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from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, out 3/31: tylerthecreator.lnk.to/TheEst...

a collection of songs that didnt make the original album

directed by TYLER OKONMA
production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place

Autos & Vehicles

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Mar 28, 2023




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Comments 9 152
MrDalekJD 14 hours ago
Undisputedly the magnum opus of Tyler music videos. Absolutely incredible.
XtraCrums 7 hours ago
dalek a tyler fan?!?!??!!
Josiah Alshuaib
Josiah Alshuaib 7 hours ago
LMAOOO nice to see u here 💛
Settiis 7 hours ago
Didn’t expect to see you here!
hayyyden 8 hours ago
DALEK???? 😭😭😭
Tyler is really the only one who can drop 2 music videos back to back within the span of 24hrs, and have both videos be incredible
wick 7 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
Nick E.
Nick E. 7 hours ago
I get that you’re a fan. But the only one is a stretch. J Cole exists, Kendrick exists…
Lordcabber 7 hours ago
Abood Ash
Abood Ash 9 hours ago
Tyler always delivers, but this... this is a masterpiece. It's like watching a movie.
wick 7 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
Kauan VS
Kauan VS 8 hours ago
@futyatying wong just making sure i dont fit in
futyatying wong
futyatying wong 8 hours ago
wdym its a masterpiece its poop
Cexpore 9 hours ago
This is a true masterpiece, Tyler never fails to not only touch us deep, but create something that isn’t similar to any other artist. He’s a true genius.
wick 7 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
stupid idiot
stupid idiot 7 hours ago
@futyatying wong Yoru
futyatying wong
futyatying wong 8 hours ago
wdym a masterpiece yoru comments are so fake. probably a bot or trying to get attention
daivon 9 hours ago
seeing tyler's evolution since the 5th grade just being apart of the journey, can't even put it into words.
SirJoseph 7 hours ago
Been listening to Tyler since the 5th grade too. I’m 23 now, and witnessing his growth from 2010 to now makes me feel so proud see him evolve as a man, and a musician . Dude is a true winner
NotGoodAtYoutube 8 hours ago
Listening to goblin/bastard in 5th grade
SeanMaddenBMX 8 hours ago
@futyatying wong .. how?
futyatying wong
futyatying wong 8 hours ago
i cringed so hard from this comment
Michael Delaney
Michael Delaney 8 hours ago
As a Tyler fan since bastard, words can’t explain the way this video makes me feel. I think it’s safe to say it’s his best video yet. He hasn’t stopped progressing as an artist and I’m so proud of this man
TylersCreator 15 hours ago
Tyler dressed up as each of his albums has gotta be one of his best music video shots
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn 7 hours ago
@Envious that’s his next one
NAKA WAKA 7 hours ago
Pettway 7 hours ago
Feels like a Jay Z homage. It’s dope.
Ashley Young
Ashley Young 7 hours ago
@Salem Dion he is aggressive, all of these albums point out a certain time in his life. “Goblin Tyler” was aggressive & had zero f**ks to give. And “Baudelaire Tyler” is his current self that is battling between doing what’s right & living the lifestyle he wanted so much & still does. Then there’s “Shirtless Tyler” which is his true self in raw form that appears to be willing to kill off his counterparts to start over. At least that’s what I took from this 😭
badbitchhamburgers 7 hours ago
allow me to introduce u to sam is dead
Abso 9 hours ago
Love how this man has always expresses his creativity and his artistic brain through his music without filters
wick 7 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
The transitions from Ace, to bastard, to goblin to wolf, to igor and call me if you get lost is truly beautiful, tyler never fails to touch us deeply with his music
davidkrocks 8 hours ago
