SILENCED | A Stephen Curry Film | 2022 Documentary

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SILENCED, is an original documentary about Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors' return to the 2022 NBA Finals.

From season ending injuries to a last place finish, it seemed like the Golden State Warriors were far from the dynasty that had taken the NBA by storm for the early part of a decade. As the rest of the basketball world moved on to the next contender, Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors continued working, just waiting for the opportunity to once again have their core healthy and sharing the court together again. The 2022 season was filled with special moments for the two-time MVP. He broke the NBA's all-time three point record and found himself on the league's 75th anniversary team amongst the game's legends, but the crowning moment of the season (and his career) would come with his return to the NBA Finals. This is the story of how Stephen Curry would once and for all cement himself as one of the NBA's all-time greats, with a memorable Finals MVP performance that earned him his fourth ring.

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God bless.


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Jul 3, 2022




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Comments 2 727
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5 months ago
"You don't wanna see us next year" Will go down as an all-time NBA quote
T robtx
T robtx 2 days ago
i had to replay it a couple time because of how calmly he said it, what i would do for tenth of his confidence man
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez Month ago
Norsheba Balindong
Norsheba Balindong 2 months ago
@Trey Wilson He spoke that after they we're eliminated by in the play in last 2021. Dumb asf
khawait khastellano
khawait khastellano 2 months ago
amen. 🙏🏾
Will Davenport
Will Davenport 3 months ago
Ngaih awma
Ngaih awma 4 months ago
The "You dont wanna see us next year" line is one of the coldest lines ever, The fact that he had the guts and confidence to say that when they didnt even make the Playoffs that year is crazy
Mfundo Sokhulu
Mfundo Sokhulu 2 months ago
yeah crazy😅
Gary 3 months ago
It wasn't fake braggadocio either , just straight up , we're (the Team) are going to be very very good. NO loud talk just calm ,cool matter of fact. Then backed it up, with a coolness to his game , the whole team was so confident . Even losing game 1 didnt set them back at all.. Dang I'm feel so lucky to witness it .
Will Davenport
Will Davenport 3 months ago
RAS X 3 months ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-oCEl9e5KO_w.html&feature=share Real golden state warriors fan this song is for you
Ngaih awma
Ngaih awma 3 months ago
@Heroon Masur This was last year when they lost to the Grizzlies in the Play-in and didnt make the playoffs
Justin Zedric
Justin Zedric 4 months ago
"but what are they gonna say now" As a warrior's fan ,and on behalf of the warriors fan base,we thank you for this emotional video♥️
RBRgamers Month ago
@Luke M man why don’t u just admit that the warriors are good instead of saying everybody else is bad
Justin Zedric
Justin Zedric 3 months ago
@Kupalan bronsexualest comment I've ever seen
Kupalan 3 months ago
Gayest comment whos been a "fan" since 2017
honorio sison, jr
honorio sison, jr 3 months ago
James C
James C 3 months ago
INJURIES, like GW had no injuries. And which they didn't care about it for 3years when GW was suffering, and say GW is over they even mocked, and made fun out of it. Lets be honest, how many playoffs did you see major injuries didn't happened? Because you can't just put down team or player's legacy on 'ifs'. You don't know the future, did GW didn't win a single game when opponent was fully healthy? I feel sorry for every teams with injured players but it is what it is. Does it piss you out when GW fans say if KD and Klay wasn't injured, its GW who would have won the final? GW say like grizzlies and nuggets, and celtics lost Jordan. When GW worriers were having worst season and say if klay comes back, every media and nba fans laughed, and say how delusional this fan was. You don't know the future. Did you know klay can comeback like this after 2horrible injuries that can finish most of players career? I mean just one injuries klay had, most nba players are done. And curry's reputation in his early career...no one expected he will get over come and become a player like he is now, maybe a decent point guard with sharp shooting abilities, but 4rings as a greatest shooter in all nba history?
Diesel Nail
Diesel Nail 4 months ago
Even as a Curry fan, I couldn’t imagine he would bounce back after such a tremendous loss through the years. The injuries, changes of the roster, and all the other unfavorable factors which seemed like an end of Steph’s greatness, and yet he silenced all the doubters again and again. Congrats to Steph for pushing his career to another level, and we all believe he will keep bringing wonder to the game of basketball.
Nod Your head
Nod Your head 3 months ago
I do love the fact that steph won every new trophy the NBA redesigned, all star MVP, WCF MVP, the new design of the Larry o'brian and finally the FMVP all were redesigned for the 75th year and steph won them all. I think he liked the way they looked 😄
Snakecharm 4 months ago
A milestone year. The year he breaks the 3 point record, getting the inaugural/ first Kobe All-Star MVP trophy and the inaugural/first Magic Johnson Western MVP. And now his finals MVP and 4th championship ring. Incredible career where he stands alone.
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh 2 months ago
@J S ohh did it burn that much. love ur tears kid 👍
J S 2 months ago
@Kunal Singh🤣🤣🤣 Another dick riding bandwagon fan boy who doesn't know the game.
J S 2 months ago
@Ronald Cheng🤣🤣🤣 Warriors fans a delusional bandwagon dick riders and have very little knowledge of the game. Warriors fans remind me of Beatlejuice of the Howard Stern show.
