Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen Exposes Absurdity/Bias of media on Russia - Al Jazeera America

David Bolas
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Sep 28, 2015




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Comments 587
Lukeor 6 years ago
This isn't a report or a debate, it's a guy saying "agree with me or i'll keep talking over you" to get a point across that shouldn't be made.
Shreya Katyayan
Cannot be anymore true
Citadine 3 years ago
Who is the interviewer? Started watching it on Twitter and left because this guy is not shutting up and keeps interrupting. Unreal.
Sam Jage
Sam Jage 4 years ago
Lukeor the formula for media in our generation
Pete Mangum
Pete Mangum 6 years ago
Velshi is using a very common, well-known media tactic of talking over his guest, moving from one subject to another before the original subject Velshi brought up was answered, and being outwardly combative (a la Hannity, O'Reilly, et al). It's meant to confuse the guest and put him/her on the defensive. It is NOT meant to find answers and/or get to the truth. I'm actually sorry Cohen wasted his time on this show because Cohen needs forums which allow him to clearly state his positions and professional opinions.
Ott Rovgeisha
Ott Rovgeisha 6 months ago
It is wayy too much even for the tactic, there is something wrong with this guy, some childhood deep stuff.
julia giorgia
julia giorgia 5 years ago
Velshi idiot
Marvin McBride
Marvin McBride 5 years ago
well put. hard to watch but Cohen is a true professional and handled that is the greatest of patience. I love the last comment he made. Almost as fun as hanging out with Putin LOL!
Pete Mangum
Pete Mangum 5 years ago
Mais, Merci. il n' y a pas de quoi.
ExpandMyLife 5 years ago
Well said. This interviewer is disgusting and has little or no respect for his guest, he really likes his own voice. Thanks for uploading Pete. Blessings to you from Ontario, Canada
ChillOut4 Now
ChillOut4 Now 5 years ago
why invite a guest to speak on your show if every time they start to answer your question you cut them off
Vee Friend
Vee Friend 5 years ago
Thank you for exposing this turd of an interviewer.You know, the media, over the past decade or so, has metamorphosed from proper journalism into obvious mouth-pieces (and in this case an aggressive one) for the six major corporations that control mainstream media. Just as soon as I encounter this tactic, I leave the site. To my way of thinking, when an interviewee comes up against this tactic, he should politely explain his reasons why he cannot partake in the interview, set his mike aside and calmly walk away.Perhaps he/she feels they can insert some logical and relevant points when they're able to squeeze in a word edgewise? Or demonstrate just what a façade is taking place? They must have done their homework and know who they're up against.
Jim Benn
Jim Benn 4 years ago
JOHN B. Scott Yep. If you do not attack fascism wherever you find it, you are complicit.
Vee Friend
Vee Friend 5 years ago
@JOHN B. Scott Why not, if one finds it contemptible, some need to vent.
JOHN B. Scott
JOHN B. Scott 5 years ago
yes but not before leaving a scathing comment on their feed
Daramy 5 years ago
I do exactly the same thing you do. When I watch or read an article from the main stream press, the minute they start insulting the intelligence of their audience with their propaganda, I walk away. The Internet has exposed the mainstream media and they have lost all credibility. It's no longer journalism.
Vee Friend
Vee Friend 5 years ago
@***** Just yesterday I watched another interview like this: the CBC interview of Anthony Hall by David Gray. This was an inquisition masquerading as an interview. Professor Hall was yet another teacher suspended (and likely blacklisted) for his research and open debate on "the holocaust" in his classroom. That our schools are pressured by the b'nai brith organization is appalling, to say the least. I no longer listen to CBC radio, as it appears they are towing the "establishment" line.
Cave Jug
Cave Jug 5 years ago
It is interesting to invite someone to talk, state an opinion and then not let him answer. And this bold man calls it journalism! Extraordinary!
keon aizno
keon aizno 5 years ago
i take my hat of for the patience of Mr Steven Cohen and admire his diplomacy. Great man.
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald 5 years ago
Activists can take lessons from Stephen Cohen on holding ground and staying on topic - and having something important to say. Bravo!
Pete Mangum
Pete Mangum 6 years ago
I'm always amazed at these media talking-heads who are so arrogant as to even think they can go up against a demonstrable expert and win the day. Cohen - of course - put him in his place (in a gentlemanly and scholarly way), and also showed just enough incredulity and exasperation to underline what a regime-toady and stenographer Velshi is.
