Neymar made that look TOO EASY 🔥 

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Neymar made that look TOO EASY 🔥
(via @Luciano Huck) #ESPNFC #shorts
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Nov 16, 2022




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Comments : 7 820   
Rizzler 6 months ago
Other teams: Brazil is probably having a tough training session. Brazil:
ete god
ete god 5 months ago
Its a reality show..
Dom 5 months ago
They don't laugh anymore 🤣🤣🤣🤣
XURUPIRA GATO 5 months ago
​@Domuns 40% dos brasileiros estão rindo e zoando nossa seleção isso que eu não entendo uma parte da nossa torcida ser contra
John Wick
John Wick 5 months ago
Ronaldinho could control the drone 😭
ThenslideThen 2 months ago
Omg bro😂😂😂what a comment 😂😂😂
Infinityplusone 2 months ago
Even I could do that
Musa 2 months ago
Neymar and Dinho best skillers out there
Julius 2 months ago
​@Infinityplusone thats why you are a pro football player?
Infinityplusone 2 months ago
@Julius i said i could control a drone tho
NrxZy7 5 months ago
I’m convinced that Brazil know the true meaning of football, Having fun
double G
double G 2 months ago
Yes, Germany helped with that in 2014
PRIYANSHU PANJA 2 months ago
​@double G without neymar.. Now germany looses to japan😢😢
Nimbo 2 months ago
​@PRIYANSHU PANJA brazil will still lose that game because germany was at their prime form in that 2014 world cup.
PRIYANSHU PANJA 2 months ago
@Nimbo ooh
Emily E.
Emily E. 6 months ago
I’m now convinced this is how the national Brazilian soccer team spends their time.
vicro 6 months ago
Playing and hanging around with other famous Brazilian people? Yeah, pretty much lol
Chadi 6 months ago
Football not soccer
UEFA champions league 3420
O que é soccer?
M.F.J.C 6 months ago
You're right, but it's "Football" not "soccer"
vicro 6 months ago
@UEFA champions league 3420 jeito dos americanos de dizer futebol, pq eles já tem um joguinho idiota deles com o nome (futebol americano). Coisa de retar**do honestamente, eles nem jogam com o pé. Deviam chamar de rugby americano KKKKKKK
Heraj R
Heraj R 5 months ago
Neymar be like: "Tell me your Brazillian without telling me your Brazillian"
sabeeh ff
sabeeh ff 4 months ago
خلدون ساطع ابو محمد حسن الدجيلي
I think that the video will be better without music !
Man Down
Man Down 2 months ago
​@Kinhos your calling someone "L" because they prefer a video without music?😂
Man Down
Man Down 2 months ago
​@Kinhos get a life dude
Kendrick Lenox
Kendrick Lenox 3 months ago
Neymar's ball control is out of this world
Salih Agirman
Salih Agirman Month ago
Bnkxx Zaah
Bnkxx Zaah Month ago
Ozil, di Maria
SUKIITA Month ago
🤓:No, *(Insert random player here)* is better cuz-
Ronaldinho better. He teached neymar to do some useful tricks against defenders and also taught messi how to outdribble Sergio ramos
IamNotLost 6 months ago
Girlfriend: He's probably cheating on me rn Meanwhile the boys:
DJ MENOR VEX 5 months ago
Melhor comentário
LEVI GOMES 5 months ago
Acharich Speaks
Acharich Speaks 5 months ago
Bidhya Shrestha
Bidhya Shrestha 3 months ago
Neymar- The Prince who never got the crown.
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan 29 days ago
My fav....❤
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 27 days ago
​@Harsh Vardhan nope...The king who never got the crown...
Onyeka Nelson
Onyeka Nelson 25 days ago
if he's truly a king..he'd have a crown
Jnyanankur Saloi
Jnyanankur Saloi 14 days ago
the prince who never became king
ABSigma 12 days ago
Because the king was already there.. 😊
IGSP 14 days ago
Antony couldn’t even touch it 😂
Nwankwo okore Damian
Njr fam 😂 Man was born with a football 😂🔥🔥
Football is Love
Football is Love 6 months ago
GaviMax10 6 months ago
​@Football is Love three... Coz every guy has two...
