STRANDED!!! Lake Mead's Water Dropped Too Fast!!!

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Published on


Jun 21, 2022




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Comments 7 016
HeavyDSparks 9 days ago
Does anyone have contact info for the fella with the beached houseboat?
mybuster04 Day ago
Thank you heavy D and crew
Keith Porter
Keith Porter 8 days ago
HeavyD in the house(boat) help him out and post it please thanks
Cameron Murphy Outdoors
Go get him
Caleb Ernst
Caleb Ernst 8 days ago
Hell yeah man!!!
michael duke
michael duke 8 days ago
That naval boat gotta be put to some good use
D. Mills
D. Mills 6 days ago
You guys did really good again. Your coverage of the stranded houseboat got local news coverage, which got RU-vid attention and they got him out! All he had was himself and no money or wherewithal. You had a platform so people came. It really does take a village. ❤️
Michael Voorhees
It doesn't take a village... that's damn socialist talk you crazy!!! That's called people helping
Colspiracy 2 days ago
Wow! Thanks for the update. I was wondering what would happen. The Internet has its uses. Bravo Internet 👏
All Day Day Dreamer
I guess these guys are no longer fishermen but lake news reporters on a boat. Interesting.
Robert Western
Robert Western 4 days ago
That's awesome great people make anything possible thank God for good people
Ben 4 days ago
Caye A
Caye A 6 days ago
I just now read in a news story, that the gentleman's houseboat has been saved and is back in the water. This father/son team, and the man who drove to Lake Mead to get the boat back in the water, are absolutely wonderful people. It gives me a little faith in humanity again!
Right Price 6.blo_anfriends
Well, seeing as he just paid the epa an immense amount of money for modifying emissions equipped Diesel engines. Just spreading the word. These people who do so much good… why does our United States government harass them so?
Luke H
Luke H 3 days ago
@Jody Stevens you just called him a homeless bum. Pot meet kettle!
Eaton Kuntz
Eaton Kuntz 3 days ago
@Luke H cops: sorry sir you can't park your boat on the shore Him: but when I parked it it was a lake Cops: ok but you need to move it Him: it's a boat, I'll move it when you give my lake back
Jody Stevens
Jody Stevens 3 days ago
@Luke H who are you to call him a homeless bum
Tyler__Soggy 6 days ago
Mad props to you guys for being a voice loud enough for this man to get help! Y'all are way more down to earth than most big RU-vidrs
Big Jake
Big Jake 4 days ago
Imagine fishing in a lake full of dead bodies!! 😯
David shurtleff
David shurtleff 3 days ago
You guys are great. Give me hope in humanity with your good deeds. Way to go helping the stranded boater. I also found your assessment on Lake Mead is fascinating. I have been watching the news in this lake with great interest. Keep up the great work and Thank You.
Snow 636
Snow 636 9 days ago
You and your son seem like good hearted people. We need more people like that in the world. Much respect to you guys, thanks for all the updates.
toottoot thompson
Agreed fully, solid family. Wish mine was as mature and solid.✊🏽👊🏾
See Truth
See Truth 8 days ago
A true gift for Humanity. It’s a real shame that common courtesy isn’t Common. This man knew what he was doing raising a child. Generational Blessings 😊. Family tradition.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 6 days ago
You and your son seem like good hearted people. We need more people like that in the world. Much respect to you guys, thanks for all the updates.
Cullen Crisp
Cullen Crisp 4 days ago
They may be but please remember that they're on here to make money. Everyone puts up a fake front on their videos.
Nancy Ford
Nancy Ford 2 days ago
You guys are awesome! This poor guy is so nice and appreciated everything you guys did for him. Bless you both.
Kevin Comeau
Kevin Comeau 6 days ago
Thought you guys need to be recognized for your help in this man’s extremely dire situation.. If it wasn’t for you two,and this channel I think he’d be there for quite a while… You basically moved his boat with your camera … I’m sure this man is extremely happy right now ! Awesome job 👍🏻
michellem Day ago
In another video i think they said that some wildlife officials were getting upset with the guy that was stranded and were about to tow his boat away, so these guys got there just in time to help him
Deirdre Pasko
Deirdre Pasko 4 days ago
Amen to that!
