipe. From an angle nevertheless (if you know some lore, angles and demons cant be planeswalkers, but here we are). Love the set and phyrexians, just don't love the execution of a possible godly story and set(s).
Lord Marchutan
Lord Marchutan 2 months ago
Tamiyo was already dead and ajani was kinda there i guess xd
Lord Boomacroom
Lord Boomacroom 2 months ago
Holding the fort* It's not going to float away
Hammy the Squirrel
Hammy the Squirrel 2 months ago
So dose the flipped battle go on your side?
Vika Fry
Vika Fry 2 months ago
The set looks great, just wish the story wasn't so rushed and underwhelming.
Griefer 2 months ago
Imagine if Avacyn came instead, she'd fking drop Elesh....lol but Even so Elesh is fking dope!
Zwei of Pembroke
Zwei of Pembroke 2 months ago
Melira really be out here paying the highest price to free Ajani. My commander and my planeswalker.
Varsoon HKS
Varsoon HKS 2 months ago
People are crying about how phyresis and compleation could be reversed and it's like Yeah, by the only person in the multiverse naturally immune to it, who dies immediately after curing it in two people, and also by The most powerful time wizard in the multiverse Another planeswalker giving up their spark Kind of a high cost, especially given there could have been way easier cop-outs with Halo.
Shadow 2 months ago
you can counter the back fases of battles right?
Davenvideosxd 2 months ago
so hyped, ill edit this comment later edit: IT WAS GOOD, but short, granny sengir is back baby!!!!! i also liked the trailer
AM 2 months ago
I don't really understand the flavour of battles. You play them by choosing someone else, which means you're attacking, which would supposedly make you the phyrexians for most of them (like Ikoria). So why are the big transformed rewards the defending parties?
lberghaus 2 months ago
Yeah, it should be some kind of reward for the attacking forces.
ObsidianKnight90 2 months ago
My immediate reactions, in order, (1) This looks really cool and fun, (2) I'm worried WotC wants to push sales with power creep because the set looks crazy strong, (3) Battle cards should be portrait-oriented, not landscape, good luck reading the card in your hand without revealing to your opponent you're holding a Battle, (4) I'm concerned that this set won't be fun for draft and/or sealed because the big, splashy cards look crazy good and if the commons and uncommons suck, it might come down to who gets lucky instead of drafting and deckbuilding skill.
Jacob D
Jacob D 2 months ago
"Phyrexia's largest goliaths (minus Blightsteel Colossus) stormed Ikoria. Zilortha was unimpressed." There, I fixed that flavor text. Also, Disney's lawyers are typing furiously after seeing the art for Invasion of New Phyrexia
Dargkkast 2 months ago
And so are DC's lawyers, Elspeth is literally Wonder Woman.
Callme Dio
Callme Dio 2 months ago
@Dargkkast nah. She's more like Hawkgirl than Wonder Woman
The Dice Have Spoken
Lol yeah the armored rhino was probably a poor decision. Otherwise it could definitely be pure coincidence.
Esoteric Anonism
Esoteric Anonism 2 months ago
MtG should stop emulating MCU.
Esoteric Anonism
Esoteric Anonism 2 months ago
@Dargkkast Netflix She-Ra
Ed Esco
Ed Esco 2 months ago
Marchesa is like, "I am keeping my Throne, you lowly peasant constructs".
Broly LSSJ
Broly LSSJ Month ago
No one gonna talk about the Kozilek looking Eldrazi in 9:54 ??????
TC's Magic Box
TC's Magic Box 2 months ago
The mechanic is cool, but the concept of the battle cards doesn't seem to be flushed out. I think they could've went one of two ways: 1. You pay the mana cost to initiate a "battle" with target opponent. If you can get pass your opponent and break through its defense counters, you win the battle and get the flip side as reward. 2. Instead of calling the new permanent a "battle", they could''ve called it an "incubator", like the new incubate mechanic. This way, it makes sense that you can attack it and deal damange to it.
Tripp T
Tripp T 2 months ago
is that kozilek in the stasis field art? at 9:57
DangerousHydra 2 months ago
no that's omanth from the looks of it
Kennedy Nguyen
Kennedy Nguyen 2 months ago
@DangerousHydra I can see where your coming from but I thought omnath went five color and it looks nothing like that.
Tripp T
Tripp T 2 months ago
@DangerousHydra def not omnath lmao
Kim Lin
Kim Lin 2 months ago
Oh interesting, so they've swapped the prerelease and online release, is it because limited was solved to quickly? Nevertheless, good hype video.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 2 months ago
NO! How is Phyrexia gonna be dead? I guess there are some remnants, but they are my fav villian.
Andres Perez
Andres Perez 2 months ago
I want that boon card 😰😞😛
King Nate
King Nate 2 months ago
Mcthommes 2 months ago
Song @3:00 : Quite Unique - Tigerblood Jewel
Monfinna 2 months ago
The Etali card is insane 💀