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh 2 months ago
@J S I love people like you. They so unite the warriors fanbase. Plus you crying everywhere is funny as hell.
Ronald Cheng
Ronald Cheng 2 months ago
@J S WAH, Waah, waah….. for you haters the refs are always partial with the Warriors because of this and because of that. Keep up the hate because for the Warriors and their fanbase, it’s fuel and they feed off of that energy!!! The Warriors live rent free in your head man.
Ken Tyler
Ken Tyler 5 months ago
When Steph said “You don’t wanna see us next year” that was goosebumps he literally mark his word.
A 6 days ago
@Luke M Celtics wasn't healthy?
A 6 days ago
@Ben Vargas Out of curiosity, who was injured in the Celtics?
A 6 days ago
@Ben Vargas Whether the other teams were injured or not, GW would have still won over them, that's my opinion..... But you know what's not an opinion and is an actual fact? GW WON THE CHIP no matter what you say. 🤣
El Paulo
El Paulo 24 days ago
Ben Vargas is now out of the chat room due to injury he got fr. His BS comment. Basher huurrah! 😂😂😂
Brandan 26 days ago
@Ben Vargas can you cry louder?
J U 5 months ago
As a forever heat fan, I’ve never understood the hate curry always received. People just love to hate on greatness. I’ve been a fan of curry since he came in to this league and I’m glad they won this year in the fashion that they won. Curry is an all time great, no arguments anymore.
Melvin Carter
Melvin Carter 2 months ago
It's not hate some people see a lot of weakness in Steph Curry game. When you got old school player and even current players saying the same thing then you got to respect these guys opinions they see something most of us do not see.
Drew Down
Drew Down 4 months ago
One of the best to ever touch a basketball. Bottom line no argument. Him, Klay, and Draymond built chase center and tripled the worth of the franchise. There will be a statue of them 3 in front of chase when they retire and he will be a first ballot hall of famer. Look at Curry man…so inspirational!
Juz Caaz
Juz Caaz 3 months ago
Men! I’m Curry 🍛 biggest fan (pre-championships run), this documentary is the most factual and justice served on Curry’s career. Well done Trice, stay High!
Arnold D
Arnold D 3 months ago
@run curry in the middle, klay on the right, draymond on the left, iggy on the left too, sounds about right. They’re the heart, soul, mind and strength of the warriors dynasty.
run 3 months ago
Wish they would put a 5 man statue (curry, klay, dray, iggy and sdot). Those 5 are the core of the "Strength in Numbers" dubs
Xepherina 5 months ago
Steph Curry's masterclass in game 4 belongs to the NBA all-time finals performances
visionary 515
visionary 515 3 months ago
Yes they absolutely needed to win that game....and he wasn't letting them lose.
Roy Saenz
Roy Saenz 4 months ago
it’s amazing how what is considered Steph’s “breakout” game was the 54 points he dropped against the Knicks at MSG. Flash forward years later and he’s breaking the all time 3 point record at MSG. Full circle moment.
BOGDAN 9 days ago
@Melvin Carter Little biy
BOGDAN 9 days ago
@Melvin Carter you will be crying like my little bitch
BOGDAN 9 days ago
@Melvin Carter i’ll destroy you with my hands
BOGDAN 9 days ago
@Melvin Carter I’m fr about dat life don’t disrespect steph curry
BOGDAN 9 days ago
@Melvin Carter Little stupid ass kid
Mike J
Mike J 5 months ago
This might be the greatest documentary to date about Steph Curry and his Warriors. Whoever put this together , you got to feel very proud of yourself. That's all I feel right now is proud. Well done.
L E VIDEOS 4 months ago
@Trice I am big steph fan and there are many out there who don't like him because of what he is " better than others". Maybe seeing this will change there opinion.Till now they was arguing about not having final MVP now what? Now they have accept that he is one of the greatest.
William Wells
William Wells 4 months ago
VKN Zach
VKN Zach 5 months ago
Anyone else hear someone crying when his coach said "you don't even bat an eye?" @4:17 😂 That shit was creepy af.....
VULA 5 months ago
Trice 5 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. Stephen Curry has been my favorite player since he stepped into the league, and I've been waiting for the right time to do a documentary on him. This season was the perfect story to cover!
Forcefully thematic; eloquent; evocative; inspiring; one of the best, if not *the* best Basketball documentary I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making this. Keep up the breathtaking work, brother!
Trice 2 months ago
I appreciate your comment! Thank you for the support and I'm glad you enjoyed!
D'Andre Smith
D'Andre Smith 5 months ago
There will be people/ historians who won't acknowledge the struggle he went through getting his fourth. So those of us who are able to witness his greatness need to appreciate it! 🙌
MileyVia Montilla
MileyVia Montilla 4 months ago
He had accomplished a lot this year, being the Greatest Shooter of all Time, All Star MVP, Western Conference Final MVP and NBA finals MVP.. congratulations Steph...
SK -
SK - 4 months ago
He even graduated frm College
Sue Prator
Sue Prator 4 months ago
makes me wanna cry...
Adeolu Mojibola
Adeolu Mojibola 4 months ago
This was a masterpiece documentary. Narration, music, direction, everything. Thanks for this man !
