Sexyy Red Dissed Her Boyfriend and Started a Rap Career 

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Sexyy Red made a diss song about her cheating boyfriend that started her rap career 😭


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Oct 5, 2023




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He was her biggest hater and supporter tho 😂😂😂😂
@oneonly215 4 months ago
😂on my SOUL
@GoddessK333 4 months ago
@ceez241 4 months ago
Yep...The irony of it all....
It really be like that 😅
😂 I cannot!! These younger female have definitely shown me the difference in times from when I grew up gheesh!
@killkira393 3 months ago
bro was low-key tryna make her forget dat he cheated💀💀
@dariustownsend4901 3 months ago
Facts 😂
@anthonystarks3174 3 months ago
@Kmonsterfn 3 months ago
Bro said she can rap yea rd 😂😂😂😂😂
@iramroj9788 3 months ago
And it worked
@pbccmyfavs 3 months ago
@@iramroj9788where did she forget?
This is a crazy time we live in
@blakice012 3 months ago
Bruh 🥴🙏🏾
@shaydesofblue2281 3 months ago
Time has been crazy for generations.
@Afroboyadamdee 3 months ago
@Afroboyadamdee 3 months ago
@@shaydesofblue2281too crazy
@azure8696 3 months ago
To say the least 😂🤣
@sab5017 4 months ago
Who’s the lame though u stayed wit em😂😂😂😂😂
@Cluhx 4 months ago
Still him cuz she left soon as she blew
@Dvinemamalove11 4 months ago
Nobody stays yall only orchestrate to keep let’s be real. Lol nobody would ever stay if it wasn’t for the manipulated orchestrating y’all be doing 😂😂😂 hater man
@sollair893 3 months ago
​@@Cluhxbut if she never wld of blew up she'd still be with him soo🤦🏽‍♀️😂
@@CluhxHe left to go to prison that’s her baby daddy now
@LeilaniC-ti5fn 3 months ago
@@VHARDJOdude living it up in prison now 😂 don't matter if he had her atp 😂😂
@theecharmingbilly 3 months ago
We're punished over her boyfriend's stupidity.
@keke2296 2 months ago
😂😂😂 exactly
@gararohere 2 months ago
You dont have to listen
@kale2sad 2 months ago
​@@gararohereoh trust me, we don't
@jerneenneshell 2 months ago
Over his bad taste!
@american9245 3 months ago
Souja boy ain't fooling me wit that wig 😂
@user-bl3mh7zl8s 2 months ago
@TheGreenShinobi3 2 months ago
@briannatv9828 2 months ago
@OhCyrus 2 months ago
@WiseFromOhioFan 4 months ago
We must separate making Songs from being able to RAP.
@Super_Nova87 4 months ago
@sunshinexoxo3052 3 months ago
@chucknorris408 3 months ago
1000% facts
@ReadyorNot811 3 months ago
Thank you!
@twogreedy8955 3 months ago
Big facts, at least we got J Cole, Kendrick, Nas and others
@queenofthenile8090 3 months ago
He's trolling at his best, cuz he clearly doesn't care 😂😂😂
@Mydeliciousdee 3 months ago
Sounds like he knew you was slow😂😂😂😂
@danfin5924 3 months ago
@niyahtheyungin1627 3 months ago
You weird
@Mydeliciousdee 3 months ago
@@niyahtheyungin1627 And you not.. What kind of comment was that?? Nevermind
@kaedenwheeler6967 2 months ago
@b8923 Day ago
@facesayfk901 3 months ago
Moral of the story: no one takes you serious 😂😂😂
Straight facts 😂😂😂 like first she cheat then her bf cheated back so she can make diss song just to make $$ out of it. Sad world we live in 😂
@peacefaith560 4 months ago
This can’t be our future 😮
Well get used to it 😂I grew up in the 80s and 90s hip hop era has changed so bad it’s ridiculous it’s only going to get worse
@smelly1060 2 months ago
@monicaleonard501 4 months ago
He was clowning her. The song was about him and knew she didn’t have boundaries
@user-dc7iw3fu4e 2 months ago
Boundaries regarding?