LYRICS [Intro: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama] Pardon me, excusez-moi (I'm sorry) Yeah, I coulda made a better choice, I mean, what the fuck? I'm sorry, I'm fucking sorry Yeah [Verse: Tyler, The Creator] I'm sorry, I'm sorry I don't see you more I'm sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore Sis', I'm sorry I'm your kin Sorry we ain't close as we should've been Sorry to my old friends The stories we coulda wrote if our egos didn't take the pen Sorry to the freaks I led on (Nah, for real, I'm sorry) Who thought their life was gonna change 'cause I gave 'em head on But instead, I sped off, yeah, I know I'm dead wrong Sorry to the guys I had to hide (Ooh) Sorry to the girls I had to lie to who ain't need to know if I was by the lake switchin' tides, too (Tides) Anyway, I don't wanna talk (Ooh) Sorry if you gotta dig for info I don't wanna give So you stalk, make up fibs, just to talk about my private life 'cause you're weird (Uh) Met that girl this year (But), that's none ya biz Give enough with my art, know your place My personal space, y'all don't need to to be a part I'm sorry I don't wanna link and small talk over dinner I don't even drink, can't guilt trip me, I'm ice cold, roller rink Nigga-nigga-nigga, read the room Don't assume niggas is cool Stay in your pocket, this is pool Blah, blah, blah, blah 'bout trauma You ain't special, everybody got problems, uh Sorry I'm not empathetic (Nah, I'm fuckin'), sorry you think I'm pathetic Sorry I don't wanna bro down, sorry I don't know your pronouns I don't mean no disrespect, but, damn, we just met, calm the fuck down Oh, I'm out of touch and I'm a jerk? A bank account could never match my worth (That nigga gettin' money, he a dick now) Sorry Mother Earth, polluted air with chemicals and dirt These cars ain't gonna buy and drive themselves What the hell you think I work for? Not to not explore and stay the same (I'm) Sorry to the fans who say I changed, 'cause I did Sorry you don't know me on a personal level to pinpoint what it is I'm sorry to my ancestors (I'm so sorry), I know I'm supposed to fight (I know) But this ice shinin' brighter than a black man's plight, I'ma make it right In the meantime, I'll give some advice while these blood diamonds gettin' cleaned off Nigga, fuck the price, spend it then, then again, I can't save niggas I'm not Superman, but I could try I'm sorry I'm pretentious Sorry that the talent, knowledge, passion isn't missin' Sorry when I talk my shit and I could back it up with confidence, it get you niggas trippin', man Fuck the numbers, fuck a hook You put me on a stage and I'll show you the difference Let me see y'all hit a stage (No, y'all can't do it) Let me see y'all write a page (Y'all not gon' do it) Let me see you make a decision I made And claim that I don't know about minimum wage or Section 8, water in the ketchup bottle to stretch when niggas ate Gettin' pressed by niggas hoppin' gates Thinkin' it's normal 'cause you ain't supposed to make it past 18 or escape the Figure 8 cycle And I promise this is like a diet, I'ma make a way and I did, did Shit feel good, work paid off, now we gon' celebrate But niggas claim you arrogant when they can't relate to moments of feelin' great So they aim, duck-duck-duck 'em Shot right back, buck-buck-buck 'em Sorry, not sorry (Buck 'em, buck 'em) I got two words, fuck 'em
davidkrocks 7 hours ago
@Crystal Ortiz Its the first thing I do too!
Crystal Ortiz
Crystal Ortiz 7 hours ago
look for this comment everytime ty 😭
Just Another Youtuber
I love how he not only incorporated his past selves in the video, but you can hear in it the lyrics. The edgier rap in the goblin verses, it’s all there. Tyler once again reminding us how far he’s come
Technical Difficulties
This is the best music video Tyler's ever made. The Storytelling, lyrics, and references to all of his albums are absolutely amazing. Never fails to push the boundaries of his own creativity.
Kipper 7 hours ago
boy is a gun is still better imho
Gawx Art
Gawx Art 11 hours ago
holy i had never seen anything like this before, kudos to tyler. what an artist
Graphics 8 hours ago
@el.chamuko.666 x only got listeners because of his death and its just little kids that don't understand his lyrics that listen to him
halo halo
halo halo 8 hours ago
@Jojottv Gamer cannot agree with anything you just said, pure absurd to me. Tyler is mainstream wince 2015 so wtf are you talking about. "Every album is different genre of music" haha bro you don't know what music genre is. They are all the same, rap with some R&B moments. All the beats sound the same, all his flows are the same. So what are you even talking about bruh... X's music got just much more soul and emotions to it, Tyler's music seems kinda empty and emotionless, except a few songs of course.
