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The remarkable career of Roger Federer, considered one of tennis' greatest-ever players, has come to an end - a moment that left the Swiss legend and long-time rival Rafael Nadal in tears.

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Sep 23, 2022




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Comments 364
wallythewhale 2 months ago
When he said “My wife could have stopped me long ago but she didn’t” I cried more than he did. What a perfect man he is
David 2 months ago
I would not let my life Dictate my life lol
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 months ago
@MasterClass_7 Being celibate is the best decision.
Stefan Hell
Stefan Hell 2 months ago
@MasterClass_7 no doubt about that
MasterClass_7 2 months ago
So unreasonable that his wife had so much power over his decision to play tennis! I, a 22-year-old student, will stay single forever!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 months ago
A shame she didn't stop 40-15!🤔😡
SAFOUANE. 2 months ago
I just Love the support he got from all-time rivals. Sportsmanship at it's finest.
HH9 2 months ago
There won’t be another athlete’s exit like this. The crowd, the reactions by opponents and the moments after the match. Thank you Roger 🙏🏽
Emily Rulona
Emily Rulona 2 months ago
Yes, I soo agree.
Jong xina
Jong xina 2 months ago
@CrypticComputing yes
CrypticComputing 2 months ago
@marc mill Roger is known globally. Lebron? Go around Europe and ask people: "Who is Lebron James?" They will not have a clue.
Ron 2 months ago
@marc mill no not really maybe in America. Federer is far more well know worldwide. Jordon is the best in history for basketball
Jong xina
Jong xina 2 months ago
@marc mill Ronaldo be like:😐
20U CREATIONS 2 months ago
Legend 🥰 Love from India
сойка 2 months ago
Roger is perfect example of a person..who is so down to earth and loved by everyone.. ❣️🔥
oNuR Ates💯🦁
oNuR Ates💯🦁 2 months ago
It's beautiful goodbye from a legend. Also Nadal's tears are so touching!
Imran Hajee
Imran Hajee 2 months ago
I love how when he said " I would gladly do it again" you could see him flash over his whole career in one single moment that flashback brought on a wave of emotions...… Someone once said " A wise man learns more from his enemies than a fool from his friends" these two fueled each other to greatness. Interdependent competitiveness and great respect for each other off the court.
D0nRidah 2 months ago
I remember when I was younger and playing tennis, I saw federer with my Dad at a charity day event at Roland Garros where he did some exhibition games before the tournament officially started. This was back in 2003. I remember my father being so impressed with him, that he had never seen such a gracious and "feline" player on court. This is the only time in my life I saw Federer play. But boy my dad saw it all that day, little did we know Federer was going to be the legend he is now.
Imran Hajee
Imran Hajee 2 months ago
Wow amazing - you are so lucky to have witnessed pure class - his style is what made him so unique - a free graceful creative spirit when he played - one of the most skillful "one handed back hands" in the business :) I just wish I could have watched him at least once but they never made it to Canada Alberta
Rajesh Eada
Rajesh Eada 2 months ago
What a legend! Huge respect. I love his helping nature!
Mahiran W
Mahiran W 2 months ago
I cried when Sachin Tendulkar retired from international cricket in 2013 and I am crying today. My favourite retired today. Watching Rafa and him playing together was a treat. Can't stop crying, tears are just rolling down. Time stops for nobody.
Ganesh Natarajan
Ganesh Natarajan 2 months ago
S.....S.......S..... Oh !!
Mahiran W
Mahiran W 2 months ago
@Imran Hajee indeed
Imran Hajee
Imran Hajee 2 months ago
nice bro I cried so much - Someone once said " A wise man learns more from his enemies than a fool from his friends"
Praveen Anto
Praveen Anto 2 months ago
Roger Federer -GOAT of Tennis Will be truly missed but never forgotten Thank you Roger👍🙏
BORIS BALTA 2 months ago
@kostas tk 373 weeks number 1All titles twice.
