SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘호랑이 (Tiger Inside)’ Dance Practice

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Sep 7, 2020




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Comments 32 662
Banana Milk
Banana Milk Year ago
Turquoise Ptw
Turquoise Ptw Month ago
Navi 2 months ago
" now set the table "
kaeya 9 months ago
Banana milk where r u
Yogod Afton Clickbait
k4y_tea 10 months ago
Jergen Callahan
Jergen Callahan 3 months ago
kai would always be the center of attention everywhere he goes... his presence is insane
z 16 days ago
@Møoň Lıghť so trueee its sad that most comments are just about their individuality also I see a lot arguing about who is better and then ends up having fanwars like ????? they're all friends and they acknowledge each other more than we do so nctzen, exo-l, shawol fandoms shouldn't fight
Møoň Lıghť
Møoň Lıghť 16 days ago
Just Let's love them all, we can't ignore the ability of any other dancer here.. they all amazing, i told you this coz i know their amazing dance all.. espicially taemin he is legend in SM.. Kai is The Best Dancer In kpop but Let's Put respect For other artist ♥️♥️♥️
Møoň Lıghť
Møoň Lıghť 16 days ago
@MariekeNoortje810 TBH all Dancers It This Group Are Perfect ( Ty, ten, lucas, kai, taemin ).. Exols always say that kai is the canter of attention but they don't know the ability of Ty too, Ten especially.. Taemin is perfect dancer.. we can't ignore any dancer here.. i was like that but when i became i czennie i really was 😳😳😳😳😳 Of NCT talent... i told u this as an exol and cznnie wayzeni and taeminist 😍😍
z Month ago
@MariekeNoortje810 i totally agree!!! i stan superm cos of exo but daaaaaaaaamn taeyong and mark kept on snatching my attention!
MariekeNoortje810 2 months ago
@a_simple_human _with_a_complicated_mind 🙏😘
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 3 months ago
Oh Sehun is not wrong when he said that KAI is always the center of attraction.
a_simple_human _with_a_complicated_mind
@Divine Caiña in devil wears jungnam season 2 where Sehun made a guest appearance( hope i am not wrong)
Divine Caiña
Divine Caiña 2 months ago
Where did he said this?
쿠기 17 days ago
커버 무대도 좋지만 당사자들의 무대는 언제쯤 다시 볼 수 있을까요? 삐삐쳐
이 할미는 귀가 안좋아서 안경을 썼어
국방의...의무... 눈물...
ㅊㅇ 12 days ago
애옹 12 days ago
루카스라이팅 때문에…. ◔̯◔….
NOTaDIVA 3 months ago
After a year all 31.000 comments are about how amazing,sexy,charismatic and talented Kai is. AND I LOVE IT!
BEAR 2 months ago
KAEBSONG 3 months ago
04AA Year ago
the thing with KAI is, even though it's not his part to sing, he will always deliver the best. the expression, the moves are all on point and it explains why people went crazy for him
Juledix Bermejo
Kai's moves looks so sexy compared to other idols, it is because he can easily switch his movements from fluid to sharp, no over or underdancing. Just perfect
BEAR Year ago
He is amazing
Jane Pang
Jane Pang 4 months ago
All of them are great dancers, but one thing I would like to mention here is I really adore Kai dance and his professionalism. I remember he said in one of the interview or reality show that he built up his body to look more muscular and bulky to match the song concept... i guess this is the song he is referring to... he don't want to look like skinny tiger 🤣
Aeri EXO ReVe
Aeri EXO ReVe 2 months ago
It was tempo. He is slimmer here
KAI'S_SUPREMACY 2 months ago
skiny tiger. lol
Athena Maxima-1
Athena Maxima-1 3 months ago
KAI es el bailarín principal en el grupo EXO, él es el centro en EXO, así lo lleven a otros grupos siempre atraerá las miradas por su grandioso baile, su tierna voz, su sensualidad y por sus expresiones que demuestra su pasión por el baile, el en sí ya es el centro.
Ninni 11 days ago
@valeria gm Cero hate pero la verdad es que Kai ha demostrado en sus últimos dos solo album que tiene un muy buen vocal
zz zz
zz zz 18 days ago
valeria gm
valeria gm 21 day ago
de acuerdo en todo menos su voz no tiene un buen vocal
no 3 months ago
kai is so captivating... from his moves to his gaze n facial expressions, he is really a whole package artist !
heyci Month ago
There are so many great dancer in this group, TEN, Taeyong, Taemin,,, but KAI.... , his dance & aura.. wow
muskan purohit
Kai is getting better and better everytime. His sharp movements, expressions and stage presence is out of this world!
