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Nothing eventful ever happens in the peaceful New Raccoon City. The legendary franchise Resident Evil brings its battle for survival to Netflix on July 14th.

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Resident Evil | Official Teaser | Netflix


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May 11, 2022




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Мистер Огонёчек
It’s genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material
Luke Pavitt
Luke Pavitt Hour ago
@Luizy Touché though many games have been made into books, and with how often do novels fail as movies. When they're made into books, they are not held back by bad gameplay mechanics, bad voice acting or terrible visual designs so it's little wonder some of it works.
Michael Pease
Michael Pease 3 hours ago
I thought resident evil had a great lore.
Luizy 4 hours ago
@Elesthor it's better than this
Luizy 4 hours ago
@Draconic Scribe no bro, no
Luizy 4 hours ago
@Richard Westmoreland better than this for sure
Stealth 2 days ago
I'm sure this will be as good as the new resident evil movie
Ginge Films
Ginge Films Hour ago
​@Ari Hom2 but infinite darkness was worse?
Luizy 4 hours ago
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters 5 hours ago
Which one? There are 7 (not counting the animated features). The most recent one was entertaining, but not good.
gibran avdiel
gibran avdiel 15 hours ago
Such a good movies
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine 2 days ago
A wise man once quoted a wise man who said “A wise man once said: It’s genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material”
Dazed1 NYC
Dazed1 NYC Day ago
Like Nietzsche once said, "I gotta do something about this syphilis"
Sarah W
Sarah W Day ago
Mike Day ago
And his followers copied and pasted it 100 more times, til the simple folk they were driven mad
@Cloud Nine I'm right though ;) "malignant", such a great word xD
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine 2 days ago
@AngryLittleGnome You malignant fool! How dare you question the wise man..
Junaid Asghar
Junaid Asghar 3 days ago
Why can’t these people simply understand that people want to see original story of resident evil. Portrayed nicely. Same nonsense happened with previous resident evil movies. And m not expecting anything different for this one as well.
Will Rodriguez
Will Rodriguez 2 days ago
Wisdom words brother.
James M
James M 2 days ago
It’s amazing how Resident Evil has such great source material which brings its own uniqueness to zombie horror and Netflix manages to make a movie based off that that ends up looking like another generic zombie movie. Well done again Netflix, you never cease amaze me because you never amaze me to begin with.
CAMELOT331 6 days ago
This looks like the most "Netflix Adaptation" meme brought to life that I have ever seen.
@Tom Hanks projection, hard! The help you’ll get will help sort out your family problems of which you clearly want. You don’t “at least” have nothing, you yearning for one, that’s your issue here.
TL 2 days ago
Okay here’s my idea for an actual good Resident Evil series: Have 8 or so episodes all focusing on a single character (Claire, Jill, Leon, Sherry etc) The episodes are out of order chronologically but all tie in together at the end so you get the full picture. It follows the events of the first 3 games from the mansion to the outbreak in the streets all the way up to the city being bombed. That simple.
Osean Hale
Osean Hale 19 hours ago
Black summer
Nin13666 Day ago
@Sleeping Fairy40 That formula sucked for arrested. Ruined the show
Sleeping Fairy40
You mean, Arrested Development style? The fourth season was done that way. But you’re right, it would probably work better in this case.
@Patrick 😂😂
Nin13666 Day ago
Black Summer
Manaka Kisaragi
Manaka Kisaragi 2 days ago
If your were going for: "holy F! That looks even worse than the movies" kind of reactions, then mission complete.
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa 4 hours ago
Sería más fácil, que adaptarán los libros de Residente Evil en serie, al menos serían 7 temporadas de unos 10 capítulos, una por cada libro (creo que hay buen material en ellos). Allí ya están los diálogos y son más fieles a los juegos, a excepción de los inventados pero de todas maneras resultan bien ambientados e interesantes, y sería mucho mejor que querer condensar los juegos en formato de películas. Eso si, respetando las etnias de los personajes (y no ser políticamente correctos), ya llevamos viendo a los personajes desde 1996 y si quieren ser inclusivos pues inventen nuevos personajes; y un punto interesante sería que usarán las pistas icónicas de la música de los juegos. Eso le daría un plus.
