Price for Kyrie Irving is going DOWN DOWN DOWN! - Brian Windhorst | NBA Today

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Price for Kyrie Irving is going DOWN DOWN DOWN! - Brian Windhorst | NBA Today
Brian Windhorst joins NBA Today to talk through the evolving news surrounding Kyrie Irving’s future with the Brooklyn Nets.

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Published on


Jun 29, 2022




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Comments 288
Delly Don
Delly Don 2 months ago
This offseason bouta be crazy!
Kevin Durant Champion
Free agency class was horrible, but atleast we get some big trades.
Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin 2 months ago
These guys are really going to screw over all the other players who aren’t able to command superstar treatment. Next CBA will have a major push back and I don’t blame the owners. I’m all for more player agency but it’s going to far recently.
Jaccob Regenye
Jaccob Regenye 2 months ago
So true the next cba is going to be a rude awakening for these players
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 2 months ago
Never thought it was going to work. Here's the irony. KD left Russell Westbrook for all the things he did on the court. Now he's leaving Kyrie for all the things he does off the court.
Mr Kang
Mr Kang 2 months ago
He left all those teams thinking he's the man. He thinks he's the reason GS won chips, but GS just proved they can win it without him. KD might be the most overvalued asset in the NBA.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 2 months ago
@Arkane117 I see what your saying and thats why Harden left he dont want to play with a part time player. Plus Kd is all about basketball. You never know with Kyrie if the stars dont align he may take half the season off without telling anybody. He can't be trusted.
Arkane117 2 months ago
I see what you are trying to say but, KD doesn’t have a problem with Kyrie on anything he does off court. He just has a problem with him not showing up to play.
Zeke 2 months ago
@Jnda314 Westbrook had some bad games halfway through the gsw vs okc series but it aint his fault KD's turning the ball over on the inbounds play with 60seconds left cause he choked or dribbled the ball off his knee lol. those 2 things dont happen and they go to the finals and most likely win vs the injury plagued cavs
Jnda314 2 months ago
@Zeke nobody can get it done with Westbrook 😂
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 2 months ago
If the plan was to destroy the Nets all along…mission accomplished 😂
Anthony Webster
Anthony Webster 2 months ago
@Warriors Fan Since 2020 nets will still be better watch who they get in return for kd and kyrie
Walter Moise
Walter Moise 2 months ago
@Warriors Fan Since 2020 u sound like a clown 🤡
Warriors Fan Since 2020
Knicks fans won. Nets are nobody again just like them.
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 2 months ago
Kyrie probably gone retire tbh
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 2 months ago
The funny thing is it wasn't even the Nets front office that destroyed the Nets it was KD and Kyrie
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 2 months ago
You Cryrie and KD
Youngboomer RAGEvictim
Getting Ben Simmons hurts too
invalid username
invalid username 2 months ago
@Watt Pad reg szn doesnt matter cause in the 1st round he flamed out cause he wasnt playing with 2 other HOFers and a dpoy
Watt Pad
Watt Pad 2 months ago
@invalid username did you see last year against Bucks when he played 50 minutes with 4 sec break? and the beginning of this season when he was in mvp vote before he got injured. The guy carried the Net to 3-4th in East with Harden giving up and Kyrie stuck with his drama. If he didn’t play, Nets wouldn’t even be in play in let alone first round. They lost yes but KD was the only guy that carried that team around. When he was locked up by Boston, you see how they got swept.
invalid username
invalid username 2 months ago
@Watt Pad kd didnt play hsi heart out in the 1st round, he's a lil BIH
David Chance
David Chance 2 months ago
Even with John Wall and Kyrie they still going to need a pg to play the other 40 regular season games 😆
Blake Ward
Blake Ward 2 months ago
Justin Ledvina
Justin Ledvina 2 months ago
Draco Twan
Draco Twan 2 months ago
As soon as these 2 teamed up i knew it was gonna be a disaster.. and to top it off they added james harden too... well this is the result...