TheGermanHammer 5 days ago
Love how the dude in the beached houseboat has such a good personality that he was more concerned with them catching fish than he was about his entire boat. ❤️
vanderley3 9 days ago
You guys are always helping strangers out - you have my respect. We need more people like you in the world.
Natalie Wolf
Natalie Wolf 4 days ago
Lol yeah this comment in triplicate isn't an obvious troll
vanderley3 8 days ago
@nicholas turney I was out shooting one time with my kids out in the hills toward Jean and got my truck stuck in the sand. Literally walked a couple of miles in the heat asking for people to help and they made every excuse to flat-out ignore me. A couple of dirt-bikers came and offered help and dirtied themselves up to get unstuck and I will be forever grateful. I couldn't believe these guys took an hour out of their fun-time to get dirty on their knees digging and pushing helping a complete stranger. I always make a point to repay (or pay forward) what those guys did for me that day.
Arizona Beaver
Arizona Beaver 8 days ago
@vanderley3 No good deed goes unpunished.
nicholas turney
nicholas turney 8 days ago
Most outdoorsman do
danny orth
danny orth 6 days ago
WAY TO GO GUYS YOU HELPED A MAN THAT THERE WAS NO HOPE FOR!!!!! I will be a life long supporter of your channel!! Danny in Oklahoma!
V is for Vom
V is for Vom 6 days ago
Just seen a update that the guy with the houseboat got pulled out due to exposure from your video. Thats so great to see. Its so crazy/scary to see how that water is dropping so damn fast. Best wishes to everyone down in the south west coming from Wisconsin.
J devil
J devil 3 days ago
Why are they not trying to geoengineer some rain around there?
TheFoolinthe rainn
They damned up a bunch of water to make a reservoir called lake Mead and put it in the middle of a desert? Duh?
Bryon Murray
Bryon Murray 6 days ago
I was wondering if you and your son have ever gone and looked at all the structures that were left behind when the dam was built and if they're out of the water now that the water level is down?
wkw 2 days ago
I was never afraid of spiders as I crawled through woods, working under decks, gardening or whatever....until I got bit. Didn't feel the bite but man those fangs left two holes that festered for weeks. The flesh around the bite can rot even with proper care! Scary stuff.
LOJO 8 days ago
Bro this entire situation is insane 🤯
@Rudolf Wickond Maybe the dam will be made to collapse.
Decimus Rex
Decimus Rex 4 days ago
@Stephen Woolman Even though not a single statement you made is even remotely true. It still would depend on science. So you do trust science, just not actual science. Sell crazy somewhere else. We have enough here.
Willful Mystic
Willful Mystic 3 days ago
I'm very honestly glad you two are doing this frequent update of the lake! Good Work and you deserve the millions of views.
Tommy VanPelt
Tommy VanPelt 6 days ago
I want you to know that if it weren't for your videos, many people would be unaware of what's happening. None of the networks are providing updates as consistently as you are. I am genuinely concerned about how fast the water level is dropping and am concerned about your water supply in the future; easy to overlook when you live in Florida. Thank you!
JenaeMarie 4 days ago
I am so impressed with Junior. Such a bright young man!
Deirdre Pasko
Deirdre Pasko 4 days ago
@1RoomPlayhouseCom absolutely. Anyone who can't see this is asleep!
PeskyPenguin 4 days ago
@1RoomPlayhouseCom wow. Just wow.
shawn atkinson
shawn atkinson 4 days ago
The world is so blessed to have people like you two,same to the heavy d crew!
John Morris
John Morris 5 days ago
I’ve been flying over Lake Mead since 2004, this lake has been devastated by over use and under filling, it as a fraction of its former self.
Michael Voorhees
At 47, I can say the same for myself. Overused, under filled......a disaster
Tech Gorilla
Tech Gorilla 9 days ago
I've never seen any of your content at all, but somehow, RU-vid made sure that I have seen all of your Lake Mead series and I am not unhappy that they did. This is good stuff really. I'm not interested in hunting and fishing personally, but RU-vid wants you guys to blow up! Enjoy the ride!
rovers141 4 days ago
@Rick N Okay cool but I didn't say anything about the merits of global warming arguments, and I never said this isn't a news worthy story.