KiWi Dragon
KiWi Dragon 2 days ago
Not going to waste my time watching this. In my childhood, I was obsessed with this super cool zombie horror in a freaky mansion. At 35 I am totally despondent to this TV show of the same name.
Next of Ken
Next of Ken 6 days ago
This couldn't look LESS like Resident Evil. I don't get it...
moycon 2 days ago
It's not to make fans happy or generate revenue that's for sure.
Kspice9000 2 days ago
@Jordan I'm not upvoting you. Not because I don't like what you said but 666 is to perfect.
Jojo Day ago
Me: "Oh man, Lance Reddick is in this! I love him! What character is he playing?" Also me, looking up his character: "W h a t." Like...how do you not find a tall, blonde, British guy to play him? Wesker is NOT a hard character to bring to the big screen?
Amazing Andy
Amazing Andy 23 hours ago
cant have white people playing traditionally white characters in 2022. netflix wont allow it 😆
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 21 hour ago
A wise man once said: "A wise man once said, 'It's genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material'"
knytrydr73 2 days ago
Because "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" worked out so well
Jerome Goyard
Jerome Goyard 2 days ago
That's a very inclusive, multi-national cast you've got there, Netflix. I'm sure that will be appreciated and at the forefront of everyone's minds.
Mateo Gonzalez
Mateo Gonzalez 40 minutes ago
just say your racist and go.
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters 5 hours ago
Well, people are of different ethnicities in real life and representation is important. I'm getting tired of the whole "every movie or series that doesn't feature an all-white all-cishet cast is woke BS" sentiment. It's so dumb. What really matters is the quality. The story, the characters, the look and feel. My expectations for this series are low, but movies of series don't fail because their cast is "too inclusive". That's ridiculous.
Janson Rawlings
@Shearman well, seeing as there wasn’t anything else of any substance to glean from this awful trailer, YES
Shearman 2 days ago
seems to be at the forefront of yours
Jester Laughs
Jester Laughs 6 days ago
Resident Evil has solid source material and it blows my mind that RE1-3 have never received an authentic, slow-paced live action adaptation. I don't get how 4 police officers trapped in a mansion in the woods with zombies, monsters, and deathtraps, all with a mystery to solve isn't worth a full season of content alone.
ProGramm4R 2 days ago
Sounds like Evil Dead, night of the living dead, etc.
deep mind
deep mind 3 days ago
They could even go for the baker family and use that as inspiration, or another country like Spain, Romania, Africa, you know, settings that the games have been in.
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 4 days ago
Because it's harder to push wokeness if the characters are stuck in a mansion fighting zombies. How are we going to witness any conversations about pregnant men if the characters are too busy spending all the screen time investigating a zombie outbreak?
Teneesh 4 days ago
What's weirder is that Nemesis' voice acting has never been as good as the original's. Which is funny since he only says one word. But none feel as threatening as the original RE3. This has nothing to do with your comment, I just want to say this
Charming nowhere to hide
After watching this trailer: "I think Game Of Thrones Season 8 deserved all the Emmys, Oscars and Noble prize awards etc. 10/10. A Masterpiece. "
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa Day ago
Sería más fácil, que adaptarán los libros de Residente Evil en serie, al menos serían 7 temporadas de unos 10 capítulos, una por cada libro (creo que hay buen material en ellos). Allí ya están los diálogos y son más fieles a los juegos, a excepción de los inventados pero de todas maneras resultan bien ambientados e interesantes, y sería mucho mejor que querer condensar los juegos en formato de películas. Eso si, respetando las etnias de los personajes (y no ser políticamente correctos), ya llevamos viendo a los personajes desde 1996 y si quieren ser inclusivos pues inventen nuevos personajes; y un punto interesante sería que usarán las pistas icónicas de la música de los juegos. Eso le daría un plus.