Trice 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed!
jubei187 4 months ago
This is one my favorite sports documentaries. It is well produced and I appreciate watching it from start to finish.
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah 4 months ago
One of the greatest human beings to ever play this game, like how could you not root for him!
Martin Whalley
Martin Whalley 3 months ago
I could sing his praises for a considerable time w/o repeating myself. On court, off court, at home, on the road, #1Dad, #1Hubby, well, let's just say he knows who the real chef is! Generally nice guy, not afraid to meme!
Sue Prator
Sue Prator 4 months ago
Damn its been about a month and this video really captures how awesome this season was with all its ups and downs during the reg season. Then the Finals that became Steph's crowning achievement as they went on. Made me wanna cry!
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
Yataki Mem
Yataki Mem 4 months ago
First Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP First Magic Johnson Western Conference MVP First Unanimous Finals MVP GREATNESS🔥
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges 2 months ago
First to 3000 threes
jackjolli 4 months ago
Most exciting player I've ever seen. Cemented as top 10 all time, now let's see if he can go up further.
ladrac1 4 months ago
Steph is one of those players that's going to be to me what Jordan, Stockton, Malone, Bird, etc are to my parents: "No you DON'T understand how good he was!"
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 3 months ago
Steph is way ahead of everyone in bringing excitement to nba games he is capable of doing the impossible every time he touches the ball I’m a warrior fan and I know when I say that we are blessed to have him I’m right
LostCub 85
LostCub 85 5 months ago
As a Lakers fan, I've always watched Steph. Even when the Warriors had Monte Ellis. Watching this man's career unfold before my eyes has been the greatest moment. His improvement is what I enjoyed the most. My favorite PG. No team hopping. No ego like some players. No bashing other players when they're talking trash. Just unlimited basketball to focus on winning as a team player. Great video fam.
LostCub 85
LostCub 85 Month ago
@jdrive03 Huh
jdrive03 Month ago
@Champ Shurado Is “JONATHAN K” Jonathan Kuminga?
jdrive03 Month ago
@LostCub 85 Looks like this “Jonathan K” deleted their original comment… does anyone have a screenshot? Jonathan Kuminga???
jdrive03 Month ago
Real meets real
Prince.chima Scott
Prince.chima Scott 4 months ago
U indeed pay attention 👍
Jr Manu
Jr Manu 4 months ago
Probably the best video documentary I’ve ever seen!!! It was like a movie!! Non stop action!! Highly emotional!!! The best sound track!!! Big shout out to all who had parts in creating this masterpiece!!! God Bless!!!! Steph Curry!!! Deserves this! Love it!!!!
Trice 4 months ago
Love to hear it! I appreciate the support.
SteelMcCoy1 4 months ago
The Warriors franchise has been wonderful not just for the kids out there that can learn and appreciate integrity camaraderie respect and joy for the game but for the adults to learn from this too Great example and in a time in the world when we need it the most
akf baldovino
akf baldovino 5 months ago
This win is one of those satisfying wins that will never be erased, even if the warriors will never win any more chips hereafter, they will forever be revered because of this win.
H-Bomb Da Don Dada
H-Bomb Da Don Dada 4 months ago
The Chef, Steph Curry, is the epitome of a Warrior and consummate leader. As everyone celebrates the victory, he drops his head and shoulders and starts balling knowing he’s left his heart, soul, and every ounce of energy on the court in order to carry his team to victory. Judging by his humility, his blessings could not have happened to a greater person. He’s truly an inspiration. Salute. 🫡
Not Zaney
Not Zaney 5 months ago
I've been a Warriors fan since 2014, and this video just made me really emotional. I adore Steph as a person and as player, he has been the guy I look up to and model my game after. Such a generational talent....
Matt Dees
Matt Dees 4 months ago
Since ‘14…. Bruhhhh 🫠 you either 16 years old or the definition of bandwagon lol You don’t know what struggle, and defeat is, and does to a fan of a team. When your team finally breaks thru after watching almost every game and playoff losses since you were 5 or 6 years old, that’s real emotion lol
Jay Voltron
Jay Voltron 4 months ago
I been the warrior fan since the run TMC and when they were suck in the 00’s.
Relinda Velves
Relinda Velves 4 months ago
Mr Zaney, it was a very nice message. I share your heartfelt emotion on this heartouching video. Thanks to all those who made this very memorable video.🤗🤗🤗
grandkids videos
grandkids videos 4 months ago
Graziella Monastra
Graziella Monastra 4 months ago
goldbridge GOAT
goldbridge GOAT 5 months ago
now i know why steph was crying after he won it this year, the journey really was emotional for this one bro, all the chatter, the doubters and an overall career year he had, winning all star mvp, broke three point record, then obviously getting to finals and winning it all. mans tough idc what yall say.
Tawarren cordy
Tawarren cordy 4 months ago
Nice going Steph! May you break another record I thought wouldn't be achieved in my lifetime.