Primzy7 6 months ago
@GaviMax10 😂😂😂😂😭😭
barcahehehe 6 months ago
​@GaviMax10 holy mother of potatoes 🤣🤣
Emmanuel Chigozie
Emmanuel Chigozie 6 months ago
​@GaviMax10 I saw what you did there😅🤣
Michael's Football Analysis
He learnt from the GOAT HIMSELF😂
Humayrah Hendricks
Humayrah Hendricks 4 months ago
If only Marcelo was there💀💀💀
James Ruga
James Ruga 6 months ago
This is actually how every football match should start
Rpgi Xhdh
Rpgi Xhdh 6 months ago
Wind Enters the Chat.
Yoishi Kakatshihe
Yoishi Kakatshihe 6 months ago
Galatick Football
Seven Green Grains
Seven Green Grains 6 months ago
you mean every dead ball moment?
Rijal Jalz
Rijal Jalz 6 months ago
@Seven Green Grains no, only in the kick off.
Seven Green Grains
Seven Green Grains 6 months ago
@Rijal Jalz no sense made. kickoff is just another dead ball situation
Msr Mixz Media
Msr Mixz Media 5 months ago
Neymar God of skill King🔥❤️
Cactus Shaq
Cactus Shaq Month ago
Nah, he'll always he the Demi-God. Ronaldinho will always be the god.
@Cactus Shaq Pele
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 7 days ago
Souvik Sinha
Souvik Sinha Month ago
Richarlison's second attempt was the smoothest of them all
rohit 6 months ago
The most technically gifted player of our generation
blitz blix
blitz blix 6 months ago
Kinda true
LarryyLobsterr 6 months ago
Prime hazard and I’m an Arsenal fan
ray herrera
ray herrera 6 months ago
ray herrera
ray herrera 6 months ago
@LarryyLobsterr nah lmao nah nah
LarryyLobsterr 6 months ago
@ray herrera you just don’t know ball. Sorry mate
Musa 2 months ago
That’s why he’s one of the greatest to ever play in the sport
Antony: failed* His teammates: LMFAO Antony: Keeps looking the sky searching the ball*
Vas happenin:)
Vas happenin:) 4 months ago
Hip Hop News Daily
Hip Hop News Daily 4 months ago
That boy is the most overrated player in Brazil
The Rizzler
The Rizzler 4 months ago
​@Hip Hop News Daily bro what you mean overrated he's fairly rated
Leftnutisblue 3 months ago
@The Rizzlerhe’s got no pace
FIKRI 3 months ago
Nana Danso
Nana Danso 4 months ago
Neymar can never go wrong with technique
SHIkULU KEVIN 17 days ago
Antony is wondering why the ball has to come from heaven for him to control.
SPINE BREAKER YT 6 months ago
Antony was like where did freakin ball go??!!😂😂
Dionysius Cooper
Dionysius Cooper 6 months ago
SpideyV 5 months ago
And ManU paid 100M euros for him.
Nick 11
Nick 11 5 months ago
​@SpideyVyou can't judge a player's worth over a silly game/challenge. Man utd always overpays xD, but you need to see him on the pitch to understand how good he is
LEVI GOMES 5 months ago
Nivo Tibbie
Nivo Tibbie 5 months ago
Talented Neymar 😌
Errente 23 days ago
Richarlison's control was surprisingly good
TheSpotBlogs 6 months ago
This Brazil team is full of talented attackers and they would all say Neymar jr is their idol 🔥
Emmanuel Uwaifo
Emmanuel Uwaifo 6 months ago
Some of them are overrated.
Gaurav Vashist
Gaurav Vashist 6 months ago
They say Cristiano is their role model. Vini, Antony, richarlison, Rodrigo, and many a times the prince himself.
