NY KNICKS: Can Jalen Brunson be a Chris Paul floor General for the Knicks

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Jalen Brunson brings a floor general that can control the offense, he is a great pick and roll player. his midrange jumpshot is elite. a decent 3 point shooter when shooting at a low attempts.


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Sep 18, 2022




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Comments 18
Joseph Ciolino
Joseph Ciolino Month ago
Love Brunson's game but the Knicks have too many guards and I really think we need to play the kids (McBride and Grimes).
M3RRIH3W13 2 months ago
I know you watched Jalen @ Nova. He is a leader that steps up to win the game. He's a winner, a winner-type. You know that he is working it out to get to the top. He is playing with his dad, the NJ State Champ at Camden, on the Knick bench that guides him to play right. I had no problem with paying Jalen, Dallas taught him how to be an NBA PG. The stats are good, Delusional, but he is all about winning and leading.
Delusional Knicks Fan Network
bring that winning mentality, I'm down
Luke C
Luke C 2 months ago
To me he’s more of a Kyle Lowery baller.
Knux91 2 months ago
I agree, jb is a beast
Donald DiMiceli
Donald DiMiceli 2 months ago
Brunson PG, RJ 2, Randal 3, Obi 4, Mitch 5 IQ is 6th man getting 30+min . Then Grimes 18-22, Rose 16, IHeart 16, and Sms 5-8. Only these 10 play unless injury or fouls Reddish, McBride basically insurance for that only. Fournie is a buy out - does not fit now. Bro hi pick n roll with Obi with RJ and Julius in both corners 1 on 1 or Mitch for lob dunk every possession. Obi cleaning up any misses. $$$$ We up pts per game at least 5 if not 7-8. With no Fornie wasting 30 minutes of 10ppg and swiss cheese D we can improve on already stingy top 10 106 pts PG against too!!! We winning 50 this year! OH - and sign Mellw for insurance at 4 where a little thin He'd certainly be better than Sims, and he replaces Fournies 3 game. Take some of Obi's minutes - could play 17-18 a night like Rose.
Donald DiMiceli
Donald DiMiceli 2 months ago
@Delusional Knicks Fan Network 1st sub IQ for Obi and RJ at 3 Randal at 4, Upping tempo and O firepower. I tink Randal is going to be a beast this year with no more double teams all night every night. And he's un guardable 1 v 1.
Delusional Knicks Fan Network
damn, you got it planed out lol
Alya Layne
Alya Layne 2 months ago
JB will average 20ppg 8 ast 3 rb
Joseph Ciolino
Joseph Ciolino Month ago
Grimes is the man.
Ty Ray
Ty Ray 2 months ago
20 & 6 on 50
Mr. SumDumGuy
Mr. SumDumGuy 2 months ago
Damn.. u comparing him to an aged CP3 I believe he can be more on the Marbury side depending on how he is used with the knicks
Tearz 2 months ago
nah d rose might be the floor general his iq is higher .. jalen is more raw but he is a general ..
Tearz 2 months ago
@Ty Ray its weird that people dont see what happens to the tam when he comes on the floor they move different he creates everytime and he never gives up
Ty Ray
Ty Ray 2 months ago
Rose our secret weapon chill 🤫
IamThaMaineEvent 2 months ago
Bro thought of mad other words AFTER he said thick lmaooo
Delusional Knicks Fan Network
facts lol
Ivory10 2 months ago
NO, JB will be starting the season as a starter for the first time in his entire career and has NEVER had his own team to run. Can't expect him to be comparable to one the greatest floor generals we've seen in this era. That's unfair to JB and an insult to CP.