bronys partys second channel
I am so happy to see this even when people say it looks bad I think it looks so bloody good to the point I can't wait to watch it
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa 4 hours ago
It would be easier, if they would adapt the Resident Evil books as a series, at least there would be 7 seasons of about 10 chapters, one for each book (I think there is good material in them). The dialogues are already there and they are more faithful to the games, with the exception of the invented ones but in any case they are well set and interesting, and it would be much better than wanting to condense the games into movie format. Of course, respecting the ethnic groups of the characters (and not being politically correct), we have been seeing the characters since 1996 and if they want to be inclusive, then invent new characters; and an interesting point would be that they will use the iconic music tracks from the games. That would give it a plus.
NewWorldOrgone 5 days ago
I'm rooting for the zombies.
Boomboom Day ago
@787.86 what are you on about sounds personal
Crep 105
Crep 105 Day ago
They're called Zeroes in this show.
Miguelitoo 2 days ago
Jesus Lupian
Jesus Lupian 2 days ago
So am I. Please win zombies 🧟‍♂️
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict 2 days ago
This makes me appreciate welcome to raccoon city so much more.
Osean Hale
Osean Hale 19 hours ago
Looks about the same to me, all the way down to the corny horror spin of the trailer theme song
Ronda Collins
Ronda Collins 2 days ago
"New Raccoon City" is something that I've been waiting to see in the franchise. Like... is the government really going to just leave a crater in the middle of the midwest forever? No, of course not. So for that, I applaud whomever came up with the concept. At the same time... expectations are SUPER low.
James Collinge
James Collinge 2 days ago
The one thing I liked about Umbrella Corps was the implication that Raccoon City's remains have become like Stalker's exclusion zone - with scavengers risking their lives to salvage Umbrella tech and research
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 3 hours ago
I was so rooting for this one, but my expectations are the lowest of low at this point.
Superman007 2 days ago
Sometimes these new resident evil movie makes me appreciate the first two Andersons RE movies
Alvaro Ramirez
Alvaro Ramirez 5 days ago
Netflix: The serie has to feature a strong female character. Fan: I agree, there is a strong female character that everyone loves, her name is Jill Valentine.. Netflix: Ok, but there has to be inclusion and representation. Fan: I agree, There are 2 beloved characters with those features, Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar. Their backstories could be great to adapt. Netflix: You know what, I'm gonna ignore everything and see how it goes.
Diogo Reina
Diogo Reina 2 days ago
“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ - JRR Tolkien
Nully Emptier
Nully Emptier 2 days ago
“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ - JRR Tolkien
Burzzz300 3 days ago
I really wish they’d try to make more of these, there’s not enough resident evil products
Benjamin the Rogue
"We bought a random zombie script. What should we call it?" "Call it Resident Evil. That'll do all of the work for us."
Tiana Ariadne
Tiana Ariadne 5 days ago
It can't possibly be THIS hard to make a faithful, well done Resident Evil adaptation... my goodness.
Deady Brock
Deady Brock Day ago
Evidently it is
Cassandra Brooks
Cassandra Brooks 3 days ago
Ikr 😂
PuppetBoy 4 days ago
@Old man Biscuit or in one of the levels of hell.....
Old man Biscuit
Old man Biscuit 4 days ago
@PuppetBoy very. I'm starting to believe the world ended in 2011 and we're in purgatory.
Shia Syndicate
That actually looks pretty good, as opposed to what we got so far! Can't wait.
Yalam 3 days ago
“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ - JRR Tolkien
Davide Consolandi
Now in the third (or fourth?) adaptation I sincerely hope that they have managed to create a worthy product, with an interesting but above all coherent story, capable of showing both action and terror as in the game. Fingers crossed!
Faroazan Deen
A wise man once said "A wise man once said: "A wise man once said, 'It's genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material'"
Faruq 9854
Faruq 9854 5 days ago
It's impressive that Netflix make the previous Resident Evil live action movies look like a masterpiece and have more love than this
Ox io
Ox io Day ago
@Kaspar especially i liked Dwayne Douglas role performance in this movie, Oscar material. Gold even!