Lodrö Pharchin Siering
I love it when know nothing journalists argue with esteem scholars as if their opinions are just as valuable because it reminds me of the internet. Why bother having someone like Stephen Cohen on at all? He could had just accepted someone who walked in from the street for all the deference he gave to Dr. Cohen's expert opinion, but I guess the point is that this wouldn't have served his ego.
Sharafa Balogun
Sharafa Balogun 5 years ago
I love Professor Cohen, he makes me want to go to school again. Thank you so much Davis Bolas for sharing this.
Nicholai Dmetrivech Steinberg
Along with hair this gentle man has lost his brain
Alec Foster
Alec Foster 3 years ago
Nicholai Dmetrivech Steinberg- That's putting it mildly. That "reporter" is a biased, frenetic ass.
MSS432 4 years ago
hey! at least they didn't cut the show of the air.... which i bet cnn would!
Poruchik Rzhevskiy
Poruchik Rzhevskiy 4 years ago
Calling that hairless bitch a man is clearly an overstatement...
Liberty Leslie
Liberty Leslie 4 years ago
Your whole diatribe proves his point.
Benjamin Ortiz
Benjamin Ortiz 4 years ago
James Fiddler .....you're right the US soldiers shouldn't have humiliated them, they should've starved and tortured them and then chop their phuqing heads off with a dull sword. Talk about human rights you don't know shit. I take it you don't have any idea what they do to their POWs
Prof Cohen is on point.
hula hula
hula hula 5 years ago
Damn intelligent man, respects to Stephen Cohen
David Calado
David Calado 5 years ago
Incredible the patience of Professor Cohen
KTO 9 3 years ago
Lmao Stephen put his arm around him at 12:33 Really amazing guy Stephen. Instead of getting angry & storming out he fights through it and shows goodwill to the other guy. Got to admire Cohen for that.
Larkinchance 6 years ago
As a reporter, this guy trampled all over Stephen Cohen before he was able to express his point of view. I am sure that this "reporter" may already know Cohen's position, bias or not but the viewer does not. This is an example of a "reporter" placing himself center stage when it is not about him. Didn't this guy used to work for FOXNews?
Dowd Mestoy
Dowd Mestoy 6 years ago
+Larkinchance FOX best man ha ha !
armagedon515 6 years ago
The best method for an incompetent interviewer to drill his point across is to try to shut up the other party in order not to expose your stupidity and ignorance. In this case, you don't invite the best american Russia specialist on your show to talk about Russia so that it will magnify it 10 times over.
ohsfhacker 6 years ago
I found Dr. Cohen's restraint amazing in the face of this smug, bloviating, propagandistic "journalist" who clearly wants an ad hominem shoutfest rather than a scholarly take on geopolitics. Heaven forfend we might actually learn something about legitimate Russian motives and perhaps, gasp, even agree with them.
If Adam had Corrected Eve
I love the way Cohen handled that dim wit.
Vlada Stankovic
Vlada Stankovic 6 years ago
western journalism at it's best!
navylaks2 5 years ago
@Ben Cola And i hope your life will be a great one Carpe Diem;)
Ben Cola
Ben Cola 5 years ago
Thanks for your reply. I am wishing you only the best of luck wherever life takes you.
navylaks2 5 years ago
@Ben Cola Saudi Arabia owns about 20% of CNN so of course they're not reporting real news.
Ben Cola
Ben Cola 5 years ago
I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you. Personally I don't watch Al Jazeera. I have them on the same do not ever watch as CNN, FOX, MSN, CBS, NBC, ABC etc. Russian TV is where its at and the street level journalists of RU-vid.
navylaks2 6 years ago
+Vlada Stankovic Western;) It's mullah propaganda from Al Qaeda land in Qatar. Al Jazeera is the Fox News of the middle east.
camaro Carl
camaro Carl 5 years ago
Can CNN shut the hell up for a second and let the expert speak? Honestly why did they invite him?
React 3 years ago
What the hell is wrong with this interviewer? I wanted to listen to what Stephen Cohen had to say and all I got was this bloody reporter interrupting all the time! Respect to Professor Cohen. I'd have walked out!