Jojottv Gamer
Jojottv Gamer 8 hours ago
@halo halo Tyler wasn’t even mainstream before so what are you even talking about, “screaming abilities” oh you are one of them,
Jojottv Gamer
Jojottv Gamer 8 hours ago
@halo halo x songs are repetitive just constantly screaming or the same sad depressing stuff, all Tyler the creator album have different genre of music and different musical flow so what are you even talking about, X is not more versatile than Tyler the creator that’s flagrant , Tyler the creator is way over x at anytime at any day
halo halo
halo halo 9 hours ago
@Jojottv Gamer not an absurd at all. I like Tyler, but he is just a good artist, nothing more. He uses the same style of rapping since 2013, majority of his songs sound the same. I don't know, it feels so repetitive for me. While X is soo versatile man, he can do whatever style and sound fantastic, he ahs a lot of different flows while rapping, not even mentioning he's amazing singing and screaming ability. So much different emotions on each track, while Tyler's music is just maninstream sounding , generic and almost emotionless rap music.
Lucky. 8 hours ago
This is insane. Tyler’s voice sounds phenomenal right now. Whatever he does next is gonna be amazing.
Bacon-ish 9 hours ago
I love how Tyler incorporated factors from all of his albums and styles in the song
047Kenny 9 hours ago
Holy duck Tyler went above and beyond with this one. Goosebumps the whole way through. Amazing. Just amazing.
aangy mp4
aangy mp4 8 hours ago
i love how Tyler always expresses him self, his music, mannerism, outfits etc.
PEESH 9 hours ago
The power these lyrics and visuals hold…
BlackPanthaa 12 hours ago
Nothing like that new Tyler music hype
Donar 7 hours ago
steven blair
steven blair 9 hours ago
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok??
Kogane Itō
Kogane Itō 10 hours ago
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 8 hours ago
This album so far seems like it's gonna be great, and the fact he rapped like all of the album eras is even better.
bapho 7 hours ago
@Random RU-vidr yeah i mean you can, but thats just ignoring reality
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 8 hours ago
@bapho I know, but since they are new songs, I'm calling it an album.
bapho 8 hours ago
these are throwaways from CMIYGL
SaynseBeats 8 hours ago
This is just art, a masterpiece.
Coke and Needles
Coke and Needles 8 hours ago
How didn’t this make the cut for CMIUGL?!!?!? This is some amazing shit, brings a tear to my eye 😪
TheSasquatchKiller 9 hours ago
Been listening to Tyler ever since I first heard YONKERS in 2017. Loved him ever since. Going through all his eras is crazy. Time is crazy.
Jakin 8 hours ago
It's so cool he dressed up as himself from each album and killed them off. It's showing us that he's changing as a person. He isn't who he was 14 years ago when he dropped bastard, and he isn't who he was 2 years ago when he dropped CMIYGL. He's telling us that he is who he is right now, and he's sorry if people don't like it but it's who he is. Beautiful.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Folks saying Tyler changed. There's one thing about Tyler that never changes: his ability to create some of the greatest music of our generation. He always delivers.
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok?”
Lifeless web user
Lifeless web user 13 hours ago
​@CLXXXVII You're arguing against someone who isn't there. No one here said he hasn't changed at all. Chill tf out.
VvVLuffy 13 hours ago
I dont think he's changed. He's still tyler. He's just grown up, and the content of his music matured with him.
William Stanziano
William Stanziano 13 hours ago
very cool, Come Fast To Get Into My Body
MorrgenXI 13 hours ago
I think artist are ment to change and grow its there freedom of expression, not ment to be the same forever. That being said I wish gorillaz would go back the the demon days lol
jj 9 hours ago
Can't think of a better personal and musical evolution than the one that Tyler has
Cooper Carter
Cooper Carter 9 hours ago
Combining all his styles into one. Simply marvelous. Giving wolf story telling vibes
Cartoon 9 hours ago
This music video ties into Tyler's monologue at the beginning of DOGTOOTH stating "Sometimes you just wanna restart, looking for ways to get rid of some things, thrilling or simple, everything must go whether it takes all day or all night" this is Tyler accepting himself as an individual instead of hiding behind these fake personalities, he wants to be seen as Tyler Okonma and not as wolf, troncat, cherrybomb, Igor, or Mr. Baudelaire he is himself and this is him accepting that.