0ptimus1984 3 days ago
@XWolven to welcome to recon city the last1
XWolven 3 days ago
@0ptimus1984 Direct sequel to what?
Columbo199X 4 days ago
It's just the title that makes this Resident Evil.
Dead Sun
Dead Sun 4 days ago
This is planet of the apes sir
Dildo Faggins
Dildo Faggins 9 hours ago
I'll never understand why they didn't just do a Resident Evil Outbreak TV series. The Outbreak games have a great cast of characters to use in a TV series with each episode having a scenario location be the focus and have episodes focus time to time between the 2 groups of the 8 survivors. There's a good Resident Evil TV series premise
Euris Garcia
Euris Garcia 2 days ago
It's so hard to understand that we just want to see Leon at Raconn City and Chris at the fuc. house 😵‍💫 and explain what happened after those moments
TheRealEric 3 days ago
Lance Reddick is one of my favorite actors, but I'mma pass on this in a big way.
Chris the Ravager
Chris the Ravager 8 hours ago
I'll pass. We don't want action. We want horror. How many times do we have to scream it for you to finally listen?
Crim Rui
Crim Rui 4 days ago
It's actually impressive that Resident Evil can be anything now. They just need to have few zombies and Umbrella logo in there.
VAK29 15 hours ago
@CrAzY dude aint no one paying attention to this crap. we are just here to downvote.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 18 hours ago
Not interested in white replacement casting.
Marion Hope
Marion Hope 21 hour ago
Really?!! Where TF were YOU during like the last EIGHT RE movies, Einstein?!!😆🤣😂😂😂😅🥹🥲
Kwame Coleman
🗑 it has nothing to do with resident evil
Boomboom Day ago
@Roger Wright “good catch”💀💀 they put it front of your face lmaooo
Avijit Cree
Avijit Cree Hour ago
The new intro of Netflix catches my eyes more than the movie 💘
can i waste all your time here in the sidewalk
Resident Evil 4 is a great source material if they ever decide to do one, I just hope they don't stray too far from the source.
cw3le Day ago
You know the material doesn't look good, when you have long-time game fans talking bad of it. I remember when I watched LoTR trilogy, the extended cut, in the closing credits there was a miles-long list of names in "special thanks" section and those were the names of members of various LoTR fan clubs from all over the world. It means the production crew actually bothered to consult with the actual fans when it came to deciding on how to produce the movies. Imagine if either Capcom or any of these movie/tv show directors decided to do the same thing...
RANDIESEL 3 hours ago
Oh no, that would make too much sense, no we can't do that!
Gotham Savior
Gotham Savior 5 hours ago
The best RE games: Eeerie and atmospheric survival horror. RE film adaptations: ACTION! EXPLOSIONS! HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING TO THE EXXXXTREEMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Abrego
Kevin Abrego 5 days ago
The biggest thing that bothers me is that RE 1-3 have like the most basic story of any zombie game to be made into a live action film or series that fans could love, yet somehow it’s seems to be too difficult for studios to do that
Just Someone
Just Someone 2 days ago
@Chaika Gaz they even call them zombies in game, what?
Stan 3 days ago
The people thats gonna watch this supports Adel not loosing weight.
Fearless Leader
Fearless Leader 3 days ago
@MARKOdaMON the original had the same story line involving barry being essentially blackmailed etc.
Fearless Leader
Fearless Leader 3 days ago
@Michel De Bruyn the story is amazing...it centers around essentially a small town police departments "swat" team investigating bizarre murders near a mansion out in the woods. Their initial search team goes missing and they discover the mansion is actually a cover for a deep underground mansion where they do horrible experiments. Each character is amazing, as you play, you really feel part of their story. Some of my favorite characters in that game had very short roles.
logansama 3 days ago
they dont wanna do it.
