Prime Blindfold Colour Match 🤣 

Woody & Kleiny
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Jun 7, 2023




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Princewill Madugba
Princewill Madugba 3 months ago
I was confused when they were all celebrating getting it wrong initially 😂
BRGaming 3 months ago
ItzRixl 3 months ago
@BRGaming i know
BRGaming 3 months ago
@ItzRixl how do you know, you don’t even know me
{R} 3 months ago
@BRGaming i know
Spencer_Dagamer 3 months ago
Ilikecommenting 3 months ago
The point is whoever matches them Loses
ROVMRSL 3 months ago
Mikel Rivers
Mikel Rivers 3 months ago
Thank you
Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago
Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" ~ Plato
No because it said looser gets pie
OrangeTheCuber 3 months ago
Bro it was the glasses💀😂💀
ILOVEMEXICO858 3 months ago
​@Ahmad Mahmood it's was a joke
Luffy's no.1 Fan
Luffy's no.1 Fan 3 months ago
​@Ahmad Mahmood 💀
Istaka 3 months ago
​@Ahmad Mahmood 💀
Ms Taka
Ms Taka 3 months ago
@Ahmad Mahmood 💀
Ms Taka
Ms Taka 3 months ago
@Ahmad Mahmood you didnt have to respond
Nick Patton
Nick Patton 3 months ago
To clarify, the person who CORRECTLY matches the can to the mat loses and gets pied.
Kin 3 months ago
Ok good because I'm like wtf
Fiberglass Insulation
Charming Sushiball
He got it right and got cream pied as a reward
Charming Sushiball
Mighty kween
Mighty kween 3 months ago
You know you are in trouble when your frnds are quiet😂😂
NotSteven 3 months ago
bro got 819 likes but no replies 🥶🥶
Olga Venegas
Olga Venegas 3 months ago
Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago
Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote: "He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How" ~ Nietzsche
ASIANsNoWoWl 3 months ago
​@Philosophy_Botthanks philosophy bot
Bilal Abdul Samad
Bilal Abdul Samad 2 months ago
Yeah yeah bro 😂😂😂
Copy_Strike 3 months ago
You lose by winning? Sounds like a good lesson on life
Amandah Andrus
Amandah Andrus 2 months ago
Dark_Theam Month ago
Lizie Francis
Lizie Francis 3 months ago
Lmao the goal was to not get it right 😂😂😂
Defnotselena 3 months ago
Ohhhhh i was confused
Elle 3 months ago
I was so confised
Lindani 3 months ago
I'm was confused too
Dirty birds
Dirty birds 3 months ago
God damnit I’m a idiot 😂😂
Beanie Jiht 😘🦍
No they are colorblind ☠️ that's why they didn't get it correct
Darshani Kumari
Darshani Kumari 3 months ago
The winner got pied right in the face😂
pqddachu 3 months ago
Damn I couldn't tell
Coco Yousif
Coco Yousif 3 months ago
@pqddachu yeah me either RU-vid told me to rate this comment I rated it informative 😂
TRIGGER_PULLER 3 months ago
The goal was to match the least actually kinda odd but therefore he was in fact the loser cause the loser was the one who matched the most and the loser got pied in the face as it literally says in this short
Steph3n 3 months ago
​@TRIGGER_PULLER they did not explain the rules so they were confused
TRIGGER_PULLER 3 months ago
@Steph3n it literally says loser gets pied
Roi_Halltari 3 months ago
Me who thought You should get at least one right to not be hit with cream in the face. But it was actually the opposite. If you do them all right then you get hit in the face 😂😂😂
Josh Hag
Josh Hag 3 months ago
*same, wish that’s how they played it 😭*
Aaliyah Pitera
Aaliyah Pitera 3 months ago
Undertail Brook4124
Undertail Brook4124 3 months ago
Vona Ma’ilo
Vona Ma’ilo 3 months ago
@Aaliyah Pitera M😢😅😂😅🎉😊🎉😊😂😊😂
Devam 3 months ago
The odds of losing was barely 25% but my man's luck is just that bad😂
expired milk
expired milk 3 months ago
Isnt it a 1/6 chance
Kurd War
Kurd War 3 months ago
Gamecrab101 3 months ago
I think you just had to match one to get pied. The guy got all three though which is still crazy 😂
expired milk
expired milk 3 months ago
@Gamecrab101 no you have to match all three because the first guy matched one
Gamecrab101 3 months ago
@expired milkoh fair enough
Dumbstruckweeb 3 months ago
I didn't really get what was going on till the last second.