Fat Old Man - Fasting and Fitness
I became a fan of Steph during that March Madness run w/ Davidson. Even at that point, his 3-point skills were AMAZING. I just hoped he'd be able to translate them to the NBA. And I have NOT been disappointed. I'm a 6ers fan living on the East Coast, so I don't get to see their games as often, but I absolutely love the way they play the game. And this years chip is SO much sweeter since so many said they couldn't do it without Durant. LOL The Dubs are all about chemistry and TEAM. So much fun to watch.
HemiLife 707
HemiLife 707 4 months ago
I been a warriors fan since ‘93’ and to see how far my Dubs have come and the type of player Steph curry has become, and the pieces that the ownership has surrounded him with, it’s an amazing thing
Vannese Green
Vannese Green 4 months ago
I been a warrior fan about 10 years now. I know I first saw Steph Curry he was something special. I never seen anything like him. I just love to watch him and Warriors play it exciting. This team made me watch basketball again. Congratulations! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.. I ready for ring 💍 5 now🤣🤣🤣😂
RED VILLA 3 months ago
The man who change the game ! The Greatest shooter of all time the person i've idolized man since 2014 !!!!! every mixtape of his career man i've watch all of that but it gives a goosebumps everytime he played damn !!!!!
Tyler Lamarre
Tyler Lamarre 4 months ago
as a celtics fan, there is nobody i'd rather lose to in the finals than steph. hope to see them in the finals again soon.
jdrive03 Month ago
Big tip of my hat to you my friend. Most real thing I’ve heard lately. Your team fought hard. I’d love to see a rematch as well.
Jared Lawson
Jared Lawson 4 months ago
I can't believe that I actually thought that, coming out of college, this dude would be at best a role player in the NBA. He's a straight up killer. He's closer to MJ than LeBron could even fathom. Much respect.
Melvin Carter
Melvin Carter 2 months ago
@Jared Lawson also LeBron James don't know everything about basketball sir. He ain't the be all or know all of basketball don't get me wrong LeBron James is a good player but it's others players who are smarter.
Melvin Carter
Melvin Carter 2 months ago
@I’m slower than light. True
Melvin Carter
Melvin Carter 2 months ago
@Jared Lawson yeah they are falling to a certain level but the man miss more 3 then he shoot. I have seen Steph Curry continue to shoot 3 when they ain't even falling. So I guess it's okay to shoot 20 three but only 7 are made. That's a bad shot selection
I’m slower than light.
@Melvin Carter right? I am all about respecting steph but wtf is this slander on other players. Think you could do better? Then do it.
Melvin Carter
Melvin Carter 2 months ago
@Wladimir Oda so you think you know basketball better then me, ok well let's talk basketball
Gillan Dale Arts
Gillan Dale Arts 5 months ago
What's amazing about Steph is that he have that "i took that seriously" way of aproach and mamba mentality like every great player had and still be humble and well spoken outside the court, something only a few superstars have.
Gillan Dale Arts
Gillan Dale Arts 2 months ago
@Luke M Warrior are top 2/3 seed before Steph got injured when playoffs was about to come. They are also Top 2/3 most defensive team in whole NBA that that season. Reason why everyone at some point are expecting Suns and Warriors in NBA FINALS.(Until Steph got injured and CP9 got injured too)(All this without Klay and Wiseman and Steph having his worst 3pt % his whole nba career). Warriors Never needed 7 games just to win it all unlike celtics who always need 7 game. People who watch NBA only on playoffs and finals: "Warriors only won because they are lucky"
Petri Nauha
Petri Nauha 4 months ago
@Luke M You're stuttering man. Stop repeating yourself. ;D
Lexton Haddock
Lexton Haddock 4 months ago
@Luke M name every unhealthy player on the Celtics in the finals
Mama Adura
Mama Adura 4 months ago
@Luke Mit's not a retentive memory then
Luke M
Luke M 4 months ago
THE WARRIORS DIDNT PLAY A SINGLE HEALTHY TEAM THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. this was the luckiest ring in recent memory.
AR S 4 months ago
I have been a Warriors fan for as long as I can remember and thank you so much for this documentary, the "You don't wanna see us next year" quote is definitely my favourite quote of all time and it was so true - Steph exceeded expectations and this quote 100% stands for next year too, I don't think the Warriors' comeback is over just yet ❤️...
Roger 4 months ago
Incredible work, my brother, congratulations on this masterpiece of a video!
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
Prince.chima Scott
Prince.chima Scott 4 months ago
I love that quote “U don’t wanna see us next year” it takes the hearts of warrior to accomplish that.. “what are they gonna now” put a finish touch
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson 4 months ago
Curry was already a bonafide Hall of Famer and one of the greatest players to ever exist before the season even started. The haters are just sad blokes unhappy with their own lives so they take it out on someone else. Even Klay felt like he had something to prove. What?!?! You've already done it my man. 37 points in one quarter cements a player for the HoF alone plus he's a champion member of the "splash brothers". I was so happy for the Warriors and their fans this year. A great story already and we get new chapters! I'm usually a Lakers fan but I want to see the Dubs win in 2023.