EVE.2 2 days ago
This will make people look back at the Paul Anderson movies with tears in their eyes
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters 5 hours ago
The PWS Anderson RE movies weren't that bad (except The Final Cut, holy sh**). The writing was flawed but the movies were entertaining and Jovovich was great as Alice. Now, Welcome to Raccoon City was great in that it was actually faithful to the source material but was flawed in its execution. I hope someone one day will get it right, because I do think Resident Evil has great potential as a live action movie (franchise).
GIPSY Day ago
@DOMINIC LAPORTE same as Cole in the new Mortal Kombat movie, corporate inserted POV character. I dont really mind them, as long as theyre not annoying.
@GIPSY And the last one was ok. But after all this time i am still wondering who the hell Alice is?
GIPSY Day ago
first two Anderson RE movies were ok, the rest. . meh.
Shedontknow Butsheknows
Let’s say his version is the best of any live action/adaptation ever come out rn 😂
It would be assumed that an adaptation of any franchise should be focused on fans of that franchise. But it seems that the production companies only buy licenses to promote their own ideologies. Respecting the root of the source material is not limiting, it is correct.
kOoN985 8 hours ago
I've played almost every game to date, except for the Survivor series. I cannot pick out a single character who I'd have known from the games from this trailer. Clearly, Netflix does the classic move to "swap" everyone every which way they can.
C.H.A.M.O Day ago
I know this has been said millions of times but how difficult is it to make an good adaptation of resident evil?
Chazas 6 days ago
Came for Resident Evil, left because it is not Resident Evil.
Peter Last
Peter Last 16 hours ago
@Thomas Jefferson doesn’t matter if you or other resident Evil fans are interested or not, what matters is that there is greater diversity for the next generation to enjoy. The entertainment industry is going through some necessary changes for the good of society. This is way more important than appealing to or keeping current fans.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 18 hours ago
Not interested in white replacement casting.
Peter Last
Peter Last 2 days ago
@Максим Ляшко well at least Trevor Noah is a lot more objective (and factual) than Tucker Carlson. What’s wrong with new characters in Resident Evil anyways. Again if you are too fanboy biased, don’t watch the new show jeez.
Kaoru Sugimura
Kaoru Sugimura 2 days ago
@MrLahey617 Because it has to be. Don't you read journalism in the 21st century?
julien neaves
julien neaves 2 days ago
Dang. This trailer is already better than Welcome to Raccoon City.
tiamod 2 days ago
This makes the Milla movies look like masterpieces to even the most diehard RE fan. But to be fair, I always loved the Milla movies except for The Final Chapter. I don’t understand why stuff like this keeps happening, keeps getting huge backlash, but y’all still keep churning out turds. Woke turns everything to shit.
Shadezio36 3 days ago
how would you describe "resident evil"? Netflix: Women, ethnic minorities, social, etc... fighting against an umbrella that creates white supremacists named Zombie...
Dan Forrest
Dan Forrest 2 days ago
We’ve all been saying for years that what Resident Evil needs is more teenage girls. Thank you Netflix for listening to the fans 👍🏻🙌🏻👌🏻
GIPSY Day ago
Rebecca, Claire and Ashley left the chat.
gone84wind 5 days ago
I love seeing something that makes the Milla Jovovich movies look like masterpieces by comparison. Way to go Netflix. Keep being a pure meme.
Hypeman 18
Hypeman 18 2 days ago
@T Dude she's anything but a Mary Sue in the first movie. She literally gets carried by the team and in particular, Michelle Rodriguez. She did nothing dumber than punching a BOULDER lol.. least in the first movie.
ProGramm4R 2 days ago
@Resunoit I’d rather them not use the characters from the games if they’re just going to look stupid and die like crap!
T 3 days ago
@Isaiah Burns Chris was a bald prisoner. The best male character in the game, was made a bald prisoner. The best female Jill, was admittedly very good in the films, but they made her useless in the presence of Milla the Mary Sue. All the other characters "looked" the part but were awful jokes compared to the games.
