SuperM - One (Monster & Infinity) [The Late Late Show w/ James Corden]

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Oct 26, 2020




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Comments 2 453
val ❣️
val ❣️ Year ago
Ten and Baek vocalizing together is just too beautiful
iAdamus 2 months ago
peachx valentine boy
esra nelo💞
emaknya sijeuni
emaknya sijeuni 4 months ago
Sayang baekhyun banyak2
I came here to leave this same comment!
Mhiadoll xx
Mhiadoll xx 8 months ago
Very Powerful!! I can replay it over and over again..
Noimy Year ago
CEE Terra de Ferrol
CEE Terra de Ferrol 2 months ago
Shaina Rose Madz
Ten really surprises me Everytime, my body got chills on the high note. I need Ten more lines on the next album.
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose Year ago
Ten never fails to amaze me. I love all of them, BUT TEN, TEN IS THE EPITOME OF AN ALL-ROUNDER. He’s one of the best known male k-pop dancers, but his vocals are also equally astounding. I’m so glad that his vocals are being showcased more often.
swag Year ago
ten improves consistently in his vocals... it’s scary and I’m worried for my well-being
Sneha Ojha
Sneha Ojha Year ago
Whatever the song is whatever the lyrics is but when it sung and perform by you all it definitely break all records SuperM
permanentresidentof NeoCity
@Diana Isla if u keep being so salty like that, then why r u even here
bubu Year ago
@permanentresidentof NeoCity im becoming their fan because of the super one album. sm really puts out the best songs for their artists
Diana Isla
Diana Isla Year ago
@permanentresidentof NeoCity soty where?aoty where?
permanentresidentof NeoCity
@Diana Isla nothing yet. This song hv a SOTY material. Also SuperM is AOTY material. Why they didnt break any record yet? Sadly bcoz many EXO-Ls, Shawols, NCTzens and Wayzennies throw hate to this group. People love their original groups more and thought if the members from 4 different groups form a group together like SuperM, they might be abandon their original groups which is not true. Thats why not many people support this amazing group and not many fans helped them stream their songs. I really wish people in the future acknowledge this group more, they really are multitalented boys, basically SM form a group that consist of the Aces of 4 different groups. But to be honest, the views doesnt determine if a song is good or not. Quantity doesnt equal with quality. Many other songs or groups that break many records but doesnt hv quality in it, so..
Diana Isla
Diana Isla Year ago
I am just wondering what record did this song break?..🤔🤔🤔
Cari 10 months ago
I have so much respect to Taemin and Baekhyun as vocalist but wait let me scream this..... TEN HIGHNOTES IS SO GOOD HIS VOICE 🔥🔥🔥
Lara BPBS Year ago
I cant take Out My Eyes from Ten HE IS GORGEOUS
CEE Terra de Ferrol
CEE Terra de Ferrol 2 months ago
Hola i
zongxiang dong
TEN is so good. He is perfect in yellow.
mbr708 Year ago
The only problem with superM is that you can't possibly fit soooooo much talent and personality in one song. It always leaves you wanting more: more Ten, more Kai, more everyone.
silverlights Year ago
started from a few rap lines on the 7th sense to a high note with baekhyun. I’m so proud of you Ten!
Yanne Lee
Yanne Lee Year ago
Ten's yellow outfit really match on him 💛
aZPC Shawol
aZPC Shawol Year ago
Taemin's angelical voice kills me🔥
Roikhatus Sholikah
Kai N Taeyong just kill me every their perfome.. they can totaly change his carracter beetwen real life n on stage
Sneha Ojha
Sneha Ojha Year ago
Best vocal, best group, best dancers, best vocalist, best rappers, best choreography, best visual,best style and best performance SuperM
Ruth Rachel
Ruth Rachel Year ago
@Megan Cosser I love them!💚
Megan Cosser
Megan Cosser Year ago
No hate to them I enjoy some of their music but what truly describes "the best" if everyone has different opinions. I think they are really talented and good but I think that other artists are on par and some are a lot better than Super M. Your opinion is that they are the best and I won't tell you what you think is wrong. There is fact and opinion and this is your opinion.