Golden Sniper
Golden Sniper 5 months ago
Silenced great title, great documentary and very well presented man, as a Warriors fan I'm so happy and proud of this team for winning 2022 nba championship after all the shit that went down for the last 3 years, all the haters just started to question this team and especially question this man's legacy but they've all been silenced now, Stephen Curry is the most unique player in the nba history, a 6"2 guy skinny guy who wasn't very athletic came into the league and made the entire league adjust to his style of play instead of other way around. No player in the history of the league was guarded like they guard this guy, he is still giving nightmares for all kinds of defenses thrown at him and has been dominating the league for almost a decade with pure skill and hard work, he instituted a selfless style and winning culture for this Warriors team tuned them into one of the best dynasties in the nba history, arguably the most selfless superstar who just wants to win with his team and easily one the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball.
Luke M
Luke M 4 months ago
THE WARRIORS DIDNT PLAY A SINGLE HEALTHY TEAM THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. this was the luckiest ring in recent memory.
Sue Prator
Sue Prator 4 months ago
@weed high Glad you see it now. He was not the classic big athletic looking guy...scrawny, small, etc. But his humbleness, character, ;patience and yet a "baby faced assassin" attitude was always there. He changed his physique...and it gave him more confidence to expand his game even more. Finally he always played with so much JOY AND UNSELFISHNESS THAT IT IS CONTAGIOUS to his fans and teammates. That is why we love Steph.
Smitty Kiedis
Smitty Kiedis 4 months ago
These takes are all dubs
Ryan 5 months ago
Ditto all these emotions. There are so many haters out there, that don’t like this guy. He’s amazing ! Top 10 all time and he’s not #10
turtleislandchief 5 months ago
And they're arguing if he's top 10 or not🤣🤣🤣🤣 All his accomplishments a lot more people need to move down the totem pole.
Nde Sylvarius
Nde Sylvarius 4 months ago
Cried at the end. Curry is truly inspirational.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 4 months ago
thats the best finals in like 20 years. such an historic finals, look at the warriors man, so inspiritional
Markko 4 months ago
Been a fan of them since I was 5 - 6 years old, Witnessed the time where they really sucked and the fans Doubted them, Witnessed the rise of the dynasty Pre Kevin durant and with Durant, also witnessed the time they lost the 2019 NBA Finals and they also changed their Court into Chase Center, until now, So proud of them, From the bottom to the top and to the bottom again and back to the top, What a Journey, been supporting them when I was a Kid, Buying their jerseys and everything and now, They are champions, So proud to be a Warriors fan
Taylor 4 months ago
Always and forever a fan here. Greatest shooter of all time, a great family man and his unquestionable faith. Truly an inspiration! With 4 rings, question is, what are they gonna say now? 😉😏
Jay Tierney
Jay Tierney 4 months ago
"You don't wanna see us next year" and "What are they gonna say now?' are some legendary all time quotes.
vibhu sharma
vibhu sharma 4 months ago
I start watching NBA in 2012 and the first game I ever watched was GSW vs spurs in playoffs where they lost. Since then I’ve been a warriors fan and curry’s fan. I watched this warriors team going from all kind of up and down but I never doubted them because I always believed as long as we have steph, Klay and dray we will be ok! After the loss in 2019 finals and losing KD , Klay and a horrible season of 2020, a lot of ppl doubted GSW and curry’s ability to lead them to finals. But I always believed in my team and steph curry! A lot of ppl don’t appreciate steph curry and don’t realize how lucky they’re that they get to witness the best shooter and 1 of a kind player to ever played in game of basketball! I am so happy steph won finals mvp so ppl stop doubting his legacy by saying that he needed KD! Congrats to steph and GSW Warriors for life!
Kevsplaylist 4 months ago
It's hard to believe so many people doubt steph even still. Hes one of the greats. Its like people think I'm saying he's better then other greats. I'm not, I'm also not saying their better then him. I'm saying he is just one of them one of those legendary players that seem unreal. All of them are amazing in their own ways. Steph is one of them
Greg Castater
Greg Castater 3 months ago
When Steph entered the league, NBA became alive again for me. Been watching his entire career, and it's just unbelievable what he's achieved. Proud!
machinegunfattii 5 months ago
The only player in the NBA History to win the All-Star MVP, WCF MVP and NBA FINALS MVP all in the same season
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf 3 months ago
There’s only 1 WCF mvp so far in the history of the league... Jordan was all star, League, and Finals MVP in 1996. That’s even better. And if there had been an Eastern Conference Finals MVP back then, he’d have won that too.
Marty Leija
Marty Leija 4 months ago
@Luke M The Warriors team didn't have a healthy team as well. I don't understand why people keep trying to defeat the Warriors. They had good competition thru the playoffs it wasn't easy. As for Ja Morant he could of continued to play he just choose not too. Warriors deserved to be champions!!!!!
Luke M
Luke M 4 months ago
THE WARRIORS DIDNT PLAY A SINGLE HEALTHY TEAM THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. this was the luckiest ring in recent memory.
Marty Leija
Marty Leija 4 months ago
@shenaniganszxc I remember when Curry won mvp and it was unanimous Lebron made a comment that he didn't think that it should of been.
Marty Leija
Marty Leija 4 months ago
I'm so glad that the first year they had the Kobe all star trophy and the western conference mvp that Curry was the one to get them. 2022 was his year for all he accomplished. Finals mvp, breaks 3 points ever made , western conference mvp, all start mvp , espy award, finals championship.