T 3 days ago
@Resunoit the "Milla movies" are a stain on the history of the franchise
T 3 days ago
@Hypeman 18 "attempting to please fans" the director superimposed his wife as a Mary Sue and they made every half decent character from the games overshadowed because of it. Let's not rewrite history.
It's staggering how developers can destroy a franchise that seems tailor-made for screen.
Nothing-but-Milk 2 days ago
I'm confident that we will never see a wesker that's even remotely close to the games they just don't care about or respect the source material enough to even try.
Mathias Sant'Anna
Please don't drop after the second season like you used to do with all the others. Release weekly episodes to keep the buzz on. And make a lot of marketing.
Wolfclaw99 4 hours ago
Well, Zavala's new Zombie outbreak to fight the Cabal looks quite effective.
Arkham The Berserker
This has big "We bought a script and slapped Resident Evil on it" vibes. It should just be a stand alone series.
Zzzonkers 23 hours ago
@Jacob Wright what the hell are you talking about? Because there's people of colour in it? That sounds like a you problem. From the very start the games have focused on strong female characters. Even characters of colour with Ada and Sheva. You're literally triggered over people who don't look like you and finding a reason to complain when there isn't one. You are the problem, not the show.
ProGramm4R 2 days ago
This is a stand alone series.
Gregory Robert-Dark
It is a series. It isn't a movie
Mancer Something
Mancer Something 3 days ago
Right? They didn't want to just call this 28 Years Later?
Ricky Moran Jr
wow, this series is almost like RE Welcome to Racoon City but in a series instead of a movie! 😱
TheBlueArmageddon 10 hours ago
Trailer looks decent, looking forward to it.
Alonza Ward
Alonza Ward 17 hours ago
This definitely isn't resident evil More like a remake with an entirely new story line Featuring new people we never even heard of...bruh 🤦‍♂️ How hard is it to stick to the game an bring the ORIGINAL story to life
Big difference between the games and the movies/this show I’ve noticed: the infections in the games are always isolated incidents, while the movies insist on having the whole world get infected. Why is that so hard for the people making these to understand?
Yanal Abuzaid
Yanal Abuzaid 6 days ago
It can't possibly be THIS hard to make a faithful, well done Resident Evil adaptation... my goodness.
Stupid Anon
Stupid Anon 4 days ago
@B B Responses like this make me want to figure out what it is you love, and make a sick parody of it and say 'this is the new thing now.'
Stupid Anon
Stupid Anon 4 days ago
@Spencer Pommier "They literally put exactly what you wanted in theaters a few months ago" Tell me you've never played Resident Evil without telling me you've never played Resident Evil. That movie departed significantly from the game's story, and it rewrote the history primary characters as well. You don't have any clue what you're talking about.
Skr 5 days ago
@Yanal Abuzaid Hey man that’s a good idea . You right You right
RavnMask Day ago
i'm not a fan of RE but i know this is nothing like anything i've seen before, and I know that many fans are very disappointed right now. it looks like another attempt to "hang the political agenda medal" and that's it...bravo Netflix.... bravo
Chucky 2 days ago
There's nothing fans love more than watching a show and not recognize a single character, unless they're called by name.
Stiles Donato
Stiles Donato 2 days ago
I wish RU-vid didn’t remove the dislike count so I can see how many people are disappointed as I am for this trailer
Viriatus PC
Viriatus PC 2 days ago
Just realized this might be set years after the initail outbreak . First the trailer says it's NEW Racoon City , meaning the events of the games might have been played out and the original Racoon city got nuked . It's also set in 2022 while the original games take place in the 90's .
Buckethead 5 days ago
For the ones without dislike buttons, this trailer currently sits at 160,250 dislikes Edit: May 17th, 224,233 dislikes
D12StudioHD 4 days ago
174k now.😅🤣
Charles Anyomitse
173k now.