@peppapig9301 2 months ago
@@user-dc7iw3fu4e the fact that she was still with him after he cheated, says it all
@nana.dayton5290 2 months ago
Right! Dumb dumb!
@omfggabriel46 Month ago
ong showing ur homies the diss track yo girl made about u cheating while she still with u is a crazy power move 😭
@topshottadondada 28 days ago
@@omfggabriel46😂😂😂 he was havin his way
@bobbyjacksonjr202 3 months ago
the fine example of “nobody in this generation can take anything seriously”😭
@mr__OK 3 months ago
In other words she accepted he was cheating 😂😂
@tolicelawrence461 4 months ago
The boyfriend lied to her just like he lied to her when he was cheating on her 🤣🤣🤣
@bluecast1430 4 months ago
@Super_Nova87 4 months ago
@Nicolepink28 4 months ago
@andresims9489 4 months ago
Straight Jedi mind tricked this chic.
@Dvinemamalove11 4 months ago
Lawrence show your faccceee lawrennccceee😂😂😂😂
@Bre-dm8go 3 months ago
He told her to rap to his friends so they can laugh about it later😂😂
@Bossdonbigga 3 months ago
She had the last laugh she got paid to open up for drake
@@Bossdonbiggayes I was just thinking how…..she’s winning now because stupidity pushed her success😂😂😂😂
@shawna287 3 months ago
When she said her boyfriend said “Dang you straight know how to rap” 🤨🧢🧢🧢
@BigDic-qz8su 2 months ago
Just made me hate him
We need to find that dude and..."talk" to him for his part in further destroying rap by creating her.
@heroinabuser5980 4 months ago
The kind of talk that involves broomstick handles, glass bottles and a bear trap
@slk1805 4 months ago
@coreythomas3633 4 months ago
@yesitsme889 4 months ago
@user-cu5eq4tw4r 4 months ago
@imsocentral2872 3 months ago
Bro is literally the greatest manipulator ever
@k.t7527 4 months ago
So basically after all that he was still smashing 😂😂
@danfin5924 3 months ago
Yup ☠️☠️☠️
@skinnytimmy1 3 months ago
He still smashing TO THIS DAY!
@fantrash5698 3 months ago
@@skinnytimmy1 Isn't he in jail 🤨
@redscorpion9325 2 months ago
@skinnytimmy1 2 months ago
@fantrash5698 they get it in during visits lol
@djl.l9254 4 months ago
I wish your boyfriend never cheated
@blazinghot99 4 months ago
@Brandon-rl7le 3 months ago
​@@blazinghot99most black women act like this
@marcomckenzy9138 3 months ago
@ProdByLY- 3 months ago
@CGMPassion 4 months ago
Oh he's to blame for our pain just cause he wanted to lighten the mood about him cheating 😂 Great!
@TheTheletterI 3 months ago
That's some real ghetto love right there.
@truelydevine1 3 months ago
When you snap on a person and they unfazed. The BF motivated her.
@kentrellhicks5257 3 months ago
@ysnmelly1634 4 months ago
Moral of the story is the same person you dissed is the same person that Gave you the confidence to be who you are today😂🥶😈
@Dvinemamalove11 4 months ago
Confidenceeee (Soulja boy voice)
@koveredbykey8372 4 months ago
I don't respect her at all, but i like the way it happened for her i have a similar story like the same how i wrote my book. Found out my x fiancée was dating my maid of honor and best friend 😢😢on Facebook. I was so hurt by them both and startted writing ✍ how i felt and thats how it happened. I always wanted to write a book 📖 so im not happy for my pain but im so happy @Mypainpushedmypen even i got the name of the book from talking to my fiancée about how he hurt me. I thanked him like 10xs happily 😂and hung up.I know he thought i was crazy 😅I am in a good way , if any of you get to read it ( not out still im writing 3 more continuing part 1) yal gonna say " this is a good but how she's bk together with him after that " life is crazy but my hopes it brings healing to men and woman and being a preacher of the Gospel " not promoting on your page my OPPOLOGIES ❤ i will send you a free book when its out.❤❤❤❤ just remember guys ,what the enemy meant for harm God's gonna turn it around and use your pain 🙏 💯 for the good so he can get the glory out of it. Keep your head up.
