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Overwatch 2 MOST VIEWED Twitch Clips of The Week! #262 Overwatch league gameplay highlights, best plays, funny streamer montage moments. From pro players to popular streamers check out the most viewed twitch clips from this week!
In this video we talk about:
Overwatch Stream Moments
Overwatch Most Viewed
Overwatch 2023
Overwatch Moments
Overwatch League 2023
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Nov 26, 2023




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Comments : 220   
@BoliceOccifer 3 months ago
2:43 Least obvious Reaper ult
@lucienpavone3443 3 months ago
4:15 is the most bastionmain clip of all time
2:43 least obvious reaper ult
@damn6511 2 months ago
Exactly what did he expect
@minimalgrammar1276 2 months ago
I like how that guy has their camera and overlay setup like they're hot shit and then they pull that garbage.
@@damn6511happy birthday
@damn6511 Month ago
@@Kiss_my_ass_nigga988 not my birthday
@roobeedooo 3 months ago
deku will hit the nuttiest shot you've ever seen then say the most out of pocket sentence that has never been spoken
@jennacharmaine1238 3 months ago
“We can’t win with Winston vs Hog” - as he’s actively killing everyone on the enemy team single handedly lol
Love seeing how skilled people are
@reapfield8687 3 months ago
Lucio speedboosting his team off the pushbot in overtime gave me heart pains
@jacobdagun3670 3 months ago
0:41 I'm not even a minute in yet, and DAMN son. That was like the swiftest and cleanest thing I've seen in this game.
"That was cute 😈"
@Sowta 3 months ago
you havent seen much then
@SoupyPupper 3 months ago
11:23 emongg doesn't even react to the most badass play he just made
@LoneSpeedsterDX 3 months ago
7:16 bro screamed like he was plummeting to his death irl 💀
@nemebliss 3 months ago
16:24 I think Junkrat has stepped into the Iris and transcended 😂
@Thesecondseal 3 months ago
Dude that glitch happened to me everyday on Ps4 smhhhhhhh
@A1terYT 3 months ago
@@Thesecondsealmy buddy skip was saying similar things lul
@someguysomething 3 months ago
that glitch happens to me all the time so seeing people react to this is really funny
@BakaTaco 2 months ago
@@someguysomething This usually happens to me when I load up the game after not playing for a day or 2. No characters load in, and slowly they start to appear. Then it's all good for the rest of the games. It only lasts about 30 seconds, and doesn't often impact the game.
@Tamemoe 3 months ago
10:49 best one so far, drop wall! Drop wall! I feel that
@elo748 3 months ago
13:26 man is so excited he contracted rabies and started foaming LMFAO
17:55 it's like neither of them left the SF Shock, lol also Super is the dom in this relationship, lol
@igethacked23 3 months ago
Thank you! That’s what I’m saying
@hammond9190 3 months ago
13:41 i feel his pain. my thoughts go with you, seeker.
@Febrezeaire 3 months ago
21:40 Rocked Charge, Blocked Shatter and ate Mei's Ult. Thats potg
@isaac_s_shorts 3 months ago
these videos never fail to make my day better
@spimbles2373 3 months ago
11:26 LMAO enemy sig wanted just a bit more screen time before dying
@user-cn3lb7xv3c 3 months ago
the way he slid into frame lmaoooo
@MaestroHaru 3 months ago
22:49 Jay did Poki so dirty, I love that xD
@mdrvoidx5426 3 months ago
7:10 nah the way he looked down at his fate😂
@Lhuntorr 2 months ago
Thanks for featuring me! ❤ 19:36
@CosmicM95 3 months ago
18:17 ml7 is just insane
@satelli7e 3 months ago
6:31 im dead xDDDD
@Lichtboys 3 months ago
Eskay saying “what am I on” then the next clip being shroomz was very funny
The beyblade doom at 10:40 got me feelin inspired out here
@kingfang2945 3 months ago
Jay3 not being in the spawn room!? Amazing!
@isaiahw9436 3 months ago
I could literally be tortured alive and I don't think I could have a more authentic scream as Qualid here 😭😭😂
@DizzyHotSauce 3 months ago
7:23 The ult's LOS got blocked by the fucking telephone pole LOL
@dominikuhlir2347 2 months ago
did Kephrii just say "I'm a Siren" at 5:00? holy shit this brings back memories :D :D :D
@tannduckness 3 months ago
13:10 when you start drowning in the blood of your opponents
@DDoig1 3 months ago
27:04 Does anyone know what causes Winston to sometimes swing right arm first in Primal Rage? It is normally left first.
@obst3085 3 months ago
i remember tank bastion having a bug that if you shot a missile last second (old ult), the between-shot cooldown activated and carried over into the next ult so the next time you do ult, you cannot shoot immediately. wild guess but maybe it's a similar carry-over
I noticed he meleed as he landed his jump before primal, so I m not test-icicle or anything but that may be a Clue, blue
@DDoig1 3 months ago
@@queensofthedthrone8267 Yeah I think you are right. Quick melee might be it.
