Red Food VS Blue Food Challenge | Mukbang with Only 1 Color Food! Crazy War by RATATA BRILLIANT 

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We knew how long you've been waiting for this! Everyone has their own color preferences. This time the focus is on two bright colors. This time, the focus is on two vibrant opposing colors. Cold blue and hot red! Battle 24 hours Red vs Blue! Huge selection of sweets of only one color in the most fun and exciting mukbang! You will definitely love this video! How long can you last eating only one color within 24 hours?
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Oct 5, 2021




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Tiny Star
Tiny Star 3 months ago
Man... modern kids really missed out on quality brain melting cartoons... This is just soul melting confusion...
Will Sofer
Will Sofer 3 months ago
Okay, boomer.
Gladys Pearl Piguing
Kimbot Anticamara
​@Gladys Pearl Piguingga😊❤😅❤
G.w. Gichuki
G.w. Gichuki 23 days ago
Thanks for the information Mr Abdul, I am also a technician based in Kenya(East Africa) and would much appreciate if you did the same reset video for KYOCERA TASKalfa 3510i
Mr Soap
Mr Soap Year ago
I feel bad for the kids watching this 💀💀💀
Beluga Year ago
When we see it we think of it
Beluga Year ago
aviation❤1980 4 months ago
It's not about food, it's about sex.
Sue Patts
Sue Patts 4 months ago
Jesus loves you 🌎🫐💟🍓😇🥭🍊💕🍀🐠🍒🍁❤️🥰🪴🪻💜🩷🍉🍇🌺🦚🍐🍍🧡🌸💙🤩🥝💚✨️
Verna Crookedneck
Verna Crookedneck 4 months ago
@aviation❤1980 S
Lee 345
Lee 345 3 months ago
Gotta get the kids trained to buy all the new junk food 😢
bdarecords 3 months ago
Why is this algorithm recommending me this and why do such channels exist and have 13 million views? What has happened to this world? :D
Avril Ardy 🌟TK ni ELM🌟
​@bdarecords 🎉❤❤
Will Sofer
Will Sofer 3 months ago
@bdarecords Lonely, strange Korean men happened, followed by lonely, strange men from Japan. Then lonely strange men from all over the world happened. That's literally how mukbang started. It's partly sexual, but more about these potential incels feeling like they connect with someone, even via seeing someone eat a meal in a video. Sad. And yes, I do feel genuinely bad for these people. Not sure why the rest of us should have to be recommended these weird paraphilias and obsessions, but sure. Once we start socializing people, and ignoring loneliness, mukbangs will cease to be as much of a thing.
bdarecords 2 months ago
@Will Sofer Interesting theory. I thought it was an algorithm thing like this elsagate thing some years ago
Boemo Bulala
Boemo Bulala 2 months ago
This video is cool 😎 ❤
Lighting god
Lighting god Month ago
This show is so good
Videorz160 Year ago
This is straight out of a fever dream
Squeeze Year ago
Or hell
Abnu Ebnu
Abnu Ebnu Year ago
Anakin Skywalker
Fever dream! The perfect comparison!
Anakin Skywalker
That is the only thing this can be likened to.
Jay Dolan
Jay Dolan Year ago
It’s amazing what people do to not get into porn
Jack Thatcher
Jack Thatcher 3 months ago
Underrated comment
MeenGreen 3 months ago
Helen 2 months ago
Oh I wish I had all that candy 🍭🍬
SuperCrAzYfLiPpEr 3 months ago
Maaaan, if you actually give it a chance it's super phunion to watch.
Window Licker
Window Licker 3 months ago
If this is what kids are watching these days, it’s no wonder why there’s subway surfers gameplay under everything.