Aaron Animation
Aaron Animation 3 months ago
The point of the game is to NOT match the colours guys. So the last guy lost because he matched him
M4y0nn41s3 3 months ago
I mean, it's technically a reverse color match, but entertaining nonetheless
Ellsie Barnardo murray
So the winner loses 🤣🤣🤣
membu chibuzormembu
membu chibuzormembu 3 months ago
Everyone else seeing how fun the game is. Me wondering why he has his glasses over the blinds?😅😅😅
Jay 3 months ago
I’m lost in the goal of this game
Terry Dodds
Terry Dodds 3 months ago
If you match the colors blindfolded you get pied
smiley taco
smiley taco 3 months ago
The last one was right💀
Doomoo 3 months ago
thats the point,if u get it right u get pied
smiley taco
smiley taco 3 months ago
@Doomoo ohhhhhhhhh
white 3 months ago
@Doomoo loser = pied tho🤔
Doomoo 3 months ago
@white yeah he lost bcs he got em all right
Joshua_safeway 3 months ago
this game is backwards
Jake-O-Rama 3 months ago
I seem to be confused on the rules of the game. If he matched them all correctly, why did he get pied?
XbunieXx2 3 months ago
Ryndor 3 months ago
They incorrectly titled it. It's a different idea, to make it to where you have to be extremely unlucky to get pied, rather than just not lucky. The person who matches the 3 (a 1 in 9 chance) is the one who gets pied, not the one who fails to match the 3 (8 out of 9 chance).
Ralph Anthony Espos
Ralph Anthony Espos 2 months ago
​@Ryndor The numbers are incorrect. The probability of losing is equal to matching the colors on each round, yes, but the probabilities aren't ⅓✕⅓. To lose in the first round involves selecting among three options: there is a ⅔ chance of a sure win by selecting the wrong color tile for the given can. Note that the choices in the next rounds will not matter anymore, as there is at least one round where the probability of a match is already 0. But if the first round resulted in a match, a ⅓ chance, the next round having two remaining options means that there is a ½ chance of avoiding a match, and a ½ chance of making a second correct match. The last round will just be a confirmation of a win or a loss. The probability of losing, i.e. making a match on the first, second, and third rounds, is ⅓ ✕ ½ ✕ 1 = ⅙―this game is essentially not different from a die roll.
Shezie Black
Shezie Black 3 months ago
Last one is pyscopath 😂
Nobody’s home 😅
We all came straight to the comments to figure out wtf is goin on
Kim G
Kim G 3 months ago
“NO I WON” says no one ever except him 😂
Vincenzo Mazzola
Vincenzo Mazzola 3 months ago
Blind challenge and reveal that they are colorblind 🤣
Ash The Man
Ash The Man 3 months ago
It’s the opposite around if u didn’t know 😅
Futbol elitez
Futbol elitez 3 months ago
Emotional Damage 😢😂
Anonymous 3 months ago
Who else here just thought they were drunk throughout like 90 percent of the vid Edit:Thanks Guys
vinita 3 months ago
Who didn't understood the game until last.........😅
Lusky 3 months ago
I don’t get it
Lusky 3 months ago
Oh so if u get it right u get pied but if u don’t get the prime bottles right u don’t get pied
Alexandra Argentino
Alexandra Argentino 3 months ago
I don't understand the game
Sports gaming
Sports gaming 3 months ago
But he was the winner
Brx143 3 months ago
Are they color blind bc the last guy got them right
CitrusMenace Menace
CitrusMenace Menace 3 months ago
Theyre trying not to get them right thats the point
Kian Davids
Kian Davids 3 months ago
Im guessing the point was to not get it on the correct colours
TheMajesticFlow 3 months ago
Alijah Panganiban
Alijah Panganiban 3 months ago
Why would it be called a color match-
Distinguished Angel
Distinguished Angel 3 months ago
He was so excited only to lose 😅😂
Thebutttheifs 3 months ago
None of them are matching, except for the last round
FenekMT 3 months ago
It’s always like that. What’s the point of watching the video, If it was the first one?