@reagansido5823 3 months ago
1:17 least calculated JunkRat grenade: also 2:43 least obvious Reaper ult:
@TangleHamain 3 months ago
That Junkrat shot is probably the luckiest shot in all of Overwatch, jesus christ lmao-
@nuzzlx 3 months ago
i love it when a hero gets rewarded for missing their shots. very skill based. yes yes
@117ms117 3 months ago
24:30 This has been a bug for so long, and it is so annoying when it happens.
@yngrainbow1649 3 months ago
Best part of the Monday ❤
@Khak1 3 months ago
oualid getting mei walled was so fucking funny
@rezahosseini7851 3 months ago
I believe these videos will still be alive even if Overwatch dies
@_XRMissie 3 months ago
15:18 had this bug yesterday playing doom. Something to do with punching at exactly 1+1/3rd bars. Enemy doom was bugged out like this from the start of the game, no animations playing. Absolutely threw me off
@user-cn3lb7xv3c 3 months ago
18:15 they screamed in lowercase lolll
@chanceburk4852 3 months ago
I love how if you didn’t know any better these compilations would make you think emongg was just failing all day
@russelljacka6981 3 months ago
Comment stolen by a bot RIP
@Keyz42 3 months ago
1:02 that's sum pretty good aim ngl
@garcia4874 3 months ago
Love to see more Zen content, greetings from Costa Rica ❤ Makes me remember how "fun" this game actually is lol
@AngrySecs 3 months ago
No somjuu screaming "NO OH MY GOD" at the top of his lungs? I count that as a W.
4:38 "i have a phd in fumbling bad bitches, fr" *proceeds to get a sick potg*
@exhalefc1791 2 months ago
I never knew diva's ult could scale walls ???!
@chaz88p 3 months ago
15:35 cowfee chan too cracked
@TangleHamain 3 months ago
DPS players: Holy shtik! Supports are so OP and unkillable! Also DPS players: 7:54
@willmcclard206 3 months ago
also supports 12:43
@dashieldmasta177 3 months ago
@@willmcclard206 DPS mains when the DPS/Support hybrid finishes off enemy players that have already been attacked by multiple teammates (clearly we need to nerf Brig again)
@onepieceofbbq6357 3 months ago
I agree with the dps players
@Short_Potato 3 months ago
​@@dashieldmasta177 I have been a support main for about a year now, so I have no bias when I say this: he basically won a 2v5, then killed 2 more. You're coping. That shit's ridiculous.
@dashieldmasta177 3 months ago
@@Short_Potato I'M coping? A Zen landing 1-2 shots each on already-injured, anti-healed players with Discord boost and a Mei also fighting is cope? It's called aiming. Zen has been able to do exactly that for YEARS. And before you bring it up - no, the HP buff didn't let him get away with that. He ults at 38 HP and doesn't regen any shield health for the entire clip. This isn't Supports OP - this is a Support diff on account of the Lucio paying zero attention to incoming enemies, and the Kiriko both not using Suzu well and not taking high ground when she sees ally deaths in the killfeed. If either of them had been alert, he would have been a free kill, either by speed boosting them into cover or responding with kunai and teleport repos.
@PTSDwithME 3 months ago
I usually walk into junk traps as tank when the games starts to help my Ana build nano first idk about yall
@TheAlmightyGoiter 3 months ago
Nah, junk is the literal last hero I want to give ult charge to. I do not trust my 4 teammates to shoot a tire.
@sug076 3 months ago
That hamster cam made me laugh 😂
@thedriver3052 3 months ago
Bastionmain has graduated from ow level content
@justsomeguy1716 3 months ago
Sigma mini jumpscare 11:26
@Lichtboys 3 months ago
best part of my week fr
@kaugomb_yt4793 2 months ago
This was one of the first bombs jay ever hit😂
@user-eo6ob8cg8j 3 months ago
@lacai527 3 months ago
these are always amazing! needto countmeds, i think i saw Cloudy playing ball and mei. or maybe they have been edited, so check meds, check video again.
@logandonald-vh2oo 3 months ago
@Kevin-pe7us 2 months ago
fuck that brig outplaying genji was legit nice
@user-zg2tx8pe7o 3 months ago
The question i ask myself after every Blizzard Guides video is how did SuperTF make it past plat?
@agent_p6668 2 months ago
cus he's good?
@temmlygaming5509 2 months ago
Cause only his major fails end up here Otherwise he's still one of the best tank players in ow
@painfulsnare 2 months ago
tfw kephrii clips you twice on tracer, on the same map, in the same game, on the same weekly clip comp
@L8_777 3 months ago
Love these vids bro, never miss any
@keesool4356 3 months ago
10:08 I wish I could do that :(
@ezraelder5374 3 months ago
23:21 This is true on pc, on console it’s better to jump because it fucks with the aim assist
@AlexAndLilChompa 3 months ago
Love you Nate, thank you
@reverently 3 months ago
11:45 something about poko bombs makes you die to them
@Addventurawr 3 months ago
i think he has a tutorial on them and one thing was to try to send it into a wall like he did to delay it plus be in the air when it goes off so you get the highest chance of hitting someone
@Connector7th 3 months ago
I envy the mercy streamers
@Petrol_Sniffa 3 months ago
1:30 it's all calculated...