Bojo B
Bojo B 5 years ago
What a disgrace to the concept of journalism. Kudos to Cohen for staying calm.
antixheroxsk8 4 years ago
The TV host thinks talking more/louder equates to winning the conversation. Just shows he doesn't want the other guy to get his valid points across coherently.
Patrick Kuenig
Patrick Kuenig 5 years ago
Well I would say...whatever...they had a conversation which is much more than we've had in a while on the matter of Russia-US relations.
Tom Greg
Tom Greg 6 years ago
Stephen Cohen handled that guy great. And, may I add, Professor Cohen is a Bernie supporter. Go Bernie!
SassyHershsey SassyHershey
Cohen is so right
Ron Lawson
Ron Lawson 4 years ago
This shows the total incompetence of our Media . Very sad
Ryan O
Ryan O 4 years ago
"it matters to historians" guys got an edge
Cabronosidad 4 years ago
Hahaha. Cohen could not have looked more contemptuous at the end there.
Stream Seeker
Stream Seeker 5 years ago
the first reaction was priceless " I dont know what youre doing" hahha
Gregoryt700 4 years ago
There are only a bare handful of interviewers who can even keep up with Dr Cohen. I'm not sure listening to a real professor lecturing an ill-mannered child is even remotely entertaining.
Truth & Lies
Truth & Lies 5 years ago
Stephen, Never argue with an idiot , they drag you down to their own level and bit you because of their expertise !
Mahmut Dogan
Mahmut Dogan 4 years ago
This guy can barely work in a serious company a full day before he gets fired, but gloriously he is working as an anouncer in an int news channel; this shit is called media...
jane25449 5 years ago
What's the point of having a guest when they aren't allowed to speak and make their point? Just forego guests and spew out what you want to hear, which is obviously to hear yourself speak
frantisek petrasek
frantisek petrasek 6 years ago
kudos to Mr Cohen
John Floyd
John Floyd 5 years ago
A perfect illustration of the difference between Western rational thought and the Islamic mindset. So antithetical.
richard wallace
richard wallace 5 years ago
Stephen Cohen has the patience of Job to suffer such a fool.
Callahan757575 5 years ago
I hate when scum thinks talking over someone makes them a good journalist.
David Jewell
David Jewell 5 years ago
It would take a team of people watching this on a loop a week to figure out exactly how many times this reporter flip flopped his stance on the issues to discuss, miss quoted the guest, or just out right put words in the guest mouth. The following week would be have to be spent counting the amazing amount of times the reporter interrupted the guest and falsely accused him of taking a stance he clear states over and over again he doesn't. Live one on one talks through social media with the person of interest will be the future. Modern day press can not keep up with what people really want to know because modern day Press...Doesn't exist. What you have now are paid for advertisements for the party being damaged. Kind of like the old infomercial at 2 a.m. from years past. Journalism is Dead.
ruby smoke
ruby smoke 6 years ago
Tuned in because I like to hear what Cohen has to say. Agree with most here that the interviewer was X-tremely rude to his guest and his style reminds me of Bill what'shisname on fox.
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 5 years ago
great respect for Russian Scholar Stephen Cohen I would like to point out when he describes Putin as a counter puncher Putin holds a black belt in Judo and Obama needs to realize this because when Obama reaches in to poke at Russia Putin will defeat his moves every time using his own momentum and Obama will end up with his face on the ground every time because Obama is a Dandy and no Dandy has ever beat a Judo Black belt who is also a chess player.
G P 5 years ago
Man! Ali has to learn when to talk and when to listen. Nothing like playing whack a mole without a hammer... a brilliant man reduced to stammering to complete a sentence or make a point. Sad.
Rogerio Menescal
Rogerio Menescal 4 years ago
This is one of the most dishonest hosts I have ever seen..
tingoorensis 6 years ago
"Ali Vesch on target", oh boy how we turn the truth upside down at every chance we get these days.That was a precisely planned, premeditated attack on the truth...you spent all this money and wasted your own and everyone else's time. Honestly, just give up, whatever you are trying to achieve you're not going to get it this way. Everybody can see you're totally chaotic on purpose.
devin patterson
devin patterson 5 years ago
preach it Cohen
Marie Joy
Marie Joy 5 years ago
Media bias is a serious issue and he should let his guest speak.
arthur brogard
arthur brogard 6 years ago
stephen cohen needs to put out his own youtube vid.