Jonathan3008 2 months ago
Yeah he’s not goat but top 3 is close enough who cares let him have his moment
Genki Sudo
Genki Sudo 2 months ago
Absolutely embarrassing response - crying cos you can’t cut it at the top level. Just pathetic and shameful. What a loser
Raj Rao
Raj Rao 2 months ago
@BORIS BALTA doesn’t matter. Stats can be misleading as not every player faces the same competition across eras.
kostas tk
kostas tk 2 months ago
@BORIS BALTA oh stop this bs already. Goat has nothing to do with the titles you fool. Djokovovic won't even getting in the discusion of goat even if he gets 30 gs. It is like you say Horry is the goat of basketball because he has 7 rings against 6 of Jordan. Roger and Rafa was just on another level. But i agree with the most, that Federer has to be the goat.
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu 2 months ago
His love for the sport is just immense. I have never felt personally some one who can be so attached to the sport . "I LOVE YOU, WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! " words on his retirement. Remarkable sport, Remarkable athlete. His winning, loosing didn't matter, his presence in itself brought charm to the tourneys. Nice luck RF. die hard fan from India.
Roxy Ozdemir
Roxy Ozdemir 2 months ago
Best player ever. I don't care how many times he won a title(He made the most money during his career anyway). He is the best personality I have seen in sports. He is innocent and loving and at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters. I am so happy that he has a great family because he definitely deserves it.
James Hickey
James Hickey 2 months ago
Roger 1 of the all time greats an the nicest guy out there - his style that was float like a butterfly hardly dropped sweat was pure class - we love Roger in UK- 20 slams plus many other titles is a cv of a legend! He will be a great coach for someone 🎾 lucky...🤝
Philippe P
Philippe P 2 months ago
The most beautiful moment of sport, example for all, on and off court. Roger is a true real ambassador of what the ethic of sport and behavior must be. Respect, stay in the tennis family, you still have a important role to play, even if not on court;;;;
Akhror Muminov
Akhror Muminov 2 months ago
He will remain the best tennis player ever lived. I personally think not the Grand Slams make you the greatest but rather your overall stature, attitude and the way you entertain the crowd. Merely hitting the ball back is not enough. This guy did it all. All the best Roger to you and your family. Absolute genius !!!
delbs23 2 months ago
He's one of my heroes and I never played tennis or watched it til I seen him play. My sport is basketball and he's truly one of the GOATS in my eyes...
Patrick de Saab
Patrick de Saab 2 months ago
It's reassuring to witness recognition to an individual that did his best to excel in his field through performance, respect, and a gentleman attitude. New generations should stop worshiping instagram or RU-vid influencers who "stage" their persona and take inspiration from people like him. We have been lucky to follow the healthy rivalry between him, Nadal, and Djokovic.
Tom R
Tom R 2 months ago
Absolutely. To be fair though, Roger had it all, he really did. I still can't believe he's retired.
H 2 months ago
Roger came into my life 24 years ago thats as long as ive been divorced...you kept me strong,you kept me sane,made me cry so much from winning, made me cry much more from losing,you kept me warm never cold,saw you live in 09 at Wimbledon what a magical hot day that was and one i will never ever forget,but don't worry Roger you are in my heart ♥️ always will never leave you...i will follow you on your next chapter for sure and will be by your side forever ♥️ love you Roger my main man ❣️
BarçaBit 2 months ago
Tennis is his life and Love. He and Rafa are the pure example of Talent and professionals. Definitely an Era to remember in sporting History.
pradyumna saraswat
pradyumna saraswat 2 months ago
He is a legend. One of the reason of my interest in this game. Respect 🙏🙏
Bernard Obiri-Yeboah
Every hit of the ball by Roger will forever be legendary. He has paid his dues to the game and it is graceful to see him bow out in grace with all those great pals at his side. My hero, my mentor FEDERER
Imran Hajee
Imran Hajee 2 months ago
Yup he was my mentor as well - my tennis role model - I always tried to emulate his style of play when I practiced tennis
Tom R
Tom R 2 months ago
Literally the only player I'd follow and watch the entire match despite how late it's going. Tennis has lost a lot today.
