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The remarkable career of Roger Federer, considered one of tennis' greatest-ever players, has come to an end - a moment that left the Swiss legend and long-time rival Rafael Nadal in tears.
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Sep 23, 2022




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Comments : 345   
When he said “My wife could have stopped me long ago but she didn’t” I cried more than he did. What a perfect man he is
I just Love the support he got from all-time rivals. Sportsmanship at it's finest.
@HH__09 Year ago
There won’t be another athlete’s exit like this. The crowd, the reactions by opponents and the moments after the match. Thank you Roger 🙏🏽
Roger is perfect example of a person..who is so down to earth and loved by everyone.. ❣️🔥
@onurates5699 Year ago
It's beautiful goodbye from a legend. Also Nadal's tears are so touching!
I love how when he said " I would gladly do it again" you could see him flash over his whole career in one single moment that flashback brought on a wave of emotions...…
Roger Federer -GOAT of Tennis
His love for the sport is just immense. I have never felt personally some one who can be so attached to the sport . "I LOVE YOU, WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! " words on his retirement. Remarkable sport, Remarkable athlete. His winning, loosing didn't matter, his presence in itself brought charm to the tourneys. Nice luck RF. die hard fan from India.
Not a huge follower of tennis, but seeing Rafa and Federer crying together brought tears instantly.
What a legend! Huge respect.
@mahiranw6305 Year ago
I cried when Sachin Tendulkar retired from international cricket in 2013 and I am crying today. My favourite retired today. Watching Rafa and him playing together was a treat. Can't stop crying, tears are just rolling down. Time stops for nobody.
The most beautiful moment of sport, example for all, on and off court. Roger is a true real ambassador of what the ethic of sport and behavior must be. Respect, stay in the tennis family, you still have a important role to play, even if not on court;;;;
He will remain the best tennis player ever lived. I personally think not the Grand Slams make you the greatest but rather your overall stature, attitude and the way you entertain the crowd. Merely hitting the ball back is not enough. This guy did it all. All the best Roger to you and your family. Absolute genius !!!
@rb28111 Year ago
Best player ever. I don't care how many times he won a title(He made the most money during his career anyway). He is the best personality I have seen in sports. He is innocent and loving and at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters. I am so happy that he has a great family because he definitely deserves it.
Every hit of the ball by Roger will forever be legendary. He has paid his dues to the game and it is graceful to see him bow out in grace with all those great pals at his side. My hero, my mentor FEDERER
@D0nRidah Year ago
I remember when I was younger and playing tennis, I saw federer with my Dad at a charity day event at Roland Garros where he did some exhibition games before the tournament officially started. This was back in 2003. I remember my father being so impressed with him, that he had never seen such a gracious and "feline" player on court. This is the only time in my life I saw Federer play. But boy my dad saw it all that day, little did we know Federer was going to be the legend he is now.
@barcabit Year ago
Tennis is his life and Love. He and Rafa are the pure example of Talent and professionals. Definitely an Era to remember in sporting History.
Roger 1 of the all time greats an the nicest guy out there - his style that was float like a butterfly hardly dropped sweat was pure class - we love Roger in UK- 20 slams plus many other titles is a cv of a legend! He will be a great coach for someone 🎾 lucky...🤝
@pdesaab Year ago
It's reassuring to witness recognition to an individual that did his best to excel in his field through performance, respect, and a gentleman attitude. New generations should stop worshiping instagram or RU-vid influencers who "stage" their persona and take inspiration from people like him. We have been lucky to follow the healthy rivalry between him, Nadal, and Djokovic.
@delbs23 Year ago
He's one of my heroes and I never played tennis or watched it til I seen him play. My sport is basketball and he's truly one of the GOATS in my eyes...