Teresa Smyth
Teresa Smyth 2 months ago
Yeah I agree I thought the same. The disappointing thing is they had the potential to be amazing. But all the drama destroyed the potential.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 2 months ago
Never thought it was going to work. Here's the irony. KD left Russell Westbrook for all the things he did on the court. Now he's leaving Kyrie for all the things he does off the court.
don't want this
don't want this 2 months ago
Yep. 3 azzoles and then Ben Simmons 🤦🏾‍♂️
maxmilli25 2 months ago
Wow, can’t wait to see how the league looks once the season starts 😬👍🏾
back2back 2 months ago
Kyrie is not a leader, he just thinks he is. He's not Kobe, he just thinks he is. It actually happens quite frequently, people who are ultra talented often act entitled, and that's Kyrie.
AK 74
AK 74 2 months ago
@NLS Mason Kobe's track record of winning speaks for itself. He was an absolute leader once Shaq left and he delivered. Kyrie went to the Celtics as their supposed best player the team got worse and then got better after he left. The two are galaxies apart
NLS Mason
NLS Mason 2 months ago
@rell_5000 Hhahaha even if i give you that about the worst team( not sure thats true) He did not co lead anything he was on the bus Shaq drove and you know it! Gasol was big help in those other chips. There is a reason he only has 2 finals mvp and thats about the end of his resume!
rell_5000 2 months ago
@NLS Mason Lol, right. LeBron about to be the all-time leading scorer partially because he's played a trillion minutes and nobody's going to diminish that. All I know is Kobe led a team worse than any other top 10 player you want to name to a title in '09. He helped lead the Lakers with Shaq to a three-peat and then went 3 more times without him. He led the Olympic team to gold, he's mentored plenty of current NBA players and his resume speaks for itself.
NLS Mason
NLS Mason 2 months ago
@rell_5000 I never said kyrie was a good leader that is the point neither of them are leaders! Yes he shot them out of games. Kobe was a chucker and everyone knows it. I never mentioned KD at all. I said kobe and kyrie were more alike then the main post alluded too. He played about 20 years and barely beats out drexlar that played 15 lets give him a award! We all know he has the most bricked shots ever!
rell_5000 2 months ago
@NLS Mason Kyrie never led anybody to the playoffs, so what level are we talking about? And KD wasn't the leader on any team he's been on yet, not even OKC. And you're really telling me he shot Smush Parker out of games?? Are we talking about the same person? For someone so selfish, somehow Kobe has the most assists at SG in NBA history, but I'll let you tell it.
M A K O 2 months ago
This off-season s gonna be great!! I hope whatever comes off it we see some new great tandems/ imagine Lebron and kd - or kd and Luka or Kyrie and Zion , etc etc
John Pestano
John Pestano 2 months ago
I'm shocked to hear I actually thought KD would give this team another chance despite the Kyrie drama.
Youngboomer RAGEvictim
That was until hw saw ben Simmons take jump shots
alanlancer008 2 months ago
@Mike Tyson yea plus he rather pray then go out and win
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 2 months ago
Im not shocked lol. Kyrie cant be trusted. Kd is about basketball and didn't come to the Nets to babysit. You never know with Kyrie if the stars don't align he might take half the season off without telling anybody lol.
Racer 7X
Racer 7X 2 months ago
The team they just threw his boy under a bus because he didn't take an experimental vaccine 🤫🤫🤫Nah true friends don't rock with ppl like that: Nets to Kyrie... "No long term deal" KD to Nets...."No more me" That's called check and then mate
alanlancer008 2 months ago
So did kyrie sign to come back or he can still leave?
Mike Kupidlowski
Mike Kupidlowski 2 months ago
Wherever Kyrie goes it doesn't end well for the franchise
Justin Ledvina
Justin Ledvina 2 months ago
As a Celtics fan I pray to gawd he goes to the Lakers.
DRUGMILE LDOE 2 months ago
The most toxic player in the history of the NBA
Cross 2 months ago
going to the two teams that pretty much dominated the west and east in the regular season. iono if he knows this but with his contract those teams would have to give up their entire supporting role players and pick to get KD. that or a allstar or 2
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 2 months ago
No team wants a toxic player that doesn't want to show up for work
Black Jay
Black Jay 2 months ago
Kyrie bout to get passed around like he’s on a platter in Snoop’s house. 😂😂😂
John Pestano
John Pestano 2 months ago
I'm glad I'm not a nets fan I would be pissed right now. to lose two cornerstone players when the goal was to win the chip and they left us with nothing.