Blake Heap
Blake Heap 8 days ago
I really like this comment man.
мт 8 days ago
❗Believe in Jesus. Believe in the Son of God. "If anyone is ashamed of me and my message in these adulterous and sinful days, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live. Jesus said, "I'm the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me".
Nile Baker
Nile Baker 8 days ago
@rovers141 Think you nailed it dude 👏
Orion’s Child717
New viewer. Started watching you shortly before this story developed. I love both of you and Heavy D , Dave and all the rest of his gang. The gift you gave me was the look of joy on the boat owners face when his boat was in the water. Thank you all. 🙏🙏🙏
MF Allen
MF Allen 2 days ago
Man, you guys are really taking-off and gaining a following! I first saw your video about Mead a month or so ago and you only had what, 3k followers? Now you're over 100x that! So glad you stopped to talk to that poor guy that was stranded and that it all worked out for him in the end. Fantastic job getting the ball rolling on that situation. Kudos
Made in USA
Made in USA 4 days ago
I retired from a large hydro plant. When the water gets below a certain design elevation, vertical shaft turbines cannot get enough lift when they spin so they sit too heavy on the thrust bearings when they generate. This damages the bearings(wipes them) and requires extensive and expensive repair. The generation output drops because there is not enough turning force as the elevation goes down and head(water pressure) is reduced by the dropping lake level.
o 18 hours ago
Thanks for the technical information because this is actually interesting and important to me since I am analyzing best places to retire. All people moving to Phoenix...you can have it!
Devil's Offspring
@Made in USA Ok, but what does the water head have to do with the thrust bearing oil pressure and bearing life though? I thought these were radial-inlet turbines, so the water pressure & flow rate don't affect the axial force on the bearings very much? (I'm no expert)
Made in USA
Made in USA 2 days ago
@Devil's Offspring Essentially, yes that is right. The units run on a lead alloy babbit shoe with an oil film. They are in a thrust tub with oil. Before the unit starts rotating a thrust pump starts and lifts the 600thousand lb unit off the shoe. Then as the unit spins the oil is pulled into the space between the thrust shoe and thrust collar(cannot remember the name of that piece). Then the oil pump is shut down until the generator is shutdown.
Devil's Offspring
So, what you're saying is that the water flow actually supports the weight of the turbine runner, or at least part of it? I had no idea about that. I was under the impression that the water inlet flow was radial (sideways), and the exit flow was axial (downwards.) So, no lifting force produced to take some of the load off the shaft bearings.
PH INFO 101 4 days ago
You are 100% correct but not to worry, the Hoover Dam turbines currently have approx 275' of head pressure with 169' of the 395' tall Intake Towers still under water.
_theNothing 5 days ago
My sister, her daughter, and husband took me out there in the summer of 1998 and I see some familiar places from your video and it is truly shocking the differences from then to now in the water level. Have you done any comparisons with what happened to the Salton Sea? With the level going down, I see the water becoming less oxygenated and fish populations that remain starting to die off, or will the dam open and allow the water to flow freely out to keep the water from becoming foul until the volume begins to climb again do you think?
Tezacatlipoca Xocoyotzin
The Salton Sea is a sad situation. I drive past it frequently and see it shrinking yearly. If it could somehow be connected to the Sea of Cortez or Pacific it would flourish making it a Desert Oasis. Imo it'd be costly but definitely worth it in saving it and providing sustainability.
Mike Shoults
Mike Shoults 4 days ago
You mean like responsibily reacting to the catastrophic drying if the lake? Lol, They won't do anything to save the lake. They don't even think there is a problem! They have their heads up their whoohoos
Caye A
Caye A 6 days ago
This is so depressing. I grew up around Lake Mead in the 70's and 80's, and have so many memories there. The marina I used to hang out at had to be moved to Hemingway Harbor because the water disappeared underneath it. It's all dirt out there now. As an adult living in SLC, we used to rent houeboats at Lake Powell, and that lake has gotten as bad as Lake Mead.
Nicky D
Nicky D 5 days ago
Love your updates. We are watching the water situation closely from downriver. Keep up the good work!