Imre Kalman
Imre Kalman 3 years ago
I applaud Dr. Cohen for his patience. I would have punched that sorry excuse of a reporter after 3-4 minutes.
David Bolas
David Bolas 6 years ago
I follow your content and you do great work. Yes you may upload it.
4Truth AndReason
4Truth AndReason 5 years ago
I'm proud of Stephen for refraining from the urge to head-but the Bolshevik.
Dan V.
Dan V. 4 years ago
Velshi did much to discredit himself in my eyes on this interview/sabotage/ambush.
Filmdude 5 years ago
the host made himself look like a total fool on television... oh wait..
Starless Aeon
Starless Aeon 4 years ago
RU-vid quality here folks, good shit Sir Cohen.
M vD
M vD 4 years ago
Cohen does so good under pressure.
SouthernInquirer55 5 years ago
This is painful to see and hear..
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 5 years ago
The best episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm ever.
M vD
M vD 4 years ago
thanks David Bolas. This is a gem.
M Moxam
M Moxam 5 years ago
what is the name of this presenter? I'm so ashamed for him, he's so genuinely uneducated he has no clue whatsoever what is going on in the world. at first I thought he was pretending but he actually believe what he's saying, this young man is a sad case of ignorance.. I have the utmost respect for Steven Cohen he's a very knowledgeable and sane person unlike a lot of these mad people walking around in suits these day
Rico Torres
Rico Torres 4 years ago
Is this guy still working fo Aljazeera? Oh my god!!! Please Aljazeera, hire real jurnalists.
Downback 4 years ago
Mr. Announcer, Its hard to learn anything when your running your mouth
p craig
p craig 5 years ago
Dude got his ass whipped by Cohen.
varanid9 5 years ago
Bald guy: I know your facts and logic will overwhelm my stupidity, so I'm going to blow smoke by loudly re-iterating the circumstances of one political prisoner's death which has nothing to do with the subject at hand so that the sheeple watching this will lose track of the true picture.
SONS OF LIBERTY 5 years ago
I was going to finish listening to this "journalist", just to hear Cohen rip him apart, but I found pulling my teeth out more entertaining. And since I'm having a tough time talking now, all I can do is post.
A To
A To 5 years ago
it's very preposterous to have an uninformed boy trying to lecture his master what he rather needs to learn from his master. Wow! so it's true that baldness could in some cases cause some brain effect.
Danijel Turina
Danijel Turina 3 years ago
Why are those journalists trying to teach the greatest American authority on Russia what's going on in Russia? It's amazing. It's like they are trying to beat him into submission with complete nonsense.
Kariakas 5 years ago
Interviewer is so determined to interrupt his guest and not let him finish a sentence. This is not journalism.
#8472 CubeBuster
#8472 CubeBuster 6 years ago
Stephen Cohen (the priest line of the Jews) The "wolf" dripping with blood circling the dead sheep. "What did I do?" Gets deeper and deeper.
Truth Setsyoufree
Truth Setsyoufree 5 years ago
I really doubt the sanity of the interviewer
David Jewell
David Jewell 5 years ago
What kind of reporter talks over and more then their Guest?????? People mock social media, but had it really come to the point that social media is actually more reliable then main stream? How is that a person recording the news from their parents garage, had more more respect and class then a studied journalist?
Gloria Jean Iommie
Gloria Jean Iommie 4 years ago
Why does CNN not let Steve speak? CNN has their agenda to get their story out there & ignoring what their guest has to say. Crazy way to have an open discussion.
nazcalito 6 years ago
I guess Velshi sees Al-Jazeera America going out of business and is angling for a job with Fox
sm1ofakind 5 years ago
This anchorman is a pompous boor. How rude and disrespectful can he be? How many times can he interrupt Mr. Cohen?
True Believer
True Believer 5 years ago
I would have jumped that interviewer within 2 minutes. One of the worst I have ever heard.......doesn't let the guest answer the question so why have a guest on the show.
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 4 years ago
This news anchor obviously carried a high degree of heritage and genetics from his ancestor. Love to argue for the sake of it and thinks he is smarter and better studied.
Jean Baillargeon
Jean Baillargeon 5 years ago
The interviewer is a thug. Couldn't get through it.