Ruth Rachel
Ruth Rachel Year ago
All of the best😄
Rhy_ lahey14
Rhy_ lahey14 Year ago
Total package
Rosmanah Imas
Rosmanah Imas Year ago
Best of the best ,,, perfect
Colette Raina
Colette Raina Year ago
Taemin is the definition of heavenly 🙏
Areya The Xiumin Bias
Everyone talking about Taemin, Kai, and Baekhyun. What about Ten finally getting lines with his beautiful voice!! His visual! His dancing! I stan all groups these artists come from (obv main EXO) but TEN IS BRINGING IT!!!!
arielle Year ago
Taemin king of performance he is so captivating
chmc 9 months ago
Kawaii Edits
Kawaii Edits Year ago
This is what happens when Ten gets lines
Lee Grace
Lee Grace Year ago
Baekhyun and Ten hitting those high notes... These guys just get better and better. This group is amazing and continues to blow my mind
Hi :D!!! en youtube
La voz de Ten es hermosa☆♡
jia 9 months ago
bro this is the power everyone needs; like, look how lucas slayed the ending with the powerful moves, baekhyun n ten's vocals harmonizing together, mark with his wonderful rap as always, kai with his sublime dance moves and taemin with the heavenly bridge. i can not stop watching this, literally. this is so memorable for all of us superm fans and i wish these wonderful men the best !!! superm, fighting !!
Thidarut Sonsakul
Baekhyun, vocal is perfect 😍 Taemin and Kai, perfect 😍
Nancy Colque
Nancy Colque Year ago
Taemin Taemin bello bello bello talentoso único rey del kpop inigualable
나? Year ago
Baekhyun : So Good Vocal Taemin : So Good Vocal Kai : So Good Vocal Taeyong : So Good Rapper Ten : So Good Vocal Lucas : So Good Rapper Mark : So Good Rapper No minus
kittzyleo 7 months ago
@beomgyu is the prettiest we know :[
Mhiadoll xx
Mhiadoll xx 8 months ago
Plus Dancing!! All the movements they do makes me tired for myself, I wonder if I can do all that dancing while singing, it will probably take me 10 years bfore debuting haha! They are amazing!!
Itaemin Year ago
@Elle correct.. Kai and Taemin they are king's of dancer
Itaemin Year ago
Taemin and Kai kings of dancer😍😍😍😍🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺
Aeri EXO ReVe
Aeri EXO ReVe Year ago
@Shaina Rose Madz Nah, he got more than Kai's 8 second...
Hi :D!!! en youtube
La parte de Ten me mato ☆♥
hejtuania Year ago
Ten's vocal is really something more
ana HANN
ana HANN Year ago
Kai occupies every single position there's not a thing he can't do. ACE King
Maysaroh Aminah
👍👍👍kai exo
forever Year ago
Ace king fuk king
Jessa Tria
Jessa Tria Year ago
i know Lucas time will come soon, just like what happened with Ten. Lucas is a full package, with talent and visual.
Sabrina Amanda
Kai is always catches my eyes... He is on another level when it comes to dancing and facial expression :)
Haven Troxler
Haven Troxler Year ago
He is my bias 😂
Kathina Gallery
My bias!!!!!
Sabrina Amanda
Mansi NiniXO lol same!
Mansi NiniXO
Mansi NiniXO Year ago
He probably would be the only one who can excite me more than my food heh heh
桜Gaby Year ago
Taemin, mais uma vez você quase me mata do coração
Hyunnie SHINee
But Taemin at the start tho... The choreo was sharp and he did it with perfection while singing live ㅠㅠㅜ his voice didnt even shake????!???! How??!
flower girl
flower girl 6 months ago
Bc he is a god.
chmc 9 months ago
So good
Ain Najiha
Ain Najiha Year ago
This song always stuck in my head. The melody is so catchy. I especially love Ten angelic voice! They should give Ten more liness before. How could they hide ten talent. His voice is wonderful.. I'm melting eveytime~ Love superM so much!!
KAI mi Rey audiovisual, el es perfecto!!!!
뇨씨 Year ago
Lucas only got 13 seconds in this perfomance, but still his stage presence is so amazing that I became a huge fan of him.
ꯕꯦꯝꯃ ꯋꯥꯡꯈꯦꯝ
@Luis Alvarado yah 🥰🥰 coz I like his vocal and performance
Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado Year ago
It’s probably because his been promoting with NCT alot
ꯕꯦꯝꯃ ꯋꯥꯡꯈꯦꯝ
@Hai-Chew KuroBaskset 😅😅😅
Hai-Chew KuroBaskset
Yo im still tryna figure out where this man lucas came from🤣🤣
ꯕꯦꯝꯃ ꯋꯥꯡꯈꯦꯝ
Me too 🥰🥰
Zero Year ago
I feel really jealous because not many people can pull that bright of a yellow but Ten does some how and like I could never
Mustika Sari
Mustika Sari Year ago
2:50 o my god ,,,TEN voice when "..My MINDdddd..!!!!!"