DnA Journal
DnA Journal 2 months ago
Plastic fan.
Imran Hajee
Imran Hajee 2 months ago
Oh absolutely bro - I will never watch tennis again unless its on at a bar - because the champions are so different now - look how toxic Nick Kygrios is as a player - we will truly be at another End of an Era - these old schoolers were all class
E Escobar
E Escobar 2 months ago
I was privileged to see Roger, Novak, Rafa and Andy hitting shots on the same court. Roger was a class act on and off the court. Most graceful player to hold a racket. 👏🏼🎆💥
Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞
When he said “My wife could have stopped me long ago but she didn’t” I cried more than he did. What a perfect man he is
Celia 💖cHAt WiT ME {I'M HERE} 🤳
I just Love the support he got from all-time rivals. Sportsmanship at it's finest.
Alica Singh
Alica Singh 2 months ago
One of my all time favorite athletes. Will definitely miss you on the court, enjoy the next phase of your life.
wala lang
wala lang 2 months ago
I'm just lucky to be alive to witness his magnificent career, together with some of the most extraordinary athletes of our time - Pacquiao, Jordan, Lebron, Phelps, Bolt, Grady, Woods, Carlsen, Reyes, Phil Taylor - - goats, records that would take decades to be topped. Magnifico!
Nripendra kr Deb
Nripendra kr Deb 2 months ago
Not a huge follower of tennis, but seeing Rafa and Federer crying together brought tears instantly. Yet again it's proved that as an athelete, performance makes you a champion and humbleness added with that makes you an Inspiration for millions.
biuor su
biuor su 2 months ago
Thank you Roger. You will be remembered forever.
Nike Pinto
Nike Pinto 2 months ago
There are some athlets that should play for ever, Federer is definetly One of those. Many Many thanks for keeping me awake all night ONLY to are you play... Federer, a LEGEND 👑
Bandzile Nhleko
Bandzile Nhleko 2 months ago
amazing being...we sure will miss him in the field.
Rock Spyder
Rock Spyder 2 months ago
What a legend. Respect!!
Ove08 2 months ago
I honestly think Federer is the most unappreciated greats in all sports. Literally Elite for decades. So glad i got to watch him growing up dont think we see this again for a while
Shelley Wright
Shelley Wright 2 months ago
Thanks for always bringing your A game to the court and for all you have done for tennis 🎾
SVK RI 2 months ago
Thank you Roger. You will be remembered forever. 😭🙏
Boyet Legaspi
Boyet Legaspi 2 months ago
I love Roger F... A true icon of Tennis and a gentleman. '
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 2 months ago
Most elegant and awesome Tennis player on the Planet. LEGACY. Thank you Roger for over 20 years of impressive excellence.
Rose Happy
Rose Happy 2 months ago
Thank you Roger for everything what a legend love you 😭😭❤❤
WOODBINEMAN99 2 months ago
Man, Nadal really shows what a class act he is-love and respect him and Roger so much
Ganesh Natarajan
Ganesh Natarajan 2 months ago
S. True.
Nilton Costa
Nilton Costa 2 months ago
É uma transição, ova vida, novo caminho. Fica em todos nós á saudade.
Wanderer 2 months ago
Regardless of slam records, I think Federer will remain the most popular tennis champion ever. Be interesting to see what he does next. 😢
Donna Cole - Cadogan
Tom R
Tom R 2 months ago
That goes without saying
Malaysian Diaries
Malaysian Diaries 2 months ago
I use to watch his games only and to see him defeating Nadal. Today together they broke my heart😢💔
Dario Rial
Dario Rial 2 months ago
a legend and an idol in and out the court
jane morba
jane morba 2 months ago
So stunning the whole ritual and ending of friendships, family, his wife and class. Thank you! Roger and Tennis!