Smoking won't affect my baby The baby:
Janya Napier
Janya Napier Year ago
The baby: 😭
Anne Kamau
Anne Kamau Year ago
@Janya Napier Gloria
Poe Boi
Poe Boi 3 months ago
your avatar really evokes your comment
StorneSMP Year ago
The random sound effects had my ankles laughing
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
∆bucklingNMS 5 months ago
the best family even
Thanks for your videos
Dakota 4 months ago
You’re so good😂❤❤
Lerato Lesedi
Lerato Lesedi Year ago
R and B are my favorite colors💙💘
K Hashim
K Hashim Year ago
I love teal color and blue
Mthokozisi Chris
Nice tell me witch one your watching next
Nina Kapušin
Nina Kapušin 4 months ago
​@K Hashimpo ll 😊ojzkaaaa😊😊❤❤
Natasha Goimba
Natasha Goimba 6 months ago
I like it
Patience Maphosa
Wowwww l love this people💗❤💗❤💗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
JebClang 3 months ago
You must be 5 or something
I Call It As It Is
The sad thing is that the people in this video are most likely making at least 10 times as much as the average hard-working person...and you wonder why kids nowadays would rather be a "RU-vid Influencer" than something more useful like a doctor or engineer.
Eshaal Faizan
Eshaal Faizan Year ago
Anura Kulathunga
අනේ මේකනම් ලස්සනයි....තව ඕනා....😄💖💖
I understand you :)
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman Year ago
@YourfavpreppygirlCamimybestiesbiggestfan same
Jenny Year ago
3 year old me is drooling over this rn
Roger C
Roger C 3 months ago
Because you were brainwashed
MacLeanhi 4 months ago
Boelivery Year ago
A yeti? And ALIEN!? That got me so good-
Youyou Aristide
Jd Is Ejs
Youyou Aristide
Dose E
Family C.
Family C. Year ago
@Youyou Aristide PrestonPlayz radio 😆🤕
Angel the pup
Angel the pup Year ago
Popo post you better eat jam
Anthony Hinton
@Family C. Check mo McCray
Josef Schaufler
Josef Schaufler 7 months ago
Love the video
Desiree Darville
Desiree Darville 7 months ago
Looks so good omggggg
Darci Gernan
Darci Gernan Year ago
3 year of me is drooling over this rm
Beata Thomas
Beata Thomas Year ago
Megan Kish
Megan Kish Year ago
I love it
Anne 7 months ago
Juan Meza
Juan Meza Year ago
I literally just started this vid and it’s already good
Mozalefa Sherzad
Mozalefa Sherzad 4 months ago
Whnhui yrbo
Disanayaka Pradeep kumara
Msuthukazi Nkqwitha
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
brett cowie
brett cowie 7 months ago
I REALLY LOVE FOOD,I wish my dad would give me that much sweets
Jimmie Gatimu
Jimmie Gatimu 6 months ago
Halloween Chlo👻
Halloween Chlo👻 5 months ago
Ya! Same But I Have Diabetes in real life tho,😭
Rosalie Rolfe
Rosalie Rolfe 4 months ago
Mr darr marl
Mr darr marl 4 months ago
Mr darr marl
Mr darr marl 4 months ago
@Halloween Chlo👻 sad
Katie Ambler
Katie Ambler Year ago
It's making me hungry 🏟🏜🏖🍑🍋🍑🍓🍆🍆🍅🍒🍄🍏🍏🍏🍒🍅🌽🍍🍍🍖🍒🍐🍏🍑🍒🧀🍉🧀🍅🍈🍈🍅🍱🍝🍜🌭🍚🍤🍚🍦🍦🍧🍥🍧🍙🍶☕🍪🍵🍴🏺🍭🍯🏖🍶🍶🍶🍵🍭🍵🍷🎂🍷🍵🍮🎂🍭🍶🍮☕🍸🍵🍸🎂🍷🍶🍷🍶🍷🍰🍷☕🍷🍱🍢🍩🍲🍠🍨🍿🍝🍧🌯🍜🍦🌮🍛🍡🌭🍚🍥🍕🍙🍤🍟🍘🍣🍱🍝🍛🍙🍏🍎🌽🧀🌽🍔🍗🍆🍍🍌🍅🍖🧀🍓🍋🍊🍒🍞🍉🍑🌰🍈🍐🍄🍇🍏🌶🌶
amber tuuta
amber tuuta Year ago
I love these kinds of stuff
Squish mellows land
Squish mellows land 5 months ago
Mole Hansman
Mole Hansman Year ago
The random yeeeeaaahhhhs in the background had me cracking up. This is pure mind mush right here
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
Hrhdhfhfhgg I’m so happy 😁 tu The 😂first thing to say about the game
Mthokozisi Chris
Love this
Zulqarnayn Faisal
@Melody Roscoe xdzcxxcxxc
Zulqarnayn Faisal
Sig'ne Year ago
I just wanted to watch them eat different chocolate (cough) bars!