Jimmy Karlsson
Jimmy Karlsson 2 months ago
The Nets have, Kyrie, KD, Ben Simmons and before Harden. The biggest divas and drama queens in the sports history. Of course it ends up like this 🙄
Nemanja Radojicic
Nemanja Radojicic 2 months ago
No reason for Nets to trade KD right now, he has 4 years left, if they can't find good pieces for trade, then maybe wait next year, probably teams are going to prepare assets for kd in advance
Eddy King
Eddy King 2 months ago
As a lifelong Mav fan and fan of Kyrie, I would love to see it, but very aware that we could have another Rondo situation on our hands.
Joshido 2 months ago
@Original J kyrie is not that ball dominant and can play offball honestly he just likes to play hero ball. It could work in Dallas as long as he humbles himself and understands that the offense runs through Luka.
Original J
Original J 2 months ago
Too ball dominant, KD with Luka would be way better
Tsvetan Bliznakov
Tsvetan Bliznakov 2 months ago
Makes sense for Nets to get best deal possible, but KD will want to play in teams like Suns/Heat/Clippers/GSW so it may be 3team trade it may be 5team trade or w/e but he is getting somewhere there. Also Kyrie is going to the Lakers, cuz he wants to and he will get there one way or another as well.
MrJones019 2 months ago
Why would Nets care about KD's preferences, he's on a 4-year contract...
Kingly One
Kingly One 2 months ago
On the one hand, I don't feel sorry for the Nets one bit. They created this fiasco by not supporting their players and their personal decisions. They allowed for and told the media to ostracize players that didn't fall in line, but the hypocrisy was evident for the real to see. Most people who were quick to bent the knee refuse to see it, but that's what happened. On the other hand, if I were a member of the ownership group, I'd sit him for 3 years or until he decided to play. And if he screwed my team, I'd order his benching. He'd be DNP every night until he decided he wanted to play. In fact, I'd build despite him then not even allow him on the facility once the team got decent enough. Yes, it would be paying him to sit, but allowing him to rust for all that time would send a clear message.
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel 2 months ago
Kyrie with the Mavs would be class
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 2 months ago
Am I the only one that remembers Kyrie leaving Cleveland because he didn't want to be in the Lebron shadow? Why am I seeing everywhere that he wants to go to LA somebody fill me in 🤣🤣
TK Blouch
TK Blouch 2 months ago
Why believe these 🤡 in the media. They've been wrong all week.
SeDoHeMa 2 months ago
Is today's basketball. They're all friends, no matter what they say
David teno
David teno 2 months ago
They made up
Carolina Scorpio
Carolina Scorpio 2 months ago
They made up when he was in Boston before going to Brooklyn
GH Sense
GH Sense 2 months ago
Durant ain't going no where. He's 34 teams ain't gonna offer much for him.
Shay Pathare
Shay Pathare 2 months ago
Not sure why the nets need to accommodate the players that helped destroy the team. Nets should and will do what’s best for the nets.
Brandon H
Brandon H 2 months ago
Memphis and Boston are the best teams for this trade to get Durant
Martin S
Martin S 2 months ago
Dose anybody realize James harder declined his contact so KD can join the 76er’s
ContraDaTaxMan 2 months ago
@Albert Sarpong uh it’s called paying attention to the player and what he’s said in the media…maybe you should look it up my friend
Albert Sarpong
Albert Sarpong 2 months ago
@ContraDaTaxMan how do you know this?
ContraDaTaxMan 2 months ago
You would be wrong sir. KD wants nothing to do with Harden bc he quit on the team. Not sure where you’re getting your info but if ur source is anyone outside of your pillow case, they are not a reliable source. You should do your homework on that relationship. It ran its course last season.
Karthik Prakash
Karthik Prakash 2 months ago
Tobias Harris tyrese maxse and 4+ first rounders
garylp3 2 months ago
Plot twist = the Nets get better without Kyrie the way the Celtics and Cavs got better after Kyrie left. Next team that gives Kyrie a long term contract will suffer what the Nets went through the last 3 years.