Nicole Year ago
Yeah he was already best to begin with.
Flower Power
Flower Power Year ago
Kai solo mood sampler!!! ru-vid.com/video/video-JQ2vKqAQQVo.html
exo L1485
exo L1485 Year ago
KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out.
Oh Chevi
Oh Chevi Year ago
I love him sm 😭
Sukriti Singh
Sukriti Singh Year ago
He was the best to begin with
Chogiwa Park
Chogiwa Park Month ago
Kai is so powerful and so magnetic, you physically CANNOT take your eyes off his movements omg 🥺
서연 16 days ago
다른 애들은 간지나는 안무 같은데 카이는 진짜 호랑이같다 지리네
snowing 3 months ago
Kai isn't just an idol , he is a living legend in kpop.
Doneeya 2 months ago
Kai is not even the center in this song but I still follow him like he is, his power, I’m amazed.
Wanda Kurnia Ayuningtyas
Even they got same clothes, but why Kai is still soooo shining......
raf 14 days ago
Because he have a great features
Jing N
Jing N Year ago
He is a diamond
Gerald Year ago
i guess because he's really fit, that makes the clothes look even better
because he is sunshine
Angelia Vera
Angelia Vera Year ago
MsErikaOh 2 months ago
I know all of them did their best but when I saw the full shot with them dancing.... They all worked so hard but Kai's movements are so hungry that you can see him come out much more gritty than the others. And his expressions in the whole song! I guess it comes with experience.
peachie peach
peachie peach Month ago
spot on!!
latte hunter
latte hunter 3 months ago
Even after 1 year+ KAI is still the main topic, love that main character vibe he exudes, he is the moment :)
Jing N
Jing N 3 months ago
Kai looks just amazing. Couldn't stop watching him dance.
쥬쥬 16 days ago
있을 때 잘할 걸 그랬어요.. 아니 카이가 진짜 미쳤다
Grace Shin
Grace Shin Year ago
jongin is wearing a superm shirt, black jeans and converse but still looks AMAZING. idol of idols
deni Month ago
@Chanbaek and EXO I was genuinely new to K-Pop when I wrote that comment. No worries I wasn't trying to shade anybody, in fact Kai really were one of the first idols that caught my eye after Taeyong. I'm a huge fan of Ten and Taemin as well now.
Chanbaek and EXO
@deni Ohh honey don't get me wrong but if this was in sarcastic way or shading to comment praising kai, then that was stupid. Don't mind me if this was not your intention, coz there are many crackheads who are toxic to compare members of same group , especially kai and taemin
deni 4 months ago
@Ola Jalaghi No wonder the black haired guy caught my eye too, Thanks.
Ola Jalaghi
Ola Jalaghi 4 months ago
@deni ten is the one with blond hair and taemin is the ine with black hair (not brown) and tight pants
deni 4 months ago
can anyone tell me which one of them is Ten and Taemin pls?
dal moon
dal moon 14 days ago
커버 보고 오리지널 궁금해서 보러 왔는데 역시 원조는 못 따라오는구나,, 스엠 에이스들만 모아놔서 그런지 진짜 감탄만 나오네 아무리 욕 먹고 하락세니 뭐니 해도 스엠은 스엠이다......
이마크애옹 3 days ago
하락세.. ㅜ 스엠이 하락세인 그 순간은 케이팝이 망하는 순간이에요
Sofia Resultay
Sofia Resultay 3 months ago
There are 7 members but I'm still looking at Kai. His power.