PlayBoy G
PlayBoy G 6 days ago
Y’all really did it! Great work, glad to see things pay off!📈🔥
Becky Roque
Becky Roque 6 days ago
It’s crazy to see the water level so low! I’ve been there a few times, last time probably 2009. Thank you for sharing your adventures! got a new subscriber in me!
Greg Roper
Greg Roper 6 days ago
You guys are amazing! You got the stranded houseboat guy the attention he needed to get pulled off the beach! I also saw another guy used your footage of the dam at inactive pool in his video... and told everyone to subscribe to you. Keep it up!
Daven Storm
Daven Storm 5 days ago
Saw the update ! Awesome what you did to save Craig's boat !! Shout Out to all the You Tubers that helped ! Awesome job HeavyDsparks and his crew ! Sin City Outdoors keep it up guys your going to go far !! Keep the updates on Lake Mead coming love your videos! God Bless Guys !
Bruce Wise
Bruce Wise 4 days ago
I’ve been watching you forever awesome videos always helping others, great team now houseboat stuck what can I say helping someone out again this guy isn’t rich and people just didn’t bother to try and help get him unstuck, once you found out you responded by gathering your team and showed up with all the equipment to put him back in the water off the sandbar great job don’t ever stop 🇨🇦👍
BMXking 658
BMXking 658 4 days ago
Thank you for the updates guys, hello from New Jersey. This is such an interesting thing to follow. I learned so much from your channel thanks to the research you guys do.
Florida Gal
Florida Gal 8 days ago
This guy has a good attitude while he's going through one of the worst of times. That boat is massive. I hope he can get back in the water or wherever he needs to go. Y'all are so good to people, stay blessed.
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond 7 days ago
He might have put his live savings into owning that boat. So I can see the dire he is in.
carlsagan lives
carlsagan lives 8 days ago
Now that everyone knows about it, lots of ways to re-float Chez' Craig. Most of the problem was the dude's out in there in no-mans land, with maybe only a few people aware of his plight. Hopefully all is well by now, and he's enjoying a free buffet in town.
Ronald Daub
Ronald Daub 8 days ago
He might have done it on purpose so he can own a new place
steven sherrier
steven sherrier 8 days ago
Put the 4 corners on some rollers and pull that boat right out.
bdsmStore.com 8 days ago
@Promotional Inc. Go treat yourself today by shopping for adult toys at our online store
Mark Green
Mark Green 6 days ago
You guys have done well! I just saw the news that the houseboat was recovered!
NuthinButLuv4U 2 days ago
Wow. I was there is 1983 when it was overflowing the dam, so this is crazy to see. Thanks for helping all those people, btw.❤️
Jason Bilodeau
Jason Bilodeau 5 days ago
love your videos and respect for your love for everyone and everything . need more people like you.
The Hash Slinging Slasher
this guy was a sweetheart. u can tell hes struggling but keeps a good heart.
Kris C
Kris C 8 days ago
I’ve watched a few of your videos since the whole lake level thing. I’m just so amazed by your kindness and willingness to help out fellow humans. We are clearly falling on hard times and you guys are giving me hope for the future of humankind. Thanks for being kind. It means a lot.
See Truth
See Truth 8 days ago
Even though these characteristics aren’t taught by most, it’s a character trait that most should have.
Kris C
Kris C 8 days ago
@southbound1969 it’s also ok to say humankind.
Zippy Thekid
Zippy Thekid 8 days ago
@Truckin Leprechaun (Scott Caskey) some people were raised right, but integrity and ethics can be learned by example. Do as I say, not as I do. Part of integrity, is pardoning even the guilty. Don't be a hypocrite. No necromancers.
Truckin Leprechaun (Scott Caskey)
This is what true outdoorsmen do. You see someone in need of help, you help them. Someday it could be you that needs help too. We should be more like this in our everyday life as well.
southbound1969 8 days ago
It's OK to say mankind.
waterdog 2 days ago
HD you should tag this video to the rescue vid. Awesome story being able to help someone in need. Much respect for you guys getting his home out of there.
dmgx 5 days ago
I'm ❤ing your coverage and weekly updates. I'm on the east coast of South Carolina and our waters are slowly dropping also. Enjoy the waters while you can.
