Rage Control Run Challenge With Sonic VS Skibidi G man - Funny Animation 

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Feb 10, 2024




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Comments : 861   
@Jasonalphag 7 days ago
Chads who didn't do anything 🗿🍷 👇
@abelgomez5589 23 hours ago
Very good brother 🗿🍷
The vid:🤣 The song:🤨
@ms.banana6213 15 days ago
how is this wvwn funny
Sonic really did the moon Walk
@user-wh8vs3dw8x 11 days ago
@robinblakely5379 11 days ago
@sawsanalghamdi609 10 days ago
Yt shorts isnt that bad Yt shorts💀
@DavidLuysCarvalho 13 days ago
@user-su1mq1wz3w 16 hours ago
Ты понял я стой ты это заслуживаешь только дизлайка
Rip To My Braincells Rn 💀
@k.b.nicole2428 7 days ago
❤❤❤❤the first song ❤❤❤❤
@user-fg9eq7gp4y 3 days ago
Fr 💀
The Zombies Ate Your Braincells!
@deidrathomas6317 14 days ago
Bro did the run backwards moonwalk 💀
@CelinaValeriano 9 days ago
Tenemos ockofci odkdtgxkf
@user-jv6us4tg8s 13 days ago
Мои сны в понедельник:
@noelsamson9219 7 days ago
POV:he falls because he’s to fat , he falls in from the ice and has no revives. 💀 👇
@alulcraft77 10 days ago
I wonder why I was afraid of him because if he goes after the toilet the ice breaks xD
@skajiz1432 Day ago
@mikeeferrer 17 days ago
Sonic The Hedgehog and Skibidi Toilet are a match made in heaven. They've sorted out their differences and have made an amazing impact on people who supported their tandem until the end.
@juancolocho3965 16 days ago
@user-xn6vs9og7r 16 days ago
@user-lk9ly6lp3b 15 days ago
@user-tv4be3mt5r 15 days ago
😊 айылчылап❤😂🎉😮😊😊😊😊❤😂🎉😢😮😅😅😊😊
@dondadebora2866 15 days ago
@ahavatube2404 12 days ago
People who thought he would be super sonic 👇🏽
@StellaJing 11 days ago
@pabloaguirre2994 10 days ago
@meraldemirkan3302 10 days ago
How the heck does this have 3 million likes whilst an actually good video has one like? youtube is unfair
@erikruud4434 11 days ago
Bro dis vid has 2.3m likes
@Mycia2012 5 days ago
Now it have 3,4😅😅😅
@user-py7xb9po1p 7 days ago
Sonic got the FNAF look😂😂😂
@user-vp2dl4is1k 10 days ago
I like tails more :c
@user-bi2ov8wt3h 6 days ago
Спасибо создателям за то что не уходят с сильных наркотических веществ 🥰❤
Love sonic and tails in Amy🎉🎉🎉😂
Fft577 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ads be like
Skibidi cant runing the sonic 💀💀💀
@PoNi-mg7be 17 days ago
Fortnite you 😅have fun 😢 I’m so excited to 😂😅 I’m so happy 😁 I can’t
Bro you want us to like?
@TheMuneca1234 8 days ago
That not the moon walk thats the sun run 💀💀☠️☠️
Kocham potwory ❤👹👹🧟‍♀️🎃😏
@bettymiller4222 11 days ago
Hahah😂 he was so scared 😅😅😅😅
@viviangui7214 11 days ago
Haha is so funny! 😂😂😂
@JilmaraBonfim 9 days ago
@user-cq3ef6mg9s 9 days ago
I like it at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@maheshawasthi4034 10 days ago
How he gonna get teough the ice now
This is going to be my 60th reason. See you guys from the ceiling fan ✌🏼
Sonic The Hedgehog ando Skibidi Toiet era el chasis 😮😢❤❤❤😢😢😢
🎉mnlnca Mmmmm😂
@notmebut3719 5 days ago
@user-td4kt5le2t 4 days ago
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@user-yc1yh6do8d 2 days ago
So cool that’s so funny and awake. Sonic gets better. It’s so cool.😂🎉❤😊😅
@DeathnoX 20 days ago
Blind people: 💀 Deaf people:😊 Normal people:👹☠️☠️
@user-lc1ex5nt4w 19 days ago
@GigJvjj-hk6iu 19 days ago
@marselmarsel8838 18 days ago
@jhulianarojas1029 13 days ago
😂😂😂🎉😂😂😂😂😂 hola el Sonic sí fue fuerte
You can do 7000000000❤ And like
@azizefe6466 15 days ago
@azizefe6466 15 days ago
@user-xm4cu4hd2h 15 days ago
@kaseyromero5947 13 days ago
Bro, use reverse psychology
@muoihoang166 18 days ago
Love you
@user-pe7vv3uw4p 9 days ago
@sithlord8499 12 days ago
Brainrot pov:
@thejoser707 12 days ago
boy OWN K - A😊
@user-sk8he5rx1f 14 days ago
Bro his new video is probably cat nap x Minecraft x toilet
@user-sd7me1qw2l 9 days ago
@KolyaKatya 9 days ago
@ashlily2263 9 days ago
My brain cells are rotting
@tomwalker5473 12 days ago
Its Vy!