Monica Year ago
Ten owns the color yellow periodt
Joana_97 Year ago
Ten in yellow outfit its my new religion
Lyssa Lynn
Lyssa Lynn Year ago
I honestly can't get over Lucas' performance skills. He is unmatched. His performances are always so entertaining and captivating and his facials and stage presence is on another level. So many people doubt his skills but, he always sets the stage on fire and draws in people's attention when he is performing. Those kinds of skills belong to only *true* performers. He was meant to be on stage. Also, Ten is finally showing off his vocal abilities, like that high note with Baekhyun though. He is a great dancer and most people acknowledge that but I rarely see people talking about this man's vocals. He is so amazing and has such a unique voice that's really nice to listen to. I'm really proud of SuperM.
Hope 4Peace
Hope 4Peace 11 months ago
Yes, they shouldn't have cut Lucas's lines!!! Must be a time thing.
Nofi Eriana
Nofi Eriana Year ago
And Lucas is the most junior member in SuperM because he debuted in 2018 while Ten Ty and Mark debuted in 2016
Maryan 028
Maryan 028 Year ago
Yes! Support all members 💪
Amara Grey
Amara Grey Year ago
I wish they gave Lucas more lines
Nia R.
Nia R. Year ago
Sis, he is matched by half the people on this stage.
Lyka Lu
Lyka Lu Year ago
There outfit tho, esp Kai's. SM give there stylists a raise!!
Jazmín Mikaelson
Jazmín Mikaelson 9 months ago
Los amo SuperM, son muy talentosos. TAEMIN es increíble, lo amo.
yagadoo bigidi bobbi bigabigawibigabigawibiga
I'm so mad that we haven't gotten Lucas' full lines at the end because the choreo on the first set of lines with the "I'm the other one chilling with the other ones" hypes me up so much for the second time he does it with that choreo, like I just wanna see that kick before the choreo live is that too much to ask Anyways, Ten's voice sounding bright and vibrant and Baekhyun's voice sounding charming and his slightly different but extremely beautiful ad libs again sounding perfect as always
Licchi Year ago
WHOEVER keeps putting Jongin in that shirt deserves a salary raise SIR your arms
kyoongluvr 6 months ago
J TruB
J TruB 6 months ago
Everyone is wearing jackets and Kai is there like 💪🏻💪🏻.
KAI is the icon of HOT but honestly when he smile he looks like a CUTE NINI BEAR T_T and also TEN really slaying YELLOW COLOUR
yana Year ago
superm is literally the most talented project group out there PERIODT
just viewer
just viewer Year ago
There will never be many Kai, you can admire him endlessly.
I am a stay army blink once
One word: KAI
saranghaja exo
Ximena Year ago
Baekhyun vocals are in other level!!! And Kai moves improve with every breath!!! Love my guys!!! Super M are killing it!!!!!
sehun’s cartier
Exo’s power
Edwin Ilie
Edwin Ilie Year ago
Mansi NiniXO
Mansi NiniXO Year ago
tæt 10 months ago
Baek carrying the band with his incredible vocals as he should!!
L Y S Year ago
Eye contact highlights for you #1 3:17 Ten's infinity 😍😍😍 #2 1:05 2:19 Taemin's infinity #3 2:25 Baekyoong's aimimg #4 0:35 3:10 KAI's lose control #5 0:23 Lucas's numb #6 0:03 little lion Mark #7 0:25 Taeyong My bias highlights 💕 0:37 1:22 1:35 2:43 Dance highlights 💓 2:31 Taemin 2:43 Baekyoong 1:29 Taeyong awww SuperM I love you all❤️
Hansse Year ago
their voices are just like the recording even with MR removed. SM artists are just something else
Shrix J
Shrix J Year ago
Taeyong expressions! And omg ten owned the stage!! Voice dance high note visual!! Everything
Aeri EXO ReVe
Aeri EXO ReVe Year ago
Kai is already way too gorgeous for his own good. Revealing more of him is something my heart can't handle XD
Josephine Mubonde
Josephine Mubonde 10 months ago
I can't handle it too
Kathina Gallery
Exactly especially with that sleeveless shirt
CHY Xsrat
CHY Xsrat Year ago
Can relate
Iva Detić
Iva Detić 9 months ago
These guys are so underrated. Im actually an army but I love to listen other groups like superM, EXO, etc. When I listened to 'jopping', I was suprised to see just 96 mil. Views. For me, it might be 200 or 300 milion. Lets support them!