Todd Bowerbank
Todd Bowerbank 5 days ago
I’m new to your channel, but I really enjoy your vids. That’s too bad about those turbines being nonfunctional at this point and it will only get worse. Does anyone know if that stranded guy get his boat recovered? I wish I had the means to help him out. What a drag that must be. I also hope y’all catch some good fish wish the gift he gave you. Take care and may peace be with you.
Arthur McClain
Arthur McClain 2 days ago
You and your son should go for humanity award for helping 👏 people on or around Lake Mead. Great job guys!!!!
zooblestyx 8 days ago
Subbed to keep up with how things pan out for Craig. Really rooting for the guy.
Lewis K
Lewis K 5 days ago
You guys were awesome to help this guy out by putting a shout out in your video! You guys are my new favorite channel, love the updates on the lake, I live in Tucson so that lake has an impact on us here. Awesome job again you guys!
World Citizen
World Citizen 6 days ago
Holy shit! You guys saved this guy and his house. You men are freaking awesome thank you for sharing your adventures. Was that Heavy D & Co from UT that pulled that boat off the sand bar?
MN 013
MN 013 2 days ago
That's absolutely insane, at one time the Hoover dam I believe was considered to be the largest in the world wasn't it ?
James Yurko
James Yurko 6 days ago
It’s awesome that all of you guys got together and helped out.
Terry Doherty
Terry Doherty 9 days ago
I love the relationship between you and your son. It is obviously full of love and respect. Your informative videos are great. Having done a tour from NZ to the Hoover and following the Lake Mead retreat over the years with water demand and climate change affecting everywhere its a pleasure to watch. regards from New Zealand.
7cogs 8 days ago
An issue that NZ faces is as climate change effects the weather we wont see as much rain in the warmer parts of the year and less snow in the winter on Ruapehu so the lakes along the Waikato river will begin to run low like Lake Mead in the summer and autumn. And the Hunua Ranges will also get less rain so the reservoirs that supply Auckland might be close to runing dry in some parts of the year, which will result in more water having to be taken from the Waikato river.
Erect My Greenhouse
@Account Deactivated Sorry to hear that buddy! Stay strong!
Account Deactivated
@Daniel Martin Towns that never should have been built in the first place, lawns, drinking water, municipal water supply for Las Vegas and other nearby cities, water fountains for the Bellagio hotel, electricity for the Las Vegas strip, hundreds of suburbs in the desert that shouldn’t be there - you name it
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 9 days ago
where is the water going or in this case gone?
chico frijoles
chico frijoles 5 days ago
I love your editing, not boring to watch. Interesting subject matter, but the cutaways and info and storytelling - it's awesome. Well done.
KneeSea 5 days ago
I remember visiting in 98 and the water was up to the road at Hoover dam. It amazes me to see how low that water level is now. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this!
Generic American
Generic American 4 days ago
In the late 80s it got super low after a few years of drought. Luckily after a few years the water was back to the top of the dam. Hopefully we get smarter and lucky at the same time. Can’t take luck for granted though.
cdcollura 5 days ago
Great work guys, esp helping that guy. This drought is insane. Reminds me of the Aral Sea disaster. This climate change is rapid, not slow like many think.
Diane Mackey
Diane Mackey 5 days ago
How fantastic this all turned out! Thank God you reached out and Dave Sparks responded. Such great people in this world helping each other out.
・your non favorite person 👍・
The relationship you two have is admirable by any father and son. As any father knows, a son can be a big pain in the ass but it seems you’ve raised a real respectable man. And from a fellow Army vet, thanks for your service!!
ken glass
ken glass 3 days ago
Wish My dad was cool like that with all the outdoors and stuff....never could get mine out the damn Casino.
Maelthas Divine
Maelthas Divine 7 days ago
@Sin City Outdoors ignore this spamming bot.
discerningmind 4 days ago
I've been following you guys and what's been going on out there. And wow, it's shocking and sad. I don't have much hope for the poor guy with the marooned yacht. I've had big boats and I can tell you that his boat weighs a lot. If there were a salvage operation having enough horsepower to pull the boat off of the sand bar, I wouldn't expect much of a chance. The reason is because of the weight of that boat, the hull itself would have to have a lot of strapping in the right places to advert busting up the boat. It's not a usual being stuck situation where some water remains present, so the cleats and chocks can't be utilized. The only thing that would work here (other than a lot of rain) would be to dredge out a channel low enough for water to reach the boat. I feel for this guy. And he's being really good not whining about it all. He'll probably to have to wait for the water level to rise. That will be a long and difficult wait. If he abandons the yacht it'll be pilfered for sure. Poor guy. Please pray for him and his situation. We all need to call it to God's attention.