@dejafat6888 3 months ago
Yes that’s true
@Bedstuys-Favorite 3 months ago
@herolyles4036 3 months ago
@kevinmena142 3 months ago
This man lied to her cause he wanted her to forget about the cheating.😂😂😂😂
@stacywilliams3396 3 months ago
Baby that man meant you know good, he cheated on you andddd told you you could rap 🤦 that ninja wasn't shiiii 😂😂😂
@mslady030910 9 days ago
@babykj11 4 months ago
I can’t!!! Where is the snap tho!! I still haven’t heard it!!
@Shimeih 3 months ago
This is why cheating is bad kids. This man created a monster. The bad kind.
These toxic stories gotta stop being normalized fr
@THAFLIGHT 4 months ago
Exactly she is winning out here regardless
@rlovelyj 3 months ago
Hope she hired a financial advisor!!!
@iwontrespond4039 3 months ago
She doesn't have one million dollars so stop!!!! Facts!!!!!
@stillgeeked 3 months ago
​@@shavondarobinson8474BIG 🧢
@TNS_Mafia 3 months ago
⁠@@shavondarobinson8474how is selling your soul winning regardless🤣
@mademanmusic6177 4 months ago
Your boyfriend was high had to be 😂😂
@fredos4323 3 months ago
I hate these girls nowadays, always being cheated on and holding down the fools that ruin them...
If Ratchet wuz a person she fits the cake... What year is she dressed in frfr???
@JoyJoysWorld 4 months ago
Boy please 🙄
@renaevaughan77 4 months ago
Yelp she is the rachet
@pigmentedpiff2336 4 months ago
Now this the comment I was looking fa 2001 dress code I think 😂😂
@slimesita116 4 months ago
Memphis timin.
@@slimesita116she’s from St. Louis.
@leahhugie5167 3 months ago
He done supported his way to forgiveness
@SEANLJOHNSONSR609 3 months ago
Year of ratchet rap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@joechink9930 4 months ago
The whole city special ed!!
@dynadushi 4 months ago
@tammymoores5784 4 months ago
@sashalove4466 3 months ago
@kayonchevannes21 3 months ago
@Blasiandollnae 3 months ago
No don’t compare me to no girl in stl😭
@bigbankbart 3 months ago
she big cappin that’s the story they told her to tell fs she’s a industry plant
@fitnessqueen2u 3 months ago
And to this day she still CANNOT RAP 😅
@soserious9041 4 months ago
I haven't heard you snap yet
@decardo34 3 months ago
The only thing that "Snapped" is that beat in the background. The chair snapped harder than any song she got! 😂😂😂😂😂
@Osamabeenleanin210 4 months ago
The benefits of cheating💀😆
I actually feel sorry for this young lady. She really doesn't have a clue.
@TNS_Mafia 3 months ago
nah dont feel sorry. she gon be straight. plus she got bread. its gon sink in at some point
@j0rdanaj 3 months ago
If She dont wanna be saved dont save her
@Ant424 3 months ago
Don’t even she’s janky asf
@yourejoking905 3 months ago
why she’s rich 😂
@chucknorris408 3 months ago
Who said she can rap???????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@superstar64 3 months ago
An idiot
@daggerg1rl 2 months ago
Did you not watch the video . Her bf and his friends. And plenty of her fans , goofy
@ashley3k 3 months ago
All I could think was Flava Flav in a wig
Dusty Redd
@blazinghot99 4 months ago
@zerootwoo_lovee 3 months ago
You dragging her but she more up than you… So what that make you. See this is why we should be nice… 😬🥴😑🙄😂
She's not hating on her success she's talking bout her look and persona. There's a good nasty aka freaky and I need some amoxicillin the next day nasty. She's the latter.