리혬 16 days ago
당시에도 멋있다 생각했지만 지금 다시 보니까 진짜 개미쳤다ㅋㅋㅋ 누구도 못 따라갈 퀄리티인데
Anna Nono
Anna Nono 3 months ago
They all are great in dancing + with visual hahah but my eyes always stick to KAI idk he have some aura and his movements attract me to look at him bcoz is soo soft,then strong then powerful i always say that nobody can be level like KAI serious he has his own aura
Chocobearry Year ago
No one can be like Kai his expressions, his powerful performance, his energy, his dancing is just unmatchable. He always delivers the best of him So proud of you Kai ❤️
BTS diary323
BTS diary323 3 months ago
he was flashing cute smiles throughout the whole choreography. it was like watching your crush and they finally noticed you existed in the corner
Kim Ganzz
Kim Ganzz 3 months ago
Windha Kharina
Yes me too
HH잼 16 days ago
쥐긴다.. 진짜 본인들 파트를 다들 뒤지게 잘 살림 춤쪽에서는 텐 카이가 그냥 본인파트 ㄹㅇ 개작살내고 태용 마크는 랩 걍 너무 쫜득하고 보컬은 백현 태민 말해뭐함...?
Janie Grace
Janie Grace 2 months ago
SuperM is an all-star cast, but Kai is the universe! 😍
morning lee
morning lee 16 days ago
노래가 힙해서 자주 듣는데 카이 몸선 춤선 정말 독보적으로 예쁘고 백현은 노래는 물론이거니와 메댄들 사이에서 춤도 밀리지 않고 잘 추네
망이 방
망이 방 17 days ago
카이 호랑이 진짜 레전드...
L V Year ago
I really like Kai's visuals and expressions while dancing
Fitsi Yessi
Fitsi Yessi 3 months ago
Me too
Noni Katiaru
Noni Katiaru Year ago
Me too so awesome
17 days ago
카이가 진짜 잘한다 자꾸 눈이 감
exo baekhyun
exo baekhyun 17 days ago
Kai just proved that he is the best dancer out of a group consist of best dancers in K-Pop.
Gunel cherry
Gunel cherry 14 days ago
@monique i read all commets and see you, i enjoy this lol this is funny
Gunel cherry
Gunel cherry 14 days ago
@monique no you are every commet about kaii why why
monique 14 days ago
@Gunel cherry who are u? Stalker or what
Gunel cherry
Gunel cherry 14 days ago
@monique omg you are every commets about kai lol
monique 16 days ago
Nah one of the best no THE BEST
Hi Kimkai
Hi Kimkai 4 months ago
I still can't believe we didn't get a full shot of this dance I want to see kai more
dd d
dd d 16 days ago
이걸로보니 속이시원하네..
Rey Year ago
KAI is just something else in another level!!!
Belle Atthebath
@Hdj yes he is too. They all are 👍
Hdj Year ago
@Belle Atthebath I use HE for a reason
Belle Atthebath
@Hdj they are
Hdj Year ago
Exactly he’s on another level
Belle Atthebath
They ALL are ! Bless Super M~
bisou 💋
bisou 💋 11 days ago
Kai is acting like a tiger, he really fits the concept well, he’s agile + muscular, obsessed with those arms
Nina Eri
Nina Eri 2 months ago
Just watching KAI is crazy, even if he has little screen time it makes your gaze only focus on him. It is like a magnet that attracts you without being able to resist, it is impressive.
L I D Y A 4 months ago
I can say that they are one of the best in their group. And there is Kai who is the best from the best
a_simple_human _with_a_complicated_mind
Kai will make u feel every beat that he hits with his moves. I mean he doesn't just dance, he makes the dance his and performs it. It's difficult to explain him and his dance... it's like they are one identity sharing a soul.
KLC Year ago
Kai’s dancing is captivating. He is so easy to find because his body translates the choreo so well and with an essence no one else has
Jongdae Kim
Jongdae Kim Year ago
María José Moscoso
Totally agree, waiting for his solo!!
PJYng 77
PJYng 77 Year ago
@Penyemangat Bubutaeyong people be talking abt Kai but y'all be inserting whatever bs, keep it to urself no one cares
Penyemangat Bubutaeyong
Yeah true ,now pls join strmg party MV jopping
업소용펩시 17 days ago
가요대제전 보고 다시 보러왔다 너무 잘함
n17 Sina
n17 Sina Month ago
Kai is an art.. He is a masterpiece.
Roshelle TV
Roshelle TV Month ago
Kai is like a human magnet. He is pulling us all to him!😎
Celine2 TSL
Celine2 TSL 2 months ago
Kai is the reason I love kpop
Divina Ventura
Divina Ventura Month ago
me too!