@Odelia-ec8ni 8 days ago
@lucaspinto2645 7 days ago
I am going back to TikTok 💀
@Anavitoria-se2ts 16 days ago
@tanekaslappey4777 14 days ago
I 💙 Sonic😇
Hdjdjdhdjdjrrkkdjrh😅hdd😊 Shjddjrj😮 jsj😅😅😅
@IshaPhadte 18 days ago
Blind people💀 Deaf people😊
@user-si4gl4lv4u 17 days ago
@user-tx6zo1er2y 17 days ago
@user-mv5zl5oj7x 12 days ago
@user-dv3iw1pz5m 12 days ago
@Hal_angry_birds 3 days ago
Sonic's eyes are ver super cute eyes 0:03
@user-yp5hs1bh3x 19 days ago
@MiloUncos-yw7kj 10 days ago
@KestlyEspinosa 9 days ago
Sonic . EXE ??
@user-lv1mi3hj8l 6 days ago
Skibidi toiled y sonic❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😮😮😮😮
@VdayeSamu 7 days ago
Let us decide man
Yeah, that was funny Yo, I would like to subscribe on that. That was pretty awesome. But I got all the sticks to comment, but this video Tell me how are you I wanna know no but The Porten part is the end I like this video It was pretty sick🎉😂
@selmabaydar3417 19 days ago
3 fu
@user-kr3pr2px7s 15 days ago
Sonic exe 😂
Amo a 💕 sonic
@alecwilcken9636 18 days ago
Yes he win
@user-nc7kx2xg2x 8 days ago
@user-gs6su8bc6o 8 days ago
@user-rt1xh2wb3z 21 day ago
No k
@janelnava2138 19 days ago
🦁 Love you
علميهم من ساويوَستي مسزيخط ❤❤❤❤❤❤😂🎉🎉😢والله 😮🎉🎉❤مرحبا 😂هستثرصن عصخشث❤😂🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ق❤ث❤❤ث❤❤ث❤ص❤❤❤ص❤❤❤صص❤ص❤❤ص❤ص❤ص❤❤صصصصصص🎉🎉😂❤😂🎉❤❤❤❤
I'm first comment here
@JellyToXic408 3 days ago
I like it
@Odelia-ec8ni 8 days ago
@NicolSullca 12 days ago
The video 😀 the song 💀
He doing the moonwalk😂
@MaxCordovil 8 days ago
@ressick5160 12 days ago
I love sonic and you
@AddyRoman 8 days ago
I don’t love sonic
@AddyRoman 4 days ago
@@carloshernandezramirez8200 go away
@faridhabanu7091 6 days ago
Poppy playtime chapter 4
Sonic.. Exe?
@user-bk3mh1pd5u 7 days ago
А как же пройте сквозь лёт?
@aupopa 11 days ago
I did likes
Is love sonic and moonspeedruning
@Lorenzo0oo 6 days ago
@cryptic6453 12 days ago
Imagine he falls
@user-jk9xj6qv4q 9 days ago
Pov: I'll lend you my cell phone Ami my cousin what I be
@YNX.A 8 days ago
Who team not like💀 👇
Its a game
I love sauce
@amaraasad8016 16 days ago
You are best sonic ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@saramarquez7290 7 days ago
Holiday Just got so Big
@Shanudegreates 12 days ago
He turn into blood sonic exe
@glen2204 8 days ago
@josmithern9163 7 days ago
Sonic is a baby 😂
@AlissonYuri-bl7rb 16 days ago
@jhenapadua8806 12 days ago
you are asking me for just a like ☠️
@kimkevin7169 9 days ago
Sometimes, its never late for adoption. By: Kreekcraft
@user-hw3xx8fd9g 13 days ago
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