@kishakeesh4425 3 months ago
@Brandon-de7qy 3 months ago
@kevinp7519 3 months ago
He as silly as she is. They deserve each other
“Making my way through the hood “😂!!!!! I just watched that lol😂
This young lady is ignorant, he was cheating and he compliments and she's all good.
@bluecast1430 4 months ago
"The raw dog queen." We got you girl because you clearly don't understand what QUEEN means/stand for. Some (including me) would say she made a mistake. What she meant to say was. "The Incurable Disease queen." Her skin gives unclean vibes, 🤮.
@shimeicareaves 4 months ago
She no difference from Halle and DDG cardi b. , the list goes on so shut up
@andresims9489 4 months ago
Don't be too harsh on her. Dude pulled a Jedi mind trick. It works well on weaker minds.
You’re so smart 🤔 I mean you’re genius! We would have never come to this conclusion without your help 🙄
@ProdByLY- 3 months ago
@@SageStunNoirLife1205 Thank you, my grandma has been paralyzed for years and she stood out of the hospital bed just to dislike this comment!!!
@stevebrown985 3 months ago
Explains everything about this new generation of so called rappers
She destroying the community 😢
@rubenocasio9188 4 months ago
cut them nails
@kinggang9828 4 months ago
@mikalaselfgrowth 3 months ago
It's all about putting your emotions and thoughts into badass raps ❤
@reggiegary6417 3 months ago
That's how you turn a negative situation into a positive situation 😅
@yesitsme889 4 months ago
Real talk..they need to quit... Horrible...misleading little girls..nobody like this music.
@glennjackson3581 3 months ago
True indeed SMH
@Simply4TheTube 3 months ago
Thugger thugger living his best life
@DJKQ1K954 3 months ago
When you want her to be happy after you get caught up you'll say anything🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dennis Rodman started his rap career by making a diss track following accusations of infidelity 😂😂
@blazinghot99 4 months ago
@dominiqueknott1812 4 months ago
@iwontrespond4039 3 months ago
Hey!!!! She looks like the female Dennis Rotman
@trulyniaa 3 months ago
Him tryna butter her up after cheating got her head gassed now we gotta deal with her over-promoted trash and she really belived him too not knowing...😂
@AsaTalk 3 months ago
That man propelled you to greatness 💀 😂😂
🗣️🗣️NO SHADE SHE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CAN NOT RAP PERIODT 🤷‍♀️. We are just in a time where a lot of non-talented people are making it in the rap industry and that’s just what it is.🤷‍♀️ 🗣️Mean while the Artist with TIME LESS TALENT cant make it for Nothing 😳🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. These artist make FOR THA MOMENT MUSIC 🎶 Nothing Timeless about it. 🗣️There is no creativity in her visuals and the bars are cute, but their mediocre🤷‍♀️. 🗣️And her live performances are absolutely lackluster PERIODT 🤷‍♀️ and I am very happy for her on her and her success however, we’re not going to just pretend like she just a Bar and metaphor assassin😳😂😂❤️
@renaevaughan77 4 months ago
On God she can't
@tobywarner7902 4 months ago
Exactly just garbage
I thought it was just me and I'm from Mo.....
@danegoodson7629 4 months ago
Big facts👏👏👏
@lishawilliams8205 3 months ago
Diss ,and congrats her all in one 😂😂😂😂😂
Him "liking" the song made her forget about his cheating. Game for days.
@lonelle8866 3 months ago
Now i wanna hear the story on why she should stop!😂
😂😂😂 the comments wild in here but my issue is why u taking credit from a mf that cheates on u... He obviously a liar and he still lied 😂😂😂 u cannot rap at all ... That requires TALENT NOT PRESENCE 😂😂 he just had to cover up IS DECEPTION. through and through 🤦🏾🆘
@blazinghot99 4 months ago
The nails tells you all you need to know about her.