Juris Klavins
Juris Klavins 4 days ago
Kudos to you and Dave Sparks - your collaboration helped Craig to get his houseboat back into the water 🙂
Sean Kean
Sean Kean 5 days ago
Much respect to this father and son. The father obviously raised a good kid. I have a feeling the father is a Veteran
East Texas Engineering
Great to see there is great people like yourself left in Nevada. I was a Vegas resident for 14 years but blessed to be in Texas now.. great video guys and thanks for being so helpful to people you didn’t even know.. come fish East Texas brother!!!
Ricky Beasley
Ricky Beasley 9 days ago
I just want to say that your son has renewed my faith in the youth of today. He seems so nice and respectful and I love the relationship you two have with each other. You did good Dad 👍🏻.
Damian W
Damian W 8 days ago
If a father has time for his sons, they always grow proper
Jim Barbee
Jim Barbee 5 days ago
Wow! How sad! I use to patrol up to the buoy line at Hoover Dam when I worked as a US Park Ranger, and I can certainly tell the difference in Lake Mead’s water level. What’s sad is that I remember when there was a trout hatchery below the dam. I’m not sure if it is still there, but If there is no water flow out of the dam I believe that the hatchery won’t be able to operate there anymore.
Carmenz 5 days ago
Your son has such a beautiful smile! Happy to know y’all helped the man out!
Zone Defense
Zone Defense 5 days ago
So sad, I remember going out on boat parties at Lake Mead in the late 80’s. Those were good times. I’m speechless.
Mary Blackburn
Mary Blackburn 5 days ago
Hi, I'm new here. I was interested in how far the lake has dropped. But, I love fishing too. I have watched some of the bass tournaments on TV. I want to thank you guys for doing this. It is very important.
mark strachan
mark strachan 8 days ago
Stumbled across your videos and I think they’re fantastic. Good to see there is still people like you two. Cheers
Chlorine Company
Chlorine Company 6 days ago
Man so sad to see Lake Mead dwindle away. I used to spend every summer as a kid on that lake. We would rent a houseboat and find a cove and just spend a weekend having a blast. I remember one night we were docked and a thunderstorm came through and I was convinced we were gonna capsize lol good times.
The Danger Zone
The Danger Zone 5 days ago
Thank you guys for keeping an eye on the lake. My favorite part was the homeless guy in the boat. What an engineering disaster!!!
Say it Ain’t so
Poor dude looks hungry. He is such a sweet man, I hope he gets help.
JKD Residential Enhancements
Subbed, Phoenix tourney fisherman here…You guys are great, probably going to be one of my favorite channels, keep up the good work it’s so refreshing to see good wholesome content that isn’t over acted or scripted. Solid and the reel deal! Tight Lines brothers!
Paul MacDonald
Paul MacDonald 4 days ago
Thankyou for getting help for that stranded gentleman! You guys rock!
John Lawrence
John Lawrence 5 days ago
Ive been watching your vifs on the lake drying up. I saw the house boat. I felt bad for that guy. I know you guys wanted to help him and it turn out that you put the wheel in motion. What a wonderful outcome.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 5 days ago
OMG!! I remember back in the mid 1990's taking a paddlewheel boat on a dinner cruise. The water was so much higher up on the dam! Higher like 20 feet below the top! This is utterly shocking!
Randy Jon
Randy Jon Day ago
God bless you gentlemen for doing what you do to help out your fellow citizens. Strangers helping Strangers is what it's all about brother. I wish there were more people with that mindset. ✌🏻❤🇺🇸
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 7 days ago
You guys are always helping strangers out - you have my respect. We need more people like you in the world.
Deirdre Pasko
Deirdre Pasko 4 days ago
@Gjr eh hem, their, not they're which means they are. Thank you.