Nurul Asyiqin
Nurul Asyiqin Month ago
@hansi019 e itu dee dee dtg i do easter fit tu
hansi019 2 months ago
me toooo🤍🤍🤍
Itachi Itachi
Itachi Itachi Year ago
Kai exactly knows how to dance controlling over the song. His skills makes himself unique.
Belle Atthebath
@Baliplaygirl Kji Here I said that comment mocking you, but Im not even mad or thinking it. I actually would like a Kai solo too. I was just trying to make you taste your own medicine so that you realize how wrong, stupid and annoying those type of comments are.
Belle Atthebath
@Baliplaygirl Kji yeah Im not particularly an intense fan at all I don't do streaming/spamming/ etc. I just normally buy albums to support and go to concert
Baliplaygirl Kji
@Belle Atthebath yet you’re in every comment praising Kai seething instead of streaming your fav funny how that works
Belle Atthebath
@Baliplaygirl Kji This so call unrivalled performer hasnt had a solo yet ahhh stay mad
Baliplaygirl Kji
@Belle Atthebath Kai out danced your favs ahhh stay mad
mh j
mh j 17 days ago
가요대제전보고 왔다가 .. 와 카이 봐라 춤 미쳤어요
펄네오샴페인 15 days ago
슈퍼엠 호랑이 김종인 .. 이민형은 레전드다 ... 무대 내놔
Cilina Loey
Cilina Loey 2 months ago
Kai is getting the attention he deserves in the comment section..and I like it ...😘
Sunworld Month ago
kai is the reason why everyone comeback to watch this dance practice. am i wrong?
Vira 10 days ago
Yass true!
Andak Andaksuli
Andak Andaksuli 12 days ago
You're not wrong.. And im here cause of him
Exo 1485
Exo 1485 15 days ago
True 😭
Divina Ventura
Divina Ventura 29 days ago
Katherin Canta
Katherin Canta Month ago
Flower Power
Flower Power Year ago
From watching Kai perform, its so obvious he's in love with dancing, he derives joy from doing it no matter how tired he is and it shows. I hope to smile while I work the way he smiles while he dances
Flower Power
Flower Power Year ago
Kai solo mood sampler!!! ru-vid.com/video/video-JQ2vKqAQQVo.html
Cutie Cutie
Cutie Cutie Year ago
@Flower Power do you mind to share in what minute did you notice he's favouring one leg?
Wela Mae Patindol
@Flower Power Yes I really noticed it.. I'm so proud of Kai for this He's so professional ..
Wela Mae Patindol
@Brandon Crenshaw what a relief ... Looking at the performance Kai still did his very best ... Get well soon nini
Flower Power
Flower Power Year ago
Wela Mae patindol glad I’m not the only one that noticed he’s favouring one leg and being very light with the other..
Rafina 4 months ago
In a group of centers and they all dressed in the same black shirt and pants, same movements, almost all with the same hair color, yet people still talk about Kai even though his center’s time in this song is not that long compare to when he’s in exo
alien from EXO planet
that's the power this boy has
K 3 months ago
Kai’s aura 🤩 king sh*t
난 첨부터 슈퍼엠 사랑했어..꼭 다시 함께하자.
Nohemi Tapia
Nohemi Tapia 4 months ago
Solo puedo mirar a kai, mis ojos lo buscan en donde esté 😍🤩😍🤩
Kai Kim
Kai Kim Year ago
There's no words describe how much I love KAI I feel like crying when I see him, he's the most talented guy I ever seen in my life
Kai Kim
Kai Kim Year ago
@Peaches N Cream YAASS 4ever and always
Kai Kim
Kai Kim Year ago
@Jessica Cen IKR
Peaches N Cream
Me too, let's support him always ❤
Jessica Cen
Jessica Cen Year ago
Not to mention how gorgeous he is! ❤🙊✨
BEAR Year ago
정수빈 16 days ago
이렇게 있을 때 잘할걸.. 슈퍼엠이 추는 호랑이 무대 언제쯤 다시 볼 수 있을까
N Salsabilla
N Salsabilla 4 months ago
Wherever kai do his move, my eyes always caught him😍 he is on the next level🥺😍
Wilasinee U.
Wilasinee U. 3 months ago
I know i’m not the only one who watch this dance practice more than the mv itself. Haha Kai looks so hot i keep coming back to watch him LOL
Amasha Ns
Amasha Ns 3 months ago
Tiger inside Kai is something else 🤩
Dee Year ago
Kai is so manly. He exudes sensuality with every movement, exactly like a feline. I can't stop watching him, he just dominates the stage!