Happy compsognathus
Der Kritiker
Der Kritiker 4 days ago
Very good
Godsend Music
Godsend Music 4 days ago
MARCO 3 days ago
Uuuy se ve muy emocionante! No espero el momento para no verla! :D
Retro Cobra
Retro Cobra 2 days ago
I’ll still watch it. I’m sure there will be more that we don’t know about and everyone is just judging it based off of what they see.
Alain Portant
We saw a netflix trailer with black people where they didn't belong, again. So I think this is the end of the line for 80% of us, but by all means please enjoy it.
Shane Smart
Shane Smart 2 days ago
Why can’t they just make it good? Just one time please.
Christian Miller
I’m sure Henry Cavill has played all the games. We should petition him to direct a movie/series. Him being a notable actor and a gamer would help immensely for this series.
Sage Shakespear
Sage Shakespear 5 days ago
This is literally not Resident Evil. This is why Netflix will be filing for bankruptcy.
Jon W
Jon W 4 days ago
@Zanzibar Kofax Yep, using our tax dollars to do it 😑
Zanzibar Kofax
Zanzibar Kofax 4 days ago
I am sure the Democrats will give them a bailout
I’m in the minority here I think this looks great and a original story in the re universe
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing Day ago
So this is an alternate universe where the zombies are the good guys. Awesome! 😎
The best part about this will be watching zombies devour all that "diversity." Not that I'll be watching--just saying.
Steven Sun
Steven Sun 2 days ago
Yes, Evil has evolved, All female Ghostbusters, Disney's Starwars, Amazon's Rings of Power, Netflix's Resident Evil
Eric Boisclair
Eric Boisclair 4 days ago
“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ - JRR Tolkien
Hugh Jaynis
Hugh Jaynis 2 days ago
every resident evil movie has sucked, this is not new
Opinion Parade
Opinion Parade 2 days ago
@TheDarkApex Calm down, weirdo.
TheDarkApex 2 days ago
So netflix is evil because of what??
MacDaddy 2 days ago
Made by people who’s mom told them they’re creative geniuses, when they weren’t. They think destroying is art, because they’re stupid. Same thing they used to say about kids, that bored and destructive kids are usually just more intelligent. Which is B.S. because someone with a high I.Q. never gets bored, because there’s never enough time to learn everything and do everything.
Azardeus Day ago
Resident Evil: Arklay, back then, wasn't good enough to get one season after an awesome pilot, but this Is? What a strange and pitiful world, we live In...
Chris Zane
Chris Zane 2 days ago
This should be interesting, seeing there is soo much DiVErSiTy and the plot seems to be the same. Cant wait
mohit Arora
mohit Arora 2 days ago
i love zombie movies specially resident evil series ❤❤
Jack Forbes
Jack Forbes 6 days ago
Something I feel like alot of Resident Evil adaptions seem to not realize is that Resident Evil is NEVER a post apocalyptic situation. The zombies literally never take over. Like at MOST they infest a small town but then are quickly taken care of.
Osean Hale
Osean Hale 19 hours ago
@char free she’s not
Jon 4 days ago
@FUDGEU GAMING it's no more of a departure than RE6 was.
sicor94 5 days ago
@Hecatom Theres no apocalipse in RE6, just co-ordinated attacks at the same time, hell you can see that life carried on as usual in 7 and 8.
FUDGEU GAMING 5 days ago
@Jon It shows it in the trailer we start in racoon city then it shows London in ruin it's spread globally
Mini Bees
Mini Bees 5 days ago
@Jon touche, so ill drop this my boy. "Every other resident evil, game by game." Resident evil 6 was also several residents in which evil was taking place xD
Nicholas Speaks
Nicholas Speaks 2 days ago
The last RE movie made was embarrassing as hell Netflix: Hold my beer
Rome The Revenant
This is a pretty good reflection of Netflix's downward trajectory. I have a theory on Weskers recasting but in the event that I am wrong and this is just some further push for diverse casting then damn..
Stuark54 17 hours ago
I really don’t get why they keep taking established video game franchises and essentially just make up their own fan fiction for it… why not just follow the source material? I mean, obviously if you stick resident evil on something then it’s the fans of that franchise that are going to be your primary audience so you need to cater to them, surely?