12 Yeye
12 Yeye Year ago
Taemin's visuals are always shocking
S Year ago
Kai's presence 🔥
Elaissa Samson
: don't wear a jacket if you gonna have a solo album soon-- Kai: 👀❤️🤡
sehun’s cartier
as an EXO-L it makes me so happy to see our boys kai and baekhyun performing. i miss our exo
sehun’s cartier
@Sone Nope, the sub-units, baekhyun, Kai and Chanyeol can make music and comeback but EXO as OT9 cant because some members are on the military :/
Sone Year ago
@sehun’s cartier how did you know they are on hiatus 😭😭😭😭, so they won't have a cameback this year ? 😭😭😭
Ayuni Husna
Ayuni Husna Year ago
@sehun’s cartier can't denied that fact
sehun’s cartier
@Alicia Sutrisno they are on a hiatus until all members serve the korean military which is mandatory and its a process all kpop groups go through
Alicia Sutrisno
what happened to them?
Josephine Mubonde
Josephine Mubonde 10 months ago
I can't get enough of Kai's expressions he gat me really addicted to him
Moly_y Year ago
Kai is cute with this hairstyle. Nini bear.
Kritika 6 months ago
Ten shines brighter than anything
Saige C
Saige C 7 months ago
2:26 I love this part so much... Taemin is the definition of elegance
Yerson caporal
Proud of our baby cheese Taemin's voice beyond perfection Taemin's dance beyond perfection Taemin's visual and elegance beyond perfection Taemin's stage presence beyond perfection THEY ALL KILLED IT!
Mimay R.
Mimay R. Year ago
Hi SuperM, I want you to know that you will always have a fan in me. There are a lot of us actually, please focus on us. Don't mind the haters. Focus on us and let our love energize you.
They deserve all the love in this world ❤️❤️ PROUD 👑
Chiyami Lu
Chiyami Lu 7 months ago
Group of Visuals and main dancers with godly voices = *SuperM* 🐯❤️
persian pearl
persian pearl Year ago
I can't get enough with that 'IM THE OTHER ONE, CHILLING WITH THE OTHER ONES'
warda nadhirah L-1485
Kai dance is too PERFECT Baekhyun vocals is INSANE n INCREDIBLE Ten vocals also AMAZING Lucas KILLED us in the beginning n the ending part
Surkes Anastasia
Surkes Anastasia 10 months ago
you can't ignore king lee taemin that easily :) he is such a great idol like them and more
판당 Year ago
Aurora Sky
Aurora Sky Year ago
Now you can't just ignore our prince of k-pop Shinee Taemin like that. Ofc everyone would be delivering bc they are SM artists. I could feel the hotness from miles away. Please support Taemin IDEA and Criminal
Karolina Year ago
Taeyong and Mark also killed their parts, their rap is insane as always
rich gig
rich gig Year ago
It's sad how only some people heard this legendary song.😭
Yosahi Kanemoto
Ya'll can't deny kai is the ideal korean bae
HYUNJOO Year ago
why is Kai so good at flirting, i can't help it
Josephine Mubonde
Josephine Mubonde 10 months ago
And he gets me every single time
Che Lee
Che Lee 8 months ago
Why is noone talking about Lucas? He ended the song very well! He is indeed chilling with them other ones. 😘😘 Love you, Wong Yukhei 🥰🥰
tyong friends
tyong friends Year ago
Kai stage presence never dissapointed anyone
ially Vitória
ially Vitória 10 months ago
Os melhores
My Year ago
Lucas always makes his lines memorable even though he gets just one or two lines...The AURA is just there
SPNsherry 11 months ago
They are all so great together!