Oh Chevi
Oh Chevi Year ago
Tbh i never so addict to him like now 😭😭😭
Jiilaan Hani
Jiilaan Hani 2 months ago
Kai's part is really insane!!!
Аяна Нурбаева
Everyone is talking about Kai, he is talented and he is always in the center of attention. But I want to talk about every members talent. Omg, they are so talented, literally at all. Their dance, vocal and rap skills. Byeeee⚰️
Doneeya 11 days ago
@Cashmere Delicate really ? I went to the Paris concert and kai baekhyun and ten were the best performers of that day 🤷‍♀️
Cashmere Delicate
Cashmere Delicate 11 days ago
@Doneeya This song suit his energy. During SuperM fst concerts tour, Taemin performance is shining.
Andak Andaksuli
Andak Andaksuli 12 days ago
Of course all of them is amazing.. And why so many mention kai here??cause everyone has different taste
Doneeya 14 days ago
but Kai is shinning more
maria mcguire
maria mcguire 14 days ago
Well said 💙
Leyla Alan
Leyla Alan 26 days ago
Came back to see who could cover Taeyongs part and I still feel that non of them will do it justice lol Taeyongs verses in Tiger Inside are iconic and ppl might imitate it but can never duplicate.
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade 26 days ago
K 4 months ago
Kai really act and dance like a tiger 🐅
Liv K
Liv K Year ago
Oof this is exactly why Kai is your idol's idol. He was literally shining wow
Lool Lool
Lool Lool Year ago
what's my name? Next time try to build a clear question and try not to feel offended and triggered unless u mean something else coz I wasn’t rude I told u he never said that so no need of ur useless advice too
what's my name?
@Lool Loolmh and when you see a question mark after a sentence, it means it's a question. Next time someone asks something maybe don't be rude about it.
Lool Lool
Lool Lool Year ago
what's my name? Ok u got ur answer he isn’t
what's my name?
@Lool Lool it was a question not a statement. lol . an idol can still be a person you respect and look up to as an artist and a senior. not oh i wanna be like him kind of bullshit. and again i just asked, i never said he is. there is a difference.
ッнеlеη Year ago
@what's my name? NO
sunflower_j 17 days ago
커버 무대 보고 원곡이 궁금해서 찾아 옴. 카이는 역시 카이고… 태민도 멋있고… 백현은 역시 잘하네.
뭐로해야되지 12 days ago
ㄹㅇ 인정이요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kpoppie 3 months ago
the only time i’m not looking at kai is when he is not on screen. This man is a magnet
꽃이 지고나니 봄이였습니다.. 있을때 잘 해줄걸 날 후회공으로 만드는 그룹 1위
Tulasi Magapu
Tulasi Magapu 2 months ago
kai's aura is something else
nona cip
nona cip Year ago
Kai dances with a sincere heart so that every time he dances there is always a soul that makes everyone see him proudly.
Glitch Lyrics
Glitch Lyrics Year ago
Super m tiger inside lyrics ru-vid.com/video/video-tEJbFhtrA5U.html
체루 15 days ago
오랜만에 보러왔는데 진짜 카이는 볼 때마다 엄청 커다란 호랑이같네... 집채만 한 호랑이가 춤추는 것 같아
서쟈니 12 days ago
커버 보고 생각나서 또 보러 옴.. 호랭이 그 자체다 원조 최고
きき 16 days ago
Kai it's been a while since this song released but he still catched my attention everytime
keumala rizky
keumala rizky 3 months ago
kai is masterpiece
ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴡɴᴢᴇɴ
Nobody: Literally nobody: Everyone else: "Omg Kai is so perfect" Meanwhile me: "Omg look at the dance practice room, it's so beautiful"
ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴡɴᴢᴇɴ
@B senk you 😩🙌✨
B 3 months ago
I like you, have a cupcake
Hans Roberts
Hans Roberts Year ago
@ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴡɴᴢᴇɴ yeah I think they'll change the SM one soon
ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴡɴᴢᴇɴ
@Hans Roberts yeah really. Just like WayV's dance practice room. It's really pretty
Hans Roberts
Hans Roberts Year ago
Same this doesnt look like SM 🗿
🙋🏻‍♀️ 2 months ago
kai's smirk is what im living for
Mrpooh Bobby
Mrpooh Bobby 16 hours ago