ME USA 6 months ago
Mine too
Exodus gaming
Exodus gaming 6 months ago
​@Emmanuel Uwaifo no they're not
Dova 6 months ago
@Gaurav Vashist Brazilians have a close relationship with the Portuguese in history
Miskat Hossain
Miskat Hossain 26 days ago
Neymi's class baby❤
SUJIT YADAV 4 months ago
Legend always remains legend no matter what the age is so is Neymar 🍁🐆🇧🇷
Mario Fernando
Mario Fernando 6 months ago
Imagine Anthony controlled the ball and start doing his 360 spin lmaoo it would have gone viral
Rahul Upadhyay
Rahul Upadhyay 6 months ago
Ya keep imagining
Aarohi Kumar
Aarohi Kumar 6 months ago
​@Samuel R. Jonassen soccer ☕
Ajani Tummings
Ajani Tummings 6 months ago
NJ 430
NJ 430 6 months ago
​@Aarohi Kumar Cricket 😃
Samuel R. Jonassen
Samuel R. Jonassen 6 months ago
@Aarohi Kumar For us it's football only, go use this meme template on another comment...kidd
Kozi 8 days ago
That's my Goat 🐐😍
Kelvin Mushinge
Kelvin Mushinge Month ago
Ain't gonna lie, that second attempt from Richarlison was quite immaculate. Props to Neymar Jr for landing it on first attempt, King of First Touches for sure!
Coach Roy
Coach Roy 6 months ago
Anthony is like “yeah we got a world cup to go to Im not letting that hit me” 🤣
watchuu3 6 months ago
😂 He is still circling
JUZER KAPADIA 6 months ago
And now he is injured
L Marconi
L Marconi Month ago
Ese balón cae aproximadamente entré 40 - 50 km/h. Todo un reto técnico para hacer esa recepción. Un crack Neymar Jr.
He is the goat 🐐 ❤
Alarik Aguilar
Alarik Aguilar 6 months ago
Marcelo’s touch would take them all to school.
Prod. Astro
Prod. Astro 6 months ago
For sure!👌
Valentine 6 months ago
For real man, his controls are sick?
Panagiwths Rmc
Panagiwths Rmc 6 months ago
Maybe some years earlier, go watch a match of Olympiakos now.. he's aged sadly
Felipe Dias
Felipe Dias 6 months ago
Ronaldinho would take Marcelo to school
Billoh Jalloh
Billoh Jalloh 6 months ago
leader leading from the front 🔥
Reba Das
Reba Das Month ago
Goat for a reason
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 6 months ago
I can't help but admire the way the Brazilians play around with their sessions
sarev 6 months ago
Aedo Brandão
Aedo Brandão 6 months ago
Isso é comum até nas nossas ruas
ЮРИЙ 6 months ago
Bah guri Bah
Bah guri Bah 6 months ago
Em sua house onde eu sleep?
Alvarou PrZ
Alvarou PrZ 6 months ago
Y yo no puedo evitarte
SEWEY 4 months ago
Old Marcelo and ronaldinho laughing at the corner💔
messi Month ago
imagine Ronaldinho was there he would be laughing at everyone 😂
CvD 5 months ago
He's just insanely talented isn't he. I'd be the best footballer in my country if I had the talent he has in his weak foot
Kade Frost
Kade Frost 5 months ago
Vatican City??
LEVI GOMES 5 months ago
Kade Frost
Kade Frost 5 months ago
@Blackpink in your Area Im talking about this guy saying he'd be the best footballer in his country
Adler Mesquita Orteney
He doesn't have a weak foot 😉
Adude INA hood
Adude INA hood Month ago
True legend Neymar
Darlington Emmanuel
Darlington Emmanuel 6 months ago
I can’t imagine Lukaku doing this, the ball goes back to sky
Jayo 6 months ago
You hate on lukaku but he’s one of the best strikers he did wel at every club in the premier league besides chelsea because of tuchel
Darlington Emmanuel
Darlington Emmanuel 6 months ago
@Jayo and im a chelsea fan,I don’t hate him it’s just a troll , if he’s in this current world team I believe he’d help with goals cos let’s get it right it’s not like we are actually playing better football without him which some chelsea fans thought,, he was out top scorer in a season he’s flopped, aubameyang can’t even lace his shoes, his hold up player is very good aubameyang can never hold the ball up front without losing it,, it’s hard to admit but I think chelsea missed his goals especially early part of last season before the so called interview
Kamogelo Kamo
Kamogelo Kamo 6 months ago
Tell All
Tell All 6 months ago
@Jayo cmon, take a joke! that is funny!