Nagarjuna Gaddam
Nagarjuna Gaddam 2 months ago
Roger Federer is like a Emotion to me. My all time favourite sports athlete. For him only i started watching tennis, now for him only i stopped watching tennis. My teenage memories connected with his tennis matches.
Zeb shujrah
Zeb shujrah 2 months ago
Heart of Gold 🥇
K N 2 months ago
Roger you are the GOAT! Congratulations on a successful career that will inspire millions of future tennis stars!
Phil King
Phil King 2 months ago
Thank you Roger and Rafael! Best ever!
Mike Clements
Mike Clements 2 months ago
Finest athlete and finest human being too! Cheers Fed, stay well!
H 2 months ago
Millions more love him because he bares his soul to everyone ❤️
StephCurran 2 months ago
It’s been an absolute joy to watch this man play tennis even though Rafa was my idol growing up. And now I can’t even stomach the fact that Rafa is next in line to say goodbye 😭 😢. FEDAL forever
Dyn4m1TeBoii 2 months ago
Roger your a legend on and off the court, hope to see you visit Australia soon
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez 2 months ago
Farewell Roger, thanks for everything you gave to us!!!!
Shan George
Shan George 2 months ago
At 02:59 when you see Rafa crying his heart out for his rival/counterpart .. that shows the intensity of respect which Federer possesses. Heartbreaking moments, but truly blessed, to be in this era where I could see this legend play at his best ❤️
Matthias Okeke
Matthias Okeke 2 months ago
Am just short of words. Am really going to miss him. I love you Roger Federer. You are tennis indeed
Zach Wagner
Zach Wagner 2 months ago
He has enjoyed his life journey so much he wishes he could do it again. That’s beautiful, well done.
Arton imeri
Arton imeri 2 months ago
Respect Nadal.
T S 2 months ago
Au revoir Champion !!!! Tu étais, tu es et resteras le Mozart du tennis !!! RIP player of tennis that You were !!! Long life for the post-player !!!! Thanks Rodgeur !!!
effeeffe 2 months ago
Non sto piangendo .:. mi è solo entrata una pallina da tennis in un occhio 🥹🥹🥹 Grazie Roger …per tutti gli anni in cui ci hai deliziato con le tue magie 🍀
Edubiel Alpizar
Edubiel Alpizar 2 months ago
such a hero... such a human being... who in his shoes need to cry in front of a multitude... only the greatest!! godness me...
Alexandros Rizos
Alexandros Rizos 2 months ago
Respect for a great athlete, a real artist of tennis and a husband that honors his wife publicly.
Shameem Sahani
Shameem Sahani 2 months ago
...and undoubtedly the greatest tennis player of all time. ❤️
Wassila Fritschy
Wassila Fritschy 2 months ago
Que d émotions 😭 Merciiiiiii Rodger 🎾❤️
Yogendra Singh Shekhawat
I never watched a tennis game but know tennis only because of this player, love from India😍😍
anacap007 2 months ago
Huge RF fan first and foremost. Going purely by the numbers and accomplishments, you have to give it to Novak as the likely GOAT after it's all said and done. However, no one has made the game look more easy or beautiful than Roger. His improvisation and shot-making ability and overall killer instincts made him more than just a grinder at the baseline. His attacking style combines the classic serve-and-volley shot-making ability with the modern power game. Roger literally played his prime years during that transition in tennis and it's very likely we'll never see another player quite like him. Will miss seeing you live competing but your legacy will live on YT and beyond.
Anilkumar Gopalakrishnan
Will miss you Roger for your respected sportsmanship and the gentleman you are 😭
Pablo Ayos
Pablo Ayos 2 months ago
Gracias por todo. Maestro.
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
When he said “My wife could have stopped me long ago but she didn’t” I cried more than he did. What a perfect man he is
Rodolfo Biasotto
Rodolfo Biasotto 2 months ago
O melhor de todos
Beat Up Records & CDs
The perfect sportsman.