Slick Silver
Slick Silver 3 months ago
I believe op was meaning the loser(person who did NOT match the colors was supposed to get the pie to the face instead of the person who did match it, get the pie?
Xiao Chen
Xiao Chen 3 months ago
its whoever matches it gets pied, there.
MORBIUS.666 3 months ago
2nd person laughs like brook from one piece 😂😂😂😂
Jegor Tsukanov
Jegor Tsukanov 3 months ago
Unlikely joe 😂
Pizza  Pizza
Pizza Pizza 3 months ago
Can you do a video where whoever doesn't make the perfect circle hast to get a tattoo of George Washington on their butt cheek
crøśšëd 3 months ago
TREEMAN 3 months ago
with live video
Keira Stulginski
Keira Stulginski 3 months ago
Ok does anyone notice that the last one is cut?
Misael Hernandez
Misael Hernandez 3 months ago
None of them got the colors right
Hi 3 months ago
Last one got it right
m!st3r m!st3r
m!st3r m!st3r 3 months ago
If you got the order right, you lost
Tohrment Dragonseeker
I see 2 reds and a pink. :/ I'd fail this every time.
Sean Couch
Sean Couch 3 months ago
Nah imagine script
riley wilmoth
riley wilmoth 3 months ago
theres cut scenes between the last ones
Yamaris 3 months ago
love these
Jegor Tsukanov
Jegor Tsukanov 3 months ago
There we have it, it was good plan
WilzEditz23 3 months ago
I love the content keep it up
DrDarunia 3 months ago
Dude at the end got white stuff on his pants
legelf 3 months ago
Mr Atash
Mr Atash 3 months ago
Best ❤❤❤❤
Alawami Ziz
Alawami Ziz 3 months ago
He won but at what cost 😂😂
addi 3 months ago
Me thinking Jake Gyllenhaal was in this video🤣😅💀😢
idont now games
idont now games 3 months ago
Like he got it wrong in 1st one but still win
EjtiComon 3 months ago
I think its about who gets it right
idont now games
idont now games 3 months ago
@EjtiComon then why was red and pink was wrong
EjtiComon 3 months ago
@idont now games ??
MITSUYOSHI 🍣 3 months ago
This is not scripted 😂😂😂😂
Vaud 3 months ago
Im colorblind i only see 2 red and 1 pink lmao❤
tocHARRIS 3 months ago
then change the settings so you dont be colour blind
Jason Babcock
Jason Babcock 3 months ago
None of them are matching except orange on the first round
barry skelton
barry skelton 3 months ago
he probs only got it right bc the colours didnt change places and they watched everyone else doing it..
bin 3 months ago
they change the orders of which they give the cups….
Connor 3 months ago
I love slushy‘s❤ they are amazing what’s the greatest❤🎉
🌸Burbur Libby🌸
Bro if woody had stood 2 inches to the right… the whipped cream would’ve landed in a specific spot-🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Want Flappy Wing
Want Flappy Wing 3 months ago
Friendly fire, man down.
Nepali Gaming
Nepali Gaming 3 months ago
Big fan sir🎉
RizzBoi 3 months ago
Bro I swear I thought I was color blind😭😭
JollyJunior 3 months ago
Bro I swear to god you be trippin dawg… btw I was third, and can I be pinned pls?
Bench Maenard Mansueto
He guess it right it's correct the last one
☆Nova☆ 2 months ago
Me already know that glasses guy is gonna get whip cream on the face 😂
KamilOfficialq 3 months ago
Real Madrid+Algeria
Real Madrid+Algeria 3 months ago
But every one lose
😎N1ghtmar3🌸 3 months ago
The point of the game is to not match the colors
Ty Parsons
Ty Parsons 3 months ago
The colors never change once
Cryptonic 22 days ago
The cuts for the last guy made it painfully obvious
Diamond Playz
Diamond Playz 3 months ago
There all just shades of red
Spartan420 3 months ago
I especially love the parts where they cut out the last guy being told where to put the cans. Very subtle.
Nobel Month ago
No confusion. Woody is genius ‘!
Zeus Caluya
Zeus Caluya 3 months ago
Thats impossible! The guy managed to perfect it is scripted
Kane1o0 3 months ago
They emptied the cans on the last one so dude could lose on purpose
Eternal Gamerz
Eternal Gamerz Month ago
Bro's so majestic that he was wearing glasses over the cloth on the eye.