Awake W-X
Awake W-X 8 hours ago
The fact that these masterpiece was never going to see the light of day makes you realize of the huge potential and what an amazing artist Tyler is 🧐
Travis Scott - LaFlame BR LEGENDAS
Tyler, o gênio compreendido por poucos....
Troy Mathew
Troy Mathew 15 hours ago
He’s so artistic, just in about 3 minutes he tells a whole story talking about his past seeing all of his past selfs and being sorry for the things he has done but he is also not sorry because look where he is now. Than at the end you see his “naked self” or his true self, killing the facade that everyone know as Tyler. This guy is just amazing.
Gandalf the G
Gandalf the G 8 hours ago
@TheWutangclan1995 L
Shadooks 9 hours ago
@FLOWR that’s exactly where i think he will go and listening to this the firt time it sounded sum shit like kendrick lamar
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok?!
nash 13 hours ago
Could be him finally killing all he’s alter egos and doing a album about him🤷‍♂
trin ✿
trin ✿ 14 hours ago
@Helix TV there might be a new album coming sometime this year, but if you look in the description there’s a pre-save link for “Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale” which is “a collection of songs” that didn’t make the cut. I’m guessing it’s some sort of ep / brief continuation of CMIYGL as opposed to a whole new album.
Peyton Rios
Peyton Rios 9 hours ago
This is so perfect. I’ve listened like 10 times already
luci 9 hours ago
tyler is one of the best creators, i can just feel what hes feeling through his music he is very descriptive and i just love him for that
DCA Media
DCA Media 9 hours ago
Been a fan of Tylers for 11 years now, this mans growth is like no other artist I've ever seen!
Jexx 9 hours ago
This dude is one of the greatest artists of my era
Mymy 8 hours ago
iconic in every aspect, way, and level tyler never disappoints 💋
KingKennyTv 10 hours ago
Incredible 😍
Chloe 8 hours ago
vapxr_ 8 hours ago
@lux yea ngl he do, then again he is british
Jahh4Real 8 hours ago
The King 🙌
lux 9 hours ago
idk who you are but you look like if Frank + Tyler had a kid
notXxXayne 9 hours ago
wsg kenny
MXTT 8 hours ago
Wow. Tyler never ceases to impress me. Always outdoing himself and elevating his art further. One of my favorite songs in awhile
Jayden Rodriguez
Jayden Rodriguez 9 hours ago
this sounds like some of tyler's best work and i'm so excited
Jes Virgo
Jes Virgo 9 hours ago
This was amazing it was like everyone one of himself explaining his story on why who what when and where. At the end of it all hes still himself, true art in lyrics and visuals 🙏👑
Mans just made the greatest wallpaper of all time for Tyler fans in a single frame damn 😭
n. stacksss1
n. stacksss1 8 hours ago
One of the most raw, introspective looks at Tyler The Creator’s life, reflecting on past mistakes and the complexities of personal growth, while also celebrating his successes and the person he has become. You can feel and see all the emotions within each era of him. Fucking legendary. A straight up masterpiece.
Nate Spanish
Nate Spanish 12 hours ago
The shirtless Tyler kinda acting as his raw self or him on the inside killing every era of his old self is such a dope concept and uses nostalgia in such an interesting way. Tyler just executes on a whole other level. His whole career he’s truly done anything he sets his mind to and makes it a reality. It’s beautiful
Super Shooterz
Super Shooterz 7 hours ago
@Night Fighter read the comments other people did not 😂
Night Fighter
Night Fighter 7 hours ago
@Super Shooterz you noticed it? It was literally the main part of the video. How could you miss it??