Lou XV
Lou XV 2 months ago
That’s perfect thennn… easier for lakers to get him 🤣🤣😂😂🙏🏽
Kevin Durant Champion
Westbrick and tht for ben simmons and kyrie
Roy Yeo
Roy Yeo 2 months ago
I actually feel this is Kyrie real value as he was way overrated due to uncle drew adverts and also his ring which was given to him by LeBron and love.
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe 2 months ago
I definitely give you Lebron but Love??? Your buggin
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams 2 months ago
As a daytime serial lover, I would love to see KD traded to either Phoenix or Miami. OMG the drama that will be generated between KD and Chris Paul or KD with Jimmy Butler and/or Pat Riley.
bri c
bri c 2 months ago
And nets fans thought their team had the leverage 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brodney Pool
Brodney Pool 2 months ago
Dang, lakers about too luck up and get another top player for peanuts. I don’t like L.A but good for them and Lebron if it happens.
Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman 2 months ago
Either: kyrie gets bought out OR kyrie to the lakers for russ and picks. Possibly kyrie and simmons for russ and a couple players and multiple picks
TheKidFromCleveland 2 months ago
Drew I respect the choices but you been too extra since you left us I know it's not all your fault especially your grandfather's passing and the knee infection n stuff but still.............I want you to be the player I idolize because ain't nobody can live your life like you. You 1 of 1 Me and the land want to see our man on that floor cooking everybody like 2016 17 all over again. We support you but we would like to know we'll see you again out there. And we haven't felt the most confident bout that. I know you got more ankles to snatch. Can't wait to see it
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 2 months ago
Why isn't Minnesota in a 3 team trade a strong possibility? Durant to Phoenix, KAT to Brooklyn and Ayton, Bridges, and Crowder to Minnesota. Of course picks and other players would be needed.
Fair Treatment
Fair Treatment 2 months ago
That’s a horrible deal for Kat.’
STEVEN MCCAIN 2 months ago
clippers should give him a chance, hes a future hall of famer, i would take any risk. and who are they gonna lose 2/3 of mook, powell or kennard? thats a superb price for kai.
Real Truth Now
Real Truth Now 2 months ago
KD wants to go play for the sixers. He wants to play with Joel Embiid. He never had a problem with James harden. The nets organization was always the problem
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 2 months ago
Kyrie probably gone retire tbh
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande 2 months ago
Not the Clippers please. I don't want some freak show drama going on around when Kahwi makes his comeback.
syi23600 2 months ago
Can’t blame the nets management. They did everything they could. I blame juror and kd. Kd for associating himself with kyrie
julrob97 2 months ago
I think KD and Kyrie will end up with Lebron and the Lakers. AD and Westbrook will be gone.
Carravaggio Mikelson
Bro i dont care. I just want kyrie and lebron together again
Arkane117 2 months ago
KD and Luca together would be a dream…
John Paul Del Rosario
A note to all NBA teams: stay away from kyrie
Blake Ward
Blake Ward 2 months ago
Dee Davis
Dee Davis 2 months ago
They trolling Kyrie at this point
Mr. Clockwork
Mr. Clockwork 2 months ago
Nah, the clippers ain’t trading PG for KD. Not because PG is better than KD, which isn’t the case, but it’s just purely stupid because they’re gonna be good with PG and Kawhi
Daemon Targaryen
Daemon Targaryen 2 months ago
Skip Bayless is just a TV and online troll. Now he's tweeting for LeBron to win a 5th ring? Seriously? 🤣 Screw the Lakers. But Skip needs LeBron to put money in his pockets from all the views.
PCTR 2 months ago
I would like to see kevin got traded to the team like rockets,, pacers, kings, pistons etc. He is a diva he pull a ben simmons
L K 2 months ago
The laker probably can offer him league minimum next free agency 🤣🤣🤣
Carroll Prescott
Carroll Prescott 2 months ago
Kyrie the Klown being dumped for the Good Time Girl, Durant. I think this trade request by Durant proves how little he feels for the Klown and it will be lucky for the Nets to sell 100 tickets to home games now. Kyrie will be lucky to end up with Sacramento.