BFMV 4 months ago
This is beautiful. I enjoyed every second. Thank you so much Trice for the wonderful work. You deserve the best
Trice 4 months ago
I appreciate you! Glad you enjoyed.
Shawn Ba
Shawn Ba 4 months ago
Not a warriors fan but it’s really hard not to root for Steph. Well deserved season.
mikerap240 4 months ago
Props to Memphis. I think they might be in the conference finals this coming season. I'm a warriors fan and I appreciate good basketball
ElderGeek T Romeo
ElderGeek T Romeo 5 months ago
Thank You, Steph! You are an All Star in every sense of the term, and just so much fun to watch!
Jansenjay Junio
Jansenjay Junio 5 months ago
This is one of the best docs of NBA that I've never seen. The explanation is so amazing, your voice quality is super good i mean overall this is freaking good. You nailed it brother. So happy for my team GS and for the all time great Stephen Curry #30.
T Z 4 months ago
@Luke M thats every year, the healthiest luckiest team wins
Heir boots tv
Heir boots tv 4 months ago
@Luke M easily the best ring in recent memory
Luke M
Luke M 4 months ago
THE WARRIORS DIDNT PLAY A SINGLE HEALTHY TEAM THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. this was the luckiest ring in recent memory.
VULA 5 months ago
T Z 5 months ago
Word, @jansenjay junio
Nit Galasinao
Nit Galasinao 4 months ago
His dedication on playing basketball is so admirable. A responsible father for the family, a God fearing person, a joyful and friendly person. What else are you looking for. A model person.
Denise Henderson
Denise Henderson 3 months ago
God , said give honor whom honor is due. Steph Curry is the best of the best NBA Player. God anointed him to do what he do in all areas of his life.
Tyga tims
Tyga tims 4 months ago
I absolutely teared up watching this. I love this team with all my ❤️
Chan 4 months ago
Being a Steph fan since I first watched the NBA and till the end of time, this documentary is goated. Love Steph on and off the court man, the dude is the best shooter ever and arguably the greatest PG all-time as well. He started his career riddles by his ankle injuries and doubted because of that, just look at how successful he is now. Who doesn't love this guy? So inspirational indeed.
Trice 4 months ago
I appreciate the support! Glad you enjoyed.
LP Productions
LP Productions 4 months ago
I'm a Spurs fan but this little big man is the best I ever seen in my life. I love watching him play and Golden State as well. And when Klay comes back to play it was one of the most emotional moment in sport history, for me. Preserve that Golden State team, it's perfect and wonderful to watch
Joseph SRM SEEN 408-
Love your comment man!! TY that’s awesome
Epifanny M-S
Epifanny M-S 3 months ago
Warriors are the continuation of SPURS with Kerr as their head coach.. Im sure he calls Spurs head coach Popovich during his hards times as a coach
Dynamite Dmoney
Dynamite Dmoney 5 months ago
One of the greatest seasons in NBA history. Nothing but respect for every team grinding it out during a pandemic! 💯✊🏽
tjgrafiks 5 months ago
@DFrizzleNizzle exactly what does it have to do with anything numbnuts
DFrizzleNizzle 5 months ago
@tjgrafiks tf does that have to do with anything? That doesn't disregard the fact that this team busted their asses off
VULA 5 months ago
tjgrafiks 5 months ago
If only it was a real pandemic lmao
Craig Hundley
Craig Hundley 4 months ago
Amazing video! Curry’s legacy is forever cemented as one of the greatest
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you!
KOzZz 4 months ago
A True Leader look how he gave high five on his teammate before he receive his Final MVP Thropy i love this Dude his the real GOAT for me 💪💪💪
Denise 5 months ago
Beautifully made documentary. Steph is a legend. Make one about Klay too because he deserves it.. If he wasn’t injured there would be no doubt about his greatness as well!!
Trice 5 months ago
I appreciate you! Glad you enjoyed it.
RiaReese Bonoan
RiaReese Bonoan 3 months ago
Thanks for this documentary! Steph is so inspirational! Warriors NBA Champs!!!!
Trice 3 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it!
Adrian Mejia
Adrian Mejia 5 months ago
Born in Vallejo as a warrior fan….I was at a bar by myself watching the game hoping they win on my 27th birthday..June 16…..made me cry not only cuz they won but how emotional Steph was and how hard he and the rest of the squad worked to get where they are now. Warrior at heart ✊🏽
Barbara Lochin
Barbara Lochin 3 months ago
From Vallejo too. Big time warriors fan. 💪 steph is incredible. 🐐.
Kevsplaylist 4 months ago
I cried too, onc eit showed steph crying I broke lol
Relinda Velves
Relinda Velves 4 months ago
Mr. Mejia, belated happy birthday. I am almost 70 years old and I became a basketball enthusiast when I retired in 2013. I was since then a die hard fan of Stephen Curry. It just want you to know, that just like you were on that auspicious day, I had that wonderful gift from God, that was the Golden State Warriors WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP. As you will note, until now I kept on viewing every video about the Golden State Warrior's championsip journey. God's been so good that I will forever cherish this answered prayer. Thank you..🤗🤗🤗🤗
Aysosa 4 months ago
Crazy I turned 27 on the 16th 🤞🏾‼️
Latashaallston 4 months ago
Janice LGo
Janice LGo 5 months ago
VERY well done. You repped Steph, the team, and DubNation well. Steph has incredible inner strength, faith, and confidence in himself and his teammates.