Yamkela Ngcuka
Yamkela Ngcuka 6 months ago
Kushan Yadav
Kushan Yadav 2 months ago
That's why he is the 3rd G.O.A.T
Mahi Month ago
:O Month ago
Cole Month ago
2nd behind Messi
yudueu Month ago
​@Cole you messi fans are so delusional 😂😂
Cole Month ago
@yudueu I'm not it's true
Encik Khairan
Encik Khairan 3 months ago
Nala 5 months ago
Man I love Brazil team, the chemistry and energy are unmatched. 🇲🇦💛🇧🇷
Willians Silva Oficial
agradecemos o elogio 🙏🏾 // We appreciate the compliment 🙏🏾
jhony anderson
jhony anderson 5 months ago
Thanks 💚💛🤙
Zia Ul Haq Hamidi
Zia Ul Haq Hamidi 5 months ago
​@Willians Silva Oficial was Brazil arrogant vs Croatia?
Paulinho gamer
Paulinho gamer 5 months ago
MisterJ 2 months ago
they have so much fun as a team, laughing at each other and celebrating togehter, very nice to see
ぶりぶりなred eye
Praveen Rawat
Praveen Rawat 6 months ago
This mans first touch are insane
iys_dzzz 6 months ago
0 comments ? I’ll change that
dimitrilappas 6 months ago
You should see Diego Maradona’s warming before a match
Bir Tse
Bir Tse 4 months ago
he is so fantastic
Vinayak V
Vinayak V 2 months ago
That's ma man there ❤ njr 😎
Bhavesh gudlani
Bhavesh gudlani 6 months ago
Seeing their way of practice.. No wonder why they are so magical🔥🔥
Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides 6 months ago
Actually it was for TV show, but they are great, anyway
Saibot 6 months ago
They learned to play football at the streets and beach
Cararararam 6 months ago
brazillian is just different
Matheus Carvalho
Matheus Carvalho 6 months ago
Porque aqui no brasil a gente é feito pra jogar bola e nada mais,pense no futebol para o brasil o que a guerra era para os Espartanos;this is the best answer i can give for you
Barboza 6 months ago
​@Matheus Carvalho mim não pensar em nada além de futebol, uga uga
el rumi
el rumi 15 days ago
Bro, Brazil has such a full star squad. I wish the Indonesian team would reach that level in the future. Love from 🇮🇩
ja et GR
ja et GR Month ago
i love Neymars spirit, always happy and smiling
Nathaniel Mariduena
Nathaniel Mariduena 6 months ago
Antony is hilarious 🤣🤣❤️
99R3ALfinal 6 months ago
Antony so funny
Rahul Upadhyay
Rahul Upadhyay 6 months ago
Ya funny like 🤡
roheee8 6 months ago
He did nothing funny in the video?
王hui 6 months ago
@Rahul Upadhyay you are truly 🤡
Moyosore 6 months ago
Yaia Alskks
Yaia Alskks Month ago
Neymar made it look easier for his teammates and it was smooth
Alexandro Diaz
Alexandro Diaz 2 months ago
That's my guy right there!
confia 6 months ago
Ronaldinho watching this video: AMATEURS🍷🗿
Lu Tenório
Lu Tenório 6 months ago
Kkkkk boa 😂
ninguém 6 months ago
bem isso meu jovem
Nicolas Oliveira
Nicolas Oliveira 6 months ago
Vídeo de aquecimento do Barça no tempo do R10 era uma coisa linda de se ver.
Húššein Măhmôúď
so true .. 😹😹😹😹
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 6 months ago
Maybe with the drink I believe that
Khaled Merzouk
Khaled Merzouk 4 months ago
He knew he had to control the ball while lowering his leg at the same time to absorb the shock, it's not always about talent but about how smart you are 🤔
Nikhil Telang
Nikhil Telang Month ago
Legend for a reason…njr
Dls Street
Dls Street 6 months ago
I can't help but admire the way the Brazilians play around with their sessions Edit: Wow 2k likes!!! thanks for the likes g's
ASTÉRAS M.E. 6 months ago
That’s why they deliver on the pitch, the have freedom of expression.