Racer 7X
Racer 7X 2 months ago
Or you are the 🤡. Looks like the Nets tried to s*** on Kyrie and now KD coming back s***ing on them. This yr or next they are lined up to play again together and get paid.
w1323 2 months ago
I don’t like Kyrie at all, but don’t kid yourself. He’s gonna end up on the Lakers whether it’s this year or next year
DrDoge 2 months ago
ESPN is staying relevant because of the Nets. Never in the history of the NBA has so much drama content been generated by just one team.
Ross Sherman
Ross Sherman 2 months ago
I'd love to see Kyrie and Luka together.
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai 2 months ago
Pls no. Luka too good to be ruined by flat earth
ʎɐpsɯoop uoᴉʇɐɹǝdO
Junior Corporan
Junior Corporan 2 months ago
These people are all ganging up against kyrie because kyrie didn’t get the vaccine and still got to play basketball at the end… they’re all super mad he made them look like idiots lol. Wait till kyrie gets his long term deal with another team.. they’re gonna throw the only fit, just watch haha
NO FEAR TheBlackHole
He's headed to Dallas kyrie n Luka
Ben Kl
Ben Kl 2 months ago
Kyrie to Lakers / Durant to Suns / Brooklyn back to the beginning
lappywong 2 months ago
@Brodney Pool but they are willing to play in Nets, in the view of Nets, paid KD for the whole year for recovery, form a super team and result in 1 playoff win……no matter how talent they are, for Nets, this is a disaster…
Brodney Pool
Brodney Pool 2 months ago
@lappywong all those young players still can’t hold Kyrie’s or KD’s jocks. None of those players are generational talents.
lappywong 2 months ago
And all young talented players like LaVert, Allen and Dinwiddie traded out, missed their chemistry w/o KD and kyrie irving and fight to playoff…that’s crazy…where is manage the franchise together with KD, nets owner, nets GM……
Brodney Pool
Brodney Pool 2 months ago
Mystra 2 months ago
Zenigundam 2 months ago
The Nets got played.
Darth Atlas
Darth Atlas 2 months ago
Windy really tryna get Bron Kyrie😂
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 2 months ago
It’d be cool to see kd and bron, but I don’t get why u would trade Durant he’s under contract for 4 years
Donavon Deese
Donavon Deese 2 months ago
Kyrie for Westbrook is going to happen.
Big Problem
Big Problem 2 months ago
@Ash Cohle funny thing russ is gonna get his own team again in Brooklyn wit Ben Simmons 😂😂😂
Ash Cohle
Ash Cohle 2 months ago
And it’s not like nothing, let’s be honest Russ is no way talent wise value asset as Kyrie but, he’s a HUGE expiring contract. I know Kyrie is too but instead of losing him limbo Russ with his 47Mn, nets can demand and get two first round picks for potential rebuild and when 2023 off season kicks in they will have so much money off their books they can do good. Lakers, well they are trying to win Now before Lebron era fades. It makes sense contract wise.
David teno
David teno 2 months ago
Yea the only trade that makes sense at this point kyrie and Russel value is the same since kyrie don't play often
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 2 months ago
let me guess yall laker fans
Sons of Jacob 12
Sons of Jacob 12 2 months ago
It's literally the only trade that makes sense
Sha Dagoat
Sha Dagoat 2 months ago
I only support the team Kyrie on🗿
Supamau 2 months ago
Brooklyn rebuild requires young commited players, trade ky to okc! they get some young ones and ky can do whatever he pleases in okc, they wont play him anyway
Oblong Rectangle
Oblong Rectangle 2 months ago
I hope OKC just sticks to developing their young core.
Alex 2 months ago
If Kyrie goes to the Clippers…. Ima go be an astronaut ROFL!!
Defy 2 months ago
Not up to KD for value. Brooklyn lookin at all those options like whats good haha
l 2 months ago
KD lookin to join some 80wins contender teams!
Dankkk 420s
Dankkk 420s 2 months ago
The New Jersey Nets are the most dysfunctional franchise in all of sports 🤣🤣🤣
Rohit D Kriplani
Rohit D Kriplani 2 months ago
Doesn’t Houston own all Nets first round picks for the rest of the decade along with swaps?