Trice 5 months ago
Glad you enjoyed!
Run Platypus
Run Platypus 5 months ago
Not a warriors fan but i admire stephen curry. Not just for his skills and achievements but most importantly because i know he is a God fearing humble man. 💪🏼♥️
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplays
This documentary is inspirational. I've been cut from my school teams 5 times and never made it but he keeps inspiring me to keep playing
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplays
@Taliyah Curry thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplays
@Trice that's a fact
Taliyah Curry
Taliyah Curry 3 months ago
Keep going! You got this!
Trice 4 months ago
Play for the love of the game! Glad you got some inspiration from it.
RellBGM 4 months ago
Man…. Golden State played waaayyyy bigger than they were height wise this year. I mean imagine a 6’2 -6’3 point guard getting 10 rebounds in a game!! Imagine a 6’9 center grabbing 22 rebounds on an super tall Memphis team?? They absolutely played their hearts out!! Curry dominated ‼️ Wiggs DOMINATED ‼️ Dray Klay Poole also did their thing‼️ and our bench came through for us man.. I’m shedding a tear still looking at this‼️ Forever a Golden State fan‼️💙💛💙💛
G Good
G Good 4 months ago
Steph said they don’t want to see us next year and he was right, he called it!!
Bella 4 months ago
This season really is for him. From crowning three point king to winning all star MVP. Winning the first ever WCF MVP to finally achieving his first final MVP and along with it is his fourth championship ring. Oh might as well add he graduated this year as well. Special achievements for this special guy and hope he'll still add some trophies on his case cause he ain't done yet. He ain't done YET.
Jose Padilla
Jose Padilla 3 months ago
And retired his #30 jersey at Davidson....
5hift6ear 4 months ago
Top notch documentary from the music, the narration, everything just flows so well together. Extremely well done! "What will they say now?" Absolutely nothing. Steph has cemented his spot among the all time greats and no one can take that away from him.
Trice 4 months ago
I appreciate the support! Glad you enjoyed.
Kenneth Tyson
Kenneth Tyson 4 months ago
What a great video. One of the best I have ever seen. I love Stephen Curry's heart and grit. I'm from San Francisco, so this video touched home in more ways than one.
Trice 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed!
Gilles Ouedraogo
Gilles Ouedraogo 4 months ago
I love the title and the final words "what are they gonna say now" killed me !! Thanks for such good work!!
Trice 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed!
A Gou
A Gou 4 months ago
I watched this twice and I still have the same goosebumps I had when watching for the first time. Once again, you've really done a great job🔥🔥🔥
Trice 4 months ago
That means more than you know! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
Zakku06 4 months ago
I met Steph two weeks ago and he was the chillest dude ever. So happy he got his FMVP
GeneralFamous 4 months ago
This one here was a wonderfully put together piece with that said thank you for these lovely footages of greatness 💯👏🏾😎
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
HP 4 months ago
" You don't wanna see us next year " The single greatest 'that aged well' phrase period .
Patrick 5 months ago
Proud of you Steph! You deserved all the glory!
James Zeus de Leon
James Zeus de Leon 3 months ago
One month later, still hits different! Getting wowed all over!
JD 3 months ago
"We will win game 7" - Michael Jordan "You don't wanna see us next year" - Stephen Curry Legendary.
I vote NO to censorship
@Feel Collins lmaoooo
Feel Collins
Feel Collins Month ago
"Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 finals losses" - LeBron James
Even Q
Even Q Month ago
“I don’t even know where you sitting at” - Kawhi “Fun Guy” Leonard
J S 2 months ago
@Jonathan 69 Clearly you do otherwise you wouldn't of replied. Don't worry you're not the only one who can't handle the truth.
Jonathan 69
Jonathan 69 2 months ago
@J S ok keep ur words nobody cares
Abunny BTS
Abunny BTS 5 months ago
Major Respect 30 .. he was an idol to my daughter & kids all over. Showing them what work ethic looks like. 💙💪🏽💛💯🏀 Thank you 🙏🏼 Curry‼️
Michael Ambrosano
Michael Ambrosano 3 months ago
I have to say,..as a LIFELONG Warriors fan ....(Purvis, JB, Mr. Mean, World B,. Parrish, RUN TMC, J. Rich, Webber, and on and on...Stephen Curry is my FAVORITE of ALL TIME!!! Thank u for being you!!
Animelytical 5 months ago
I've been geeking since he said "You don't wanna see us next year". Watching it all the time. He delivered on that. Legendary.
Killix 4 months ago
Even though it was only a couple months ago all these moments just feel nostalgic to me
C. Brown
C. Brown 5 months ago
Awesome documentary!! Love the title, “SILENCED” Well deserved Steph Curry !!
RAS X 3 months ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-oCEl9e5KO_w.html&feature=share This music tell the truth about the great steph curry
Taichi Villaruel
Taichi Villaruel 3 months ago
@Ronald Cheng don't mind him. He's just petty.