Men can bring out the best and worst out of a woman. Sometimes both are the same time. 😂😢
@user-dn8rq5dk1g 4 months ago
Super trash
@phillipalonzia4545 3 months ago
I respect Reed for that she keep it 💯 😂😂😂😂😂
@g.smooth443 2 months ago
My motto is be kind to the people on your way up cause you will meet the same people on the way (when fallen from grace) so be humble 🙏💯
@pikesstar 4 months ago
Should have went to college instead…
@heroinabuser5980 4 months ago
She’s not smart enough for college cmon now
@soggyfroggyz 4 months ago
you go to college
She still can go if she wants to lol
@MzDel601 4 months ago
@pikesstar 4 months ago
@@soggyfroggyz I did and I graduated 4 times
@user-jt4ts4xy8d 3 months ago
At least he wasnt a hater😂😂
@ps4gamesonly623 3 months ago
Sounds like true toxic love 🤦🏿‍♂️
@gideon7491 4 months ago
He didn't mean it it was just him trying to get out of it
@taronholt4999 3 months ago
Bruh had to be high telling her she can rap
@Drivercasht 3 months ago
We ain't got no values no more
@justinavila8229 4 months ago
Get this Dennis Rodman wannabe off my screen
@user-ou6hh2ny7w 4 months ago
@tacoman2064 2 months ago
This is it folks this is the peak musical talent we listen to
@blackapplegallery 3 months ago
Classic industry plant
@valeriebaker2935 4 months ago
Why did they lie 😢Why did they lie 🤦‍♀️
@Sfry_35 Month ago
Pay dat man his royalties 😂😂💯
@tezr924 4 months ago
He was wrong and he was right. You can not rap but people love you.
@Jo-ck2hu 3 months ago
Her boyfriend understood the assignment and kept the heat off him... CITY BOYS UP☝️
@giokelliee2969 7 days ago
Her boyfriend a true swag king 🤣🔥
@nikejordan 4 months ago
Complex why are you actively trying to hit new lows everyday
@luvrx1000 2 months ago
i love that she found a healthy way to get out her feelings!!!!
@darkseidone Month ago
I swear it’s like we are living in the movie idiocracy😂😂😂😂
@August1Three 4 months ago
With that dry 🐈 we all saw we know why he was cheating.
@britiannolan7133 4 months ago
I 2nd that!😂
What are you talkin’ abouttt?
@yesimhere8410 4 months ago
@@witchy-wonderland1416 her s** tape leaked & it was terrible lol
@IAM.YMG.SWAGG_B 4 months ago
U wild 4 dat one..😭‼️
@user-ou6hh2ny7w 4 months ago
😂 😂 indeed
@Iamxden-mc8rj Month ago
He lied to her right in her face😂😂
@EMitchNCAB 3 months ago
He helped her in every way 😂! Inspiration and promotion 😂😂😂!
@MajorRoccoCash 4 months ago
@rich8225 2 months ago
crazy part is there are probably a million better artists but shes the one people are listening to
@brick48_ 3 months ago
only if her boyfriend was loyal so she wouldn’t be makin this shtty music and badly influencing these young girls 🤦🏿‍♂️😭
@user-sk9hh9cx7d 4 months ago
I guess he gets HALF YO STUFF 😅
@S1NT0VA 3 months ago
She had to get him to say all that at gun point 😂😂😂
@Ma.atMelanin 3 months ago
Her bf said, we gone make it out the hood with this one 💀
@9empresswear 3 months ago
We need to hear this diss track!!! 😂😂😂
@kennethbailey5383 3 months ago
@PrashanthC21797 4 months ago
Her boyfriends friends probably ran a train on her and the boyfriend probably let them
@kashmoni1085 4 months ago
Big props to the cuck for being so supportive
@bluecast1430 4 months ago
They said she's a subway & not the sandwich company....
​@@bluecast1430Who said that mess lol
@thefckndevil 2 months ago
Bro was gaslighting her 💀