@dedisetiawan7424 2 months ago
how that junk nade kill lucio..isn't junk nade not bounce more than 1
@daanaerts_ 3 months ago
Any kheprii clip I skip tbh, it’s just insane flick one-shots every time
@Irisment 3 months ago
9:59 I didn't know you can do THAT on Moira?? What's his Twitch?
@griffin1758 3 months ago
his name is Ark, bro is a nutcase on moira. He found a way to fade from the lowground on first point junkertown to the window above the point
@keesool4356 3 months ago
@@griffin1758 lol it's not Ark. It's Arx_UK. But yeah it's crazy...
@Short_Potato 3 months ago
"What's his Twitch" look at your screen?
@user-zg2tx8pe7o 3 months ago
The first roadhog snap grip from Super and the following Tracer ult from Jay are not even POTG worthy, how are they in a compilation?
@hi-tl5jy 2 months ago
The video is most watched twitch clips of the week. So it was included because it was one of the most watched twitch clips of the week.
@joyful_yolk123 2 months ago
20:00 metro deserves that
@SomeKindaHero117 3 months ago
Oml, Kephrii is too much sometimes man 😂
@lukasberke 3 months ago
how tf did metro think the skill will come from when he made a hanzoOtp acc without having skill with him? I laughed so hard to this xD
@Atlasmoth 3 months ago
@mitchhamilton64 3 months ago
27:11 i was curious here so i checked the rest of the vod and they lost this map. dude was even stubborn and kept playing winston when it wasnt working and even blamed and avoided the guy who said this. xD
@BoliceOccifer 3 months ago
Being rude to people just because of their hero pick will forever be cringe, and saying a game isn't winnable will forever be soy. I'd avoid that dude too.
@xenomorph6807 3 months ago
​@BoliceOccifer for real, such a pathetic mindset. Flame someone if their super bad or trolling but not for the hero they pick xD
@mitchhamilton64 3 months ago
@@BoliceOccifer people should wanna play to win the game, otherwise theres no point. dude chose the wrong hero and was told so and stubbornly refused to switch and so they lost.
@SammyHammy01 2 months ago
​@@mitchhamilton64No, people should play a game to have fun, winning can be a factor but not the sole reason someone plays a game
@leagueof7uss406 3 months ago
7:57 hahaha
@dr_ums6604 3 months ago
Metro going 3-5 unranked is embarrassing for a "top 500"
could be that his teammates were bad
@nyhrox2193 3 months ago
what a poko bomb
@spimbles2373 3 months ago
Crazy how many views these vids get yet barely ever get any comments lol
@aldistore8001 3 months ago
Too busy eating lunch man
@CarsonNoC 3 months ago
@@aldistore8001so true
@maxtoasted 3 months ago
@@tommyyuckguts5276 it’s more so the fact that there’s really nothing that entices people to comment on the video in the first place
@Niglet_03 3 months ago
The yapper
@AirborneACR 3 months ago
Lots of views from streamers tryna occupy their viewers while they afk lol
@KuroVergil 3 months ago
All of Deku's clips are so obscene
@himmyyyyy 2 months ago
JFC 7:39 got me feeling some typa way
@username7106 3 months ago
I think moxy has gotten even more cringe with women over the years. Holy moly
@TangleHamain 3 months ago
4:16 THIS is the exact main problem of most high elo players! I feel like this happens to them all the frickin time cus no one focuses on, you know, doing the objective to win the game. Its always "KILL THEM ALL!" and not "Push the payload!"/"Push the bot!"/"Capture the point!"... No shit high elo games go on for what feels like hours! Yall are making it that way lmao-
@saumbadee 22 days ago
28:32 🤣🤣
@laitisvi1750 2 months ago
Hate these, because many content creators are SO toxic / do toxic things while playing and people hang on those things. Emoting after killing them, humiliating them. People remember those, not when they talk about how "the playerbase should try to be less toxic."
@clickbait7396 3 months ago
love how there isn't a guy in the left edge of the screen who doesn't add anything to the video.
@UltimateSirrGuzmo 3 months ago
How can I submit clips?
@4:26 First actual C9 I have ever seen and nobody typed it in chat.
@ShaundaLeer 2 months ago
Ok wait, what is that song at 3:17? lol
@VideoRocker55 2 months ago
That Ana's shmovement was actually nasty
@ogarga666 3 months ago
21:48 jesus
@williamacb 2 months ago
@V1Z0R696 3 months ago
They know they forgot the bot cuz of the lucio speed boost and not the ping right?
@toxin471 3 months ago
3:17 what song?????
@eimundred6410 16 days ago
9:49 why is bros game so beautifull😂
@ShadyChems 3 months ago
he moxy laugh is the best clip of them all aaaaaa AAAAAAAAA AAAAA
@geovanemiranda5489 3 months ago
3:17 LoL
@PlasticMoon 3 months ago
That was painful lol 22:01
@StarCrow77Gaming 3 months ago
I love this videos pls never stop
@brucilix 3 months ago
Warlockaqua 1st comp game and auto tilt like that... must be a bad day
@Arthur_morgan0 3 months ago
In right time my dinner ready
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