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee 4 months ago
Ronald Cheng
Ronald Cheng 4 months ago
@Luke M Oh boo hoo! Go cry me a river, show some respect, and just appreciate greatness!
Luke M
Luke M 4 months ago
THE WARRIORS DIDNT PLAY A SINGLE HEALTHY TEAM THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. this was the luckiest ring in recent memory. ANDREW WIGGINS was the finals mvp. "the greatest shooter ever" went 0-9 in A FINALS GAME FROM 3PT. I never saw ray allen go 0-9 in a playoff game.
Enzo &Jesse
Enzo &Jesse 5 months ago
MASTER CRAFT 3 months ago
"You don't wanna see us next year"I just love that line it's speechless 😶
Yin to the Yang
Yin to the Yang 4 months ago
Steph was humbled even more because every single teammate contributed to this win and without them the win may not have been possible. Draymond, Klay, Looney, Poole, Wiggins, GP2.. they all deserved the ring. We’re all on a journey and people may join us from time to time to help us achieve our life purpose and goals. It’s sad when they move on but it’s written in history never to be forgotten
Jesus Felan
Jesus Felan 4 months ago
The best NBA documentary ever made. I humbly thank you for creating this master piece, it will be the standard by which others will seek, but will not be able to match. The structure and theme of this film takes one on a journey of highs and lows, ultimately standing alone as history's best ever. All my respect to you for the hard work you put in for bringing this film to epic proportions. Thank you.
Trice 4 months ago
I really appreciate your comment! Thank you for the support and I'm glad you enjoyed!
Lightning_Gaming 5 months ago
one of the most beautiful videos/documentarys i have ever seen! I love steph, he is and always will be my favourite player of all time
Trice 5 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it!
Winlox 3 months ago
"You don't wanna see us next year" done perfectly.
Jaime Cardenas
Jaime Cardenas 3 months ago
as a warriors (aka watching curry when I was little) fan for a long time since my childhood to now a hs graduated of class of 2022, seeing curry to prove everyone wrong has to be one of the biggest things I’ll never forget growing up. I wasn’t really a big curry fan nor a hater but I think seeing him getting that mvp made me open my eyes that curry really belongs in the nba history of basketball historically that this era of the warriors/basketball moment will always be remembered especially living and growing up in the territory of the warriors home. #yayarea 🕊
Doodle Pops
Doodle Pops 3 months ago
As a Dubs fan since 61' I've seen so many great players throughout the years, I never doubted Steph's ability or passion for the game. I knew from the get go, that we were witnessing greatness.
Robert Biggs
Robert Biggs 5 months ago
Trice, thank you so very much for putting this together and memorializing this moment in history. I was so moved emotionally. You did such an incredible job with this SILENCED | A Stephan Curry Film | 2022 Documentary. Congratulations and THANK YOU very much!!!
Trice 5 months ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Melvin Malaluan
Melvin Malaluan 5 months ago
I am so inspired by this documentary, a very well created one at that. Steph Curry is my favorite player of all time, truly a once in a lifetime and generational athlete and basketball player who achieved almost everything already and will keep on building his legacy towards the future. Keep up the excellent work my idol and to every GSW member, players and coaches.
VKN Zach
VKN Zach 5 months ago
Anyone else hear someone crying when his coach said "you don't even bat an eye?" @4:17 😂 That shit was creepy af.....
VULA 5 months ago
djsmigs 5 months ago
Mine too bro!!! Definitely my favorite player of all time!! 💯🙏🏽
Moe7133 5 months ago
There are only 2 people that have changed the NBA game play. Both off those guys are in my Mount Rushmore of NBA player. Now I believe this little guy deserve to be on Mount Rushmore too. The first who changed the NBA game play and won 6 titles! Kareem changed the NBA game play and turn it to BIG Center game with his career scoring titles and legendary Sky HOOK! Untouchable in the PAINT! The second who changed the NBA game play and won 6 titles! MJ the GOAT! Everyone want to be like MIKE! Everyone wanted to wear his shoes and fly like him! He changed the mid range shot. Everyone wanted to do his floating shot! He even changed the dunking! Everyone wanted to glide through the air and stick out their tongue and dunk like him. And last, a little 6' 3" guy came along and changed the game again. he's now won 4 titles and I hope he wins more. Everyone guy can relate to him because he's the little engine that could. He made shooting fun and turning every kid who isn't a giant a chance that they can be him. Steph made the 3 pointer cool!
Heir boots tv
Heir boots tv 5 months ago
Wardell curry painting ru-vid.com/video/video-hUIIOfNzs2g.html
NLY_2fast 4 months ago
One of the best documentarys I've seen in a while , curry just keeps proving everyone wrong
Trice 4 months ago
Glad you enjoyed! If you're a Kobe fan, check out the full-length documentary about his career I did recently. It's a must-watch for any Mamba fan!🍿🐍
Catherine grace Ramos
Great documentary. Goosebumps especially towards the end. 👏
Trice 4 months ago
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
David Rojas Fallas
David Rojas Fallas 4 months ago
Good music, great narrative, better collection of images. This, men, made me cry! So moved that I believe that you deserve a major contract making official content for the NBA! Congrats
Trice 4 months ago
I appreciate the support! Glad you enjoyed!
Funny part football😆🤪