Ruki Gazette
Ruki Gazette Year ago
TAEMIN = MICHAEL JACKSON 🔥 Best dancer in the universe ☄ God ❤
elixi eliza
elixi eliza Year ago
To everyone who was wondering just like me,, There is a high pitched sound in the beginning (also in naughty, turn back time, and deja Vu) The sound is “moonshine” and they are top tier producers (basically the backbone of sm) many if not all of their songs have that sound so listen closely next time you watch or stream mvs Edit: ru-vid.com/video/video-9QKNkYJBZKM.html I recently found this video and was surprised how many iconic songs they made-
Creative Culture
Yeah it’s also in Tiger Inside I think
Creative Culture
@Luthfiyah Aini RIGHT 😆
ApollonNike Year ago
Before I watched their interview with Umu a couple months ago I thought the shout was saying SM since I always heard the sound in SM groups lmao. They said SM sometimes realizes and takes out the shout but mostly they let it slide in. It's their signature for if someone steals the song.
hayi Year ago
what??? i heard new thangs lol
Zuha Blink
Zuha Blink Year ago
Well TY recently said in their music video reaction
Mari Weis
Mari Weis Year ago
OMG tão lindos tão perfeitos..... obrigada S2
Maria Year ago
Todos estos bebés me tiene en el suelo con tanto Talento que tienen.💚👏🤗
Blossom Year ago
The looks, the dance skills, the rapping, the voices... they're all perfect! 💕
Kathkhat Hapa
Kathkhat Hapa Year ago
Suddenly I realised that I’m not Just EXOL but I’m fan of SUPERM also 😂 KAI BAEKHYUN FIGHTING
Sundari Kartika sari
Everyone: This IS the worst year ever" SupeM: sorry but not for us" STAN SUPERM FOR BETTER LIFE!
It will soon be worse Baekhyun will join the military But it is great though I mean, so many new songs from SuperM, Baekhyun's solo album being a million seller, Taemin's new album, Kai's album will also release soon (right? Hope it does) Also, songs from WayV and NCT, but that doesn't fall under SuperM category though
Aurellia Queen
I love this song. superm is the best boy group, vocal visual is all, the best group
Sabrina S
Sabrina S 5 months ago
SUPER MAVENGERS - All voices are great... beautiful synergy... They perform perfectly Live
Kiyomi Hikari
Kiyomi Hikari Year ago
I really love ten’s vocal. Looking forward to more of ten’s vocals with superm.
DENEY SANTOS 9 months ago
Cantam muito. Estão de parabéns!!!
Sneha Ojha
Sneha Ojha Year ago
Lucas, Mark and Taeyong rap is better than everything
Сабия Акаева
M Year ago
shradha nayak
shradha nayak Year ago
So true
Miriam Lucas
Miriam Lucas Year ago
Hola buenas noches cantan divinos buenísimo talento tienen SÚPER M son lo máximo sigan con más éxitos porque son estupendos cantantes
Keth Year ago
MAravilhosos! Música maravilhosa!
Mhiadoll xx
Mhiadoll xx 8 months ago
Wow! I love it! I love them. Colorful outfits they look so Swag, Unique, and Powerful. Aside from translating then singing in different language, finally now they're aiming English speakers! It's just so amazing! Wow. Their talent describe their life to be honest! You can all see their skills and it's like 10 in one person for each of them.. so do the math there..lol
Jane Year ago
They are so amazing, definitely a super group
just viewer
just viewer Year ago
Kai as the center of the Universe, he will always will attract attention of the EXO group, and now Superm. A talented dancer and singer with great potential.
just viewer
just viewer 9 months ago
@molly bloblue Yes, you are right
molly bloblue
molly bloblue 9 months ago
What do you mean a deciration it sounds bad
Ydna Zepól
Ydna Zepól Year ago
So talented!!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏
Diamond1 6 months ago
Why no one talk about how perfectly Taemin sing the bridge part???His voice is so heavenly
Samantha_Kim 11 months ago
Hoping that superM have some activities again, I miss them being together again.
Gopika Ravikumar
Gopika Ravikumar 8 months ago
Lucas last line at the end!!! He killed it!!!
Prexious Avery
Prexious Avery 10 months ago
SuperM have the dopest sound and concept in K-pop, change my mind
Damnhot RayR.
Damnhot RayR. Year ago
Taemin is the definition of perfection Dance√ Vocals√ Visual√ Explanatory face√ Funny√ Kind Boy√ Love you so much my son
Damnhot RayR.
Damnhot RayR. Year ago
@itadorkyy yes😊
itadorkyy Year ago
yesss taem best boy 💎
Damnhot RayR.
Damnhot RayR. Year ago
@Yerson caporal yes It's true
Damnhot RayR.
Damnhot RayR. Year ago
@aZPC Shawol Exactly. SHINee's, Shawols and Taemint's baby.When he left the stage, he was my lovely grandson.😜
Yerson caporal
Perfection = Taemin
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