Murodjon Otaqulov
Murodjon Otaqulov 2 months ago
He is in my heart💓😞
TheIzzidor 2 months ago
ive been living on this earth for 23 years. Federer has always been a part of my life. i started watching tennis when i was 5. I really thought he will never retire and seing this day came is so sad for me.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 2 months ago
Tennis is his life and Love. He and Rafa are the pure example of Talent and professionals. Definitely an Era to remember in sporting History.
Dipanjan Sen
Dipanjan Sen 2 months ago
Legend 🔥
nol and pug video's
nol and pug video's 2 months ago
Farewell beautiful soul,a real legend, I will miss you😪♥️
biuor su
biuor su 2 months ago
Thank you RF.
ASIM ALI SYED 2 months ago
Roger Federer has the best complete career and family, he’s just blessed 🙂
A-Real productions
A-Real productions 2 months ago
This is an example of How ones mindset can change their whole life when they lose the most important person in their life. Thank you Fedexpress
Kari Lamminpää
Kari Lamminpää 2 months ago
What can one say when words defy you ? We can rejoice, being allowed to witness something like this. Amids all the horrors of the world of today. This will not change anything ...and yet Thank you RF for what you were and are
Afulilo Italia
Afulilo Italia 2 months ago
Roger dont cry be happy you had your days, you still the champion 🏆🎾 no one can take that away from you . Blessed your heart.
Nodir Abbasov
Nodir Abbasov 2 months ago
What a legend
Chris X
Chris X 2 months ago
I’m sorry no player had the technical ability he had as well as the temperament 💯👊🏻 G.O.A.T. No argument 😢
Mose ROSE 2 months ago
My favorite Tennis player Roger Federer ❤️❤️
Chess 2 months ago
It's painfully difficult to let go of things you love. When you live and breathe something for so long that it becomes who you are, then find yourself unable or without it.
not_anastasia 2 months ago
Roger, you will always be in my heart 🇨🇭❤️❤️🎾 😭 Nadal crying made me broken 😭❤️❤️❤️
Tanvir Apu
Tanvir Apu 2 months ago
When your greatest Rival cries when you retire, you made everything in life.....
Mohamad Jahmi
Mohamad Jahmi 2 months ago
Unbelievable person, can’t really think of tennis after him, you will be missed and your legendary will counties.
Hassan Mahmood
Hassan Mahmood 2 months ago
We lost most stylish player of tennis love you legend
Simon P
Simon P 2 months ago
Such a beautiful soul. That was really touching.
Cesar ospina
Cesar ospina 2 months ago
What a celebration!!!... the best of the best. I think today was the day when all tennis world and some more...( including general sport lovers) has cried at ones becsusr the memoris of those great chapions became officially and in a remarkable way The history of competition and excellence. Viva Roger... Nadal... viva el tennis
Renci Puljic
Renci Puljic 2 months ago
Federer legenda tenisa
Cristina Carneiro
Cristina Carneiro 2 months ago
You will always be special for everyone and we will miss you so much. Be happy ❤
natalino pallucci
natalino pallucci 2 months ago
...mi sono emozionato anche io vedendo due grandissimi uomini, due grandissimi campioni, due grandissimi amici mano nella mano piangendo!!
Cosmian 2 months ago
The Goat , the unmatchable, the best ROGER FEDERER
Danny Richardson
Danny Richardson 2 months ago
The most elegant player ever.
Hassan Abida
Hassan Abida 2 months ago
Legend !
The Truth
The Truth 2 months ago
Time stops for no one. But your time was awesome sir. I will miss u
VIRENDRA DR 2 months ago
Great leader of Tennis world Love you sir All the best for your Life And great family ❤️👍🏡
kaustubh chauhan
kaustubh chauhan 2 months ago
A true gentleman
Welly Sanusi
Welly Sanusi 2 months ago
Simply the best and the most humble
Ronaldo 🤣😅
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