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 29:55 29:56 29:57 29:57 29:58
Michelle 7 months ago
Emilia niilenge
Wow I love your work and want to see more 😍 💕 💗 ❤ 💜 👏
Rannie Tabuzo
Rannie Tabuzo Year ago
Mcguffin Renna
This feels like someone's fetish
jammer toe
jammer toe Year ago
..its horrifying
Travis 3 months ago
Eduardo Raffaells
The inner child that lives in me loves this type of video! 🥰😍🎉🥳🎊😘❤️♥️😃🤩
Righteous team
You need help.
MoRoN222 3 months ago
@Righteous team I agree
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren Year ago
I've never tried a blue Oreo cookie before. I wish I could try it sometime.
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren Year ago
Hey! Those red burgers and those blue burgers remind me of Pretty Patties! It's kinda like the SpongeBob SquarePants crossover that I'm never gonna forget!
liam gavin
liam gavin Year ago
@Hannah Warren yea
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren Year ago
One question. Why is the Nutella red and blue?
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren Year ago
And what's with a blue and red marshmallows on a stick?
Hannah Warren
Hannah Warren Year ago
Just to let you know, broccoli is good for our health. On the inside, if I tried broccoli with Skittles, I suppose that it'll taste both healthy and sweet.
4 months ago
Wow 😳😮
Ufoma Peace
Ufoma Peace 5 months ago
This video is the best ❤
baddeal al
baddeal al 4 months ago
CaptainComedy 4 months ago
Watch quality content
Kpanah Broh
Kpanah Broh 11 months ago
Am a fan and a subscriber of your videos
spongebob Year ago
Looks so good
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman Year ago
Ayva Benjamin
Ayva Benjamin Year ago
I know right🥺🥺🥺 I want some 🤤🤤🤤😭😭🤤🤤🤤🤤😭😭😭
Moda Land
Moda Land Year ago
Aaron Bevers
Aaron Bevers Year ago
@Ayva Benjamin p
I love this
Bright Othugile
Bright Othugile 9 months ago
cute sister
cute sister 4 months ago
Bronwynne Lekay
I love your videos and your voice 😍💓😍😍💓😍
Kristen Rust
Kristen Rust 10 months ago
I Love ❤ it
Moore Francesca
Moore Francesca 9 months ago
@Kristen Rust f6
Moore Francesca
Moore Francesca 9 months ago
Moore Francesca
Moore Francesca 9 months ago
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
Christine Grange
Christine Grange 4 months ago
Cordeirdre Mitchell
Cordeirdre Mitchell 6 months ago
So good to see you😢😅😅 🎉 you’re a biggest fan
Sharon Coley
Sharon Coley 4 months ago
Those kit cats were looking good
Yasmine Year ago
I love Blue and Red
Chidera Onyegbule
Chidera Onyegbule 6 months ago
Delicious I love this
adil mohamed
adil mohamed 5 months ago
Trizah Hellen
Trizah Hellen Year ago
I am so excited to be with you
Peyton Naidoo
Peyton Naidoo 6 months ago
Omg love it
Sonic Comedy
Sonic Comedy 7 months ago
This is… AMAZING! I’ve seen everything in this community! You did your best!
makai maria
makai maria Year ago
Iove you RATATA
InspectorX59 4 months ago
The food looks so good😋😋
Roger C
Roger C 3 months ago
The depression or diabetes?