Primevillain 9 hours ago
Maybe the shirtless Tyler is “Bastard” mixtape era
thelingeringartist 9 hours ago
@Its Stylo Igor is in the back…
abiel 7 hours ago
You can’t even be surprised Tyler keeps producing master pieces, he’s consistent af with his music making bangers all the time 🔥
Kiran Selvaraja
Kiran Selvaraja 7 hours ago
Tyler really has no bad songs. This is a masterpiece of a music video and of a song
EndMyMissouri 7 hours ago
I cant wait for this next album tyler always surprises us
Heitor Souza
Heitor Souza 9 hours ago
Tyler is the best artist of this generation, what a masterpiece
asia 10 hours ago
the storytelling... the film direction..... the mannerisms of each era..... as a tyler fan since goblin, this is just, wow. he has truly exceeded any expectations i had for him with this one
threeholePUNCHify 8 hours ago
been wit tyler since wolf. makes me cry frfr
Naturebig Fan
Naturebig Fan 8 hours ago
People really thought Igor was his peak.
wick 8 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
jaida d .
jaida d . 8 hours ago
no fr
Alonso Trujillo
Alonso Trujillo 8 hours ago
he’s fr on another level
Jeep 9 hours ago
The shot of Tyler dressed up as all his past characters is so iconic
Mider-Span Man
Mider-Span Man 7 hours ago
Tyler has a director credit under his belt now, not sure how many times he's done it before but this is masterful! A Tyler, the Creator visual album is something I never knew I needed until. Is there anything this man can't do as an artist?
Midori Roll
Midori Roll 9 hours ago
hands down, best song and most relatable song ever made by Tyler
Donation Bot
Donation Bot 8 hours ago
ohianaw 7 hours ago
Been a fan since Tyler since 2014 and his progression not just as a person but as an artist has been amazing. All of his personas and alter egos coming together and getting killed off is crazy. Love to see where he goes next with his music
Mat Glo
Mat Glo 7 hours ago
This is truly one of Tyler’s best songs yet. This is fucking amazing, I love seeing his growth happen in real-time.
Lawrence DiBiase
Lawrence DiBiase 12 hours ago
The shirtless him is his true self. He’s artistically explaining/representing each album and saying he’s sorry for that stage of his life but his true self is coming through killing his regrets. This is a masterpiece
thelingeringartist 9 hours ago
@VikMonke bruh I like to think that Igor not being killed or implied to have died is him being genuinely satisfied/glad that it happened. I think he spared Igor because Igor seems to be the closest thing to the real him,maybe. But who knows.
hunter jaehn
hunter jaehn 9 hours ago
@BP Collectibles niceeee welcome haha. I’ve listened to bro since like 2010-2011. Been my goat forever
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok?!
Nicholas Scavarda
Nicholas Scavarda 10 hours ago
Lol him being edgy was cooler
VikMonke bruh
VikMonke bruh 10 hours ago
@General Binks chill its not that deep just a hypothesis
UnMalandrin 8 hours ago
How does it feel like those music videos always feel perfect for me ? I mean since 2017 my taste in art have changed , why does everything he does feel perfectly right ?
j.allin 8 hours ago
So goddamn iconic. Being a fan of tyler since his way earlier stuff, honestly I didn't think he had it in him to come this far. Proved me wrong by Miles, and its inspiring.
coolkid 8 hours ago
this was geniunely crazy. watching tyler evolve since 2012 (for me) is such a crazy thing. this video was incredible.
His music makes me levitate and the music video makes me feel so at ease
Mariooツ 8 hours ago
Esse homem não erra nas músicas.
Amadi Kane
Amadi Kane 10 hours ago
I love how he gives the most authentic straightforward apology for those who only see him on surface level as weird or outlandish and then he talks his shit unapologetically about who he is and what he’s done and how he feels good about his development and maturity. And for those who still don’t understand him or disagree with his vision and image “I’m Sorry..” 🤷🏽‍♂️. It’s beautiful
Lifted Soul
Lifted Soul 7 hours ago
wick 8 hours ago
ru-vid.com/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
taliaa 7 hours ago
the way i was literally listening to him last week and was like “it feels like forever since tyler released a song.. when is he gonna release another one?” and here he goes… when the world needed him most, releasing two songs
OSAMA-KIN TMZ 8 hours ago
Would've love for this to continue being a thing, as in Tyler randomly putting out songs that make his albums. Too good to keep unreleased.
yujomatias 8 hours ago
Meu deus esse foi um dos melhores clipes que já vi na vida
feed my kids
feed my kids 9 hours ago
seeing all of these different versions of Tyler makes me think of myself and where I was while he was in that phase. Shit made me tear up tbh.