SeDoHeMa 2 months ago
@Rohit D Kriplani you gotta know how to draft
Rohit D Kriplani
Rohit D Kriplani 2 months ago
@SeDoHeMa the nets will get bad picks. If the nets don’t get good players Houston getting top5-7 picks for the next 3-4 more seasons. The nets will get picks from a team KD will be on for 4 years..won’t be top5 like Houston might get from a KDless and Kyrieless Nets.
SeDoHeMa 2 months ago
And now the nets bout to do that to someone else
Anthony Voss
Anthony Voss 2 months ago
The Lakers are losing bad enough already why add Cryrie to the mix?.
DORAEMON 2 months ago
NBA stars are like babies. I can feel the headaches the GMs have to go through trying to pamper them. Only LeBron presents himself as a true professional.
John Paul Del Rosario
Man kyrie loves to ruin teams haha
saleem 2 months ago
Porzingis,Kuzma and 2 1sts!!!
MS K 2 months ago
Teams should grow a pair and not trade for Kyrie at all.
caper087 2 months ago
Trade Kyrie for Westbrook is the only option
Christopher Downs
Christopher Downs 2 months ago
Honey the Golden State warriors win the championship and the whole NBA goes crazy making super teams notice that Kevin Durant only ask to go to teams it was almost in the finals
Philly Tex
Philly Tex 2 months ago
One think about Durant he like’s fireworks 💥 😉 see ya on the 4th
Alpha 2 months ago
Curry Irving to lakers. Westbrook and some draft pick and someone
Fed Donovan
Fed Donovan 2 months ago
Swap Ben Simmons for West brook
Eddy Alvarenga
Eddy Alvarenga 2 months ago
Can the Nets trade Kyrie to Europe or China? LOL
Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman 2 months ago
Worse thing to ever happen to KYRIE was hitting that 3 in game 7 in 2016. Since he has done squat to lead a team to anything. He needs to realize he is an ultra talented player who isnt a leader. He is a beta player as far as leadership goes.....the problem is that the celtics didnt have an alpha and KD isnt an alpha so the last time kyrie played with an alpha was....wait for it.....LEBRON JAMES
Raji 2 months ago
Only way Kyrie can bring the price back up, is to play his game. If he sits out like he did last year then yeah I don’t think he can recover the value that he once had
Juan Ordonez
Juan Ordonez 2 months ago
Mavs make something happen!!!
Captain Mil
Captain Mil 2 months ago
KD and LeBron versus Magic and Bird Who would win?
Leaves OfLemons5
Leaves OfLemons5 2 months ago
Pretty sure Kyries career is OVER. He earned it though.
Gnarlz Barkley
Gnarlz Barkley 2 months ago
Nets should trade Kyrie for Westbrook just to punish KD
Blake Ward
Blake Ward 2 months ago
nmj530 2 months ago
NBA Free Agency is the NBA’s NFL Draft
SeDoHeMa 2 months ago
You shut your mouth
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 2 months ago
Go to Milwaukee and get a automatic one 🤣
Hannibal Bean
Hannibal Bean 2 months ago
This is insane. One thing after another. Lol
Cj Margiela
Cj Margiela 2 months ago
Steve Nash driving to the nearest liquor store 😂
MrJones019 2 months ago
LeBron's henchman is so eager to reunite him with Irving...
thatfatguy 2 months ago
Kyrie stock price falling harder than crypto currency!
John Anderson
John Anderson 2 months ago
My man mr. flat earth lol 😂 😂😂
Rich Rucci
Rich Rucci 2 months ago
Both of them will be back next year lol
BlkDiesel 2 months ago
Wow...the value of KYRIE IRVING is falling like the price of BITCOIN...Geeeezus!!!
Mystra 2 months ago
It'll go up once he wins another ring with the Lakers in 2023!
Vince Cordero
Vince Cordero 2 months ago
Humbug Kyrie wanting to Join LBJ again so his price would go up again?
Garo 2 months ago
Kyrie for Isaiah Thomas.
Jay D
Jay D 2 months ago
Zion KD
phoenixmagi2 2 months ago
Nope Windy. Lakers would trade AD and Russ
Fed Donovan
Fed Donovan 2 months ago
Knicks swap Ben Simmons for randle
Windrider MaCh
Windrider MaCh 2 months ago
chubby is trying so hard to get cryrie to the Lakers it's so obvious he's on lebrons payroll
Haaland's come back.🔥🔥