Wah Kai i really like to watch him flow. His dance wah... Another level
lovely 4 months ago
Their coreography is on the next level coz they're professionals already (they perform probably hundred of times). performing is definitely not a big problem for them 😌😌
다롱 17 days ago
가요대제전 보다 찾아옴,, 오리지널이 그리워서
Ummey Tayeba Hoque
hello everyone! kai is anticipated to make his solo debut around october-november! please look forward to his album! thank you!^^
Ummey Tayeba Hoque
@MUN HYUN HAN yeah i know you were not being serious! don't worry! 😅 yeah sm now what can we say! but i trust in kai, he said all songs are worthy to be title tracks also he practiced the dance for his solo! if everything goes well then it's coming around october-november! let's do our best huhu! 🥰💖
@Ummey Tayeba Hoque haha dont mind me...I was just joking..coz we have been waiting for his solo since August and still we got nothing...all we know that it supposed to be in August but they did not tell what year....lmao ..anyway..hope we will haveeit this month or next month
Ummey Tayeba Hoque
@xyj we appreciate that so much bub! thank you and take love huhu! 🥰💖
Ummey Tayeba Hoque
@MUN HYUN HAN this year (2020) 🥰
Ummey Tayeba Hoque
@my life revolves around SHINee yes! i already checked and he's so amazing! much love and appreciation! 🥰💞
SHIN 16 days ago
커버무대 보고 원곡 무대 궁금해서 찾아온 손님입니다... 참말로 멋지네요
Sharon Eliza
Sharon Eliza 2 months ago
1 year ago people talking about KAI and now still talking about KAI, can't blame anyone because he always attractive.
snowing 3 months ago
Let's get 21M soon for our king kai💪💪
we got it!
Khadijah Rahmalia
Khadijah Rahmalia 3 months ago
me trying focus to see other members, but kai always manages to get my attention. omg he's so handsome with full black T~T
Saliha Kndz00
Saliha Kndz00 Year ago
I can't take my eyes off Kai. He is phenomenal. Center of centers, the ace of Kpop.
Divina Ventura
True🙂 Kai🥰💖💓
Ivy Evelyn
Ivy Evelyn Year ago
If only I can hit the like button many times to show how much I agreed to this
kaum rebahan
kaum rebahan Year ago
Trust me this is the best ru-vid.com/video/video-MF5D6lKimUs.html
bbhyun 4 months ago
No one mentioned in the comments except Kai.. he deserves itt
didiet16 8 days ago
Чанита Монгуш
Ох Кай, ты просто космос🐻😍
🙋🏻‍♀️ 2 months ago
kai's smirk is everything i need
Tampar Arya
Tampar Arya Year ago
Kai is dancing machine He never stop to move his body at everytime i see him
kaum rebahan
kaum rebahan Year ago
Trust me this is the best ru-vid.com/video/video-MF5D6lKimUs.html
lavender blumen
he's not a dance machine without emotions. He's dancing KING!!!!!
Deviana Clariska
Deviana Clariska 4 months ago
Kim Kai’s performance never disappointed!
Maricela Vásquez
Maricela Vásquez 4 months ago
GoodKai se roba toda mi atención y la del resto de espectadores. No cabe duda que es uno de los mejores bailarines dentro de la industria y que tiene una gran presencia en el escenario. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Addicted to their hand movements,so elegant & beautiful
슈퍼엠 노래 다 좋고 멋짐..이노래만 좋은게 아니야.
ssxjz Year ago
Kai's talent and charisma is really unmatched
Chaeyoung Year ago
Y e s
Seoul사람 3 months ago
1:45 - 1:52 is of three different vibes. I have been paying close attention to mark, kai and taemin and these three radiates different distinctive aura. Mark is cool, powerful and full of swag. Kai is powerful, sexy and laidback chill and taemin is very flexible, sensual and so smooth but powerful. It's very interesting
쥬쥬 Month ago
와 카이 진짜 잘 추네 호랑이 안무랑 잘 어울림
cotton aeri
cotton aeri 3 months ago
Kai's dancing skills Baek singing skills
lovely 4 months ago
Can you imagine a group full of main vocals, main dancers, main rappers, and main visual from top groups?? No, I can't But then you have SuperM 🤗
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