Zainab Hendricks
Zainab Hendricks 3 months ago
He got it right bc he wears class
Upcoming Whale
Upcoming Whale 2 months ago
My colorblind ass genuinely confused why they had 2 of the same color
enderblaze 3 months ago
wait i'm so confused its color matching wouldn't the winner be the one who gets them all correct
A6G 3 months ago
You lads can stop using prime for clickbait now it’s died down no one buys it no more the hypes over and people are accepting it’s horrible
TheMajesticFlow 3 months ago
Which part is click bait?
cerrt Month ago
bro's are living in parallel reality💀
StarWars_Knowledge 3 months ago
The fact that everyone was standing there not blindfolded looking at the colors waiting for their turn, got me. Why the fuck you still reading this? What are you expecting to find? A thanks for the likes edit? No. I’m not that gay💀 And also This comment didn’t get any likes yet Bruhhhhh why you still readin Ok since ur still reading you hereby have permission to get a cookie from ur mom What you waiting for?! Go get that cookie!!!
Chicken The Boss
Chicken The Boss 3 months ago
I think I might en colorblinf
kenziee 3 months ago
If you get it right you get pied
go die :D
go die :D 3 months ago
bro creamed himself💀
Yolisa Nkqayana
Yolisa Nkqayana 3 months ago
Wait so they get pied in the face if they get it Right?!?😂❤
Del 3 months ago
I am definitely not colour blind. How did the last person loose?
IceReaper99 3 months ago
The goal was to not have them all Match I think
Domination Games
Domination Games 3 months ago
Love the cut for them telling the last guy where to put them.
ToonDuck 2 months ago
I feel like it should be the opposite 😂
brenan grenney
brenan grenney 3 months ago
Woody's wasn't a match
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines 2 months ago
I have that frog-eye mask!😂
No_Presh 19 days ago
I love how they made a cut each time before he set it down at the end how real
blackfire2010 3 months ago
The 1 was wrong
JCLH 3 months ago
The goal was to make sure the colors dont match if it matches you get pied
Julian Delao
Julian Delao 3 months ago
y’all notice in these vids the last person magically always gets them correctly
Skye Nicholson
Skye Nicholson 2 months ago
I thought it was whoever matched them wrong gets pied😃
Venice Scurr
Venice Scurr 3 months ago
It was wrong
Drenna Baleena
Drenna Baleena 2 days ago
The fact that bro called it 💀
Manan Tantia
Manan Tantia 20 days ago
As an Indian i can confirm our Moms or whoever packs the food.. Always packs a little bit Extra.. ♥️
nill Nodi
nill Nodi 3 months ago
They all did wrong but didn't get the loser pie but in last he did everything right 👍 but he got loser pie with us going on in this world I mean wtf I didn't get it I mean we all didn't get it wtf
Jade Russell
Jade Russell 3 months ago
ik rigt
Jade Russell
Jade Russell 3 months ago
J.B. XP DESIGNS 3 months ago
Its a reversed rules of this game, ez
UnknownUser16 3 months ago
I think who ever gets it right loses
greenpeasant._. 3 months ago
Dad : The drug won't effect my son... Meanwhile : ..... 😂
Dum Dum
Dum Dum 3 months ago
They were literally all wrong and they all acted like they got it. The internet in a nutshell, everyone.
SmokeyShart 3 months ago
They never changed the order of the papers… and they all watched each other take turns…
Gabriel de mesquita gobbi
Yeah really strange How someone placed It wrong but he didnt remember the space around him when he sat and thought that was the left or right paper
ConSaysHi 3 months ago
They gave them the cans in different orders…
Gérard01. 2 months ago
bro i dont understand, the winner lost
hmmm 3 months ago
They matched it all 😲😲
Sophia the demonslayer lover
But it’s right tho
Zeni :D
Zeni :D 3 months ago
Exactly the first one to match all of them gets pied the point is to not match them for some stupid reason
Michael Terrence Fernandez Lim
Bro is the type to get the correct answer despite using the wrong equation
SaturnW 3 months ago
There really color blind
vanillplays 3 months ago
Cus they're blindfolded?
Mohammad Ghadanfar
Mohammad Ghadanfar 3 months ago
Who gets it all right losses
Slavic Princess
Slavic Princess 3 months ago
Not the guy getting hit in the background 😭