Pankaj Khilar
Pankaj Khilar 6 months ago
they just enjoy football
Lucas Sarabia
Lucas Sarabia 6 months ago
​@ASTÉRAS M.E. só no futebol
Leandrometfan 6 months ago
@Lucas SarabiaHAHAHA Chora mais!
Marcio Mesquita Ferreira Faria
​@Lucas Sarabia uma das unicas coisas boas daqui e tu menosprezando, daora '-'
Pravesh tiwari
Pravesh tiwari Month ago
legend always be legend🔥🔥
Hamziya Ibirahim
Hamziya Ibirahim 4 months ago
Bro Brazil is such an amazing team overall and they have so much energy
Ayush Rai
Ayush Rai 6 months ago
EdcoTV 6 months ago
joshua theophilus
Neymar's first touch and ball control are outstanding
Drifting 138
Drifting 138 Month ago
Neymar is the type of guy to when I say wow before he touches it
GAMAUGI 6 months ago
I am Korean. When the Brazilian national team came to Korea for the A match, I became a huge fan. My brother, Nemaru♥︎
تعز  الثقافة
وانا يمني احبكم يا أهل كوريا
Escola para Gamers
Escola para Gamers 6 months ago
obrigado amigo, boa sorte para a Korean
Mário Benvenuti
Mário Benvenuti 6 months ago
Good luck now! The batlle is starting!
pOK 6 months ago
today was though to you so, great korean cup, best luck next cup
GAMAUGI 6 months ago
Although we faced the world's best Brazil in the round of 16 and lost, we are satisfied with that as long as everyone finishes well without injury. After all, Brazil was Brazil!! Hahaha 우리형 네이마루♥︎
Hamza ProGamer
Hamza ProGamer 2 months ago
Now I understand why Brazil is the country who has the most skilled player and they can control ball too easy❤
Jaquiski Tartt
Jaquiski Tartt 2 months ago
So much talent on this team
Jamie_526 5 months ago
I wonder how Ronaldhino would have handled that in his prime years. His touches were insane
Ondřej Tureček
Ondřej Tureček 5 months ago
He would dead stop it with the lips.
scmn_ 5 months ago
​@Ondřej TurečekI can really imagine it, lol
Alvaro Higino
Alvaro Higino 5 months ago
Yeah, he had the best finesse in football history.
Fidel Tshivhasa
Fidel Tshivhasa 5 months ago
Funny because he still can
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 5 months ago
Jasonhart 4 months ago
That's why I love Neymar
Mau Vázquez
Mau Vázquez Month ago
Recuerden Neymar ha sido el último talento puro brasileño.
Vihan Sutaria
Vihan Sutaria 5 months ago
No player as talented as neymar
Hip Hop News Daily
Hip Hop News Daily 4 months ago
Vinicius has more talent
Sayed Hadi
Sayed Hadi 2 months ago
@Hip Hop News Daily 😂😂😂
Itsme Super
Itsme Super 2 months ago
@Hip Hop News Daily XD. He has immense talent but not more
Diamondation 2 months ago
@Sayed Hadi lol
Mlemcat 2 months ago
​@Hip Hop News Daily 😂
First Optional
First Optional 15 days ago
There is an emperor amongst the kings.
ZenXY2_ 16 days ago
His touch is amazing
Pensamento Universal
Ronaldinho dominando bola solta à 3 Quilômetros de altura: 🗿🍷
redcity 6 months ago
urra kkkkkk
Paulo Andrew
Paulo Andrew 6 months ago
zZxbrotherxZz 6 months ago
Mano, pelo que eu vi de outros comentários nesse mesmo vídeo, porém eu vi no facebook. O pessoal falou que o Ronaldinho participo desse desafio e não conseguiu, então Neymar é zika 🗿🍷
Deny Oliver
Deny Oliver 6 months ago
Kkkkkkkk 😂 😂 😂
dova 6 months ago
Why clicking “Translate to English” transforms the emojis to the Brazil flag emoji??