Rubin Prince
Rubin Prince 8 hours ago
crazy how he culminates all his styles and eras into one song
Brandon Burton
Brandon Burton 14 hours ago
Well I'm convinced a Tyler/Kendrick song is needed. The way they express their inner voices is such incredible storytelling
ScribeSlendy 7 hours ago
@SpaceXvp thats actually awesome, I totally respect them if they don't wanna mix work with their friendship
thruheart 9 hours ago
@Just - A - Me rappers from the 2010s
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok!!?
el.chamuko.666 10 hours ago
that scene with the beat switch up where new tyler kills his old self reminds me of kendrick lamar’s element scene where he’s beating someone up
Dillion Kofi
Dillion Kofi 12 hours ago
i keep going back to the song feel the tears coming 😭 tylerrrr
Mpendulo Mncube
Mpendulo Mncube 9 hours ago
I love the beat and the blend of keys. For some reason it just went straight to the heart. Awesome staff.
astro !
astro ! 7 hours ago
the fact that this is a throwaway track is insane. this might just be in my top 5 tyler, shits beautiful
Sean Richter
Sean Richter 9 hours ago
Stoked af for this album, personally I love the Tyler change
Kanaa kazeo
Kanaa kazeo 8 hours ago
Tyler sait comment avoir une patte ipséité dans ses sons. je l'écoute que depuis l'an passé et j'ai été conquis par son style WTF et ultra chanmé ET J'ADORE CA
One.Ebrown 8 hours ago
Watching Tyler do him, be him and succeed makes me feel like I'm on the right path. Keep doing you people ~
Josiah 11 hours ago
This song is incredible. Apologizing for all the things he did in the past but reminding everyone he's not sorry for overcoming his struggles. This is great😭😭
Josiah 7 hours ago
@bob boberson No, he's not sorry about the stuff he talks about when he switches his flow: overcoming section 8, minimum wage jobs, ect. He's admitting he was wrong about everything else. It's supposed to be a contrast of the good and bad thus far in his career.
bob boberson
bob boberson 8 hours ago
he literally said sorry not sorry as in he's not actually sorry.
Voltrical 9 hours ago
Olivia Mintz
Olivia Mintz 8 hours ago
This is phenomenal oh my goodness. The amount of emotion and character shown in this video and the song is so satisfying
ALWTunes 7 hours ago
How did this not make the album? It's too good!
lonicy 8 hours ago
This single song, shows the story of how his personallitys of his old songs leaving his body, and him apologizing for it, its a beautiful song and video, i cant wait to see this on the estate sale
toon 9 hours ago
this music video is so good. the emotion it captures is crazy
burk1to 8 hours ago
I've been there since 2012 and witnessed all of these alter egos step by step, all I want to say is I'm proud of what Tyler has become - what a journey it was
XD 14 hours ago
This has to be Tyler's best music video to date. The way the characters and actors (who have starred in previous phases of Tyler) reflect Tyler's vocal inflections and lyrics, the concept, the costumes, the ending, everything here is incredible.
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok!?
Dillion Kofi
Dillion Kofi 12 hours ago
@Eudis that ain’t his mom
Anthony 14 hours ago
perfectly explained.
Eudis 14 hours ago
Nice observation. I noticed that the guy and the girl in the crowd are the same ones from the "too young" and "a boy is a gun" videos. His mom is also there at the start
Zane 14 hours ago
Nahhhh lumberjack still #1 for me
CrazySocks 9 hours ago
this is truly amazing and this music video makes it feel like the next album is the last and him killing all he’s other personalities was portrayed perfectly
WOLFツ 8 hours ago
Seeing every other era/persona/character tyler has in this video is sending chills down my crack🌻
anon ymous
anon ymous 7 hours ago
this is his best work of art he’s ever produced i am melting
X3N1NE 8 hours ago
The best Tyler music video. I've seen them all I'm a diehard Tyler fan and this one.......the excellence of this video is indescribable
Eternal Frost
Eternal Frost 7 hours ago
I could cry to this, what a masterpiece, thank you Tyler
RICH 12 hours ago
tyler’s next album is gonna be his most well rounded, most evolved, probably best one yet.
LeonAndFriends 9 hours ago
yall say that every time bruh just listen to the damn songs
Ii 94 Ii
Ii 94 Ii 10 hours ago
This betta age well
I smell fear
I smell fear 10 hours ago
Guys, this is a bot/upvote farmer. He’s not referring to anything.