You are a sheep
You are a sheep 5 days ago
@Gjr No one is "hating." I stated a fact and look at all of us just sit here like drones and watch other people help people. That's what I hate. These guys rule and I only came bc I know what is happening to that lake. Good luck.
Stolearov Igor
Stolearov Igor 5 days ago
We need more people with brains. Trees and beavers.
Gjr 5 days ago
Why are people hating on these guys after they helped this dude? Oh well, atleast they had to watch their channel in order to add they're hating ass remarks 🤣😜
You are a sheep
You are a sheep 6 days ago
It's bc they get paid by youtube to do whatever they want.
Neal Hughes
Neal Hughes 5 days ago
It has been decided to lower the level of the Flaming Gorge here in Wyoming (I know it has to go through lake Powell first, so hopefully they are on board) to help you guys out. Not sure how much has been released from the Flaming Gorge but it is definitely noticeable. Have you guys seen impact as far as this doing any good? I think they started letting water out a month or two ago. Also what else do you guys use the water in Lake Mead for, drinking? Irrigation?
Pet Granny
Pet Granny 5 days ago
Great job hooking up with HeavyDSparks to Craig. Awesome video footage on both channels. Thanks for reporting on the state of water in the lake. Please do talk about who is served by Lake Mead and how in your vlogs - some folks may not be aware of the impact of this drought and why water conservation is so important. I love how this community get stuff done!
Ordinary Pete
Ordinary Pete 4 days ago
Insane. I was born in Kingman, AZ and this was OUR lake to visit and growing up we loved going here. Insane what has happened.
Billy Rillera
Billy Rillera 4 days ago
You guys are doing a great job reporting whats going on in Lake Mead. A lot of people are depending water from it, not just Las Vegas but also from different. western states. My question is when worse comes to worse is it possible to pipe water from Oregon or even Seattle all the way down to Lake Mead.
Brandon Ward
Brandon Ward 8 days ago
The relationship you two have is admirable by any father and son. As any father knows, a son can be a big pain in the ass but it seems you’ve raised a real respectable man. And from a fellow Army vet, thanks for your service!!
ATripleP3 6 days ago
Hooah! Love when Junior turns his hat forward for the public eye...and to help battle the sun.
Dismantle HAARP
Dismantle HAARP 6 days ago
Americans do it right
Chris Kourlos
Chris Kourlos 7 days ago
Its a real blessing to have a son with a brain and love if God's word. He will get untold rewards in heaven. God bless you young son.
Carolyn Holmes
Carolyn Holmes 5 days ago
Thanks to Sr and Jr for getting this man's story out and to all the folks who posted to HeavyD's page.. yay!! You guys are heroes!!
Rune Shaman
Rune Shaman 5 days ago
I came for the news on lake Mead, but definitely staying to check out the rest of your content! Thank you for helping others out! Unfortunately, it's becoming less common these days.
Alice Borghoff
Alice Borghoff 6 days ago
Just heard on the news you organized a rescue plan for Craig and his houseboat! You guys are awesome!!
Thank you so much for your commentary I really appreciate it being a Las Vegas,NV HOMETOWN now that I live in Tennessee it’s really sad to see this this happen and I’ve only been gone for eight years this is really sad and it was really sad the Indians on the Arizona side that are granted water rights in the peace process with USA federal government Is now having to truck water into the reservation because their water sources dried up this is so very sad thank you so much again for your commentary. God bless you and your family and your furry friends 2 please stay safe and healthy 👍🏻😇🙏🏼✌🏻🦮🦮🇺🇸
Ivan Preciado
Ivan Preciado 3 days ago
I started watching you guys right when you guys started talk about the body popping up and then I see you guys on the news, pretty cool fellas! Keep up the good work!
Vegas Chef Andrew
@Sin City Outdoors Absolutely love that you're putting all of this out there for people to see. As a 20+ year resident of Vegas, it's a sad situation we're dealing with. Can you please highlight something else? At one point, Nevada offered to build, maintain and PAY for desalination plants on the Californian coast. They declined
Vegas Chef Andrew
In 2018, in response to Vegas adding a desalination plant in CA, the GM of Southern Nevada Water Authority said.... "We just simply don't need the water bad enough right now to move forward with that kind of hundreds of millions of dollars - or even billions of dollars - in capital investments for additional water supplies," I bet he's thinking differently now.
larae gonzales
larae gonzales 4 days ago
You two young men are good people ☺️ I wish we had more "REAL" men like you two,it just shows you can be tough and still be sweethearts:)
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 2 days ago
saving his livelihood. God Bless ya'll for caring about others! Praying for a great outcome! Praying for rain for Lake Mead too!