Unique Guy
Unique Guy 5 months ago
a química entre eles é pura beleza
Angel Tamang
Angel Tamang 5 months ago
Incredible Ball Control
JTechAnalytics 6 months ago
A cara do Neymar tipo: "Essa eu n vou perder nem a pau, tô jogando é sério." 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dito feito.
Fabio Gutierres
Fabio Gutierres 6 months ago
Tomara que jogue todos os demais jogos da copa a sério e com vontade, pois ele sabe muito, está faltando vontade e garra
Flux Trem
Flux Trem 6 months ago
Os gringos estão xonados no menino ney kkkkk
♾️Jonaldo♾️ 6 months ago
​@Flux Trem kkkkk vdd kkkkk
Padoru 6 months ago
​@Fabio Gutierres 4-2, faz o L
Bartira Eliana Guimarães Dias
agora atualiza o teu comentário já pode o Petkovic deixa 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anonymous 2 months ago
Antony be like still looking at the sky for the ball🤣🤣
stem Month ago
marvellous fr
Efo Danyo GH
Efo Danyo GH 6 months ago
A touch by Ronaldinho will put us all to sleep like babies 😍
Uche Martins
Uche Martins 6 months ago
Exectly my brother,nobody like him
Mo 2k
Mo 2k 6 months ago
@Uche Martins a touch by Thierry Henry would put us to sleep
Kaghoto Jakhalu
Kaghoto Jakhalu 6 months ago
@Mo 2k who tf is he?
Rio Parulian Tampubolon
​@Kaghoto Jakhalu mann u gotta be kidding
Samson Junior
Samson Junior 5 months ago
My idol my own goat ❤❤❤
Fernando W
Fernando W 5 months ago
Crack Ney!!
Vincent Jonathan
Vincent Jonathan 6 months ago
Not only he is a very talented football player, but also a good heart man.
Paulinho gamer
Paulinho gamer 5 months ago
🇧🇷 Thanks
Hip Hop News Daily
Hip Hop News Daily 4 months ago
He not even that good. He got pocketed the whole wc .vinicius is the one take Brazil to the Round of 16
Gg Month ago
I’m so glad they had so much fun! And all those dancing celebrations lmao only to once again fail with an early exit of the WC
Ben 20 days ago
How they should’ve chose the captain💀
efootball pes vickyjr
Father trying to teach there boys how to control🤙njr10 ❤️
Saikat Month ago
The best ball comtroler🙂
Futyball1629 Month ago
Neymar has so good ball control
liv jupiter
liv jupiter 6 months ago
love how they all got excited like they just did a goal
hitznalare 5 months ago
I love how someone on Antony turn after him missing went "sheeeeeesh"💀
Stanford Davis
Stanford Davis 4 months ago
That needed only one man....MARCELO!!
Rudebwoi 6 months ago
Richardson second attempt was smooth... too
D o n
D o n 6 months ago
ReyBee9 6 months ago
From 30m apparently
Larissa Barbosa
Larissa Barbosa 6 months ago
Richarlison did 30m.. Neymar did 35m
Angel Estrada
Angel Estrada 6 months ago
Bruh ney didnt touch the ground
MoneyMakinMitch 6 months ago
the dolphin noise for richardlison 😹😹😹
Sam Samm
Sam Samm Month ago
Neymar....last of the Brazilian magician!
That's why he was one of the best player in the world ❤
Nguyen Nam
Nguyen Nam 6 months ago
The day Neymar was born, he congratulated his mother
João Pedro h.4
João Pedro h.4 6 months ago
No, this is Ibrahimovic!
ѕσurαv 5 months ago
Thats our captain NJR ❤️❤️
John Wick
John Wick 5 months ago
Marquinhos ?
Deep Sagar
Deep Sagar 5 months ago
That's called the power of focus 🎯
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar 6 months ago
Well , Neymar Jr , that guy is phenomenal , few things didn't go his way but no one can deny the player he is
TWENTY10 6 months ago
I would be happy in his shoes and i think he is too. Great personality off the pitch and a joy to watch on the pitch. Everything else is just projections of others.
𐬽ミ★ 𝖱𝖺𝗇𝖽𝗈𝗆𝖵𝗂𝖽𝖾𝗈𝗌
I would die for neymar’s smile🥰