Koala lover
Koala lover 4 months ago
I love this vid
John Simth
John Simth 5 months ago
So good 😊
Lucilyn Belago
Lucilyn Belago 4 months ago
Roofers Nail Hardest
These girls deserve all their millions of views. I admit I saw the dyed hair and wrote them off as feminists but I couldn’t resist the optics of the thumbnail. I was wrong this is very well done for what it is, and they are way too creative to be feminists😂
tyler patoo
tyler patoo 4 months ago
no they dont
Roofers Nail Hardest
@tyler patoo yo don’t be a hater yo
Ikem bose
Ikem bose Year ago
This is so amazing actually I choose red
Anakin Skywalker
How much does RU-vid hate me for this to be in my recommended?
Amberplayss Month ago
Aww I wish I hade that it is All looks so good
Liv 7 months ago
It loook so yummyyyyy
Nisha 2 months ago
The big KitKat was nice
Gabrielle Ansley
Gabrielle Ansley 4 months ago
I love your videos
Jourdon Patron
Jourdon Patron 4 months ago
Min juju have sinned HH non essential lop bunny ears
cookie 5 months ago
izz Shaban
izz Shaban Year ago
Blue is my favourite color
Keshwar Dass
Keshwar Dass Year ago
I love blue ..❤❤
Elena Petrea
Elena Petrea 8 months ago
immaculate Shingange
We like you 123 Go 🎉❤❤
We got into wars just for this💀💀💀
Sukuriye Sank
Sukuriye Sank 4 months ago
Ellie 7 months ago
I like the colour Red and blue
Nkechi Udemba
Nkechi Udemba 4 months ago
R and B are my favourite colours
zara faith
zara faith Year ago
I love red
Ayva Benjamin
Ayva Benjamin Year ago
Yummmm gimme 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Samoya Obrien
Samoya Obrien 7 months ago
Steven Parker
Steven Parker Year ago
i love it
Shanice_ unstoppable
Me too
Beata Thomas
Beata Thomas Year ago
@Shanice_ unstoppable DARAHDHiTi
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown 8 months ago
My mouth is watering I love red and blue
Nicole Dantzler
i love red
Zaniya Madison
Zaniya Madison 4 months ago
Test account
Test account Year ago
Sidney official
Why is the cupcake so small?
Petra Hrupek
Petra Hrupek Year ago
Islamicfactsdaily 5 months ago
Me: watching this whilst I'm fasting 😵😅💀
TeagyDreams 0403
TeagyDreams 0403 4 months ago
you guys are my favorite chanle
Dorothy Lessley
So cool
I love red ❤🔥🐙🍓🌅👗🚨🎈
amitabh_bh amith
amitabh_bh amith 4 months ago
olivia mcnally
Please let me know what time is perfect for Amelia 🤯👌👉👈💅🌷💐🌹🥀🌺🌸🌸🌾🍄🌴🌴🌳🌵⛄🌵🪴🍂🍁🍄🌴🌴🍀⛄🌊☃️❄️🌳🍄🌲
jammer toe
jammer toe Year ago
Bruh what is up with these commenters
Nickola Charbonneau Durand
This is as close as "not watching porn" can get.
Junalyn Nepomoceno
waw 22 😀😀
Darci Gernan
Darci Gernan Year ago
I love blue
Wales Financial Growth Journey
i love your candy
Anna Theresa Baluyot-Regidor
Red because it’s my favorite color
Joaquin faraj
Joaquin faraj Year ago
Cool kids