One idea to joint pipes

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Sep 20, 2022




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Comments 11
Cullen Mills
Cullen Mills 4 days ago
Are you gonna finish the weld, or just tack it?
Ross Girven
Ross Girven Day ago
You gonna weld them up now or what? A good knock will break those tacks.
James Hardy
James Hardy 4 days ago
120 degrees off the drop side. Got it.
xches 4 days ago
I’m a welder. Nice job 🫡
Mohammad Daud
Mohammad Daud 2 days ago
@xches because I couldn't see the electrode, so i thought it might be a fusion process rather than welding...but the metal electrode was so fine and the heated metal felt like ejecting from the tip that it did not felt like the gas is actually used as a shield for the weld bead. (Nothing, just a curious mechanical engineer undergrad🤭)
xches 2 days ago
@Mohammad Daud GMAW, why? 🤔
Mohammad Daud
Mohammad Daud 2 days ago
What is this welding name?
Somar Kofani
Somar Kofani 4 days ago
А обязательно нужно закрашивать не нужную часть? Вдруг случайно перепутаешь, да?
Romeo Cortesi
Romeo Cortesi 4 days ago
Si, se punti solo la struttura non serve a un cazzo, o ci fai il cordone fatto bene o non tiene un cazzo
Top Reviewer
Top Reviewer 19 hours ago
Tf is that supposed to be
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez 4 days ago
Pa q
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