Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later

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Ellen first met Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2011 and became one of the show's most memorable kid guests with over 30 appearances on the show. Now teens, they're back to talk about their favorite moments on Ellen, and even gave a show stopping performance of the song that first put them on the map, "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj.

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Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later

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May 11, 2022




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Comments 2 590
RapisGames 12 hours ago
Rosie is now alot more confident and Sophia seems to still have the same enthusiasm and energy and love to see there now singing together. ❤
Mahassin Quadri
Mahassin Quadri 2 hours ago
They still have the same personalities as when they were kids. Its amazing to see. And they seem to be so in-sync that its very easy to tell that they are still the best of friends! Loved it!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 7 hours ago
Rosie’s personality glo’ up is literally so beautiful to see.
Esther van Stapele
Esther van Stapele 9 hours ago
My years long question of whether Rosie can sing too is finally answered. She's awesome at it!
YouTube 12 hours ago
from a lil cover to record deals!! sophia grace and rosie, y'all are true I C O N S 🎀
I edited my life so the replies don't make sense
My brain cannot process how these little girls... aren't little anymore? Like it was literally yesterday?!
RapisGames 12 hours ago
This is the coolest, most full circle moment for these women, young women and I couldn't be more thrilled to see them again
RapisGames 12 hours ago
Its great that their parents allowed them to express themselves in such a way so beautiful happy to see them in good spirits and full of life
*:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*
it’s so interesting how their mannerisms and cadence in speaking is so similar to when they were younger! makes me think of how much of our personality stays with us.
RapisGames 12 hours ago
it would've been too iconic if nicki came out now too
Voicesihear… 9 hours ago
I feel like this was Rosie’s time to shine she was finally the center of attention for one and not to mention that pink dress with the sheir talk she is a true queen 👑👛
Shahira Mandy
Shahira Mandy 4 hours ago
Rosie voice was shining and very controlled. I think Sophie was nervous but her voice is great to.
Xavier 9 hours ago
Wow, they’ve grown to be some beautiful young ladies. I love how far they’ve both come. It’s amazing to watch.
Rebecca Stout
Rebecca Stout 7 hours ago
This has to be the most awesome thing I've ever woken up to on YT!
Vannie Eats
Vannie Eats 9 hours ago
This was amazing! They sound great together 💖
Zara 7 hours ago
I love how chill Rosie was and is. She’s just chillin lol So gorgeous. As a child and now as a woman. 🥰
Ash 4 hours ago
I love how Rosie is a lot more confident now and we actually got to hear her sing on the Ellen show! Their voices are so gorgeous especially together ❤
Belinda Jacques
Belinda Jacques 7 hours ago
They did so good, they should pair up for a few songs. It was nice to have Rosie actually sing this time as well🤣😂
kourtney brainard
kourtney brainard 2 hours ago
Iconic and didn’t disappoint. Good luck to both with their music careers 👏🏼👏🏼
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson 7 hours ago
I love how they grew up to just be a bigger version of what they already were.