Grizzlytooth 10 hours ago
@umbiiical this is a separate project that’s basically a CMIYGL deluxe edition. The commenter is referring to the album that’ll supposedly come out later this summer, based on his typical album release schedule
chris edward
chris edward 10 hours ago
@umbiiical he means his next album, not the estate sale. his next conceptual piece of work.
a X e L
a X e L 7 hours ago
Incredible. It’s incredible that this guy was making music since I was a fucking football sized booger-picking machine and now I’m a few days away from turning 19 watching possibly his best music video he’s ever released on the day it dropped hearing some of the most emotional soundscapes and lyrics yet even after all of the emotional roller coasters he’s put us through already. I’m just in shock and awe, thank you for the art Tyler 🫡
Felipe Machado
Felipe Machado 8 hours ago
this work is beautiful, i remember when i was little and i watched this guy skateboarding and that even though i was in brazil, i didn't understand the language and i was hooked on the videos and then i saw him singing his records and that stopped me doing rap , this incredible, perfect human evolution, congratulations. nigga 🎉
vic 9 hours ago
crazy how these songs didnt make the original album.....this is something unique
Perfected By Pepper
Between this and Melanie Martinez’s Portals album I’ll be well fed all year. Also I love they both shed their past images, cheers to the evolution!
Cxttoncandy_skies 9 hours ago
I'm going to be broke at this point
hugo 13 hours ago
From an artistic perspective this is probably Tyler's best music video. Absolutely insane creative storytelling, and to top it off its nostalgic as anything by displaying every stage of his career. The fact he sat on this for almost two years is absolutely insane.
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok?
hugo 11 hours ago
@CASHMONEYKAL good point i hadnt clocked how that wouldnt add up
CASHMONEYKAL 12 hours ago
my thinking is that they were all just snippets he made longer and tweaked, like in dogtooth he talks abt virgil passing
Ahlam A
Ahlam A 12 hours ago
It’s SOOO good
hugo 12 hours ago
@Isaiah Lujan I was kinda thinking that too, sounds way too good to be a bside, same as Dogtooth
therealjohnpork 7 hours ago
Tyler is alternative hip-hop in the form of a beloved human being ❤
Maxipad13 9 hours ago
I love how when the song gets aggressive it cuts to the Goblin character which was arguably Tyler’s most “aggressive time”
This Is AMusicEra
This Is AMusicEra 7 hours ago
This is easily one of Tylers best songs of all time
NovaTANK 9 hours ago
Wow…and these tracks didn’t make the cut for the main record? Most artists would kill for tracks like these on the album, and these are sittin in Tyler’s back pocket. What a genius.
Jacie805 9 hours ago
WE LOVE YOU TYLER! KEEP IT UP!! This video was so incredible bringing all of your personas in it. Just wow.
skipsoso 14 hours ago
can’t believe that he’s been hiding this masterpiece of a song from us for 2 years
B4shXp 10 hours ago
Is my music ok?.
Michal Ajoku
Michal Ajoku 11 hours ago
@Dylan Covellait says it in the description 💀
Jay 12 hours ago
@Vico he talks about Virgil Abloh dying so he definitely went back and wrote more lyrics
Vico 12 hours ago
@Dylan Covella a lot of artists make a bunch of songs in search of their new album/sound direction and then end up only using a handful for the actual album. T said it himself these were made for cmiygl which came out two years ago. He may have made some changes here and there but he didn’t just now make some songs up for a deluxe.
TheLateNightOwl 13 hours ago
​@Dylan Covella the man literally put out a tweet explaining it and you still don't get it
Oscar Olazagasti
Oscar Olazagasti 9 hours ago
This guy is artistically on a whole different level
ShakenBake 8 hours ago
The switches between the current era and the goblin era of him is really good !
kitcat 22
kitcat 22 9 hours ago
this is incredible i love love love it all the callbacks i’m eating it up this deluxe album is gonna change me
TerriyakiWaves 8 hours ago
there’s no other words to describe this then absolutely amazing.
Astro Man
Astro Man 8 hours ago
this is way to good i’m going to listen to it 24/7
globe-trotter by le FLEUR*