John Thomas
John Thomas 9 days ago
You guys are doing amazing work documenting a historic point for the lake and the people who are and will be affected by it disappearing... keep it up.
Tangarisu 8 days ago
@robert w IF we survive it.
yudhi adhyatmiko siswono
Indeed this is quite informative. Last time i visit Lake Mead and Hoover Dam is in 1985 when i was 3 years old. It's during office event visit, also i am Indonesian and i follow my father during his works and study in US.
robert w
robert w 8 days ago
Nearly everyone on earth will be affected by what’s coming… Documenting it might just be far more valuable than they realize… This has the potential to be biblical in scale, especially with the grain supply of Ukrainian in jeopardy… Two of the most important food production areas on earth simultaneously….
Victor Jeffers
Victor Jeffers 3 days ago
What a shame to see this kind of devastation ! Praying that Lake Meade will see a substantial amount of rain soon !
Duende Amore
Duende Amore 6 days ago
I just saw how he made it outta there with your channel. How cool to see people come together and help out someone in need. Hopefully he can move out of lake mead.
Meta! Crypto Dean
You and your son are living a dream life awesome to see that and helping people is priceless guys 🚀🚀
Loucampin 6 days ago
Just subbed. Great content, I was gonna suggest calling Heavy D but I see he’s on it. Hope you guys get to collaborate with him and his crew. Keep up the good work!
covidis event201
covidis event201 9 days ago
Your a great father you have raised a great respectful, helpful, passionate son. Keep fishing love the vids. Good to see father and son fishing and getting along so good.
J Fid
J Fid 7 days ago
💯 Great people
covidis event201
covidis event201 7 days ago
@Salt Peter I do not care if I misspell or mistype, but ty for clearing it up. Still not gonna change it. 🍻
A Fridge Too Far
A Fridge Too Far 8 days ago
I had absolutely no idea this was father/son duo.
Salt Peter
Salt Peter 8 days ago
You are = you're, not your. 👍
Broadstreet Bully
I was thinking the same thing. So respectful to his father.
Bass Raider
Bass Raider 6 days ago
You guys are doing a great job with the updates. Love the channel! Castaic Lake is going down also!😬😬
kelli blue
kelli blue 5 days ago
Good on you guys. Unbelievable how fast the water dropped. Insane.
Tezacatlipoca Xocoyotzin
New sub here. Just want to commend Sr. and Jr. on there efforts in this humanitarian effort. Jr. is a very well spoken young man. Hats off to both of you. We need stories like these to be heard to restore faith in our fellow man.
H8speech 1984
H8speech 1984 6 days ago
Has the water level concentrated the fish population? I’ve seen this happen in other lakes.
DarkSide Rider
DarkSide Rider 8 days ago
Falling asleep casually on the lake while feeling all sorts of relaxed (for anyone that hasn’t experienced it, dozing off while floating on the lake is one of the most relaxing feelings possible) and waking up to be stranded has to be such an awful feeling
Scott Allen
Scott Allen 8 days ago
@Steven Glover Yup.....I fell asleep on a river tube once and almost missed my exit point.... which was kind of freaky....won't ever do that again alone.
Steven Glover
Steven Glover 8 days ago
Hell even falling asleep on a river tube and waking up in a torn bush makes it impossible for me to trust water.
540マンモス 8 days ago
ultimate contrast
Erick Sandi
Erick Sandi 4 days ago
Guys , awesome , thanks for doing what you did. Fellow Vet thank you for still serving !
Bob Miller
Bob Miller 6 days ago
Great video and story. And even better, I just saw a 8newsnow video clip and read the story that this gentlemen's houseboat was recovered successfully by HeavyDSparks and folks, and it is back floating on the water. Edit: Looking forward to hearing y'all's update.
Meta! Crypto Dean
Love you vids thank you for the time and effort
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