Yû Euphoria
Yû Euphoria 3 days ago
Why is that so hard for Hollywood to make a faithful adaptation of Resident Evil ?
Cat Striker
Cat Striker 4 days ago
“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ - JRR Tolkien
TheBlueArmageddon 10 hours ago
@klavier285 you haven't even seen the series yet.
Blaine Hancock
Blaine Hancock 16 hours ago
@Alex 13044 creating ''quotes'' and putting them in the mouth of a dead man is pretty disrespectful dude. I'm amazed how many people seem fine with misrepresenting Tolkien in such a way, Resident Evil was created 20 years after he died yet he's getting dragged through this online discourse for some reason. But hey it's obvious many of you don't care.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 18 hours ago
@UberNoodle the qoute is in context.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 18 hours ago
@Լαԃყ Cσട𝓶ι𝓬α Tolkien did say that.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 18 hours ago
Not interested in white replacement casting.
Gqgeorge1453 20 hours ago
You know what, this whole ‘everything needs to be rewritten and reworked to fit the current culture’ isn’t de facto a bad idea, but when it’s forcibly shoved down everyone’s throats completely transparently and obviously, it does way more harm than good, I’m all for representation, but this type of stuff feels more like a lecture than a show, and it’s not Netflix’s fault, they’ve been told to do so, and I’ve been told it’s the way forward. It doesn’t feel organic anymore when I’m told to count representation everywhere I look, and then we’re given something like this. It feels lifeless and forced
dubs4 dayz
dubs4 dayz 6 hours ago
Personally, the only RE movies I like are the animated ones, the first live action one was alright too. Otherwise it's all fumbles
Meister-Fuhrer 2 days ago
Why does Netflix keep doing this? How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man? Netflix: *I love the young people*
FOREIGN_ NATION 2 days ago
Caleb Hale
Caleb Hale 5 days ago
Just what I've been waiting for...tiny girls fighting and winning against an army of zombies. Never heard of this concept before...so stunning and brave.
Lock ness
Lock ness 10 hours ago
This is a weird comment to make for a game series that has had a playable female protagonist in nearly every entry
Phil Lawrence
Phil Lawrence 3 days ago
@Tristan C Great straw man there. Try harder. I dont recall seeing a movie you just described, and if one exists, that would still ruin the believability, in other words, it would be equally as farcical.
Phil Lawrence
Phil Lawrence 3 days ago
@Kieran Freeman Riiiigght, so throw out all logic and reason because it's fiction. What a great take. So stunning, so brave.
Stupid Anon
Stupid Anon 3 days ago
@Kieran Freeman There can't _be_ an appropriate explanation that doesn't break the rules of the setting of Resident Evil. Only people with exposure to the T-Virus who had unusual genes to begin with are ever positively affected by it. Mechanically, those kinds of abilities don't manifest until adulthood, and _narratively_ , the kind of power it would take to make one a capable combatant _isn't_ given to the heroes. Evil superpowers from a virus is the domain of the villain. It's _terrible_ storytelling in general screw with that, and particularly harmful to the setting of Resident Evil. You don't give a shit about the game and the story and the setting, all you care about is co-opting art to spread your cancerous ideology.
Bluu Speaker
Bluu Speaker Day ago
I pray every single day that we can get a good, faithful adaptation of Resident Evil 3 and 2. Am I asking for too much?
Angelica Davis
Angelica Davis 3 days ago
Yes! I can't wait!!✨✨
Black Phillip
They don’t care about the source material. They care about “ESG Investing”. That’s why these big companies don’t care if they make trash out of popular IP and lose tons of money. They see it as an investment into their “Social Credit Scores”. Look into it.
Ben10 TEN
Ben10 TEN 2 days ago
God damn it! Why can’t we get a decent RE movie with the characters n story of the game WHYYYY! 😭
GIPSY Day ago
didnt we have the cgi ones??