Pfirtzer 5 years ago
This has nothing to do with journalism, this a mockery of any intelligent person.The thing that makes me laugh and amazes me of how democracy and human rights are misused is that Saudi Arabia is part of a human rights commitee. If there is a country that has a bad trackrecord of human rights issues, then it is Saudi Arabia who' s financing Wahabism around the world and harboring and training the extremist muslim fighters. The big problem is that in Western Media there is no real democracy , it should be called hypocracy, because a country can't be a fascist state, or have any other stamp on it ,evil as hell as long they cooperate with the Pro Western World, no problem. Saddam p/e was ok when he did what the West wanted him, when he just tried to get out he was a villain. Journalism ought to be fair, give chances to all sides to express their opinion and let the viewer make up his mind! What happens here and in general news broadcast is forcing an opnion on the viewer, brainwashing him.We live in a dangerouw time and I am afraid that we already have a WWIII on our hands.
matthew peterson
matthew peterson 6 years ago
The worst interviewer of all time - by far the worst !!!!! Sorry you had to put up with that nonsense Professor Cohen.
King Crazyman I
King Crazyman I 4 years ago
As Slick Willy might once have said, "Ah feel Cohen's pain...". What point was the ambusher-interviewer trying to make? Why such disrespect toward Cohen?
Cody Edwards
Cody Edwards 3 years ago
My problem with Stephen F Cohen is that he is WAY to kind to the US. IS was never the greatest threat to world peace. ITs always been the US. But even when Cohen keeps on the kid gloves when criticizing the US, he is still smeared. Its disgusting to do this to a man who's first priority is peace.
fprieto104 6 years ago
bravo to stephen cohen... boo the bald guy ... he is lost and no idea of the big picture
fridgemagnett 6 years ago
No wonder they have gone broke! Both ignorant and biased.
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams 6 years ago
This interviewer is too impressed with his own opinions. If you invite a guest who is a expert on a topic ask questions and listen. This interviewer is a pain.
John Swift
John Swift 5 years ago
Makes my blood boil
1989TS 3 years ago
How can you compare whats going on today with 1940s? Europe was ingulfed in war. And America and the USSR didn't really do much together. In both sides of the war while they were marching to Berlin, were scared ww3 might happened between the USSR and the west. Russia and America made a friendship of convenience. It wasn't anything like he paints it. . American soilders didn't fight along side the Soviets like we did with the brits or the polish. We gave them weapons and oil so they can kill and be killed more then the west
Peter Talalla
Peter Talalla 5 years ago
Total bias. Stephen is a realist.
nha16 4 years ago
What the fuck has happened to Al Jazeera? Did CNN buy it? Washington Post? This interviewer is remarkably rude and horrid. I would give anything to hear a single point from Dr. Cohen without rude interruptions every millisecond.
travis myers
travis myers 4 years ago
An anchor knows what hes talking about. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.
ikenderova12 4 years ago
What an arrogant and aggressive "journalist". I hope Al Jazeera has already fired him! Since when discussion consists of yelling at your guest?
Ryan O
Ryan O 4 years ago
This was surreal to watch
joro353 6 years ago
Bald insanity.
Larry Hovekamp
Larry Hovekamp 2 years ago
Ali: you were once good and accurate about Canada and national health insurance on MSNBC. You were previously a good journalist. Now you shill for the neoliberal national security state. What happened?
The Good Driver
The Good Driver 5 years ago
the host is interviewing himself at the expense of the guest
mitrovdan 6 years ago
Time code 12:13 Knock out by Stephen Cohen....BAM. Check out the guys face when Cohen starts about the producers...hahahahaha pricelessssssss baby, magnificent move by Cohen!!!!
BREGGREN Papadoo 6 years ago
Cohen Needs to Cut Down on His Hangovers-- So Gnarley!
сладкий медвежонок
The bald guy won't even let Stephen Cohen speak! Constant interruption makes this a worthless conversation!
Juma Kinenekejo
Juma Kinenekejo 5 years ago
Aljazeera is long ago bought by west !!! I still have those good memories of Iraq war coverege. RIP Aljazeera
StraightReject 4 years ago
and he says he's not paid by Russia. Putin pays him personally lol
alfred mendoza
alfred mendoza 6 years ago
Marc Gelardini
Marc Gelardini 5 years ago
confrontation of skincanopy with real intellect ... Cohen your to sublime for such level.